Photos From Jeff Burch on Tuesday…

January 26th, 2016


Jeff Burch and Titan went out to the search area to see if they could help. Jeff sent the following photos from the area where Randy and Leo put-in with their small raft.

We may have to wait for Jeff to return before we can get complete caption information.

If you click on a photo it will open up to the full size I received from Jeff.

Jeff sent this comment:

The photos were all taken from around Randy’s car where he put in, and down river from there. I can’t tell you how many steps but the dog and boot tracks were after the rough water and fast water rapids, down river from the launch. The pictures are from the banks, both below and up high after we crawled out on the end. Maybe searchers will find something in the photos.  Thanks JB and Titan

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You can see all of Jeff’s pics and read the whole story, where he posted them…Here


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    • Can you guys help me find I think her name is Becky she heard the noise We talked to a security Guy there when I asked him where she reported hearing the noise He pointed up River above Randy’s car and the put in This may be important if Randy sent a distress whistle above the put in UP River. We searched Below or Down River Via her Marks Robert is going to try to search Up River tomorrow if he gets his car going.

    • I just got all the photos posted and the caption story at
      I posted it there because I guess we crashed Dal’s site. These pictures can be clicked on and they are full res. sorry I have been working hard on everything before you read this please know everything happens for a reason and I am grateful that everything happened the way it did. If you can Identify something of value please let us know. I have not had the time to view these photos yet. Thank You Jeff Burch

        • Thank you Dal I Hope this ends good even now there is always a chance of survival. Did we ever find out His skills as a survivalist. Has any one from the family or friends comment on This?

          • Jeff-

            No one credible has provided information about Randy’s outdoor survival skills as far as I know. It appears from what he left in his car that he was completely unprepared to spend the night outside in freezing temperatures. It appears that he intended to be back at his car that day. It does not look like he brought cold weather gear or food.

          • @dal, “No one credible has provided information about Randy’s outdoor survival skills as far as I know”

            It appears Randy purchased a magnetic compass; I wonder if he had a good map, and about magnetic deviation in the area (9 East). It looks like Randy did not know that he didn’t know things he should have known.

      • Hi Jeff,

        You covered a lot of ground. Thanks for the pictures. Maybe someone will see something in one.

        We definitely appreciate your effort. If you have the time to join us again, please let me know.

        • Thank you Sasha. I have a back surgery next Wednesday. I also have to give care for my mother. She is a massive stroke Victim. Mom has no use of her left side. So Its like the thorn bushes we went through to get away from here. I hope you all know I would be there with you if I could.

          If there is any thing I can do from here Please let me know. I am reviewing all materials over and over Please let me know if you need any help. Thank you all for what you are doing. You are not faced with a easy task with the lay of the land down there. May the sun always shine on your path JB and Titan

  1. will wait for captions, but wondering if those 2 guys had any observations/info/weirdnesses to report? Also wondering where you encountered them….possible they were the 2 campers seen previously?

  2. Thanks for posting,
    The Rio looks pretty rough in some areas. Heck of ride. I can see why there was a tear in the raft. If you were on your knees paddling to keep from landing, you certainly could bust em up.

  3. A couple of colored items in two of the photos, the second one deserves another look:

    1. In the 4th picture there is a green article on the far shore behind the big rock.
    2. In the 12th picture, interwoven with the branches, it sure looks a lot like the lower part of someone’s leg with black pants on and a pink/orange shoe hanging from it. Does anyone else see this? Am I imagining things?

  4. Jeff is a determined man. You may not have to wait for captions til he returns. He’s still here, down at the Riom with his dog Titan and a friend. They got a late start waiting for the snow to melt. It’s rough ground out there, as they do their best to make it the site of the raft. Prayers for their safety, please folks, and if F is in the heli still pls ask him to watch out for them from above.

    • jef on January 25, 2016 at 10:07 pm said:

      Hello from JeffBurch I traveled the banks and snapped photos from Randy’s car down river about four miles of walking down and three hours back Forrest flew over us at two ten I waved from the bank the us is a local named Robert guided me how awesom I will post picks via dal when I get toWfi any plans for tomorrow please I want to go to the raft sight he made it that far

  5. Here we go again with a blue colored item…In the 1st picture, what is the “blue thing” under the pinkish orb. Right side, almost at the point, on the bank. Doesn’t look like a reflection.

    • Hello Lois. The “blue things” in the camera are spots caused by the photographer’s angle with the sun while taking the photo of the bank. People can get rainbows, halos, etc. also. This case, the blue and fuchsia spots.

      • I enlarged that blue dot on the little peninsula in photo #1 to x300% and it looks like a guy in a blue sweatshirt standing there, not a camera orb. I asked in another post on this thread if it might be one of the searchers.

  6. Thank you for the photos, Jeff. It’s amazing to see what the rough terrain looks like and how difficult the search may be. In photo #11, I can see you came across two other people in dark tops and blue jeans, either enjoying a walk or searching.

    • pdenver,
      I am just trying to say the trust has been lost with the state, county & park search agencies (all professional government search entities involved) to find Randy. Otherwise no one would be searching after they searched.
      Fine, I don’t exactly trust local or fed government either, but I don’t agree with a free for all that appears to be disorganized where we don’t even have a map to see where ALL the searchers have searched.
      If someone else gets hurt, because someone wanted to be the hero or not, I think this is getting out of control & could have been prevented if there was better communication, uncommon sense was used & good judgement.
      Some are out there prepared & some are not.
      Mother Nature doesn’t really care who is & who isn’t & the more people that try to search in this environment & time of year, the odds of someone getting seriously hurt or killed rises considerably.
      It only takes bad luck or one wrong mistake.

    • I still don’t know which pictures have the two other people your referring to can you tell me the pic I did see two other Hikers but I didn’t think they were even close to any photos. If its from the top its possible that’s where I saw them TY Jeff Burch and Titan

    • nope I didn’t see the Rabbit I do now I was looking at the red it looked like blood on the rock now it looks a wig the branch is not attached to it that’s the end of the stick hovering over the red stuff. I didn’t see any other rocks around that had red on them that’s why I took the pic its about 100 ft down from the put in

      • I wonder if Jeff noticed?

        And after staring at that eyeball for a couple minutes before I realized it was a rabbit it occurs to me that it would be very difficult to spot someone burrowed in trying to stay warm.

        Then all these pictures begin to make that point more real.

      • Actually I was looking at about 8 o’clock from the red thing. Straight down the stick in the picture. I think I see what you are looking at though. Sorry!!! I know it is not important to finding Randy, but the comic relief of looking for the rabbit was kind of fun. Hoping someone else finds something useful in the pictures. Great work getting out there to take these, thanks guys.

        Fred Y.

    • Objects being the pink flip flop, the dark green cart, the way the pieces (bark) of trees and brush are washed up along the river edge.

  7. Pic 5.. 2 prints, is that Jeff and friend? can we get a pic of the bottom of the shoes they are wearing. Those are really sharp, too new.

    pic 6 ..old print with dog print over.. new dog print in same pic…dog from overlay is a similar size as dog in pic….so previous shoe/dog print pics are likely a searcher.

    If you aren’t wearing the shoes in pic 5, then might be the campers that were photoed.. PD should be talking to those folks.

    By the way thank you for searching this area.

    The river doesn’t look as shallow and tame at ground level.

  8. Titan’s furrowed brow and sweet, concerned expression says it all. Please be careful Jeff (and all of the other searchers). We are with you in spirit.

  9. Picture #11 what are the two blue marks kinda of in the middle of the picture at the start of the rocks. Also, above that on the top of the mesa is a gate or power lines something man-made…

  10. Thank You JB and Titan, I am sure it easy being out in the cold and hiking all the rough terrain, A big thank you to the local Robert who went with you. Your strength and dedication to find Robert is greatly appreciated.
    Godspeed to all and Prayers for Randy and the Earth Angels who are looking for him.

    • Made it home just now getting to all these replies hope every one is good Titan is passed out . my good old tired boy. Got to love your animals. have a good night JB and Titan.

  11. 1st photo zoom in blue item to the left on the far bank. Raft? Note the path just a little farther to the left through the bushes. 9th photo two blueish items side by side, note the caves. ” A flashlight and a sandwich ”

    Walking stick near the green thing in the water?? Did not note sign of walking stick near footprints.
    Footprints: If there is still a good footprint near Randy’s car that is a good ref for searchers in the bush. Get pictures of them and pass them out to searchers.
    Best wishes

  12. I would suggest looking behind the waterfalls where the Frijoles River meets the Rio Grande. Randy probably used the raft to reach that area since the trail from Bandelier National Monument got washed out after the flood following the Los Conchos fire. Forest rangers reportedly heard a strange noise that could have been Randy’s whistle. They said they saw footprints in the area. Since this is across the Rio Grande from where the raft with a gash was found, this could explain why Leo did not stay with Randy. He could have swam across the river in his wet suit to check out the waterfalls and maybe sliipped and hit his head or succumbed to hypothermia. At least a wet suit is a good way to brave the winter’s frigid temperatures. I am proud for all you out there looking for Randy. Keep up the noble teamwork. Let’s stick together until we get to the bottom of this…leave no man behind…that’s what the Navy Seals say!

  13. I have the most sincere respect for all of you who are getting outside and searching for Randy. Thank you Jeff, your effort, compassion and unique focus is admirable – thank you, thank you.
    I have a suggestion for anyone taking photos and posting them. Most cameras are at least 8 MP these days and capable of resolutions as high as 3264×2448. That resolution would allow folks online to zoom in incredibly-and be most helpful.
    Perhaps there is a limitation of this site that compresses resolution? This I do not know. I have 5 MB/sec. down and 2 MB/sec.up connection speed. I realize large files take time, but is at all possible… would be the most helpful.
    Thank You again Jeff, most sincere respect.
    It was not my intention to criticize anyone for anything – words are tricky.

    From my heart – Thanks to Goofy, Dal and each of for displaying humbling humanity.

  14. Thanks to Jeff (and Titan)!

    Would anyone hazard a guess at what the gray object is with the two vertical white stripes to the right of the clump of branches in photo #14?

  15. Well,
    Weather conditions are improving until Sunday. Temps in the 50’s through Sunday.
    Only problem could be the quagmire it will create.
    Thin ice will melt down more on Cochiti & will be able to see through the ice in some areas. I think this would be the best place to look from the air where the edge of the ice is back south to where it thickens.
    Good luck Forrest in the chopper.

  16. Jeff, Titan and Robert are headed away from the Rio. Safe in vehicle, headed for SF, going to charge very low phone batteries now.

  17. two question for searchers what is the green box at edge of water? next how deep is the water there? as i stated before i fell in the Red River wearing heavy jeans and got swept down stream a good way. Praise God i didnt hit my head falling down. i fell in mid Aug but the water at that time was so cold it took my breath away. a dip in cold water is a shock but this time of yr it would much worst and cause someone to become impaired very quickly. even through it was Aug that water was body numbing making it hard to get out of water. again this was in Aug.

  18. Thanks for all pictures, it really show what all the searchers are up against. You could be 10 ft from Randy and not find him. Every has gone beyond the call of duty in the searching. I wish I lived close enough that I could help with boots on the ground.
    I realize at this point it is probably more of a recovery than rescue. Circling birds could be a clue of where he might be, I know someone mentioned seeing some a few days ago. Was the area where they were circling searched or noted somewhere?
    God bless everyone and keep all the searchers safe and the family full of peace knowing that Randy was doing what he loved.

    • If it’s picture #11, I see 2 people , which look like 2 blue objects, in the back round near the cliffs. I hope the blues objects aren’t snow!

    • Robert climbed up there and looked in the ones that where big enough to shelter in. He stepped on a rock and down it came.. The dirt is loose and full of tumblers. I stepped back a inch for it to miss me and Titan just watched it pass. That was a close one . Be careful when your climbing around out there. JB and Titan

  19. Just a question…did Randy smoke cigarettes? Maybe something you don’t want to do at high altitudes but he could have been taking a break. The picture inside his car, left of the steering wheel looks like some, perhaps Camel Cigs. Thought I saw a picture of a cigarette butt on the ground. I’ll try to find it. It was left, of a selfie, on the ground. I could be mistaken. If not…just trying to find more evidence of where he could have walked.

  20. Thanks for the photos. Some of the dog and boot tracks could be mine. I was at Buckman on 1/5/16 and hiked about 2 miles south part of the Soda Springs Trail but I cut over to the Rio and hiked around the back with my dogs. Size 9 womens. I posted several photos of the river from 1/5/16

    Some of that trash looks interesting….

    • Hi Julie,
      I have been following everybody’s posts and yours. You know,the area, live there and hike there a lot. You are methodical – your search maps integrated with G. Earth are clear and concise. I predict that you will find Randy. God speed. His family is so fortunate to have so many putting so much effort, focus and compassion into this. All of you all are awesome.

    • That’s the day Randy and Leo were to be at Buckman road by the river. I guess you did not notice if his car was there parked or not. You would have said so.

      But I have to ask, did you notice his car or was there a car near where you were at Buckman rd and what time was that. Looks like it was cold that day.

      • Julie, also what time of day were the pictures of your dog’s by the Rio taken? Since Randy was NOT reported missing yet, you had no reason to be looking for someone ,I know that, but if you do Not remember seeing any one or hearing a whistle, that time of day could help future searchers.

    • I really need to ask you a question Did you hear as marked on google the noise below where randy put in Or did you hear that noise above up river the noise of distress as a co member of your work force pointed the other direction away from where we searched. If so randy may have packed the raft up stream to put in and it is worth a search farther up river. If you go about a mile down river in the thorns by bank with your dog then I would say maybe its your dogs after dinner. If not I saw this as a hopeful sign that Randy did in fact make it down river and is by his raft. Maybe a mistake but we may want to search up bank from the put in if Becky can do another pin for us on Google maps. I also need to see the last one It might be my mistake but I was down river from the PUt in. Thank you Becky JB and Titan

  21. Thanx Jeff for your efforts!

    As I look at the pictures of the Rio Grande River, a part of me wants to say, “pashaw, that’s only a creek, can’t be more than knee deep in spots and easy to cross”. But I am not there, and pictures can be deceiving. But really, how hard is it to cross at this time of the year? I’m not looking for conjecture, I’d like someone who has been to that part of the river at this time of the year and has tried fording the river. Is it possible? If it is, and it sure looks like it from these photos, then there is a stronger possibility that Randy is on the West side after all.

    Just my two pennies of opinion.

  22. Thank you everyone I am writing a detailed trip email to Dal and Forrest as we speak. I will come back and try to answer questions shortly. Please Know I will do my best very soon.

  23. Good work Jeff (and others analysing these)

    The only ‘anomaly’ I see, that I don’t think been mentioned yet is on Pic #13 (the wide angle) on the right hand (back) edge of the central pile of debris in the water, is some lighter coloured markings, look like stripes to me, on an object that looks out of place.
    Ive got my monitor zoomed in to 300x but they begin to distort so its difficult to make out.
    PS Jeff, nice hound.

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