Hunting the Camouflaged…


Hunting the “Camouflaged” by James
(Has such a wide variety of meanings)


A discussion on exactly how hard it will be in finding
the Treasure Chest “Indulgence”

First order of business is to put on here “This is all IMHO…”

Camouflage – is the use of any combination of materials, coloration, or illumination for concealment, either by making animals or objects hard to see, this is called (crypsis), or by disguising them as something else, called (mimesis).

My personal opinion is MIMESIS ! ( the TC doesn’t look exactly like itself anymore. Same basic size and same basic shape though. )

Does anyone really think that solving any of this is simple? Forrest said his target market was any Redneck from Texas who was unemployed with a pick-up truck, wife and 12 kids. I have to say that statement is really perplexing. Most people presumably associate a “Redneck” with “not so smart”… But I consider myself “an educated Redneck from Texas, Born and Raised”.  And I’m getting pretty good at this stuff. Hahahahaha!

Stay with me through the end of this and maybe you will have a better understanding of why Forrest said, “sometimes it’s better for the fox to dress like the hound!”

As far as me, my solve and thought process behind “Camouflage”;

I have made only 2 trips and I have only one location that I give my efforts to. Each time with a little more emphasis and narrowing down the exact spot. It’s the very one I first started with.

Let me get very particular. Although I have figured out the correct way of finding and analyzing the clues and hints that Forrest has put out there for us… I will go ahead and take a step out to give you something to think about. (Maybe some have).  One has to seriously ask themselves… When Forrest decides to pick and choose things to talk about, why pick the ones he does? He has so many memories, artifacts and knowledge to make mention of… yet he selects particular ones for a reason? Or do you really think that his brain is randomly spitting these things out and just getting it done? Some people believe so but I do not.

1. A Ladies Sewing Kit ( Vignettes )
The sewing needle was made from a yucca leaf but was hidden/protected by putting it in a blob of mud.

2. Olmec Jadeite Mask ( Vignettes )
“Such mask were considered images of transformation.”

3. Prehistoric Thoughts ( Vignettes )
The 5-1/2 inch chert knife. ” I guessed it had been stored in the dead ashes to …”

Why 4. Reliquary and 5. Falcon Mummy? Transformation and Concealment ?

Ok, OK… A few more for y’all to think about.

6. Scrapbook #115
Does anyone remember the original post? There was a picture of the same Forrest on the left but the right picture was Forrest grinning showing his teeth (then changed to Brad Pitt grinning and no teeth). Why? Have you asked yourself that question? The answer is the same. (there’s another reason too but I’m not gonna tell.)

7. The word “Well” (multiple use in TTOTC) – I posted this on the blog and virtually got no responses. If you go back and listen to Forrest in ANY audio or video and listen, Forrest doesn’t talk like that. So why write it? For effect? As a normal written word that would be passed right over, however have a different meaning?

8. The word “Middle” – The MOST important word, snuck in. I will let you ponder on that one. But I will say everything is in the middle of something else (DUH!). (poem and book.)

So now your mind is thinking in a different way possibly. Forrest, remember, he’s a Master Foundryman. Although he will not admit to that, maybe, being as humble as he is. If you don’t know that fact then you are way behind in “The Chase”. And what does a guy like that do? He creates!!! Read the Scrapbooks on the subject of Bronze. Read all of them. What you’ll find when you read them and more is just how cunning Forrest really is.

He’s so good he can even make bronze jars that have screw on lids that are pretty much water tight. Now ask yourself, “why would he challenge himself to such a feat?” Ask yourself another question. “How much would the odds go up in NOT finding the TC if Forrest “camouflaged” it.  Maybe a 1000 or 10,000 yrs. Forrest has told us he has thought of everything. Hmmmm!  Was he counting on that?

So, take the people in California a while back that were just walking a trail, the same trail they been walking for years on there property, and just happen to notice an old can (happened to have mucho $$$$$$ worth of gold coins). Hey it looked like a can, that’s why they noticed it, right?!?!  Now what if that (maybe) 49er (the one that squirrel-holed the gold) had the time and forethought to tuck those coins in a hollowed old brick that he made or packed a bunch of mud-plaster sunbake around that can… Let’s say.  I doubt those guys would be rich today and that gold stash would still be there in the same spot looking all natural. A guy at work and I were talking this same conversation and he said, “but it was the rain and wind that uncovered it.”  “It also was all rusty and falling apart!”, I told him. He was correct and exactly proved my point. It was eventually uncovered and was seen in its original form, a round flat edge.

Yes, yes I know the chest is bronze and that it will patina in one form of color or another but it is perfectly shaped. The odds of anything 100% NATURAL being perfectly shaped is what? Almost zilch!!!! So if Forrest camouflaged the chest to look like a rock or other… that “shaping” would make this hunt even more difficult wouldn’t it?  So now what you may ask is “Why?” He had to… To make it look natural by the way of Mimesis, to extend the odds of it being found. That’s one reason he says “it will not be stumbled upon!” How can he guarantee this without this being true? Everything (treasure) that has been “stumbled upon” really hasn’t been “hidden by mimesis” now has it.

And, here’s one of your biggest clues. Scrapbook 111. The picture of “Crayton next to a provocative treasure chest off the Salvador”. Hmmmm looks like a huge stone, not a wooden chest.  I believe if I got the story right, Forrest picked the pictures and Dal was asked to write about them and the project. So again, out of all the pictures that were available to Forrest, why pick this particular one?

How many of you guys and gals are on board?

Theses are just a few things that Forrest has put out there. I am just interpreting these things my way. I haven’t made up some kind of weird, off the wall story now have I?  We all better have more to go on than just hunches. I do anyway.

Now go out there and find your “Indulgence”!

James (TZP)

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  1. Thanks James, good stuff! Can’t say enough about the Vignettes. Feels like next level information for those who have gotten so close, the 200 footers, what to do when you are in striking distance….is the final area about the size of his walk in closet….sure will be good to start reading some fresh solutions from spring outings too! IMO, Best, CQ

  2. James you asked: “I haven’t made up some kind of weird, off the wall story now have I?”

    To answer your question in a word……yes. It looks to me like you’ve picked a few stories and made the clues fit them. Why not use all of the stories? How do you know which stories are legit and which ones are bogus rabbit holes?

    But hey, that’s just my opinion and I don’t have the chest. Looking forward to hearing how that works out for you.

    Good hunting.

    • @ Goofy, you’re just goofy. Thanks for your comment though. We all have our opinions. But, It’s a ” Theory” on WHY the chest would be so hard to find (SEE or RECOGNIZE) (maybe I should have put these words in big BOLD letters…. )

      Not a theory on ALL THE CLUES in finding the chest. And, just because I gave some examples of stories that can tie into the “camouflage” theory doesn’t mean that Forrest’s other (not all- you’re right about that part) stories don’t tie into “the Chase” … but I know how some of them (but not all) do. And by “stories” I mean all forms, whether verbal in Audio interviews, written in TTOTC, the POEM or other.

      “Which are rabbit holes?” Who knows Goofy! That’s why we’re all here, right? That’s the fun of it all! If it’s not fun anymore, then get out of the chase.

      It wouldn’t be so smart of me to lay all the cards on the table now would it. IMHO

      @Ken… Your right in “that Searchers can read into them all sorts of things” which ties to Goofy’s “which are rabbit holes?”

      • Well James, if you are into camouflage I would suggest reading a book written by Fenn’s good friend Eric Sloan in 1942 titled “Camouflage Simplified”. He talks about optical illusions and many other interesting things. If you had done any research at all you would know all about this book and how we beat this horse to death a few years ago.

        But hey, you’re right I’m Goofy………I’m just not smart enough to figure out how all of Fenn’s stories tell us about camouflage. Don’t let me interrupt your daydreams with research, this is just my opinion.

        Good luck with your theory.

        • Good y you’re one rude SOB. And you’re the blog moderator (?) I’m not real sure what position holds the NUKE BUTTON. Wow! Nobody has said “all of Fenn’s stories” except you. Learn to read and comprehend. Gees.

          To all other searchers commenting… else thanks for not being so rude (that’s a word I choose to use).

          • Hey you asked James, didn’t mean to upset you. Apparently you were looking for a cheer leading squad to marvel at your genius not honest opinions.

            Good luck with your theory.

        • See there ya go again. Nobody is asking for a cheerleading squad!?! Honest answers but more importantly discussions… yes! I’m just clarifying what you can’t seem to read or comprehend like most of the other folks responding. And it’s an “Opinion” there Goofy. Or did you miss that too? Right there on the top, very first thought. I didn’t say anywhere that it was the right “Theory” to go by. Maybe these things allude your train of thought.

          Nobody is perfect Goofy! Especially me.

  3. Hi James …

    I like your idea of “camouflage”, and tying that in to FF being a “master Foundryman”. What a great way to postpone discovery of the chest. I have seriously wondered whether Forrest really wants the chest found in his lifetime. Toward the objective of postponing discovery, disguising the physical appearance of the box makes a lot of sense. Of course that doesn’t mean that the chest actually is camouflaged; it means that you have raised a legitimate issue for searchers to consider. Congrats on that. On the other hand …

    There has been too much made, I think, of what is found in the scrapbooks and TTOTC. As I have mentioned in other threads, there are so many topics, and they are presented in so many different ways, that searchers can read into them all sorts of things, and therefore be misled. It’s especially dangerous to come up with a location solution and then use FF’s written words to “confirm” your location. No matter where you think the chest might be, I can almost guarantee you that there will be something in his books or scrapbooks to justify your location, and mine. That’s why, when thinking about potential locations, I generally disregard Forrest’s written comments.

    The scrapbooks and FF’s books can give the searcher a general idea of the kind of person Forrest is, what he likes, doesn’t like, his general world view, etc., and that’s important, since the chest location means a lot to him personally. But insofar as specific clues, I consider or eliminate locations based only on the poem and this blog’s “Cheat Sheet”. If a particular site matches up to the poem clues and cheat sheet, then and only then, will I pose the question … “Why would Forrest select this particular site?”


  4. James, I liked ur story Wether true or not. I think there is a good possibility that indulgence is hidden from view somehow. Be it in a cave or a tree or in a big pot covered. There was a story in the book where he talks about hiding their camping stuff under leaves. Best of luck to you!

  5. I can’t imagine him spending $25,000 on an relic like the box, then vandelizing it. This is the same reason I think it is not buried, because a shovel or pick would damage it if/when it is uncovered.

  6. James,
    IMO, the concepts you’ve presented on camouflage are very relevant, but I’d like to add some perspective to what I mean by relevant. Additionally and with regard to camouflage, I believe your enumerated points above are quite important but, again, with further perspective/qualification.

    Ken mentioned above that it is risky (paraphrasing) to consider what Forrest has communicated outside of the poem to determine the TC’s location. I wholeheartedly agree with this assessment, and I agree because of my own practical experience with TTOTC. I have a hard head and thick skull, but when I beat it against an immovable object long enough and hard enough, my wee brain eventually gets the hint and I’m able to move on. So, I believe what Ken is saying is to not give credibility to Forrest’s comments/writings outside of the poem when attempting to resolve the TC’s location, and I am in full agreement with this concept – if I’m interpreting correctly.

    Ken also states, “The scrapbooks and FF’s books can give the searcher a general idea of the kind of person Forrest is, what he likes, doesn’t like, his general world view, etc., …”, and I fully agree with this concept, as well. What Forrest communicates outside of the poem is, IMO, a look into his mind and provides insight into how he Looks and Looked, how he Sees and Saw, and ultimately how he thinks and thought – a monumental but necessary task, IMO. I apoligize for stating the obvious and restating what others have stated, but thinking like Forrest is necessary to not only determine the TC’s location, but in finding the TC once the searcher has reached the intended location.

    And, IMO, this is where your camouflage concept becomes important. In more youthful days, I used to bowhunt for deer/elk and generally hunted in wilderness areas, and always on taxpayer-owned land that is managed by our public servants and their employees. I was always eager to explore new areas that piqued my interest. I am sure there are other categories of outdoor enthusiasts who are also prone to this same type of spontaneous exploration, and it seems quite plausible to me that Forrest considered this. After all, Forrest said, “Nobody is going to happen on that treasure chest…” (Moby Dickens Book Shop 11/2/2013 Q&A @ ~8:20 mark). Note that he said “treasure chest” and not “spot” or “location”.

    If Forrest believed that non-searchers could indeed “happen” on the very location that contained the ‘hidden’ treasure, how could he be sure THEY didn’t find the TC while, at the same time, making it findable by a TTOTC searcher? IMO, the TC is, as you’ve said, ‘camouflaged’ and I’ll throw in ‘or disguised’, well enough so it doesn’t arouse curiosity in a non-searcher but remains recognizable to an alert and informed searcher. IMO, this means it must appear to be a natural part of the environment, but stands out just enough that it invites the attention of a TTOTC searcher as something that deserves additional scrutiny. Forrest said, “I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.” (Scrapbook 78 / Note that he used the word “find” and not “see”.

    And that’s all I have to say about that (Forrest Gump movie). Thank you, James and Ken, for your (IMO) insightful comments. I hope my comments are seen as constructive; there is no ill intent and I fully respect your commentary and opinions, and I’m hopeful none of my comments can be taken otherwise.

    Be informed, be prepared, and stay safe.

    • Joe, I appreciate what you have said. Maybe you should have finished writing the rest of my story. Oh yeah, you just did to a degree I haven’t thought of. Thanks for the continuation.

      • James,
        I apologize. I was not trying to one-up your commentary. Here’s a definition of memesis (asterisks added for emphasis):

        imitation of the real world, as by… portraying objects found in nature…

        2. *** imitation of the real world, as by *** re-creating instances of human action and events or ***** portraying objects found in nature: *****
        This movie is a mimesis of historical events.

        I thought your commentary included camouflaging of the chest, as well, and I was only attmepting to expound on that idea as I believe it is very important once a searcher reaches his/her predetermined location.

        I’m easily confused! Sorry – was not trying to be a jerk.

        • Didn’t take it wrong Joe and I am serious when I said the word appreciate. You worded things more plainly and gave some good examples.

  7. James –

    At least you are looking at the scrapbooks….some folks are not. There are about 10 scrapbooks I cannot figure or nail a hint to … and to me that’s OK. The scrapbooks IMO are valuable hints that you are in the right place.

    Just take the things he does over and over – like the 4th of July stamps. The 4th is a huge clue IMO and if you don’t know it ……..well, perhaps the place is not correct.

    Thanks for your post James, I think your on the right path.

    • Hey into, and Everybody,
      Into, one of my solves includes the fourth of July. Afterwards there is a hike they say is worth the cold. Could this be the same thing you describe???

      And as for my health, in which I shouldn’t talk about it anymore, as I only find it to be a drag… My liver is now packed or full of the stuff. I started Chemo again Wed., and am dragging again like a wet towel. I hope to beat this too though, so no worries. Again no hill for a future climber!!!

      Bdang into, I can’t wait to read your answer!
      Mark H. Smiling my way to the moon!

      • I am sorry you are ill. I truly hope you are able to beat it. I am unfamiliar to you. I just started looking at these blogs. I did not even know who Forrest Fenn was until episode on Expedition Uknown aired on 11-18-15. Found this episode very interesting and and saved it. I put it on the back burner until 2-16-16 when I took the time to solve the enigma. How long and how many adventures have you been on? I am not expecting you to believe me when I feel confident in its location. For all you know I am just another searcher that claims they know where it is. Although finding the chest would be a great accomplishment in itself, giving resolve to you and all the searchers that have dedicated days, months, and even years on this is equally important to me. I would not want cheat anyone by not telling them the chest has been located. I am from Indiana and planning a trip this summer to retrieve the chest. To all viewers of this blog just know I will not indulge conversation about my knowledge of poem or where IMO the treasure is. I can tell you I will do my best to make it known that it has been retrieved and bring you along on my journey. I will do the best I can and hope to not let you down.


        • Hi Ya Ace. I am looking forward to hearing your story regardless of the outcome.
          As long as it does not end in you gettin chased off by a bear.
          Best of luck to you

  8. Hello James. Thank you for your story. It’s quite interesting. I agree with you, insomuch, as we need or should take into account of what Mr. Fenn’s poem, The Thrill of The Chase book, what he has verbally said and commented on, as well as, his Scrapbooks, Vignettes, etc.. I personally feel we would miss some very important things if we don’t.

  9. hey James, hunch here. he did say it was hidden (camoflaged) and never said it was buried. the treasure i mean. I particularly like the autmn camo myself, the varied colors.
    winter camo is tough, just ask the snowshoe rabbit. they got big feet for hoppin in deep snow. ive seen their tracks.
    in spring the new camo smells delicious. i could hike for hours on end.
    summer camo should be brown i think.
    James, i need a new wardrobe. i think the wife needs to take me shopping.

  10. Forrest has said on public interview(s) that he “buried” it.
    Personally hoping it was an easy mistake. It could be buried under various materials including dirt. But agree it’s well camouflaged.

    • Great write up James

      Hid den, “middle” brown, blaze (halo)

      “Illusionistic”, representation of the visual appearance of things.

      What if it was hidden in the book case under a facade of fake book binders?

      I recently thought I found the word Omega as (OW-MAGI) as the two jars are pictured on pg. 139 of TTOTC. What a thrill to find the E turned into an F on the second jar through a slight error.

      Small intentional mistakes are most interesting to me. I wonder if others see it?

          • Hello 23kachinas. I do see the mark in which you feel is a slight “W”. This is quite interesting. What do you suppose it means? He’s quite talented in what he’s done to these. Like Mr. Fenn said, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge.’ 🙂

  11. This is all great stuff, and I think James has hit on some really important elements… but these will only be useful once the poem’s clues have been solved. IMO.

      • Hi James,


        Sorry to take so long to comment….litterally cleaning the house ….again! What can I say…it’s what I do and makes I do happy! LOL!

        Anyway, I was thinking perhaps a bit of discipleship is in order to round up a few helpers for my full frontal assault on the treasure? I was not planning on attending Fennboree, but it’s always hard to pass on an opportunity for Sopapillias (sp?) and a return to the homeland. And who knows, I might be able to find a few right minded searchers at Fennboree who would like to HELP participate in another game of Lucy and the football… after the dart game of course. Well, I can never get too much of the Chase….hack, hack…sorry I have cold that is keeping me up nights.

  12. James – One aspect of hiding the chest that you didn’t address in your theory is the part of f ending his life at this spot where Indulgence sits and letting his bones rot in the sun (according to statements f has made). It would be a lot of effort to make the chest almost unnoticeable by camouflage for the spot he hid it and then go die there where his bones would stick out like a sore thumb for anyone who got close. Any thoughts on how he would have planned this part, you have certainly given a lot of thought to this idea.

    • JCM… That’s a great question. When you figure out “to die and let your bones rot in the Sun” then you have figured out part of the poem to some degree. IMHO.

      I’m really not going to give what my opinion is on that… (cause Goofy might think I’m talking about getting Cam Newton’s touchdown ball or some other sort of thing.)

    • JCM – playing catchup these days – but my question in all of this has been – how big is “a place”. I think Mr. Fenn has been vague on purpose using this phrase. I can easily see “a place” being as big as a county or as small as a closet. My hunch is, it’s somewhere in between in size.

      • That is a good question swwot. The best I can come up with is not more than ten miles and not less than a 10″x10″x5″ space.
        Ummm looks like Forrest is rubbing off on me.

  13. James,
    Not on board. Camouflage may have been used to some degree but I think it’s probably irrelevant. Yes it would make it harder to find but it seems like “making the search harder” hasn’t been an issue. He has told us that the clues in the poem will take you precisely to the chest so I think we need to believe that is true. Also I don’t see how knowing if the chest is camouflaged would help us get any closer to it.

    Are the vignettes/SB’s important? IMO it’s unlikely. From MW: Q:Do you feel over time, some searchers have forgotten beginning basics or thoughts they once had, and might benefit going back to them? A: “I’ve said searchers should go back to the poem so many times that I don’t want to say it again here.” f

    He is very consistent in telling us that the most important information is in the poem and has redirected us there again and again. In fact, he has said this so many times it amazes me that many folks still think just about everything else but the poem is where the answer lies.

    IMO, trying to attribute importance to everything he says in every story is just wandering blindfolded through a minefield. I’ll stick to the guidelines that he has specifically stated clearly and redundantly.

    • Hey Colokidd.. Looks like you changed your avatar? It brings back memories for me – I was at the EFE end of the rainbow location a while back. A neat solve. We searched there for 3 days, unfortunately, no pot of gold. I’ve heard there are others who’ve since been there as well.

      I’ve since moved on to something very interesting…. The idea that the Poem is the plot of something that Fenn held dear as a child.


      • Chris,
        Sounds like you are thinking Colokidd and Colokid are one and the same. He (Colokidd) showed up sometime after me (couple years back, and coincidentally choose a similar name.

  14. James, you’re entitled to your opinion and I respect that. However, I do not believe Forrest would ever alter that chest. He admired and he is a retired arts dealer and would never destroy such a fine piece by changing it. Secondly, Forrest maintains that he could go back today at 85 and get the chest if he wanted. Unless he’s tied ropes to it or put in an elevator for it, I seriously doubt he would go into a well to retrieve it. Finally, when he was questioned as to whether anyone had been as close as 12 feet from it, he replied, “No, because if you were 12 feet from it, you would see it.” This response, I believe, is an indication that it isn’t camouflaged in the way you are suggesting. That isn’t to suggest that it may not be covered with leaves or mud or fallen limbs, etc. from environmental changes, but to physically change it appearance through specific techniques or bronze foundry techniques, I can’t believe it.

    • howdy Jeff! hunch here…this discussion here is about the treasure chest indulgence as James plainly states. the bronze box youre talkin about is something else isnt it? wow i aint never seen nothin like it myself. sure wish i had one.

  15. Great insight James. I really appreciate your thoughts and have been on this same page of reasoning and others for some time now. These are not what inhibits me at this point in my searches. I believe the poem tells everything a searcher would need in terms of who, where, what, how etc…Remember, “all you need is the poem” so I stick with that for the most part. If I may be so bold but not too picky, I think that is the easy part if I can get there on my own… and I am not so sure about that. So I am still reading and attempting to decifer things such as “water high” in order to distinguish the noise and really understand all the levels of heirarchy. Mr. Fenn likes to make us all jump to attention which I am happy to do. Whenever he says jump, I want to say …how high Mr. Fenn?

  16. James,
    I wouldn’t describe a redneck as; “…associate a “Redneck” with “not so smart…”

    I would consider the person as; hard, self-confident, a problem solver. One who utilizes common sense to get the job done, doesn’t back down from a challenge. I say this because I feel the poem relates to the same mind set. Nothing easy, nothing gain ~ attitude.

    I also agree with Goofy about the picking and choosing of Vignettes, Sb’s etc. How does one decide which is the correct ones? It would seem, all or nothing in my mind. This is similar to the book itself… in my line of thinking. If you’re using, these avenues for help, it seems backwards for me… they are all after the fact, and IF needed, how can you explain the original book and poem standing on it’s own merits?

    This has been a problem from the beginning for me personally… how much of any after the facts, should be used? Helpful, informative, fun, even confirmation. … but to use them to “find” a solve?… well, it may just be, and I’m still wearing blinders to, the after the facts comment.

    You stated this as an example; “And, here’s one of your biggest clues. Scrapbook 111. The picture of “Crayton next to a provocative treasure chest off the Salvador”. Hmmmm looks like a huge stone, not a wooden chest. I believe if I got the story right, Forrest picked the pictures and Dal was asked to write about them and the project. So again, out of all the pictures that were available to Forrest, why pick this particular one?”

    My thoughts go back to the original book… should any of this be “needed”… if so, why was it not placed there from the start?

    If imagination is useful to solve the poem, as we have been told, I can only imagine that the tools were provided at the start.

  17. Sometimes a Chiquita patita, sometimes big bunny feet to keep them warm, sometimes running feet cause I heard a real scary scary animal noise late late, past my bedtime, I don’t know, but I think the forrest has eyes, and I think someone is watching me!!!!! hmmm, who could it be???

  18. Thanks Seeker for putting into words what I was thinking…Personally, I am partial to camo products of all kinds. In fact, I am wearing a Mossy Oak hat right now.
    At this stage of the Chase I am finding it difficult to unread and unhear everything after having read the poem a couple hundred times and finally buying TTOTC. I still love my search area after nearly 3 years and feel that I have as good a chance as anyone in locating Forrest’s Bronze box full of treasure. Onward ho searchers…

  19. Thanks again James and Goofy for keeping us on the trail! Obstacles, what would deter a person (hiker, searcher, hunter, fisher-person), make them move away from the special spot….brush, thorny bushes, cacti, downed trees, no place for the meek…I like the banter on this topic, good to stimulate some thinking! IMO…anyone ever notice the arrow on the FedEx logo? I never did until it was pointed out…

    • You’re right Cholly, lots of interesting things right in front of us we don’t see. For example the Scrap Book with the five dollar bill. There are 26 states listed on the bill. The only state listed in the search area is Colorado; several people thought this was absolute proof the chest is in Colorado.

      • Interesting to think about CO, Forrest doesn’t mention this state very much. The fold in the five depicts 4 corners too! IMO, rabbit holes galore….

  20. Hello James, undoubtedly your are one of the deep thinkers, exhibiting all the qualities inherent in a successful hunter. One word for you buddy ——> detector

  21. ” If you are brave and in the wood. ” Imho The chest could be hidden under a bronze log casting. ” Consider this, bronze will get a nice brown to black patina.
    In time it will show some greenish streaks. Perfect for concealing something in a seasonal area.

  22. Hi James, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts here. IMO one way Mr Fenn can guarantee the chest could or would not be found for many, many years is by NOT placing it in a well traveled area such as Yellowstone. Maybe placing it where no one has any reason at all to visit and just a little bit off the beaten path. If that were the case then simply placing the chest with a little natural camouflage would be enough. Especially if there was something there to place it in/under/behind but no one has any interest in seeing what is there so it could stay there for a very, very long time. But if it were a place that a searcher was led to by using the poem then that searcher would know what they are looking for and how to get there.

    Whether there is any useful info in the scrapbooks, vignettes, Q&A’s, etc. will never be known until someone finds the treasure chest but I for one think every single one of them has useful info. If Mr. Fenn speaks I shall listen.

    • ms. Ramona he already has spoken as i was saying to Dal earlier with no response yet there is a video that he officially clears all this stuff up in so no need to wonder about this stuff it’s a walk in the park he told to gals at the end of a news video easy to get nothing to disturb that is official an not hearsay like someone’s intrepatation of his poetry

      • Hi Moose, you mean there’s a video where he states there is absolutely no useful info in any of his scrapbooks or vignette’s? I am a believer that the poem is all we need. I’ve found an alpha and omega and the exact trail number I have to take to get from alpha to omega all in the poem. I know exactly what to look for and I believe the treasure chest is hidden/camouflaged in a way that you will not see it if you are not looking for it. I do believe it’s a walk alright but I wouldn’t agree with it’s a walk in the park. Straightforward yes, nothing to disturb yes, easy not so much. What would be the point of all the extra info? I don’t see Mr. Fenn talking just for the sake of hearing himself talk. Rattling on about all these things just because it might amuse some of us, or draw more interest, or make him any more successful than he already is. Just IMO.

        • im not saying that I think yes the scrapbooks do have valu what im trying to tell people is maybe yes it’s camoed but there is not a need too dig or disturb the area he was clear if you are disturbing stuff stop if it requires any heavy lifting then you better get enother solution because that one you have is incorrect too many folks dont want to listen f this gets them in trouble not in a dangerous place includes trespass as well this could get you shot this is a family ordeal he is a gentlemen so stop and rethink your clue he said if a person were to think

        • Your comments clearly show your confidence Ramona. When are you headed out? Would love to hear your story ” Indulgence is Mine ”

          best of luck

          • Hi Chad, I would love to tell the story of “Indulgence is Mine” but as of yet, I do not have a date of when I can go. Lot’s of people on my tail so someone may tell the story before I can. Good luck to you as well.

    • Ramona, this is one of the best posts I’ve ever read.
      I believe this post is exactly the way f thought to hide the chest, and how to find it.
      I further believe that this post is/was f’s inspiration for his “Have you considered the ifs” comment.

      • Thank you emmett dearing. Sounds like we may think alike. I doubt this is what triggered the sudden “what if” statement by Forrest. Wishing you luck in your search.

  23. I don’t think it’s the case, but I always thought it would have been neat to have secreted the chest into a bronze statue and then donated that somewhere. It could have been hiding in plain sight.

    What is actually the case is that every rock out west seems to be the exact shape, size, and color of a weathered treasure chest. It could have been hiding in plain sight.

  24. James,
    Sorry if I’m repeating anything already mentioned… A couple of FF comments make it hard for me to believe that he has gone to lengths to camouflage the chest. I don’t have the direct quotes at hand but he has stated that if someone was within 12 ft of the chest that they would not miss it. Also he has stated in response to those concerned about whether it is buried or otherwise requiring some work to retrieve that it will not take a lot of effort to get it. Another statement said something to the effect of “a three year old could find it”. If anyone has links to the actual quotes please provide them. I have been working on my own comprehensive quote file, but don’t have these ones down yet. If I’ve missed an available database that is comprehensive and updated beyond the “cheat sheet” info on this site please mention it. Jenny Kile’s site has been the top resource for the most FF comments/statements that I’ve collected. FF comments are mostly not clues directing toward the TC, but certainly narrow the search.

  25. I was thinking also, I’ve seen some pretty creative geocaches out there. Sometimes you get a plastic container wrapped in camo duct tape in the nook of a tree, but other times you get some well thought out caches.

    Example: One time the clue was “One of these things is not like the other”. The geocache app led right next to an electric sign for a business. It was on a little grass island surrounded by the parking lot. Not much there. I was about to give up when I noticed that there were two conjunction boxes sticking out of the ground next to the sign. They were nearly identical. Turns out one was fake, just shoved into the ground with a short piece of PVC. No wires at all. It was the cache. I thought that was a good one.

    Anyone seen some well disguised geocaches out there?

    • Jeremy,
      Yes, when I was searching Windy point above Chama along the Cumbres and Toltec RR I found two geocaches. One was an old military ammo box and sent my heart racing. I found many interesting things there, including something buried in an old wagon trail. Thanks for reminding me maybe I’ll take my metal detector back and see if it’s metallic.

    • 2nd best IMO geocache cammo was white paint on a barbed wire fence giving the coordinates to the cache location. On both sides of the road. Painted barbs were a good distance apart which made it even more difficult to notice

    • It took us awhile to find a small geocache once. You lifted up one of the caps of a metal fence post. The clue was all signs lead here. We try to be the first to find so our group hits the ground fast without the armchair confidence of deciphering the clue first.
      Of course after my friend found it we all saw the obvious…a yellow road sign up high off the ground with the black arrow pointing directly at the cap on the fence post with the cache.

  26. i think the blaze is the sun rise
    you have to be in a certain place at a certain time
    when the sun rise’s, the first rays of light , fall on the chest’s location
    you have to look quick , before full sun rise.
    there is a picture in one of the books showing a native indian looking at the sunrise ?
    where the place is i dont know
    just a thought
    happy hunting all

  27. Did he actually say “as I have gone alone in there” do we know for certain it was him Forrest Fenn that said that? Alot os the ideas you’ve cobbled together here are interesting stuff. Ill have to take another look on a rainy day 🙂

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