Search Party on Tuesday……

January 19th, 2016

The searchers meeting up at designated location before heading out to search for Randy. There are 10 folks in the crew.

The searchers meeting up at designated location before heading out to search for Randy. There are 10 folks in the crew. Weather is clear and promises to remain clear for the day.

Here is a story from The New Mexican about the search effort:


Elizabeth sent in some additional images from this morning:

Viewing the map with a ranger

Viewing the map with a ranger

Briefing on search areas

Briefing on search areas

The search team

The search team. A great group of people…Let’s get their names on here…





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  1. That’s the crew Sacha organized and took the photo. She just received a picture that she says is a big clue. Cynthia in the middle left.

  2. I am posting this here – as there are several websites working on this – and I grabbed this from Stephanie……. just feel that info should be posted everywhere……………and quickly.

    This is what was inside Randy’s car

    target bag
    raft box
    sleeping bag
    dog toy
    racket ball stuff
    map on dash opened up to frijoles with paper plate under it.
    lunch with sandwich out so seems he was planning on being back that day
    car scratched up on outside so probably was going through brush

    • Hmmm…car scratched up and food inside car could be a bear around there. Scratches consistant with brush would all be horizontal, for the most part… and may not be hibernating if still relatively warm there.

  3. I have some photos of the search party I will post in a few hours. I provided them with bagels and clementines. I have a lot of confidence in these people. They are very smart, know the area very well, are seasoned hikers and also know how to be safe. If I was a better hiker I would have joined them.
    This is my prayer for them ….
    O great spirit who lives amongst us and our land, guide our faithful friends and keep them safe. Help them find out dear brother, Randy, and help them bring him home to his friends and family.

  4. Good luck and God Bless everyone. Wish I were there to help. The only u hing I know is Randy was adamant the treasure was NOT in a National Park/Forest.

    Also, a suggestion…
    Feces. Leo and Randy. I know it’s gross, but it’s good info to look for…might leave a trail…

  5. Thanks to the searchers, moonshadow, Forrest and Dal for all you are doing to find Randy, support the searchers and keeping us all informed on what is happening with the search. Stay safe!

  6. Stay safe and warm out there to all the searchers!

    Is there anyway to see if the find my phone feature is available on Randy’s cell phone? I’m not a techie so I don’t know if it would help, just thought I haven’t seen that idea posted yet.

    • You hit on something there, cell phone towers track phones. Someplace there may be a record of his cell phone pinging to a tower. Depending on the phone it’s range can be anywhere from a few miles to 25 miles? Has anyone tested a cell phone in the general search for signal strength?

      If he was still wearing the chest waders he was not going very far on land.
      So look at water sources.
      How deep is the rio grande running right now? Would he attempted to wade the rio?
      Looking at a map I am seeing a lot of roads around the river.
      It’s difficult to pinpoint where Randy landed. So what I suggest in in general terms. I could really use the cords of where his boat was found.

  7. I’m sure the search party is planning on covering the spots discussed in detail the past few days…I know a few folks have been working diligently to provide GPS coordinates in order for “boots on the ground” to see first hand what is appearing in photos. There was one satellite photo that showed something washed up on a river bank – did we ever determine what it was? Prayers for those there and prayers for answers in the hours to come.

  8. Wow, I am impressed on how fast this was put together and how quickly people jumped to help. There is a world of wonderful people still out there. I pray that each and everyone searching for Randy stay safe and warm (use the buddy system). I pray you find Randy alive and everyone makes it home today so the search can end. May GOD wrap his arms around you all for protection as you start you search.


  10. With Dal’s sudden comments yesterday that another person may have been involved, and with Jamie’s disclosure that several searchers received instructions re prepping to find the treasure, I’m hoping that there are least a few people in today’s search who are authorized to “conceal and carry.” Stay safe out there.

  11. Here is something that I think is important. Someone needs to find out where the camera’s nearest to this place. Shows any footage of his car, who was in the car, what cars seen maybe following him? If Any….. Fire Houses, Street crossings, stores, etc. Will have cameras. This needs to be checked out. Before its erased. Check major highway possibilities on the direct road to this place Jerry went. Check all the possible camera’s. If you see the same car following him more than once, than check that out.
    I hope that this is not the case. I pray he will be found safe, but something is off here and I think we need to cover all area’s. Including criminal.
    God Bless and Thanks to everyone. I am worried sick and all of our Chase family is.
    Regards Lou Lee.

    • Of course, Lou Lee, the camera near his vehicle! The police must have access to the recorded imagery. I hope they’re doing their job now behind the scenes and viewing what happened upon arrival and since then! Hopefully they don’t delete footage after a short period of time.

      • If you’re referring to the picture of his car (in parking lot outside the Big 5 sporting store), the thing behind the car is just regular box lighting on a pole. But, there are cameras at many of the intersections along Cerillos…worth checking!

        • Someone said earlier, in regards to entering his car, that there was a camera there. Don’t know which entity this land belongs to but gov’t is putting up surveillance (incl infrared) cameras on public lands, recording coming and goings. If they have images going back 15 days Randy would be visible exiting his vehicle (if he indeed was the driver.) Searchers could see what he was wearing, and if anyone else was with him.

          • I am referring to all camera’s in the near area. Such as the end of the town, gas stations. Any Business with security camera’s. Camera’s on Ave. Etc….Sometime you can see things with these type of camera.. If you see his car enough, you could tell if he had someone with him or even a car that is trailing him, repeatedly. You know what I mean. We need to cover this angle too. Just in case. Since there is a possibility he was getting taken advantage of. Lots of Crazy people out there.
            Another thought I had was that he found the treasure and decided that going back to his car was a bad idea. Or anything at this point is possible. And if he got wet. Hypothermia can set in fast if he does not have a heat source. Just worried sick…..Hope all comes out well.
            PLEASE HAVE someone out checking camera’s soon. Could give you some extra info.

            Prayers and regards, Lou Lee Belle

  12. A few searchers this morning also thought there was a possibility he might be under the water due to the waders. However, this search party is not going to search in the water – they are not equipped and it would not be safe.

    I wonder if there’s any way to get official divers to this spot? How would we go about doing that?

  13. Something just struck me..maybe too obvious? That 3rd pic Stephanie sent, the selfie with Montoso over Randy’s left shoulder? Well, if spelled as “Mont Oso”, means Bear Mountain. HOB? Put in below – at the river bank.

    From there who knows if he planned to cross over to the west side or not, but it definitely makes me think he fully intended to be below Montoso and did not plan on hiking up Montoso Canyon. IMO, of course.

  14. I thought I read that the original search included dive teams” down the river but not safe to go under the ice”

    Other thoughts.. does any body know if the SAR people took a dog to the car and trailed off of it?

    Has his bank card, credit card been checked for hits.?

    If he was in the waders, he may not have made it into the raft at all. It bothers me there isn’t enough personal stuff. Maybe flipped the raft in one of the rougher areas, went down farther upstream, Leo swam for it( Is that a sweater or flotation
    device on Leo)? raft could have blown up on sandbar as suggested earlier .

    Did chopper crew make any mention of any sign..footprints, personal stuff scattered anything, I saw snow, read it had snowed lightly that would cover prints on snow but not on sand. They would still be there.

    this might not be the right link..
    Someone asked about survival tips… here’s a few

    If you don’t have skills or know what they are, then please stay home or hire a guide.

    Know how to read a topo, not just a gps
    be able to build a safe fire in all conditions
    stay dry or be able to get dry…people die of hypothermia in central Calif. where its 40 deg
    Take classes
    know your limitations
    If you have doubts, don’t do it

    ps.. dehydration takes 3 days, girardia( forgive sp) takes 3 weeks….drink the damn water
    you can go without food for about a month..or eat what you find

    • Hello 21 ponies. I, too, have read a dive team and search dogs were used. I don’t recall if it was stated at specific areas. It’s good to know that both were used.

    • The only problem with the raft having been blown there is the paddles were neatly placed by the raft. The paddles were not broken according to SAR.
      Such a mystery!

  15. I have been absent from this blog and out of the Chase, but I saw on the news here in Denver about our missing fellow Coloradan and wanted to see how the Chasers responded. It is so great to see all of your combined efforts and hopefully through prayer and effort Randy will be found.

    My concern is that if Randy was planning to continue on to Cochiti after his search in order to find a way back to his car, that he may have had to abandon this possible plan if he did in fact break one of the oars. At that point he may have attempted to hike out up Frijoles Canyon or up to White Rock. In that case he may be quite some distance from the river at this point.

    I took that journey as a teenager and it can be quite a challenge during a high spring runoff, but in winter with the river low it should have been fairly tame I would think.

    Blessings to you all and to Randy’s family. Hoping for a safe return.

    • Cynthia and William Ford are searching the east side of the river. I watched them take off and when the gear came up they turned left and headed out. She has a good map and they are in a beautiful little airplane that William built himself. It took him eleven years. All of a sudden I am more confident than I have been for a few days.

        • What a great group of people ff has brought together. I will definitely be looking forward to meeting some of you this year at Fennboree.


        • Good question, WiseOne. I had wondered the same thing, especially when Mr. Fenn, indeed, confirmed they took off this morning, after yesterday’s announcement.

          • 🙂 Just trying to picture the scenario they are dealing with from the air….
            And I’m sure the ground search is some pretty rough terrain to traverse also.
            Anxiously awaiting the latest search report/pictures from Cynthia/Sacha.

          • I’m with you, WiseOne. The searchers have been on my mind all day and wondering just what their eyes were seeing and praying they were safe and they would find Randy. Anxiously waiting for updates is tough. I would rather be in my shoes than what Randy’s family is enduring. Their wait…my gosh.

      • Thank you, Mr. F! It’s good to know there are more eyes in the sky. I wish I could be there to help. I was in the Civil Air Patrol AF Auxiliary SAR unit, radio operations for 6 yrs and know how stressful searches cab be. I hope all you searchers get plenty of rest, hydrate and look out for each other.
        I’m there in spirit.
        ¥Peace ¥

    • And this text from Randy came with the photo from December [IMG][/IMG] Are there any restricted places near Frijoles that could relate to Los Alamos?

      • There are hundreds of posts here so it’s hard for everyone to keep up with every post. If you can access FB, Los Alamos Geological Society has a public page. Richard Kelley promptly answered my request for help re where to search for Randy, Arroyo Montoso and provided a PDF map. I’m a LAGS member. These LANL scientists know their maps, the local terrain, and restricted areas. You might want to post questions at their site. They are extremely helpful people. They are also good at advanced technology.

      • Linda and Tanya gave me this map that Randy gave them. I don’t know what it means, but maybe someone here will have some ideas.

          • Thanks Stephanie, I agree it’s basically the Red/Blue Dot trail. There’s also a Silver Dot trail. The trails were/are popular hiking trails. Parts of the trails are tough going, and parts of the trails haven’t been maintained. In wet conditions parts of the trails turn into slip-n-slides. I haven’t been there for a couple of years so I don’t know the current conditions.

            There’s also several more trails in the area, Pueblo Canyon trail etc. Back in the beginning of the chase many people searched this area. Several were interested in the abandoned sewage disposal ponds below the Blue Dot Trail parking lot.

        • Stephanie, this is a topographic map of area south of white rock and eastern part of water canyon. He was using a program known as “gmap4” through the web site This web site allows you to create route overlays for downloaded maps and to take those maps with you. It looks like he created a route that would have followed both the upper and lower rim of on the west side of the river near white rocks.

          Based upon the pictures we’ve seen today it looks like he documented at least three separate canyons (water canyon, frijoles, and un named canyon on the east side north of frijoles and across from ancho canyon. He may have been working his way down the river. If that were the case, he could be in frijoles, canyon across from ancho, or Arroyo as has been suggested in previous days. So hard to know.

          • Surprises me he’d have over shot his target area by at least 2 miles and I’m more surprised he wouldn’t take Leo in the raft back upstream with him to keep him closer if he was all the way up here. It does seem more likely that he was looking at the West side as far as my layman eyes can see there are more roads over there that could have gotten his car all dirty like that if he was trying to get somewhere. That probably would have been a good thing to do is to hike some of the roads that are going there to see if there are fresh tire tracks from the past two weeks. That would probably show the area he was looking for.

            After hearing about the low water levels there…I’m thinking less a water issue and more a climbing issue, but I still think he wouldn’t want to carry a wet suit or waders hiking up hill and he’d have left something in a clearing where he went up. Linda is unsure if he bought a wet suit or had his waders.

        • Yes, the red dot / blue dot trail definitely appears as such. If this was a point of interest, he may have stopped on the west bank closer to where he put in from, assumed where his car was parked.

          I think the simple fact of trying to retrace the path of the poem would take him down the river. The trail may have been the true exit strategy up to White Rock for a “in one afternoon” run at a location possibly. If one were to think the hidey spot is “not in close proximity/ vicinity to a human trail” then if considering the red/blue dot trail was relatively near, does not mean it could not also be utilized for a safer access, just not as direct and thus somewhere off the trail could be his destination. But where would that potential location be or something to investigate? I would say something potentially like this scar ( 35.824609° -106.178762° ) or near ( 35.823876° -106.175921°). Utilizing the raft to gain access would have minimized some hiking time for sure as well as traveling/ hiking incognito to possibly avoid other trail hikers maybe, for example.

          I am still not sold on the idea that Frijoles was his only destination if at all. He could have been trying to check out several locations along the way as decided in the moment. I think it is still possible the raft got away from him with Leo in it and unfortunately could be anywhere between the car and found raft location. The raft could have blown into the east bank as I have mentioned, even the paddles appearing as if placed there is not concrete, as they could have just rolled out together as the wind rolled the raft over into the bushes. Who knows? I am anxious to hear the update from the search party.

          Good luck to all those in the search and be careful. Take care.


  16. I know dogs are loyal than most people I know. I would trust my life with a dog more than most humans. Leo stayed there by the river & raft for a reason. That may have been the last place Leo saw Randy.

    • That’s true Jake if we loose a dog when we are out hunting we just throw a jacket down and go back the next morning and they will be laying on the jacket

  17. We have been taking a break from posting searchers, Randy and his family are on pray chain and go fund is being shared. be safe those searching and thank you for stepping up to help search,

  18. This is a short update. Sacha and Cynthia will be writing a full description of how the search went today.

    The searchers met late this afternoon to debrief. Short answer: All searchers returned safely and Randy was not found. However, both Sacha and Cynthia have a lot of information to share, so please stay tune.

    Also, I spoke with William, the pilot. He flew around 7500 ft – this is about 500ft – 1000 ft about the top of the canyon. He could not fly into the canyon because it was not safe.

    As I said, more information to come.

    Again, I am amazed and awed at the dedication and love the searchers have shown to finding Randy.

  19. I read a poem when I Lost my 9 year old son…… his memorial.
    This applies to all who are Loved and missing…….I rewrote it to apply to Him.

    “More Precious is the Light in Your Eyes than all of the Gold in the World”

    Love, Lou Lee Belle….

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