Scrapbook One Hundred Forty Eight…



The Winds of Change

Red Vine

Red Vine

The autumnal equinox occurs on about the 24th of September. That’s when the sun is lined up with the center of the earth. Darkness and daylight are exactly twelve hours apart, and the sun rises due east and sets due west. The temperature begins a steady drop and the days start getting shorter. Those are the two changes I don’t like.

Oh, tell me not with words asunder,
Seasons bring both dry and wet.
Spare me hues of grey and umber,
I’m not through with summer yet.

Aspen Trees

Aspen Trees

By early November the sun is passing farther south, and although she’s closer to the earth, her rays hit my orchard at a cooler angle, causing summer’s palette to fade toward wistful browns, reds and yellows.



The cooling winds are now fresh as they blow through my apricot trees, whose leaves dry and drop to the ground where they slowly decay and enrich the soil.

Apricot Trees

Apricot Tree

Several years ago Madam Nature exercised her prerogative in our space without forewarning nor even offering a reason why, and countless trees in my little forest perished. No longer will I be lulled by the throaty whisper of quaking aspens that one time populated our landscape, nor shall I ever again enjoy their shade that protected me from the glaring summer sun. Much of nature’s colored complexion, which once was enough to attract the approval of even the most indifferent, is now absent from my hillside.


Soon I’ll plant 200 pine saplings. There is always hope when old men plant young trees.

A few years ago my grandson, Shiloh, shoveled snow from my portal. Notice the aspen trees in the background. Now they are gone.

A few years ago my grandson, Shiloh, shoveled snow from my portal. Notice the aspen trees in the background. Now they are gone.

Don’t hale when north winds blow too soon
Across my pine trees tall and lean.
Let’s keep the warming days of June,
Blueberries are red when they’re green.





223 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Forty Eight…

  1. I am so absolutely entertained by everything you do, forrest! I really enjoyed the photos…stunning! 🙂
    Does that mean you don’t want me scaling Cliffside in the snow? Lol! 😉

  2. Great stuff Forrest. I love to read your writings. Happy Veterans Day from one Air Force guy to another.

  3. Happy Veterans Day to all the vets out there…

    I must say its been a bit of a somber day… Thinking of all the brave Veterans, finding out my favorite grocery store Haggens is selling ALL their stores, and now Running Man has lost his leg and been turned into a board!!! What is the World coming too? At least Forrest looks Happy (well his feet anyway…Happy Feet 🙂 ) sitting in front of his pinyon fire or is it an aspen fire 🙁

  4. As a Vet (6 years in the Navy) and to those Vet’s out there on the Chase, Happy Veteran’s Day. To everyone (even non Vets), check out the movie on youtube called “Lifted”, it’ll make you cry every time.

    • A heartfelt thank you to you Bookworm and veteran’s everywhere for your service and sacrafice on our behalf. Without you, guys like me would be treasureless. Thank you.

  5. Fall is my favorite time. I was in Colorado a month ago and drove over the Rockies to kill time before work. The evergreens were of course green, but every now and then would be a patch of gold where the Aspens were already changing.

  6. The cold of winter is drawing nigh but the warmth of memories will keep us till the green of spring returns. A chance to start anew and bring life to the lifeless as the cycle continues. Lets all take a breath and reflect on our journeys and make the best of them. If life was harsh we hope for better days, if life was kind we give thanks.
    I am so thankfull for all of you. I may be mostly a lurker but I find myself there with you on your journeys both mental and physical. Pulling for you and sending my best. And lets give thanks to someone who did what he wanted despite the conventions of society and created this world of seeking. The underlying reasons of why and what we seek can take us to wonderful places and I hope they continue to drive us. Happy fall/winter everyone! Tuck in and stay warm 🙂

    • Well said, ABW. Your words mean a lot to me. I think I shall take your sage advice. Time to tuck in and stay warm.

  7. Aah lovely, reminds me again why I appreciate you so much. Talented clever writer you are. Hope all is well!

  8. Dal-

    I’m guessing that Forrest is sending an early holiday card directly to you.

    If you list the initial capital letters of the post, you get:


    The first four letters spell TOSS

    The next four letters, rearranged, spell BITS

    Hold that thought.

    Circle the first two letters, TO, and then, near the end, circle DAL.

    All of the letters that must be tossed to reveal this hidden message are one of the four letters of BITS.

    If only everyone who sent notes to their friends were so thoughtful and clever.


  9. There is not any group among us that is more special than our veterans.

    Their sacrifices are many. They spend time away from their loved ones and put their lives on the line to defend and protect the freedoms we enjoy.

    To ALL of them, and their family members, we say a humble and sincere “thank you” for your dedication and service in behalf of our great nation.

    • Agree loco, heartfelt appreciation for their sacrifices cannot truly be expressed in words. That they will always hold a place in our hearts should never be forgotten. This morning at a VA event in Angel Fire while a brave, highly decorated veteran was sharing some endearing thoughts a young child, baby really, started crying and caring on and it brought it all together for me at that moment. That baby was crying freely and thanking the Veteran.

  10. What compensations do you ask when nature displays her mighty wrath?
    Confusion over which trees to take, was a regetable mistake.
    Apologies are offered quickly from the wind you never saw.
    Soon even the most indifferent will be in awe.

    • He was in the military too long, has to keep the creases. Probably still keeps a gig line also.

  11. Now this is strangely coincidental. A friend of mine posted yesterday on FB a link to Wind of Change videoclip by Scorpions.
    She did it because of the events unfolding right now in Romania in the wake of that tragic club fire.
    I replied to her last night, that this was the song at our wedding back in 1991. We chose it also, because of the events following the fall of the Iron Curtain and it seemed that times they are a changing…

  12. Salute!! All you veteran,s both here and there. God Bless!!
    Autumn ,oh so beautiful,Forrest. The mountains must be covered in color wonderment.
    The fire burns still,Indulgence awaits. 🙂

  13. On second read, this is what I get from this SB:

    Time is running out for the man who has run.
    Life, death and rebirth.
    Everything must return to the earth, but hope is built in a sturdier generation. He’s planted a pine in his grandson, and he’s proud of that, as well he should be.

  14. That is running man from scrapbook 23 ,,
    Notice how he says he’ll plant 200 saplings, maybe the blaze is 200ft long ..Or .. maybe Indulgance is 200ft from hoB. Imagine a huge 200ft long F wild…..

  15. From one vet to Mr. Fenn and to all other fellow vets out there. Thank you for your service.

  16. Mr. Fenn, thank you for your service. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures of your trees. I hope Tesuque is also enjoying the fireside too. Grandchildren are the best and no doubt Shiloh has a great teacher. Running man needs a good frame. Cheers!

  17. A warm Thanks to you Forrest and all the vets out there for your service.

    Forrest, when we drove through MT in Oct the aspens were just beautiful along the Gallatin River and I know you will miss their brilliant gold color every fall. Sorry to see the “Running Man” tree didn’t make it.

    • Mother Nature is very unpredictable and many trees are lost for various reasons, often by fire like we have had recently in CA, mudslides, or floods. We had an infestation of oak borers in the forests around our cabin in MN and lost hundreds of oaks a few years ago. Your new pines will soon give you shade as they cover your barren hillside. Mother Nature will recover, she usually does. 🙂

  18. Okay…yes I’m a moron and bad at astronomy…but for some reason I totally thought the sun was always lined up with the center of the earth. Just swinging around by the center like a lasso maybe closer r farther but always on an orbit, and the equinoxes were like when the poles were right at a 90% angle to that line. Now I’m all confused….is it points on the sides of the earth? Like the sun lines up with earth and equator on two sides? Not trying to be technical just trying to understand and I have zero doubt if fenn decides to talk about equinoxes he knows his stuff, I just want to know too….and can’t wrap my head around it…

    • The earth spins on its axis and which a Stellar and sidereal day known as a solar day is the shortest.

      Trick question, dose the sun rise east to west or west to east?

      Answer: neither cause the sun is a stationary object

      • Actually William the sidereal day is shorter than the solar day. Solar day is what we are familiar with (24 hours) – The sidereal day is 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds. and is on complete revolution with respect to the stars. The extra 4ish minutes is what is required to get the sun in the same apparent location in the sky due to our rotation around the earth.

        The earth’s pole axis precess and cycle about 26000 years. Thus the north start Polaris is temporary.

        We often reference objects that rotate around earth via the longitude of the ascending node ( Ω) (Omega) and right accession that is is an angle from to the first point of Aries the point at which the sun passes through that castellation. The interesting part of that wobble is that it is now actually located in pisces (fish) that the vernal equinox points. Makes me believe that is the correct link to FF’s fishing references.

      • The sun is stationary only relative to the planets revolving about it. However, our whole solar system is itself orbiting about the center of the galaxy (where one “galactic year” is about 225 million Earth years). Meanwhile the galaxy is hurling across the universe.

        So the Earth is spinning on its axis, revolving around the sun while also revolving around the galactic center while also moving laterally across the universe. I’m getting dizzy. There’s a lot of movement out there.

    • Thank you all for helping me, but what I’m wondering specifically is what does “the sun is lined up to the center of the earth” mean. I’m my head I’m putting a dot in the middle of the sun and one in center of earth. So it’s always a straight line since that’s the nature of having only two points. So is it the “shortest” straight line? Or “longest” straight line? Or what? Like where’s the line drawn?

      • Actually, the comment is referring to the Equator as the center of the Earth between the North pole and the South pole.

      • Hi Jamie — just reading this SB for the first time. You’re not a moron — “the sun is lined up with the center of the earth” is an odd thing to say. (It’s like saying “these two points form a perfectly straight line”) What he probably meant to convey was that the line joining the centers of the sun and earth also intersects the earth’s equator.

    • Wow Mindy –

      You got it right – I truly believe everything in the poem relates to the beginning, the middle and the end. In other words – being born – living – and passing on into the wild blue yonder. For newbies – you should all know Forrest was born in the middle. 🙂

      • Into,
        Blue yonder
        ABW: green of spring
        wistful Browns, reds and yellows.
        Natures colored complexion
        My favorite- blueberries are red when they’re green.

        Eliza: I mean no bad toward your thoughts or t f: take out the whole words toss,bits, Dal and the remaining letters are an s and a b

  19. i would like to thank all the vets for your service great job also to my son who will be retiring from the army in 5 months as C.W.O.-3 thank you Frank jr love mom an dad and more love from your sisters

  20. Those trees are beautiful, as were the quaking aspens. It’s a shame they were lost. I read that the stems could live over a hundred years and that at least one clonal colony in Utah is 80,000 years old. I’m not sure how well they’ll do in my back yard, but I’m looking to plant some next year and see how it goes. At least the iconic running man was preserved!

    I think the Red Vine looks like an F in reverse. 🙂

  21. The running man will be missed. It was my first awareness.

    Say can I buy that piece of bark from you for $23 US? I’ll pay shipping and promise to keep in a ziplock bag.

  22. Awesome Scrapbook, ff. I don’t like the cooler temperatures and shorter days either…search days are shorter, and I gotta layer my clothing. Great pictures, great story…Happy Veterans Day!

  23. Where is Teseque? Why aren’t those slippers already warm like apricot strudel or blueberry pie?? I just want to see her in this post… Somewhere. Arg. I hope it’s a false alarm brought on by a grandson stepping up and slippers randomly cheating on their real warmer. We love you F!

  24. Very nice. I may be alone; but I am enjoying the cooler temperatures. It is a welcome relief to “hot flashes” that just don’t give up! I get lost in color because I like it so much.

    • ^ nice crow…anyone ever tell you you’d make a great yoda? Crowda? Yo! Da’ Crow? Croyoda? Meh. Stick with Ford.

  25. “Blueberries are red when they’re green.”

    Absolutely clever.

    How long ago did you mill running man?
    Do you have you’re own mill? Or, did David or Shiloh mill him for you?
    Are there now quaking aspen floors somewhere fenn/sparks/old?

    I wonder what befell such a sturdy looking grove…sad. 🙁

  26. Another out of the box thought, different than mindy theory;
    I see two running man.
    Someone catching up?

  27. Happy Veteran’s Day Forrest… I see you finally conceded and put on the “wannabe” pair of slippers 😛

  28. Apricots are actually super neat…ned for the season they you should pick them but instead of sayin “winter wheat” or whatever it comes from “precocious” which is double neat cause ultimately comes from Greek (maybe Arabic?) “Al-buqurq” and if that doesn’t make you thing you should move it or lose it here’s a nother cool part:
    “Interestingly, even though our “apricot” passed through Arabic to get here, there’s another Arabic word for the fruit–mishmish–that’s just as tied up with its season. If someone’s making plans you know they won’t keep, or talking about their pie-in-the-sky dreams, Egyptian and Palestinian Arabic speakers might roll their eyes and say bukra fil mishmish (or just fil mishmish for short), which translates roughly to “tomorrow, when apricots are in season.” It’s the equivalent of our “when pigs fly,” and comes from the fact that some apricots are only really delicious on the day that they’re picked, and go all mealy and lame the day after–so if you’re holding out for another day of prime apricot season, you’re probably going to be waiting for a very long time.”

    I’m excited to hear stories! Snows not too deep yet!!

  29. Forrest your fire would have been so welcome and inviting today! Very windy and cold at work but warming again in the next couple of days. It takes me a few days to acclimate to the changes! Take care!

  30. Thank you for your service. Also we are greatful for the milgros – their still working Mr. Fenn. Your the best. You still have a few aspen left right.
    All the best
    Snuggles and Clayton

  31. How disappointing and sad the trees didn’t live, including the running man’s home. Made me think of the trees I climbed as a kid at my Nan’s old homestead; cut down for development…sigh.

    Remembrance Day thoughts and gratitude to you

    And talking of shorter and colder days I hope you keep your typing fingers dusted off.

    Stay cosy and warm, cheers.

  32. mr. forrest ,I know your sitting there so nice and comfy,wish I was sitting there beside you keeping my feet warm.when my feet are cold ,I`m cold.but when my feet are warm,its nap have such a beautiful farm.

  33. Mr. F, great message in your scrap book!
    Osiris is definately there wirh you, she will help your new trees grow as sturdy and true as Shiloh!

    Think how perfumed the breeze will be now! Is a sight for a smell a fair trade? Beauty is in the eyes (and nose) of the beholder!
    ¥Peace ¥

      • hunch –

        I’m not sure my sole is warm – it’s a flippin 19 degrees here……….

        Keep your tootsies warm………Into here…………and I went two feet down and what do you suppose I found? Solid Sand. So, my husband says, “keep digging” and I look at him like he is daft……… Do you really think Forrest would drag a bag of sand up here to place over the chest? I’ll tell you what darlin husband ……. You dig………..

  34. Are the trees really apricot trees or did Mr. Fenn call them apricot trees because of their color? Will apricot trees grow and produce fruit in NM? They are beautiful regardless of type.

  35. The colors of fall… !!! In Southern Illinois many of the softwood trees have lost their leaves. The hardwoods take a little longer.
    Each have a different look. It’s harder to tell them all apart during the summer. … but maybe “worth the cold” is getting out in the fall to see the efflorescence in a stand of Quaking Aspens? Perhaps search for treasures! 🙂
    Mark H. Just checking in!

  36. Apricots= mishmish
    Kinda like Mic-Mic Forrest’s use for ammo…

    Does this post scream-
    “Gimme Back My Bullets” ?


  37. The view of Forrest’s trees just lowered my blood pressure… Beautiful! What a Sight.. Thanks for Sharing Forrest.

    Daylight savings time hour change was Man’s worst invention… Let Nature dim the lights naturally, I still don’t understand why we need to change the hour. I love the cold of winter, but I long for the bright light of Spring and Summer..


    Forrest will be signing Gaspard books at Nedra Matteucci’s gallery on Saturday, November 14, from 2:00 to 4;00. If someone wants to bring any of his other books by for a signature, Forrest wrote that he will be happy to accommodate them. The gallery address is 1075 Paseo de Peralta in Santa Fe.

      • They will have Gaspard books at the gallery for purchase. You can also purchase them on the home page of this blog and at Collected Works Bookstore and on Forrest’s website.
        If you purchase a Gaspard book from this blog or Forrest’s website it will NOT get to you by Saturday.

        • My question was more wondering if he signs gaspards books too? Like if you buy one or others from collected works will he sign those to is you live out of state? Basically can you purchase one and get it signed not being there? Maybe collected works does it anyways like ttotc I just didn’t know.

  39. ***IMO***
    The winds of change are coming all right. Not for Forrest but for the chase. We are in the fall season of the chase and not for just this year but from the alpha to the omega. Don’t write Forrest off too quickly. He’s not speaking of himself rather of the chase.

    The pictures of the running man represent new and old. The trees, Shiloh, and the snow are hints but not that he’s passing anything about the chase onto Shiloh, although I know he is very proud of him and loves him dearly.

    The picture of Forrest with his feet near the fire is an actual map of the location and sums up the poem.

    Mindy on your blog, the email you posted from Forrest, he says…”I wondered if someone would figure that out, and thought you might. Maybe one other person will also. f:”

    This SB is a message to all searchers and to that “one other person”. The end is approaching. One season left.

  40. One more thing I noticed. Someone has been within 200ft of the treasure chest. Isn’t it funny that 200 is the number in this SB and then the picture of the feet. 200 feet! Forrest, you keep laughing. Don’t be distracted, 200 has another significant meaning. IMO but for real.

  41. I don’t think Pines are planted because they’re sturdier….did anyone watch the TV show with Sholih and Old Wood flooring etc?

    There was a really big fire and they lost a lot of their ranch and trees. It was horrible. Shiloh was fighting the fire till the end and the wood that could saved had to be harvested right away. Aspens are really shade intolerant so you only plant like 20 per acre (notice shade comments) anyhow.

    Red Pines work great to plant on dry land (especially after a fire)

    I think the aspens also will generally regenerate themselves from the lateral roots anyhow.
    Maybe the neat part is kinda how he can’t enjoy their shade after the fire…and that very same shade is what makes them so fragile in the first place . They can give it…but they cannot receive it.

    The red theme points to the blazing aspens and the Red Pine replacement as will as it will all turn the soil again and all be harvested in the right rotation each part replacing and giving to others the very things which it can not recieve.

    • ** the final picture those very logs may be giving their final gift of warmth as the weather gets cold. Once again providing the same heat which killed them…thankfully Red Pines are next in the rotation….now go back to the top pic 🙂
      Red Vines? Nicely played, F. Reminds me of a kids song “Same same song second verse….little bit louder…little bit worse…
      Rabbit ain’t got no tail at all. Tail at all. Tail at all!! Rabbit ain’t got no tail at all…JUST A POWDER PUFF!!”

      Each time singing/yelling louder and more and more off key until the kids are to beat to argue about bed 🙂

    • Interesting terminology there JJ…’BLAZING aspens’…Usually they ‘blaze’ with a brilliant yellow coloration…”In the wood”??…I’m thinking September would be a beautiful time of the year to be in the Rockies checking out the fall colors…Maybe around the equinox?… 🙂

  42. Stuck in Nor Cal
    Gloomy and grey
    El Niño a brewin
    New Mexico so far away
    New scrapbook appears
    Hopefully something sweet
    It’s a beautiful pic of Forrest Fenns feet
    I miss you Forrest
    I keep stacking the cash away
    Will continue the search another day
    So for now we rest by the fire
    And sip on some tea
    Oh by the way Forrest where is that key?
    Will I be able to find it with my new GPZ?

  43. Forrest, I love the beautiful colors. Thank You for sharing them with us. Be carefull around red vines, poision ivy can climb a tree, It will be a hairy vine type with 3 leaves and in the fall the leaves can turn a beautiful red.

      • Wise1, you are probably right,, F would know what poison ivy looks like with all his exploring in the woods and around the lakes. I read that the purple berries on the Virginia creeper can be poisionus to pets and young children who mite think they are blue berries.

        • Blueberries don’t grow in NM except in pampered gardens .They require acidic water ,ours is alkaline. Interesting observations on his photos.

  44. Enjoyed your sole warming post Mr Fenn. Have you retired the real cuddles? Stay warm this winter and leave snow shoveling to your grandkids. Each time you mention Shiloh I’m reminded of a Neil Diamond classic. Did you play with imaginary friends as a child? Often highly intelligent children invent their own entertainment – a portal to imagination, gifted story telling, and boredom with the ordinary.

      • The strapping young lads been plucked to engage?
        How quickly they grow…our lonely hearts enraged…

        Always good to plant a ring indeed…before carelessly spreading 200 aspen seeds 🙂

        • The young lad is just too young…
          He’s still a pup his songs unsung.
          But his smile makes me hate
          That he was born 15 too late.

          • I’m glad that fruit was forbidden, his white pearly smile surely hidden….
            From us milfs and cougars who would certain and surely,
            Bring another small bundle this time 15 to early 🙂

          • Ladies! Wipe the froth from your mouth and compose yourselves! Shiloh is not a piece of meat!
            He is a very handsome, bright and very polite young man, and our daughters might suit him better, cept jj, not sure, you look young but speak old…

          • Nice to know there is someone else in town that is a searcher. Have you been anywhere searching. I went to Yellowstone last year and am going back in April.

          • David, I’ve been to Colorado, Montana and briefly Wyoming. Hopefully I’ll go on another trip in the spring when the weather is warm. 🙂

    • Lia such a lovely thought about a boy with a large imagination. It reminds me of Forrest, and others I know who don’t quite fit into the peg hole.
      Unique names in the Fenn line.

  45. I will second that Shiloh seems like a classy young man. No man or woman should ever be treated like a piece of meat, or talked about in this manner.

      • Jdiggins we would never even THINK to treat, such a fancy young boy as something to savagely eat.
        And your right he’s not ONLY a nice hunk of meat….but a warm apple pie to be shared oh so sweet!

        You know you want a piece too, so don’t give us grief–
        For drooling and picturing him in American flag briefs!

        • Jd, Mindy, Jamie-
          I got a note from Shiloh a few minutes ago…
          This is what he wrote:
          “I do, in fact, pen and frequently wear American flag boxer briefs.”

          • LOL You gals are bad. I am so old that even my daughter is too old for Shiloh. Then again his grandfather did say he enjoyed time spent with the ladies who were his elder. Oops, sorry Shiloh for egging the ladies on. Who knew he read this stuff ? Be gentle ladies. 🙂

          • We were just having a little fun
            We respect our Shiloh a ton
            He’s a great kid, has done so much
            We him to pieces and that’s a bunch!

          • It’s settled then! The next scrapbook will be a 6 pic layout including one high resolution zoom able center spread of Shiloh. And the holiday contest can be all of us making our best guesses about all additional “more important” assets he may have to offer. Winner gets to see them! (Or an autographed sherd of his boxers) winners choice. Whad’ya say dal? It’ll be like an ugly sweater contest only nobody will be wearing sweaters. I’ll bake a couple pies for the occasion.

  46. A warming trend.. 🙂 Forrest were you listening to the Scorpions when you designed this SB. I love that song. So moving. 🙂

  47. Running man thoughts:
    Would anyone else associate running with speed? University of Oregon speed test …something fast, still working on this idea ..just a little far out, haven’t exactly dialed it in yet. Maybe internet upload speeds. I wonder what else is speedy? Trains, planes, speedboats hummm…..

      • My god why? Speed? Seriously? In THIS chase? Why now? He’s known for bsing and misdirection. Why should now be any different. By creating a pinch, some bruising was sure to follow. Some have learned to sit patiently and bide time. I say hold off now that snow has come to the maintains. But then what do I know.

        • PL –

          That doesn’t mean speed as in running right out there…………. Laughing………

          I can’t tell you what my “speed” means – no it’s not a drug…… but it has a place in the winning of the chase.

          Perhaps check out the word “Madam” too.

  48. Or maybe he sat and ate a meal under a tree then afterwards he had to GO because of time (he had to hike out?)

  49. @ JP: Age of the carving or age of the tree the carving was put on, lol? Got any more comics to share? My guess is 1999 on the carving, the whole Y2K scare!

    • Age of the carving 🙂

      Might have another installment of the comic story coming up around Thanksgiving. Stay tuned!

      • @Jeremy P. Thanks! I can hear Santa’s Kentucky accent saying Real nice, lol! I have a friend out here in Mendo who is from KY, about 5th or 6th generation snuff empire type, nice guy, still has the accent. Looking forward to your next one!

        • Thanks so much!

          It’s kind of funny. We have a melting pot of different influences around here. We have Eastern Kentucky, where the really thick “Kentucky” accents are, but we also have Southern influences, and in Northern Kentucky (essentially a suburb of Cincinnati, OH) and out to Louisville we might as well be part of the Midwest. I’m an army brat, myself, so I didn’t get a chance to pick up anything noticeable.

          When I hear Santa say “real nice”, it’s in Randy Quaid’s accent:


  50. Nothing like burning the midnight oil thinking things over in front of a beloved flickering flame. We should ALL be so lucky.

  51. Maybe f is hinting…hot footing it out of there before it gets dark, needing the sun at a certain position to view the blaze, leaving you there in near dusk, wishing you had a flashlight. (And a sandwich, Cuz you missed supper!)
    Or, it’s just the symbol that he wants to represent “The Chase”.
    What do you see when you look down from the blaze?
    “My two feet!” F He signed on my TOTC book, “Always look down!”
    Two feet toasting by the fire…two feet from the blaze!

    • Two feet in the blaze (kiva). Maybe myoglobin was in the kiva tarry scant. Hence, marvel gaze. But, I’m not sure.

    • I think your right Donna, also, you would only see the blaze on or between the autumnal equinox & the winter solstice. This is probably when he hid the TC. The sun would be setting along a range where it would illuminate a specific area. When you find the blaze/TC, it will be getting cold & dark soon, you must not loiter.

  52. Maybe take a sandwhich so you are not supper. Maybe running man is running from being supper. He already lost one leg. That picture of Forrest looks like he’s going to be baked in a kiva

  53. Maybe since she’s been passing farther south, she should move her track a little bit north.

  54. Running man reminds me of a story that I’ve read about an early American trapper and tour guide, John Colter; running away from Blackfoot Indians….. fast and stark naked.

    A good one!

  55. Love your forest Forrest. The colors are beautiful! Sorry you lost the aspen trees. Wondering if you know why they are gone.

  56. During the Pueblo Revolt of 1680…. a ‘countdown’ method for runners using knotted ropes as they travelled from Taos Pueblo to Southern Pueblos, proved successful in accomplishing an attack in one days time.

  57. No outing when winds are cold
    Your pine trees may hold the gold
    Keeping the warmer days of spring
    Love blueberries when they are clean.

    • So if nothing is ever what it seems, could my knowledge of North still be down? Confused!!! All IMO.

  58. It’s the season of Thanksgiving….one of favorite holidays since it’s about spending time vs. spending dimes.

  59. I don’t own a pair of slippers with a fur inside because I live in a warm climate. But this Fenn brand is so strong I’m about to go Black Friday on ya’ll next week and get me a pair of Ansley Pendleton Ugg’s.

    $140 for fur slippers? Is that even legal?

    This product contains real fur from Sheep or Lamb (Do I get sheep or lamb fur?)

    Fur Origin: Australia, UK, Ireland or United States (Where is my fur from?)

    This product is made in US, China, or Vietnam, varies by product (I prefer US or Vietnam)

    Fur slippers are way to expensive and complicated if you ask me.

    • 23k, forget about Forrest’s shearling lined slippers for a moment…and tell me how in the world you convinced that beautiful little humming bird to land on your finger.

  60. Forrest begins this scrapbook with:

    “The autumnal equinox occurs on about the 24th of September”

    And then he ends it with:

    “Don’t hale when north winds blow too soon
    Across my pine trees tall and lean.
    Let’s keep the warming days of June,
    Blueberries are red when they’re green.”

    IMO Forrest is telling us the optimal time to retrieve the treasure chest is between June and September. It may not be impossible to go earlier but the north winds may make it a miserable feat and any later may leave you dealing with weather that can change quickly.

    IMO, again, this follows along with his new Weekly Words From Forrest at Mysterious Writings

    “Shut your engine off until spring”

    I know, I know, he says spring not summer. It’s not impossible in the Spring but the optimal time would be summer according to this scrapbook. IMO.

    • Hello SL. Sadly, the Pine Beetles have hit Colorado hard as well. I fear it’s probably that way in many states. Once beautiful mountains covered in lush, dark green pines have now withered to nothing but brown.

  61. pdenver,

    With the exception of soothing sounds gifted us by the sea; what else equals the glorious serenades of trees?

  62. ” . . .There is always hope when old men plant young trees.”

    And old men always will, so long as there are old men.

    • I love this sentiment. It reminded me of an episode of 12 O’Clock High called Interlude (available on Youtube). It had to do with the main character, a pilot of a B17 bomber during WW2, who was feeling empty and discouraged and was ordered to take time out in Scotland. After yet another loss there, someone pointed out that there is always hope when people continue to plant gardens, whether or not they live to see the results, to simply do what one can now to make the world a better place for those around us or those who come after. Reminded me also of the last pages of My War for Me. Glad for the opportunity to revisit SB148.

      • Yea, she’s a real gem and hope she’s OK.
        I hope she went to West Yellowstone for a spell and found the treasure.
        Maybe she’s taken the XFenn challenge and unplug herself from the chase for a time as I did, but it seems most come back at some point.

  63. Where’s pdenver? Did anyone find out? Sorry to bug you guys, But I was wondering because she is wonderful. I’m not the best navigator around Dal’s site. I seen that she was absent and wondered if any one knows anything?

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