Drone Footage on Saturday…

February 7th, 2016

Here is the Drone footage shot by Dave on Saturday, February 6th, 2016



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  1. Really great footage Dave. Nice and steady. You’re an excellent pilot. I guess the blue thing is an “All” detergent bottle….hmmm..that bottle is about the same size as the chest.
    So, are you busy this spring Dave? 🙂

  2. Probably nothing, but there’s a “lump” under water in the channel between the shore and the sandbar that has the detergent bottle in DJI_0002.

    You can see it clearly starting at 4:30 and at 5:30 it is directly between the bush that juts out over the water and the detergent bottle. You can see it again from a different viewpoint in the upper left side starting at 7:48.

    It’s something under the mud, possibly a rock, but it is causing that shadowy lump and it’s the “right size” relative to the detergent bottle.

    Here is the screen shot: https://goo.gl/MhmTJ4

    I wouldn’t go off the screen shot, though. I’d follow the object in the video because it doesn’t move like the clouds of mud under the water on the other side of the sandbar.

    This is directly downstream from the raft location, correct?

  3. Dave that is amazing footage. Looking at the flow of silt says a lot about the flow of water downstream. I can not help wandering how deep is the lake at the mouth.The resolution left no doubt about the blue object in question
    All laundry detergent bottle. Clearly labeled.

    Look out Dave, Dal is looking to recruit you lol.
    Thanks so much for sharing these videos and for all of your efforts.

  4. It was really nice meeting you last night Dave. My wife and I are heading out tomorrow to do another sweep near Scotts Intel. It will take us all day. Today we did not see any signs north and west of Saturdays sweep.
    Great video, sir.

  5. That is very impressive video in a difficult situation Dave. You and the other searchers are doing an amazing job going above and beyond.

    Thanks to all of you.

  6. On the film when your searching the mountainous terrain you pan into the light then back towards the left and about 4:03-4:04 something floes in front of the camera almost as if trying to get your attention. But could be something in the air wish It would have panned up some.

  7. Great quality on the videos. I looked carefully hoping for his family’s sake that we would find something. Wish there was a way we could watch live and say “scan this way” or “I think that’s…” I can’t even imagine what the family is going through. The only thing I saw was near the All bottle and I really think it was too large to be what we are looking for. To the right side of my screen as you come up to the bottle (I think it’s the 2nd video of it) the mud looked sort of body and leg shaped. But like I said it it seems way out of scale with what we are looking for. Of course I am hoping that he is tucked into a cave somewhere with food and water, waiting to feel strong enough to hike out.

    It’s really sad to think about this. I really don’t understand someone not calling when their friend doesn’t show up. Part of me can’t help but wonder if there isn’t something there. When I go on a hike even in my own woods I always tell someone when I should be back and while I don’t expect them to call in a search party if I’m a little late, I expect that someone will try to check on me within a few hours. And by the next morning I would be expecting search parties. It’s just heartbreaking to think that it took so long for his friend to sound an alarm. Even if he couldn’t be helped his family might have an answer by now. I just think it’s a good reminder to those of us who spend time in the wilds to make sure that you have someone who is going to have your back in charge of making sure that you make it home when you should.

    • My humble opinion after all the searches: What if, what if; foul play is involved. Randy searched in Frioles, and then what ever happened to him there; they took the raft down stream left the dog and staged the raft with oars. It’s odd the raft was left, but no other articles; It’s just a hunch, and far out fetch because no trace of him has been found. It’s only a speculation that something happened to him farther up the river where he rests.

  8. Once again, awesome work David (Dave – I’ll get it right eventually.). Thanks for being willing to take your quadcopter out for the search.

  9. Great video clarity, Dave. I was in awe with the southern view of the Rio Grande and canyon. Spectacular. Thank you to all who contributed on this search. It’s greatly appreciated.

  10. I am following this from Michigan. You people are amazing. I hope a resolution is found soon. i will review the videos and let you know if i find anything.

  11. Cynthia posted the final three drone videos from Saturday, February 6th. If you are helping by inspecting these videos please note that the three latest videos were added to this page on February 9th. There are now 8 videos. They are labeled 0002 thru 0009. There is no 0001.

  12. Soooo… There are (2) #7s yes? They are identical, yes? I am not hallucinating again, no?

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