Inside Edition…

January 26th, 2016

by cynthia


I was almost relieved this morning when I received the email from Forrest that he’d canceled his helicopter ride and interview with Inside Edition…Santa Fe had received a couple inches of new snow, so searching for Randy with a news crew would have to wait. I went about my morning… time to complete some sorely needed chores.

As I pulled out of my driveway, my cell phone rang…it was Sacha excitedly telling me the interview would take place after all. It turns out Inside Edition had already sent their Houston correspondent to Santa Fe, as well as a team including the cameraman and sound guy. They even said they’d pay for the helicopter…

Forrest asked us to meet them at 11:30 am in the Jet Center at the airport. Not only does it take me an hour to drive there, I needed to shower, etc.
Sacha and I talked briefly while I hurried to get ready…I could make it there by 11:45, but she’d be a bit later since she too had changed her morning plans for child care.

As I pulled into the parking lot at the Jet Center, Forrest was walking from his car, and the Inside Edition folks were carrying their equipment inside. While they waited for the helicopter and pilot Doug, Jocelyn the Producer/Reporter unofficially interviewed Forrest from the waiting area. Glenn the cameraman and Zach the sound guy were busy preparing their equipment.


Doug arrived right on schedule at noon…Glenn the cameraman grabbed the big TV camera and accessories and Zach grabbed his case with the sound equipment…the official TV interview began on the tarmac.


Eventually, the ground interview finished and Forrest went up in the air with Glenn and Zach. I think Jocelyn stayed back because only 2 folks could fly with Forest and the pilot. By that time, Sacha had arrived and we began discussing the next move for creating another group ground search for Randy. The hour the guys were in the air flew by…before I was ready, they were walking through the door from the tarmac. I was busy most of that time downloading photos of Randy from the Sept book-signing at La Fonda, as well as some photos from our boots-on-the- ground group searches for Randy for Jocelyn to use for the show.

The next part of the interview took place at Forrest’s home in his office. Sacha and I were told to accompany them there…which we did.


There’s a lot of hurry up and waiting when it comes to making a professional production, even when the footage of Forrest’s interview which airs could be just a few minutes. It took awhile for Glenn to place the lights and Zach to set the microphones. Again, Jocelyn spent time chit- chatting with Forrest and taking notes, while Sacha prompted her and sometimes Forrest for the right question or topic.

Eventually the equipment was satisfactorily placed, and it was time for everyone to take their seats. Sacha’s and my favorite part of the day was Glenn the cameraman applying makeup to Forrest…now we know why Forrest is such a handsome devil…he wears makeup!


Finally, it was time to say lights, camera, action…But first, Zach the sound guy reminded us all to turn off our cell phones…these guys are professionals, and there can’t be any arbitrary sounds in the background. The interview started…it seemed to be going well. Soon, Glenn hollers “Cut”…there was a “ding”…oops, Forrest’s laptop dings each time he gets an email. Sacha jumped up, disconnected ff’s laptop from the power cord, and took it out of the room… the interview proceeded.

Five minutes later I realized I’m holding my laptop on my lap beneath my jacket and phone which I had powered off when told to silence it. I thought, oh my God, my laptop dings, too, if I get a message. I swallowed and prayed no one would text me. After a minute or so, I nonchalantly turned it off but for some reason decided I too should move it to another room. I knew to be exceedingly quiet because the shotgun microphone on the camera would pick up any little sound. I knew the camera was a closeup on Forrest and that I was out of camera shot. So I got up and silently tiptoed out of his office to the foyer where I set it down. As I re-entered the room, I heard Glenn yell “cut” once more…my body moving across the lights created a moving shadow on camera. Jeeze…this movie making stuff was a lot harder than I anticipated.

After 30 minutes or so, they said they had enough footage so I thought the interview was over. No, they wanted to tape Forrest behind his desk, reading and answering his emails. More preparation, new locations for the camera and microphone, more waiting. This time the filming was much shorter and no one was talking.


In the meantime Peggy and Zoe returned home. I chit-chatted with them in the foyer while the Inside Edition folks moved here and there, gathering their equipment, putting some away and re-positioning others.

Again, I found the day was not over. They wanted Forrest to walk through the heavy double doors between his office and kitchen carrying his book Too Far to Walk. He was instructed to walk up the steps, go to the table, sit down, and open the book to the map of the four states inside the back flap.

While Forrest sat at his desk catching up on emails as they set-up, Peggy entered his office through the same heavy wooden double doors, carefully holding onto the railing as she descended the three steps into his office. He gently looked up at her and sweetly asked “do you want me for something?”…her sweet reply, “I always want you for something.” I swear, I wish I could have captured the look on his face…after 62 years of being married to Peggy, I think he is still smitten…I felt like I’d just witnessed a beautiful young girl tell her boyfriend for the first time that she loved him…it was the highlight of my day!

The next scene was finally shot of Forrest going up the steps into the kitchen and displaying the map. Finally…the Inside Edition interview was almost done. They requested Sacha provide a sound bite. I followed them outside, along the south side of his house to the pond…it was a beautiful setting. I watched as they placed the microphone on her lapel, brushed her hair, and got set. Her interview began…she was a pro. I mean, this girl needs to be a TV news anchor…I was truly impressed. Jocelyn asked her to elaborate on Randy’s fate. Sacha had the integrity to say it wasn’t appropriate for her to speculate. She talked nicely of Randy…it could have been any of us….she made me proud to be one of us…this close knit community of Fenn treasure hunters.


This episode of Inside Edition is scheduled to air tomorrow. The network and time varies depending on where you live. Jocelyn said it’s scheduled to air on KOB-TV at 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. That is a New Mexico station. Please, everyone check your own TV times., and recheck this one here in NM as well.

I have a possible small warning: Sacha and I listened to the entire interview…there is a segment where I think Jocelyn asked Forrest three times if he feels responsible for Randy’s death. The third time she repeated this question, I formed my hand into a gun and pretended to aim at her because I was pissed off. But then I realized, this is her job…this is what she does for a living… Inside Edition tends to sensationalize the news they report. So go easy on her and the show…
And go give someone a hug…

Peace be with you, Randy…



This story is scheduled to air around the country on Thursday, January 28th. To find out what station near you and what time click here:

The video clip is now available on the Inside Edition website:



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  1. Awesome, can’t wait to watch. God, please give us a sign!!!! We need Randy home. Randy will do this, I am sure. Tomorrow is the day, I pray, Randy will let us find Him.

  2. Hope I.E. doesn’t sensationalized too much. They wanted F to look at the map and answer Emails, tells me they will do a prehistory leading up to Randy missing. It’s their editorial at the end of each clip I’m worried about, if she asked F 3x if he feels responsible…grrrr, that may be what she’s leading up too, grrr! I hope F said he warned all that it was in a safe place, and stay home this winter.
    Searchers please hear him and listen good!

    • Short, tasteful. Seemed very rushed for all the info they got…and didn’t broadcast. Guess it’s better than nothing.

  3. Cynthia, You do a nice write up, you are a natural too.
    They better be nice to our Forrest, none of this is his fault. We are all adults and make our on decisions on how,where and when to search. Forrest has said a child could walk to it,and to use common sense.
    Still Praying for Randy and all involved.

  4. Morning Dal and Sasha
    It airs here in Chicago area at 3pm channel 7. I hope this does help in some way. I agree with Donna, we all have chosen to do this chase on our own. In some way or another we have now all become “Fenners” as a family. Forest has and is nothing short of being the best dad for our family as anyone could be. He has shown all of us that he does care about each one of us individually. He’s very very smart and has all of us using parts of our brain that we may have stopped using over time as our lives go on.
    From Our family to yours Forest, WE LOVE YOU DEEPLY. and
    THANK YOU from the bottom of my military corps…

  5. I agree Donna and Sally2. If they try to make it look like Forrest is at fault, I’m certain they will be receiving a lot of hate mail. The media really should think about what they do before they do it. Cynthia and Sacha, y’all were great! Thank you for having Forrest’s back and for dropping everything to help. Can’t wait to meet you both in June.

  6. Excellent report of the days events. You should be a news reporter.
    I can’t wait to see the segment on Inside Edition. I have my DVR set because I have to shoot a basketball game this evening.
    Thanks again to you and Sacha for all of your hard work!

  7. Cynthia, Sacha, Forrest and everyone else involved with finding Randy: Thank you for all of your efforts. It is very generous of you to spend the time and effort to do a “write up” for all of us in addition to all of your other search efforts. My heart aches knowing that you all have worked so hard to find Randy and are probably feeling discouraged. Please know that good will is sent your way and that you are all appreciated and respected.

  8. I also did an interview with inside edition. I’m not sure how they will edit it but I made sure to say thank you to all of the volunteers and treasure hunters helping to find my Dad.

  9. God bless you Forrest, Sacha and Cynthia!! Also, all searchers and persons who have helped to find Randy. His spirit will guide us to find him!! To his family and all friends and searchers, never give up we still are going back over clues and evidence and reformulating all information to start anew with the search. Us armchair searchers who are many miles away are praying, still observing photos and doing all we can do to continue to spread the word and get some sort of a hint or wisp of a clue to Randy’s location. I know this is far out there but has anyone thought of talking to a real psychic like one the police have used before to solve some mystery or crimes in the past? Maybe this might be a last hope route but might be helpful to take the psychic to where the car and raft where found and let them see if he or she could get a reading from the area…. Sometimes real seers are helpful and might find a clue everyone else has overlooked or did not see before. This is far fetched, but there are real psychics out there; and maybe just maybe, one could help in some way or form none of us could by just searching…. As always never give up and am waiting to watch Inside Edition myself to see how they portray Mr. Fenn…. Stay focused searchers and remain aware warm and safe!! God Bless Randy’s family we are all still praying and are here for you….. Ms. Girl…..GOD’S SPEED AND KEEP THE FAITH

    • Should a psychic get involved, it may be of some help to let one meet Leo…The pup knows what happened to his Dad or where he went…Maybe a psychic can’t get much from a pet, but it is the nearest contact with Randy they could find as close as the two were…

  10. Thanks everyone who has been working double time, we all appreciate it. Not sure what to think of the inside edition story, we will see. Everyone here knows how much Randy’s disappearance has affected everybody involved. So many people helping so unselfishly deserves much credit. Thanks again.

  11. Thank you Cynthia for the update. Forrest has been terrific and all of you are great, doing all you can. We’ll be watching!

  12. Thanks, Cynthia and Forrest and Sacha …and MAYBE Inside Edition. Time will tell if Inside Edition deserves any thanks …or NOT. 🙂 It depends on whether they spin the story or not. We’ll see.

    The truth is that Forrest is not twisting anyone’s arm. He never has. He is providing the adventure of a lifetime and whether anyone wants to head out into the wiles of nature is completely up to them. He better not beat himself up about it. He’s a caring person and I know it must have crossed his mind…many times.

    How many searchers out there are “convinced” that they know where the treasure is? Hundreds? Thousands? Are they blaming themselves right now thinking that if they would have found it by now that Randy would still be here? It would be easy for people to think that. Are they right to think that way?

    It’s a sad situation for many people…but the answer is no. So many things happen in life that are seemingly…and truthfully…beyond our control. Nobody wanted this to happen…but here we are…wading through it…step my step.

    Sometimes the vista is lighted and clear.

    Other times it’s hard to see…through the tears.

    • My husband and I were talking about the search for Randy tonight. My husband is not a “believer” in the treasure. Anyway, he said that he thinks that Forrest should end the whole treasure hunt. It surprised me that he would say that.

      HOWEVER, he has never been involved in the chase and does not know everything that Forrest has said about “not going where an 80 year old man couldn’t go”, “it’s not in a dangerous place,” etc. I think that’s the difference between the treasure hunters and those who really know nothing about it.

      We (the treasure hunters) know that Forrest is not sending us out to go rock climbing on some dangerous cliff, or to do anything that would endanger our lives. Besides we all have personal responsibility. We make our own decisions about what we decide to do with our lives … each and every moment. A few years ago, Tomas, who is producing a documentary, asked me this question, “If someone would get hurt, should Forrest be held responsible.” Even then, I said a resounding NO! There is something called “personal responsibility” and Forrest is not responsible for anyone’s decision.

      I do believe that the chase should continue. And, yes, we should reiterate to everyone how to be safe during a search. I know many have already commented on this … perhaps Dal can add something to the home page of this blog … how to be safe on your journeys.

      I pray for Randy every day. I pray for safety for the searchers. I pray for Randy’s family and for Leo. I care about Randy because he is a human being and a fellow searcher. I know that we all care about Randy.

      • That is a good point about the non- searchers or non-believers look at it differently then the searchers. I never really considered that much until now, my family are on the fence I am the one who thinks about the poem and the chase, when I try to explain it to them I get the deer in the head light look because they have not spent the time to inform themselves.

        Should we tell everyone they should quit hiking, skiing,snowboarding, snowshoeing or any other outdoor recreational activity because we deem it unsafe. There is always the few who think they know what is best for the majority and they most always base there opinion on emotion instead of fact.

        No one at this point knows what happened to Randy, it could have nothing to do with the chase, all we can do is try to inform the the uninformed and try to educate them. imo

      • My searches for Forrest’s treasure over the past 3 summers have been far less fraught with latent danger than any day I’ve spent snow skiing dodging people, trees and cliff edges; and certainly safer than every day I drive on a major freeway. I’ve searched in back country, grizzly territory, and 6 miles off any trail, but always with 2-5 others and someone who knows what to do in an emergency.

        Anyone who hikes or recreates in the great outdoors must pay attention to common sense and safety. Personally, I’m a life guard but would never float any remote river canyon without a licensed guide on that River. I would never enter a remote area without 2 companions and survival equipment. Randy’s disappearance somberly affects us all, and I pray daily he is recovered. That said, I believe he would be alive, well, and safe if he had listened to Forrest’s warnings, his families pleas not to go, and common sense/NPS guidelines for hiking wilderness.

        Forrest has been clear about not searching in dangerous areas, winter, anywhere an 80 year old couldn’t go twice in one afternoon with 42 lbs.

  13. Guess Ophra and Trump, duct tape and drunk dr. Is more important than a missing person. Didn’t show in KC.

  14. Sacha posted here this morning that the show was bumped to tomorrow (Thursday). The producer said they needed more time to write and edit the story. To me, that means Forrest will get more air time than a few minutes…whether it’ll be positive or negative remains to be seen.

  15. The episode today did preview the episode tomorrow including pictures of Randy, Forrest, the treasure chest, etc. Had it on DVR when I got home. They played the preview during the commercial break 14 minutes in.

    • I watched Inside Edition also, even though I knew they had pushed Randy’s story back to Thurs. I think they like to show a preview of the next day’s episode first to entice their audience to watch the following night, and maybe also to do more research. It will be interesting to see how the story is presented by them. I’ll be more than a little ticked off if they try to lay any blame on Forrest. We are all responsible for our own actions.

  16. It was good I thought, just used the B word twice. (treasure ” Buried ” in the …) It was 2 minutes 18 seconds long.

  17. I expected a tabloid type piece, but it seemed pretty tame. I wonder if some awareness of the TToTC community encouraged IE to be more balanced. It did not “come down on” anyone, while showing Randy had resources he left behind. Per searcher, now in two senses, Sacha: “prepared for a day trip”. Blessing to Sacha.

    May we refer to this as “Randy’s Lesson” : be prepared for the unexpected.

    As opposed to any number of less mindful references. Jus’ tryin’ to head em’ off at the pass.

      • To Eaglesbound,

        I know that you are simply making a positive statement about the piece, but comments like “Forrest looked great in the helicopter” really bother me. This isn’t about Forrest, this is about a man whose life is in danger, a man who has been missing a long time.

        I don’t know … this just isn’t about Forrest looking great. 🙁

        • I’m sorry MoonShadow, you are right.
          I didn’t mean it to sound as if I didn’t think this was about Randy. I have been involved in his search from the beginning and feel terrible about the whole situation. Accept my apology. No disrespect intended.

  18. Randy has a “Hiya Cowboy” spirit. Forrest should never feel bad for things a few people don’t understand or know.

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