Plans for Friday…

January 28th, 2016



Sacha and Forrest
I just left the Bandelier visitor center. I talked to 2 rangers who showed me how to get to the west rim of white rock canyon and be on the south side of frijoles. I told them I wanted to be across from where the raft was found and take pictures using my zoom lens of the entire eastern side including shoreline and side of canyon up to the mesa top. I want to do this both north and south of the raft but more on north.

I just confirmed Roger Craddock. I will meet him in Santa Fe tomorrow morning at 0700 so we can be on foot by 08. The Rangers approved this for me and Roger only as a back-country hike tomorrow only.
The lady ranger said I’m talking about a 10 mile round trip hike from the visitor center. 😄



Cynthia and Roger are like two over-charged Energizer bunnies. They are taking the search for Randy beyond what anyone could expect or hope for. If their back packs tomorrow are a little heavier it is because the respect and admiration of a thousand other searchers and well-wishers are going with them.


Mesa top along south-side of Frijoles Canyon where Roger and I will hike to access West Rim of White Rock Canyon and then continue along mesa top south to raft.


From White Rock Overlook, Buckman Road Put-in using normal vision


Standing at same place but zoomed.


I want to shoot a grid of photos on east side both north and south of Randy’s raft. I can zoom even more than this photo.

45 thoughts on “Plans for Friday…

  1. Good luck!

    I expect you already have one, but if not, a very high resolution camera (say, 24mp), a super-long lens and a tripod would allow for very detailed images.

  2. Once again the moderation algorithm strikes!

    I was adding my “good luck” wishes and hoping that Sacha has access to a very high resolution (twenty-four megapixel) camera with a very long lens (maybe 600mm) and a tripod for stability. That way we’ll be able to see the area in great detail and clarity.

  3. Best wishes for a good picture taking session to you Cynthia and Roger as you continue to search for clues to Randy’s disappearance. You indeed will have the respect and admiration of all of us tucked in your backpack.

  4. Godspeed to you both. 10 miles is quite the hike for a day…especially with the sun still setting early…and for going cross-country. I imagine you’ll be trailblazing for quite a ways.

  5. God bless your soul Cynthia. The photos posted at the top of this post are all of the resolution 640×427. Please allow me to suggest that you set your camera to at least 8 MP and post at the corresponding resolution of 3264×2448. I mean if you are going to hike all that way for the purpose of photographing landscape that can be zoomed in on in a usable resolution, please consider this. I would say that 8 MegaPixels would be the minimum. See this website:

    Again, accept my heartfelt and sincere respect and thanks for going outside and doing what most of us are unable to do.

  6. Did i understand right that your going south of the monument on top of the mesa where youll be looking across to where the raft is? (West side of river going twords alamo canyon). At the town of white rock at or near the ball fields there is an acess trail where you can get to trails at the bottom across from the beckman area . If i had my truck fixed i would be up there again to help but i should be able to help on saturday if you would like. Good luck tomorrow.

  7. Thank you all for going so far above and beyond what anyone could hope for…Forrest, Cynthia, & Sacha especially as well as so many other volunteers. Those of us far away appreciate all the information & updates provided to help us feel like we are there with you in the search for answers. Prayers for your safety & peace of mind for Randy’s family.

  8. Prayers and Thank You for all you are doing. Our spirits are with you, I wish we could be there to help in this amazing effort so many are giving.

  9. Wow, long day, as we would say here, safari njema,,,,safe trip,,,, or tuka birungi ,,,reach well. Ojakwebaka nga’kana. You will sleep like a baby.

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