Indigo Films Request……

Greetings Treasure Hunters!

Our production company, Indigo Films, located in Northern California is currently looking to create a new television series about Fenn’s treasure and we need hunters who would be willing to participate over the course of 2-3 months, either this upcoming summer 2016 or next summer, 2017. At this point we are in the early stages of development and the evolution of this show will depend on how much interest and participation we gather.
Our hope is to follow at least 5 – 10 different sets of hunters on and off for a summer. We’d love to hear from anyone interested in participating: individuals, partners, and small groups.
In your response please include:
1) your name(s)
2) where you are from
3) how long you’ve been searching for Fenn’s treasure
4) a brief description of who you are and why you’re in the chase.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Indigo Films


Ryan Kavanaugh | Development Coordinator Indigo Films


51 thoughts on “Indigo Films Request……

  1. My first name is Fun and I’ll let you wear my National Treasure glasses if picked. And I have a secret.

  2. Since they are already planning into 2017, I guess they don’t think it will be found next year.

  3. It does sound like fun. But I only plan on going out One time. 🙂 whoever joins in I hope u have a Blast. :)?

  4. Does anyone know which network is sponsoring this?

    Moonshots filmed here in November 2013 and they were rep’s of Animal Planet.

    They filmed me (YODA) and 4 others in our group for about 11 hours, but for some reason the pilot series never took off and the plug got pulled.

    The interest has grown since then and sooner or later this will be big.

    Does anyone know if the contracts we signed back then will interfere with INDIGO?

    • Do you have a copy of the contract you signed? I’d have to read the contract to see if you are bound by it.

    • Hey “Tom Terrific”,

      Currently we don’t have a single network sponsoring us, although we have good relationships with Discovery, Travel, History, National Geographic, etc. and we’ll be taking this idea to them in the beginning of February to see if we can create some interest. Right now, we’re interested in gathering a group of hunters who want to be involved and pitching them with our concept at that time. We may want to do some skype interviews, but most likely we would not be shooting anything in person until a little later on in the year, especially when it’s getting closer to summer time.

      In terms of your contract, most LOAs (Letters of Agreement) that a production company has you sign will have an expiration date. This could be 6 months, it could also be a year. Given the fact that this was back in 2011 and the show was not picked up, there’s a good chance that the contract was either released or expired.

      If you want to send a PDF copy of it to my email address, I can let you know for sure. Thanks for your interest!

      • Ryan,

        Will your Network cover the traveling expenses of the treasure searchers they choose to film? Also since I work a full time job and live in Southern California I can only search on the weekends or an entire week if I use vacation time like I plan on doing in April 2016. Any additional information here for all searchers would be helpful.

        • I’ll leave a general comment answering some of these questions a little later on today, but the short answer is that yes you’ll be compensated for your time and your travel expenses.

      • Ryan, thanks for the quick reply. I will try to my old contract from Moonshots but I think it was 1 year.


    • Hey Everyone,

      Thanks for all your responses! I’ll start answering all the emails shortly. Just a reminder to anyone that posted here and IS interested, make sure to send an email to if you have not already.


  5. Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for all your responses! I’ll start answering all the emails shortly. Just a reminder to anyone that posted here and IS interested, make sure to send an email to if you have not already.


    • Hey Hunters,

      Just wanted to give a quick update. I’ve received a ton of emails, which is great. I won’t probably be replying to any more until tomorrow, but just wanted to assure you that I have received a ton and I will get around to responding to all of them. Thanks for your patience!


      • Ryan

        Look for an email from me by the end of the weekend. I promise it will have some things in it that will very much intrigue you. Most people are still searching for the blaze and will walk you around a circle looking under hill and dale. I promise that won’t happen.

  6. I go out and metal detector but knot to the extent of Forest Fenns gold but sure I’ve researched but would need to research Forest Fenn himself but yes I’m very interested in the chase

  7. Hey Everyone,

    Thanks for all the interest you’ve shown so far. I’ve received far more responses than I expected! Due to the number of responses and my schedule today, I’ll be picking this up next week, so if I haven’t responded yet don’t worry. I’ll be contacting each of you individually over the next three weeks, this process will be a little longer than usual because of the holidays.

    To answer some general questions I’ve seen:

    – You will be compensated for your time, although I don’t know the details of this yet.

    – We don’t have a specific network backing the project, rather we have good relationships with a number of large and up and coming networks that we are bringing the idea to.

    – I have reached out to Fenn, it is not required that he participate to make the actual show, but obviously that would be ideal our fingers are crossed.

    – We’ll be making the initial pitch in February, so we’ll know more information at that time about whether or not there is interest in moving forward and how much of a time commitment it would be.


  8. Ryan- my response.
    1) Hunch
    2) wyoming
    3) too long
    4) greedy….want to be rich.

    the wife- “HUNCH!! get in here NOW!!”

    gotta go.

    • I liked the Bikinis & Boardwalks show they did for the travel channel. How about Bikinis and Treasure Hunting. 🙂

      Tell you what I’ll do. For some up front money and a big bonus I’ll throw Dal into a freezing river, over a waterfall, into a boiling hot spring, down into a canyon, out of a helicopter, and get him bitten by a snake, blown up by a camp stove, buried in an avalanche, and run over by my truck. For the season finale we can run into Diggin and her sisters out on the trail (in their bikinis) and we can all watch Dal get chased and mauled by a grizzly.

      Now that would be a treasure hunting show.

  9. FF said it’s not what they say it’s what they whisper. Indigo Films. Are you paying attention?

  10. Sounds like fun in the works. Action. Cut That’s a wrap. Its always good to know what others are thinking. Ill go for a round with titan. Around the blaze in eighty days. Or eighty ways! A Treasure Guide to a happy new year. A step back is what we will find on our journey to peace and tranquility put forth by Forrest Fenn. A true quest into the mind and soul of the Rocky Mountains where the history and answer’s lie on the limbs of time. Cheers to a good new year every one. JB and Titan

  11. Hi everyone,

    Sorry for the long delay, but it took awhile to get verbal confirmation from Forrest that we could create a show. We are picking back up where we left off. I’ll be going back through all the emails I received from you so there’s no need to resend unless you never sent one in the first place. If you never sent one then please refer to the first post for the prompt.

    Keep in mind that this will be a somewhat slow process in the beginning. Unless a network wants an immediate pickup, we’re probably looking at next year to start production. I’ll try and keep everyone updated on the status of things and answer your emails in the meantime.


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