From the Edge on Friday…

January 29th, 2016

 BY Forrest


Here is Cynthia’s now photo of Roger Craddock (Radcrad).


They hiked down from Bandelier on the west side of the river to a spot above where the Randy’s boat is on the east bank. They will zoom photo that whole area looking for Randy. It was 5 miles in to the river, and they are about to start the two hour hike out. It is sunny and warm. Wish I were there with them. f

52 thoughts on “From the Edge on Friday…

  1. Thank you Mr.Fenn
    Cynthia today and Sacha tomorrow. Unrelenting.
    God Bless Everyone. Safety in and Safety out. It doesn’t matter if you Walked-iIn and had to be Carried-Out, No Man Left Behind. “You will go home”!!!
    The Corps…

  2. My heart sinks every time I look at those canyon walls. I am grateful that the moment of despair soon passes and my heart recovers filling with admiration and affection for all of you who are working so hard to find Randy.

  3. Where are the details of where he put in? My house is right there at the top of Red Dot Trail and I could go look for him.

    • Sharon, most people are convinced Randy is on the east bank or east rim because he would not have left Leo behind. One scenario has him trying to make his way along the west side of the river from Bandelier/Frijoles to the Red Dot Trail. Unfortunately, only upper Ancho Canyon has been searched, but the searcher stopped about half a mile from the river (also said a quarter mile in a different post). Helicopters have searched along the river, but that may not be sufficient. A search from the bottom of Red Dot to Water Canyon and then to the bottom part of Ancho would be really helpful. Several people are interested in Chiquehui Canyon closer to Frijoles as a possible first canyon out for him theory. The west side theory is that it would have been faster than the east side, with less chance of getting lost, but maybe missing the trail in places. But leaving Leo behind is the big issue with this, unless something unusual happened. If he tried to go to White Rock, it may have been in desperation, or he thought he could get a cab back to his car at Buckman.

      • Also, one place he may have screwed up was at Ancho. I understand that the trail back to the Red Dot Trail at White Rock is not at the river edge, but is back about a quarter mile from the river (based on a description of this hike on the internet). If he did not know or remember this, he may have missed that part of the trail and been too close to the river. Any search party at Ancho should be prepared to look in this area between the river and the trail.

  4. Thanks Forrest… I wonder if the mountain men from Texas have shown up yet? I like their attitude of a “deliberate camp-in” to search for Randy. Takes a lot of moxie.

  5. Thank you forrest for the update.
    I hope they get some panoramic pictures of the area from north to south starting at rivers edge.

  6. Please take care of yourself Forrest. This has not been an easy journey, but you are doing great a job with the search. Hoping for the best! Thank you for keeping us posted.

  7. Thank you Forrest, Cynthia, and Radcrad. We are all there with you in spirit, hoping and praying that Randy will be found.
    So much effort on everyones part. Thank you one and all.

  8. Cynthia and Roger are back home now. Cynthia has 90 pics from the overlook. She is posting them for us to review. Probably will be awhile before she gets the link to us…but it’s coming.

  9. @Dal, I’m trying to locate the post of the individual posing as Forrest regarding Randy’s whereabouts. Was anything every found about the individual in the library?

  10. in a crisis like this ,its amazing how everyone has worked to find randy,if you are there or in spirit , we are all one,we want randy forrest ,please stay home,rest and keep us updated,I want you and everyone safe.just shows how love goes along way.

  11. My thanks to you all.
    A really special type of person makes up the Fenn Chasers, they already posses treasure…in their hearts!
    God’s speed in Randy’s search.

  12. Wow, you two are amazing! I don’t know how you found the time to post all 90 of these high resolution photos – but we thank you, Randy’s family I know thank you –

  13. Good Morning I am interested in assisting in search, I reside in SF. Have a truck long bed /covered. My dog ( border collie) n I in good shape, outdoors, hiking , photographer, snowshoeing, kayaking, mtn bike my interests. Available, if another set of eyes and body needed. Thank you. Robert Bailey Cell: 5056041163 or

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