The Trail…

Submitted by Kevin-


Dear Mr. Fenn,

If you receive this and are taking the time to read my letter thank you. That means a lot to me.. I apologize in advance for the length of this email. I first found out about your treasure about 2 years ago when I was in Silver City New Mexico. I was only there for a short time working for Freeport McMoRan. Since then I’ve been here in Sierra Vista Arizona. Although I’ve known of your treasure for a couple of years I just started to plan my first hunt last year. Since the cost of travel is a factor for me I decided I should make it count by strictly planning a trip to an area where I felt I had the best opportunity within my budget. This caused me to spend a lot of time thinking about all of it. I have done some prospecting and learned that the best place to find gold is where gold has been found before.

So thinking that way I started looking in to where other hunters thought it might be. I quickly realized that there were so many opinions, theories and possibilities that I would never narrow it down that way. And after a short time I began feeling frustrated with the whole thing so I just put the idea out of my head. Now this is where it gets weird. A few nights ago I had a Dream experience that seemed so very real to me. It was more like a dream within a dream. I’ll try to find the words to paint the picture for you. The dream had to do with hunting the treasure. You were in the dream but not till later on. There was a man in my dream who is not anyone I’ve known nor did I recognize him. In the dream he convinces me that he can lead me to the treasure. I said that would be great, when do we leave? He told me I needed to get permission from my dad first. I laughed because I turned 51 today and didn’t feel like I needed permission from my 75 year old father. Then with a stern look he picked up the phone and called my dad hahaha. After he hung up he told me to get ready.

So with backpack on I waited for him by my car. He popped in to the dream to tell me to go now. So I drove not knowing where I was going but when I got out of my car I was in the right place. As I was getting my gear together he showed up. He told me to leave room in my backpack for two treasures. I questioned it but did as he said. It began to get dark out so he told me to sleep in my car and we would get a fresh start early in the morning. When I woke up he wasn’t there yet and I hadn’t brought any coffee so I wasn’t feeling very fresh. Then out of the blue he showed up. And like every other time he was bright eyed, clean shaven wearing a white shirt, black tie, slacks, and dress shoes and smelled like aqua velva.

We walked a short distance on a trail and stopped to look at a waterfall. It seemed like there were other people around there also. We continued on the trail a little further to a second waterfall. This seemed to be the end of the trail. We sat down to enjoy the view. He handed me a sandwich and told me to eat slow. As soon as others that were around had left to head back he jumped up and said let’s go now. There were signs there saying trail close, restricted area but he went right around them and I followed. Moments later I realized why the trail was closed. Where the trail use to be was now an impassible crater. I was starting to have my doubt’s about this guy and thought we’d be turning around and heading home. He told me to take the detour around then he disappeared again. I hiked on for quite awhile and started thinking I was lost. Poof he shows up again fresh as a daisy.

Moments later we were back on the trail. He walked over and picked up a length of rope. He told me to count to ten so I did. Then he tied the rope around me and told me to not look at the water just reach over the edge of the cliff and grab the key. I leaned over hanging on to the roots of a bonsai looking tree that was clinging to the edge of the cliff and somehow the key appeared in my hand. When I started to get back up I saw there was a note tacked on to the tree. That just said look in hole. I looked around for my hunting guide but he was gone again. So I just started looking around. I found a hole in the front of the tree hanging out over the cliff. I made my way out to it and reached inside to find a treasure chest! I was thrilled!! After I retrieved it I immediately tried to open it but the key I had didn’t work. Also the chest didnt look like what i thought it should look like. Attached to the chest was a piece of paper that said “you’re not done yet. Now it gets difficult” After sitting for a bit to try and figure things out I decided to just look around at everything. There was an undercut ledge below me so I used the rope to climb down to it. Once there I walked along the ledge.

As I came around a quick little switchback I was startled to see you sitting  there. You were smiling from ear to ear. I was showing you the chest and trying to explain the trouble I was having. You just laughed and pointed to a little cubby hole above your head. I looked but it was empty. I was getting confused at this point. Then you told me to look over the ledge and down there was the real treasure. When I did I could see the chest down near the water. It took me a little bit to figure out how to get down to it. When I picked it up it was so heavy I had a hard time hanging on to it as I made my way back up to where you were. When I got back up the first key I had found unlocked it. When I opened it was full of treasure. You reached in to it and pulled out another key. That key opened the first chest I found. That chest was empty. You began pulling items out of the full chest, taking the time to share a little about each item. Then you would put the item in the empty chest. I sat there listening to all the cool stories you were sharing and noticed it was getting dark out. You suggested I just stay overnight there and head out early in the morning. A moment later the treasure hunting guide and my dad were also there.

The four of us enjoyed a great meal and shared some great stories. As I sat there looking out over the amazing beauty of the landscape that seemed to go on forever. And reflecting on the experiences I just had, I really felt like life could get no better. With that thought I fell asleep. When I woke up you and everyone had already left. You had taken the riches out of your chest and put them in my chest. Your chest was locked and tucked inside the little cubby hole. I never did figure out why the gentleman in my dream suggested I leave room for two treasures.  On my chest you had left me a note that was weighted down with a can of refried beans lol. The note said to take the treasure and enjoy life to the fullest making the most of every day, to enjoy every valuable experience and that the real treasure is the experience of life itself and that far outweighed the treasure in the chest……..

After I awoke from my dream it didn’t fade like most dreams. It was so amazingly real and it has stayed with me, more like a memory than a dream. As a result my quest for adventure and the treasure are renewed. Even if I never get the opportunity to go search for it, I feel like I’ve already found it. And if I’m lucky enough to have an adventurous experience even remotely similar to that dream I will feel like I’m king of the world.    If only I could fall asleep every night with the pristine vista and the feelings I had as I fell asleep in my dream…..

If you have taken the time to read all of this thank you very much.
I want to say thank you for your service to our country.
Thank you for the amazing adventurous opportunity you have given us.
And most of all thank you for being you. Knowing there are people like yourself gives me hope for all of us.

I’ve added two things to my bucket list,IMG_20160108_223305
1) Search for the treasure
2) Shake the hand of the man that showed us where its at.

Have an amazing 2016  Mr. Fenn
Till our treasure hunt ends,



34 thoughts on “The Trail…

  1. Kevin really cool dream, glad we get to read it. Wonder who the mystery guide represents? Maybe your dad can go with you when you get the chance to head out again. Good Luck.

  2. WOW Kevin, I loved your email! That dream was fabulous and wish I could have been there on that adventure. I would love to know who the guide was; you should describe his face and characteristics to Forrest to see if he knows. Good luck to you and hope you get your chance to go out for a search. Thank you Forrest!

  3. “Shake the hand of the man that showed us where it’s at.”

    Thanks Kevin, I think you’ve nailed it! – Maybe the “guide” was….you.

  4. It seems that dreams about this treasure are some of the craziest dreams that I have ever had. LOL
    Thanks for sharing yours and good luck with your search!


  5. Epic dream. Thanks for sharing. I was visualizing Will Smith from Men In Black as your guide.

    Find a hunting partner, make a plan and split the costs over a long weekend road trip. It should only cost you a couple hundred dollars.

    You can do it!

  6. Thanks for sharing this dream. I have been part of the search since first hearing about it last summer & haven’t dreamed about it yet that I can remember. Hope when I do it’s as special as this.

    For some reason, I imagine Kevin’s mystery guide is his grandfather as a younger man since he wanted him to call his dad.

    The memory of this dream is a keeper.

  7. Great dream… Now to fill in your life you need to make it happen. Like you were just told find someon maybe on a blog , close to you and split the weekend and go man go. If nothing else you’ve made a new friend and will meet new searchers. Best of luck, it was certainly informative.
    Search to the end

  8. “The best place to find gold is where gold has been found before.”
    More true than you know. Go with confidence but not to places where others did not find it. There it is not.

  9. Great dream that is beautifully shared with a sweet, profound and touching message. Thanks!

  10. Bravo! Some tribal cultures believe the dream world is reality and our waking world is the dream. Every morning they gather in circle to share dreams from the night before, which they consider to be of the utmost importance. Kevin, if you visit Santa Fe let me know. Would be interesting to meet another who gains insights from their dreams and who conveys them with such clarity. A good read….

  11. Very nice letter! Really enjoyed reading it. Please let us know when you identify the mystery guide.

  12. Fun reading about your dream Kevin. Thanks for sharing it. It’s dreams like these and adventure stories that make me wonder if the treasure chest should ever be found.

  13. Kevin, Great story…I wish I could dream where the treasure chest is hidden with so much detail. But I agree with others who said you found the true meaning of Fenn’s “Chase”…I hope both your wishes come true…that you get to go on a hunt and that you get the opportunity to shake ff’s hand. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I agree, Kevin, the greatest treasure is the gift of life itself, and within that gift of life you should look within your heart for the second treasure, the gift of divinity which is everyone’s birthright! I second your thanks you to Forrest Fenn for his service to our fine country and also for his magnanimous generosity. Long live the Mountain Men and the adventurous and fearless spirit they personified!

  15. Absolutely awesome dream Kevin!! Thank you so much for sharing! I assume Forrest asked you first if he could post this here 🙂 Also, when you say you want to “Shake the hand of the man that showed us where its at.” Do you mean Forrest or the Aqua Velva guy who lead you to Forrest?

  16. Loved your dream. 🙂 I had a dream the other night I found it, it was in a black chair. Go figure. Ha ha ha .
    I think it’s great u are are going to “Chase” something. 🙂

  17. In my last treasure dream, when I looked quickly down, I woke up…bummer. Thanks for sharing Kevin.

  18. Wow Kevin, your story reminded me of the dream I had shortly after joining the chase. Now I do not give much credence to dreams. Yet your dream smacked with third eye guidance. I.E. the ability to look into places or possible future events while either awake or asleep. In my dream I was walking along a stream with a fishing pole in hand. After a bit I noticed a man sitting on a ledge a few feet above the stream bed. He was eating a sandwich and waved to me with smile on his face. I could see a path up and around the ledge. Then I was awaken by my dog wanting out. Never got back to that dream sad to say.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  19. Thanks everyone for the nice words and encouragement. I feel a lot of camaraderie here. Hopefully I will have the opportunity to search and meet some of you in person before the treasure is found. For some reason I feel drawn to this community. Sorta like magnets being pulled together. I think most of us share that same adventurous spirit . Maybe I’ll find my partner in crime here lol.
    Wishing you all the best,


    • What a detailed dream Kevin! I can barely remember a tiny part of my dreams, if I can remember any of them at all!

      Many of us are drawn to this community for the many intelligent, analytical, and/or imaginative ideas presented here. And we are so grateful to Dal and Goofy for providing us with this great website full of information and keeping a tight rein on the whole herd of us wild critters. 🙂

      • I usually don’t remember many of my dreams either. This one was incredibly real. Honestly I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. The amount of detail and the effect it had on my senses was unbelievable. I sensed smells, felt wind and different temperatures, experienced emotions ranging from fear to completely satisfying bliss. I keep re-living it. It is burned in my mind like a memory. Really amazing!

  20. Thanks for sharing. It was fun to read your dream. I have had a few FF dreams too. I wish we could make a few short films out of everyone’s FF dreams. That would be a hoot.

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