Search Plans for Saturday Feb. 6th…


February 5th, 2016

 BY Sacha


Search Plan for Saturday February 6th, 2016

I am sorry about being so late with the plans, but I only just got off the phone with Ranger Nikolas a few minutes ago.

I have GREAT news. The ice that covered the mouth of the river into Cochiti has broken up! This is great, because it means we can search the lake and mouth of the river. I was even told that watercraft can pass through with ease, but we don’t have any water craft available for tomorrow.

We will be meeting at exit 264, on the West side of the highway, at 8 am on Saturday, February 6th. When you exit, turn West and we are about 100 feet down on your left.

The best part about tomorrow’s search is that there is no special equipment necessary, but binoculars would be the most helpful item you could bring. We will be searching as much of the lake and mouth of the river as we can cover. Ranger Nikolas is working on getting us permission from ALL appropriate agencies so that we can access any area around the lake.

Please do remember to bring water and snacks, and wear a good pair of hiking shoes.

Please Note:
There will NOT be an organized dinner after tomorrow’s search.

Cynthia and I will see you there.

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  1. Ill see you there. If we come up with a small boat i have a 2 hp moter that can be used if someone has a small boat. Leave me a message if i need to bring it, if i dont hear from anyone im leaving it here.

        • Im in Sedalia Co if your passing through here you can pick up my canoe I cant help you lift or load it because of my back but you can use it if someone up here in Colorado is traveling your direction we may arrange for someone to pick it up

          • It has two safety jackets a whistle and paddles I have tie downs that can be used to transport it. Its light enough one person can carry it I wish I was in a condition to bring it there but I have no choice I just cant do it doctors orders. no bending twisting or lifting over a milk jug.Please let me know if you or someone can pick it up for you>

          • Thanks jeff if i didnt screw up my transmission two weeks ago looking for randy i would go up there to get it. If we find someone to get it well let you know.

  2. Wishing you all success as you search tomorrow. Be careful, cover for your partner & come home safely. All the best.

  3. Go get em ladies! Proud of yall. Best of luck and be safe. Will be praying again for finding g Randy.

  4. Good Luck Sacha,Cynthia, and all of the Fenner Troops, You are all Magnificent
    and we applaud you.


  5. Godspeed to All Searchers looking for Randy. I wish I was there. From here all I can do is pray.

      • As per Sharman this article is a biological source about what happens to a drowned person’s body so read only if you wish.

    • Thanks TxTH, for the highly pertinent reference. What a wonderful tool the internet is! Among the huge number of other services, it provides an encyclopedia of astounding proportions. Your post mentions many things the searchers for Randy should know.

      I take issue with one thing, though. Bodies reaching the bottom of rivers may not, even before bloating, just lie there. Small, rocky rivers will have, depending on the spot, strong vertical currents – both up and down. The rocks will create a turmoil of vertical and horizontal motion. And, the river that may have claimed Randy is rather small and likely very rocky. (While relatively large by Western standards, there are not many “large” rivers in the West – nor are they apt to be free of rocks).

      If Randy ended up near the river entry into the lake, or further along, then, of course, there would be only tiny vertical water currents, or none. So, I have a forlorn hope that the melting Ice might reveal Randy. Whatever, I do not feel grief for those who die in stirring or noble quests – only sorrow.

    • This is a good article and hepful for the search. Thanks for finding and posting it. I’m concerned about Randy’s family reading it though. It would be devastating to read such a clinical and grim article about a loved one. TxTH/Dal/Goofy: Could the post be edited or re-posted with a note saying that it’s about the biology of drowning, helpful to those doing the actual searching but may be very disturbing to others? Hopefully they wouldn’t read it if they saw that. Am I being too sensitive here?

  6. Given what Indy revealed crossing the Rio Grande, its unlikely he’s in the water–where the raft was found. It seems that Randy just disapeared or that foul play occured. There are so many missing pieces to pinpoint Randy at the scene. The average person searching in this location would have been found by now. So many searchers disclosed where they would have looked and he wasnt found at those locations. Im sure the family needs closure, but time will help them heal. I hope Leo gets to stay with his foster family. He truly deserves to be loved and kept safe after all he’s been through. To move him again to another home would probably traumatize him and he just doesnt deserve that.

    Sacha and Cynthia, you’ve done an amazing job and i hope we can see you both back in the search chase soon. Randy will always be in our hearts and not forgotten.

  7. I kayaked today as far north of lake from 12. To 245 pm ice is spotty i couldnt procede past east side ridgeline 3000 fr from tetilla tec area dock
    Give it a few days dor ice melt
    I did notice tree logs an .debri floating up wards from ice underneath currne nt
    Robert Bailey

  8. At least one of the SAR canine teams in NM (Sandia Search Dogs) has dogs trained to deploy in boats for water searches. This may be an effective way to check the lake area. I’m not sure if they will deploy outside an official NMSAR mission, but they may be able to designate it as a training exercise.

    • Thanks for the update PM. Many of us are wondering if a search of the lake will reveal what has happened to Randy. It’s such a mystery that he has just disappeared and all of the searches so far have yielded no clues to which direction he may have gone. Stay safe searchers.

      • It’s obviously frustrating that no clues have been discovered, but it’s really only a mystery if he did not end up in the river. If he is in the river then the lack of clues is to be expected, and the failure to find him not unexpected, since there are so many inaccessible places to check.

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