Jeremy Does Forrest Two……


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About the Artist
Jeremy Parnell is a searcher from Lexington, Kentucky, who joined the chase in 2015. He works as a software developer for the national governing body of equestrian sports by day, and pursues an interest in art, philosophy, and puzzle solving in his free time. You can find him at where he infrequently posts art, photos, and random thoughts.

38 thoughts on “Jeremy Does Forrest Two……

    • Thanks!

      I did actually think it would be fun to do a short graphic novel about the trip that my dad and two brothers and I all took. Since there were four of us, the natural title would be “Four Cards and a Joker.” I might get around to that some day.

      I would cheat and do it digital, though. This hand drawing stuff… I keep wanting to Ctrl+Z to fix my mistakes! 🙂

  1. You planning on visiting Santa this year Jeremy? Anything special on your list? Maybe a mandarin orange or long johns or anything?

    Love the comic 🙂
    Awesome job!

    • I considered asking Santa to bring me a particular little bronze chest, but it seems to be a sore subject for him :), so maybe I’ll just ask for some new hiking boots since I wore out my others.

  2. That is way cool, Jeremy. Santa has that look in his eye…his big…brown…uhhh…thing that he sees out of. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what happens next. A real thriller! Just like The Thrill of the Chase!

  3. Many curious but interesting comments on this post… Or is it just the way my mind works now after years of definitions and interpretation?

  4. Jeremy, thanks for clarifying this one is prequel, I’m slow sometimes and was confused why this one didn’t come first, makes sense now! I see you gave Santa “sanpaku eyes” in the last frame or maybe he just drinks a little to much on the off season….lol! Good job!

  5. Got a question by email:

    “I was wanting to know if the art work and the theme to the the comic is of your own ideas or if Forrest has provided you with some guides as to what he wanted drawn?”

    I can see how that might come up in a treasure hunt where anything might be a clue.

    To be clear: The drawings are just something I came up with without Forrest’s knowledge or approval. When I created the first one, I sent it to him to make sure he wasn’t offended by it or anything, but he had no input on the concept or content. It’s just for fun. The first drawing was a challenge from a friend of mine, and the second (and hopefully third) is because the best stories are trilogies.

    Sorry if I caused any confusion or wheels turning 🙂

    • Oh sure Jeremy……It’s obvious to anyone with a brain your art work is chock full of clues. All you have to do is turn it upside down and flip it horizontally; the map is clear as day.

      It’s also obvious the only time the chest can be found is during winter; Santa’s effort really is worth the cold. Fenn must really want it found soon for him to have you give us all the answers.

      I’ve just about got all the coordinates eked out; I have to say it was clever how you hid those. Time to fire up the truck and go get that thang.

      Great art work by the way.

        • Jeremy P.

          There are three stages in a man’s life…….

          When he believes in Santa Claus,,,,When he doesn’t believe in Santa Claus and when he is Santa Claus. Ho Ho HO…..

          I’m really writing to Santa to let him know I’ve been naughty and it was worth it.

          You’ve made me move a little closer to the holiday spirit……..thanks.

    • No worries.

      This is a prequel to the original story where Santa hides Forrest’s Christmas gift because he can’t find Forrest’s treasure himself.

      We see that five years ago, on a suggestion from Mrs. Claus, he takes up the Chase. Over the years, he tries different things to find the treasure. Finally, last year, he decides he’s going to get back at Forrest and hide his gift too.

      The joke is that even Santa is looking for Forrest’s treasure. Santa, being Santa, decides to prank Forrest because he can’t find it.

      At least that’s what I was going for 🙂

    • Thanks! If those came out OK it’s only because I had to spent more time on them. I think my favorite in this the next to last panel.

  6. Thanks Jeremy. After getting all of santa’s secrets and reading them over and over I finally know where it is that I am going. I just hope that I can find what I really asked santa for. Gun, shovel,boots, snowmobile, ski did I forget anything?lol.
    Great Artist Jeremy. I scetch when I draw. Sold some kept a few.

    Merry Christmas

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