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January 26th, 2016


Katya just posted the links to the drone footage. Please review.








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  1. Thank you for posting the videos. There’s a lot of land to cover and these videos show us the terrain and what Randy might have been up against. Thanks again!

  2. many thanks to Katyal, Tizz and the members of Aerocus who made these videos possible. Great job, good resolution videos.
    They really put the hunt for Randy into perspective. I could tell from google maps that the terrain was difficult to travel, but after seeing these videos I am just sitting here trying to wrap my mind around what I seen. Truly no place for the meek. A place where a 79 or 80 year old man would hide a 5″ x 10″ x 10″ chest? Not likely imho.

    In review of the video’s I could not see anything that would led me to think that Randy had been in that area. The canyon views told me that Randy may have chosen a route that he could stay in the sunshine???
    I did not see any sign of a man made shelter or fire. Noted some round pits that could have been old mining test pits or small meteor strikes.

    One thing is certain. These videos give us a view of the magnitude of the search for the chest, four states with similar terrain. Considering the amount of time that has passed I am not optimistic concerning the outcome of current searches.
    I am not going to give up though, I will review any photos or videos.

  3. Wonderful video footage.

    I need help with one of them, please. Not sure what I’m seeing.

    Video #153125477 2:34 mark

    Once at minute mark, please pause and zoom in. I used 200% on my computer.
    It’s a dark shadow, just to the left of the first sign of snow (about 1/3 of video scene/middle), near shrubs and rocks. I don’t wish to say what it looks like to me, because I do not wish to influence others thoughts. I would like to know your opinion, please.

    • Pdenver, at the top of screeb, looks like legs but rewinding a bit, there’s no torso. In about middle right, between two shrubs looks like a dark log of wood, I thought it was someone laying there, no color to it. Looks like a log.

  4. Wow, looking at this footage by the done-this is the way to search. You can cover so much more ground that is not so easy on foot. It would be great if there could be about five or six drones stage at different locations all along the river. If they could get the camera high enough to video a wide path sweeping back and forth so you can see both directions, like coming and going, however far their range is. They would also need ATV’s to get these drone experts to those spots. I know it’s a lot to ask but if that could happen I believe it would increase the chances of locating Randy. Also map the areas covered. Maybe there’s a group of you guys out there reading this and want to help, this would be great if this could happen. Thanks to all again and to all who continue to make things happen. Bur

  5. I am assuming that the person in the lower right of video vimeo.com/153124182
    at 1;29-1:33 is part of the search crew. The person looks like they are bent over, then they stand up.

  6. Well… there’s certainly no clean exit point. That’s for sure. One thing I have noticed so far (taking my time with these) is lack of footprints in the snow areas. Do we know when the last substantial snowfall was? I was expecting to see SAR footprints in the snow.

    I can’t imagine that Randy’s exit plan involved scaling these cliffs, but maybe he had to try due to raft damage.

  7. Wow, what a vast area to search coupled with snow and shadows. I applaud all the effort of the search for his young man. While I was viewing the footage, the reality of the situation set it. This make me sad. I am still hoping for a miracle…

  8. can someone try to look at this more closely, I spotted it on https://vimeo.com/153128514 right about 06:29 – 06:43 I had to change the angle but if you zoom in below shadow or cave looking area on cliff it looks like someone either standing or laying on the snow… middle right side of video on patch of snow the first thing I spotted looks like legs ( black pants) and then once zoomed the rest of what may be someone? Please zoom and look carefully.

    Also has anyone determined if the two people who appear on the screen on
    https://vimeo.com/153124182 at 01:05 are part of the search team or?? One of them appears to run behind a shrub or bush at first and the other is a little below and to the left of him standing and watching.

    • Hello CursingMouse. The second video shows searchers, one being Katya on the right, further back from the other searcher. The other video is interesting. I, too, thought I saw something on video #153125477 at 2:34 mark. I believe it was Melanie who corrected me.

    • Mr. Mouse,
      Concerning you find at about 6:30 on GoPro Vimeo # 567…
      Twisted Ankle posted about the same figure. It does indeed appear to be human.
      Many folks including Forrest, SAR and the drone operators have been notified.
      The same figure appears after 9:00 in the same video.
      I loaded it into Final Cut, After Effects, and Photoshop. I believe it to be a human body.
      Let us all hope that it is Randy and that his loved ones get some blessed relief from this horror very soon.
      Never be shy about posting what one thinks one sees in photos or videos – the worse that can happen is that one might be wrong. The other possibility is too profound to glance past.

      • Anxiously awaiting to hear more about this. I think it may turn out to be a trick of scale/light/snow, and not a human body…..but maybe not. It is compelling.

        Cursing, Twisted Mouse Ankles – good eyes. ‘-) snerk

      • It sure looks like the right size and would account for Leo being back at the raft. Beleive there was a picture of him wearing a gray sweatshirt. Also would make sense if he was wearing dark brown neoprene waders.

        If he fell or was injured there, he may have crawled out into the open hoping to be spotted.

        Would have expected this canyon to have been searched on the first day since it was so close to the raft. Hoping they are able to confirm one way or the other today.

      • Yes, I’m glad Twistedankle saw my post and decided to take a look, I posted that a couple times in different areas on the site before anyone decided to give it a look then Twistedankle I believe was the first to verify that she/he viewed it the same way. I thought was just my eyes playing tricks on me. Hopefully that is all that it is, maybe just a rock with an odd shape. (FYI, it’s not Mr. Mouse, it’s CursingMouse and not a Mr. lol)

        • @miz mouse 🙂

          posted by John Brown this evening

          So my son and I hiked from the rim to the raft and then downstream to the southern canyon and up into the southern canyon. It was very rugged and very dangerous terrain. Drone operators found the human looking object and confirmed that it was not a human. The drone operators said unambiguously that he did not go in that canyon. I sent some stuff to SAR for their opinion.



          This is as far as I went: Lat: 35.740703 Lon: -106.257641. My boy went in further. This is about as bad a misrepresentation of the terrain I’ve ever seen on google earth. The place I stopped was incredibly rugged. Not bushes on dirt. We were boulder hopping pretty much the whole time. Very dangerous. My boy found some dog prints we sent to SAR for their opinion but they are most likely nothing, fox, coyote, who knows.

          I told SAR I thought it was too dangerous to send people in there. That terrain is brutal. Forget google earth. GE makes it look like bushes on dirt. It is boulder hopping at it’s finest. I stopped and let Sam I Am/Uncle Sam/Samuel Clements go in.

          —-so, apparently they sent drones back in again to verify that the object was not human. —-

          • Thank you so much for this confirmation. I am so glad it was not
            Randy! Hopefully he will be found soon… till then it’s back to the
            video footage I go,

    • Cursing Mouse, Regarding video 8514, I also magnified it several hundred times and think I can see an oval shape (head), possibly grey sweatshirt, and black torso and legs. I’ve been studying all these videos since they were posted and this is definitely the best image yet. You have a good eye. Babylon Sim must also see it when magnified.

    • Hey Mouse…

      The first morning those videos came available, I scoured through them and caught a glance at that shape immediately. But I passed by on it because it just looked like shadows playing tricks and too small to scale. But you had the courage to beg everyone in each post to please look at it, so I went back and took another look. Twisted Ankle then blew up stills of the video and it started to become clear to me that it might be a human body. Just this morning someone pointed out a tree down in the draw, and I realized my initial error in the size scaling. From looking at the tree size, that shape is most definitely human-size.

      If this turns out to be Randy’s body(which I’m pretty sure it might be), I think you and twisted ankle deserve a huge amount of thanks from everyone for the lengths you two were willing to go to, in order to help us see what you did.

      I, for one, am so glad there are people like you guys… out there in this great big world.


  9. Hmmm….did you get any response? I tend to think these are searchers, but not sure. Would be nice to know the lat/long coords of those 2 unidentified campers, could these be them? Probably not, but…?

  10. May I make a suggestion? To avoid confusion, when referencing the GoPro videos, please also include the vimeo number. 2 of the GoPros have 2 vimeo vids each:

    GoPro564 = vimeo vids ending in 4182 & 0176
    GoPro567 = vimeo vids ending in 0197 & 8514

    • Oh yeah, and all the vids are linked by vimeo ref’s, not GoPro #’s. Just easier to follow with vimeo ref’s….IMO.

      FYI: GoPro566 = vimeo vid ending in 5477

    • Martin, it doesn’t require a vivid imagination to see the legs and feet draped over the Ponderosa. I see what certainly looks like a body. You have great eyes. I ran it through a program called Neat Video and it was still there.
      This is why I have been going on about resolution. If the drone cameras had shot and posted their footage at 2.7K or 4K, it would help. If photographers shooting wide landscape expanses would shoot at 8 or 16 MP it would make all the difference.
      I have nothing but respect and admiration for these folks that hike out into that terrain and look for Randy – do not misunderstand me. My point is if something is worth doing, well… just like your father used to tell you.

      Via Con Dios Amigos

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