Jeremy Does Forrest Three……

Please Note:
This is a parody solve, intended for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to an actual solve is purely coincidental. Forrest didn’t actually say these things. Merry Christmas everyone!

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About the Artist
Jeremy Parnell is a searcher from Lexington, Kentucky, who joined the chase in 2015. He works as a software developer for the national governing body of equestrian sports by day, and pursues an interest in art, philosophy, and puzzle solving in his free time. You can find him atΒ http://jeremyparnell.comΒ where he infrequently posts art, photos, and random thoughts.

35 thoughts on “Jeremy Does Forrest Three……

  1. 38.859649, -104.917120
    38.876785, -104.932852
    38.862025, -104.914472
    38.896322, -104.972330
    38.908589, -104.979097
    Look quickly down from that!

    Bout 11 miles North of Colorado Springs?

    Nice drawing of Fenn, although he probably doesn’t like it.
    Santa is always right.

  2. Thanks for the hair Jeremy, but can you please make my eyebrows brown, and my face to look more like Brad Pitt?

  3. No need to look like brad pitt (what an aweful name anyway) you have beautiful piercing eyes and your silvery white eyebrows just accentuate that. Dont change a thing. Happy holidays everyone, stay warm…your feet and hearts!

  4. Nice work Jeremy! I do love the air and nature so this chase must be for me. I wonder sometimes wether Forrest has communicated his message effectively. I think most are looking for big stuff and that’s good and all but it goes from big to O0o. Well you get my drift… Good luck folks oh and one more thing. I think he said no red herrings in the poem but I’ve found that the treasure was not at X or at least that is my X. Not sure what to make of this poem because if we go to line X it clearly says dig. What gives….gotta go work is calling.

  5. Jeremy: I was hoping Santa was going to turn out to be Dal! Trying to trick Forrest into giving out a clue! Thanks and Merry Christmas to all.

  6. Jeremy,
    That was real funny. In your 2nd pic FF does actually look like Brad Pitt. Still laughing. Forest seems to enjoy the interest. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone. Special sentiment and appreciation to our Armed Forces and Troops that are dispatched.
    Merry Christmas and Semper Fi to ALL..

  7. Jeremy – your Santa Fenn cartoons are terrific! Here’s my parody. Hope it makes you chuckle.


    I am Santa Fenn
    Ho ho Ho ho ho
    Flying through the snow
    Is always worth the cold
    Ho ho Ho ho ho
    Ya’ll hear me now!
    Get Off the trail, let’s go.
    Ho ho Ho ho ho
    I’m so full of cheer
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho!
    Only worked 9 days this year…
    Ho ho Ho ho ho
    Convincing searchers not to fear
    Was a major pain in the rear.
    Dal, please toss me a beer.
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho.
    Visions of treasure fill their heads
    But I fly a bullet not a sled.
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    They must think I’m a billionare..
    White hat, Denim suit, tarry boots of Black
    With a pack of gold hanging off my back
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    How much does this box of gold weigh?
    How do the reindeer pull a sleigh?
    Buttercup and lollipop need more hay.
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    Nobody sees me fly away
    As I go alone by night and day
    Not even 8 miles north of Santa Fe
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    Over the Rockies and into the wood
    I blazed them a trail,
    only I understood
    They want more clues
    but haven’t been good
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    They’ll find a paddle, not gold toys.
    The poem, Study the poem
    naughty girls and boys
    Ho ho ho ho ho
    If you leave pastrami and beer
    I’ll stop at the home
    of Brown next year
    Ho ho ho ho ho
    Here’s a secret hint
    But don’t call it a clue
    Arrow points are made of flint
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho
    The key to this chase
    is Santa Fenn sees
    every move you make
    Ho ho Ho Ho Ho
    So you better be good
    for goodness sake
    Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho

  8. Dear Mr Fenn,

    I hope my writing reaches you. Yours most certainly has me.

    I feel compelled to write to you.

    I was born in Australia, at age 11 my parents sold everything they had so they could take me on a camping trip across the globe for one full year.

    We started our journey in Los Angeles and visited 32 states across the United States. Places we visited include Santa Fe, Yellowstone. These places and surrounds have forever changed me. I can’t help but feel such a close spiritual connection to you in visiting those places. I understand what you say. I get it. I will never forget Santa Fe. I probably visited your gallery without knowing it at the time. My mum always loved Native Indian art, and many a times we had to pull her away from ‘that bronze horse sculpture’ or that ‘vibrant canvas painting of a Chief’. Occasionally, a small item of turqoise or silver was collected. Me? I was more interested in the arrowheads as well. I never did find one though.

    Visiting the site of Custer’s Last Stand, Wounded Knee. These places, memories, sights, sounds and peoples will stay with me forever.

    I too am a keen fisher. I have fished many rivers and lakes across the United States. My most memorable is upon the banks of the Shenandoah River in West Virginia. I was never really a good fisher though. Most of my memories involve casting my line into the trees above me, or having my lures caught on rocks or wood on the river or lake beds. I think in all my fishing trips I maybe caught one or two fish the size of my 11 year old hand. Quickly to be put back, limping, but alive.

    I have also always been interested in gems, rocks, artifacts. You name it (what 11 year old boy isn’t). I was always seeking. Always looking. From gold panning in the rivers below Deadwood in the Black Hills of South Dakota for days (only to recover 3 specks, of what I thought was Oro), to scouring the grounds under Death Valley, picking up wild flowers (at one time which had me so sick I ended up having to get shots in the rear).

    I have family videos of all these events, and as the seasons roll on, I hold these memories and videos of a younger me and my family ever closer.

    After crossing the country and arriving in New York after travelling the U.S for 6 months, we went on to Europe and did more of the same, but different, of course.

    I saw more of the world at age 11 than I will probably see for the rest of my life. My dream is to change that, and I follow my dreams.

    When I was 18 my parents moved to Denver, Colorado. I soon followed them. We lived in Colorado for 8 years. I eventually moved back to Australia for the heart of a girl.

    My characteristics have not changed, I own a river sluice, I still pan for gold ( I am lucky enough to live in the 2nd most productive gold mining area of the world – New South Wales).

    Unfortunately, I cannot seek your treasure physically, due to my current geographic location.

    However, I just want to say, that since stumbling across your story of hidden trove. I have learnt more about the culture, history, geography of the Mid-western United States than I have in my entire life. This coupled with my earlier real life adventures, has given me a greater understanding of the region in whole.

    I just want to say thank you.

    Even as an ‘armchair’ explorer, you have given me a great gift.

    I know you say “Imagination is more important than knowlege”, but I have imagination. So to me knowlege is also a great gift.

    Although I am a relatively young man, I have vowed to return to the Rockies, and I shall explore once again this great land. For all the treasure it holds.


    p.s My Dad is now also involved in the armchair chase. Another gift from you. More time spent and connection with my father. More memories. That is the gift that truly gives twice.

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