Dream of Dreamers…

SUBMITTED january 2016
Mike or MRD



Before you read, please understand that we all are human beings, and that we make mistakes as have many others in the Chase. But there is no mistake when me and the boys put a solve together. Plus, not to mention, I get to play with my kids while they are being, just kids.  So any solve they or I can Imagine and act on, to me is the greatest treasure any one could ask for. So please do not judge our logic to this solve. This one was the hardest for us as a Family to finish . Due to the fact my Pop’s passed away from Angio Sarcoma of the Spleen and Liver. He was the 12th man to pass away from this type of Cancer that has no cure.


Well I’ll be … you have to be kidding me. Is this a possibility… ???
I guess one would have to use their imagination a little but this is not so far out there, in that this could be a possibility. A Harlequin , 5 cards and a Joker came to mind . A harlequin is a Joker. He started around the mid 1500’s , The Zanni or servant was best known in the Commedia dell’arte . Traditionally believed to been introduced through Zan Ganassa .He carried a magic stick , a fake sword , and would change the scenery of the play with a wave of it, like magic… Kinda like how F writes and changes the meaning of the word by the expression of them. I like that.  The wand was called a “Paddle”. But what dose this have to do with F?  Harlaquin is used in process to cure cancer. But , is cancer why he hid” it” … ? I don’t think it was entirely , does it have something to do with where it may be, that’s a different story. Like George Burns and his dear friend Eric Sloan , before they made their final journey , they finished some of their most incredible works. Eric Sloane wrote a book and F wrote a poem .
Some of George Burns last movies were his best.

=)  While looking at Yellow Stone as Disney World if you will , and put places that kinda fit to the “ clues ” within the poem. I came up with 9 places as possibilities of what the clues meant. The last place was Harlequin Lake. For give my inability in writing this solve out. I figure you all can kinda fill in the blanks. I know a lot of you are very intelligent on this blog.

Our   ( Clues )
WWWH – Ojo Calinte – a hot spring that pours into the Fire Hole River…
Take it in the Canyon Down – Follow the path , a gravel road that leads over a bridge and  behind Grand Prismatic Spring.

Not far but too far to walk, put in below the home of Brown…Stay on the Path Until you reach Grand Prismatic Springs… My HOB due to the bacteria in the water. Water of this nature is called Brown. And also emits every color of the rainbow.

From there it’s no place for the Meek…The smell in this area is harsh due to the sulfur  in the air from the springs, and is almost unbearable for most.

The end is ever drawing nigh… “ Will the smell ever go away?”

No paddle up your creek just heavy loads and water high… no magic just Old Faithful

If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, {using Google Earth}  The Old Faithful area looks like a child running Staring at his thumb with his arm extended which is the white ground of the area  , and looks like he is running towards Ojo and West Yellow Stone: when on Google Earth you change the north to south look to rotate the image 360 degree’s.

So Why is it that I must go Cancer was a aspect and the parking lot the boy is looking at through his line of sight to his thumb, is a cancer ribbon. The building around the boy’s out lined head at Old faithful  looks like a Y and the next building that looks like a I And leave my trove for all to seek , The trove in this solve is his self thought education as well as wisdom and his cashe… The area here is the Old Faithful education center ,

This I already know I’ve done it tired and now Im weak… His fight against cancer ? My Dad was always cold when he was going through his fight with Cancer . He would always ask me for a blanket. Plus F’s sudden desire for more of it, plus his drive to pick up more bananas. Plus the fact that the direct line the boy is looking at through his thumb so happens to lead to a parking lot that looks like a breast cancer ribbon. So I figured I was on the right trail…

So hear me all and listen good… The Amphitheater  at Madison Junction ,It is a theater that looks like a lady in a dress holding her hand up to her ear ; and the parking lot looks like a big ear… Your efforts will be worth the cold – The building too the right of her hand is the Madison Arm Information Center … Your information will be worth the work.

If you are brave and in the wood… A short drive towards West Yellow Stone form here will lead you to a parking lot that looks like a Bow.. Well Whats a Brave with out a bow? And a trail that leads off the Bow to Harliquin Lake Through the woods.

The lake is a easy but a long walk , and surrounded by trees… across the street in the opposite direction of the lake is a cliff that from google looked like double colophons . Well boy we had it all figured out let me tell ya… I showed it to the boys and they loved it. We packed up the car, picked up Jake and headed for Yellowstone, excited and full of spunk. We were ready for the find of a life time. As for me personally, it was a way for me to feel like I had helped my Dad beat cancer as Mr. F did. Even If my pop’s was not here with us to celebrate, it was my mission to make him proud of me and the boys for getting out there as a family and having fun. So we arrived at our location and got ready to get in the woods .…. Made it down the trail and would ya believe it when we got to the lake and walked around it ,” is this a tee pee” I said , a war tee pee ??????  Well , I thought I don’t think so .. See, beaver come here , and you can see where they were working on some trees and boy, they can’t make a tree look like a pencil and fast!

The only thing is the trees looked old .. like they had been out there a long time. Well no matter we left them where we found them, and moved on around the lake. We made a full pass of the lake really slow. We saw nothing that looked like it would be related to Mr. F. I was a bit confused and for a split second saddened and felt like I had let my team down.

We packed up and headed back to the Three Bear in West Yellow Stone. When we got there , I sat for a second breathless , from altitude and tired form the walk . Trying to collect any thoughts , did I walk right over it ? All possibilities of where the chest could be in that area raced through my head, and a huge “blank” set in for the first time. When it came to my Imagination of possible locations, we have tried all kinds of ways to solve the poem. I have at least 30 different solves that make sense. But which one is correct? If any!

We had so many “for-sures” in the past and have acted on them .. Lets see, New Mexico … We have been on three solves there , Yellowstone and W.Yellowstone 4 , Cody Monatana 3, Bozeman Montana 1 , Colorado well we live here and we look here all the time. I would say we have looked at around 4 different places in Colorado.

But a blank , that has never happened , Boy’s “anything”, I said ? Nope they replied.

I guess we are at our end as far as Forrest Fenn Is concerned ?” I don’t know Dad” , Mike Jr says …” It would seem he has placed a hook at every door.”

Jake says “I don’t know Mike , the way you showed me the story, and matched it to the poem, I thought it would have been there for sure also”.

Then I realized we had forgotten to put the first stanza in the solve…. As well as not to look for a blaze first but WWH.

Everything looked right …. but the whole first stanza was not incorporated into the solve… Oh my …. Now I really had no idea …

With my treasures bold , I can keep my secret where, and hint of riches new and old….  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy we turned that car around and went to a place where we found some bold treasures of Mr.F’s . (of them to be exact , along with 9 ……..That I will leave out until we go back this spring and look for more details on the subject matter … But the drive where we had to go , was to far too walk.

 Boy were we happy that the Chase wasn’t over yet for us was a understatement.

To Mr. F
Mr. Fenn , we thank you again for a great time in your park. Not 20 miles away…lol…and another great adventure . We were able to help a foreign lady get her car stared and her off to safety in Yellow Stone , as well as tracking you .. which is always fun .. This time around a 1/4 of a mile away from Ranger station 330  which is the station leaving West Yellow Stone heading for Hebgen Lake, we saw a old road . Pulled off and looked around , the huge Brown bear was not offended by us snooping and walked slowly into the thick brush and we slowly backed up and went a little to the left of where we were snooping , then we saw a old camp and fire pit.

The pit had this old  grape soda can… No way !!!!!!! Cool , found a old Grape Soda can  with punctures in the top .  2 like the old days when they had no pop top, they had to open them with a bottle opener …. Wow I thought ,could this had been F’s… Who know’s and , it didn’t matter …  It was to me at the time… =)  We had fun looking for your chest and as always we thank you for a great summer… We will be back out next Summer Sir . I wish they would never end.


Hope you all have fun searching , be safe. Take proper equipment into the forrest.

Water being #1 on your list. A camel pack works well. Vitamin C for high Alt back packing  and Ibuprofen. Bring a water straw for drinking water out of a stream , this is only nessary for emergencies . Bring a flash light just in case , a shaw , bear mace. Make noise in the woods; you don’t want to walk quite and sneak up on a Animal who is not inviting you to make conversation. This chase is not supposed to be dangerous , but fun . So don’t put your self in a place a 79 or 80 year old could not go. Or in any place that could be dangerous, Mr. F would not have placed the chest where you or your family could be hurt. Have fun and take care …

From The D’Antuono Family; Use your Imagination, have fun with the family.

Boy with a hat on running toward Ojo. This area is Old faithful. The boys head is where old faithful is. Enjoy looking up the rest of the areas mentioned and have fun.


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  1. Great story! We explored Barn Rd also, ends up at the Madison and where the stage coach tour coaches and horses were kept. Saw Dal’s moose there and several swans. No blaze or treasure!
    Sorry about your Dad, I lost my Mom recently, too.
    Good luck, and keep on chasin’…hey! May have just created the new FFTC tshirt slogan!
    ¥Peace ¥

  2. You’re giving your kids a treasure of memories, that’s a parent’s best gift. Good luck on your return trip.

  3. Thanks for the writing format; it was easy to follow your solve to get where you were and your clues before spelling out the creative story. Sounds like you are having fun – the goal. Keepsake for sure. 🙂

  4. But you did find the treasure, you had it with you all along. Keep exploring together , your dad is proud of his legacy…You and the kids.
    Thank you for sharing with us all.

    • Mike, like Deb said… you had it all along… your dad must be proud… thank you for sharing your adventure with us…:)

      • HI Spallies !

        Hope you had a great holiday. Your words and many others have a search in my heart. Thank you for that! =)

  5. That was a great story. I have 2 boys who are now grown up and have their own families and stories. Keep it up with the family. Before you know it you’ll be searching by yourself. Still fun but no-one else to blame things on. Lol

    • I know you will find so many treasures with them . It will open doors that you would think we forgotten . Have fun ,thanks for the kind words.

  6. Isn’t it funny how words written from a heart seem to flow so smoothly;….as they gently find their way to yours?

    Life’s good.

  7. This is great stuff! The stuff dreams are made of! Thank you for bringing us along! 🙂

    • Thanks Tom . I know it is very kiddy so to say. But , we thought it was simple . Not a lot of big meanings , or codes. Simple and straight forward. Thanks for your post.=)

    • Thanks Michael . That solve was tough . Needed a little imagination to put it together , and a lot of heart to glue it together .
      Sorry I didn’t post a lot of pictures of our trip. You can see some of them at hiddentreasurestvseries.com

      As far as that can is concerned. The area we were at had a old log fence that lead down a path of what looked like a mile or so . But the Ranger Station that I mentioned is a good place to pick up a map , and speak to Rangers about the forrest.

      Did you all know you can’t get one of those Ranger hats unless you are one.
      You actually can begin that trip at the Madison Junction . There is a little information center there . I would suggest searchers to stop there and learn a little bit about the park with some hands on training. “Please touch ” sounds about right . Which brings me to F saying in his gallery please touch .

      But why we turned around-

      Our next adventure in this Chase is ;

      : To find out what these 9 American Indian Items had to do with the chase that we found placed by F him self .
      : And the 9 feet he used to store it. :
      Oh and the other 9 things that are also there that seem to be a hint.
      : Why 9 is the most important?
      I guess one would say a quote from TTOTC . But it is easy for me to be lazy and just say that his dad went out to all the gas stations and picked up all those pop tops. So how would you know one was F’s if you found them in the same regard of the poem , and 9 of them are different . Like the Pickle that feels he is third cousin to the machine made ones.
      : SO 9 items directly placed with in a 9 foot space by F.

      Would any one say that that would be a clue? Or the start of the blaze?
      We know what we saw and have been wood deep to figure it out , but still we do not understand the precise meaning of what we had saw . Only to say that made me halt while on a trail and look . That could be a very important part. Or it could be a giant fish hook needed for a fat fish as my self.

      9 items in a place where warm waters could halt.
      Silver and Gold are two of the metals left by him . Would that get you excited ?
      It did Us. =)

      The solve posted was a awesome place to visit and is the main picture on our web page.

      Take care hope all are well , we are just in a kind of black out mode until spring as many other searchers are.

      • Great story and love how whimsy played a big part. That fits with F saying “a child could find it” and your “running boy”. But….how can you be so certain that what you came across were “some bold treasures of Mr.F’s” and “placed by F him self.” Did he leave his signature behind, or what?

        • Not a signature . A sign.

          I’m thinking you are thinking what I am .. I must had been in the right place.

          Good question

          • A sign with the name Forrest Fenn. =) I guess I would have to show you the pictures.

            9 items with his name . Two of the items were gold and silver.

            The other were made of wood. One of them had a funny signature on it by F.

            It was funny because the way he signed it. Coded if you will . Not that it meant any thing or dose. But , it was a heart pounding experience for me and the boy’s when we saw these things. But , we walked away with just a glimmer of a trail.

            For the record ; what I have said is true about the items that Forrest Fenn left.

            Just not sure as we said what directly they meant.

  8. That sounds like awesome fun 🙂 , thanks for the info on the paddle. I’ve been off the chase for awhile but new info still keeps the ember of hope alive! Thanks Mike

    • Thanks Diggin ! =) Thats the stuff that makes it all the while , a bit more of the treasure . =)

  9. Kids and family is what got me into it. We have only been at it a couple days, but having an immature personality as myself helps. My son and I pinched our noses after listen good and read..

    “Your effort will be worth the cold.”

    Sounds alot like you’re a Fort worth the gold. It was also was neat knowing

    Brown was the first to die for the Union during the civil war

    Ever drawing night is from Taps.

    If you’re brave and in the saddle you can get gold by becoming an officer.

    Warm waters(bodies) halt and a parade deck which is too far to walk(you march)

    Not my thought to a solve but lots of things in the poem can conjure up fun trips and ideas.

    Loving the new family fun.

    • I hope that you and your family have a BLAST working on the poem. Having family fun is truly a treasure in-and-of-itself.

      Good luck and TRY to STAY SAFE


      • Thank you JD !

        My goal in this adventure , to bring a smiles to the faces of my kids. And to bring to life the essence of the chase.
        Thanks for the kind words .

  10. Mike or Mr. D , In your story [ solve ] i believe that when you were at this ONE place , you were 500 ‘ maybe even 200 ‘ from what you were looking for . But what do i know !!!

  11. MMMM – a “harlequin” is also a duck. And paddle would apply to the way a duck moves thru the water. I like ducks!

    Great story Mike – wonderful memories that will be cherished forever.

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