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This just in. Forrest’s granddaughter Lucca is making dolls and selling them on Forrest’s web site. She wanted to make a special toy for her 2 year-old daughter, and everyone liked it so much Lucca decided to keep making them. She is a one person operation and Forrest has already purchased five. Check it out.

See the dolls in their new homes


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  1. It’s not even black Friday yet. Maybe if I buy one she’ll hand tie me a fly, and I know an ever huggable little girl that would just love a Lucca doll.

    • straw, if you order one… maybe you can request “Anything BUT the Medical/Nurse Doll”… They sometimes carry needles and want to stick little girls in the arm. You wouldn’t want to frighten or overwhelm her with nightmares. Would you?

  2. Once I heard it was Lucca, I had to buy one (for not getting her into the video I made Forrest) 😀 Gonna give it to my niece’s child as a Xmas gift 😛

  3. would love to have one,they are cute,reminds me of old dolls.but I can’t afford one.75 dollars is a lot of money.I’m just a janitor.even 30 would be too much for me. I’m so sorry I could not buy one of your dolls.makes me mad I can’t go get what I want,but I know there is a lot of people out there just like me.couldn’t afford Gaspard book either.stinks but I guess that’s the way life goes sometimes.we’re all working to pay sorry lucca.but I hope you sell a lot to make you some money and make some little girl or someone happy.good luck,you did good.proud of ya .

  4. Hey, Forrest or Dal, Virginia’s reply about the cost for some folks gave me the idea that you need to work on a Christmas contest for next month…the prize could be one of Lucca’s dolls that Forrest pays for.

      • I will ante up some boots for runners up. Maybe a mouse pad and a coffee cup. A t-shirt for third place even.

        What about another ornament contest? That was fun and tis the season, after all!

        I wonder if Forrest would kindly lend his artistic expertise and be a judge again….

          • I’ve been thinking again..
            It seems like having the prizes come from the books, dolls, t-shirts, cups that folks here make or sell could possibly interfere in Christmas sales…
            FYI: If I thought I might win one of your cool coffee cups in the next twenty days I might not buy one..

            So…I think we should have a contest around the holidays but I think the prize should not be something anyone here sells…

            I think we should wait till January/February to make the prize one of the cool items from Lucca or Sacha or any of the others who might see some buyers around the holidays..

      • Not sure if you’ve done this before – but what about those of us that want to compete write a poem, that can be up to 12 lines long that describes something to be guessed. We send the poems and their solutions to Dal, who then posts only the poems and we all try to figure out as many as we can. The tie breaker could be the poem that is least solved of the contestenats. If you don’t send in a poem, you can stil compete, but you’d be at a disadvantage if there was a tie.

        What do you think?

  5. Hey, a good heart warming story of some old fashioned (or funny) tradition from grandparents, or maybe a story where you helped out someone at Christmas…a warm your cockles story!
    ☆☆☆☆LUCA: I bought one of your adorable dolls! I know it’s take it as you make it, but I would like one for my grandson, 3, with possibly male colors? He recently lost his sock monkey my mom made, (she passed on 9/10/14, and she put lilac in in too. He has had fits trying to sleep at night, poor guy! Thanks in advance! Merry Christmas

    • Aren’t they just precious!!? She is very creative! I am going to buy one for my grandson… He is only 4 months old but I will look after it for him until he gets old enough to play with it 🙂

      • OK, I gotta throw this out there. When I was two my mom bought a doll for me. My dad looked at her like, huh? The doll lasted until we hit about 65 going down the highway then I rolled down the window and gave it a chuck. A gift for a boy is something he can poke his eye out with. Just sayin. I do like Luccas dolls though.

  6. I’m going to buy two. One for my grandchild due in February 2016 and the other for a child in need TBD by the seller.

    • That’s very generous Ms Rose. Very very thoughtful and with a giving heart. You’re special.

  7. Those dolls are very cute…and just in time for a long, cold winter. I could really use one. In face, I’d buy one for myself…except my wife …aka Baby Doll …already has legs almost exactly like those dolls’ legs. 🙂

    (If you ever read this, Baby Doll…Honey…Dear, I just want you to know that I love your legs. I really do.)

    Seriously, though, I was going to buy one for my 3-year-old daughter. I brought her in to point out which one she thought was the cutest and she told me she didn’t want one. “What!? Why?”, I said. She told me she doesn’t like the eyes. Apparently, she has watched the movie “Coraline” too many times. LOL! If you’ve ever seen that movie then you know exactly what I mean. It’s a great movie.

    The acrobat scene is hilarious…but once you see it you can’t unsee it. LOL!

    Just a heads up to Lucca, though. She might want to consider making some dolls with different eyes. Some kids don’t find those ones very comforting. Kids are funny like that.

    • But the Mindy doll has braids like Forrest’s native american dolls JC. So maybe that will serve as compensation.

      • I assume you’re talking about the one at the top of the page, Tamara. That one is my favorite. It reminded me of Forrest’s Native American dolls …with the brain-tanned leather 🙂 and fringe. That doll also kinda reminds me of a gypsy…with long dark hair. The mother-of-pearl eyes are very pretty.

        Speaking of “Mother of Pearl”, it’s very endearing to realize that Forrest’s dolls …and Lucca’s… were created by a loving mother for a child to feel that love.

        Love is The Greatest.

        • Sorry. I mean the Indian/Gypsy doll at the top of the LINKED “comfort dolls” page. The doll with the “leather” fringed dress.

          They are all very cute.

  8. So proud of you Lucca. Your daughter will be proud of you.
    Love the scent of lavender. A dab of lavender oil works wonders when pillowed down… 🙂 Surprise me.

  9. A few weeks back I saw a very dear friend I had not seen in twelve years. She was childless then and used to watch my youngest daughter, whom she claimed was a terror! Well, now she has three children of her own. 10, 8 and 3. Izzy is 3, and I adore her. She lives in what I will kindly call an “anxious environment”, and I think she could certainly use a comfort doll! Thank you Lucca! Perfect timing! Izzy has been on my mind…
    I bought two dolls. One for izzy, and one for my five year old granddaughter, jovianne, born on my birthday! 🙂

  10. They are adorable. Please consider the choking hazards if purchasing for little ones and supervise accordingly. The Fenn’s are a talented family. Can’t really afford one for myself. Maybe a bar of soap or some deodorant?

  11. I just placed my order and all Lucca dolls are sold. She’s working on making more by 12/18. Yeah!

  12. If Lucca can guarantee me the top doll pictured, I’ll buy. The big one you see when you click on the link.

  13. Adorable dolls, Lucca is just like her Grandfather,, Artistic and can catch trout with her own hand tied Fly’s. You Rock Lucca!!

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