The Nine Clues…Part Sixty Three


This is the place to discuss the nine clues…For instance:
What are the nine clues…
Is the first clue “Begin it where warm waters halt” ?


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  1. Hey Dal , shouldn.t there be a Ask Dal a question heading? For instance , who takes the photos for your website?

    • Goofy took the pics. Where is the one reservoir pic taken Goofy, I know it’s CA but where? Not the Tahoe one but the smaller one….

      • Yes Cholly you’re are right, one of them is Emerald Bay on Lake Tahoe. The other is a finger of Lake Nacimiento. That view doesn’t exist now due to the drought.

        • Thanks Goofy, never heard of Lake Nacimiento, scoped it on GE, the upper waters look great, I’m trying to guess where you would have been standing when you took the pic, hard to tell…

          Thinking about WWWH and where to begin.

    • Arnold-
      I assume you mean the pics at the top of each page that change when you go to a new page…Those beautiful pics are Goofy’s. ..
      I keep expecting to show up some morning and find that he has replaced all the gorgeous scenic shots with pics of brightly painted monster trucks leaping across the Pecos….

    • Iron Will,
      You said in prior:
      ”SOMEBODY to my CERTAIN knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve. ff”

      That’s what I think he was implying.

      So you are implying that he misspoke?

      • Jake,

        First his certain knowledge can be in a variety of ways he knows. He could of seen someone making a comment that relates to his certain knowledge. Next important possibility is a certain way to understand the poem. Yes, there is only one way IMO.

        I have said on many blogs as a hint: One cant not see the blaze because it is not physical or visual in you are not in a position to do so.

        So here is another hint and of course people already think I clean toilets.

        Hint: Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts but yet there something else that is missing. This pertains to the last stanza. Just my opinion.

        • I am not sure I am following you Geydelkon,
          Ok, lets take a look at his quote:
          “What surprises me a little is that nobody to my uncertain knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve.”
          I am going to take what he said at face value.
          He’s a little surprised (So, “little” describes “surprised”)
          Nobody (Not a single person) to my uncertain knowledge (he’s telling us, his knowledge is not certain, pertaining to important possibility etc…)
          So why would anyone see this statement as helpful in any way?
          If he is not certain about his knowledge, then I am uncertain about what he said.
          I am certain, to not give this statement any value whatsoever IMO.
          I don’t like to put other words in his mouth other than what he said. It could be very dangerous & you will mislead yourself right out of the chase IMO.

          Now I can understand homophones because we know he has used them in the past.

          “And that’s not all, there’s always a write way to do something and a wrong one.”

          I am not sure there is anything missing in the last stanza.
          Forrest said to Dal “Don’t mess with my poem”
          So, I see it complete in the literal sense.
          But, I am sure I am missing something, because I don’t have the chest.

          • Hello Jake,

            There maybe one homophone in the Poem. It is hard for me to explain without giving to much away.

            All I can say, is the last stanza is not the exact spot where the treasure chest is located. The last stanza only tells you what you are looking for because something is missing. I hope this helps. Just my opinion.

          • possible homophones

            I – eye
            there – their
            where – ware – wear
            new – knew

            not – knot
            but – butt
            too – to – two
            walk – wok

            no – know
            for – 4 – four
            be – bee
            creek – creak
            loads – lodes
            high – hi

            been – bin
            with – width
            gaze – gays
            peace – piece

            so – sew
            weak – week

            hear – hair
            wood – would

            I.m sure I missed some.
            I can only make lode work at this time & consider this to be the 7th clue.
            Don’t forget Forrest said:

            “I’ve said some things in my book, I’ve made some deliberate errors, (TTOTC) just to see if anybody would find them, and they don’t, and they haven’t.”

            The poem is in the book.

          • Mistakes or miss takes…. History dictates what is too be said and seen. History is all one needs to understand the Poem. One must compare the truth, even though it comes in small packages.

          • Geydelkon,
            Geography, geography, geography.
            You know, when they say location, location, location.
            That’s what it’s all about, not history IMO.

          • Jake… You should be more careful. If I didn’t know any better, I would swear it was Fenn in sheep’s clothing. 🙂

          • How come so many people tell me to be careful here?
            I am just typing letters into words into phrases that shouldn’t be a threat to anyone but myself.
            OK, I got it.
            If I didn’t know any better, I think sheeple keep ending up in the same spot.
            Watch out for the wolf!
            Where are you Loco?

          • Yes, watch out for the wolf indeed… I know exactly where that same spot is…… and people have looked there consistently… GE and maps vary based on that spot…!!! 🙂

          • Fenn is in sheeps clothing… just gonna leave it at that… I already know… found out the hard way… of course it might be his wife too…She might be in on the fun… or some of his grandkids… who knows…. just be careful and take everything you hear with a grain of salt… remeber… focus on the poem…

          • Yes Geydelkon,
            Funny how we both see it at 10% or less IMO.
            The value of the statement drops considerably from that first line.
            So how much value is left after that?
            Hardly any wiggle room IMO.
            But, who knows what Forrest is really thinking when he blurts out.

          • It is also funny you mentioned that as well. I wonder what Mr. Fenn thinks from what I posted today. Well, it is time to end my place in time here on Dals blog as well. I am just making a few rounds. I wish all the chasers peace and goodwill. It was nice. See you all at the Fennboree.

    • Iron Will,
      You said in prior:
      ”SOMEBODY to my CERTAIN knowledge has analyzed one important possibility related to the winning solve. ff”

      can you expand on this statement?

      where did you find it / a link to the quote?

      thanks, jim

      • I just think maybe someone that contacted him, told him(as if they were sure of it) one of the clues related to the the winning solve, and it surprised him a little.

        because “nobody to my uncertain knowledge” just doesn’t make any sense. They might be off on location but got the last clue right, and it surprised him.

        Nobody to my certain or uncertain knowledge knows what he really meant. Forrest always speaks in ambiguity a lot of times.

  2. This isn’t a comment about the clues themselves but, rather, one of my pet peeves about reading about other people’s solutions. Numerous people refer to their solutions as “solves.” To solve is a verb, or action if you will. A solution is a noun which is defined as ” a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation.” I don’t mean to be a nitpicker but the word “solve” is being used incorrectly. Thanks, Sam

    • Thanks for the English lesson, guess I should of stayed in school. Hope my solve keeps me outta the food line.

    • Sam, calling failed attempts “solutions” may be grammatically correct, but it sounds like a household cleaning solution. how about Omega-9?
      🙂 just kidding – due Forrests celebrity and wordsmithery Websters is considering adding noun status to the now renown “Solve.”

    • Your solve is better than my hypothesis.
      Call it what you will, but i know one thing, nobody’s got it yet.
      Sam, you know English defs pretty well.
      What is your take on the poem as far as English goes including origins, at the time you read this if you do?

    • One of my biggest confusions when i first read here as well. I chalked it up to an evolution of the word given the blogging circumstances. Many oddities about how the words usage has evolved….for instance the vernacular is “my solve”. Of course the only one that would lead to the bronze box would be Fenns solve. Language is such a curious thing…fascinating!

  3. When f says “But nature can impact the location, you know. We can have flash floods, earthquakes, forest fires. I don’t have any control over that.”

    What are everybody’s thoughts on this?

    Is he saying it because something already happened, or is it just to cover all bases?

    Is it specific to the hidey spot, or clues along the way?

    • Mr Mike,

      This could be in reference to the Bandelier NP area and about Randy’s search area. The Jemez Mountains had a bad forest fire in 2011 followed but heavier than usual rains that caused the Bandelier area to suffer a flash flood that wiped out the lower falls trail. If Randy’s “theory” was that the TC was in the lower falls area then it could explain why he choose to go the route he did to his search area.

      Forrest has said before that he took into account natural events when he hid the treasure and he was thinking 1000 years in the future.


      • Interesting…could be.

        So you think it is because something already happened to the area where the TC is?

        • Mr. Mike,

          I do not believe anything has happened to the site that the TC is located. I believe that Fenn was just saying that it is out of his hands, could something happen sure but i do not believe that anything has.


  4. It’s always interesting to hear people’s solves, er…solutions. There are also a number who offer a bit of their solutions, but cautiously hold back, even if they state that they would likely never be able to physically go to their chosen location and search.

    My question; If you had a solution you were confident in, but did not have the means to check it out personally, would you ever consider giving your answer to another to check into it for you, and if so, how would you guarantee that you were rightly given credit for the correct solution?

    ~Wisconsin Mike

    • Mike, I’m just to your West on the other side of the St. Croix River. I look at it this way. I am not so certain that I have to get there “ahead of somoene else” – at least at this stage in my research. I am planning on a little family vacation in August where we’ll set up camp for a week or so to take a peek around at the spot where we think it most likely is at. I know it’s simply playing Canasta with this somewhat cavilier attitude, but we’re in it for the fun and memories.

      However, if I were to hear the voice of God telling me go to this certain spot and go now, then I’ll change my travel plans between now and then for the coming year. 🙂

      • speaking of Canasta…
        We were at a nursing home this past weekend, (small birthday party held in one of their game rooms), so I pounced on a deck of Canasta cards. This pack looked to be pretty vintage, anyway the sales pitch on the back reads…

        ‘Canasta burst onto the scene in 1950 and created the biggest card game craze to ever hit the country. Millions were (and are) captivated by the tantalizing twists of this great game and it’s romantic South American origins’

    • “It’s not what they whisper, it’s what they shout’ – Will Rogers Yes, I’d share right here and now a TC solution if I had one and knew I would never be able to go there….but, at this point in time there is nothing but lack of a solution stopping me!

  5. Any thoughts on getting one clue per full read of poem so you’d have to read it nine times to get nine clues?

    • twingem,

      When I read the poem i picture multiple images/concepts in my head about what the poem is trying to convey.

      Although I don’t know how, I could see each one potentially being a clue.

  6. @Yiga & @pdenver,

    Yiga, re your question: “is there is a way to move from the last stanza to the line that says take the chest and go.”

    Yes, or at least I think so. That same thing bugged me three years ago and it took me a couple of months to see it..IMO.

    I’m sure others figured it out before, and have since. Thankfully no has it posted it to the “public” (read as “lurkers”) who do not participate in the forums.

    I don’t know if my interpretation is correct or not, but if you are so inclined I will share with you and pdenver. You both are active here and seem like good folks.

    “pdenver”: it may shed some light, on what you expressed curiosity about, on F’s latest Q&A on Jenny’s site.

    LOL!! NO, I am not saying I have anything earthshattering to impart….it is a theory!…. Some I have expressed it to see merit in it, some do not!!! 🙂 🙂


    (that is mail I set up expressly for communicating about the Chase)

        • Ok colokidd,
          There is a beginning for every end.
          Good luck in your non F treasure search life, if that’s what you meant?
          So why are you here anyway?

        • OK Colokidd! From a fellow Coloradan, I can’t tell if you are in the end a well ways off and still searching or just all done with the Chase. I take it that, it has been an uphill arduous chase for you. Seems to me that, that half a rainbow avatar is pretty telling about your confidence. If the pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow, what pray tell is at the end of half a rainbow that you expect to find? A bag of …. Horseshoes? Just funnin with you colokidd.

          Oh, I get it. You are waiting for the green grass and light of long summer days to collect your treasure. I do not think you will find rainbows lit up in the deep woods. How about going old school with some smoke signals for us old farts when you feel the need to uncrave the treasure and hold it in your hands?

          All the best to you colokidd in your race to the finish.

      • The bigger question is Forrest’s recent response to Jenny Kile about the girl in India who can only get 2 clues online. This, IMO was a slip-up, is somewhat contradictory and should give people logical insight into the nature of the solve.


        • I think you might be underestimating f, he had lots of time to think about that question and respond. I doubt it was anything but intentional.

        • Well then, being logical:

          1) 2 stanzas = 2 word clues, then BOTG for the 9 lines? Well Fenn said -They got the first two clues and went right by the other 7 (not the secondary 9) also The girl in India can only get the first 2 clues online.

          2) 2 lines = 2 word clues + 7 clues BOTG = 9 clues. Since we know to begin at WWH and clues “are consecutive” then ATIITCD nets the 2nd clue word.

          So WWH and ATIITCD net the 2 words that get you to location. NFBTFTW means to travel. “From there” use the poem as BOTG navigator.

          -C Ginsburg

      • hey jake
        I havent been around for a week dealing with my dad and dementia. Know hes lost all memory so they put him in 24 hour nursing care. We think hes on his way out to meet my mom. She’s been gone for 11 years now. Anyway, the two “Horseshoe” means that this isnt the end just the beginning. Or as some say: the end is now the beginning.
        Been doing this for years and love it. On another trip this summer.

        • PM, or should I call you Tim?
          Subjects, as we people have a shelf life as we know. We all go down the river of life knowing the river comes to an end somewhere, whether in the ocean, lake or just dries up somewhere on land or wherever the end of our journey takes us.
          For every new beginning there is an end & every end there is a new beginning.
          OK, I have witnessed this somewhat squared sine wave in many lives as most.
          I gotta admit, live life to your fullest as long as you are a positive being & positively (Tony) influencing generations that are here now & to come. We all make mistakes. It’s how you deal with them is what solidifies the human compassionate experience.

  7. Just a word on the BOTG approach vs poem purist.

    On our first ever search a few years ago, my wife and I traveled to West Yellowstone in readiness for a hike up to Coffin Lakes (the end is ever drawing nigh). We assumed that, having established our WWWH at the confluence of the Firehole and Gibbon rivers, and our HOB at Hebgen Lake, the blaze would present itself during the hike. Of course, no such event occurred, and we must have checked out 1000 trees and almost as many rocks. Lower Coffin Lake was a washout (pardon the pun), and the climb up precipice-like inclines to Upper Coffin Lake (water high) was exhausting. The eleven or twelve mile round-trip was nearly too much for us – and we hadn’t packed sufficient water or signed a pact with the local ursine population.

    Thinking about it later, it was foolish of me to think that we could really have found the answers to clues on the ground, from a poem that has stumped tens of thousands of people. Of course, at that time we hadn’t yet heard many of Forrest’s hints (in particular, don’t go where an 80-year-old man can’t), and there would be no way we would attempt that kind of search today. The result prompted a more serious evaluation of the poem’s structure and content.

    It’s taken me a long, long period of further study to finally come up with what I hope is a watertight solution – and to finally understand that it really is all there in the poem. The mistake I have made on every other search is to leave loose ends, hoping that they’ll resolve themselves on the ground. I can’t stress enough how I believe that that is an impossible dream. So, for me, it’s BOTG only once I KNOW I’ve solved all the clues (at least in my mind).

        • We did the same botg! It was fun, lots of old logging stuff up there and a killer climb at the end. Matched up with the poem nicely too but definitely not doable twice in a day. What a great way to get a feel for the area though. Botg definitely makes this armchair searching more tolerable. 🙂 Found some very old blazes on aspen and some bear claw marks as well. Lots of history around there.

          • Yes, it’s a wonderful and serene location, Bee, but boy, as you say, what a tough finish! Once in a day was more than enough for this decrepit searcher!!

        • I can understand that 🙂 I am evasive myself. I don’t offer much of my solve here on the blog but I am going in summer and if my search is fruitless then I think that I will post it for all (maybe). I have a complete solve,yet I will feel unsure until I am there and in my spot.

    • Vox,

      I completely understand your position. However, I think you must allow folks to have different opinions than the solution you now hold. Statistically speaking, there’s a greater chance that your solution is incorrect altogether, or in part, and someone else who is thinking a bit differently than you are, has the correct view on things and therefore the correct solution.

      I have learned to be less dogmatic as I have aged and more understanding of other’s views on things. I do not think you are meaning to be dismissive in your comments, only sure of your solution. I truly mean to you, good luck with that. I do hope someone finds Indulgence soon so that those of us that have been puzzling it over will know if our “line of thinking” was on or off, and if off, by how much.

      If you don’t come home with the treasure this “looking season”, I hope you stick with it, adjust the way you are now thinking and move on to your next possible solution. Of course, this is all my opinion.

      • swwot, you make a very good point. Sometimes it’s difficult to know how one comes across to others, and although I don’t mean to belittle anyone else’s solution with what I hoped were simply logical pointers, I can see that it might appear dogmatic.

        As far as the chances of my solution being correct, they are of course statistically close to zero, and yet I know I couldn’t come up with anything that feels more correct, even if I spent the rest of my days on it.

        I think that it would be better for me to bow out of here until I’ve been on my trip. I don’t think I can contribute much more without giving away stuff that’s too hard-won, and I find myself frustrated not being able to divulge some very important findings.

        So good luck to you all, and a big howdy to Jake from the 2′ schmuck! 😉

        • LOL voxpops,
          Did I really say that?
          I know I did & I wish I could take it back but it’s out there in the internet world.
          If it makes you feel any better, I am a stubborn schmuck myself. I believe in my solve more than I believe in god. We get so wound up in what we think is a solid solve, ignoring the little things that might derail our hopes. We are a confident, stubborn bunch where nobody can prove us wrong.
          Then the day comes for us to go get it & we have all failed but walk away with a great experience, for most of us.
          From one schmuck to another, don’t tell anyone when you find it. It would be the perfect payback for for all us Hippocrates.
          To be continued…..

    • Hey Vox
      First Thank You Jake. It was deep and to hear someone else speak a little does help. By the way Jake I’ve been reading some of your ideas and I think your not far off, just have to put some down on paper and see how it looks to you.
      Vox, best of luck to you..Don’t be fooled by f as he will never come right out in a book or clues and tell us what or where it is..He’s a fit 80 year old. He wouldn’t scale mountains but Im sure he would walk a distance and well you know… I have another solve so we will be heading back out this summer. It kills me though, every time I think I have it f comes out with Jenny and gets me questioning myself.. But I think at his age now that is all his part of being in the Chase and he;s enjoying every bit of it. Just knowing somewhere he got into someones head. what state are you heading to? I’m heading back to the N.E. part of N.M. Hope to meet some you out that way… I truly do not think it has anything to do with ooops gotta go good luck

  8. I am going to consult in a psychic. They know allot more about things than i do. It will cost me some money but I’m sure it will be worth it.
    First I have to find the one that is real & that could be a problem.
    Anyone here with true psychic abilities, please let me know about them.
    If you can tell me what I was thinking at the time I took this picture & maybe a little more about the area you may qualify. This place does have something to do with a clue.

    • Hello Jake. Do you feel a psychic would tell you where the treasure is at? They could simply go and get it themselves if they’re “that” good. One told a searcher they “saw” a boardwalk. You will not know if they’re good until it leads you to the treasure chest. Are you willing to spend your money that way?

      • I’m going to have fun. Seeing there’s someone on the bottom left of your photo, it seems you may have thought this was the place Mr. Fenn would have considered his “alone” fishing spot. Looks very peaceful. In the distance of your photo, it looks like a cross…behind the trees up front. Yes, you could have seen yourself there, too. This is an opinion, offered as a thought. 🙂

      • PD,
        That is me in the lower left corner. I didn’t think I was going to be in the video, yes it’s a frame in a video. I don’t expect a cross pole to be anything significant but could be wrong. There are wires on that cross. This area is a special area to someone special. Are you physic or just very observant?
        So what am I thinking at this spot? You can click on my name above & send me a private.
        Please keep it clean.

        • Just observant, Jake. It is a beautiful spot you took the photo. I love the peak in the background. I can imagine hearing the sounds of the river. Pretty nice.

        • I’m going to go crazy and say you were thinking and reciting the poem to yourself. You got hungry and you were wondering where to go to eat. Am I close? 🙂

          • pdenver,
            I was thinking I could stay here in this beautiful place longer. I did not want to go back home to the treasure coast where i have been staying for a few years. You know when you visit a place & you know this is the place you would like to retire for the rest of your life. Well this is it. Unfortunately I had to catch a plane in Bozeman to West Palm Beach to go back to the non BOTG chase environment.
            Sad, very sad moment when your solve goes bust with BOTG being 2,000+ mi away from home.
            MT is too cold in the winter anyway. I will head back to this same spot in the spring or summer to enjoy the peaceful landscape & of course the creek.

          • I know that feeling very well, Jake. I’ve experienced places that I didn’t want to go back home to, either. Yellowstone is one of those places. My family and I have gone for many years and we will return again this year. I hope to visit some of the places Mr. Fenn mentioned. Each time we tried, our vehicle broke down. Rocky Mountain National Park is another. Absolutely beautiful. We camp there a few times a year. Just being in nature and surrounded by nature is amazing. The sights, sounds, and smells are pleasing to the senses and the soul. It must seem disappointing when you live 2000+ miles away, but remember what you truly did get out of it…beautiful memories. A different kind of treasure. It’s already calling you back, Jake. Enjoy it.

          • pdenver,
            I grew up and lived in Loveland for 40 years, was in high school when the first flood hit that area. In 1974 I went on my first elk hunt in the mountains surrounding Estes Park. The places around there still hold fond memories for me, just to many people nowadays.

          • Hello JL. I agree, Estes Park has grown tremendously over the years. I do miss the quaint town when I was introduced to it in the late 70’s.

    • “Heavy loads and waters high”. Power lines and high water.Where on the Firehole,I do not know. Not my search area.
      As for what you were thinking than….”how the heck am I going to cross this river”. 🙂

      • onuat,
        The heavy loads are high & the water high is low as you can see.
        Wheres your search area?
        The river was only a foot high when this pic was taken in Oct.
        You have many references as to the height.
        How short are you?

    • I think that you were following the telephone lines down into the mountains in the background, but I’m not a psychic. I’m just taking a guess.

      • Well that was a good guess alopes, but I’m not sure there are such things as telephone lines in this day & age, maybe com lines, considering all these cell towers around now. Where do they lead to anyway?

        • You got me there 🙂 I don’t know. In the green yonder? Good luck with your search, Jake. I enjoy reading your post.

          • Alopes, they may lead to the $-green-$ yonder. Those lines are heading towards Yellow as in West Yellowstone, but I don’t think they make it there, which s a good thing considering they dirty the landscape along the Gallatin. I would not want to see any man made objects on this drive except the road.
            I think the 5th clue is around here somewhere.

  9. Jake Doesn’t sound like a great idea to get a psychic. Re-read the poem again; the clues are there as per FF. And pdenver, your leading him on with an imaginary cross

  10. Did any of y’all find that home of Malcolm’s I mentioned in the previous set of the 9 clues post? Do you think it makes a good hoB for the Taos area? Malcolm Brown is his name. He was an artist age 70 something, died a few years ago. It’s for sure IMHO that ff knew him.

  11. Just keep in mind what Fenn recently said. If someone from India who spoke good English with a good map, they could only solve the first two clues.

    Thus, “Begin where Warm Waters halt” and “Take it down the canyon below” are the only thing that can be found from home.

    Also he said that he only had one spot in mind for the treasure. That Yellowstone had many memories from his childhood, but he is happy with the spot.

    This means in my mind that he is saying it is not in Yellowstone. A lot of people who read the book make the assumption that since he has so many memories there, it must be his special place. I disagree, it would be too obvious. He said his book has subtle clues, something that can be easily overlooked.

    I have one state in mind, only one. The state he has spent most of his life in, which would give him plenty of opportunities to find a special place.

    Also, think about it, in nearly every state, someone would figure out the clues just because they would be familiar to them. But a state with a low amount of people per square mile would probably be a good place.

    • From what I recall, I dont think FF said she (the girl from India) could only solve the first 2 clues. He said that the closest she could get to the treasure is the first two clues.
      There is a big difference.
      She could solve the whole thing maybe, but the closest she could get is where she is, in India.

  12. I have found those subtle clues Travis; but your rational about a low amount of people per square mile might be doable but not the exact the reason.

    • To say you have found those subtle clues without having the chest in hand is a little bold wouldn’t you say? This blog is littered with people claiming they solved this thing. Just my take, but until you are holding the chest you cannot be certain. There is always doubt.

  13. Watson: “The game is up, Holmes. Lestrade sent a telegram not moments ago. It seems that Moriarty disguised himself as a little girl from India and stole the map. There’s nothing to be done. We’ve only got the two clues. All of the others are lost forever.”

    Holmes: “Come, Watson, collect yourself. The location of the treasure was never on any map. Think! The little girl From India, she was there all along.”

    Watson: “Not on any map? Really, Holmes, how did you deduce that?”

    Holmes: “Elementary. The treasure can not be found on a map, my dear Watson, simply because it never was. You know my methods, Watson. The game… the game is a-foot!”

      • Holmes: “You amaze me, Watson. Why would you put boots on the ground in any other place than where the treasure actually is?”

        • Sherlock, Surely, we would need a miracle to put BOTG where the treasure is. I deduce your findings to put BOTG within a couple of miles from the scene of the crime seeing the Fenn one had to do the same.

          • A couple of miles on a map, and B’sOTG are totally different. When one physically see’s the obstacles in front of him for a few miles, it won’t reveal the final clue.

          • I never mentioned a map Debi.
            Although they are different things, You need to find heavy loads & use your imagination for water high to put BOTG IMO.
            Not the first 2 clues, I am just playing along.
            It’s kinda fun.

        • Whose was it? His who is gone. Who shall have it? He who will come. What was the month? The sixth from the first. Where was the sun? Over the oak. Where was the shadow? Under the elm. How was it stepped? North by ten and by ten, east by five and by five, south by two and by two, west by one and by one, and so under. What shall we give for it? All that is ours. Why should we give it? For the sake of the trust.

    • Ahhh, but the blaze can be found in India! Follow the sordid passages, see the blaze below Mt. Baldy.
      Sherlock “The story of a bald headed man”
      ““WE FOLLOWED the Indian down a sordid and common passage, ill-lit and worse furnished, until he came to a door upon the right, which he threw open. A blaze of yellow light streamed out upon us, and in the centre of the glare there stood a small man with a very high head, a bristle of red hair all round the fringe of it, and a bald, shining scalp which shot out from among it like a mountain-peak from fir-trees.”

      Excerpt From: Arthur Conan Doyle. “Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Stories: Volumes I and II.” Bantam Classics, 2003-08-26. iBooks.
      This material may be protected by copyright.

      Check out this book on the iBooks Store:

      • Or…if the first two clues direct you to the “treasures” which are the memories in the book….that girl in India might be SOL with only the poem and a map.

        “All you (assuming “you” is an average human) ‘need’ to find my house is the address” true and correct grammar/not considered a misleading statement to make.

        “If you (assuming “you” is an average human being again) ONLY have my address and a globe you will probably never get past the first 2 clues” (my country and state) again true and correct grammar, not a misleading statement.

        Sure one can make them contradict…but not in context of the questions they answer.

        I think the issue with the girl
        In India is the ‘question’ regarding her assumed she ONLY has the poem and a map…and the first two might just tell you to read the book (which has its “title” printed in “gold” literally) ….which she can’t do since the question eliminates possibility of her being able to.

        I swear I remember someone actually named India discussing this very concept of the first two clues stating one needed to read the book to locate the “treasure” and “riches” hmmm….I wonder what ever happened to that crazy cat? I’d almost swear she mentioned something about that “chest” on the back cover too…..hmmm- I wonder if it’s the same girl!! You think? Lolol

        • Jamie,
          You bring up and interesting concept/thought.
          Your address analogy of not getting pass the first two clues seem to fall in line with all this discussion of poem vs. book.
          Fenn as stated many times in different ways you ‘don’t need’ the book you ‘need to decipher the clues in the poem’. Yet, at the same time tells us to read the poem over and over and ‘read the book’. Contradiction? or straightforward statements?

          It may just be as simple to that, little indy can’t get pass the first two clues because the book has the missing D [ knowlege ], and your thoughts on “title” to the “gold” means just that… the word that is key may just be “title” reference the book, and you need to decipher the poem that tell you the book is ‘the answers he already knows.’

          Honestly, that is the best explanation I have read to the poem vs. book, in favor to the book is a must. The poems clues deciphered ‘not from the book’ but ‘back too the book’.
          Just the opposite [ mirror image] of what we [ your average person ] is doing. WE have been looking for answers in the book, on map, in research, when the ‘answers’ may just be ‘the poem’ with the book ‘holding the puzzle.’ not the answers.

          Which bring us full circle; read the book, come to the poem/read the poem, decipher the poem that tells you the book is the puzzle… no need to read the book TILL you understand how the poem works.
          And now back to fenn’s comments; you don’t need to read his book, you need to decipher the poem ~ that somehow explains ‘how to read the book’.
          OR like a map… the poem is the key/legend to the book/map… talk about bending and twisting words! The poem has all the “information” to locate the treasure.

          AAAHH ! crap… if that is all true? All ya crazies could be the smartest of the bunch. lol … your just reading the book wrong. The poem MAY just be the Challenge to the book being the directions/map.

          Thanks a lot Jamie… as if I didn’t have a migraine before [ insert little yellow guy with spinning eyeballs ].

          • Seeker et al,
            IMO, the book will help to confirm that you are on the right track once you have found the correct track. In other words, the book contains subtle confirmations/or hints that when put together with the correct interpretation of the poem, help to validate that interpretation. Also, IMO, the book only helps with the first two clues…after that, we are on our own.

          • Yeah I know what ya sayin Michael D, That is how every post and solution to this challenge read as thus far. The poem hold all the hint, clues, answers, path to follow, places, locations, etc. Been a big advocate to just that myself.

            I posted a comment on ‘odds and end’ as this thought is not about the clue perse, but a method.

            This will not be everyone’s cup of tea. as it pertains to the poem more as a key to how we need to re-read the book “again”… opened for discussions on other possibilities… then what everybody [ from what I have read over the years ] thinks how the poem is interpreted.

  14. Getting closer…..means nothing except in horseshoes. I’m tAlking about making a solve. She can get closer to all nine, for all I care, but that’s not solving the poem

    • See how wrong that is TRAVIS …. ff did not say some one from India could only solve two clues. He said ..’she cannot get closer than the first two clues. (Closer.)

  15. I would like to touch on the first line of the poem if I may. First of all, the following comments are only my opinion and I only use the poem, and the poem only.

    “As I have gone alone in there”

    This line looks innocent, but I think is anything but. This line means to me that either Mr. Fenn went alone “in there” if you think the narrator is him, or someone else is doing the “talking”. Let me say Mr. Fenn is doing the talking in the poem and go from there. So he’s gone alone, “in there”. The ” in there” suggests to me that he’s pointing to us where we need go, as when someone asks for directions of where something is and we point them out the way, arm and index finger extended and all others tucked in. All lines may have to be used in conjunction for the stanza to make sense but I’ll get to that. RC.

  16. Let’s revisit bystander term.

    “It might be better for me to move father away from the story Jenny, but I have never been a successful bystander.”

    “I’m a bystander now.”

    • Haha- such fennspeak…. like the lotto slogan “you can’t win if you don’t play”…..
      You can’t be successful at ANYTHING if your just a bystander and don’t even participate….and forrest certainly has never been successful in things he didn’t participate in.
      Then he says he’s just a bystander now….well of course!! He doesn’t need to participate in hiding the chest now….he already won at that. There’s nothing left to be successful at in hiding it anymore period. He put it where he wanted. He was 100% successful already. Now he’s a just bystander….with a sheepish grin…as nature conceals it even more 😉

  17. The bystander effect says that the number of the group determines whether you help of not.

    As a rule if you are part of the right group people will help you, but if not the conformity factor is greater than the urge to help.

    Seems like Randy’s dissapearance trumps this bystander effect. Perhaps he is a recognized part of the group?

    • Why did I think a bystander was a person that was present at an event but not an active participant?

      The bystander effect involves group mentality, but it’s more just the more bystanders the less likely any given person is to help when they witness an emergency.

      I.e. If you are the only one to see a car accident you are much more likely to stop, look inside, call 911 etc. the more ppl in the “group” on the highway the less likely any one is to intervene and step out of “bystander role” as they assume someone else already has/is/will.

      In a “non-emergency”, or when people aren’t actual witnesses to the event (like with Randy, or, for example a homeless person on a sidewalk) where we didn’t witness the actual event that caused the aftermath…humans are more likely to Intervene based on the amount of Information (whether true or not) just amount of information they have about the event.

      Thanks to dal, blogs and these selfless people like Cynthia and Sacha searching and pumping out so much information Randy’s chances of help has increased exponentially in the second category.

      Just a news story and nobody like dal to offer a platform for searchers to publicize their acts of kindness? Sure, Randy would still have help but nowhere near the amount. I’ve heard Cynthia, Sacha, Forrest, and so many more upset when they don’t find him…truthfully though if they weren’t pumping out so much info Randy’s percentage on the second group would be minute. They are the true angels behind him being found no matter who actually locates him.

      As far as forrest saying “I am just a bystander now” I think, in context, he means that he did his part in hiding/concealing the chest…now there are still flash floods, hurricanes, etc. that may move/conceal/change its spot however he is no longer an active participant in concealing it. Aka- he is a bystander as far as the topic being discussed was concerned.

      All just IMO (sorry, I’m a psych. buff and love social phenomenon and mass mentality)

  18. Ser Amantio di Nicolao… look up this Wikipedia editor… pretty sure it’s Mr. Fenn….

    Now anyway about the 9 clues so here goes… I think Fenn is playing us… here is why

    Look at the poem close… look at the misspelled wordso and then look at the capitals that aren’t suppose to be there… which leads to this solution

    Abberitions at the edges… 9 clues to lead you to the answer

    1. And (Are) and hint or riches new and old

    2. And

    3. Not

    4. The

    5. Just

    6. Look

    7. But

    8. Just

    9. And

    Blaze is answers because it should be “answer” in the sentence

    Effort will be worth the cold

    “If you are brave and in the wood (misspelled)
    I give you title to the gold.”

    And Answers Wood

    Now, I’m not sure this is the final answer but I’ve done a lot of traveling (maps)
    Looking for the solution and have come up with quite a few…..

    BUT go look at that Wikipedia name…

    • ??? What is misspelled in ” If you are brave and in the wood”? Sorry but I don’t get it.. I’m not smart enough. 🙁

      • And is misspelled at the start of the poem in the line of And hint of riches new and old… it should be Are… as grammatically incorrect… and if you follow that other words shouldn’t be capitalized… because some follow a comma

      • Should be “if you are brave and in the woods” always used woods as a plural for Forrest… never wood

          • Yes, it was purposeful! In the context of misspelling… that is what I’m saying… And Answers Wood… And is misspelled Answers is misspelled and wood is missplelled… did any of you guys look up that wiki user I had talked about? Look at his writing style, look at the poem on his page it looks likes Forrests different words but all capital letters at the front! I’m not crazy!!!

    • Tony, I’m very curious as to what makes you think Wickipedia’s most prolific editor and respected administrator Ser Amantio is Forrest Fenn? If so, he’s one of the most productive people on the planet with 1,622,000+ Wicki edits and extensive content to his credit. It would not surprise me. Why don’t you pose your question to Forrest here or on Mysterious Writings?

      • Look closely… at the page, read the bio…. look at the poem next to his name on his bio. It looks exactly like his poem in his book… Forrest would never admit it… he’d say I’m crazy… I’m just saying I found clue 2 over a year ago on Wikipedia and did some investigation about it, sent him my solve and he told me I was “nearly wrong in everything I said” so I moved away from that as a clue continued on a different train of thought… I come back to it like couple days ago revisiting my first solution and BAM the link to the “thrid” clue had disappeared and it was edited out… LITERALLY the next day after he had said “The little girl from India can not get closer than the 2nd clue”

        I find that to be too incidental… What are the odds????

        • Trust me, the odds are higher than you think. I’ve had the same thing happen multiple times and I know Fenn is not spending every waking moment editing wiki pages. Every page on wiki was created by someone and their passion for editing those pages and keeping them accurate would surprise you.
          Fenn is not sending you junk mail at home, sending spam, sending magazines, editing wiki pages after you email him, creating fake web pages, posting as others on blogs and anything else we give him credit for. It’s all coincidence and you should do a test to help you understand confirmation bias.
          Think of a specific place in the Rockies and then analyze everything you see or hear for a connection to this place. You won’t make it 5 miles down the road without seeing a street name that is connected. You will see spam that is connected and blog posts, Fenn scrapbooks, magazine articles etc…
          Even at work I think my boss is secretly working for Fenn because of the words he uses. He knows that I know that he knows Fenn. (but my boss just thinks I’m nuts – LOL).

        • Tony,
          I don’t know anything about wiki… Buy I do know the weekly word with ff were given prior to the releasing. Jenny K. Places them each Friday…

          If you go to WWWff, someone asked about just that in one of the first few releases… So I wouldn’t hold to much faith as to being incidental.

          • Other guy blew up my hypothesis with “Steven Pruitt” being the editor… however the wiki edit occurred after the weekly questions… 1 day after… regardless of when he answered…

          • Tony,
            My bad… You referred to the Q&A about the little girl. Yet it still stand with timing of its release. Fenn had those questions at least 10 days prior. Sent them back to MW’s, then Jenny post them.. You would have to ask her for the exact time line… If you think it’s important.

          • Right, but what was edited would have otherwise been useless unless it was a clue!!!! That’s the problem I’m having!

  19. Hi Dal, Goofy, maybe Forrest, and the rest of the Searchers

    Time to have some fun with the clues!!!!!!!!

    I’m going to share a big AH-Ha for some, maybe not for others.

    I hope this will be a Paradigm Shift for some of you.

    DISCLAIMER UP FRONT: This is all in my humble opinion.

    Dal – may I humbly suggest another topic for discussion:

    “Four Cards and a Joker”

    You can use this as the introduction if you want and if it has merit to you or you can see what Forrest thinks of it.

    On page 5 Forrest says: “Fate (Final Result, Act in a Particular Way) deals you four cards and a joker, and you play whether you like it or not.”

    1. In the Book.
    2. In the Poem.
    3. In your Boots on the Ground Search.
    4. In other articles Forrest has written.

    I will use some examples to begin this madness to change how you think – this is one of my contributions to the search (I have had other posts that seemed to be ignored but were some helpful hints). It does not matter what means you are using to solve the puzzle – all of them can be applied to this information – whether they are the right way to solve or not.
    These JOKERS will change your thinking, change your direction, and when you think you are at the end of the search they will begin you on a NEW leg of the search!!!

    Oh – IMHO

    1. In the Book.
    First – how many are in the Fenn family on page 31? 4+1 – Who do you think the JOKER is?

    Another example: not as straight forward (part of the thinking process)
    Same page: Bessie has four legs – what is the fifth or JOKER leg?

    Page 38: Straightforward = Four meadowlarks and a Scissortail = 4+1

    There are many more examples in the book – Can you identify them and post your findings?

    2. In the Poem.

    Don’t want to give away too much here but the right thinking will help you find WWWH.

    OK: Here are two other words that are JOKERS in the Poem but you have to figure out why:
    a. Been
    b. But

    3. Boots on the Ground.
    To recognize some of the JOKERS you will have to do this in order to see what is a JOKER and what is not – you have to figure it out!!!

    4. Other Articles – ie. Scrapbooks, Mysterious Writings, etc.
    NO I am NOT telling any of these to you – too big of a clue!!!

    Have fun if you want, post your findings for others, and look at some things differently – just trying to show you how I believe Forrest thought when designing, writing, and hiding the chest.

    Not too much here but maybe enough to whet your appetite for more knowledge : )


      • That is how he thinks. Practice finding them in the book then it will become easier to see the others as you cross that path.
        Think of Yoda and Shakespeare and the Syntax they used in speaking and writing : )
        ie. Tired you are. verses You are tired.

    • Lone Aspen, IMO: I found an example of 4 cards and a joker in TTOTC on Page 97. Looking at his glove he would have seen 5 “digits” (digits meaning 4 fingers and a thumb). The thumb was the “joker”. A “joker” doesn’t necessarily tell a joke – a “joker” can do something amazing like: hid Philadelphia, do you agree?

      I can not figure how any of this ties into WWWH. But this is a fun theory that you shared with us. Thanks for sharing.

      • Your right a Joker does not have to tell a joke, it can turn you around, redirect you, try to confuse you – IMHO you will need to recognize those in the poem and search as it will save you a lot of time.

        Book practice will help you see the different forms it takes – what about Skippy’s graduation picture ? What do you see?

        The Lone Aspen

  20. I forgot what the subject was… Can I get a piece of the gold if I give you any info that sends you in the right direction?

    First I think anyone who is thinking in terms of telephone lines (being part of a clue) or a certain tree (having a blaze on it) needs to remember that Forrest was thinking in terms of someone being able to find it in a hundred or even a thousand years. Wires get moved, trees burn down… I just don’t see any of those being used to as a specific hint.

    Some of you focus on certain poetic techniques as possibly being a clue. I’m not saying that it can’t be, however I wouldn’t spend months trying to figure out some nuance or clue in capitalizing words at the beginning of a line – I see it often in poetry. It is usually just a style. If the words weren’t so common though I could totally see that.

    I’ve heard people use the term “I spent the day in the wood” instead of “woods” And wood is also plural. In poetry people with often work really hard to have a perfect rhyme and having an “s” on the end of woods could make some people cringe. Once again I can’t swear that the lack of “s” isn’t important because I am working on an idea to do with that. At the same time I am not going to focus too much on believing that it has to be a clue.

    I also feel like saying there are 9 clues makes people focus too narrowly. I feel like some clues have more than one part. That there are searchers who might be tossing out important clues because they feel like “I’ve already found the 9, so the rest isn’t that important.”

    While I don’t feel that you NEED the book, I do feel like the book will teach you about Forrest in so many different ways, and that will help.

    • Google the Wikipedia user I talked about earlier… Also write the poem on paper and then look at the Grammer errors and misspelling errors… I think there are “answers” to the poem or multiple solutions.

          • Hello Tony. I’ve done exactly what Mr. Fenn had suggested we do…read the poem over and over. In addition, I have read his books. I’ve made three different trips to different places; one in each state, except for Montana.

          • I think you have it narrowed down to the correct state pdenver,
            It’s a big state. It’s the Treasure State. Are you headed to West Yellowstone?
            I hope to be near there in June, maybe sooner somewhere near the power/telephone lines. No, I don’t think those are clues, just a by the way point.

          • I’ve noticed changes in a clue that I had emailed to Mr Fenn earlier that was wiki edited like I had stated literally 1 day after Jenny posted to her blog. The information deleted served no purpose in being deleted unless it was a clue… also tracing it back to where it was deleted isn’t possible because of the amount of edits the guy does… the intersting part is i alreday know the information past that clue and have a blaze for it as well…Fenn also knows i have that blaze as well, so if there were four solutions “Fate deals you four cards and a joker and you have to play them whether you like it or not” question is why are other things gone as well??? Im not the only one who has noticed!!! and this quote comes to mind “Two people can keep a secret, if one of thems dead”… meaning the wiki editor is Fenn and the guys bio is a fake one…. allowing him to lead the chase in any direction he sees fit… because it gives him plausible deniability!!!

          • Hello Jake. I’ll be on vacation in Yellowstone this year and plan to go into West Yellowstone. The two times I’ve gone, our vehicle broke down and couldn’t do the exploring as I had hoped. Let’s hope the third time’s the charm. While doing research of West Yellowstone, I did find a power line that caught my attention, but not sure if it was going to lead me to anything else. Just a beautiful surrounding would be a definite, especially when I connect it to West Yellowstone and Mr. Fenn. Google Earth doesn’t do any justice to any of the areas I’ve been looking at. Northern Montana has caught a little bit of my attention, but I haven’t paid much attention to it as of late. There’s was something I saw on Google Earth and when I returned days later, I couldn’t remember what exactly I saw, so I couldn’t find the exact spot. I should have taken notes. This happened several months ago.

          • Dig deeper on the guy who edits wiki…. he has a page on linkden… but it says he had work history and claims he was unemployed on his page when writing about himself… remember Fenn said “Two people can keep a secret, if one of then is dead”!… also I looked on the alumni page of Williams and Mary college and could find no “Steven Pruitt”….

          • The problem I have with this treasure hunt is “scrodingers cat” about certainty… that its impossible to be certain….. the whole did he hide a treasure or didn’t he, is the cat alive/dead?

            Wikipedia it… trying to copy paste isn’t working….

          • Hello Tony. It seems you feel strongly that Steven Pruitt is Mr. Fenn. Has the poem directed you to the chest? Do you feel confident you can go and get it come Spring or Summer?

          • Almost… again I’m down to 3 solutions and one was regarding the things being deleted… and one offers a “consolation prize” and one I have a picture of what looks like a chest on the ground… fits the dimensions… of course it could be a rock I’m confused if the solution deleting is an attempt to distract or to hide my first solution

          • LOL… Steven Pruitts LinkedIn profile disappeared…link still there but you can’t look at the profile anymore… pictures gone…

          • Because of my nine clue solution… that only involves the poem… and some of the things I find talk about hoaxes, stories, making yourself rich as you want…But also some of the other stuff I find tells me he made a bad barter and got some stuff that was illegal to own…so I’m torn if he’s lying or telling the truth…

            Again, how can we be Certain he hid a chest full of gold?! It’s a faith based conclusion… which we all know its impossible to prove a faith based conclusion since Forrest is the only one who knows the truth !

            Forrest flies fool fish……. read with out the 2nd f….

          • Tony, to answer your question we cannot be certain he actually hid a chest of gold. I would think that is the first question every person ask themselves. If you think it is a hoax or publicity stunt that is fine; many people agree with you. If that is the case then you are wasting our time as well as yours.

          • Hello Tony. I can see you’re in quite a dilemma. I wish you the best of luck with your decisions in which solution you choose. I have three places I’ve been working on. One is screaming at me, one very much has my interest, and the other I wish I could pull more information from it because it seems to fit the poem, too. Decisions, decisions, decisions. The Thrill of The Chase! 🙂

          • Hello Jake. I guess there will always be doubters. Whatever happened to the Code of the West? Taking people for their word? Honesty? A good ol’ hand shake? I sure hope that doesn’t get blown away in the dust. What a shame the world would be in.

  21. IMO someone is very close to the winning solve if they don’t already have it, I am seeing some strange things over the last 24 hrs.

  22. I read an account of what it was like in the 1957 earth quake in MT. Rocks where flying thru the air , trees were bending over from the wind created by the Huge amount of dirt moved in an instant, trees snapped in two, smell of pine fill the dust filled air and water rose 12 foot higher in the lake. It buried people in a campground with 90 feet of boulders and water.
    The part about the rocks, trees, and wind are very much the way ff described what he expericenced inthe bombing in the jungle.

    • Forrest was in the Air Force. In Germany at that time, but he told me he camped in thAt very campground, and his parents were in West Yellowstone at that time.

      • Hello Musstag. Could Mr. Fenn have meant that he “had” camped at that very campground, but he was in Germany and his parents were in West Yellowstone at the time of this event? What are your thoughts?

    • ThAt should be the 1959 Not 1957 Earth quake. It did create several large features that did not exist before. The Quake Lake. And , I think, the largest earth slide in recorded history . They call it the Slide.

      • There are a lot of this that could fit the poem. I remember someone has even paddled around in quake lake , among the ‘wood’ . Not me , I am not that brave. ( dead trees sticking out of the water in the lake are the ‘wood’) . They gives me the shivers. I searched it 3 days. I would go back, but not in a boat in That lake.

        • I should say that IMHO those dead trees sticking up out of the lake could be refered to as the wood…

          • To me it is a spiritual place, some of the bodies where never recovered and the memorial sits above the visitor center. Mother nature is very unforgiving and brutal. Maybe that is a reference to meek.

  23. Do I remember right when I recall that ff has sez the Chest is Not on top of a mountain? That would fit well with the story about Olga in ttotc book wouldn’t it?

  24. About the blaze and looking down… Maybe you are not “at” the blaze, but you have found it (see it) , maybe off in the distance (IE:,I know a waterfall that you can see from a distance of several miles away) , so when that happens, you are to look down, or maybe >south<

    • Musstag- my thought is you need to be standing above “the blaze”. And “look quickly down” means look down right where you are, not down a hillside or the bottom of a waterfall… Has anyone ever heard FF say if you can, or can not see the blaze on Google Earth?

  25. Dal, when you’ve had opportunity to speak with Forrest about his Air Force career…has he disclosed the meaning behind his “Litter 81” pilot’s handle? It would be interesting to know its significance to Forrest. Thanks.

      • Locolobo,
        Thanks! Gr8 2 know. Perfect is a tall order, but “Litter 81” fits Forrest as handsomely as his brown cowboy hat.

        Distilled/decanted down to a glass of clever and fun. 😉

    • Yes, but you are not going to like his unromantic explanation.

      I asked him if he had a nickname in the AF. He told me that he did not. But remember there are two kinds of nicknames for pilots, personal nicknames and tactical nicknames. Forrest was telling me that he did not have a personal nickname in the AF.

      But he went on to say that pilots did have tactical nicknames that were assigned for each F100 sortie in Vietnam. Just as the mission had a nickname so did the pilots flying that mission. For instance if the next mission was known as Shepard, the pilots might be known as Shepard12, Shepard13, etc. So Forrest’s nick, Liter81, was just temporary and applied to that sortie only.

      By the way for fixed wing aircraft a sortie can be thought of as one mission.
      i.e…take off, go bomb that target, and then come back to base = one sortie. Pilots could fly more than one sortie a day. They were assigned aircraft…so they did not always fly the same F100 when they went up. If you could fly one F100 you could fly any F100. So you were assigned whatever plane was available.

      In helicopters it was often different..a crew typically flew only one ship until they turned it in due to battle damage. Then they would be assigned another ship. And their sorties were often counted differently. For instance, a helicopter might take off and head to the battlefield stay there in support but never land and then come back to base. In the helo world that was typically two sorties.

      Aside from those differences there were also slight differences between the way different groups were organized…Navy, Air Force, Marines, Army, Coast Guard…they all flew in Vietnam and their flight operations were each slightly different,,,not enough to cause chaos but different enough that pilots in other branches may have had permanent nicks…but I only interviewed Forrest about that question so I would not know how the other branches assigned tactical nicks.

      • Dal, thanks. Really appreciate your insight. VN and the horrors of war are never a pleasant discussion. It’s amazing to me that Forrest survived being shot down twice.

      • Hello Dal. Thank you so much for this information. I had no idea what was involved and how the pilots got their nicknames, etc.. To learn the tactical names changed each time really is informative and makes sense.

  26. I sat down to skim the blogs and say VoxPops has checked out for a while. Sorry to see him go, he had interesting thoughts.

    I agree with all the Joker talk. I told my wife that and she said “That’s just mean”, then we both had a good laugh. We need “Joker vision” for the chase. But hay it is FF’s game, his rules. Weather we like it or not we play the jokers but discard them as soon as possible. Or play them if it’s worth it.

    We are planing our trip home this year and of course we will in in the mountains north of Santa Fe. We were thinking of leaving it at that. But then I thought Hey, why not add a change – Boston with the train. For a short length time at the end. Has anyone done that?

  27. Dal, one additional question..has Forrest ever spoken with you about losing a child? I realize my question is personal and if true, would be painful. I only ask because I believe it may be the who and why behind ttotc.

    • lia…perhaps we are on the same wavelength. However, just recently the word “twin” keeps appearing front and center in my brain.

      • Dal & Ellen,
        Thanks for your responses. I doubt it matters in solving the poem, but if true may be relevant out of respect. Hope you both enjoy your day.

      • Lia, If forrest wanted to share this….he would of wrote about it in his book. But he did not. He wrote about alot of things, but some things are just too private and personal. This is one of those things you just don’t bring up, unless he does. IMO.

        Lou Lee Belle, who has lost a 9 year old son and……. I lived to tell the tale of our story and chased by Bears in Jellystone park. Love you Forrest.

  28. Lia,
    IMO, I don’t believe it’s a child like your thinking, but a special person who’s relevant to the area that Forrest has chosen to hide the chest. Only him and this person might have been to his secret spot or at least the general area, two can keep a secret if one…….and I’m not referring to Skippy. Bur

    • Hey Bur, How have you been. Searching any since I saw you at McDees in W. Yellowstone? I have not been. Fighting off a cold the last several days, so I was 0n a chase binge… I am still mostley interested from the Firehole to the EarthQuake area and then the Enchanted circle of NM and maybe to its west and north just a little.

      That chest make me think of that area of Taos… It looks like cliff dwellers.

      I am also interested in Voxpops account of his trip to Coffin mountain. Which route did they take and if there are other routes, or just as good, interesting spots from where you can just SEE the mountain.

      I remember ff said he did not like to use soap in the hot spring, to not change nature, so maybe Coffin Mountain and nature would tolerate a ole man and his treasure…lol

      • Musstag,
        Yep it’s been awhile, I’m doing good. Been on a few searches mostly solo and one with a partner. I been just staying quite for the most part because I tend to put my mouth or should I say fingers into my search area if I write. I have been wanting to answer a lot of the questions brought up when other are asking why to help clear things up but again then the answers would lead back to my “solution” or solve. I have always like that area your in but mine has change since then. I read your comments when you post and remember some of the areas you were looking when we met. I’ll be back out searching again come some snow thaw, I believe all of my research has finally lead me to somewhere very promising. Well good luck Musstag and maybe we can do another coffee down the road sometime. Bur

        • Well let me know before you head out to search again, Ok? email me Any time… the address is my user name at yahoo .com Send me an email when you see this, so we have each other address.

    • …..and I’m not referring to Skippy or any member of Forrest family, and to a person much later in his life IMO. Bur

    • That should be at 27.10, not 20.10 anyhow its all there, all you need to find the treasure…. in fact he tells you “exactaly” how to find the treasure…. with just the book and the poem, no map at all needed.

        • The Brown Trout will move into their home streams and tributaries to spawn during October and November

          The Brown lives as long as it does by hiding at the first sign of movement. Once hooked they tend to be stubborn fighters going deep in an effort to run underneath a fallen tree or rock.
          Give the Brown a try.

        • This river is not out west, but the lines above this and below are
          ” fly fisherman lingo”….. A fighter like the Brown deserve to be known as Brown.

          The Caney Fork River is the perfect home for a this particular breed. The Brown Trout prefer a slower flowing water with lots of minnows, however they have been known to take up residency in small, swift streams and creeks. Brown Trout grow faster and larger than the other species of trout.
          The Brown Trout will move into their home streams and tributaries to spawn during October and November. Ideal conditions for spawning are a gravely bottom at the head of a stream, with a temperature range of 44° -48° F.

  29. Does anyone recall FF saying- if you are within 12′ of the TC you could see the chest? I saw this on the blog somewhere and I cant seem to located it. Thanks

      • Iron Will,
        With this quote it would seem safe to assume that we do not need to solve the poem down to a 10″x10″x5″ location as some of the poem purists think? How many agree or do we still need pin point accuracy?

        • You’re approaching this with “street level” imagination JL. That is something Forrest once boasted about having an advantage over others. I will try to break this down as systematic as I can.

          …Forrest has declared that no one with “happen” across this chest by chance.

          …Forrest has declared that no one will stumble across the treasure.

          …Forrest has declared that no one will get out of the car, walk over into the woods, and walk to the treasure.

          …Forrest has declared that earth cannot hurt it, but wind could affect it under the right conditions.

          What follows is my logical analysis of all these and your earlier statement combined, and is only my opinion….

          1. THE CHEST IS NOT IN WATER. This is not a feasible option, due to the fact that wind could never affect it, yet earth could hurt it. And, everywhere in the Rocky’s , streams flood at one point each year. a 42 lb chest would EASILY be moved by spring flooding waters, or covered up completely by underwater silt and gravel, from those floods.

          2. THE CHEST IS NOT BURIED. This is not a feasible option, due to the fact that wind has no way to affect a buried 42 lb chest, and you could be standing 1 foot on top of it as it’s buried beneath you, or even 3 feet away 6 inches under the ground and you would never know it was even there. The 12 feet rule applies here.

          3. THE CHEST IS NOT LYING ON THE GROUND. The third statement rules out this possibility (see getting out of car and walking quote)

          The ONLY position the chest could feasibly be in is…

          1. SITTING UP ON A TREE. (people have tried to point to a statement of a second hand statement from Dal about an email from someone who wrote Forrest saying, the chest is not IN a tree but is surrounded) This is not a direct quote and should be discarded as anti-evidence.


          Personally, I believe it to be up in a tree. And I think I know why. I believe it’s possible the blaze is not an “F” or “FF”, but actually an “S”…. for Skippy.

          • To expand upon the SITTING UP ON A TREE. He said it’s not likely if a person was within 12 feet that they would not find it. Imagine if the treasure is 25 feet up on a tree, and you are climbing a ladder and are at 16 feet. You’d be within 9 feet, and at that point you’d know its there, because you were deliberately climbing it to get to the chest.

          • Iron Will
            You said “You’re approaching this with “street level” imagination JL. That is something Forrest once boasted about having an advantage over others”

            LOL I don’t know if that is a compliment or not. Can you direct to where you found this statement?

            Logicaly everything you stated makes sense, Most of it I agree with and we both reached the same conclusion in the end. Can I ask how much time you put into developing your conclusion? It seems you have put a considerable amount of thought into it.

          • Hello Iron Will. In regards to the treasure chest being in a tree, do you feel the tree could stand the test of time of approximately 500-1000 years?

          • Iron,

            Get out of my head 🙂

            I agree with your analysis with the exception of the treasure being up in a tree. Don’t expect me to expand to much on that as i would be giving to much of my theory away.

            A tree can be burned down or uprooted both of which IMO could displace the chest.


          • Hello Iron Will. I’d like to comment about #2, in regards it’s not buried because wind couldn’t affect the treasure being buried. Let’s say the treasure is buried in the sands at The Great Sand Dunes and winds over time uncovered the treasure chest. Still considered buried and having winds affect it. What are your thoughts?

          • Sorry guys,

            Trying to figure out some of your thoughts but I need to understand one thing first. I know ff has said that the chest is effected by rain and snow but when or where did he mention effected by wind?


          • JL it’s not an insult. Just an observation…

            “But this time I was mad … mad that he’d ask me to do it again after I’d just maimed myself, and mad because with his street level imagination, he thought I wouldn’t try.”



            pdenver, yes easily. They’ve found Juniper trees at Mammoth Hot Springs 1,500 years old. Many coniferous trees can grow from 500-2000 years old depending on the species. (see my Mysterious writings response at the bottome of FLY ME TO THE MOON)


            Seannm, There are species of pine that actually “build up” a fire resistant bark which allow them to stand a forest fire. But to be honest…I have a feeling this particular tree is standing alone with no others present to help burn it. ANNNNNND…… remember the chest. How ironic is it that it depicts men climbing ladders to reach their “treasure” or “reward” on the castle of love. 😉

          • That’s a stretch Iron, but I like the thought. My question would be “how did he get it up a tree”? 42lbs is heavy, especially for an 80 year old guy.
            To think he took two trips to the car, one for the chest, the other for the ladder? A lot of needless walking around. IMO of course. And I would think he wouldn’t be climbing trees.
            Behind the waterfall, you would have to be close, leaves out the 12′ rule. If you’re 12′ but on the other side of the waterfall, you would not see chest.
            So, we are left with hidden. IMO.

          • To be honest pdenver, Forrest said he took all of the elements into consideration when hiding it. There really is no reliable way to find a chest even with the poem if its buried in sands of New Mexico. I was in Desert Storm for 8 months in the Infantry, and our only topo map was grid lines with yellow everywhere. No land features at all, because the winds would ALWAYS change the landscape. Of course that’s just my opinion, so it is possible but slim.

          • Hey Charlie thanks for chiming in on this. I can tell you this… It’s my opinion that one trip was to get and set up the ladder, and the other trip was to get the chest take it up the ladder in a pack and place it on the tree. My Father is nearing 75 and he can climb a 20 feet extension ladder, at 16 feet high with a chainsaw, and trim limbs off the tall trees in his back yard. I’ve seen him do it. Did you see Forrest in some of those video interviews where he was walking around his house and back yard? He was carrying Tesuque in his arms(about 20 lbs), and it was not taxing to him at all. he was strolling along casually with the reporter.

          • Hello Iron Will. Thank you for your service in Desert Storm. Our neighbor served in it and he was a medic flying in the helicopters.

          • With that explanation Iron, it may be so. I would ditch the waterfall idea then, left with up a tree. Very well possible. If he rode a horse, he would have a lot of options. I have it hidden in a tree stump, but, may very well be up a tree. There would definitely be no paddle.

          • Good chatter here. Imo, it’s no place for the meek. I’m only 5’4, I want to head up the scree, papa wants to follow the sheep and he’s 6 ft. Wish I could bring pepper, my gold sniffing dog. She’ll follow me anywhere. But alas, forrest said to leave our pets at home. I wonder, does shiloh have a dog?

          • I appreciate that guys, but to be honest… I was just doing a job. Somewhere into my service, I realized that I was just filling a position for men of higher stature than me. If I could one day grow old and look back upon my 12 years of service searching for some respite, it would be in knowing that all the people like you were kept safe from outside threat…under my watch. And in an ever politically evolving and hostility provoked world we live in today, maybe that’s the best I can hope for. That, and “thank you”‘s from each of you.

          • Iron Will,
            My military career seemed fairly uneventful and 2 months into it I had to ask myself what was I thinking.

            One evening while watching the sunset over the Pacific I was interrupted by a vehicle crash behind me, I pulled three people out of a burning pick up truck that evening. Those three survived and I imagine they went on with their lives and family. I would have never been there if I had not joined the service, one never really knows how some seemingly insignificant situation affects others. In my opinion now forty years later just stepping up to bat shows a lot of character.

          • Yiga, right here….

            Mr Fenn, in relation to the final resting place of the chest, which of the 4 natural elements (Earth, Wind, Water, Fire) would mostly compromise it resting? ~ James

            I know what the question is. I don’t think earth can hurt it, under the right conditions wind might affect it, it’s probably already wet, and look at what fire did to the twin towers. Nature makes her own rules, James, so I try to not be absolute when talking about her.



    ff stated he hid the chest 15 years after getting cancer, that was in 1988, so 15 years later would be 2003.

    Does anyone know what year ff hid the chest, because i keep hearing he hid it when he was 79 or 80 YO?

    • All,

      I have had the same question for some time.

      See link time stamp is 14:42.

      He says it was 15 years from the time he got cancer to the time he hid the “treasure chest”

      I wonder if this was a slip by Forrest meaning he got the years mixed up? Now i know what he has said he did (two trips from his car, in one afternoon and all) but is it possible that he hid the “chest” (2003) and then the contents at a separate time (2009-2010)??

      This may have given him some time to observe just the chest to ensure it wasn’t disturbed over the next 6-7 years and to confirm that the location was secret enough to cache the contents.

      Does this change anything about the location or the poem, NO. But it may just, may lend some credit to the distance from the “put in” the the chests location or how far Forrest walked with 20lbs. One trip one time to secret the chest, maybe a couple times over the next years to check on it, then the last time to secret the contents.

      One Key Theory i have is that Forrest always has said that the spot he choose to cache the treasure was a very special spot, dear to him, fond, special ect.. Now I myself as well as many others I’m sure have thought that meant the exact spot he hid the treasure. I now theorize that the general geographical area (I.E. Rocky Mountains or a specific National Park/Forest) that he cached the treasure may be special not the actual precise location.


      • Sean,

        It is my opinion that Mr. Fenn bought the chest long after his battle with cancer. Others that are more up on that fact will probably chime in and shoot down your theory for good, because they have a known purchase date.

        However, I had a similar thought and posted it here on Dal’s blog somewhere last summer, that I would not be surprised if Mr. Fenn did hide something of value in his hidey spot with a note attached to it to see if anyone would find it without any poem or clues. After a good long time of nobody turning it in, he placed Indulgence there, as he knew nobody “would stumble over it” without direction given by him.

        It is seemingly more and more likely that the only known living person, Mr. Fenn, knows where this spot is – and if another person did know where this spot is, it seems to be that that person or persons is/are diseased. It is indeed a special spot to him.

        • swwot,

          Yes i remember the discussion last year about Fenn possibly placing a placeholder item in lieu of the treasure to verify if his spot was indeed secret.

          My only reason why i bring up this theory about him placing the chest there one time then the contents in a separate time is to maybe justify distance that the treasure is located from the “put in”. If Forrest did hide the chest and the contents at separate times it may justify a greater distance. If they where done at the same time it would IMO mean a shorter distance.


          • all,

            Here is another tidbit that has lead me to this theory:


            Time stamps 10:35

            Forrest says (and i paraphrase) “you just can’t step out of your car and walk over into the “woods” and walk to it”

            I like his mention of “woods” in this interview.

            IMO Fenn is telling us it is a bit of distance from the “put in” to the chest and by distance i mean more than 200-500ft.


          • All,

            I know I’m rambling on about this topic but it just seems “logical” to me that chest isn’t going to be within 500ft of ANY road. I don’t want to give specifics about my theory as to where the chest is located any longer. I will however share things that may get others to “think” about what i believe to be the common sense notions in what Forrest has said or written.

            These are all paraphrased:

            There isn’t a man-made trail within close proximity to the treasure

            No one is going to stumble upon the treasure

            No one is going to happen upon the chest

            You just can’t step out of your car and walk over into the woods and walk to it

            Whoever finds the chest is going to earn it.

            There are many others!


          • I agree with you seannm,
            500′ is too close for comfort for 1 major concern.
            1. You or Forrest would hear traffic being that close, whether it’s a truck, car, 4 wheeler. How very special that would be? NOT!

      • Seannm et al, re: 15 years Moby Statement…I sure get my years confused sometimes! I have to stop and think, every since the year two thousand, events that happened in the 90’s and events that happened in early part of the 2000’s, now we are in 2016 already….as many times as I’ve listened to the Moby interview that is the first time I paid any attention to the 15 years from the time of cancer statement, doesn’t make since to me, he showed the chest to friends just a few years before hiding it and his wife knew it was still in the home within 18 months (one comment) and/or 10 weeks or so in another comment….must be a mistake about 15 years….I personally feel the special spot and the chest are the exact spot, not the same general area…..IMO….good discussion. Maybe the 15 years is from time of complete recovery….1988 + 5 = 1993 + 15 = 2008 followed by book release in 2010….anyone?

          • Really cool Seannm, thanks! Wonder how much the finished chest weighs? Needs to be lined with wood then it would be perfect! So much work goes into the creation and art. Not that many viewers, less than 540 since April 2013, wonder if FF has viewed it? Another video for the bookmarks!

          • That’s very weird. A duplicate chest, made on commission. I can’t make out the reply address on the email 🙂

        • I agree with Cholly with the timeline of when Forrest hid his chest. 1988 cancer diagnoses plus 5 years to be considered free from relapse brings it to 1993 . Then he states on bookstore video that he hid the treasure 15 years from the time he had cancer. That year would then be 2008.

          • @Cholly,

            That Video show put dome reasonable doubt in our mind that it is possible that the actual chest may have been hidden in 2003, what “chest” remained in Fenn’s vault under the red handkerchief who knows.

            IMO It is now possible that Fenn showed the “treasure contents” to friends prior to caching them it in 2009/2010.

            BTW that chest the MAX-CAST re-produced weighs 45 lbs according to their web-site. What will scramble your brain is is who emailed him, when and for what purpose was it created??


          • ARNOLD-
            Forrest told us that he hid the chest when he was 79 or 80. We know that he was born in 1930. I think my simple brain can do that math. He turned 79 in August of 2009 and he was 80 in August of 2010. The chase began when Forrest published the poem and book which happened in the late summer of 2010. By that time he claimed the chest was hidden so it seems most logical that he hid the chest sometime between August of 2009 and September of 2010.

          • Forrest was very definitive on the time frame as he mentioned the officers who came to his house about the accusations of illegally obtained artifacts (the charges were later dismissed) did take pictures of the chest in his vault. (I can’t remember if that was a scrapbook or interview where he states this.)

            We know this event was when he was 79 and therefore the chest was hidden when he’s 79 or 80.

  31. I have not seen a comment from Mr. Fenn about someone having deciphered the the third clue. It would seem obvious to me that he would comment on this third clue rather than the fourth. Maybe once someone find the first clue the following clue is part of it, and the second clue becomes part of three. I do not see any other explanation. IMO. RC.

  32. Simply an opinion from the simple minded here…
    after Forrest watched a million acres of pine trees completely torched in the 1988 YNP forest fire, I can’t imagine he placed his TC in a tree…unless it’s next door to the National Smoke Jumper training facility in Missoula, Montana. Along those same lines, the white pine bark beetle destruction and possibility of logging make trees too big a risk.

  33. I feel it’s in a rocky niche. Don’t care when he hid it, but do know he said carried part by hand, part by back pack. Someone here may have actual post. But all that is irrelivent…how, when don’t seem to matter, to ME. the why, where do. Too many irrelivent facts cloud the water for me. Rather use my brain on relevant facts. 🙂

  34. Also, in my notes, I wrote F saying if his dad were alive, he’d know where he hid it..I don’t keep site listing for the quotes, just the fact that he said it. I know Goofy or other more archival searcher will have that info.
    Maybe this is who (Dad) he’s referring to when F said “two can keep secret if 1 is dead.” That’s one of my “why” facts.
    Be safe

    • Donna-
      Please do not quote Forrest if you cannot back-up your quote. I have never heard Forrest say that. I feel that is more like a rumor than an accurate statement.

      But if I had to make a bet…I’d bet on Donnie being someone who may have known about this hiding place. Not Forrest’s dad. But that’s my opinion, not a fact.

        • I am referring to the’ two can keep a secret if one is dead’ comment and only that. If I misunderstood what was being contested, forgive me.

          • aha! Dal, you need a delete button for people to take back their dumb mistakes. I reread it and I see now that I was mistaken.

  35. Hi Donna;

    I agree with you re not caring when ff hid his treasure, I only care about where he hid it. What difference does it make “when”? Did he carry some by hand, some in a backpack? Who cares. He drove. He got out of his car, he made two trips in one afternoon. He was 79 or 80…NOT a GREAT distance. NOT in a dangerous place. What else matters? I only have a certain number of brain cells, and many of them are hibernating for the winter. So let’s KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid (me = stupid). Good luck to all

    • JD & Donna,

      I completely agree with both of you that it doesn’t matter “when” the treasure was secreted only “where” it is secreted.

      To quote myself:

      Does this change anything about the location or the poem, NO. But it may just, may lend some credit to the distance from the “put in” the the chests location or how far Forrest walked with 20lbs.

      My ramblings were nothing more then an exercise in thought, a process to help ascertain the distance in which the chest is from the “put in” and what we can logically expect a 79-80 year old to accomplish in one afternoon.


  36. Sean-

    You still confuse me with your “put in” statements. The only “Put in” in the poem is “put in below the home of brown.

    This is followed by “meek” “end is drawing nigh” “Heavy Loads and water high” and the blaze. THEN the hidey place. Is it you opinion that everything past hoB is all in one place? Help, I am confused.

    • JD,

      My definitions and theories as to the poems wording is much different than most and some have never been mentioned in this or any other blog. “whispers” maybe.


  37. JD, Sean, I think it’s near walking distance to HOB. F said we’d walk right to it if we knew HOB. Also, I feel the 3rd stanza describes exactly where it is, near HOB. You park at HOB, hike. I know “water high” is in reference to a stream. F said he’d throw his bike in water high…fly fish terms, both of them!
    As far as “hear me all…”, I feel F KNEW he would be giving out verbal clues, that he’d be around to do it. The original poem could have omitted the last stanza, the stanza #4 ended with his bones, then #5 attempts to explain his reasoning. F’s answers are so rehearsed, script like, he says the same thing, I feel he had them ready for after he released the poem. He considered “everything”, so why not his answers.
    Hope I helped with what I feel are logical opinions.
    There is an angle I have worked out, rather crazy but within his parameters he stated in the no codes, numbers etc comment. I’ll pass it by F, but won’t get an answer, he won’t confirm those.
    I was surprised it matched the solve I’ve worked with for 3 yrs!
    Be safe

    • Donna,

      “Once you think you know everything your education begins”

      I heard this somewhere from someone in my life and it has stuck with me.


    • Donna M.
      Didn’t the prior Fennborre groups scour every inch of riverbank above and below Christ in the Desert? I wouldn’t make a 4k mi round trip just to look there, oh wait, actually I did.

      • I,’ve been there also. I told ff, he said the Monastery would make a good blaze wouldn’t it…. but he did not seem to know about the Burning Bush spot further down that road. Where ff lives the blocks are very large but about one block away from his home is a another Monastery….

  38. this is just my opinion – that put in is the location of where he hid the chest and that’ is at heavy loads and waters high

  39. Sean – Interesting perspective. Good luck with your search. You have been working on your solve a heck of a lot longer than I have. You are probably more correct than am I. I guess we shall both see in the spring or summer. Again. good luck

    • JD, IMO and IMO possible solve, no place for the meek IS a dangerous place, and Forrest IMO literally walks you to the TC, this all IMO, and at the end of my solve Forrest will know for sure that you have the winning solve, you may or may not have TC but he will know 100% that you have the solve, IMO the weather may keep you waiting and biting your fingernails that someone else doesn’t beat you to it, and the shear thought of knowing but not knowing if it is still there is very exciting, like I said IMO, he will know for sure that it has been solved, now I hope that he comes forward and says that it was solved but he doesn’t have to, IMO I hope he does, it brings some excitement, I remember him saying that if a handicapped person gave him the final solve he would go get it for them, maybe he will do this for anyone that is handicapped that for sure has the final solve, everything that I have said is all just IMO possible solves and for anyone that may have solved the clues 100% will know exactly what I am saying.. I will not intentionally try to mislead anyone at anytime.

      • Yes, it really really sick that I can’t go now….. like I’m gonna be sooooo disappointed if someone has gotten the chest before me… like the day before or something… man wouldn’t that be a bummer….

  40. I believe that F said, if he told us where HOB was, we would “go right to the chest.” IMO, it would not necessarily be a comfortable walking distance.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

  41. IMO and possible solve, remember when Forrest said that when the person had the possible solve that would know it, I cant express that enough of how true IMO that is, I did not hardly get one wink of sleep, this one of greatest moments of ones life, now all this is just IMO, but this man is so cleaver and the lengths and thought that he has put into this are TRULY AMAZING, and a few parts are even comical, it appears that he likes being a little prankster at times but never misleading!!

    • were you speaking of yourself on the 13th post with this “IMO someone is very close to the winning solve if they don’t already have it, I am seeing some strange things over the last 24 hrs.” just curious, or did you solve it within the last five days and if so would you mind sharing which state? new mexico or new mexico? this is all of course just IMO

  42. Hello Everyone. I’d like to post a discussion about what may be the first clue. I have felt the first clue was in the first line: ‘As I have gone alone in there…’. uken2it and I had a discussion last night in “Key Word” and it was about “alone” vs. “Enola”…….. “Enola” is “alone” backwards if some have not noticed. There’s the Enola Gay, which had the 12-man crew on a secret mission of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The bomb was nicknamed, “Little Boy.” Mr. Fenn’s mother, Lillie “Gay” Simpson Fenn, carry a hint? Colonel Paul Tibbets named the Enola Gay after his mother.

    Has anyone searched these areas?:

    Tibbets Drain, Goshen County, WY

    Tibbets Gulch, Sheridan County, WY

    Tibbets Creek, Powder River County, MT

    I would love to hear your thoughts, please.

    • I think I just found my first rabbit’s hole. After looking at the three places I’ve mentioned, it looks like neither would be considered in the Rocky Mountains, unless I have the wrong map. 🙂

      If there’s still something I’m missing with this thread, I’d love to hear it.

      • There are mountains called The Little Rockies. Not sure if they are high;lighted on the 4 state map but I believe it might be on the the border where the color starts to fade 48.001336° -108.598397°

    • My thoughts, you have done what you were instructed NOT to do. A knowledge of history is not needed. Only geography and the poem. A good map can’t hurt either.

        • Pdenver,

          Its ok to follow those rabbit holes and i commend you for acknowledging that.

          Good judgement comes from experience
          Experience comes from bad judgement

          Only by making mistakes do we learn. Several BOTG searches have taught me many great lessons.


          • Hello Seannm. I strongly feel the first line is the first clue, as well as, in my solution. My thoughts wondered from it last night and went down the rabbit hole. I need to pay attention and not get distracted. Definitely a bad judgement call on my part and have learned from it.

          • pdenver et al,
            pdenver I understand that you are not accusing me of your being distracted,

            I would never intend to distract or divert attention away from somebody’s solve. I want you and others to know that when I post things it would be because I think it might be helpful. This is true of me, but what I post is always in my opinion even though I may forget to note it. I have never been even close to a worthy solve to travel to the search area, so I intend to spark a conversation with like minded folks and not distract others. I appreciate your posts pdenver and wish you good fortune in your search.

          • Hello uken2it. Please know what you posted was never a distraction, and if my response came across that way, please forgive me for it wasn’t meant to be. When people post things, I love reading what they have to say and it makes me wonder if they know something I hadn’t considered or may help confirm what I believe in my solution. I feel confident in the things I’ve studied and found over the many months, but still have the curiosity of a cat. When I start having doubts, then I’m in trouble. It’s like a self talk, but sometimes it doesn’t work. It’s my own fault for doubting my studies and solution, no one else’s. It’s like being on a diet and walking by a pastry shop…the temptations are there. 🙂

          • pdenver,
            I understand and I didn’t feel you meant to complain or accuse. I have enjoyed reading your posts and especially notice your positive and polite posts. I am pretty open to sharing anything with others and would be happy if it helped somebody find the chest, although it would be way cool if I found it. Best to you pd.

          • Hello uken2it. When you posted the reverse or mirror image of “alone” as “Enola,” I found it fascinating. I never considered looking at the poem in such a way. I find what you have to offer is brilliant and you have as good of a chance of finding the chest as anyone else, if not more so. Do you feel the first stanza gives you the direction of where to search? A state? I’ve read how some searchers feel the “new and old” associates it to New Mexico. How do you feel the first stanza helps you? For me, it gives directions of which state to search.

      • I believe Forrest said knowledge of American History.
        But geography is the study of the lands, the features, and the inhabitants. So local history as it relates to the 4 states would be correct.

    • Never even heard of these areas pd & do not have any plans to visit them. So, you won’t have to worry about me searching these areas.
      My focus is on Madison & Gallatin Counties. These areas have been patchwork scrubbed but I think there are areas that have not been searched yet. There is one particular area in Madison County that really catches my eye & my tongue.
      Good luck pd.

    • If you like backward clues, try out ISA Lake in Wy YSNP, reverse of ” As I ” …As I have gone alone… same line as you speak of, Its on the CD and its where the Firehole river begins.

    • I copied this from that link above, 70,000 people died in an instant, 70,000 more in the next years. Terrible. be sure to read the last line below.

      A survivor described the damage to people:

      The appearance of people was . . . well, they all had skin blackened by burns. . . . They had no hair because their hair was burned, and at a glance you couldn’t tell whether you were looking at them from in front or in back. . . . They held their arms bent [forward] like this . . . and their skin – not only on their hands, but on their faces and bodies too – hung down. . . . If there had been only one or two such people . . . perhaps I would not have had such a strong impression. But wherever I walked I met these people. . . . Many of them died along the road – I can still picture them in my mind — like walking ghosts.

      People need to remember, I am like You, You are like Me.

    • Hello Rob. For me, the first stanza holds some very important information and where to start. Others would disagree and feel it begins with “where warm water halts.” One of my solutions screams to begin at the first stanza, where my other solution agrees with “where warm water halts.”

      • To people discussing the first stanza or paragraph, I find there are 6 hints hidden that you can find IMO.

      • Imho, the 1st stanza is a Intro Only. Here’s why. He sezs all you need is the poem. The poem was first, before the book. It could have turned out thAt the book never got written. But the poem was written, so it HAS to tell you what it’s purpose is. It’s about treAsure and only use my clues to find it…. that’s what it’s purpose is.

        • So, review the poem, IMHO, not all of it are clues. Remember, what if the book was never written, the poem must also explain itself and give the clues.

          • Maybe the poem is doing both, including the first stanza, and that’s why it took so long to complete.

      • After reading the post about Enola, and Leona, I have to say that there is something there that aligns with my solve. I had the solve and this is just a confirmation for me. I would not begin it near where Enola or Leona comes into it. I know this is vague but maybe it will help. You seem to be a very nice person pdenver. As always, IMO.

        • Hello alopes. I’m glad to hear the information was helpful for your solve. Thank you for the complement; I give the credit to my parents. Good luck with your search.

  43. just out of curiosity. Anyone ever just go with the last word of each sentence?
    kind of interesting.

    there bold, where old.
    halt down, walk Brown.
    meek nigh, creek high.
    blaze cease,
    gaze peace.
    go seek?
    know weak.
    good cold,
    wood gold.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that out of the whole poem, the two lines that seems really forced are WWWH and F,BTFTW

    Every other stanze the endings rhyme well except walk and halt.

    With all the time he took to write it an perfect it, he still stayed with halt and walk.

    I wonder which word or line was the key and could only get the other one to match.

  44. Might also be interesting to note:

    The fourth stanza of TTOTC, lines 2, 3 and 4… begin with the following initials of a US president whom was in office during the Vietnam war.


    A “Johnson” County in Wyoming was originally created as “Pease” County in 1875. ( Not too far from “Saddle string” WY.

    • Hello SL. This is very interesting. I hadn’t noticed the fourth stanza in that way. One of my solutions deals with this subject and the place I search. I know other searchers have the same thoughts. I’ve witnessed they have been to this special place, but unfortunately, in negative ways. I cannot explain any further.

        • Hello SL. I never knew much about the Vietnam War, only that it existed. My family protected my sisters and me from it and had us play outside, hence the poem I just recently posted. During this chase, I found a fantastic website that had details I couldn’t imagine. It took days to go through it. It brought tears to my eyes. Could this be the “warm water halts”? Maybe. That’s why I haven’t given up on one of my solutions. If this special place is too high in elevation, I will continue to go. I’ve been there about four times and it’s made a tremendous impact on me. I wish I could share further, but because others are there, too, it wouldn’t be fair to them. Mr. Fenn certainly opened my eyes to many things I didn’t think was possible.

  45. Hello searchers:
    BigSkip here

    I have been following the blog for some time, but haven’t participated in the “comments” too often as the subjects get to far out or repeated too often. But maybe someone can help me. I know FF’s comments about the TC being “hidden” for 500 or 1000 years and I can understand that. A well thought out plan on his part. But has there been any discussion about the longevity of the clues or instructions in the poem that lead to the TC? Will the HoB last 500 years? Will “no place for the meek” continue to be such a place? Most importantly, will the Blaze continue for that length of time? Are all these places, locations very permanent?
    Thanks for the opinions.

    • I believe that most of the clues could potentially last a long time… maybe not 1k years bease he says it will be harder to find in 3009

  46. Not sure if someone has asked before, but does anyone know if FF is of the Catholic faith? Just thinking about a comment he made in an interview somewhere ( sorry can’t remember which interview) about his bones being buried.

    • I don’t think Forrest ever said his bones would be buried..
      His family was Baptist when he was a kid.
      I don’t know what religious institution he sides with today…if any…

    • Hi Richard –

      Many moons ago a MSNBC reporter Tony Doukopil, quoted Forrest as saying that in this article. Many of us take a lot of what he reported at the time – with a grain of salt.

      Here it is………..

      Most importantly, when you’re scouting locations, consider that Fenn originally needed a space big enough to fit his own body. That’s because he planned to entomb himself alongside the box, and he still might. How serious is the idea? An earlier draft of the poem ended, “Then take the chest and leave my bones.”

      • To bring this into perspective… and paraphrasing to the best of my ability without looking it up in the Moby Dickens Bookstore interview… If I get another disease, on my last dying gasp, I am gonna fling myself on the chest and dare you to come find me.

    • @Richard, regarding your question as to whether Forrest is Catholic, please see his Viginette titled Reliquary. Here is the exact quote from ff himself, “Although I am not a Catholic I enjoy studying their colorful history and objects of veneration.”

  47. I seen someone post that there was a positive solve using a cipher. Does anyone know what state that cipher lead to? I mean yeah, I know ciphers won’t solve the puzzle I was just wondering if someone had some insight?

      • I had read about a positive solve but I don’t know if it was fact? Most likely not or others would know about it… and talk about it because obviously no one has claimed the chest

        • Tony, Just wondering what positive meant?
          Who said it was positive? The writer or the many readers?
          Positive can have many meanings depending on the context of the phrase or story.
          Could have been positive in a way to get the kids away from there devices & out into nature.
          Or, positive that someone has solved the poem & know exactly where the treasure is. There have been many of them including myself.
          I would like to sell you a bridge that has been sold many times by me…..

          • your right Jake. Tony I have had 11 [counting this one] positive solves. Pard’n the English. I live in Il by Chicago and the trips are not cheap but I won’t stop, rather, I can’t seem to stop. All of my solves are so perfect. LOL

          • I only have had one that I’m gonna go searching for…I’ve had like 6 or 7 solutions but none fit except this last one… I’ve tried to find a way to disprove this one but I can’t, so I’m going to have to go look…My solve even fits the Little girl from India problem.

          • Tony,
            In which phrase do you think the word that is key?
            I would have to say that it is not HOB. Tooo obvious the only capped word not at the beginning of a line.
            HOB is a distraction to me.

          • I’m pretty sure warm waters halt is the most important clue… even more so than the key word… because if you don’t have that one nailed down you might as well stay home and play Canasta.

          • Yea Tony,
            I am going out on a limb here saying WWWH is on the Firehole River near his bathing area. Yes a tourist attraction now, but not so much when the cost of a shower was 6 times more than your hourly wage.
            I am not playing Canasta here.
            I think I have the WWWH & there is only one canyon here.
            So whats your WWWH?

          • Yea, uken2it,
            But I haven’t ruled out Secret Valley Creek up the Gibbon.
            There are a few creeks down the Madison that are not named & at least a couple appear to be seasonal.
            I think Dal & many others have scoped allot of the creeks all the way to Hebgen & along Earthquake Lake, but I do like Rock Creek, just can’t get the poem to get me there yet.

          • more interesting to me is Boiling River on the 45th parallel. I have no solve with this and do not want to encourage others to change course, i.e. imo of many. hmmmm imoom. kind of clarifies that i am not focusing on this as ‘the’ solve.

          • OK, I have made up my mind.
            Booked flight to Gallatin Field, June 14th.
            Gonna give it one more shot at the bronze, hopefully to get the gold.
            “If I were standing where the treasure chest is, I’d see trees, I’d see mountains, I’d see animals, I’d smell wonderful smells of pine needles or pinion nuts, sagebrush, and I know the treasure chest is wet.”

            Up the Gallatin I will go past Big Sky.
            I can smell cinnamon.
            What do you smell after that?

            Hope it’s still there???

          • Boiling River
            in Yellowstone National Park
            “While Boiling River Trail is about as easy and straightforward as they come, the destination is completely unconventionally. The 1.25-mile round trip hike ends at one of America’s strangest swimming holes where a stream of water cooked by Yellowstone’s hydrothermal features mixes with cold river water. Wear your bathing suit and take a dip in this remarkable hot springs! The trail starts just north of the Montana border at the 45th parallel (halfway between the North Pole and the equator) and heads south, quickly entering the state of Wyoming. The dirt trail follows the west bank of the northbound Gardner River, a choppy flow that does not look too swimmer-friendly at the start. Boiling River Trail is hard packed, level, and wide, so this hike that can be done in swim trunks and flip- flops.”

          • My WWWH is not firehole river, but since I haven’t searched my area I’m reluctant to talk about my WWWH because I believe my solution is correct and I have it narrowed down to within 1 foot…and know exactly where I’m going when I go. I believe I have the winning solve. If not I will discuss further once I go and look.

          • Haha…. yes… yes…. they do… I have it narrowed down to within 1 foot of exactly where I’m going….

          • You and Tony have a few trips on me.
            I wonder, all the BOTG, how is it that none have gotten the chest yet?
            Yes 4 states is a large area but I think some have come within 200′.
            I’ll bet those that started the chase early on are backtracking to all the places they have been & are scouring the areas very thoroughly. I know I would.
            I have only considered 2 states & now I have it down to one.
            The Treasure State. IMO

          • Because even being within 200′ represents 125,000 square feet of search area if you don’t know which direction that 200′ is from where you are standing. In the typical Rocky Mountain terrain that is still a lot of ground to cover, especially if this thing ends up being buried (understanding Forrest has said repeatedly he doesn’t want to give that away as a clue). It’s an impossible task without knowing precisely where to look.

          • threerocks,
            It’s not impossible but not probable.
            There were searchers that only have to go over the same ground again spreading out to areas that make sense to the poem instead of starting from scratch.
            I know it wasn’t me being within 200′ cause I just started in late July 2015, but if I was one that started early & heard the statement F had made, I would definitely go back to the places I had already searched, especially if I was a woman that would faint although that statement could have been a aberration.

          • Jake: Impossible, improbable, whatever word sits best with you. Believing you might have been within two hundred feet over an average day trip looking for the treasure isn’t helpful unless you’ve got more information to go on. A single point is 125,000 square feet. A mile path with two hundred feet in either direction is 2 million square feet. It’s just not useful unless you’ve sorted out the clues.

          • 3rocks,
            Impossible means it cannot be done.
            Improbable means it’s possible but not likely.
            Either way, the odds are better for improbable, however slim they may be it’s still doable. IMO

          • Jake, you’ve got a lot of confidence and are obviously very active here. It would do you well to not engage with everyone here as if they are less informed or of a lower intellect. You never know who might be on the other end of that conversation.

          • Unfortunately confidence doesn’t get you the chest… I think Forrest wants you to be “confident” to get you out in the woods… not necessarily so you can find the treasure…

          • Out of all the solutions I have had this one has been the one I’ve been most confident about. I’m of the mind if it is not here then I don’t know where else to look…

          • Sorry 3rocks, I didn’t mean to come off as being more intellectual than anyone else, because I am definitely not. I don’t think everyone here is less informed. I am just exercising my First Amendment Rights, trying to keep my thoughts within Goofy’s guidelines.
            If I was worried about who maybe on the other end of the conversation, I would not be here.
            Yes, I am full of confidence & maybe also be full of something else. : )
            Anyway, I am beginning to think again that the 9 clues can be solved anywhere, but you obviously have to go there to retrieve it & my latest solve takes me to a very special place where you just can’t miss it if you follow the clues precisely IMO.

  48. I thnk way to much is being made of very little. Remember, ff said it’s (the poem) straight forward,….. I can,t continue to read thru some of this, but it’s hard to stay away. If something of substance comes up, some one email me…. gone..for a while

  49. I don’t think it’s good to go away.. I think some searchers think to deep into the poem…IMO, but there are things said that can cause you to think in different was, you just need to stay strong with your solve. Thanks Dal for this great blog.

  50. I am going to go out on a limb here. I am by far, not the smartest person who has ever posted on Dal’s blog. One thing I will confess, is that those few who do see the starting point in the poem, still have a very long journey ahead. When Mr. Fenn said it would not be easy, but not impossible…. he cannot read our minds. But so very true…BOTG since September!

  51. Has anyone thoroughly searched the grand chasm of Yellowstone? And wazz up with everyone leaving letters and words out there sentences. Some of you jokers think you are Fin don’t you? Well, there is truly only one Huckleberry Finn OK!

  52. Beep-Beep the picture of “Skippy holding a rock” was take at the lookout point of the upper falls for the Yellowstone river. Start of the canyon. The roads were closed when I was there in Spring 15, But I would love to search the area below the falls on the east side, “quickely dowm” from the rock. IMO of course.
    Good luck to all.

  53. All,

    Here is why i believe the little girl or no one for that matter can get any closer than the first two clues (first two sentences IMO) because it a BOTG search from there “put in”, “your creek” and “your effort” these key phrases or words IMO mean you physically must do them, not something than can be done on a map or GE, even if you can ID “Brown” “no place for the meek” “heavy loads” ect ect you still need to physically be there to move forward because you could possibly bypass WWH and Canyon down but you must “put in” to move forward and there are no short cuts from that point on.


    • But what about” I warned the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand,but sure for the one who did.”

      That kind of suggest’s your going to know before going.

      • Lisa,

        Based on my theory I cannot get any “closer” until i put BOTG past Forrests interpretation of clue #2. Unless i had a helicopter that dropped me off at the TC.


      • Yep, that’s exactly how I feel. Like I know exactly GPS coordinates where I’m going before I will have left my house. Don’t get me wrong if I had lived closer to the area I would have probably went and checked out the other areas that I came up with but it’s not just a 3-4 hour drive for me. It’s iterally a 17 hour drive to get out there… so not a trip I can take “as my whimsy takes me” 🙂

    • Hello Seannm. I believe it’s possible for both scenarios to not get any closer AND to know exactly where to go. All clues may be known beforehand, but it’s clues 7-9 which is the physical part of getting closer to the treasure chest. Can the little girl from India, a boy from Canada or anyone else for that matter, physically pick up the treasure chest from where they’re at? I know I couldn’t pick up the treasure with my bottom sitting here posting this. 🙂

      • Also, not even considering the logistics of travel. Of getting passports, visa’s, etc… to actually get here to go look even if you knew where it was especially being underage…

      • I’m pretty sire you can know all 9 clues before you go. I will test my theory later today! Also, I think you can literally go right to chest with all the 9 clues before you leave the hoise.

        • Well good luck with that, I wish you luck along with the multitude of others who know where it’s at. I hope somebody discovers it soon and lets the world know so I can save my time and gas money. So that I may return to trying to catch the largest Brown trout I can find.

    • Great discussion all,

      I believe that we must pay attention to key words in the those things that Forrest says, just as “correct” was the key word (in Forrest’s own words) in the whole GPS debate. I believe that the key word in the little girl from India discussion was “closer”.


      When you said:

      I’m pretty sire you can know all 9 clues before you go. I will test my theory later today! Also, I think you can literally go right to chest with all the 9 clues before you leave the hoise.

      I agree with you completely and that is whay Forrest has said:

      “I warned the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand,but sure for the one who did.”

      I too beleive that is is possible to know all 9 clues (IMO each sentences is a clue) before hand but one cannot get any closer (to the treasure, physically speaking) than clue #2 until they physically “put” their boots on the ground. I’ll state it again if you knew all 9 clues why would you go to WWH and walk to put in below the home of Brown when you could drive?


      • I like your logic, Sean. Others have (notably Jeremy P.) have put forth the 9 sentences as the 9 clues idea. And while that makes a lot of sense, I’m not a subscriber. Perhaps if it had been my own original idea I would be. Isn’t vanity wonderful?

        • Spoon,

          I try not to reference as clues anymore (sometimes i slip) because we all interpret them differently and it only adds to the confusion. I instead like to refer to individual key words or lines in the poem and give my interpretation to those. This is no different then changing my wording of solve/solution to theory.

          Only when Forrest speaks of clues do i associate them with individual sentences because i believe Forrest interprets them that way.

          I had once suggested that we create Stanza 1-6 topics to replace the 9 clues thread to somewhat focus the discussions and add some compartmentalization.


          • Hello Seannm. I believe “The Nine Clues” section would hold information for “Stanza 1-6” in discussions. For example, let’s say Stanza 1 tells the state and the general location for which the treasure chest may be found. With this said, it also states the first stanza holds two clues. This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

  54. “The Mountains Continue to Beacon me.They will always do that.” Looking for Lewis & Clark 3/27 2008 West Yellow Stone Park News

    The beacon might be considered a blaze. A particular mountain may only be obvious from the precise view from the location the prior clue brought you.

    Just a thought and not anything I have put to use since I have no search area dirt on my boots. If I was a little further west I’d be in the pacific ocean.

    • Dal, I had read it long ago but thanks for the reminder of this earlier interview. I had never doubted that Forrest hid the treasure so the quotes from some people who know Forrest saying that they saw the treasure and that it was no longer in his vault reconfirmed my belief that the tc really is out there for us to find.

    • It seems pretty profound that the word embellish is in the interview 3 times. When I looked it up, I was astounded. After all, Mr. Fenn has said we use words erroneously because we don’t look them up. All IMO.

    • Yep, Fenn was never charged. Explains my theory that much better. I’m almost certain that I have solved this!

      • Well if he was never charged that can only mean the FBI could not find any wrongdoing or illegalities? If they did suspect there was illegalities after the raid 2006, the surely would not give up. They would leave no stone unturned, this is the government where talking about here. You know: Guilty till proven innocent. If they suspected any wrongdoing even after the chest was hidden, I would think Forrest would be in holding. Just my opinion.

        • Right, but you’re letting logic distract you from the poem…. trust me, for a long time I was distracted by things that didn’t make sense…and inconsistencies in Fenn talking…

        • OK Tony, You have a good point there.
          The only quote I could find is this:
          “It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure. Is someone doing that now and I don’t know it?

          So maybe logic can only get you one important clue, but the rest may be illogical?
          It’s not easy for me or Spock to be illogical, it’s only logical.

  55. That depends on your perception? I mean logically one would assume that Fenn couldn’t make a trip in one day to any state except NM and be home before his wife knew he was gone and would rule out WY, CO, and MT but that seems a far cry to put that logic into play. See, logic distracts from the poem.

    • Good point Tony,
      But logic can narrow some things down a bit.
      Maybe being logical on everything, leaves no room for imagination.
      Well, we don’t know what state Forrest was in when he probably decided to go fly fishing (assuming). I think it’s logical, he was in that state or within driving distance to the location. Maybe 200 miles at most?
      The only thing I see missing in the last stanza is that he doesn’t say I give you the chest full of gold.

      • Jake – “live long and prosper”,

        So, I’ll pick up your line of thinking (pardon the pun) concerning fishing. Has anyone, or perhpas better said, can anyone look up in the four states in play to see whether or not Forrest had a fishing license in any of them during the hiding time frame? Seems to me, if he was going to use that rouse during the hiding hikes, he would do it above board and buy a license.

        If he did not carry a fishing pole while hiding the chest, then it opens up all four states. If he did carry a pole, did he buy a license? If he did carry a pole, one would have to deduce that he walked along a stream, creek or river at least part of the way to help bolster the appearance of an afternoon fishing trip, not the stashing of loot.

        Of course, all the above is speculation and my opinion as to what might have traspired.

        • Nice thinking swwot,
          I may need to hack into Fish & Game database & find Forrest. Second thought, there must be an easier, legal way to find out.
          I wonder how long they keep records for anyway?
          If your going to hide such treasure far from home (where the treasure was) you would not bring it on a commercial jet.
          You would have to drive it there. I’m thinking Forrest told Peggy, I am going on a fishing trip & will be back in a few days or something to that affect or maybe it was when he went to Cody for the annual meeting of board members for that great museum.
          Either way, you would have to drive otherwise the chest would disappear into thin air. All my opinion.

    • Logically it seems that most people think that being married means you have to be home every night. I must be illogical because I spend about 3 months of the year away from home and my wife never really knows what I am doing unless I want her to know. A person of FF abilities could probably get he chest to anywhere in the world and his wife thinks he is gone fishing for a few days. He would not be misleading anyone if he fished for 20 minutes and spent a day hiding the chest. It is a matter of not everyone needs to know exactly what you do at all times, when they ask where you been or where your going you just say fishing. IMO

      • Right, but following that same train of thought he talks and makes the argument about his and his wife’s singular space. I’m not saying all old couples stay together and stay at home but the most I know do especially if they don’t share the same hobbies. My dad has traveled most of his young life and him and my mom have been married 42 years or something like that… and after he traveled when he was young he never liked traveling as I grew up… he grew a custom to his singular space…. around things he liked and such… peace and tranquility… again I’m interjecting my personal experience. However, “it’s not who you are, it’s who they think you are”! So, I could be assuming 🙂 but I make the assumption as busy as he is with life that the San Larazo Pueblo must take a lot of his time!

    • Forrest and Peggy have business and/or personal ties in those States highlighted. Why discount any of them as being a plausible location of the Chest?

      Why rule out Peggy having been with him during a business trip and simply doing something else when Forrest was busy hiding the Chest?

      What’s logical about that? lol

      • Hello SL

        Absolutely nothing, except that he said Peggy didn’t know within 6 weeks of when he hid the treasure. To me that means she wasn’t with him because “as I have gone alone in there” . I would assume if they were together when he hid the treasure it would be suspicious that he ran off with the car and left her stranded. Not counting out Forrest’s creativity, just think it would be much more difficult to go with someone and sneak off… than to just go alone. All just IMO of course. Because again, we’re letting logic distract us from the poem!

        • Tony,

          I don’t believe that Peggy was with Forrest while he was hiding the Chest. They might , however, have been on a trip together in either a professional or personal capacity at the time.


      • Hello SL. You post an interesting question. If Mrs. Fenn attended a business meeting with Mr. Fenn, wouldn’t it have been difficult to conceal the treasure chest from her? I believe she may be the kind of wife that would assist her husband unpack his suitcase for him. Could it have been a day business trip? Possible, but not likely. Why? Now there would seem to be no need of having a suitcase, but for carrying the treasure chest. The business trip would have needed to have been at least an overnighter so he could hike in with his backpack, which he would have had to bring along during this trip, which is also what he used to carry the treasure chest. This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

      • JL, SL, Tony and all…………..

        I don’t know how you got on the subject of marriage – but I think a special wedding is a huge clue to the area. 🙂

        There are so many hints to a wedding…..

        1. My War For Me Chapter has a photo of Forrest and Peggy’s wedding (A rather unusual place to put it – don’t ya think?).

        2. The wedding occurred on the Fourth of July – remember all the 4th of July
        stamps in the scrapbooks?

        3. Did Forrest and Peggy attend – I think so.

        4. Is this when he decided “where” to hide the chest – could be.

        5. Hint in the poem words “riches new and old”.

        • Hello into. I found myself stumped on #2. Which wedding do you speak? I do recall the others, but this one. I know there’s a place in Montana that’s called Happy Marriage or something like that. I’ve considered this place during my previous studies.

          • Well, pdenver –

            I guess you want me to tell you where the wedding was? Not quite ready to give away the farm. If you find the area – it’s not too hard to find the wedding. It is not a wedding chapel or a normal place to hold a wedding – hope that helps.

          • Correction. I just found it wasn’t called Happy Marriage Mountain, but Bad Marriage Mountain. I wonder who named that mountain? 🙂

          • Hello inthechaseto. Thank you for your reply. I greatly appreciate it. I thought you may have been speaking of “the couple” who got married, rather than a place. There are definitely places on the maps that can relate to “marriage.” 🙂

          • pdenver –

            I’m laughin…………. a very unhappy person named that mountain. You aren’t really looking up there are you? It’s closer to your name ya know……..

          • Hello into. Glad I got you laughing. Maybe it wasn’t someone who was unhappy. Maybe “Bad” could mean what it means today? Something “good”? 😉 Okay, now you have me curious as to something to my name. Are you going to have me pull out all my maps, both paperbound and Internet, to figure it out??? lol
            No, I’m not searching Montana, but I do like to peek now and then to be sure I’m not missing anything. I have a couple places, but one of them is screaming, “It’s here!” 🙂

          • I am indeed speaking of a couple …….. and I do believe they will be important in your solve. I am not speaking of a mountain or anything like that. What I meant was – I believe you have to find the area first – before you find the couple.

        • Into,
          Does a wedding figure into all of it? Maybe, I could make a connection with that either way.

          • JL –

            That’s a very good questions JL………….. IMO no, it doesn’t figure into all of the final solve – just a part of it.

  56. Woke up this morning wondering if a finder of the TC would back track along the exact same way in to return to vehicle or would there be a short cut once the TC is found….been thinking about the chapter Tea With Olga a lot lately too….what difference did it make that the mountain top was covered in snow…No matter where the TC is hidden I’m determined to visit New Mexico first….IMO.

    • In my solution the route that you take is the shortest… both ways to and from… you can go the long way but I know Forrest didn’t… because he only walked a few miles… 2-3… and my spot comes in at 2.8 miles total between 2 trips from his car…

        • I hope…. I’m to the point if the chest isn’t where I’m going then I don’t know where else to look…not sure where else to focus my attention…

          • Ditto. … Good luck Tony! May the search be with you! You will find treasure, regardless! 🙂

          • I agree with all those who think you must really be on to something, Tony …from the way you’re talking. I’m kinda hoping you’ll slip up and spill the beans so the rest of us might stand a chance. 🙂 I’m guessing fat chance on that one.

            Maybe if we all pitch in and buy Tony a large, case of beans we’ll increase the odds that he’ll spill some. lol.

            On second thought …I don’t think I want to hang around a guy who has been digging in to a case of beans.

            Anyway, good luck to you, Tony. Whatever you’re up to Jumpin’ Jack Flash…I mean, Tony…I hope it’s a gas. I mean that.

          • I hope, I’ll find out shortly. Yeah, I can’t give too much away. But just keep up with the poem. I’m to the point I wish I could just know….

      • Tony, when you say FF “…only walked a few miles … 2-3 and my spot comes in at 2.8 miles total between 2 trips from his car” , could you clarify that, please.

        For your solution, are you saying that a one-way trip from his car to the hiding spot is .7 miles? Therefore, since he made 2 trips, the total walking distance for the two round trips would be .7 X 4 = 2.8 miles.

        Is that what you are saying?

      • I agree about Forrest not having to take ‘a long route’ in order to hide the Chest. During the course of his lifetime; Forrest has already been there and…..done all of

        It’s a Searchers turn to appreciate the experience!

        • Hello SL. I may be mistaken, but I think Mr. Fenn said he didn’t know of any other way to his hiding place and there were no shortcuts. I can’t remember where I’ve read/heard these possible comment(s). Anyone that may have direct information to help in this matter, I’d greatly appreciate their help, please.

          • @pdenver found under Mystery Writings: there are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts. f

  57. The following is just my opinion and opinion only. I think that there a few key words when trying to locate the treasure chest. The keywords, to me, are precisely, and follow. Mr. Fenn has said over, and over to follow the clues precisely. As I understand it, to follow means to either understand the clues, or to go after the words. But how does one understand the clues when we do not have the faintest idea what Mr. Fenn is saying in the poem. How about just following the words? That would be following the clues precisely, even though we are not understanding the clues, but we are still following them because we are reading them. May be by just following the clues in this way we can start to understand the clues. The only way on can follow the clues precisely is by knowing where to start in the poem, and where to end. This is before a searcher goes “botg”. Yes to follow something precisely is to read it as it is printed. Nobody has to understand what the clues mean at first, but you still have to follow the clues precisely, follow? Now, no one is going to locate the treasure chest without deciphering the clues in the poem, yet I see searchers not wanting to do just that. I think we are trying to decipher the clues the hard way. The 9 sentences have to be the nine clues, no doubt about it because if everyone can not follow the clues precisely, then how can you follow the clues precisely? If there is doubt that the 9 sentences are the nine clues then nobody, and I mean nobody can follow the clues precisely. One must think like a kid, in common terms, before trying to really decipher what the clues mean, and what they are. Follow the clues by just reading them, I think, is the key to open the poem. RC.

    • RC,
      If that where the case then by now there would at least be one person who would have found the chest. I do not see it as so simplified and to follow directions precisely leaves no room for imagination. IMO

      • RC is absolutely correct. The solve I have regards just what he was saying. But it still took imagination to move forward even after doing what RC said. I mean a lot…. it took me a while to figure out what was going on… but I think I got it!

        • The follow the clues precisely we know to be true because of the statement in TTOTC, agreed it can be nine sentences = 9 clues, no one but F knows if that is the true. If we take the nine sentences and plug in different answers to the locations that are referred to a person should eventually get all the pieces to fit. Of all the possible searchers that have the first two clues correct but yet continually come up blank for #3 would suggest to me that it is not so simplified as following clues in succession and that the previous clue leads to the next, some where between the second and third clue something has to take place that is being missed. The clues we are told get easier as we go but that does not seem to be the case from 2 to 3 or everyone who has the first two correct should have a reasonable chance to move on past the third clue IMO

        • I would agree that the poems words have far deeper meanings. It seems to me that out of the thousands of searches and solves thus far, all of the deeper meanings have already been solved. So my guess would be at this point that one would have to just put all of those meanings in order of sorts to uncover a complete solve? But the answers in my opinion are already out there.. Good luck Tony and be careful.

    • are you saying RC, that one must read the 9 clues to open the poem? Meaning if you have the 9 clues, then everything else does not matter? Or, is it that we follow the POEM precisely, which by the way has 9 clues in it. We have to be careful on what we interpret him saying. He could be saying follow the 9 clues precisely or may be saying follow the poem precisely, and oh yea, that poem has 9 clues to help you do that. The clues may be scrambled but the poem itself must be followed.
      Just like the statement about a word the is key. You can either make up your own words that he has used or see that statement for what it really says. Either way, they are not statements in the poem and should be treated with little weight. If all you had was the poem, and never heard another word about the chest, or the chase, could you still find the chest? Yuup. Not knowing about some magical word or how many clues are in the poem.

  58. I am still here. Trying to get over a cold. I’ve been busy at chasechat.

    Ok, the third stanza is one sentance, and one clue to the above posted concept. If you do not agree with the nine sentences, nine clue theory, that’s ok, because IMHO, thAt whole stanza Is Still one clue. That does not sound right, let me say it this way, thAt IMHO, it is clues (with an s) about one spot. Not four spots, not three, nor two, but clues to one spot.

  59. The theory that each of the nine sentences contain one, and only one, clue is potentially correct. But logic does not dictate that this theory must of necessity be correct.

    RC said: “The 9 sentences have to be the nine clues, no doubt about it because if everyone can not follow the clues precisely, then how can you follow the clues precisely?” Well, actually, there is a “doubt about it”.

    On the Cheat Sheet, there is no mention of the word “precise” or “precisely”. The closest we get is the word … “consecutive”. FF said: “Clues are in consecutive order”.

    So long as your clue #5 sequentially follows your clue #4 which sequentially follows your clue #3, and so on, you’re working solution is okay.

    To structure the poem according to one clue per sentence makes solving the puzzle too easy, in my opinion. We would clearly see which clue the little girl from India got stumped on. In contrast, by spreading out the 9 clues, using periods, question marks, semi-colons, FF renders the interpretation of what is and what is not a clue, much more satisfying and intriguing. Accordingly, the first stanza may, or may not, contain one (or 2) of the 9 clues. 🙂

    • Or, that each sentence *is* a clue (vs. containing a clue).

      Personally, I don’t feel that there is a requirement that all clues be directly necessary in finding the treasure. Sentences that come after the sentence in which the person already has the chest (after the quest has ceased) wouldn’t necessarily prevent them from being clues, because the whole poem taken together describes the location. Each sentence, even the first and last two stanzas, describe the overall Chase.

      Looking at the poem as a whole, as containing nine clues in the form of nine sentences, lends a flexible interpretation to the clues being in “consecutive order” as well. Of course they are consecutive. Sentence one, sentence two, sentence three, and so on. There’s a linear flow to the poem.

      I don’t know if this is the way we are meant to view the poem, but it certainly works for it and explains some things that would otherwise be odd (like the last two stanzas occurring after one already has the chest and left in peace).

      • Yes. “Just take the chest and go in peace”. Searcher found the chest; congratulations; game over.

        Yet … we’ve got two more stanzas containing a total of 4 sentences, and thus four additional clues we have to decode? Why?

        How anticlimactic.

        No need to ponder any “Why” if the 9 clues are not constrained by 9 sentences.

        • I’ve taken to calling this phenomenon “The First Distraction”. The book says the poem has nine clues, you see twenty-four lines, you naturally start wondering which nine bits might be clues. You don’t see the obvious.

  60. To me, IMHO, the first four stanza’s let you find the TC.

    The fifth stanza explains why ff and the searcher hid and have sought the treasure.

    The last stanza gives clues as to how to retrieve the treasure. By “knowing” the poem in your heart, you can apply the retrieve clues WHEN you find it using stanza’s 1 – 4.

    I see the poem as using a circular architecture. Read the poem, read TTOTC then read and reread the poem over and over again.

    This of course is just my opinion.

    I agree with the nine sentences = nine clues.


    • How did your search go JD, weren’t you on site a little while back, did you come up with anything you would like to share?

  61. This all is a brilliant idea. Ive done so much research, that I cannot distinguish enough to know what I need to use with the poem. However, I am able to see the light. It is like squeezing the lemon juice on the back of the Declaration of Independence. Things just start to appear, and make sense. I am 100% certain that you cannot get any further in your search without the use of imagination. Meaning you have to ask so many questions, that you eventually run out of questions to ask, but are only left with one logical answer. There are a string of Eureka moments that you should have, and then a final EUREKA!.
    The reason you need boots on the ground, is to enjoy what nature has to offer, while it lasts. The reason you need to use your imagination, is because you are told to not use your imagination on a daily basis. Everything that you see around you came from someones imagination. Based on every single comment I have seen on here, I really don’t see any sort of deep thinking at all. Not even close. It has to make you wonder.
    This leads me into an abyss of a lot of question marks. I feel like it should be that way for everyone. Why is everyone following the rules? Especially when Fenn himself speaks of not following the rules. This entire hunt is based on not following the rules, yet everyone is trying to follow the rules. At least bend them. There has been rules made up from Fenn as we have progressed in this chase. It changes, and no one is even close. Why hasn’t anyone asked these questions yet?
    Imagination and Rules. Are there rules to using your imagination?
    I hope that everyone can get out and enjoy the nature and sunshine. Can you honestly say that you would have earned the chest, if you found it sitting on a rock or under a little shrub in the middle of nowhere? Especially after just joining the chase and “solving the poem in 48 hours?” That doesnt sound very earnest to me. Fenn made this hard on purpose, so that you would have earned that title. Not because you got lucky and found a spot on google earth. I think you are selling yourself short if you think that is the case.

    Finally YOU are going to have to create your own nine clues with your imagination to find anything. Again, Fenn is not giving this thing away to just anyone. He is giving it to the person that earns it. And by actually finding it, is earning it.
    By law of nature, there should be no rules. You live and survive and do what is necessary to make you and everyone around you feel happy and safe. Being a leader and enlighten people. Be that person that wants the best for mankind as a whole. Not just yourself. Give what you can and teach folks to be smart. Use their brains, and don’t just give out freebies. Show people what entitlement is and how to earn that higher level of living. You got to fight for that sort of freedom. Living here on Earth can be heaven and hell. Your decisions you make can help justify those differences. Bravery is the ability to take risks, and accepting the outcome. A brave decision defines a man. And use the golden rule. Everything else should be irrelevant. IMO.

    Good luck

    • Wahoo Hammertime !

      You go boy – I agree with most of what you said. Personally I don’t see anyone headed in the right direction either. They think it’s too simple or too hard. It’s not – it’s just going to take time. Why? There is so much to figure out – and one better get it right.

      Good luck to you !

    • Hammertime,
      All that you said is deep thinking in my opinion, application is going to take even more deep thinking. Good Luck to You.

    • Hammertime,

      Great thoughts, I especially like the comment on imagination and rules. “DO NOT TOUCH!” Forrest is a “Maverick” he is “a little weird” he puts up signs that say “Please touch I am responsible” he wants us to touch and experience history to connect with it much like the children who touched George Washington’s nose.

      While i believe as Forrest has said that we must THINK, I believe too much deep thinking will cause us to drown in overwhelming possibilities. I instead try and use common sense, logic, a good understanding of geography and a dash of imagination.

      I believe that luck is the sum of preparation and opportunity therefore I sincerely wish you good luck.


    • Hammertime – I like the way you think and express yourself. Very well said and totally on point IMHO. Look forward to your next post!

  62. Yes, No. A few days ago I visited my site for the first time. No snow on the ground, but it started to snow about the time we got there. Am THRILLED
    with the site. It is BEAUTIFUL. Easy to see why ff might have chosen my site to hide the TC. Decided I needed a metal detector to zero in on the exact location. My son is coming from Virginia with his two kids in late March. Weather permitting, we will visit the site then. Will let you know. Come On March!


    • Hello JD. Glad you reached your beautiful spot. Sounds like you had a great time and will be greater when your son and grandchildren get to join you. Please be careful when you search in March. I don’t know about the other states, but Colorado is expected to have heavier than normal snowfall in March and April.

  63. Just a simple FYI reminder. I know it can get frustrating and discouraging when you hear of someone that “has it figured out”, “the perfect solve”, “Everything just clicked”….
    Don’t let it get you down. Remember, people have been saying, “I know exactly where it is!” for that last 5 years.
    And as far as we know, only one person still knows where it is at.

    And honestly, IMO, it probably will be only that one person for a long time.

    I truly believe, (again, IMO), that this is hidden much harder than we believe.
    I am starting to fall into the camp that thinks that the treasure has nothing to do with warm waters, canyons, creeks, cold,etc… and that those “Clues” decipher into something totally different that will point to the chest.

    But again, that’s my opinion and I dont have a clue on any of the clues, so take it with a grain of salt. 🙂

    But I also truly believe (IMO), that almost every clue, hint, statement, etc.. that FF has given us in the last 5 years has been to not get us closer to the TT, but to steer us away.

    Just like saying that it can be in one of 4 states.

    If you think about it and go totally by TTOTC book, FF doesn’t say, it’s hidden in the Rocky Mountains.
    He says it is hidden “in the mountains somewhere North of Sante Fe.”

    That is still a huge area but in my opinion, I really dont think he meant also Colorado to Montana. Remember his audience at the time of writing. Not a huge group.

    That also goes along with the discussion about how he could of left to hide it without anyone noticing.

    Again, imo.

    But once again, don’t let someones excitement bring you down. A lot of people had the perfect solve. And enjoyed a great experience in the outdoors….

    • Sometimes I wish there was an “Ignore” function at this blog like one sees at most good message boards.

      • Wow. I didn’t expect my post to upset anyone. I’ve just read a few posts where people were getting down a bit because people claiming to “have it”.

        or was there something else I wrote you didnt like?

        • One has to wonder if Ken is not on your side Mark, as in – “I wish I didn’t have to follow all those who already think they have it solved.”

          For myself – I enjoy the dialogue and “spirited discussion” at times, as it either drives home your solution or really makes you rethink what you thought you knew.

          To each his own – in my opinion.

          • IMO, if you look at the latest post by Mr. Fenn on Jenny’s blog and from everything he has said taken into context; in his book and interviews… I gather the following. He wishes that everyone could just get along. There would not be any wars, would there? Call me crazy , and schedule my appointment with the Tailor to have my “Pink straight jacket and helmet made”. If you don’t have his book TTOTC, the most important chapter ” My War For Me”, is on the internet. Sorry if I have ever offended anyone on Dal’s blog. Peace

          • Been with BOTG from September to November… now I dont know for sure but have an excellent idea. When Mr. Fenn said the person would ” work for it or earn it” , wasn’t B.S.. ! All IMO.

          • These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do
            Earn it, or burn it.
            No substitution for BOTG to confirm the last clue.
            That’s no B.S. unless it’s Bipolar Schizophrenia.

        • Mark, actually I was agreeing with you. My comment was directed to comments above yours. Sorry for my lack of clarity.

          I sense that a few posters are allowed to insult others without reprimand while other posters agree with the insulting comments. This free pass mentality must be as a result of some kind of Santa Fe insider’s clique which I have noticed ever since I began reading this message board.

          • No problem. Hard to tell online someone’s intention.

            I haven’t noticed cliques but then again , I just skim these most of the time.
            My thing is just to not let newer people get discouraged by people saying they have it solved.
            Coming in new to this, getting excited, can be discouraged by someone who says they’ve been searching for 4 years and finally figured it out.
            Until someone is holding the treasure in their hands, they are as far away as anyone else. Even girls from India.
            In my opinion, I honestly don’t think anyone is close at all to figuring it out.
            IMO of course.
            I personally don’t think the actual solve will be anything close to the actual “clues”. This guy is way to smart and had way too much time to figure out a good puzzle.
            But hey. You never know. It could be found tomorrow or may already be sitting in someone’s safe somewhere.
            It’s like going to a casino. You don’t go to get rich, you go to have fun and if you hit it big, awesome. If not, you still had fun.

        • Okay, I see that the comment that is so infuriatingly insulting is well above yours, Mark. It’s the lengthy comment that begins …

          “This all is a brilliant idea”.

          Then we have subsequent posts that seem to congratulate the poster’s insults.

          But since no reprimand has been forthcoming, I conclude that the poster making the insult is immune, and only outsiders like me will be reprimanded for criticizing an insider.

          • I think the ignore button isn’t really necessary. I stopped reading at “By law of nature, there should be no rules.” Things like gravity are pretty good rules to live by.

          • I don’t mean to criticize without substance. Some thoughts on “Laws of Nature” that I agree with:


            and I generally disagree with the rest of the comment. It seems to be suggesting an “anything goes” approach to solving the poem. Maybe. But certainly some ideas are better than others. Certainly some approaches are flat out wrong. No rules? Why not my backyard? Unconstructed thoughts aren’t deep thinking, IMHO.

          • Ken
            Since I resemble that remark perhaps I should clarify. I was not necessarily agreeing and there was a lot in that post that I did not agree with. Sometimes it is easier to kill them with kindness then to be confrontational but to each his own I say. By the way I live no where close to Santa Fe.

    • I understand what you were saying, Mark. Until someone has proof then let’s keep enjoying the chase. It can be disheartening to feel like you have missed your turn. With so many great solves (and hints) out there, someone is bound to find it eventually. To quote someone-‘They never knew it was the chase that they sought and not the quarry’. It’s all good.

      • Hello alopes. And what a fantastic chase it has been! There isn’t enough words to explain or express what it’s been like when I first started to where I am today. All the things I’ve learned along the way has been like getting a diploma for each course I took. All credit given to Mr. Fenn.

    • Thanks JeremyP.

      Most people don’t like being talked down to. When I see comments like … “Based on every single comment I have seen on here, I really don’t see any sort of deep thinking at all. Not even close” … I want to get away from this message board ASAP.

      Lots of searchers have spent enormous time giving serious thought to the poem … and … spending enormous amounts of money on field trips. That cumulative effort needs to be respected.

      All of us, including the poster who made those comments above, are basically on the same plane. We’re all equal. For posters to be allowed to congratulate themselves on their superior understanding of the poem not only is insulting, it’s delusional self-flattery, which makes me yearn for an “Ignore” function, and if none exists, to exit this site quickly. Enough.

  64. The following is my opinion. I do not believe one has to wait for winter to be over to look for the treasure. I think searching in the spring, or summer makes more sense, but if a person knows where the treasure chest is they could retrieve it today. There is nothing dangerous about where it sits. Whenever the chest gets found everyone will be asking themselves, ” why didn’t I find it myself”. I do believe there are searchers who have been within a few feet from the treasure chest but did not know it. All this is my opinion and opinion only. RC.

  65. IMO, Forrest has given us one huge verbal clue to get us “closer” to the chest. As I see it, Forrest realized after the poems publication that one more clue needed mentioning or else the TC may very well lie where it be for a 100+ years or even longer. Forrest just made mention of his confidence that the chest still hadn’t been found, had he not? And how would Forrest know that I ask myself?Because other than the turquoise bracelet there is yet another compelling reason for the finder to contact Forrest. Also, given the amount of theater and notoriety TTOTC has evoked and public attention to Forrest himself, I do feel that Forrest’s or our mortality does indeed play into my theory. So aside from there being a bounty on the bracelet, there is something else to the contents of the TC which may very well explain why Forrest knows the chest has not been found. Therefore, for whatever other secrets the chest holds, I do believe Forrest would like to see the TC found in his lifetime. Finally, IMO the poem is one fantastic riddle and its words hold the treasure dear for the time being.

  66. IMO someone with the correct solve will go straight to the chest when they head out to retrieve it. Why else would you go unless you had a pretty exact location? I know that’s not quite the point to ttotc, but to travel aimlessly is expensive. I may only get to go search once, but hopefully that is enough. I hope that people are happy for the person(s) that find it. It has been a lot of fun to work on this chase. I have spent over 400 hours studying the poem and known facts, probably could have gotten a college degree with that time spent, lol. I found/find this blog amazing. Sorry, you won’t find me giving any hints to my solve at this time, but I wish everyone safe travels. I am going with a super amazing friend I wrangled into the chase, In her opinion, I have a really good solve. We are planning on burying a jar in our location. The thought of being remembered in history sounds great. It will have a little story of our search adventures and some unique items. Counting down the days………

    • I think the person that solves it, will have tried to prove that the chest could not be in that location with the questions they asked. I am just assuming that everything is “very precise” within the poem. My gut tells me that because Fenn spent 15 years writing it. I cant imagine it would be easy to “just locate” on a map. There is going to be alot of questioning and reasoning. A lot of “why’s and why not’s.” There will probably be alot of confusing intuition, and quite a bit of narrow separation. Basically a full time job of asking questions, and applying the reasoning that you have gathered in all the data to your everyday life. There seems to be alot of lessons learned, and alot of D’ and F’s made, yet somehow the person that made all those D’s and F’s somehow came out on top of the world. All he had to do, was use a bit of imagination, with some preparation, and BAM! Applying that to your journey within “the thrill of the chase”, I bet any lucky feller can find something that they have searching for their entire life. Whether it is a box of gold, or new memories, there is a treasure everywhere if you can learn how to see it that way. 🙂
      I think an ultimate spiritual journey will come with the finding of the gold. That is why the end is ever drawing nigh. Dont ever stop looking for something that you want to find. It will lead you to who you are.

      • Great outline, Hammertime. You really put the hammer down in that synopsis. I felt like I was reading the Cli ff’s Notes to a Great Treasure Hunt. Thanks for sharing that. Good luck to you this Spring.

    • Keders mom you said
      IMO someone with the correct solve will go straight to the chest when they head out to retrieve it. Why else would you go unless you had a pretty exact location? I know that’s not quite the point to ttotc, but to travel aimlessly is expensive

      Totally agree with you .
      IMO , After he released TTOTC, Forrest realized a lot of people, including some that had little funds were just basically taking trips to every HOB they could find.

      Then he released, TFTW and say’s certainty beforehand. IMO that’s huge , you don’t need BOTG until the last clue .

      • @Lisa,

        And, some months before TFTW was released, he voiced basically the same concept:

        “The person that finds that treasure chest is gonna have to figure out the clues…. and walk right straight to it, they’re not gonna happen on that treasure chest”f

        Confidently solve the clues first…..and then walk straight to it! (oh, IMO)

        Good Luck to you Ladies!!! 🙂

  67. I’m starting to feel as though there is a “clique” as well…. I feel certain some people are punished unfairly even though they aren’t necessarily lying or misleading people. Just trying to help people think deeper or shallower if they’ve gone to far.

  68. Tony said on February 21, 2016 at 11:26 am :
    “That depends on your perception? I mean logically one would assume that Fenn couldn’t make a trip in one day to any state except NM and be home before his wife knew he was gone and would rule out WY, CO, and MT but that seems a far cry to put that logic into play. See, logic distracts from the poem.”

    This is in response to Tony, and considering the above comment I know Tony lives 17 hrs away from Santa Fe, So just to clarify, when measured as a crow flies, it is only 90 miles to the border of Colorado from Santa Fe, NM so only two states are still in the one day (scenario) as he stated, a logical mix, you commented about a one day trip being only the state of NM?

    Where have we heard 90 before? OLGA, SKIPPY, even a Franklin note minus a Hamilton is 90? Of all the Canyons that exit the Rockies, only the Rio Grande runs truly south or down, unless you consider the Pecos, which also enters the mighty Rio Grande at a place AKA The Caja, box, in Big Bend TX area.

    It is possible that the length of the Rio Grande is the distance from Temple Texas to Yellowstone, and there may be a home of Brown at the End of The Mighty Canyon down: The Rio Grande River flows from its headwaters in the San Juan Mountains of southern Colorado very near Telluride, all the way to the Gulf of Mexico near Brownsville, Texas, an 1800 mile journey, sound familiar? The Rio is also known as El RIO BRAVO in Mexico, the river forms a natural boundary between the USA and Mexico… The Rio begins as a clear spring on a snow-fed mountain spring in the San Juan National Forest, Colorado.

    Now where have we heard Bravo (brave) as in bold or as in the wood before? I am just using my imagination here and could be wrong, but what do I have too loose, just a little ridicule and fun from the unimaginative, well that sure could put to rest my theory of Old Santa Fe Trail or was it the Old Santa Fe Trading?, Maybe I am trading theories between two parallel put ins, perhaps they are both correct since (unsinkable) Molly Brown was born 90 miles from the beginning of the Old Santa Fe Trail, in Hannibal Mo, also Samuel Clement, Mark Twain, someone ff must admire, is from there too…Just coincidence?

    Now what I need is for someone with imagination to show me a better HOB than these, incidentally, Brown’s Canyon CO was named after Molly and her Husband was it not?

    Perhaps without boots on the ground even little girl from India could figure out HOB, well that may be the 3rd clue, just not possible for her to get what ff means, but down may be South when he says canyon down the Rio Grande fits to a T and the old NM Game and Fish proclamation had an exact point where www halts and cold water regs begin on The Rio Grande near Pilar, NM, Embudo (Funnel) bridge?

    No one here can say I am not using my imagination and even a little logic?

    Tom T

    PS Let the fun begin!

    • Hey Tom

      In response to you about CO and NM, I think it’s a bad idea to discount WY and MT. That’s what I was getting at, that logically one could assume a one day trip could be limited to CO or NM. However, that would be letting logic distract us from the poem. Which Fenn has said “Don’t let logic distract you from the poem”.

      That was my point, logically because of where he lives a one day trip would be CO or NM but I think that is a distraction.

    • Hey tom
      This will be short. I know you like nm but ff did make this comment “some people are still looking in the land of enchantment”. That’s N.M. nick name.
      Just saying. There’s more to that but that
      parts up to you to find but if I where you I’d be moving on.
      Good luck.

    • You forget that Fenn may have been referring to his rental car. He also never said he came home after having “done it in one afternoon”. I understand he also owns an RV… so he may have even been referring to that.

      As for HOB… There are tons of great HOB’s. Especially if one thinks Brown refers to Brown people. IMO all clues don’t necessarily lead to location names, at least in the first reading of the poem. Solving the entire poem leads to a single location.


  69. PS Does anyone think that it is necessary to define some of his poem in another language?

    Tom T

    • Well, I don’t. Rednecks in Texas know only Texlish. They’re gonna be lost if they have to learn anything more complex than “y’all” and “howdy” and “ain’t”. 🙂

  70. Picked up a quarter today up off the ground, guess what it said ,
    YELLOWSTONE !!!!!!!
    Oh man. Lol

    • Hello Amy. Where are you going now? Staying in Colorado or heading to Yellowstone? I think I’d laugh too, if I found that quarter. Is it a sign or just a coincidence? The Thrill of The Chase is in our blood, Amy! 😉

      • Pdenver,
        It is so in my blood. My gosh if its a sign
        I will have to ignore it. I have no idea where to begin in Yellowstone.
        I’m surprised I found a starting point in Colorado. What an awesome journey it’s been. Sometimes I surprise my own self. Ha ha ha. Lovin the Chase. 🙂

      • Ken. 🙂
        There are so many that search and love Yellowstone. I’m sure it’s a beautiful place. After I find the chest in Colorado I will go vacation there. Ha ha 🙂 lol

    • Hey Amy
      I picked up a coin the other day too. On one side it said Mexico and on the other side it said Peso. What’s your thoughts? My truck is packed and ready to go. Lol

    • Yellowstone here, Yellowstone there.
      Every word a searcher reads,
      It’s Yellowstone everywhere. 🙂

  71. Tim, ha ha love it. At least my coin was face up. 🙂 there’s no way I’m searching
    Yellowstone. My heart is in Colorado.
    You have fun in New Mexico. 🙂 🙂 🙂 ha ha.

    • “there’s no way I’m searching Yellowstone.”
      Ah, good for you, an independent thinker. 🙂

    • Hello Amy. Have you found signs that other searchers have been in your area? While I searched in my spot in Colorado, I definitely have found signs others have been there. I’ve seen things that have brought great disappointment.

      • To keep on topic, I had followed all 9 clues which brought me to the destination. Where the blaze is, may be too high in elevation. The mirror is there and it’s absolutely beautiful. Not sure where or what my next step is there.

        • pdenver, read your thoughts and am wondering where or how this “mirror” concept came about. Can you please illuminate me further on this subject? Thanks much.

          • Hello Peter. In Mr. Fenn’s book, “Too Far To Walk,” is Chapter 49, titled, “Mirror On My Wall.” The mirror may be understood as time or a “reflection.” In the area I speak of, it holds both. It’s a reflection to something that happened years ago and people have come to this special place to reflect of this time.

  72. P Denver

    It’s hard to answer that. I would assume that no one has been in my area to search except me. I wouldn’t be able to tell if someone has been there. My solve is so deep and I’m the only one who believes in it. Well besides my husband. 🙂

    Also don’t be disappointed if others are at your location, because obviously they can’t find it either. So it’s ok. We just need to keep going straight forward. 🙂

    • Amy,

      “I would assume that no one has been in my area to search except me.”

      -Are you saying – “As I have gone alone in there…”?

      As an experienced searcher, how many times have you traveled to your current “solve state”? I’ve gone once and plan to return in the spring…perhaps we’ll cross paths…’where warm waters halt’? or will it be ‘no place for the meek’? or simply ‘in the wood’ if we’re ‘brave’? ~LOL~

      Wisconsin Mike

    • Hello Amy. Thank you for your reply. I’m glad your area is well hidden. My area wasn’t as much as others being there, but what someone/they are doing there. I wish I could explain more, but because the area is known to others and special to many, I cannot say more. What I can say about this area is…Wow!

  73. Searchers may want to try this…When in doubt flip a coin 3 heads continue 🙂 3 tails go home 🙁 mixed results ARRRR

  74. ‘If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,’

    Is the blaze above us, ground level or in front of us? I would love to hear your thoughts.

    • pdenver, I will give yall my thoughts on the blaze considering it may not help anyone, unless you have BOTG within 20′ or so. In my theory, you will not be able to see the blaze using GE.
      If this helps you out in finding it, just toss a coin my way.
      Seeing there have been thousands of searchers out there since the start, I would imagine someone has thought of this on Dal’s blog & feel free to burst my ballon.

      “If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
      Look quickly down, your quest to cease”

      There are 3 words in this section of the poem that may relate to Equus ferus caballus and Mr. Edd is not going to tell you.

      Blaze: a wide white stripe down the middle of the face. (

      Quick: “The route was very rocky and my horses feet (he not being shod) were worn nearly to the quick which caused him to limp very much.”
      Journal of a Trapper Online:

      Quest: Medieval Romance. an adventurous expedition undertaken by a knight or knights to secure or achieve something: the quest of the Holy Grail.
      (I think knights ride on horses)

      What does this mean? Maybe nothing. You decide.
      It appears to me the blaze is the marking on a horses face but probably on a vertical rock face seeing it will last for years. Maybe the markings on Lightning, you know the horse that may have saved there lives when loosening the reins. Hmmm quick does not mean to move your eyes or head down in a fast movement rather to look down in pain or look down just a bit.
      Double Omegas: horse shoes I would say, Thanks Chris G. & Mr Mike. & don’t forget hand grenades.
      Just my opinion as usual. Looks like this page will be going to archives pretty soon.

      • Goofy,
        I don’t see any reason for my previous comment to be in moderation for that long unless you want to keep this info for yourself.

        You can delete them both if you like.
        Thank you.

        • Chill out Jake………I don’t live on the blog; I actually have a life. And I still have to work for a living so I get to stuff as quickly as I can.

          I assure you if something you say leads me to the chest you will get credit for it. Honestly though, I haven’t seen anything on the blog in a long time that’s not a wash-rinse-repeat of something that’s already been posted years ago………

          • Alright Goofy,
            20′ You might have it anyway.
            I have to take a few more puffs on my peace pipe.
            I believe that Forrest didn’t want to answer the question about the blaze being in the poem because it may be.

          • Goofy:

            I agree with you completely. Seems we have heard many of these concepts, ideas, scenarios many times before. Possibly a recycling of same ideas with newer members. Probably just human nature. I should mention again my opinion of Fenn’s poem: A very difficult, well designed poem (road map) for a very special, easily located place. Good luck to everyone.

          • @Goofy,

            ” I haven’t seen anything on the blog in a long time that’s not a wash-rinse-repeat of something that’s already been posted years ago………”

            @Goofy, Seeker’s feelin’s are gonna be hurt!!! 🙂

            OK, Seeker’s working on his book so I will throw this at you, for old times sake!

            “There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts.”f

            Most who read that (those who post about it) seem to think he is saying there are lots of WWWH and that they are present in all four of the states shown on the TTOTC map…. And that most of them are north of Santa Fe, with a relatively few perhaps being south of Santa Fe.


            What if he is really saying that, while there are many of the places that WWWH represent, they are ALL closer to Santa Fe, to the North????

            …..and ALL of them are north of Santa Fe……

            Good Luck to ya, Goof….(you really oughtta retire and move back to Texas!! 🙂 )

          • HA! Loco…….that should wake up Seeker.

            I didn’t take his WWWH statement as meaning much. He just reiterated what many have said on this blog; lots of WWWH’s north of Santa Fe, but WWWH doesn’t have to be in the Rockies or even north of Santa Fe for that matter.

            I was a little perplexed at his “look at the big picture” statement. I think his statements should be taken in context; but it does seem to be contrary to what he said before. Maybe he was talking about the treasure and then the clues. I can’t figure out what he meant.

            Q: The internet abounds with a supposed statement from you, saying to “think big”, particularly about the home of Brown. Did you ever say that? Is that a “fact” that I can add to my page?Kindest regards from a rainy UK!

            A: I don’t remember saying that related to the treasure and can’t imagine why I would. f


          • hmmm……

            The above post with–> …..and ALL of them are north of Santa Fe……

            Should read: …..and “nearly” ALL of them are north of Santa Fe……

            (for some reason, it got stripped out??)

          • Loco,
            That’s one perspective of locations for WWWH… Nearly… all… N. of SF.
            Another perspective is All WWWH cover not only the ‘map’ provided… but above and below.
            Unless a searcher is attempting to locate a single location for WWWH, Nothing thus far has indicated WWWH as a single clue or place. WWH may be needed with another clues or combined with… to understand its meaning.

            Point: In reading the poem does, what appear to be a clue, is actually part of a complete clue made up of consecutive lines. This concept is not new, per se. however, not discussed much. I do like the thought you presented about “nearly all” N of SF. The question is [ depending on if you’re looking for a single location for wwwh ] is, What jumps out that can related to a specific region, area or location… if there are others [ even fewer ] all over the RM’s?

            Oh, I have to agree with Goofy… rinse and repeat… in most cases. I’m just glad your not most cases ~ Loco.

          • @Goofy, LOL!! I knew old yeller was lurkin’ out there somewhere. 🙂

            QuestionSomeone unfamiliar with your poem receives a message that says “meet me where warm waters halt, somewhere in the mountains north of Santa Fe”. Would they be able to work out where to go? If they can’t, would they need the whole poem, another stanza, or just a line or word to help them on their way? ~Phil Bayman

            Answer“There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. There are many places in the Rocky Mountains where warm waters halt, and nearly all of them are north of Santa Fe. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts.” F


            Strip out the WWWH comment and you have……….“There are a few words in the poem that are not useful in finding the treasure Phil, but it is risky to discount any of them. You over simplify the clues. Look at the big picture, there are no short cuts.”

            Basically the question was asking what else, besides somewhere in the Rockies, do you need from the Poem to determine WWWH.

            Fenn answers directly (yeah, right! 🙂 )….(1) there is more to the clue than just BIWWWH-> don’t over simplify and discount words….(2) What picture are we looking at? Why the picture the Poem is painting! You can’t take a shortcut to WWWH–> you have to “start” at stanza one to see the big picture!!

            jus’ one crazy old Texans humble O……….

          • loco- (aka one crazy old Texan)
            I agree with your interpretation completely. I too believe that Forrest is telling us that there are many, many places where warm waters halt. But there is information in the poem that will help us determine which one of those WWWH places is the one to begin from. Searchers have to consider the poem as more than a series of single lines with nine clues. That each clue helps describe the place we are supposed to start. If all we do is cherry pick the nine clues we won’t be able to figure out which WWWH is the place to begin.

            My example of what he means might be like the following:

            THE PARAGRAPH
            You are looking for a purple triangle that I hid in my favorite place on the planet.
            Start in the green place.
            The green place is surrounded by a red ring.
            If you move in the correct direction outside of the red ring you will find a blue box.
            There are many blue boxes out there but the one you need to find is also next to a yellow ball.
            It will take you some time to walk to this blue box but you will enjoy the hike and the wonderful view once you get there.
            Look to the west and you will see a great lovely thing.
            Walk to the great lovely thing where you will find the purple triangle.

            So in THE PARAGRAPH you know what you are looking for and the directions tell you exactly what to do in order to find the purple triangle but there are also describers and qualifiers that help you find the correct path when there are many choices.

            The very first line tells us that this is a special knowing what kind of place might be special to the hider of the purple triangle will help us know what we are looking for. Luckily, the hider has written a book that tells us about his life and through that book we can eliminate many kinds of places where the purple triangle is not going to be located.

            Next we see that we have to start in a green place..but not just any green place. We want the green place that is surrounded by a red ring. This helps us eliminate a lot of green places that are not surrounded by a red ring. Further, the red ring will have a blue box next to a yellow ball outside of it. And the blue box and yellow ball are a fair distance away from the place where we started. And I can also eliminate the blue boxes with yellow balls next to them that take me through the dump. So we start searching for a blue box but the blue box we want has a yellow ball near it and the walk to it will be enjoyable. So we can eliminate all the blue boxes that don’t have a yellow ball next to them. And we can also eliminate the blue boxes with yellow balls next to them that are really close to the red ring….etc..

            So, we have a set of directions but there are qualifiers within the paragraph that help us choose which direction to take along the way. If we follow the steps correctly, using ALL the information in THE PARAGRAPH, it will take us directly to the purple triangle. And there is information outside THE PARAGRAPH which will help us know what we are looking for too. Certainly THE PARAGRAPH by itself will lead us to the purple triangle but knowing something about it’s hider will help us determine ahead of time what the hider would mean by “special place”.

            In the end, we can argue all day long about why the hider decided to call these directions THE PARAGRAPH but knowing that will not help us find the purple triangle. We can count words and see how many times the word blue appears and we can know that some of the punctuation seems wrong. But will any of that help us find the purple triangle? Not in my opinion.

            Obviously I have oversimplified, but in my overly simple little mind, this is what I believe to be the key to understanding the poem.

            In my personal quest I am still eliminating blue boxes because as I walk out to them from the red circle I find that there is no yellow ball next to them. Oh what I’d give for a good map of all the blue boxes that also shows the yellow balls.

            I stay up nights wondering if I define yellow the same as the author of THE PARAGRAPH….

          • Dal: ??????

            “So, we have a set of directions but there are qualifiers within the paragraph that help us choose which direction to take along the way. If we follow the steps correctly, using ALL the information in THE PARAGRAPH, it will take us directly to the purple triangle. ”

            So, if you are having to go around and kick all of the blue boxes, does that mean you are not following the steps correctly, using ALL the information???….. It would appear, based upon your statement, that if you were doing so you could just walk straight to the purple thingy!

            Thanks again for hosting the party and Good Luck to Ya!!!! 🙂

          • Wow Dal, that is really interesting! Hmmm… Blue and yellow combine to make green and green and red combine to make Brown! Ha! there it is the HOB!!!

            Oh wait, we were looking for a purple triangle never mind 🙂

        • It’s scary when after reading Dal’s The Paragraph that I find myself thinking Forrest’s poem is easier to follow. 🙂

          • The about the process of elimination, the qualification of a clue based on qualification of the clue prior. Of course, after prior clue criteria has been validated and accepted. That would all depend on WWWH, if you think that is the first clue, I don’t. It’s a good process but if looking in four states it can be very time consuming. There are hints and clues in the stanzas and in the scrapebooks and the real books that can speed the process up considerably, as always IMO.

      • Hello Jake. I appreciate your response. My main search area would agree upon the rock having the blaze. I’ve zoomed on my area and I do not see the blaze, but I know it’s there. I’ve been studying my area for many months and I tried it last year, but Mother Nature wasn’t kind to me at the time.

      • I’ve had recurring themes of horses in many complete “solves”. Can’t seem to get away from them….. So many places include “horse” in the name that it’s hard to say, but there is a place you may find interesting:

        Research the early history of Wild Horse Hot Springs….. 😉


    • I see it as two options for consideration, one in front and the other, ground level. But what do I know. The TC is not in my hands.

    • Hello JD. It is certainly possible. My major area I’m really focusing my attention, I’m not sure if it fits all three possibilities, but definitely above. Each of my areas I’ve studied and/or searched, each of the other scenarios have applied.

  75. PDenver,
    With respect to the blaze, I would suggest, “none of the above.”
    IMO, of course.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”

    • Hello Geoff. Thank you for your response. You may be correct. My major search area has the blaze on a rock. My second is something in a field. Lastly, my blaze is on the ground. Do you believe the blaze is known beforehand or once you reach the specific spot?

      • @pdenver
        Your question: “Do you believe the blaze is known beforehand or once you reach the specific spot?”
        I believe ‘yes’ to both.
        I believe “the blaze” is a blaze you have seen before……….. and will know it when you reach the specific spot.

      • Hello Signholder and Kedar’s Mom. Thank you for your responses. I agree with both of you. The blaze is known beforehand and to follow the poem to the correct path. Will the “exact spot” of the treasure chest be known? I certainly hope so.

      • IMO, it will take a combination of research and searching to have “been wise and found the blaze.”
        (Remember that questions about the blaze are among the questions that F chose not to answer.)
        “Have flashlight, will travel”

        • I tend to agree with Geoff Idaho. “Been wise” refers to knowing generally the place that FF has selected for the blaze. In this sense, being wise is used as if “being in the know.” You have NOT been wise simply because you have come this far in the solution. Then, your BOTG help you find the blaze in the correct area.

  76. PDenver –

    Are you asking if it is known by others or by the searcher?

    I knew my blaze very well even before going to the site for the first time. I did not have to search for it. I had seen it on Topo’s and GE

    By others?

    My site is fairly close to a couple of hiking trails (Not in close proximity). People coming to hike these trails are familiar with this distinctive land feature. They know it, but not as the blaze…to them it is just a land feature.

    • Hello PDenver and JD

      Im thinking the blaze should be able to be found before you get to your location.
      And the only reason I have this opinion is because of the idea of being certain before you go. Just all IMO

      But hey, I could always be wrong. I got a place I’m gonna go check out here shortly. Just gotta get some time away from work. I just hope the chest is still out there. I’d like to get out there as soon as I can but you know how work can be.

    • Hello JD and JohnCena. Thank you for your responses.

      JD, the question would be in regards to searchers knowing about the blaze beforehand. I agree it must be known and I believe it’s off the beaten path. A little tricky to determine on GE. Have other people seen the blaze? I believe they have and didn’t know it; just walked by the treasure chest.

      JohnCena, I wish you good luck in your search and make a lot of fun memories. 🙂

      • Hello Pdenver

        It seems as though you feel all I’m going to have is fun memories of a trip out to my area? You wish me good luck as if thats what im going to need? Maybe Im looking at this wrong or lopsided? Why do you feel I don’t have a good chance at finding the treasure chest? Am I going somewhere people have already gone? Is there something I’m missing before I go?

        • Hello JohnCena. I was agreeing with you in regards to knowing the blaze before going to the spot where the treasure lies. I believe you have a very good chance of locating it. I simply was wishing you good luck and to be sure to have fun along the way. 🙂

          • Hello Pdenver

            Thanks! Yeah, absolutely going to go to Mount Rushmore on the way out! Might even swing to the Grand Canyon if time permits! Hey, worst case scenario if I don’t find it, beats staying home and playing Canasta! Although, if I found a treassure chest with gold and etc I’m sure that would make for the BEST vacation of all time ever…

          • Hello JohnCena. Sounds like you’re going to have a wonderful time. This is what the chase is all about. Finding the treasure chest is just an added bonus.

          • Hello Pdenver

            Yes, the thrill of the chase is important in life and sometimes I feel like I’ve become stuck in a rut and need a change. However, finding a chest full of gold and etc would be life changing for me regardless of the chase.
            I’ve always enjoyed nature and the outdoors. Maybe, just not in the Rocky Mountains. One of my favorite past times is fishing, my dad’s had me in a boat or on a bank since I was around 1. Nothing like sitting outside on a nice spring day, temperature around 70, slight breeze to keep you cool, tossing an H&H spinner bait right next to a Lilly pad and hooking a 5 lds bass. Even, if the fish aren’t biting nothing like enjoying the serenity and tranquility of nature, the birds in the trees, the whipowills, the turkeys, and other animals. Nothing like it!
            It’s such a pretty day and I’m confined to my singular space today at work… but Alas, I must return! Man Pdenver, you done went and got me fired up for spring bass season!!! 🙂

            I think I might get “sick” this afternoon….! 😉

          • Hello JohnCena. I would hope every child could experience what you’ve described. When you find the chance, get that 5 pounder! 🙂

  77. The blaze The blaze The blaze……… what is it?

    I have never heard this mentioned here before –

    Perhaps the blaze is not a rock, a geographical point, a white mark, or ANYTHING CONCRET in the wilderness.

    Perhaps YOU create the blaze.

    In my very humble opinion – FF tells you to look quickly down AFTER finding the “blaze”. So if you do that – and you’ve done it correctly, what you find is a perfect “number palindrome not a word palindrome. Yes, another dancing around the room moment for me.

    The above, took me about two months of wondering why it wasn’t working – after two years of working on it and then – there is was -staring me right in the face.

    Now, that blaze of numbers leads to a shadow………and when you find it – you know it is correct. Oh Boy ! Then on to the ground game.

    So, to all the newbys – if you think this is to be found on a Saturday afternoon picnic – think again.

    • Into,

      Ding ding, we have a winner!

      IMO the correct “blaze” has already been mentioned and no one paid any attention to it.

      Do your research.


    • (whistle blows)
      red flag on the field
      referee: “time out, hunch…there will be a review of into’s last comment”

      hello ref, hunch here…into has used “in my very humble opinion” and “dancing around the room moment” in the same paragraph about the blaze. i believe these are a contradiction of terms. and should not be allowed.

      referee: “into’s comment has been reviewed resulting in a contradiction of terms…there will be a two foot penalty on into’s next comment about the blaze. hunch will not be charged with a time out.”

      resume comments.

    • Hello into and Seannm. I like to see the confidence you’re both experiencing. How soon will you both be heading out to get the treasure chest? 🙂

    • Hi Into- I don’t know what any of that means. I’m probably not wise enough to follow. My blaze is nothing like that. Would you mind expanding the thought for me to understand. If not, It’s okay. I know there are some things people don’t like to share.

  78. Sean –

    Question? If the blaze has been correctly identified, how soon will the TC be located? Located by you, or some other searcher? If you know that some other searcher named the blaze, why haven’t YOU retrieved the TC before the searcher who named the blaze?

    • Michael D, that is an astute observation, I too have believed it for years, the blaze is simply the trail just like wwwh is where cold water begins, it has been IMO the Final Pathway to the precise location of the TC, so if you reverse engineer ff’s statements, DAL could do that in his sleep, start with “searchers would certainly find the hidden chest if they got within 12′ ” and none have apparently, it should also make sense that people may be occasional on the Blaze, as close as 200′ ff did say the word “people”, he did not say specifically; searches/hikers/sightseers/backpackers etc just that some (searchers) had told him where they looked and he mentioned searchers within 500′ that is a paraphrase and not exact wording but my point is that some have been on that final trail to seek or enjoy their quest to find the peace down there.

      So if you were to travel the clues in reverse order what will be next? Lets see if you can get back to WWWH? If you can then there may be something big in your future.

      Tom T

      • Tom,
        Please don’t be offended if I ask have you made any treks? I can’t keep up on everybody’s posts, so I can’t tell if you’re more of the armchair/ spiritual-guru type.

        How about that line from the movie “hunt for Red October” that goes… ‘son Russians don’t take a dump without a plan’

        Am I the only one that wholly believes in some of Fenn’s qualifying statements? i.e. clues didn’t exist & you have to figure out WHAT the clues mean

        Isn’t this whole exercise like a game of Charades?

        ” Charades (UK /ʃəˈrɑːdz/, US /ʃəˈreɪdz/), also called charade, is a word guessing game. In the form most played today, it is an acting game in which one player acts out a word or phrase, often by miming similar-sounding words, and the other players guess the word or phrase. The idea is to use physical rather than verbal language to convey the meaning to another party. ”

        I am beginning to see why after a time, searchers pull away from the blogs, not being snobby, it’s just that Fenn has force me to read up on decades worth of knowledge [okay, maybe more trivia than booksmarts]


  79. JD,

    I don’t feel the need to post my full interpretation. I have a very solid theory on the TC location and don’t want to give out any more thoughts. I don’t feel the need to be “the first” to mention the “correct” answer to key items in the poem just need to be the first to the TC.


  80. Sean –

    Sorry if I stepped on your toes. I was not asking that you reveal your solve. I was just asking if it was you, or another searcher that had correctly defined the blaze.

    If it was you, just wondered when you might be going out to retrieve the TC.

    Maybe my wording was not clear. Sorry if I ruffled your feathers.

    Good luck on your search.


    • JD,

      No need to apologize I wasn’t offended, your question was a valid one and one I would have asked if I was you. I have invested a lot of time (as we all have) and just need to be careful not to lead others down a dark alley. I want others to research and come to their own conclusions even if they are different then mine. That is what I believe this sight is for, to share ideas not to brag, impose or ridicule others.


    • All,

      Here is what I’ll say before I go to ground and radio silence to prevent myself from committing Seppuku. My theory on the location of the TC has not been conceived wholly by myself. My theory has been hatched and conceived by a combination of several processes: Listening to others, research, verification, common sense logic and a dash of Imagination. I too much like Forrest do not possess a college level education but believe that knowledge that is acquired through the thickets and thins of life’s lessons are best.

      Am I right, am I wrong, the answers I already know.

      “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts,”

      If you wish to reach me off the blog:


      • The smell of money enters through the nostrils. That and of course bacon in the morning. Gold sniffing Joe had the right idea there, that dog was on the scet of that treasure.

        Is smell the entrance to the soul? Or is it the eyes? Well, the answers eye already know!

        Matthew 16:26 (KJV) For what is a man profited , if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  81. P.S.

    If someone were to ever mention my blaze by name, I assure you I would be in my truck faster than you could say “Jack Sprat”. I would be “on site” in about 4 hours, and regardless of the weather, I would be doing my darndist to retrieve the TC.

    Just my thoughts.

    Again, good luck on your search…to all


  82. Hello everyone. I am brand new to the Fenn treasure, just read about it on instagram, and am intrigued like you are. I live far away and will not be trying to find it; however, I would like to add some ideas I have (could be total re-hash of other ideas) for others to ponder.

  83. Since FF has commented about laying his bones there (could be cremated bones so they would be in a box the size of the TC), he must be very familiar with the property/area. I’m thinking that it must be a place where someone could leave his bones or the TC legally, such as property he owns, or a friend owns, or government land that allows the public. I also think it is in NM since he may want a place for his bones that his family could visit. He must have know about this place for a while before the TC, which to me implies he went there pretty often so it must be within a shortish driving distance from his home. It will also be a place where searchers won’t be trespassers.

    I think WWWH is at a creek/river that is high during warm parts of the year, and then dries up for fall/winter, and there is access by car down a canyon where you can park your car and hike into the place. I think that brown trout live in the river/creek when it is high, and there may be brown bears that live in the area too because “it’s no place for the meek”. Also, “the end is ever drawing nigh” could be the bears are going into/coming out of hybernation, which also points to the search should be done in a certain season. I think it will be easier to find the TC in the fall, winter or early spring while the creek bed is dry (“no paddle”), and it may be covered up by water or vegetation during warmer months. “Your effort will be worth the cold” implies to me that the TC is visible during the cold months, and may be slightly submerged when waters turn cold and dry up/start up. I think the TC may be totally submerged when the water is high. I think the “heavy loads” are big boulders that are revealed by the dry creek bed, and “water high” is a water fall near the dry creek bed.

    I’m not sure about the “wise” part, but I have two theories on the “blaze.” First, it could be that the search needs to take place in the fall, and there is a tree with bright red leaves near a waterfall that possibly has a big root system that is covered when the river/creek is high. The TC could be hidden in/behind the roots of the tree or around it. Or the tree may be growing up a rock wall of the canyon and a ladder would be needed to reach a crevice behind it (hence, FF carrying a ladder into the canyon on his first trip and the treasure on the second trip in). The chest has ladders on it, so I like the ladder theory other people have had to explain his 2 trips.

    The other blaze theory is that the waterfall is positioned west and when the sun sets the waterfall will turn a red, blaze color, like the Yosemite blaze waterfall, which only occurs at sunset during February due to the position of the sun. You need to be in a certain position to see the illusion and it is fleeting and not always there. I don’t know if there is a waterfall like this in NM, but I’ve seen online that there are 100s of waterfalls in north NM. The TC could be positioned in a crevice behind the waterfall. The “tarry scant with marvel gaze, just take the chest and go in peace” could be a warning to hurry and get the TC because night is coming and you are in wooded bear country (which could also be why you need a flashlight and shouldn’t bring your dogs with you as FF suggested). “If you are brave and in the wood” implies that you will be trekking out of there at night time.

    Other thoughts: location – “from here it’s no place for the meek, the end is ever drawing nigh” could be reference to Ghost Canyon or Anglefire to narrow down the area.

    timing is important – “So hear me all and listen good, your effort will be worth the cold.” I really think that is a huge hint that the search must be done during cold weather, not necessarily freezing, but when the foliage is dropped and the creeks are dry.

    why do this at all? – Why is he leaving treasure?, “I’ve doen it tired, and now I’m weak”, could it be that some of the treasure are the stolen artifacts he was investigated for but cleared? “I give you title to the gold” – Possibly the gold is not in the TC but there is a letter/title in the TC with instructions on how to contact him to obtain the gold that is locked somewhere else. That’s how he would know if someone found the TC.

    There are all straightforward thoughts and first impressions. It’s fun to try to figure out the puzzle.

    • Well pighead,
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. You have a shot at finding it just as much as everyone else seeing the treasure is still there.
      I’m not sure about being cremated would fit.
      Ghost Canyon is off limits for me.
      Good luck in your quest.

    • Pig, maybe you should do a little research before throwing out ideas.

      I said on the Today show that the treasure is not associated with any structure. Some people say I have a desire to mislead. That is not true. There are no notes to be found or safety deposit boxes to be searched. The clues can lead you to the treasure, and it will be there waiting when you arrive.

    • Hi, Pighead.
      It seems that you are off to a good start. There is a plethora of information on this site. It will take a while to read through it but it is good stuff. I started with the Scrapbooks section. Also, go to the oldsantafetradingco website as there are stories there as well. Good luck!

    • Pighead, I read your thoughts with interest and am now wondering about the “ladder” or “ladder theory” you mentioned of which I’ve never read of before. Is this ladder a speculation or a fact? Please can you elaborate further on this topic? Thanks

  84. Sounds to me like you have given the poem a lot of thought. Keep working on it, and I am sure you will come up with a location worth putting boots on the ground for.

    Have fun, and best of luck to you.


  85. Hello Pdenver

    I know this is off topic, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts about claiming the chest. Let me clarify, We know that Forrest filled the chest with gold coins and nuggets and know that he claimed some of the coins to be eagles and double eagles. The question is about the double eagles since some of those are technically illegal to own and belong to the federal government. Do you believe that the ones in the box will be illegal to own (there is a current federal case pending on 10 of said coins now) and is there a strategy one could implement to prove that the chest was valid without bringing in the government. I have a thought process in place just in case I find the chest to aliviate this problem but regardless it seems as though if one claimed ownership and posted for the world to see the chest could be seized and a long road and legal battle in front. Not to deter people from searching just my inquisitive nature I suppose.

    Thanks John Cena

  86. I’m thinking “the end is nigh” is referring specifically to the “end of the un-meek stretch of journey”

    I can find no other comments to that effect; have I missed it? (or have I found my very own personal rabbit hole 😉

    • That is my assumption as well Joseph.
      “From there (where?) it’s no place for the meek”
      Could be the HOB.
      “The end is ever drawing nigh”
      I wonder where that might be Joseph?
      If you don’t want to blurt it out here, you can click on my name & send me an email, but don’t give the cow away, just a glass of milk.
      I have my own thoughts where this is.

      • Yes, Jake,
        My take is that “put in below the home of Brown” is the beginning of a leg of the journey which is harrowing enough that you are a bit anxious and wondering “when will this end?”. When you sense the onset of relief “the end is drawing ever nigh”, and you have time to look around and spot some creekish something.

        I could probably spill my whole solve, since it’s not terribly unique, and dozens of searchers have scoured the area. But I’ll wait, so I can document my failure in glorious technicolor detail.

    • Have I posted this yet? About stanza 3,, no place…… , it could be about this:
      IMHO, it may be,
      about life Away ‘ FROM ‘ this wonderful spot that is so peaceful that I can let the world go away….it’s a dogeat dogeat world, and then you die ; their will be hard times ahead in your neck of the creek, filled with burdens and … (note the semicolon here and the poem.) Read the rules for them, and the definition for context, IMHO stanza 3 could be about one place or thing. J/S….

    • Here is my conflict which what I just said. He said , you k ow it, several have found first two and went right past the other 7… so, stanza 3 , is it location clues or what, for them to be about LIFE they would not count as treasure location clues, or would they, this rabbit hole is tight…

    • I’m looking inside the rabbit hole & noticed there allot of people in here, yea it’s pretty tight.
      My theory for no place for the meek, may be Yellowstone National Park where no hunting or trapping is allowed. Joseph Meek would not be able to trap here.
      I see this as clue #4


        This link is long, but lots of info. Somewhere he speaks of using the dictionary a lot for the poem. So, I think the word usage and the semicolon is important in this stanza. He could have said. ‘ Next is no place for the meet.. but no, it’s, From there….’
        At34.05 is about the unintended clue, 38.05 tells about it and 51.10 he reads it. One of those is about a car rental to hide the chest, These are about other topics, not stanza 3. But worth the time.
        Today is a triple chase day for me, so fire away. Surfing about this Chase, watching a Nascr race, and trying to chase away a cold, here in lower Alabama where it’s sunny and 60 degtees. Ok time for a commercial break…

        • Do any of you think ff was accurate or pulling our leg when he replied to that Lady that
          Asked him to tell where hoB was, … and he said something like, if I told you that you would go right to the treasure.
          Think about that… It fits with this idea of stanza 3 I mention above. HoB, then the blaze. The meek is just describing life away from this lovely spot…

          • Yes JL, when I heard it , I in my mind was a split second ahead of him with the same lounge ‘n cheek answer, but …..

          • This is IMHO,ok?
            Stanza 3 an 5 go together in context, 3 sez life is tuff, 5 follows up on that, I have done it and I told you in stanza3 that I know it ends, it’s your turn l.p. …..

            ok, guess I,’ve beat it to death. But also, that’s why there is no name for the creek, it’s yours, your life.
            If you had a good hoB, and get stuck, skip 3 for a while and find a blaze. ..

          • Musstag, All is IMO. I respect what you are saying and how everyone interprets the poem is going to be different. Who is to say one is more right than the other until the proof is in the pudding as they say.

            I see the whole poem as simple directions, straight forward with a little twist.

        • Hello Jake

          That’s the first time I’ve seen that video. I didn’t watch it all just the parts you suggested. I noticed something that I thought was interesting! He says “buried” about the chest and then corrects to say hid. The question becomes did he bury the chest? In my solution I didn’t find a buried chest but one on the ground! But in one of the other interviews he was quick to dismiss burying as an option… and made sure “hid” was the key focal point. I was wondering if the chest that is found will have the gold or another set of instructions on retrieving the gold? Sort of like inception a treasure hunt inside a treasure hunt inside a treasure hunt….Now that would be difficult!

          But this would make some sense! Because I had seen somewhere on here someone was talking about if you found the chest turning it into the park official or what not. So, maybe once you turn the chest in the real hunt begins?

          All just IMO but I find that this could be a potential thing because Forrest says that thing about the winning solve that someone may or may not have worked out

          • Oops, sorry Musstag, credit should go to you for the video! My bad 🙂

            Another thought I had was what if the first person to the chest is the only one to retrieve the instructions that I had talked about… possibly the jar that he hid in the chest…now assuming that you could sell these instructions for 20 dollars a piece to 65,000 people… that would be 1.3 million…so, the potential for the instructions to be worth more than the treasure are a real possibility? Or am I being to imaginative? Is it also possible that, like I stated earlier, what if everyone gets the opportunity to find the chest and gets another set of instructions after that.. the person who gets there first would have a good opportunity for marketing this new information to get people further in the chase… and as we all know laziness in America is at an all time high, so that Avenue could potentially be very profitable as well…

            I think I’m just rambling possibilities.

          • Forrest has not done this for a profit JC.
            He has stated in several interviews.
            “I don’t make one penny on the book, I don’t even get my publishing cost back”
            He has also stated several times that he hid the treasure chest with all that good stuff inside.
            What you need to do is go to Youtube & watch all the videos out there and go to the media page here on Dal’s site & listen to the radio interviews & you will have a much better idea of what he did & why he did it.

          • Hello JohnCena. Treasure chest is hidden, not buried, because he doesn’t want to give that as a clue (paraphrasing). So is it hidden or buried? Everyone ponders this question, but does it truly lead you to the treasure chest knowing this answer? How will one know? Ah, that’s where the fun begins. Or, is it that’s where it ends? 🙂

          • JC,
            Forrest also said bury here:
            Published Apr 2, 2013 – HDNet’s Jennifer London
            (7:04) “Put it at a very secret & a very dear place, private & I walked back to my car smiling.” – How did you pick that particular spot to bury the chest? = “It’s a very special place to me & otherwise I would not have done it, I couldn’t just take it out & bury it in the ground someplace where I didn’t know where I was.”

            to cover in order to conceal from sight: Buried

    • Joseph,
      Something is telling me the ; is a wink from Forrest without the “smile )” The smile in the poem but the quote was posted back in the day here by member:
      Estacado on May 16, 2013 at 8:07 am said:
      The inscription was incorrect, it should have read, “forgive a sinner and wink at a homely girl.” He said it was , “smile at a homely girl.”

      Somewhere in “The end is ever drawing nigh;” there is a clue & possibly the word that is key.

      • Jake,
        A wink. Wow I feel so insecure to have an elderly man wink at me. I dont think I will ever find the chest if it takes the imagination presented here, I just don’t have it in me.imo

        • Wink:
          an act of closing and opening one eye very quickly often as a way of giving a secret signal or private message to someone.

          Forrest is winking at everyone who reads the poem, not just the elderly man or the elderly woman behind the counter in a small town.

          I wish I’d seen the place
          But no one’s ever taken me

          There is only one line in the poem where he uses a semi colon.
          There is only one line in the poem he caps a word besides the beginnings.
          There is only one line in the poem where he has a ? at the end.

          It seems logical to me there is an underlying message in that line of the poem.
          You will get it, later on.
          Hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away….

          • Jake, I listened to it twice.
            Great song, nice lyrics, gives me a warm fuzzy; but for my fading imagination I cannot make the connection to a Wink. imo

      • Jake,
        If you are referring to Henry Louis “H. L.” Mencken. Though it does not appear on his tombstone, during his Smart Set days Mencken wrote a joking epitaph for himself:, “If, after I depart this vale, you ever remember me and have thought to please my ghost, forgive some sinner and wink your eye at some homely girl”

        This is very similar to the inscription on the aluminum grave marker F found, but none of it follows the inscription on the marker closely. It appears to me if whoever inscribed that on the aluminum maker was trying to quote H.L. then the whole thing is incorrect, not just one word.

          • Yes JL, Just distracting myself to confirm some of the things Forrest did & said. I already have a solve & don’t know what to do until my trip other than finding confirmation of my solve & it’s become pretty clear that my solve is The Solve IMO.
            Just about everything I have been poking into the last month or so, gives me a logical reason why Forrest has said & done these things. Thanks J.A.K.

          • Jake, you have to be careful F is tricky like that. He will lull you into a false sense of security and let your mind convince you of things that are not there.A little bit of humble pie goes a long way in F world. IMO

          • Yea JL, your right.
            I will just say I am confident.
            Sometimes humble pie is the only thing on the menu & when you are hungry, you must eat. Bon Appétit

          • Jake – two things for you as you bide your time.

            Imagine that you have made your search and that the chest was not there; what do you do next? Start doing whatever you would do as if your solution is incorrect, whether it be rethinking the last few clues or starting over from scratch. It just might give you some additional ideas and give you some backup things to do once you have spent the time and money to get to your search location.

            Careful with the thought of looking in the book to confirm your solution, it is an excellent way to screw up your thinking. f has only said that the subtle hints in the book will help you figure out the clues, not confirm them; if a person is picking things out in a search area and then trying to reverse fit/engineer things in the book to confirm their solution to the clues, then the final result will most probably be comparable to some of the low quality junk product, originated from China, that was also reverse engineered.

            If the book is not stimulating your imagination to think certain things about the poem, which then causes and brings understanding to the clues, then IMO, the book is of no value to your solution and your solution is probably wrong.

            I am sure many will disagree with this idea of reverse fitting; I certainly don’t want to disturb anyone on their path or get in their way.

          • Thanks JCM,
            “Imagine that you have made your search and that the chest was not there;”
            I like the ; at the end of your 2nd line even without the ).
            I have imagined that at lest a hundred time in the last few months that the treasure is not there. I am sure most do this, because we need to put things into perspective in case we are wrong. We do not want to be shocked in the face of failure & have a fall back plan. My plan B is to go back at a later date when the creek is done handling all the runoff from the winter. I think Forrest probably hid the TC in late summer or early fall.
            It’s all in the poem JCM, right down to the road that is in the poem if you can find it, it is the word that is key.
            The book may help with hints to the area, but that’s about it.
            Like Scott said, you know Q,
            If all you need is the poem, then there must be something in there to narrow down an area in the RM’s (paraphrasing)
            There it is, right in front of everyone’s face, can you see it? Clear as the day is long.

            My backup plan is to go see Forrest to give him his bracelet.

          • I’ve tried backwards working… solution works… tried disproving… solution works… I see hints everywhere all over the blogs… all on mysterious writings… all in the other Forrest galleries here… But with my solution…. there is still ONE quote from one of the videos that bothers me… it’s why I rambled on about the bury/hidden thing… I’m postulating that the chest you find will only hold directions forward… I suppose I’ll know shortly if I find it.

  87. Musstag, I have watched that video many times and seem to come out with new thoughts each time. Today it occurred to me that he said that he would throw himself on the chest and leave his bones in the “sun”. I think this further eliminates it being in a cave or mine, and not under water. IMO of course. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of spot would be so “private and secret” that could be close enough to a parking area to make two trips in a “few” hours. It has to “just around the next turn”. Good luck and keep safe.

    • Go out an Mark off a 1/2 or 3/4 mile markers, it’s a ways, ff could walk it with 21# I think , and you’ll see it’s far enough to be private.

    • Of course that could mean Sun Temple… as well. I have a great ‘solve’ for it. Of course Mesa Verde would be a tough nut to crack, and you could get arrested searching there, but Wetherill was Fenn’s hero – the bracelet needs to be returned.

  88. Hello PDenver

    Something funny happened friday and this afternoon while I was at work.
    Remember how we discussed me finding the treasure chest and I was taking a trip to Mount Rushmoor and then maybe the grand canyon?
    Well, if I find that chest it must be fate!
    Lady came into the store to make a purchase and was digging for buried treasure, some call it change but for now we will call it treasure, and pulled out a bunch of it. Well, this round oblong coin thing fell out. So, I picked it up and inspected it and low and behold it was one of those stamped coins from Mount Rushmoor! I laughed but it gets crazier! Today guy came in with a short on from the grand canyon! Just thought it was funny considering I live in a town of population around 7,000… I thought what are the odds!

        • Hello JohnCena. Embellishments are nice. Think of the story you told me about bass fishing. Think of how simple your story would have been if you didn’t add the details of the breeze, the sounds of wildlife, etc.. Mr. Fenn’s stories have me in mixed emotions. I’ve laughed and cried plenty. If the embellishments are “fish tales,” that’s a different story. I tend to believe what people tell me, that’s why I have so many swamp lands in my possession. 🙂

          To keep on topic, do you feel any of his clues are embellished? Any word or combination of words you feel doesn’t help to find the treasure chest?

          • Hello PDenver

            Yes there are some embedded embellishments but there are not many. Most of the words he uses are very important in my solution. The real question is how do we know which ones help and which ones dont.

            There may be no embellishments in the poem at all guess that depends on your perception! But there are not many words that aren’t important in the poem. Discounting any of them could be a bad idea.

            I also believe that over time he has added some embellishments to the treasure chest! But I suppose whom ever finds it will know that!

    • Hey Mustang

      Nah, I know where I’m going! Like the band… No Doubt! 🙂 regardless if I find the chest or not I’m going to have a good time with “The Thrill of the Chase”

  89. What has Fenn told us?

    …’Hints of riches’ combined with (IMO) post 1940 clues

    I think I just found another ‘keeper’ for my collection, “take it in the Canyon Down”… imagine It’s like saying I will take Sea Biscuit in the 5th race.

    “Ruidoso Downs is a horse racing track in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico.

    In 1947, the racetrack, now known as Ruidoso Downs,was built

    The track hosts both Thoroughbred and Quarter Horse racing, notably the All American Futurity, the richest race in Quarter Horse racing
    [Quarter Horses cover 440 yards—in about 20 seconds—and compete for a purse in excess of $2 million]

    Thousands of spectators flock to the town during the yearly race meet at the downs, which runs from late May until mid-September. “

  90. Locolobo, you around these days? I just sent a thought or to to your email. I know sometimes you forget to check,,,:)

  91. Whats the near latest or even old list of the nine clues some one came up with with? There are like 64 archives of this topic and #52 only go back to Sept of 2015. I remember several years ago, several ppl put up their list to the nine clues.
    Should or could we start another list or two?

    • OK, Musstag, I’ll one up you. I’ll give my solve along with the clue selection.

      I believe this will keep people out of my search area, since no one believes other posters’ crazy solves.

      1- begin it where warm waters halt
      generically, the YNP geothermal hotspot, a popular choice, I know, I know, too obvious; mine is Boiling River, or rather, the Gardiner River. Requires validation by HOB

      2-and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk
      downstream a ways

      3-put in below the home of Brown
      literally, the Joe Brown boat ramp, I know, I know, too obvious

      4-from there it’s no place for the meek
      rafting the Yankee Jim Canyon, I know, I know, too obvious (actual rafting not required)

      5- the end is drawing ever nigh, there’ll be no paddle up your creek, just heavy loads and water high
      at the end of the whitewater, a tributary, mine is Tom Miner Creek.

      6- if you’ve been wise and found the blaze, look quickly down, your quest to cease
      I’m just hoping the blaze is like “xxxxx”–you know it when you see it (that’s a famous court ruling phrase). I try to block out any preconceptions.

      I have no qualms revealing this solve, because identifying a creek is not enough. You must be wise to find the blaze. Plus, I have the wrong number of clues.

      Plus, this area has been searched over and over and over. And over. Everything is “too obvious”. All searchers have found is other searchers. Not even a moose. I expect I will have hubris flavored crow this summer, for a snack leaving Montana.

      But, I have an idea regarding “wise”, and I gotta go. See you there!

      • Your right Joseph, most of us think other searchers solves are crazy. I am one for sure. You will not catch me going to anyone’s solve place because I only believe in mine. I am sure if I put my solve out there, most by far would think I am nuts.
        Yea, to obvious, your one crazy dude. Good luck anyway.
        In my crazy opinion.

          • No disrespect Joseph but that would be similar to trading a million dollars for a dime,. For now mine is worth much more and shall remain a secret. If I am right then everyone will know where to look for ff when he disappears. I wouldn’t want anyone disclosing my secret burial spot. imo

          • I’m serious. I think you could post the exact real solve here and it would be discounted.

            I have no worries about revealing my convolutions.

          • Joseph,
            I guess that’s a chance I’m not willing to take. If it makes no difference then why bother telling anyone. When you have the chest in your hands then everyone will want to know the story if a person choose’s to disclose that they had found it. I look at it this way, people should know if it has been found but that does not mean they need to know where the location was. For the ones that had been so close it would be like rubbing salt in a open wound. For Forest, his special spot would now be justy another tourist attraction. Why not leave it as you found it, it could be a secret between FF and you. If I do anything it might be to leave some type of water proof container informing who ever finds it that it was indeed the correct spot and maybe leave something special for them also.IMO

          • Just to be clear, JL, I was using the generic “you”, as opposed to you you, which could suggest that I suggest you (the you you) were somehow specifically incredible, in the ambiguous sense. Or not.

          • JL, you blew me away with that comment. So perfectly on target. Revere the spot and Leave a trace but do Not divulge.

            f can chose to reveal his special spot.

            I have to wonder if Forrest’s ambivalence about people finding the special spot is:
            -he would love to see the joy he described when one finds the bronze chest, and
            -he would hate to see his special place revealed

            f ?

    • See! See how that fits with what ff said, they had the first two, and went right past the others…. they went to far…

      • WWWH
        canyon down
        then they got too scared because it’s no place for the meek. So they went right on by. Following the road that all others follow, not knowing they should have taken the one less traveled.

    • IMHO you’d be wise to rethink that, stanzas 2 3 and 4 are the locator clues for the chest. Stanza 1 5 and 6 are the story the poem’s has to tell. Forrest was asked, if he would share with us what the clues of the 24 verse poem where, he declined, did not to give that out. IMHO that sez there is more to it than 24 verses, 9 lines, nine clues… I will try and find that link, I posted it somewhere a few days ago.

    • That’s your opinion JD,
      I do not agree. I think Just heavy loads is a clue & water high is another.
      Anyway, March is now upon us & I bet you can’t wait to get there. I will have to wait until June, assuming it’s still there.

  92. I agree Jake. My solution is simple… almost too simple… but I’m still gonna go look.. I feel I’m so right that I want to leave tonight to go look…. but rationally I must wait until work subsides… I keep feeling Forrest is pushing some clues and they’re getting me nervous… that someone else will get there first…

  93. Sorry, I forgot to say “IMO” with my last post.

    Yes, I am chomping at the bit to get out there.

    Good luck to all


  94. Are y’all missing my point or ignoring me lol?
    I am trying to get at the actual nine clues are, or several different good list of
    nine. Notice I split “not far but too far to walk” into 2 clues.

    But even if you don’t agee , see what I’ve done, it is two parts but one part is giving context, the word, walk, is th context, it helps you understand what is true.
    So when ff said some are in tight focus with a word that is key, it could be something like this example of walk, and how it changed a too far, into not far at all.

    • Hello Mustang

      WWWH is the most important clue. If you don’t have that one might as well stay home and play Canasta. Still gotta make sure you know where you’re going before you leave to go.

      Just listen to Forrest and use the poem… don’t let the blogs or logic distract you…because they will….. like they did me for a long time….

    • Hello Mustang

      Yes, but I can’t tell you that! Because if you knew where HOB is you’d go right to the chest! That is absolutely true in my solve…. if I told where HOB is everybody and their cousin would there before me.

  95. Well since this edition is about full, here goes. IMHO we read ‘ From there it’s
    no place fro the meek’ … as if it was ‘there is no place for the meek’…. He could have said ‘Next is no place for the meek’ the way we read it.
    stanza 3 is one clue, to a place that is not right there, it’s away from there….

  96. Is it established that from the “waters halt” site, there is in near and logical proximity, an actual transportation mode available other than walk?

    • Hmmm, that’s good OS2. IMHO If there was, then the not far transportation way, could be too far the other transportation way… well, theres your new or hidden clue, imho.

      • IMHO, it’s around clue 5 or 6 that we at first get the wrong clue or wrong take on what that the clue is telling us. Remember ,ff said it doesn’t matter what words you use, as long as they understand what you mean… but do we?

  97. Hello Mustang

    I can’t fine tune my clues… and they were all straight forward… I think I’m gonna find it!!! All 9 clues.were straight forward but knowing where to start is the important part… but hey, I don’t have the chest… but I think if I find it I’m gonna hide something there after I sell the chest!!! Since obviously no one else will know but Forrest.

    • Hi John Cena, I have a question about your HOB. I’m not asking what or where it is. I am wondering if you will be searching near your HOB location?

  98. But Cali is third choice. He would not leave New Mexico. It’s his home and he would want to promote New Mexico. Ands here are a lot of hidden hot springs all over northern New Mexico

  99. Listen up and hear me good!
    If you Searchers are really brave and in the wood piles at this point,.. don’t know about you, but I’m lulling myself to sleep at night reading some of the same old, same old comments. But right about now I’m real ready for some real meat and potatoes discussion on this now Nine Clues Blues Blog. So then I’ll be the sacrificial searcher and boldly take my chances for the thrill of it all or lack thereof…
    These are my Nine Clues as I think them to be..
    Stanzas 2 and 3 hold the first eight clues for me and be darn curious to see a consensus on that. And my 9th Clue is,.. (drum roll) the last stanza of the last line, “I give you title to the gold.” Your turn..

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