Nightmare on Overwhelm Street…



Are you having dreams and/or nightmares about the treasure? Has someone beat you to the chest in your confusing night of unrest? Do you see headlines in your sleep that proclaim the chest has been found? Have you been woken out of a great dream where you were being interviewed by Anderson Cooper after discovering the hiding place of the chest? Do you have reoccurring dreams where you find the chest but then it is stolen out of your car by two Russians named Boris and Natasha?

Tell us about it and let Dr. Blog help ease your burden and calm you back to sleep.

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  1. No such delusions here. Early on, I was anxious just before a search. I would think someone was gonna get there first. As the years have passed, experience and common sense tells me that a steady pace with good planning and research will keep me safe( # 1 priority). I always plan my search around a tour of sightseeing adventures. This helps keep me focused and heck I might as well have a good time along the way. Good luck all, and I bet there will be some good stories on this thread…smart thinking Dal ! Bullwinkle never did get that rabbit out of the hat, or did he?

  2. (Thanks, Dal!)
    《Door creaking open…》
    Welcome to the TOTC blog mystery theatre. Tonight, we have a strange quest and a deep desire for treasure. Could this cause happy dreams or terror filled nightmares? Let us begin our story somewhere in the Southwest…《ominous music plays…》
    After a long, sleepless night of studying old notes and playing with a word I thought was “key”, I fell into a fitful sleep. As dreams often do, this one turned into a nightmare.
    I was traveling in my jeep, with my cousin/search partner/body guard, Jim, driving, down a dusty red dirt road. The smell of Pinyon, Pine and Sagebrush was overwhelming, even in my dream!
    I turned on the radio and an excited newsman yelled, “I don’t believe it folks! The Forrest Fenn treasure has been found!” I looked at Jim, and I started crying! The reporter contunued his byline and location description , which was amazingly near our present position.
    We turned around on the dirt road, and headed back toward a beautiful mountain range and soon pulled up to a 50’s style, abandoned gas station. There was Dal, talking to reporters. We get out and listen, as Dal explains he was just poking around and walked behind the building into the scrap yard. He looked into a rusty, bent up 55 gal old oil drum, and there was the chest! He was all smiles, and shaking hands with everyone, and practically doing a jig!
    I was so distraught, we left. As we were backing out, I saw the mt range and noticed two cliff edges coming together, as a cross. In the heart of the cross, snow had built up forming an arrow. It was pointing down at the gas station!
    I still felt the anger at my cousin, Jim, in the dream. “If you hadn’t decided to turn around and go pan for gold, we would have beat Dal to the treasure!”, I yelled at him.
    I awoke, crying into my pillow and had to lay there a few minutes, trying to separate dream from reality!
    I know the treasure isn’t associated with a structure, that part came from reading about Dal exploring an old shack and an Indian turning Esmerelda around and leaving a carving in his seat.
    The smells came from the interview where F described what he would experience at his “spot”.
    The mountains were from looking at my search album.
    The white arrow came from TOTC.
    Jim helps me search, because my husband cant.
    The treasure being hid in a galvanized oil drum? F’s passion for crushed cans.
    Where Dal came into my dream, I have NO idea!!! Unless, deep inside, I see him as a serious contender and feel he is hot on my heels, or I on his!
    What a nightmare!

    Sweet dreams?
    ¥Peace ¥

    • Funny dream Donna! I wish I could remember my dreams. The only thing I remember is having some revelation about a clue and when I’m awake, seeing how that fits in with a solve. Maybe one of these days one of those revelations will actually help. 🙂

  3. Ken and Donna I love ur posts. I have had dreams but don’t remember them anymore. I’ve taken a slight break from researching but now feel the need to reread my book again. Thanks all.

  4. I did have a dream once that had Forrest in it. I had opened an art gallery and he had come to review it. My gallery was one big room, tan painted walls and wide oak baseboards and crown molding. I had one painting on each wall in a nice display niche. Forrest just kind of walked around looking at things. John Wayne was also there and seemed to know Forrest, he kept referring to him as a “wanna be farmer”. Finally, when Forrest spoke he said it would not be a real gallery until I had a buffalo robe. So we left to go look at buffalo robes. The dream lasted a little longer with us being in a large fur warehouse looking at buffalo robes.

    No discussion of the poem or treasure.

  5. I had a dream I stayed at a B&B once owned by a well known author who had a dog named Tesoro. Oh wait that really happened…and the time a village Shaman cooked me breakfast…oh wait that really happened too. Living the dream…

      • crowfest, I’ve never believed in better living through chemistry in the Dupont sense.

        Study lucid dreaming and try some new foods that promote good dreams.

        “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
        ― Hippocrates

  6. I would have dreams about it being near a small mountain artist community In “Bear Country”. Driving up a long two lane road through heavily forested scenery. I didn’t dare stop or get get out of the car until I arrived at the village. Bears were everywhere, this was their country and they keep humans in check. It is no place for the meek, you must be brave to go in those woods.
    Bear Country.

  7. I’ve not dreamed too much of the chase, but I will lie awake for hours thinking about it in thte middle of the night. It does help me fall back to sleep – eventually.

  8. I had an odd dream that I found the chest.I took the chest over to, Forrest’ house and he invited me in.He was watching the movie, Point Break.I sat down to watch it with him and then I woke up.It seemed so real I actually thought I found the chest for about five minutes there.Talk about let down when you realize it was a dream.The worst part is I don’t remember where I found it.That’s the only dream I’ve had about the chase.

    • @Fins Do you like to surf? I can see how this dream would play into the Chase with the story about Regan, converting the contents of the chest into stacks of dead presidents, the undercover issue for ff and surfing the web all the time,. To bad the Presidential Range is not in the Rockies that could be the location!

      • Lol Cholly, I’ve never tried surfing, and hadn’t seen that movie in probably twenty years,until I had that dream.I like how you tied that all together 😀

        • Hi, Crowfeast. You should dream about getting a truck with four wheel drive, too. I bet that would come in handy now and then…especially in the Rocky Mountains.

  9. I recently had a dream that Forrest was at my work and I had to xray him. Like I ask all patients, I asked if he had any metal in his pockets. He then proceeded to pull out about five pounds or so of change, quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies…and one half dollar.

    I said something like, “Good Lord, Forrest, that’s a lot of spare change!” And then we went to lunch. Lol.

    • Mindy. I don’t buy it. Not for one second. I mean forrest likes to flies fast… He would never even think of filling his pockets with 90 ounces of pocket change. AIrport security would be a disaster. Are you sure it wasn’t hearing aids batteries?

      You are one of the smartest people I have ever met. You wouldn’t even dream such agape logical fallicy holes. What was in the X-ray? Was there a haypenny in one of his nuts or something? Was he choking on a pinecone? What’s the real scoop. In english please not medical jargon used by the old stumps gazing into the projector light labeling the transparency with words so far from “pinecone” the earth will switch magnetic poles and ruin the X-ray machine before anyone can even understand the language. So just tell us…
      What REALLY happened I the dream…you can share… Were all friends here.

      😉 love ya seester

  10. Several nights I have had the same dream, where I opened the treasure chest and found a “treasure sprite” inside, looking mostly human, about three inches tall, with a amused and friendly mien. It congratulated me on finding the treasure, then informed me it, the sprite, would pester, harass, humiliate, and verbally abuse me for the rest of my life— but in humorous ways. Now, thanks to ObamaCare, I can now afford mental health care….

    • Holy Schnikes! Was his name “Humility” by any chance? Red shirt kinda thing…or maybe just a big tie kinda like an ascot but some loops? I think I had the EXACT same dream! OMG!

    • Desertphile, an honor to hear from you sir…
      That was probably Jaime’s Gremlin in your chest! Lol!
      I bet there will be alot of them on someone’s back, when they find the treasure! Taxes, questions, interviews, guest appearances, fame…!
      If anyone, I know YOU will stay real!

  11. Some of the finest artists in history had gathered together and could be heard complimenting each others paintings and sculptures in a Gallery; totally in awe of their works.

    Forrest Fenn and Eric Sloane entered the room and began to inquire about one of the masterpieces in particular; a simply exquisite finger painting within a simple wooden frame that a child had apparently created to give to his Mother on her birthday.

    The gallery became very quiet and still until one of the ‘Masters’ could be heard, gasping; “Where in the universe did ‘that’ thing come from, and how did it ever manage to find its way into ‘our’ gallery’?” Forrest and Eric shared yet one more of their knowing smiles as walked out the door.

    • SL, thanks for that reminder, I laughed the first time and I laughed again, no wonder they were such good friends, they laughed together.

  12. No night mares for me regarding the TC/chase but every now and then I tell myself to search for the location as I’m falling asleep and I’ve had a few dreams with ff. I try and write down my dreams along with my journal, I’ve been keeping a journal since 1982 and my dreams are more fun to reread than the depressing journal. A few dreams do come true from time to time.

    The latest dream with ff was, I’m talking to him and he has decided to rent out his home and go some place else for a while. (I’d been scoping out his home on GE every since the duck pond video came out on SB), anyhow he is telling me how he planted all the trees and how long it has taken for them to grow. Another a few days before this he is giving a talk and a movie has been made about his life, Jane Fonda is in it and there is something about a rope trick and a string. Another, I’m talking to him and he shakes my hand then I see him up high on a shelf where figurines are displayed, he knocks one or two over. Then security guards are there in two different types of uniforms, one is private and one is state or county. I ask ff how he wants this to play out, is Dal to be involved.

    Here is a good one from 10/10/15 I’m in a state like NM searching. I go into a tourist building or museum. There is a map of a river and a bridge across the river, not a map but an aerial photo with a line drawn across showing halting of warm waters. I chat with the the clerks about the TC/chase they tell me of a story about a truck crashing full of large rocks. The clerks give me a direction to search.

    One more and I’ll shut up! 10/5/15 dreamed Dal is pouring concrete at a remote cabin, lots of cement trucks are lined up ready to pour. Another, same date, seeing a blaze in the shape of a head and it would have been like a natural tomb stone.

    • So…I think dal found it. Maybe. Based on your dreams. Theyre saying that forrest collected the ashes of his friends one of whom died in a car accident, used them to cultivate the soil for a tree he grew at how in his garden then spliced of a piece and either:
      A) planted it on TOP of the treasure where the roots pushed it down or
      B) used a rope to tie it to a branch of a lodge “POLE” pine (like they use in bridges as depicted on chest) and it has been growing UP ever since?

      …and dal can’t find it because he keeps his eyes on the ground but if he had “been wise” (Wisend) and found the “blaze” (from the start) so END WISE when he looked “quickly down” (knowing quickly means wisely and wisely above mean endwise)…he would have looked “UP” at the sun (the biggest blaze) and seen the chest secured in the lodge pole pine?

      Was the poem constructed to finish J.D. salingers “Raise high the Roofbeams Carpenters” lodge pole beams?

      Dal….Dr. Freud-Jonesy-on-the-Spot is here for you!!

      Listen to this mans dream!! Go back and look up Dal!! LOOK UP!! Search! (Google it haha) really though….
      This is a sign!!! I’ll bill you later for my services…I accept dragon bracelets as currency…you can have the turquoise one, but I want a single bead before it goes anywhere. And one marble from the chest. Assuming it’s in there 😉

  13. This morning as I was drifting out of my subconscious dream state, I had a vision of the dragonfly that is shown in TFTW. I thought I saw numbers on one of it’s wings. Why, I don’t know. When I opened my eyes, I looked around my room and focused on something else, smiled and realized it was just another TOTC dream…

  14. I wonder what kind of dreams Mr. Fenn has about the chase/chest?
    Come on, F, if you want to slip a clue in it, I won’t tell! 😉

  15. Back in August I had stopped working on TTOTC for a couple months because I thought I had it all figured out and basically was at a dead end and I was frustrated about not being able to go on an adventure to check my location.

    I had a dream about Forrest in that time between being asleep and waking up where an Angel came to me. The Angel told me that Forrest has some doubt about himself and his goodness because of things that were out of his control. Like his father taking his own life, and Skippy being found dead, and his missions in Vietnam. The Angel told me that he is a very GOOD person and that he mourned and grieved, very heavily, over Skippys’ death for 7 days straight. And that he is VERY loved by SO many in heaven.

    I just lay there, fully awake now, pondering what the heck was that all about? All I could think of to do was to say prayers for Forrest and his family. So I did.

  16. The Russians are actually Sergei, Oleg and Alex…aka Sasha the Smasher. They all wear polyester running suits…with matching upper and lower…and black leather jackets on top. They drive around in a really nice BMW.

    In my dreams I make ONLY compliments about their fashionable clothing and NEVER mention any knowledge of Forrest Fenn and his Treasure.

    “Nice weather we’re having, isn’t it? Do you guys know if Putin ever lived in the basement of a brown house? Like in a basement apartment or something? Just curious. No reason.”

  17. Talk about a crazy dream. I had this one a few months ago.

    A lady friend and I were having dinner with Forrest at a nice Mexican restaurant somewhere in Santa Fe. We were joined by Governor John Kasich and his wife. I remember that we were discussing the treasure (what else would we be talking about) and Forrest was very animated during the conversation.
    Sometime during the evening Forrest forcefully pulled me to an empty room to interrogate me on my knowledge of the chase.

    That’s when I woke up.
    I guess I watch to many news show and spend way to much time on the blog. LOL


    • Were Pusquelic and Ropart outside the closet holding inverted cups to the wall? Lmao. Can’t complain the snow always plowed and trash is gone. Even if the orange construction and cones on Graham Road were one of my first childhood memories. I’m glad they’re still there decades later.

  18. I once had a dream that I went to the special place north of Santa Fe and found the treasure chest. I opened it up and found a pencil and a notebook. The first page was a story about a special friend and was signed ff. on the next page was a register with a list of signatures like a guest book. It started off with Mr Bill Brown, Dal, Stephanie, Cynthia, Mike D. Mark, David Deb, …..and kept going. I wish I new the name of that special friend.

  19. When I was about 7 or 8 years old and for several years after that, I had a reoccurring dream about sitting on a park bench with a gray haired, senior man. In the dream we talked about life, death, and believe it or not, finding treasures. At first I was a bit afraid of him but over time we became friends. The man in my dreams looked EXACTLY like Forrest does now. The man in the dream even wore clothes that are just like what Forrest wears. In one of my dreams I found a treasure chest, larger than the bronze box, and more like an antique wooden trunk that was full of golden coins. My first thought when I found it was to tell the man on the bench. The funny part is that in one dream, the man wore a nice hat and ever since that dream, I have always been partial to men in hats! Funny eh?

  20. I had a dream that I found the chest. I was paranoid and I slept in the truck with the chest. I only went through drive-through windows for food on my way home.

    As dreams seem to go (sudden jumps), I awoke in a hospital only to find out I had fallen asleep at the wheel and crashed into a tree.

    I went to the truck – the chest was gone. I had proof of finding it, as I had emailed photos of the find to Dal. A nation wide man-hunt was on for the wrecker-yard worker seen on surveillance carrying something heavy.

    They found him dead with a poem pinned to his chest. The chase was over, yet a new one had begun.

    True dream. Four times over six to eight months. Always the same.

    Scott W

  21. I had a dream I’d found the real treasure, I opened it and the 17th century emerald was one of those rings you get out of the gumb ball machine for a quarter. The other trinkets were similar, the bracelet turned out to be the only thing real. I kept that as it had value to me, I emptied the contents in a local river and kept the box for my agate collection.

  22. I’ve never had a dream good or bad about the chase, or Finn, or anything else related to the treasure.

    Well, there was the one about Diggin Gypsy being a member of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and they were all wearing Zebra boots. 🙂

  23. I had the opposite of a nightmare once. I found the chest behind these gates of knowledge and then Forrest who was the President of the Whole City of Science came out to pass down the key but as soon as they saw who I was, it scared them so bad they all ran up all these ladders lit the castle on fire and jumped off without parachutes rather than decorate to royal walls in invisible ink governed by obvious sanity

    I bet it scared everyone so bad they woke themselves up 🙂

    Except Goofy…he was cool because he never batted an eye at that mystic stuff anyhow. So he was okay.

  24. 🙂 this is so funny. Glad I’m not the only one who has dreamed about the chest and Forrest. My dreams have been way out there. “Yikes” 🙂

  25. I haven’t had a dream about the chest,but my husband said he had a dream where I found the chest and went up the hill,by that he means,blackhawk,
    and central city casinos and spent one million, I started laughing and said ,nooooo ,ralph,Im not that stupid.but trying to figure out the poem is always on my mind even when I do go to bed.I get off work at night and work on it until 2 am a lot .it drives you nuts.thanks for doing such a great job on that poem mr. forrest.

  26. Nope no dreams . More like constant antagonistic lurking thoughts of the poem . Like I can not stop repeating this poem in my head . All day every day . Especially the first stanza.

  27. In my reoccurring nightmare I have been searching in the Rio Grande Gorge for days and I can’t get out. I am trapped like a spider in the bathtub. I am hot and nearly exhausted. I kneel down near a large rock with a drawing of some kind of primitive stick figure etched into it at Big Arsenic Springs and cup my hands for a drink of water when I hear a loud horn honking. I look up just in time to see a black 35 Plymouth coming right at me. The white haired driver is wearing a dark brown cowboy hat and yelling for me to get out of the way. I jump to the side of the trail and as the car goes by I can see a familiar bronze chest on the passenger seat beside him. I start running after the car hoping for a ride out of the gorge but I can’t keep up and the dust is choking me and preventing me from seeing where I am going. I fall off the trail down a steep rocky slope and come to a halt, nose to nose with a huge and menacing rattlesnake in a strike stance and buzzing like he means business..

    That’s generally when I wake up to discover that the fire in the cabin stove is a tad warm and the buzzing is actually my dear wife snoring..

  28. The only time I’ve dreamed about the chest was shortly after I heard of it back in July and had spent a week or so poring over the poem and google earth. I dreamed that I was hovering in the sky looking down and saw the chest hidden in a beautiful valley nestled between three mountains that all had women’s names. I woke up and immediately got on GE searching for those mountains and found them. Now I can’t remember where they were and never worried about it as nothing in the clues led me there. 🙂

  29. I dreamt that Fenn sent me a clue through his telekinetic powers and I was only getting one clue at a time and I had spent the whole dream trying to get to the next clue. What was scary that he was able to send me the clue easily and with clarity but I was stuck trying to get to the next clue.

  30. Oh where to begin Dal – my most recent was Forrest coming to our home notifying us it had been found and before him telling us where it was I blurt out Hayden Valley and he shakes his head yes……

    One dream we had found it and on the way home car broke down so we buried it by a obvious land mark only to come back not being able to find it after the car was towed….

    Those are the most recent I can remember.

  31. Hi I had a pleasant dream in which the treasure was found in the dead of winter. A person/s dug down through deep snow and secured Indulgance. In the end I saw Fenn congratulating a small child, wasn’t sure if the child or mother was the finder.



  32. I predict one of Forrest’s words used will visit me in a nightmare tonight where I find out the word uncertain is simply a word that reverses the meaning of certain. But then I wake up before I figure out what that means exactly. Does uncertain mean uncertain? Is it the opposite of certain?…help!

    • I think I have non-dreams.
      My wife suggests I just dreamed this; I have been racking my brains out (what’s left of them, CVA memory that is) trying to figure out how I arrived at Pveblo that I wrote down the night before, but it seems as though it was important. I wish I was better at writing down (or even thinking) complete thoughts. I may have day dreams of finding the chest but I don’t recall ;^)

  33. I’m in Australia and sometimes dream about WWWH, coupled with not knowing the Rocky Mountains, I can tell ya, it does my head in. The bonus is the scenery is amazing.
    Hopefully next spring one of you will find it and we get to know about it and from photos I can then see if the beautiful images I dreamt were related.

  34. I have had a couple of dreams. One I can’t remember the poem and can’t find it written anywhere. I wake up panicked and then realize I still have it memorized and recite it in my head thinking of my search area until I fall peacefully asleep again.

    The second we are tossing every tumbleweed out of a small drainage looking for the chest. Oh wait that wasn’t a dream! LOL

  35. Over the past three years, I’ve had occasional Fenn treasure dreams but none I can remember…I don’t recall any of them involved finding the chest. But last night in my dream I did find it…I was in a deep hole, like a sink-hole, and it was pretty dark. I could see a trapdoor on the bottom of this pit…so I opened it. Fireworks sprayed out of it, followed by vibrant colored streamers, and sparklers. The sound was deafening…but I could see the treasure chest sitting there beneath the trapdoor opening. And beside it sat Forrest…grinning, with a pile of gold coins in his lap, like the picture of him on page 247 in TFTW and the picture of the chest and coins in his Treasures Bold thread about the gold coins. I have no idea where this came from…were there fireworks preceding the football game last night? Or was it from that blender of margaritas I drank during that game. The other parts of the dream are self-explanatory…but after analyzing everything, I believe it’s (my subconscious) telling me to keep looking on top the mesa, not down inside the canyon…where it was loud and scary, or do I have this backwards? Hmmm…

  36. Ha! no nightmares, just my brain at unrest trying to search a park I’ve never hiked in…. believe me that is different. (All my real searches were in places I at least could relate to, with a high level of success). Not likely I’ll ever really look for it. Its really entertaining just reading all your stuff. Thanks

  37. Speaking of nightmares…I quit the face book page, Forrest Fenn Fans. No one studies the facts, even when given to them! They think Dal’s site is a joke, not just one, but several! I kinda went off on them, after they said this site offered no help and was a joke, saying Dal was keeping posts of info for himself. Last I knew, Dal has a brain and a hundred searches on his boots! And another person piped in that Dal and Forrest were mad at each other! Argggg!
    I’m glad they are searching in Canada, Alaska and TX. My head is sore Banging it against the wall!

    I proudly call THIS my home, sorry I strayed!
    Love you, Dal!
    ¥Peace ¥

  38. Ok, ok, so indulge me once again for I have sinned (dreamed) and told the world where indulgence may be, but more than a few believe they know where too.

    My dream is this, if more searchers would show and tell their best guesses on the resting place of Indulgence, someone might find it, for we are all in this together,agreed? Many other searchers are gifted in talents I do not posses.

    Imagine if you found it using some idea or part of an idea you got from me or other searchers, is that not why we read this blog? Just click your heels, and reveal, and what a wonderful world this would be!

    ff says “Imagination is more important than knowledge (knowlege)” that was what he wrote on his first attempts to create a time machine that would link him to the future, however no one thinks or says much about it, for we all see his effort in light of the moment, just imagine, if the people in this search were to co-operate to find this treasure and create future quests to hide a precious indulgence to save the Rockies, wouldn’t this be a much better world?

    So my dream would be to continue the spirit of this adventure and inspire the children tomorrow to seek a better environment and create a world that is full of neither greed nor selfishness but seeks after enlightenment and knowledge: Socrates put the quest for knowledge this way:

    When You Want Knowledge

    There’s a story about a proud young man who came to Socrates asking for knowledge. He walked up to the muscular philosopher and said, “O great Socrates, I come to you for knowledge.? Socrates recognized a pompous numbskull when he saw one. He led the young man through the streets, to the sea, and chest deep into water. Then he asked, “What do you want”? “Knowledge, O wise Socrates,? said the young man with a smile. Socrates put his strong hands on the man’s shoulders and pushed him under. Thirty seconds later Socrates let him up. “What do you want”? he asked again. “Wisdom,? the young man sputtered, “O great and wise Socrates.? Socrates crunched him under again. Thirty seconds passed, thirty-five. Forty. Socrates let him up. The man was gasping. “What do you want, young man”? Between heavy, heaving breaths the fellow wheezed, “Knowledge, O wise and wonderful…? Socrates jammed him under again Forty seconds passed. Fifty. “What do you want”? “Air!” he screeched. “I need air!” “When you want knowledge as you have just wanted air, then you will have knowledge.?

    Tom T

    • Agreed. That’s why I’m looking in Telluride! Lots of clues in the book if you look hard enough. You would be surprised at what you find.

  39. Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality.
    Jonas Salk

    Reality is wrong. Dreams are for real.
    Tupac Shakur

    “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
    ― Albert Einstein

    A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.
    Colin Powell

    Another words, sacrifice, which may be the word that is key.

    Tom T

  40. I dreamed that Indulgence – a chest – turned into a pickup truck just like the pumpkin turned into a coach for Cinderella. Ahhh and then it turned back. Should have known the dream was to be temporary. I think I have too much vehicle shopping on my mind. I should be dreaming of her beauty and artifacts. But one dream did come true — meeting Forrest in person.

  41. Dal, I just woke from another crazy dream at 2:00am!
    I had been re-reading both books, taking notes and also saw a few aberrations that made me think of CO.
    In my dream, I’m flying my Piper, I look over and there sits F! He is pointing down to a small runway, and I call in for clearance to land. We rent a 4wheel drive and head into the mountains near…Telluride!
    We Park below an old old pueblo, almost crumbled to dust, get out and start hiking, following a small tubing stream and passing several small waterfalls. We arrive in a box canyon, a 100 ft waterfall is plummeting down, giving birth to the stream. F, never speaking, just points to a large overhang. As I approached it, I noticed a carving on a flat overhead rock. It is an animal. (The same one I feel is the blaze.)
    I look under the overhang, and there is Indulgence! I turn to holler at F, and he has disappeared. Just his hat is laying on the ground!
    Then I woke up.
    CO, box canyon, waterfall, overhang, petroglyph…hum!

    • @Donna M. Cool dream, the type where is we could video record our dreams would be great! I like the box canyon, the water fall(s), the old pueblo, so close! Did you ever hear or read what the old timers called Telluride? It was To Hell You Ride, no place for the meek, perhaps! Is your piper a tail dragger?

  42. Hello,
    Day Four trying to figure this out from a distance – I know that is what Mr. Fenn doesn’t like. But, I now know why those treasure hunters asked him to go out to lunch with him, and possibly why threats were made! They were doing what I was doing today, but taking two lines of the poem and rearranging to something else. That is imperfect. It had occured to me that the poem’s letters weren’t in the correct position, so i ran it through a Scytale Cypher to see what happened. Some pretty curious things, but nothing perfect, so nothing correct. Of course there will be added extra letters to make the original what you see in the poem, but still didn’t get anything exact. There were things like Mr. Fenn talking about being retired now, “Doing it tired”, Ft. Marcy (I think), driving some road or loop, the creek water ceasing below, and maybe the wall and Bishop’s house (or the old bishop of the diocese house). I even got something on Math, Heavenly starry skies, matches and blazes. Which, by the way, I still think is very important as I said in my last post in comments for Sacha’s blog section on this site. People in Santa Fe seem to really enjoy the festival of “Burning Zozobra”. It was started by the artists in Santa Fe, after all. But none of that is probably correct, because none of it was perfect. There were variations, of course that could apply to a couple different areas. Tried Railfence and a quick Rotation Rot cypher but got tired. Not Vignierre, I don’t think. There is a lot more to try and do, but all takes a lot of time for something that I am not going to look for. So, I don’t know why I am doing this? Probably because I am such a fanboy of Valerie Plame. Seriously, I am. And it’s not like there aren’t other cypher mysteries out there to be solved, like Kronos? What people don’t do for the love of someone they’ve never met or contacted. Strange world. One curious thing though – I read a really crazy, babbling brook of nonsense on TheBlaze.Byte.whatever, and I noticed something peculiar. That person consistently uses the term “Secreted”, which is correct but unusual. I know that Mr. Fenn has publicly clarified that the treasure was hidden and that didn’t necessarily mean buried. “Secreted” seems like the perfect fix for that problem :). Oh well, hopefully tomorrow will bring something more concrete. P.S. If you are ever south a few hours stop by. I will treat you to some GOOD coffee or a microbrew. Not like that Starbuck’s coffee you get in Seattle.


    • I just realized that I didn’t word that very well above. When I said that I possibly knew why he was invited to lunch and threatened, I meant that one of the decypherment combinations that it came up with could be interpreted to say that “Forrest would give the gold if you invited him to favorite restaurant or threatened him”. It was really an imperfect decypherment and I wouldn’t have taken it to mean do those things. But I could see where someone could have got the same results and thought that is what it was saying to do. I just didn’t want you to misinterpret what I meant above. Take Care all and Good Luck.
      Thanks, Matt Brubach

  43. My wife and I were on the way to do some shopping and I started telling her about FF being at the the art gallery and she said that I should have told her earlier and that we could have gone. That was a shock since she not a believer in the TC.
    Any way last night I was awaken by the following “night mare”:

    We were having some hot chocolate with FF in Santa Fe and I told him that my wife thought it was in NM and I thought it was in YSNP area. I knew the he probably wouldn’t answer, but I asked him any way. ” Who is closest to the chest, my wife says New Mexico and I say it is in YSNP”. To my surprise he quickly said, “Oh you defiantly are”. I nearly fell out of my chair and I told my wife “I told you so”. Then FF added, ” You are setting on the north side of the table, so that makes you closer!”
    That’s when I woke up, very disappointed. Typical FF answer.

    Thanks for letting me share.

  44. No, it certainly wasn’t a Nightmare I had last night…. It was a Dream.
    Now today, all I can do is smile. 🙂 I like days like this…
    Why? (0,0)
    TT…. Oh to see and Xperience It. That’s all I can say.
    And don’t even ask.

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