Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Six



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767 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Six

  1. I love it when you do things like this Dal because the thoughtful comments that follow teach me a lot about the commentor, and about myself.

    • This just goes to show that you never know when Mr. Fenn might pop up or where Mr. Fenn might be hanging around.

    • I’ve learned MUCH in the past
      2 years,
      24 months,
      104 weeks,
      731 days
      … hours…
      Loving every minute of it!
      How many were on a monday? 😉

      • Jd, I measure differently, 2 pairs of Keenes, 1 pair of Oboz, 1 pair of Vasque, and a pair of Justin’s. 8 six plys, and over 80,000 miles. Spring is just around the corner and I can’t wait to wear out my new Merrill’s. IMO it’s all how you look at it.

    • (Smiles)….you sure know how to get everyone excited. What if? Yes, what if….

      • That’s like asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.
        Best answer: As many as it takes 🙂

      • or “Mountain Man” by Jardis Fisher. I enjoyed that one. I’m reading “Give Your Heart to the Hawks, A Tribute to the Mountain Men” now, it looks good too.

    • I really liked your comments about Winston Churchill and Marrakesh.
      Can you talk about works of art a little more? Thanks.

    • Good afternoon Forrest. I love your comment. It proves to me that the learning never ends even when it’s about yourself.
      It’s 70 degrees here in central Pennsylvania and it is really a super pick me up. I can’t wait to get to New Mexico for the Fennboree!
      It’s right around the corner.
      Take care,

      P.S. All you searchers be safe out there!

    • Great to hear from you Forrest! We all have learned a lot about you too, besides learning about our fellow searchers, geography, and history. Some very smart, articulate people here and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading their comments (although there are frequently too many to keep up with). 🙂

    • I’m very much enjoying this, Dal and FF, so thank you. Great concept. Q: Is your pic above Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe? It looks very familiar to me.

    • Forrest, you also have to remember that

      ” It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper. f”


      • Actually, looking over the comments in this thread and all the others… “what if” this is bigger than any single one of us? You all are a pretty good community. 🙂

        • Oh common Jeremy give us some of that deep logic. I’ve enjoyed it ,deeply…
          Driving to N.M . again soon. I sure wish Illinois was closer to F. Then I could have some rot gut tree bark coffee with him. Your all welcome to be there. I’ve enjoyed this now over 3 years and 4 trips. It’s pure HEAVEN out there and dang it
          FF it’s not fair you get to have it everyday. ;-]

          • Haha, Tim. I can figure out geometry. I can crack a joke or two. I can maybe take on Briggs. But I can’t figure out this crazy mess. It’s above my head. 🙂

      • Here’s a great “what if”:

        What if Forrest wants the Chase to be everlasting and the reason we can’t seem to find anything is because it’s not meant to be found anytime soon?


        “The Ark. If it is there, at Tanis, then it is something that man was not meant to disturb…” – Sallah

        “What if” Sallah was right? Maybe I’ve watched too many Indiana Jones movies. 🙂

      • Earth Flight Environment, by Eric Sloane. Does the rainbow end in Taos? Forrest — any ideas?

        • Lol everyone knows that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
          But Forrest will not tell you where it ends.

    • Forrest , have you read where Odds and Ends saying may have come from ?
      “This expression may have originated as odd ends in the mid-1500s, meaning “short leftovers of some material”
      Didn’t you have some of this when you put the chest together ?
      I wonder what Dal is getting at .
      BTW , Did you enjoy the book I sent you ?

    • Forrest, I’ve learned a lot about a lot of different things while doing this chase probably too many to remeber.. But, I’m excited and nervous to get out and looking for adventure!

      Because “Its not who you are, It’s who they think you are!” 🙂

    • It’s all how you look at something…

      Chase – plain
      Ɔʜɒƨɘ – mirror
      ⊂µɐƨө – invert
      ɘƨɒʜƆ – reverse

      Notice there is no right or wrong answer for Chase?

      • 23Kachinas – after your post it’s become very clear why I haven’t been successful in Forrest’s chase.

        1. How did you produce mirror and inverted images?
        2. Is there a Rosetta Stone app to read them;-)
        3. Can you be my solve short-cut? I promise not to bob your hair or ask questions.

        • anna – I was born under a curious star. Strangely I have the constellation on my collar bone and neck.

          • That mark’s you as special 23. Which constellation would that be? Nothing to top that; all I have are scars.

          • anna – Ursa Minor or maybe Ursa Major. Both full circle around Polaris once a day – or once every 23 hours and 56 minutes. I told it was curious. True story.

      • Hi 23kachinas,
        Earlier I posted what I thought was ‘mirror’ image of poem. Another poster pointed out that the post was not really mirrored. Sure enough they were correct. So let me try again, for what it might be worth, odds and ends.I used this site to flip the text: http://www.messletters.com/en/mirrored/

        ɘɿɘʜƚ ni ɘnolɒ ɘnoǫ ɘvɒʜ I ƨA
        ˎdlob ƨɘɿυƨɒɘɿƚ γm ʜƚiw dnA
        ˎɘɿɘʜw ƚɘɿɔɘƨ γm pɘɘʞ nɒɔ I
        .dlo dnɒ wɘn ƨɘʜɔiɿ ʇo ƚniʜ dnA

        ƚlɒʜ ƨɿɘƚɒw mɿɒw ɘɿɘʜw ƚi niǫɘᙠ
        ˎnwod noγnɒɔ ɘʜƚ ni ƚi ɘʞɒƚ dnA
        .ʞlɒw oƚ ɿɒʇ ooƚ ƚυb ˎɿɒʇ ƚoИ
        .nwoɿᙠ ʇo ɘmoʜ ɘʜƚ wolɘb ni ƚυꟼ

        ˎʞɘɘm ɘʜƚ ɿoʇ ɘɔɒlp on ƨ’ƚi ɘɿɘʜƚ moɿᖷ
        ⁏ʜǫin ǫniwɒɿd ɿɘvɘ ƨi dnɘ ɘʜT
        ˎʞɘɘɿɔ ɿυoγ pυ ɘlddɒp on ɘb ll’ɘɿɘʜT
        .ʜǫiʜ ɿɘƚɒw dnɒ ƨdɒol γvɒɘʜ ƚƨυႱ

        ˎɘzɒlb ɘʜƚ dnυoʇ dnɒ ɘƨiw nɘɘb ɘv’υoγ ʇI
        ˎɘƨɒɘɔ oƚ ƚƨɘυq ɿυoγ ˎnwod γlʞɔiυq ʞoo⅃
        ˎɘzɒǫ lɘvɿɒm ʜƚiw ƚnɒɔƨ γɿɿɒƚ ƚυᙠ
        .ɘɔɒɘp ni oǫ dnɒ ƚƨɘʜɔ ɘʜƚ ɘʞɒƚ ƚƨυႱ

        oǫ ƚƨυm I ƚɒʜƚ ƚi ƨi γʜw oƧ
        ␚ʞɘɘƨ oƚ llɒ ɿoʇ ɘvoɿƚ γm ɘvɒɘl dnA
        ˎwonʞ γdɒɘɿlɒ I ƨɿɘwƨnɒ ɘʜT
        .ʞɒɘw m’I won dnɒ ˎdɘɿiƚ ƚi ɘnod ɘv’I

        ˎdooǫ nɘƚƨil dnɒ llɒ ɘm ɿɒɘʜ oƧ
        .dloɔ ɘʜƚ ʜƚɿow ɘb lliw ƚɿoʇʇɘ ɿυoY
        doow ɘʜƚ ni dnɒ ɘvɒɿb ɘɿɒ υoγ ʇI
        .dloǫ ɘʜƚ oƚ ɘlƚiƚ υoγ ɘviǫ I

        • uken2it – I hope you are not paying money for this… 🙂

          I would say it still is not mirrored.. the d’s and b’s are not mirror, they are just d’s and b’s. there are some k’s and t’s the are mirrored and then flipped upside down, etc.

          When I first saw it, I thought it was Russian… not that I speak Russian.

        • uken2it – Except for a few words that mirror of the poem, admittedly hurts by eyes and brain. I prefer the way it was written.

          • I agree 23k. Others are mentioning mirror in connection with the poem but I don’t see it yet? But I thought it might be useful to someone.

          • uk, I don’t think they meant the single words in mirror image but some of the lines do seem to “resemble” one another strangely.

      • And what happens when you draw ‘ever’ nigh? – Your dreams come true.

    • Sometimes we get quality and sometimes we get quantity. Once in awhile we get both, and when I comment we get neither.

  2. This post was inspired by Forrest awhile back.
    Facts we do not know:

    Forrest has said that all we need is the poem and a good map.
    Seeing that there is four states to choose from. Which state map would be a good map. 😉

    Forrest has stated that he hid the chest in one afternoon.
    Did he drive all morning to get to the put in?

    Food for thought folks

    • Ah heck! That’s what I have been doing wrong? It says MAP not NAP ? I really need to get my eyes checked…

    • Forrest said all the information you need to find the treasure is in the poem,not all you need is the poem. IMO

  3. Off Topic…

    Has anyone here been a ranch hand in a state like Montana? Or do you know anyone that has? Is it hard to get a job doing that if you have no experience? Thought it would be cool to move out west from the Philadelphia area…Reading about this chase the past few years has made me want to get out in the rockies and live the western way of life. Reading about Teddy Roosevelt and his adventures…Also reading a book about mountain men…Seems like a good change of pace…I might just move out there to CO WY MT and be homeless for a little while until I can find work….Be nice to live close to rockies so I can actually search and not just arm chair it…

    Also, has anyone thought of WWWH being the US/Canada border?

    Thank you.

    • When I was a kid we had lots of cattle and some horses, there is nothing like living and working in the outdoors. As a ranch hand you are guaranteed long hours, hard work and most likely not much pay, but it usually comes with housing and maybe a free beef to eat once a year. Don’t think it will be an easy life style, most things want to kick, bite, or stomp you and you may be concerned for their safety but they wont give any thought to yours. Some times I wished I would have been born around 1830 and got in on some of those big cattle drives you read about or that they have made movies of.

        • agreed, I have worked outside all my life in some unique places and if I had to do it over I still wouldn’t pick a office job.

        • Hard work never killed anybody, but sitting at a desk 10 hrs a day, 5 days a week in a stressfilled environment has been the cause of many fatal heartattacks. You don’t want your last words to be “Oh, I wish I had …..” just be willing to accept the consequences of your actions.

          • BW you said “just be willing to accept the consequences of your actions.”…

            Thats a major reason I want to get out west. I seem to blame others for my own failings. I am 25 and live at home in a really nice area and feel like I am not taking responsibility for my life. I hope a change of scenery/hard work can change that.


          • Trial and error, one thing Forrest has taught me is to think. One step at a time, think, plan, do.

          • Clue,
            You are young and have a lot of living ahead of you. Learn to show responsibility before you move. Don’t run from a problem, face it! Then when you do move, you will fill great satisfaction. Such a wonderful life waiting for you.

            Ask my kids, I love to give unsolicited advice; I laugh and say “you know I’m right.”

    • My advice is follow your heart. But make a good escape plan, FIRST! That’s what my husband and I did 15 years ago. We traded our high-stress, high paying DC careers and headed west to live a completely different life on our own schedules and have never looked back. Just do it. You can.

      • Hey Melanie,

        Yeah I’m still researching it. Trying to find a place to stay/work. Maybe move by next winter/spring of 17. Looking at how to find work out there with out experience. And I’m guessing it would be hard cause I bet there suspicious of yankees out there…

        • Maybe you can make some connections and get some ideas/leads at Fennboree…..plus get a feel for being a yank out west, maybe sign up for a 3-5 day horseback pack trip in the mountains after the FennFest.

          • Clues: it’ll be my 1st attendance, so I don’t know. But, judging by all the RSVP’ers, I’m betting it’s gonna be one heckuva mixed bag of nutz. I can’t wait to meet them all!

            BTW, my suggestion for a pack ride into the wild west was NOT meant for you to go solo! Lots of very good outfits out here to hook up with.

        • Hello cluesfromphilly. People out west have their arms opened to everyone. My family and I moved out here in 1977 from Brainard, New York. Get as much information as you can, put in your applications and come on over. 🙂

        • About 25 or so years ago I had considered joining an Alaskan fishing fleet. The pay was good, and it sounded like an adventure. I wanted to get experience in marine electronics and thought it might be a good way. Unfortunately I have a bad leg and have a hard time keeping my balance when the earth is not moving beneath me. So I stayed in the mid west, but it might be something for you to consider.

          • Thanks Marc…my buddy did that for a summer..made good money in a few weeks but he said a lot of people that live there are alcoholics and drug users. I want to stay away from that lifestyle…

          • Most of the boats these days are dry boats a lot of them even drug test. But he is right there is a lot of drugs and alcohol around… You also should be prepared to work 16 hours on with 6 off, love fish slime and not enjoy showering regularly… But the sunsets are amazing 🙂

          • Mark, yes I fished up in Alaska from the canneries on Kodiak island, to processors in Bristol bay and on a salmon boat out of Kenai for a couple of years. One of the best experiences of my life. I still have pains from the 24 hour work days. My only regret is that I ever quit. But the call of big gold nuggets grabbed my attention and hooked me like a chapter out of a Forrest Fenn book. All of the above are things that I shall never regret. It’s all about the thrill of the chase.

          • Jake, I’m not sure which one your referring to, probably Arizona if it’s a rough one and California or Alaska if it’s rounded and big. I’ve been nugget hunting for about 30 years, my main source of income.

          • When I clicked on your Gravatar, there was a pic of someone holding a nice size gold nugget. Sounds like a fun exciting way to make ends meet.

          • Jake the one nugget in my hand was a bit under 2.5 ounces found in northern Arizona with a metal detector. The other one was 2.2 pounds found in Mexico.

        • cluesfromphilly,
          There are guide and outfitter schools in the RM’s. They give a person experience and a lot of times can place you with a job when your done. I think you could find information online fairly easy. It would be a outdoorsy type life style and you would get a chance to meet people from all over the country/world.

        • Clues, if I were your age, I’d think about working at a national or state park as close to your search area as possible. Most of the jobs are probably seasonal but it just sounds like fun and a great opportunity to work in a beautiful and/or interesting place.

          Here’s a link to the NPS.


          • CJ, I worked in Yellowstone for a summer making beds many years ago. It paid $1.35 an hour and they took out .75 cents an hour for room and board. Every pay day the card sharks in Montana took the rest. It was a great summer.

          • Now you could probably get at least $7.25. 🙂 What a great experience it must have been – I love Yellowstone!

    • Clues-
      Desertphile is your huckleberry. He’s a real live cowboy from northern NM. Look for him on this blog..

      • Thanks Dal… I will search for him on here… sorry to go off topic like that but I did ask if anyone thought WWWH is the US/Canada border… no one bit though..

        • Clues, yes I think FF said it was one of the clues but also that it won’t help much. Which clue will you assign it on the poem?

          • Heavy Loads and Water High. WaterTon LakeS. Waterton Lake and Upper lower lakes. Plural tons. Water high can be ‘Upper Waterton Lake” or simply elevation but that is under 5,000 feet.

          • Cluesfromphilly,
            I had the Triple Divide as wwwh. How did wwh get you to the border?

          • It’s the triple divide! three different watershed drainage, E, W, N which crosses the border, into Canada. that is a place not for the meek… but nothing to do with fear or brave.

          • Seeker, “nothing to do with fear or brave.”

            I fear not. That was supposed to be humor.

            What makes you so quick to the gun on apparently making a point that this location has “nothing to do with fear or brave.”? What do you mean by that? There are no possibilities at that location to include fear and brave into a solve? Did I read you wrong? You surprised me by, what appears to me, making an assertion that would be very difficult to support.

            all said in sincerity… insincerity…. why are words so wired?

          • uken2it-

            it was just a guess. Warm Waters sounds like friends, “theres warm waters between those two”….thats what my imagination took it as…

          • cluesfromphilly,
            I ended up at peace park by searching warm waters somehow. I pursued it and mapped it but cannot find notes on what wwwh had to do with peace park. I must take notes or it is gone from memory quite often. I have tried to replicate it but cannot get wwwh to bring me to peace park. If I do recall anything correctly it might have had to do with warm waters meaning peace but I can’t find that either. I spent a good bit of time looking after that and did find some interesting locations starting wwwh at the triple divide.

          • I should have clarified my thought process…
            As some searcher have used word like Dangerous, fearful, etc. to describe what they believe no place for the meek stands for, and the reason why one does not need to go to that place…

            My thought line up with a physical location in a metaphorical sense. Meek meaning; shy or timid and even scared of.. such as darkness. I see a physical location of the opposite… the “back bone” of the Rockies. or the Continental Divide. when you mention how WWH get one to a border, Well, the word end means ; border or boundary. The triple divide sit on the CD and drains north crossing into Canada [ border] Drawing means; drainage and creek means; narrow passage.
            “From there it’s NO place for the MEEK, the END is ever DRAWING nigh [ I’ll let you play with nigh ] And the semi colon, which can mean 1/2 if you look at the big picture. No paddle No creek with water because no water is needed to be understood… the CD is just that A Narrow passage and I’ll add a non-human trail. even though some have utilized for recreation, it is not human made. Don’t forget the blaze as well.

            Sorry now, ya asked for clarification? lol I was tying to keep it short n’ to the point… And LOOK loco only one question and a non-chase related one at that.

            I’m am trying lol

          • Seeker,

            Your clarification worked for me.

            I may not have been clear, it seemed you were saying that there were ‘no places’ that the meek might fear. Nah never mind this is a bit convoluted already.

            Peace Park can make sense for a consideration of a search.

      • You will know him when you meet him, he left me with a smile and a gold coin. Always entertaining and a personality like none other. Thanks DP

  4. Nothin’ but good thoughts for every searcher headin’ out or getting ready to. Stay safe folks and let’s have a great time!!! “What if” the area has been mentioned here on HOD ?

  5. I came across this old Chinese proverb today that I thought applied well to all of the searchers:

    ““People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.””

    Be safe in your searches this year and good luck to everyone!


    • TxTH,

      I prefer this one,

      “Things may come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

      Abraham Lincoln.

  6. One last quote and then I will be done. 🙂 I think this reflects well Forrest’s intentions when he wrote The Thrill of the Chase. If Fred Bear will forgive my slight paraphrasing of his words, it goes like this:

    “I hunt Fenn’s treasure because I love the entire process; the preparations; the excitement, and sustained suspense of trying to match my wits against the finely honed instincts of Forrest Fenn. On most days spent in the woods, I come home with an honestly earned feeling that something good has taken place. It makes no difference whether I found anything; it has to do with how the day was spent.”

    – Fred Bear/TxTH

    Happy hunting!

  7. I’m totally lost. Dal what is it that you did? Scared to think what that tells Forrest about me. I don’t understand poetry or poems.

    • Hello Ramona. Dal lets us put our thoughts on his blog and Mr. Fenn gets to see what we think of what “he” means in his poem. Isn’t that correct, Mr. Fenn? 😉

    • Hello Ramona. ‘I don’t understand poetry or poems.’ I believe you to be a very intelligent woman who has brought forth great ideas and just may find the treasure.

  8. This has been a delightful distraction from the norm. I kinda hope it never ends. That being said, good luck everyone!

  9. When I was 16 I thought I knew it all! Now at my current age 😉 I realized how much I don’t know!
    My father always said ” son, the older you get the clearer things become ”
    My question is Forrest that at 80 something young is things clearer than at 50 and do you realize at 40 it wasn’t clear as you thought?

  10. OMG FF wants the treasure to be found he revealed the key word..the treasure will be found..I know where the small area is in a large place..I know what the blaze is..and I just read one of FF writings where he reveals what the blaze is..I guess he feels u searchers need more help..Remember he said North of Santa Fe not north of Colorado or Wyoming, lol

    • That’s great Woody! But wait, did he not also say that it is in the “Rocky Mountains”? (see Fundamental Guidelines link at top of this page) My map also shows part of New Mexico and all of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, Canada, and Alaska are north of Santa Fe, NM. All of these contain parts of the Rocky Mountains as well. Forrest gave “us” searchers a map in “Too Far to Walk” showing four states and said the treasure is in one of those states narrowing the search down for “us” searchers even more. If he had said “north of Wyoming” that would mean it was in Montana and if he said “north of Colorado”, that would mean it would be in either Wyoming or Montana. I have never heard anything about Forrest saying how far north of Santa Fe we should look except to say “…at least 8.25 miles north of the northern limits of Santa Fe, New Mexico.” (again, see Fundamental Guidelines link above) I also think I have heard that Forrest has said once or twice that all you need to find the chest is the poem and a good map. Maybe someone can verify that for me.

      Having said all of the above, it sounds like the area you are interested in meets all the criteria as long as it is more than 8.25 miles north of the northern limits of Santa Fe. However, in my opinion, it would be unwise to rule out the possibility of the treasure being in Wyoming or Colorado (or for that fact Montana) on a narrow interpretation of “north of Santa Fe”.

      I can’t wait for you to tell us where you retrieved the chest from when you get back!


        • There is talk out there that you may just need this PDF File to solve the whole thing. It makes sense, for those who cannot afford the book.

          • Hammertime Question,

            you said, “…I have within my solution, every single famous brown, brown sugar, brown college, brown color, and anything that resembles or separated from the word brown.”

            Did you get around to researching the Norden Bombsight girl? Poor ‘lil thing never did stray far.

          • There’s a downfall to not being able to afford the book! If you can’t afford the book how are you supposed to travel multiple states to get to the search area? Imo

          • Hey Hemmer
            The PDF is working ok I just checked it. But IMO you are trying to short cut this and your listening to other advice besides your own. FF didn’t tell any lies
            You need:
            The Poem for sure
            The book TTOTC has some small hints not clues.
            The book TFTW helps a little more but you will have to put it all together. FF has no reason to lie but everyone else has a MILLION reasons to stretch the truth or even lie. Trust only YOU…
            TIM P.M.

          • Hi Tim,
            Others, as yourself, understand f to mean there are no clues in the book, but I have reminded in the past that the book does indeed say that there are clues in the book’s stories. pages 131-133:
            “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure”. [poem.]. “There are also other subtle clues sprinkled in the stories”.

          • Theycallme..- I came across her a while back. My search area primarily has been rye/Colo city. Just below pueblo. She is a magnificent fit. I’m surprised there aren’t other folks looking in the area. Its gorgeous, and full of so much interesting history. Thanks for the reminder. 🙂

            I don’t believe the PDF will help a searcher 100%, but I do believe that a searcher that gives it 100% will be able to use the PDF to assist them. IMO, this whole thing was built for everyone to make their own rules and imagination. Anything is possible

    • I think that’s just the preview version. It doesn’t contain the whole book. There’s some good stories in there, though, if you can’t afford the whole thing.

  11. pdenver, I have a problem im suppose to be in the philippines this month and not sure when to return..but my brother knows the location since he has been going there since 1990 and also I have two daughters that will go if I cannot make it

    • Hello Woody. I’m sorry to hear you may not be able to go personally, but I am glad you have family that can go in your place. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors.

  12. Pdenver, I can only thank FF for helping familys spend time together..that is whats missing in this world “love”..when and where do u plan on going?

    • Hello Woody. Mr. Fenn has done so much for families with this chase. I’ve enjoyed reading the stories he’s shared about families getting together, how it’s changed them, how it has made them better people, memories, etc.. It puts a smile on my face to know there’s amazing things going on besides looking for the treasure chest. In the spot I feel I need to go, I do not know. Searchers are quite intelligent and I’m feeling nervous.

    • What If the treasure is found…and this chase completed..is it possible to continue the thrill with another chase??i believe that the thrill of the chase that Mr Fenn started,can continue.it may not be as Grand, but i for one would love for the “Thrill” to continue! Thoughts?

      • For some they have found many treasures. Time with family and friends. Which no one can take away. My hope is that if the chest is found, some will choose to follow along the path if it is ever made known. Ya see it is not just a chest filled with gold that really counts. It is a mind filled with pleasant memories and a heart for adventure that will remain even into one’s golden years

      • We can only hope the thrill of the chase will last for many years to come. It’s up to us to see that it does. For many of us it has become a passion with a special place in our hearts. I know that everytime I leave the Rockies I’m saddened knowing that a part of me has been left behind. It’s a very special place to be kept secret as well as shared. It’s hard to imagine loving life without loving the Rockies. IMO, chase on forever.

  13. My adventure has been awaken from its winters sleep, the warm breeze of spring is heating my blood, wunderlust pulls my soul, and my heart yearns to explore the treasure of my eyes.

    • Spring’s warming breeze whispers through the budding trees.
      Awaking that which has slumbered through winter’s chilling freeze.
      Harken to me ye ole knave, it is adventure that you crave.

      The Rocky mountains whisper your name, saying; come, come.
      And see what I have in store for thee. Adventure will abound and a chest to be found.

  14. As FF says if u been “wise” and found the blaze..I say but tarry scant for the animals awake..be “wise” before u seek where the treasure lies for the grizzly is awake

    • Front Book flap: “All that will be needed are the clues, some resolve, a little imagination, and maybe a six-pack to celebrate the thrill of a breathtaking discovery.” Assuming a six-pack does not mean lean abs (needing those to get the chest would be breathtaking for me) but a six-pack of beer or Dr. Pepper; and assuming we celebrate the find at the location then tarry scant might not mean anything related to time or hurry. Just a wild thought and outside the box idea.

        • a six-pack is also commonly used to drown sorrows. either way you will be prepared 😉

        • Long time ago a partner of mine wanted to hike to a remote mountain top, took about 8 hrs to get there. There was no trail to follow unless it was a game trail. We got to where he wanted to camp late in the afternoon. As we were deciding the best spot to pitch our shelters he said ” a beer would sure taste good about now”, I said “sure would did you bring some” and he responded ” nope you did, I slipped a six- pack in your pack back at the truck”.

  15. Hi Forrest, glad to know you are still out there reading sometimes! Me too, I don’t post much anymore, however I am still going searching and soon. Much Love and respect as always.

    Lou Lee Belle, a small time Prospector. Chased by bears and lived to tell the tale.

  16. To all that live in the four possible treasure states~~Could you comment on current weather conditions. I,ve seen Yellowstone,s website stating all of their roads will be open on May 27th. 2016, but are the surrounding areas accessable now? Is there alot of snow still in New Mexico? When to start ?

    • Hello ARNOLD. I use this local news to watch weather. It has a live radar you can zoom into for specific areas from around the U.S.:


      To the right, “Right Now Weather,” click on the “More Weather” button to find the radar. It allows you to type in cities, etc. you want to look at.

      Also, you can check on NOAA’s website. 🙂

        • Another good one is Wunderground and Wundermap Interactive…Weather anywhere and anytime…In the world…

          • U R Welcome pdenver…I like using Wundermap because it is basically GE with a choice of mapping, Terrain(topo), Satellite, and Hybrid with or without label overlays…I go on there to check the weather in my area of interest almost every day…Fun to play with…

          • Thanks for the info pdenver/samsmith . It,s all about the weather for me to plan a trip . I don,t want to spend all that money and then find i,m not able to search because of snow/muddy conditions.

  17. What if………? I believe I’d ask f for advice. I’ve lingered on the what ifs for a while now.

    • From dictionary.com app: “What” – Proto-Indo-European language (PIE) origin, of *qwos “who”.

      Who if. Who f?

      Who are you forrest?

  18. Here is what we know to be a fact since it came from Forrest.

    Only the first two clues can be found with a map.

    Therefore, 7 clues can be solved by location, cannot be found through a computer.

    So my question is how hasn’t someone who lives in the state figured it out? They would have all of the pieces to solve the riddle.

    I am 99% percent sure i know the state. I am working on my first trip in May. I live in Omaha, so it’s a 12 hour drive for me.

    I have not yet figured out the first two clues are located. I am not going to find the first place that makes sense and go for it. I want to be at least 80% sure that i have the best possible location.

    After i have that, i am going to find which roads can be taken within a certain mile span. If there are two roads, take them both to see if i can find the next clue.

    I am taking 10 days off work, 7 days on vacation. Probably 5 days of searching. I may even have 2 backup locations just in case.

    Many people find it lame that our vacation is looking for treasure. I disagree, i can’t wait to see all the gorgeous scenery. I have only been on the Rocky Mountains once, Estes Park in August on a 24 hour trip to Colorado and back to Omaha.

    • Hello Travis Allen. I just LOVE Estes Park. My family and I were there yesterday doing a little fishing at Mary’s Lake. Drove up to Rocky Mountain National Park for an “inside the vehicle” picnic lunch since it was starting to snow. Makes me wonder if Mr. Fenn fished in “unkind” weather. It sure was very windy and cold at the lake. Sure made for great memories, which I believe is all part of the chase. 🙂

      • It was beautiful. The snow capped mountains, the forests, everything just made it an absolutely amazing trip.

    • Travis you said
      “Here is what we know to be a fact since it came from Forrest.
      Only the first two clues can be found with a map.
      Therefore, 7 clues can be solved by location, cannot be found through a computer.”

      Where did you get this from?

      • Hello Lisa,

        ‘Tis not fact…..’tis opinion…..and Goofy is “asleep at the wheel”!! 🙂

      • I agree with Loco… it is just an opinion.

        The idea presented stems from the little girl in India scenario (on Jenny’s website) who is only given the poem and a map of the Rocky Mountains. f seems to infer that you can only identify the 1st and 2nd clues with those two items, but that does not preclude one from identifying more of the remaining 7 clues should one have more research materials than just the the poem and a map of the Rocky Mountains.

        f has specifically said that excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google earth, and/or a good map, to go back to the poem, and that a knowledge of geography is helpful. Beyond that, anything else used besides ones’ own brain for thinking is at a persons own discretion.

  19. Travis, sounds like your treasure hunt adventures will be exciting just begin WWWH..hint its a place Forrest loved to go

  20. Wunderbar @Samsmith…Tastes better than the old map chow!

    All kidding aside, thank you for your kindness; providing a new online reference. I’ve been using mytopo and Caltopo. Always nice to hear another’s views. Fun to see Forrest on today too. Goodnight all.

    • No problem anna…Use the gear icon upper right screen in Wundermap to select mapping…Many other features available as well…Easy to find your house and zoom in on it…Local weather at a glance too, anytime…And can track weather movements up to last 12 hours…You can always see the bad stuff coming ahead of time if needed…I love it…

  21. One thing, i remember a discussion on here not too long ago about whether or not the Jemez Mountains was considered a part of the Rocky Mountains. Forrest said that he loves Santa Fe because it has the Rocky Mountains on both sides.

    However, i just want to point out that just to the left of the Jemez Mountains is a technical part of the Rocky Mountains that could be the mountains Forrest is referring to. I believe it’s called the Sierra Nacimiento mountains.

    I have been researching this for months, which may not seem like that long, but when i am hooked on something, i spend hours trying to figure it out. I have made some headway, but i refuse to get hung up on one single place unless i am confident it has the best chance to be the spot.

    At this point, i am not motivated by the money. I just want to be the person that found Forrest Fenn’s treasure. Don’t get me wrong, i’ll still buy a beautiful home.

  22. 23kachinas, Ursa Minor was known to the Babalonians as “the wagon of heaven” before the little bear. When my paternal grandmother heard thunder she used to say the lumber wagon of heaven was rolling. In contrast, my maternal grandmother used to say the angels were bowling – which suited her to a tea since she was a league bowler. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babylonian_star_catalogues

    • Anna – It’s always fun to hear what people used to say to explain what they see in the sky. Check out Thunderbolts of the Gods: https://youtu.be/5AUA7XS0TvA

      My mom has the best weather reports. I woke up to a thunderstorm and lightning voicemail report today. How did I get so lucky in life? Must be that star I was born under.

      • 23 – thank you for posting that link. Plasma/electrical cosmology would scientifically explain how the myths of ancient cultures around our globe are all the same. I’m only partially through the series, but very interested and pleased that quantum physicists articulate their findings in laymans terminology I can understand.

  23. Forrest, you and my brother have something in common you both love the outdoors and most of all love fly fishing for “big” brown trout..Yesterday I asked my brother if he has ever fished your favorite river and he said it’s is favorite too. Last year he was there fishing his favorite hole were the fast choppy water ends using a salmon fly to catch a trophey brown while they migrate upstream..he has been fly fishing there since 1990. I shared with him your treasure hunt and he said his treasure is the real beauty of the sunset and the winds of change..I guess u could say he his fishing “warm” waters yet not aware of any rainbows..I just wanted you to know that my brothers treasure is like yours getting out into the outdoors with family and seeing the beauty that God has created for us to admire and feel the peace of running water..I’m sure you will agree that you and my brother have something in common..like you said several treasure hunters have walked right by 200 to 500 feet..why its simple they were not “wise” and could not find the Blaze. Of course there adventures were exciting but they must be wise when planning their adventures to see Gods true colors

  24. Hello all

    Still somethings that don’t make sense to me…

    Ok, let’s assume some one has the correct solve.

    Why would Forrest push people towards that location? Why would he release additional help to searchers with a chest full of gold on the line??? It just doesn’t make sense considering he has said paraphrasing here “you’ve asked me a lot of questions but there is one thing I told you that I wish I had not” so, what could that be???

    I believe that I’m in the lead towards the chest but there still seems to be something I’m missing… considering he’s thought of “everything” what if two different searchers reach the same location at the same time??? With 1 million in gold up for grabs??? Doesn’t make sense since Forrest obviously doesn’t want anyone to get hurt!!!

    Just pondering my thoughts…

      • Hahahhaa. This spring is a rat race for sure everyone thinks they have the right solve gonna be a fun spring for sure. Hey maybe I’m winning toooooo hahahhahahaha

          • Montana DG!
            I would like to have a few spirits with you there in June, so we can commiserate the past. Maybe you have learned from past experience & have wise intellect as to why you are going back to the Treasure State.
            You may have been 200′ away from the. Faint, you wood.

    • John, IMO, I don’t think his “what ifs” have much to do with the treasure chest.

    • What if you thought you are in the lead, but in actuality everyone is a lap ahead?

    • Two people, arriving at the same time, could always just split it, but I don’t think that two people arriving at the same time will ever happen. If you don’t want to split it (and don’t want to kill the other guy with a gun), a can of bear spray should sufficiently disable the other person long enough for you to get away with the prize. 🙂

    • John can you tell me where this was?
      It just doesn’t make sense considering he has said paraphrasing here “you’ve asked me a lot of questions but there is one thing I told you that I wish I had not” so, what could that be???

      I know it was one of the video’s but I cant find it .

    • Since it is probably a very remote spot, I don’t think 2 searchers would be at the chest at the same time. Considering you started at the same spot. Maybe these 2 searchers are at the same spot, but still have a long way to go. Whoever runs fastest. Like he said about encountering a bear. You only have to run faster than the other guy. Sounds like you’re leading the wrong race.

  25. John, the question is are you searching in the right State? good thing the rocky mountains covers four states but the treasure covers a small area in a large place..hehehe

    • I think everyone is in the wrong state! But hey I’m not a genius and I’m not a notary, nor am I a lawyer; I’m not Italian, and I’m not a baritone.

    • The right state out of four. I understand the cheat sheet does indeed state “The treasure is in one of 4 states: Montana, Wyoming, Colorado or New Mexico”. Is there a link to where this information was stated or in print and that it was f who stated it. I have searched and only find others stating such for example ” In fact, he has not restricted it’s location down much at all beyond the four states we are all looking in.” https://dalneitzel.com/tag/today-show/

      • Oh… Well, there goes my solution… Back to the poem I feel like such an idiot… But know this if I find that bronze box I’ll try and bring it by Fennborree.

      • I believe FF had already given us the location and state to which the TC lies. That is why Forrest said he had wished he didn’t give one verbal clue IMO.

  26. Maybe losing my mind with the rapid amount of posts and research I’ve done…It is all starting to blend together….Was there a statement by Forrest about knowing the blaze or chest if you were within 12 feet of it?

  27. the reason why they were 200 feet from finding the treasure was they were not wise and see the blaze..A treasure hunt is all about timing, HOB, MEEK, and BLAZE

    • Woody, you stated:
      “the reason why they were 200 feet from finding the treasure was they were not wise and see the blaze..A treasure hunt is all about timing, HOB, MEEK, and BLAZE”

      We don’t know for sure why they were 200′ from the treasure & not find it except for the fact they were too far away.
      Timing can be helpful as in the four seasons. There is a right time to search & a wrong one. I would think this is the wrong time to put BOTG, all IMO.

      • I agree all about timing only one way in Have to go when the water is low and the snow gone 🙂

        • DG,
          Sounds just like the creek I am going to, only one way in & out, are the same way. Unfortunately, I cannot wait til the end of July or August, so I will take my chances with the extra water flow. Better than ice, snow & very cold temps. 2 of the last 7 years it has reached flood stage. The last 2 years it’s been fairly normal or a little below normal in discharge & height. 3-4 feet of snow now on the ground & hopefully El Niño doesn’t bring too much more.

          Bring your waders! Or go in mid to late July.

  28. We who start on the Chase are aware this is the real west and not a Disneyland theme park jaunt. Forest is not be holding to or responsible for the people that take on the challenge. If they have read the books they know Forest and Skippy, and Donnie and others had their encounters of the dangerous kind. So we accept risk and blame. I applaud the efforts to search for the gentleman who bought the raft and bought the harness for the dog and bought the life jacket for himself that indicated he was aware there was risk. I feel Forest and the others have great hearts and take time and money from their own families to search for him. But my husband accepts my stupidity, my children question my sanity and my friends well I have fallen down a hill, been scratched and had clothes torn by barbed wire, been frightened out of my mind by a tiny lizard scurrying out of a hole in a rock. I found bear poo and realized bears could be near. But I still took time to look. I hold no one accountable other than myself. As would the nice gentleman with his dog. Thank you to those whose hearts that ache for him and tried. Thank you to the pilots who want nothing more than to find him safe if possible. They go nameless in all of the news articles but God knows their hearts.

  29. Jake, I know because I saw their map of the area and they walked right passed the treasure because they did not know the blaze…hehehe..my brother has BOTG of the area being going since 1990..where do u think the treasure s located?

    • Woody,
      You think you know. The reality is you don’t & neither do I until I am ready to get nuked, hehehe. So you saw THEIR map of the area? Hmm. So you knew but they didn’t & still don’t. Oh, I think I’ll get some rest before this gets any uglier.

      Kinda reminds me a little, tiny, itsy bit of myself in the early goings.

        • John,
          It’s kinda one of those things you don’t want to find out the hard way.
          Goofy is the moderator of this site & if you do not follow the rules here, he has the ability to ban you from commenting on this site. This is only a guess & probably missing something.

          Hey Goofy,
          How many people have you nuked in the past if you can recall?
          Maybe you can give one example of someone who still sticks out in your mind. LOL

          P.S. John,
          Don’t us profanity or even abbreviated versions, like I did when Goofy sent me an email warning & you only get one.

          • Jake I have no idea how many I’ve nuked. That’s just the ones you see; you wouldn’t believe the ones that automatically get thrown into moderation by the filter.

            Yes, we try to keep it clean, we have kids that read this blog. I try to adhere to a saying I heard from a great looking barmaid many years ago. “The use of foul language is a futile attempt by a feeble mind to express itself forcibly”. There are times, in the real world, when I sound more like the dad in The Christmas Story but I keep trying.

            There are few that stand out in my memory; it’s been interesting seeing what gold fever does to people.

          • Thanks Goofy,
            Hey, What if Forrest never radioed in?
            Maybe tried to walk through the jungle & never made it?
            I don’t think we or he would be here asking any questions or making any statements.
            I hate what if’s. But still dwell on them.

          • Ha, I find that intruiging. I’ve been banned once… but it wasn’t for using profanity or any gesture as such…I think I said something someone didn’t like…. but hey, I’m not a genuis, “I’m not a notary, nor am I a lawyer; I’m not Italian, and I’m not a baritone.”

          • Jake-
            We can’t see what folks type into the search engine on the blog. We can see what terms folks use on outside search engines that bring them to the blog. For instance:
            dal neitzel
            forrest fenn
            fenns treasure
            feds treasure
            forest fern
            finns treasure

            We can also see what pages are the most popular.
            For instance:
            The title page has over 2,000 views
            Scrapbook 151 has almost 1,700 views

            We can see who is following the blog even though they don’t comment.

            We can also see what countries readers are going from.
            For instance:
            The USA is number one, followed by Canada and then Germany.

            We can see who posts the most comments.

            and miscellaneous other things..

            We have over 8 million views since the blog’s inception
            We have over a million unique visitors to the blog.
            We have over 7,500 views today.

            I get about 200 pieces of email generated by the blog every day.
            I respond to about 20 of them a day.
            The rest I just shake my head about..
            Here are some recent questions I’ve had:

            Does Forrest like candy?
            Could the treasure be in NYC?
            How tall is Forrest?
            I know where it is but there is a large dog in the yard. What should I do?
            Should I wear a bright orange vest when I am looking for it in the woods?
            Do you have a suggestion for hiking boots?
            Does Forrest smoke?
            How much is Forrest worth?
            Does Peggy know that Forrest hid all this gold?
            Would Forrest come to our cub scout meeting?

            and on…and on…and on… 🙂

          • Dal, quick question. On the unique visitors, I am guessing that is unique by IP address? So if I visited from my home computer, work computer and phone that would show up as 3 unique visitors?

            If that is how it is, you still have an impressive number of visitors.

          • To answer your question Mark……Yes you are correct, your example would show up as 3 unique visitors. On the other hand, for example; there are fifty people at a business looking at our site. Even though there actually are 50 unique visitors they would show up as one visitor because all we see is the IP of the router they are connected to.

          • Goofy, thanks for the clarification. I had thought of something like that right after I posted. it is an impressive number.

          • Hats off to you all running this blog. Personally I do not think I could resist the temptation of sending a reply to say ” How tall is Forrest ” Ummmm my reply would be something like: Depends on the tree. Wahahaha.
            Sorry could not resist a chance to create a smile.

          • Very impressive Dal,
            OK, my paranoia has settled a bit except for the keyboard tracer.
            Some crazy emails there, except for the Cub Scout one.
            Alright Goofy,
            Where’s that link again to buy the De-Lux Wee Gee Board Mouse Pad?
            I hope there isn’t a mouse tracer built in to the pad.
            There’s the paranoia again.

          • Forget about the web stats Jake. I have my De-Lux Wee Gee Board Mouse Pad.

            Be afraid, be very afraid.

          • Jake, goofy cant but i have this special app that lets me see everything u search for, got it off your website. Really shouldn’t be paranoid cuz as far as I can tell u are at least as a turn or two off.

          • Very funny JL,
            I had a WordPress website a few years ago & had most of the filters that Goofy was talking about. One night I decided to turn the filters down or off. Big mistake! I woke up the next morning to find allot of very bad comments. Most of them were in some Asian language & Arabic. Seeing my website was about a transparent Government, there were allot of crackpots chiming in, with allot of death threats.
            So, Goofy, I have an idea what you go through on a daily basis, just on a smaller level in my case. I decided to bring the site down & since then I can sleep with both eyes closed.
            When I viewed the stats through G Web Tools & GA, I could see where the traffic was coming from & IP address along with OS used.

            I could never find out what people were searching for on my site, but think it is possible.

            I just don’t want to give too much info out there on my solve yet & if I was to do that, I would like for all to see, not just the webmaster. I can use G’s search just as well.

          • I hear ya Jake. In my world a good healthy dose of paranoia makes the world go round. A person can never be to careful or over prepared.

          • I have been pondering setting up blog. Can you recommend any reading for a noob like me?

    • For example “First principle: Understand the problem”. That’s better advice than most of the books at Amazon on the Chase.

      I like this one: “Solve a simpler problem”. If the big problem is too large, try solving just one part of it.

    • Jeremy, that looks like a classic problem solver’s book that I should have read before trying to understand my kids’ math homework. I’m hoping sentence diagraming will help me follow the Y’s. Here’s another classic my guys read. (Not joking, they thought it was a great book: “How To Read A Book” by Mortimer Adler – 1940.

        • While we are at it SemanticSearch app and I imagine a website:

          The mobile app allows to browse the almost 3,100 Open Access Data and Document Repositories integrated in the CHAIN-REDS project’s Knowledge Base, presented either through geographic maps or tables. Tapping on a marker on a map or on an element of a table, one gets redirected to the corresponding repository in order to search inside it.

          The app also allows to use the CHAIN-REDS Semantic Search Engine to search across the more than 30 million resources contained in the Knowledge Base and enriched by means of Semantic Web technologies. For each record found, a short description of the corresponding resource is provided. Tapping on an element of the list, one can access a detailed view with direct links to the document and, if existing, to the related data.

        • Here is a geocaching site that will provide an intersection of two or more lines derived from lon lat points on a map or GE. As my gravitar might indicate, I am curious where lines intersect, for instance where the hub of a wagon wheel might be using 8 points. I do not want to suggest or encourage this route of thinking is ‘the way’ to find a solution but for those that do consider this route this is much better than trying to draw lines all over the map.


      • Thanks uken2it… looks like my link is missing a few pages, this one is better.

    • I think it is his old one: desertphile at fennboree dot org. He lives out in the sticks beyond the Chama River and I think the internet signal is spotty so if you do contact him, it could take time for him to reply.

      • One of the rules on this blog is to not post anyone’s email except your own. Please don’t ask for emails and please don’t give out emails. Desertphiles email is easily obtainable on Facebook and on his youtube videos and on the old Fennboree page.

        I am quite serious about not posting anyone’s email but your own…
        Please abide by the rules..

      • Hi Cynthia,
        Just to pipe in about reception. A couple days ago people were talking about smart phone GPS capabilities. If you have an android phone use Back country app it is fantastic depending on your phone. I’ve used 3 different androids with it. If you have an apple good luck, I have not found a map app that I am comfortable with. If you have Sprint forget about any kind of reliable service any where in the Rockies. One trick I learned is that if you do have sprint and you can’t text another sprint phone just text someone with another carrier and have them text your friend with the sprint phone. Sounds crazy but works everytime.

      • Cynthia, could you please give me a call? I can’t locate your phone number or e-mail. Thanks.

      • Hello my Fenn family,
        I had invited a couple of my Fenn family members to join my wife and I at riverbed hot springs in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. We rented a triple suite there and includes access to the public pools for tonight and tomorrow night. Well one of the couple’s had to cancel and now we are left with a room in our triple suite to fill. It may be short notice, but we would like to fill the room with one of you (plus significant other). This is first come first serve. We will cover the room, you just cover your meals and transportation to and from. We will be leaving the Albuquerque area shortly and if timing is good, you can ride with us.
        You can check out the place at riverbendhotsprings.com
        Who can go?

  30. Seeker, From Triple Divide Peak in Glacier, take your solve south along the east side of the Rocky Mountain backbone. Put in below Browning – home to the Blackfoot tribe or “first people’s nation”. Following the Old North Route in a southern direction you can still see ancient travois trails and the route bisects the Lewis and Clark route at the Great Falls of the Missouri.

    • I was really looking forward to a GNP solve, just couldn’t check enough boxes

      “The Brown House was a grocery store that dates back to the early twenties. The main room doubles as a pottery gallery and museum consisting of items from the early days around East Glacier and the Blackfoot Reservation are on display in a museum that is integrated with the pottery gallery.

      The Brown House Gallery and Museum was established in 1973 and the owner is resident potter and sculptor, producing porcelain and stoneware pottery from his studio at the Brown House.”

  31. Hello all JC here

    I have a question.

    Does Forrest ever mention anything about the symbol alpha?

    • @ JC not sure about the alpha symbol but he mentions that Skippy might have been turning alpha in a story regarding getting switched from their dad…page 40 TTOTC ‘Surviving Myself’ IMO doubt if you are banned, maybe you just posted under another topic and can’t find it or it takes a few hours for your post to clear moderation….

      • Haha, I’ve been banned once already… I think I upset Forrest… Seems as though there are a couple things people dont understand and I tried to help but hey, I’m not a genuis, I’m not a notary, nor am I a lawyer; I’m not Italian, and I’m not a baritone.

  32. I have some books I’d like to sell if anyone is interested. All books are in great shape. Email me @ revolvingmirrors@yahoo.com

    Thrill of the chase
    Too far to walk
    Secrets of San Lazaro Pueblo
    Seventeen Dollars a Square Inch
    Journal of a trapper

    (This one I purchased second hand it’s a little rougher shape)
    Historic American Indian Dolls and the children who played with them

  33. HELP: I have a question that could be a game changer and prove my location is wrong..Mr. Forrest Fenn in an interview on 4 Feb 15, you can review the interview at Youtube, said “if I was standing where the treasure chest is I would see trees, mountains, animals, I would smell wonderful smells of pineneedles or pinyon nuts sage brush and I know the treasure chest is wet..well you’ve asked me alot of questions and most of them I have answered a few I havent I got to tell you there is one thing I have told u that I wish I had not.”

    The question is what did he say that he would take back the answer is a game changer why because it would eliminate two more states.

    Pinon nuts come mainly from the Pinon pine tree, a two-needled pine which grows wild in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah.

    Later, I think I read a quote from Dal or another searcher saying that Mr. Forrest Fenn only meant the smell of pineneedles.

    If Mr. Forrest Finn truly meant pinon nuts then that means the treasure is only in Colorado and Montana.

    What’s the truth inquiring minds want to know.

    • Forrest corrected that comment Everyone needs to keep looking in New Mexico hahahahah

    • He said it was a mistake…
      you just called him Mr. Forrest Finn. Mistakes anyone?

    • I think Forrest was very deliberate in narrowing his search down, he said sagebrush as well, that eliminates some area, narrowing the search down is a mistake IMO.

      • 5 dollar bill
        10 x 10 x 5
        5000 feet
        5 cards
        Fenn relased 5 new clues
        Fenn will take 5 new questions
        5 years into the chase

        =5th clue?

  34. Woody –

    Forrest corrected himself, as you stated. He did NOT mean pinyon – but pine needles. Therefore: All four states are in play.

    Keep doing your research. You need to spend HOURS reading ALL of the blogs. This will help you greatly.

    Just my opinion

    Good luck to all searchers – STAY SAFE


    • But then again, OF course he will say it was a mistake, and it was… IMHO, it may have been a slip up mistake… But at worse it does not rule out NM lol

  35. Woooooo some deep thinking going on here 🙂
    best of luck to all this hunting season.

  36. Hi everyone, quick question. Does anyone remember when Forrest stated that there may be four clues solved? I forgot to write that one down….

  37. JD, thanks for your input, I have been doing alot of research and watching video’s and have a location..my brother has been there many times and says it is awesome..When are you going on your next adventure?

  38. What if WWWH is something really far out, but still on Terra Firma?

    How many times & how long ago did Mythbusters begin blowing up water heaters? Recently watched their last episode/ they have been at it 14 years.

  39. I have always questioned the 2nd sentence of stanza 5. If Mr. Fenn hid the treasure because he wanted to “take it with him”,
    Why does the 2nd sentence read ….”and leave my trove for all to seek.”. He can’t take it and leave it can he?

    • BW, that’s not the only catch-22 in the poem. It’s filled with polar opposites. warm/cold, brave/meek, just/nigh, begin/end…. There’s got to be something to opposites/mirror images!

    • If your referring to the end, IMO he can’t take it with him, so that just leaves leave it.

  40. Originally he was going to “take it with him”, but he also at that time dared us to come and find him. FF re-wrote the poem many times before the final edit. He was always going to “leave his trove” regardless of how the poem was written.
    As always IMO.

  41. Woody –
    Glad you are doing your “home-work”.

    In answer to your question – I plan to go to my site March 23, when my son from Virginia will be out, with his two kids. What fun, to take two grand kids or a
    “Real Treasure Hunt” – Hope I do not disappoint them. Maybe I better go hide
    “Something” out there just in case.

    Good luck to all – BE SAFE


    • Hello JD. Gosh, there won’t be any disappointments for your grandkids spending time with their father and grandfather. The memories they’ll have for that day will be unforgettable for them. Top the day off with a tasty ice cream treat and plenty of laughter. 🙂

    • Hello uken2it. Thank you so much for posting this link. The photos are breathtaking. The underwater photos gave me the chills.

    • Hey uken2it,
      Very nice, how did you find this?
      Nice clear underwater picks.
      So where did the gold go or is it too deep to recover?
      I see Ojo Caliente & the path there in the pic before.
      I am sure that’s Mount Haynes to the right in another pic on the Madison.
      Dal, I have to say, I am envious of your adventures.
      Is that Forrest (with all those trout) at Hebgen Lake?
      After I find Forrest’s treasure, I would like to become a full time treasure hunter with you & maybe we can drag Goofy along.

      • Jake,

        I am almost embarrassed to say I have spent most of my day trying to track down a comment indicating a particular page in the book held no hints or something like that. I now feel it may have been another searcher quoting something or else we would have found it.

        I sure wish I hadn’t marked my book up so much, now that we are to look carefully at the book, slowly…. are there patterns lemon burned on the pages? If you print them on transparencies will they match up when combined NESW? Arghh.

        Oh yeah, I was googling around for this stuff when I found the Dal presentation. Think he is red from blushing? From anger? Nah, just from kicking back by the fireplace with his favorite beverage. Cheers.

        • I seem to remember ff telling that the Capt Kid dream was not a hint, he may have mentioned Gardnier as well somehow in the answer….. don’t think it was a video. Radio or in print, radio I think…. ?

          I had a thought about it before I heard that, my take was that Capt Kidd buried the treasure on ‘private’ land.

          • But if I liked my clue solves for that area, I would not let that stop me from looking in Gardnier, on any type land.

    • uken-
      I’m impressed that you could find that. That must be from 4 years ago. It has the original blog address and a page from the original blog. That was before Goofy gave the blog a much better look and a cataloging system and an index. It was a disorganized, ugly mess until he straightened it out. Thank you Goofy-

      Those are slides from a live presentation I was invited to give at a Geographical Information Systems (GIS) conference in Seattle. Not all of those photos are mine. They came from a variety of places in addition to my own collection. They were meant to illustrate various points I brought up during the presentation. I’ve given variations on that presentation from time to time in other venues.

      That pic of Forrest is taken on the Madison.

      I am happy to talk about those projects but I’m not comfortable putting down information about them in writing. Feel free to ask at Fennboree.

      • Thanks Dal,
        I will not ask any Q’s about those projects here for obvious reasons.
        I will not make it to Fennboree, but will bump into you sometime in the future, I’m sure.
        But I will chat about this project.
        Slide 181 looks allot like Red Canyon Road where Forrest & Donnie Joe started there journey into the Madison’s. I will be heading there in June if all goes well.

  42. Hello my Fenn family,
    I had invited a couple of my Fenn family members to join my wife and I at riverbed hot springs in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. We rented a triple suite there and includes access to the public pools for tonight and tomorrow night. Well one of the couple’s had to cancel and now we are left with a room in our triple suite to fill. It may be short notice, but we would like to fill the room with one of you (plus significant other). This is first come first serve. We will cover the room, you just cover your meals and transportation to and from. We will be leaving the Albuquerque area shortly and if timing is good, you can ride with us.
    You can check out the place at riverbendhotsprings.com
    Who can go?

  43. Happy Friday! Today’s weekly from over on Jenny’s site: “The chest weighs 42 pounds plus, best to have gloves”

    • Berry Bush, Cacti, need to scratch around underneath a log….what other reasons for gloves….and what’s 42 pounds plus have to do with gloves….what type of gloves….

      • Leather gloves will help to keep the heavy square, sharp edges of the chest from cutting into your palms and fingers.

        • Don’t forget what is under the 42+ pounds where your fingers are going to have to be to get underneath the 42 plus pounds to lift it out through the resistance. You might need 2 pairs of gloves.

    • Hmmm… latex or leather? So many choices. Perhaps fingerless will be best. That box is gonna be cooold…

      • Talk about choices… have ya looked up Gloves? Seems pretty simple in meaning at first, But we all know there has to be a major clue here ~ Right??

        Funny thing is. I think you’ll be surprised at word usage. Just a thought.

          • Erosion, was what caught my attention, way back when. I’m sure you meant another usage, but that’s the fun part… word usage. I fell of my chair when I saw over 50 usage for “cold” one as in; Seeker.
            Difficult, but not impossible come to mind.

          • Lets have some fun with the what IF…

            Gloves to gage [ gauge? ]

            Plus to math or add.

            Lbs, to scale or scale of size.

            Gauntlet is another word that is interesting.

            Then there’s a snug fit of a pair of gloves a tight spot?
            “There’ll be no paddle up your creek” Between a rock and a hard place. In a bind.

            Lets not forget water proof cloves… the chest is wet, well at times anyway.

            Maybe a mitt, or reference to baseball ?

            Clues all over the place… has to be right?

            Or maybe it just a flashlight and a sandwich scenario.

            Let the what IF’s roll…

          • I don’t know about you but seems to me he’s been pretty clear about his intention of not intentional aiding any searcher to me that means one or all searchers. I think he wrote his Poem made a few adjustments in the beginning and the rest is for entertainment purposes only, but what do I know I never met the man.

        • I’m gonna go with… fingerless latex. That way there will be no misinterpretation of “cold”.

          • Doesn’t that limit interpretation? How straightforward is straightforward… Is that not oversimplifying?
            We have been told imagination is better than knowledge, and imagination will help solve the poem, in so many words.
            As well as the use of a logical, and analytical mind in attempting to solve the poem… there should be a fine line and / or that gray area, sense of thinking, with all that in mind.

          • ” Your effort will be worth the cold ” Maybe they are just to keep your hands warm. To simple???

          • Well, since I don’t believe “cold” has anything to do with temperature, I have to think that the gloves would be used for something other then protection from the cold. Just IMO

    • is he messing with me cause i keep mentioning the first two words of the book are all of=olive ? gloves? ofs?
      And hint of= ov riches= s=z new= ew=u
      you (U) can not hide in thunderstorms.
      i’m just not listening good enough.

      • all of= olive

        olive – (one definition)

        6. (Angling) an angler’s name for the dun of various mayflies or an artificial fly in imitation of this

        • He’s messing with you Leigh,
          Not really, your mind is messing with your interpretation, if that makes any sense.
          Angling? Cast the hint in the river to see if you catch the clue.
          Lets get a little side tracked here.
          Forrest gives you the hints to get the clues in the poem.

    • Thanks Cholly,
      Funny, the last couple of weeks I have envisioned dipping my arms into a cold creek pool & was contemplating whether I should have gloves. There is allot of bed gravel & rocks at the bottom & around the chest. I decided last week I would buy them in Montana seeing I live on Florida at the time.
      So why all of a sudden the chest gains weight?
      The vacant area in the chest that was air, is now water. So the chest is not water tight. The contents in the chest can withstand 1,000 plus years easy.
      The chest itself can withstand 1,000 plus years easily. The wood lining, not sure what type of wood it is?
      It all fits my solve perfectly.
      If you take into consideration, of all the statements & the line in the poem about your effort, it’s an easy conclusion to me & my opinion.

        • Don’t worry JL,
          I won’t hold you to that.
          It doesn’t really matter what type of wood is inside the chest.
          Doesn’t play into the contents & chest lasting 1,000 years in the elements. does it?

          • no but i think olive wood is very durable even if it gets wet. I rememer reading it was lined with olive wood somewhere, just cant remember where.

          • Ha Jake, nice try.
            I’m headed right to where the poem leads me. And a few other places in between.

          • WOW JL,
            You would make a good politician.
            Unfortunately, your are not the least transparent to even give a state or county of where you think the poem leads you.
            Maybe you have before, but just wondering where your rainbow ends now?

          • Jake,
            I like to think I am the most trusting person you could find, just not a foolish one. I have a plan, that is slightly complicated but not. You see if I don’t find the chest in my life time everything I know gets passed to a worthy grandchild to continue.It would not be fair to them if I gave away the info like candy.

          • Fair enough JL,
            You have the right to remain silent as we all do about which state you think its in.
            I think the chest is in Montana.
            Yea, I know, too obvious.
            But, I have been there & in NM & CO & WY & NV & UT & if there was one place that I would choose to go to the other side, it would be in the Treasure State.
            Thanks for being you.

          • Yep I take the fifth, and make it sum tekilla. I could have been deceptive but to me that is close to lying and there is no profit in that. Montana is as good a place as any as long as the clues lead you there.

          • Yes JL,
            I do believe in the constitution.
            But the interpretations of the money holders have me at a loss.
            I still think the treasure is still until spring.
            What do you think of HOB & HOD?
            What do you see in common besides the letters?

      • Jake,
        The only thing I see in common between HOB and HOD is the page they are written on and the author. And thanks for being you also, you seem worthy to ride the river with.I agree Montana would be a good place to make your last trip down the river, but most Texans I know don’t like the snow or cold.

        • Thanks for the kind words JL,
          The one thing I find in common with HOB & HOD is that no one knows what they really are except for Forrest.
          Of all the weekly words from Forrest, this is the only one I cannot figure out & will probably never figure out. I could be wrong, it may be home of Dal or something else someone posted but I don’t think so. I think this was done intentionally by Forrest.

          • Jake,
            without a clue to go with HOD all is just pure speculations, even the date that Jenny claims to have gotten it, she said “around mid week on Wednesday” why not just say what day?
            I guess if a person wants to go through all the post here looking for the what ifs you might discover something but I’m betting “if” will come up so much that it will lead you through a maze of trails.
            F has stated he will not intentionally aid a searcher so I say what if he is sticking to that statement?

          • Well, that does make sense JL except for changing the plan.
            All of a sudden he wants this to be posted instead of going with the script.
            It’s probably easier to just try & figure out the poem.
            Crap, no, I already tried that.

          • Jake,
            And I have to disagree with nobody knows what HOB is besides F, I know of at least more then a few.IMO

          • But how could you be sure you have the same HOB as the king of HOB?
            I’m not shy on the internet, so I will share with y’all MY HOB.
            I believe I am driving by and or stopping at the put in spot.
            It’s definitely in the same area as the preface TFTW. I believe that “put” in is the same place in the poem as is the book.
            & no, I did not wet myself. I was coming back from Forrest’s bathing spot.

            Xwebdave is my screen name for YouTube. Most of the videos are boring & cheesy, so I’ve been told, but there’s one video that was taken right where Forrest has a picture in his book. Stopped there by accident. Joe would know about this spot.
            Allot of the videos are private. Just don’t want to let out too much too soon.
            Maybe I am a little shy.

          • Me, posted that vid Dal?
            Glad you liked getting some good mineral rich therapeutic rehab from the chase.
            Kinda reminds me of the time you had soaked your feet & legs there yourself.
            “I have ambled across alpine parks delicious with spring wildflowers and soaked in natural hot springs to sooth my tired feet.”
            What ever happened with the affluent female hiker asking you questions about your bathing habits?
            Hey, it’s public, why was she questioning you. You paid your dues as she did. And then some.
            It’s our park.
            I hope when I go back there to swim again, I don’t have to bring any more trash back, but I will.
            But it seems as though where ever I go, I take more out than I leave behind my prints & vids only.
            Here’s a special place if you haven’t seen it yet.

          • I enjoyed it too Jake. Don’t know if there is such a thing of video screen savers but a nature drive like this would be a good use of screen space while I kick back and read.

            And the music! Well it was Goidelicious. I have a few Irish neurons in me body and they are pixelated to tune by Irish Groove.

          • Thanks uken2it,
            Let me be the first to wish you & everyone a happy St Patrick’s Day or week as we go green in more ways than one, I like to call the Paddy week, not to be confused with a Paddle, up your creek although the luck of the Irish is not good.
            Most think it’s good luck, but if you see the history from the label it’s not.
            My dad was born on March 17th & was 100% Irish. His name given to him from his parent’s obviously, Patrick. In all ethnic realms of life, I would think you would follow the status quo, & they did, especially when your child’s birthday lands on a date that is the same day that commemorates Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland back in the 17th century.
            Patrick died when I was 1 year old & obviously didn’t bother me at all then being that young. It was December 21st, right before Christmas when he left us in a physical way.
            As most of you know. Our loved ones are still with us, always in mind until we join them again in spirit.

            Now, back to the chase.
            That tree looks claimable to me.

          • Thanks uken2it,
            The Bullet Cam is a cheap nice HD quality, waterproof camera. I paid 100 bucks for this model, I don’t think they sell it anymore.
            I just like to relax & watch some of the videos from WY & MT.
            When I came back from my trip in Oct. I went thru all the video time & time again & helped me with my latest solve, funny how we overlook things when we are there.

          • Wow Jake,
            Being shy is not one of your greatest attributes. I certainly wished I had your documentary skills, I have to remind myself to take a picture. I have one ? and it is at your discretion as you know how I feel about my solve. How does a mountain become a home?

          • No JL,
            That’s an attribute there is no shortage of with me. Some have called me a bull in a china shop years ago, not by my physical movements, but the way I communicate. Some are offended & some escalate from what I have said.
            But I don’t like to beat around the bush & like to tell it like it is. No sugar coating here as you know now. I don’t let the line cutter get away with it when shopping & I definitely don’t like when someone takes advantage of other people, animals, nature & situations in a negative way for self gain with no compassion. I speak my mind & always will till the day I can no longer. I also like to reward & congratulate when I see the right thing being done or said, it’s a 2 way street as you know.

            Best to express yourself before you can’t.
            Speak now or forever hold your peace.
            Well, anyway, I have to pick up all the broken china here & buy some more.

          • Jake,
            Im guessin ur home life was a little different then mine. Political correctness in our society has turned everyone meek. No reason to go thru life accepting someone else’s sub standards as long as a person is humble in their actions. By your definition then any place with no people would do for me.

          • JL,
            I think all of our home life’s are different. I hope so anyway.
            PCers beware!
            I call them hypocrites.
            Just remember, there are different rules for everyone. We all don’t live under the same rules unfortunately.
            I would say there are not many people living where the treasure is & probable not any houses for miles. Allot of wildlife & of course mountains & streams.
            Yea, this is the place for me to.

      • Somewhere along the line, a couple/few years ago, I seem to recollect either FF or Doug Preston said there was also US paper currency of large denomination in the chest. Does anyone else remember that or find a reference to that?

        If that’s true, and the chest is not sealed, water-tight or within such a container, then it wouldn’t make much sense for it to be immersed. Unless the bills were in an olive jar, too. Just some thoughts to chew on…imo.

        • Melanie,
          I would have to think Forrest did in fact think of everything about doing what he did.
          That being said. You can rest assure, whatever he put in the olive jar with his biography will be dry & everything else outside the jar will be wet.

          Just a thought.

          • So, Ok…mebbe the bills could be protected from water but, would they still be worth anything 1000 years from now?

            I guess I’m just of the opinion that totally immersing the chest increases the chances of bad things happening to it before it’s found. I tend to think it’s more likely to be on dry ground but exposed to the elements. imo, of course.

          • Melanie,
            “whatever he put in the olive jar with his biography will be dry”
            You can count on that, even a thousand years down the road when we are dust in the wind IMO.

          • Yeah, and mebbe the bills won’t even be worth face value in 100 – 1000 years. HA! Probably more just cuz of this chase!

          • What’s not to say there are more then one olive jar? From the pic’s there seems to be a lot of space left in that chest and F being F I just cant imagine he would not utilize even the smallest space available.

        • Melanie, Forrest mentions the 1000 dollar bill in scrapbook 31, I think. Doug Preston also said something about large bills at one of the early book signing gigs. It might be in a video

          • DP – Thank you for pointing me to SB31! I’d forgotten about that. I guess there’s no paper currency in the TC.

            “I put the $1,000 bill and two $500 bills in the treasure chest originally but after thinking about it I took them out because I didn’t know how moisture would effect them over a long period of time. I wish now I had left them in the chest. You can file this information under Misc in your trash can. f ”

            As an aside, I was re-reading some of those old SB’s and other threads. Lots of interesting stuff back then worth revisiting.

  44. Again, just my opinion. But I think it is another OJ Simpson reference. That’s just me though.

  45. IF, and that is a BIG if – IF it is in COLD water this time of year, long sleeved waterproof gloves might be handy.

    Just a thought


    • How about helpful information or suggestion? While I don’t believe he will give away answers… he does bring interesting lines of though to the process… influence, if you will.

      And that is the reason I read the blog… thought provoking influence, not just from fenn, but others… Clues and hints aside, what’s the point in reading the blog / hearing fenn if it doesn’t help you in someway?

      • Seeker,
        I can agree with that with that perspective. It just seems that everybody wants a new clue, hint or a short cut. I just think he wrote his poem and the book with hints in it that is sufficient to find the location. Along the way he made some adjustments that he deemed necessary due to people doing things that were not safe, unlawful or just stoopid. I think he is sticking with all you need is the Poem and the book will help. IMO

      • Hi Seeker … this is a bit off-topic, NECESSARILY SO.. I responded to your response to me in another thread when we were talking about the poem as a map (my opinion) vs. poem as a multi-layer cake (your opinion).

        But my response to you came just before the page it was on suddenly and unexpectedly DISAPPEARED INTO A BLACK HOLE (called “Archive”). So I doubt if the page was available long enough for you to have a chance to read my response. Just wanted to let you know that your view of the poem as layered offered some good insight, and I appreciate that. Thank you for your response.

        But it is highly, highly frustrating to spend time composing a well thought out response to another poster, as I did on my response to you, only to have that well thought out post vanish, and no ability to retrieve it or respond to it.

        I just hope this page doesn’t vanish before you have a chance to read this post. The structure at this site encourages brief, shallow chitchat only. At the message board I run, a user can go back to the very first post ever made and “bump” it to the top.


        • Ken,

          I hear you. it took me sometime to learn how to navigate not only this site, but some others as well, [ I’m computer illiterate ]. I’ll go back and find your post and check it out. And yes, the only way I now of to continue a specific conversation like the one we we’re having, is to cut and paste to the new section.

          There maybe another way of doing it, but has I said, I haven’t read my book for dummy’s yet. I can only assume the reason for the changing of section for the same topic is space vs. speed. or in my lingo… horsepower vs. weight ratio.

          Thanks for getting back to me… when I get time, to locate it… I will read it, and hopefully have a response.

          • Seeker and Ken, I read both of your theory’s and they are both good one’s. Seekers theory hit home base with me, after reading it , it was like you were in my head. Your theory fit perfectly with my solve.
            Somewhere before your post on the last odds and end blog, I posted some about my solve if you want to read it.
            Something to ponder; *After reading HOD I am prompted to ask, have you considered the “what ifs?”
            Forrest sent those words to Jenny March 2nd,and she posted them on the 4th. All the other weekly words were sent to her in December 2015. So why did he feel the need to send new words that week.
            IF HOD is this site then it might be prudent, to go back and read all the post’s between Feb. 26th, 2016 and March 2nd,2016.
            Six days of post’s, “what ifs?” Plural , two or more discussing similar thought’s or solutions ?
            It could be mine and seeker’s or it could be two or three others ,I recall a GPS discussion between some poster’s . It may may not be anyone’s and HOD is something else entirely, but I have not seen any positive solutions that would fit with the” Chase” offered. IMO
            Anyway I just wanted to compliment you both on your theory’s and how well you explained them.

  46. I think it is what it says. Just like the last two posts on Jennys site. Someone is very close and he is giving them some human wise advice.

    • Dal , I have a question for you

      On march 7th Forrest posted
      I love it when you do things like this Dal because the thoughtful comments that follow teach me a lot about the commentor, and about myself.

      What was it you did?

      • Lisa-
        I believe Forrest is referring to this post..Odds n Ends…
        and to the mix of comments and replies that he reads…
        How could I be wrong? 🙂

    • Thanks for the link Dal, it has a big hint. “Following ants through the woods”??? Maybe the ant are the ones that buried it.
      Just look for an ant hill that Is Square and you’ve found out how he hid the chest in open sight and nobody has found it! LOL IMO of course.

  47. Paul;

    I just can not agree. I feel that Forrest is FAR too honorable to do that.

    He wants to get as many people out into the mountains and forests as is possible. To help someone find the treasure would be counter to that basic
    dream and philosophy.

    Why would you continue to pursue the “Thrill of the Chase” if you felt that it was rigged?

    Just my opinion.


    • I firmly believe that he lets people succeed or fail on their own merits, and that that core principle is all over the Chase. I think each of us has the capacity to do either. He just set the stage we play on.

  48. With talk of mirrors, doing things in reverse order this is then probably old news to you oldies but in the ttotc there is no forward. It doesn’t mean there is a reverse or backward but it does at first glance.

  49. Jake, my search will begin in Wyoming and end in Montana..I will enjoy my adventure both looking for the treasure chest and the spectacular views i.e mountains, animals, rivers, waterfalls, hot springs, and trees..where and when do you plan on going?

    • Woody,
      I plan on going in June, hopefully, I will be in Montana on the 14th.
      I think we are somewhat close to where he hid the chest.
      You had said the first 2 clues are in WY & the rest are in MT. I think the first 3 clues are in WY, the 4th points to MT from WY & the fifth is in both. 6th, 7th, 8th & 9th are in MT IMO. There’s a rocky creek around here somewhere?

      • Jake, in the book “Journal of a Trapper” Osborne Russell talks about a small cave behind vertical rock along ROCK CREEK. I’ve tried to locate it based on the book but haven’t narrowed it down yet, worth a little studying IMO.
        Good Luck

        • NO,
          I have not found ref to a small cave in:
          Just: “We found a large cave on the SE side of a perpendicular rock.”
          Maybe I need another version? Or maybe the paper kind.
          I could not find any ref to “small cave” or “Rock Creek” in the online version.
          I have found Stinking Creek, in fact many of them back in the day, now the names have changed.
          One of them is Stinking Cabin Creek which is now Cabin Creek near West Yellowstone.

  50. JD, thats awesome spending time with your grandkids..they will cherish it forever..will hope you are taking them to yellowstone..happy trails and be safe

  51. Godwin’s Law:

    “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1”.

    So here goes…

    Around 500 years ago Nostradamus wrote:

    “Beasts wild with hunger will cross the rivers,
    The greater part of the battle will be against Hister.
    He will cause great men to be dragged in a cage of iron,
    When the son of Germany obeys no law.”

    What does this even mean? I don’t know, but on the surface it sure looks like he peaked into the future and was describing the terror of Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

    Or, maybe it makes more sense if we consider that “Hister” is the Latin name for the Danube River and its people. It sounds less spooky when the line reads “The greater part of the battle will be against [the people of the Danube River].”

    It feels like Forrest’s poem is little like this. Like there’s this one little thing needed to make Forrest’s poem into a complete sensical statement. Anyone else feel that way?

    • Yes JP,
      I think that is an interpretation of a Quatrain. (Century 2, Quatrain 24)
      Just like Forrest’s poem, all we have are interpretations.
      There are different interpretations to all the Quatrains.
      This one is very similar to the one you have.

      Beasts ferocious with hunger will cross the rivers,
      The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister.
      Into a cage of iron will the great one be drawn,
      When the child of Germany observes nothing.

      I think Forrest’s poem & Nostradamus Quatrains can be interpreted in thousands of ways if not millions.

      We do have a great advantage in solving Forrest’s poem as opposed to Nostradamus Quatrains.

    • “It feels like Forrest’s poem is little like this. Like there’s this one little thing needed to make Forrest’s poem into a complete sensical statement. Anyone else feel that way?”
      Yes it does JeremyP, a one word key discovered – turn it and well let’s just say I would like to see that smile on the face of the person that turns the key. So all of you out there take a selfie for us if you will go public anyway.

      • That’d be great if there were a key word that unlocks how you’re supposed to view the poem. I should say, though, that I’m in the “whole poem/whole solve” camp where I think the best solution is one that covers everything from line 1 to line 24.

        I don’t want a key word. I’d like to have a key understanding. I don’t have it, but I want a good story that accounts for everything from “As” through “gold”, and everything in between, including why he hid it.

        Wishful thinking 🙂


        Here’s a funny story, for example. I wrote the post above with Godwin’s Law, above, which includes “approaches 1”. I went and looked that up what that means and it points to this article:


        And then I go and write something that says I want a good story that accounts for everything from “As”…

        I swear, there is no puzzle here, and it’s entirely coincidence, but I noticed that the wiki article includes:


        And suddenly I find an amazing (no one will believe me, but pure coincidence) connection to my own “What If Dal Let Go Of The Dart” post here:


        And “In probability theory, one says that an event happens almost surely (sometimes abbreviated as a.s.)”… a.s.

        And suddenly everything clicks on the coincidences.

        I want a story like that to solve Forrest Fenn’s poem! 🙂

        • https://what en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Almost_surely
          There goes the A S letters again I hear about but forget what or how it fits the poem solution.

          My what if Jeremy is, what if there is no free will? Then the dart will hit its mark for sure. A deterministic world. I have read up on this a good bit and find arguments for determinism not so off the wall or out of the realm of possibilities. However this is definitely not the place to determine the truth of free will vs determinism…. unless it is foreordained, 😉

          • I lean towards “compatibilism” and if you the time to listen in, this is a great conversation on the topic, especially the part about luck:


            I would say that I may not have free will, you may not have free will, but I would challenge the man that said Forrest Fenn does not have free will.

            However, I’m not sure if it was determined I would say that. 🙂

  52. I look at the poem like a tree you have to climb to get to the nest, where there are a couple of eggs.
    I see the 2 books like tools, that will help you get up that tree easier.
    Why make it more difficult for yourself by not using the tools?
    The proper tools are mixed in with a bunch of other tools that will not help.
    Now you have to find the right tools to get you up that tree.
    I see a hammer, saw & nails in the books.
    What do you see?
    No, I’m not going to cut the tree down.

    • I see a saw in stanza one that Might direct you Sawtooth or Sawteeth Mts. (If I recall them correctly). I get it from an anagram that results in Serratures. (Sp) Thus helping you build s home. Want to share where another tool is found in the poem?

    • I see the tree has billions of leaves & millions of branches of all sizes & lengths.
      You cannot see the nest, but you know it’s there, somewhere on one of the branches, on one of the outer edges.
      I look in the toolbox again & see there is a key in the shape of an “F”.
      I look at the tree from all angles & notice there’s a very long branch in the shape of an “F”. I know exactly which branch I am going to go up now.
      Never mind, that’s the key for locking & unlocking the toolbox.
      I was wondering where it had gone.

      • hmmm, the F turned on its side looks like a skeleton key if you are old enough to recall those keys.

        • Yes uken,
          I grew up in a old house in the northern suburb of Boston, Malden, Mass to be exact. All the doors had skeleton keys & locks. Wish I had saved some of them when we got new doors & locks. I guess you are showing your sage as well.

  53. I posted this above in a reply to seeker ,but I wanted to add some to it ,and ask for any input anyone might have.
    Something to ponder; weekly word’s March 4th
    *After reading HOD I am prompted to ask, have you considered the “what ifs?”

    Forrest sent those words to Jenny March 2nd,and she posted them on the 4th. All the other weekly words were sent to her in December 2015. So why did he feel the need to send new words that week. Forrest must have had a reason.

    IF HOD is this site then it might be prudent, to go back and read all the post’s between Feb. 26th, 2016 and March 2nd,2016.
    Six days of post’s, “what ifs?” Plural , two or more discussing similar thought’s or solutions ?
    It may may not be anyone’s thought’s or solutions, and HOD is something else entirely, but I have not seen any positive solutions that would fit with the” Chase” offered.

    I think we all know by now that his word’s can mean several different things, but why bother if it’s not relevant to the chase? I don’t think Forrest intentionally try’s to miss lead us ,so for him to send Jenny those word’s that week, hint’s at positive solutions , thoughts and discussions the week before. IMO

    • On march 7th Forrest posted
      I love it when you do things like this Dal because the thoughtful comments that follow teach me a lot about the commentor, and about myself.

      What was it Dal did ? He closed the odds and end page and started a new one,other than that I don’t know.

      • Why did he spell commentor wrong?
        Mentor looks better than Menter & describes him better.
        A commenter is someone who makes isolated comments.

    • That’s allot of posts Lisa,
      I think it is very odd for Forrest to suddenly change what was agreed upon unless he feels as though he has to……..

      HOD – He’s Obviously Demented: Informally – from excitement.

      • Yes a lot of post’s . If I am right ,not saying I am just an idea,it could be anything in odds and ends part 5 ,I put the dates of a week but in hind site, it could be anything ,because there is no way to know what Forrest saw that would prompt him to send Jenny new word’s for that week. But I just keep thinking he’s telling us all to look back and consider something that was discussed. IMO
        I have my solve but I am still considering other’s input ,for a different ways to see things.

      • Jake In regards to your post above about the rocky creek this is the entry in Osbone Russells journal I mentioned in my reply.

        April 14 A party of 12 trappers and two Camp Keepers started to trap the “Muscle Shell” river which heads in the mountain near “25 Yard river” and runs into the Missouri on the South side above the mouth of the Yellow Stone. Myself and three others travelled up Rocky fork about 20 mls but found so much Snow and ice that we could not set our traps for Beaver. We found a large cave on the SE side of a perpendicular rock. in this we encamped six days during which we made great havoc among the Buffaloe

        • Lisa,
          I was assuming when Forrest gave all the weekly words to Jenny, there was an agreement for how they would be posted?
          Maybe there was no agreement & he just gave them to her to do as she pleases.

          • Jake,
            there may have been agreement for how they would be posted ,and even if there wasn’t, why jump in that week?
            Before that week I think Jenny said all the weekly words had been given to her in December. I dont know about last week I ask Jenny but she never replyed.

          • Good question Lisa,
            Jenny noted: (I should note: these weekly words were sent to me recently to use for today) March 4th
            *After reading HOD I am prompted to ask, have you considered the “what ifs?”

            My thought on this changing of the weekly words could be Forrest asking some one a question.
            It would be nice to have the actual date in which he sent this to Jenny. There is only one reason she is not sharing this with us & that’s not acceptable in my opinion. So maybe Forrest should clear this up if she won’t or can’t at the moment due to her schedule.

          • My bad,
            She did state this:
            Hi JL, thank you. The words were sent around midweek…..on Wednesday; to post for Weekly Words of this week. ~ jenny

            Thanks JL for asking the Q & thanks Jenny for answering like a politician.
            Around midweek, OK Wednesday will do. I wonder what time on Wednesday?
            See, you give them a few links & then they want a few rods.

          • Jake,
            I thought the same thing, why not just say Wednesday? I can only assume that her and f are in close contact and she will relay w f says. For me the relative mid week statement would mean tues, wed, or thurs.

          • I think I know why and if you look hard enuff you might find it also, only took me 7 days. I am going to have to take another pull on that fifth of tekilla on this one also.

          • Ok JL,
            Exercising your rights to take another swig?
            I will have to look a little deeper into the pool.
            Time to go to the store & get some food for thought for the week.
            I will digest along the way.
            Hey Seeker,
            Nice to see you took some time off from writing only to come here & write some more.

          • Personally, I am grateful to read or listen to anything that Forrest has to say. The individuals who operate their blogs have my utmost respect and gratitude. It has never occurred to me to question their motives. Sure, smart money could say that by hosting a site dedicated to sharing ideas could potentially harvest some good ideas for use later. But, who’s to say what is a good idea. I visit the various sites to gauge how searchers are progressing, but mostly to stay current on what Forrest shares. Knowing him and how he thinks (IMO) will help me. Thanks Dal and Jenny for what you do. Keep the lines open and let’s have some fun!

        • JL, Jake, Lisa,

          I see someone typing a response and adding in a clarity.
          Mid week to Wednesday. Maybe while typing, the day actually popped in her head… but neglected to back space removing mid week and simply added the day it happened.
          I also found it interesting how people act when a SB or anything else fenn say has to must be so important… I need to research everything.. ok I get it.
          Well not really, but I do read about how most think this way..

          But are we to the point where 2nd parties information is met with the same scrutiny?
          An arrangement was made by a site own and an Author, to present words of that Author. That site does the samething with many Authors in many different way… to even suggest that something is be held back, a friendship is involved or anything else, is completely hearsay.

          Many people have gone to fenns home, walked his yard with him, shown his collection over the years… do they have some kinda insider information? To even suggest that possibility is ridiculous as well. Can’t ya be satisfied that there are sites, and site owners, willing/taking their time to have a presentation for you see what “fenn” has to say, without pondering something is going on and we should know about it?

          I don’t think that was the “What IF” fenn was asking about.

          Not an opinion, a simple observation… and a little common sense.

          • Seeker,
            Maybe your common sense doesn’t understand. I am not saying anybody is guilty of any wrong doing or that they are withholding info. I am just saying that if F has an agreement with someone maybe what is posted and how is subject to his editing. He has been influencing the Chase from its inception.

          • Ok JL,

            Lets talk influence for a moment. I’m being serious and not downing here. While we all want to hear what fenn talks about… whether for entertainment or hoping for a bone to chew on, has been part of the chase since it began.
            But when questioning the site owners part in any of that, brings in a new avenue. I dare say, it has happen to other site owner in the past… some, closing their blogs.

            It’s one thing to wonder why fenn made a statement, and / or when he made it… it’s completely different to question a site owners involvement with the Influencing of a friendship or any relationship as part of it. if we’re talking influence… that is influencing other to raise question, not of fenn’s reasoning, but the owners of the site as well.. there’s enough conspiracy theories going around without those possibilities.

            Now if you want to talk possibilities of why “fenn” chose the time to add a new WW’s, My guess would be to Dal’s fun post about throwing darts… simple deduction would be… instead of throwing darts, taking a hunch, hoping for the best, try thinking other possibilities that have not been talked about… the “What IF” factor.

            Here’s on… just a thought, a possibility… the poem is not directional at all. No need for darts at all.

          • conspiracy theories… I never even considered anything at all about Jennys site or the WW’s Much less that she or anyone , has insider info.

            Only that it was odd Forrest jumped in with a new WW out of the blue. Jenny made it a point to say that he sent those words mid-week, which he had not been doing.
            So what made that week different, that he felt like he needed to post a new set of WW’s other than what She had been posting sense December.

          • Hello Everyone. I’ve been reading your comments and find them interesting. We all love to hear from Mr. Fenn, especially when they’re current responses. Would it be possible that he was being kind to do so? I believe we’ve been feeling a bit of Cabin Fever. Maybe he was feeling it too and wanted to respond for us. I enjoy reading his responses. It keeps the conversations lively and each of us seem to feel cheerful when he does. It happened on a Wednesday. Perhaps Mr. Fenn just felt like doing so. Is there a hint in his statement? It’s for each of us to decide. I enjoy the fresh breeze. How about you? 🙂

          • I agree with you pdenver. I’m not even sure why there’s so much discussion on it.

          • OK Seeker, I get it, I think,
            I am grateful they have these sites & allot of good info here & there between the hash marks.
            Both Dal & Jenny are given things from Forrest to post or not post on their sites & at their discretion when & where to post if so. Dal has admitted he does not post everything Forrest sends him. Maybe it’s something personal just meant for him & has nothing to do with the chase. I truly believe that Forrest does not aid any seeker. Do we need to question everything? I think we do. Including the WW’s & more importantly the timing & interruption of the norm.
            I believe that the reason why Forrest threw this in there mid week was totally intentional, but at the same time not to aid a seeker but to ask a commenter a vague question about the mistakes they have made. It’s not aiding anyone unless he answers to them, which I highly doubt.
            Anyone can ask a question to a large audience & most will be vein & think he is asking them.
            The fact of the matter is that he changed course midstream like a trout that saw a delicious looking Woolybug, unless there were no more WW’s.

          • Jake…where the heck did I say that?…I post everything Forrest sends me to post.
            Who am I to not post what Forrest wants posted? I’m not that stupid Jake…and you shouldn’t be either…
            Cut it out!!!
            Take your conspiracy theories to some other blog…

          • Now I see, my bad,

            dal on November 13, 2015 at 10:54 am said:
            You’re reading too much into that statement. In my opinion that statement was just Forrest being Forrest. I don’t believe there were ever any items he submitted that “I” determined would not go on the blog. The decisions were always his. Can you imagine “me” deciding not to post something Forrest wrote? That would be insane…It would likely end our relationship. I would not want to upset Forrest by telling him one of his stories is not good enough for the blog!!!!!!

            There have been times when he decided after he wrote something that it wasn’t good enough and told me not to post it. But it’s never been “my” decision…

            Forrest is a careful writer and his stories are very personal. The message and how it is conveyed is very important to him. Sometimes after he writes a piece and has a chance to review it, he doesn’t like it. The tone is wrong or it just doesn’t convey the feeling that he wants. So he decides not to have me post it. Most of the ones he didn’t like he reworked and sent them again and they were posted. I suppose there were two or three that he submitted that were never posted. But that was his decision…not mine. He was just having fun when he blamed it on me…including me in the fun…making it appear that I have some sort of power over him…but we all know that is Forrest’s way of spreading the glory.

          • Jake & Dal – thank you for clearing that up. Context and nuance are critical when parsing what ff says!

          • As I was saying,
            The Ninth clue is, “I reserve the right to be wrong once in a while.”
            Maybe twice in a while.
            Alright, Forrest said that quote, but I can use it to, can’t I?

          • Dal I have to go find the exact quote but Forrest once said something like… I send Dal stuff all the time many of which he refuses to post… Do you recall that?

          • Hi Spallies – my recollection is that ff’s comment was more along the lines of (paraphrasing): I send Dal stuff to post at his discretion.

          • “First, I do not own Dal’s blog and he has never been in my employ. I sometimes send him things and he frequently declines to post them.”

  54. It has dawned on me why I do not currently have the treasure chest in my hands. It’s more than I bargained for but if that’s what it takes, I am ready to concede and sacrifice. So I am currently in search of an unemployed Redneck from Texas with 11 children (I already have one of my own) to make up the 12 hoped for by Forrest. You must have a pick-up truck or SUV, 4 wheel drive would be awesome, but not required. We’ll get hitched at the drive through when you pick me up in Vegas. I’ll make a bunch of sandwiches and some sweet tea or Koolaid. I have a bunch of flashlights but no batteries. I also have a small tent that we can all squeeze into. It’s pretty cold out where we’re headed but we’ll be fine with all that body heat. If you’re that special “just get er done” redneck, email me TODAY! Have location will travel.

    • wow, I would seriously have to consider this if not for the fact I’m short a couple of kids and already married. Good Luck with your search.

      • Well thanks jl and good luck to you as well. I’ve been keeping up with your posts here and it sound like you’re pretty set with a location as well. Happy trails.

          • Well thanks Spallies, that’s mighty kind of you. Are you planning any searches this spring/summer? Everyone seems pretty fired up and chomping at the bit.

          • Yes, Ramona… I am really hoping to search before or after Fennborre in June… Hope to see you at Fennborre and perhaps your new husband 🙂

      • Hello Kedar’s Mom. Mr. Fenn’s statement was of a Redneck from Texas, his wife, twelve kids and lost his job, should through a bedroll in the back of the pickup truck. This is obviously a generic term for getting people off their duffs and come out and enjoy the mountains and life. While their at it, they could search for his treasure. Of course, I paraphrased, but you get the gist of it. Surely, a redneck woman could very well be the one who finds it. 🙂

      • I wasn’t trying to say anything about a redneck guy finding the treasure chest. I’m a woman and I’m going to find the treasure chest. Was just posting a little Saturday morning humor. Guess it went over about as well as it usually does with my teenage son. He doesn’t think I’m funny at all. 🙂

        • Hello Ramona. Mine are between the ages of seventeen and thirty-one. May I ride along in your “Mom’s Good Humor” boat, please? 🙂

        • Sorry I missed your humor, I need to relax and get off the serious boat. I for one want a girl(s) to find it first. Happy hunting!

      • Probably was a woman who pushed them off the couch into the pick-up and she drove them to the treasure, pointed the way with precise instructions and promised them a new tv if they brought back the treasure. If not they would come out next weekend. Sitting back she enjoyed the quiet time with all of them following a circuitous route of about a days walk. Would they find the treasure? She doesn’t care.

        Just another way of looking at things.

          • I wouldn’t ask directions for a long time unfortunately. Bit stubborn that way, err independent.

            I am also not very brilliant you see, I receive email alerts with the comments individually arriving. So when I reply like this I hit the reply button in the message window, well most of the time. I began composing this reply in my reply message box on my computer. The good thing is I caught myself before I sent it. Otherwise I wouldn’t know this for hours and after 10 minutes confusion would understand the message to me was from me. Doh! and then I just go to bed.

    • Ohhhhhh Lordy B Ramona I just spit my water u crazy thang hahahha I think you had them at sweet tea Forget the kool aid

  55. Why do we have to turn the clocks ahead tonight?
    Looks like we are going to lose an hour trying to figure out our solve.
    If you have a solve, you will be an hour closer.
    It’s all about planning.
    I hate planing, it makes me dizzy.
    I will have gloves, not sure if I will need them.

    • This is from a recent article about Forrest:

      For Forrest adventure offers the chance to be around life “where nothing is artificial,” and to be where “time is measured by the sun”—where the limits and constructs we have built around our lives fall away.

      • Thanks Count,
        “where nothing is artificial,” Makes sense to me & like this very much.
        “time is measured by the sun” Makes sense to me & our sun is our time keeper.
        where the limits and constructs we have built around our lives fall away.
        There’s nothing we can build or construct that will last the limits of our souls.
        All IMO.
        Now, I have to think & rest about all the verbage.

  56. I have been itching to share with FF my solution to his poem for months but how can you when you feel everyone is watching?
    Out of nowhere my wife and I decided we were going to make an unplanned trip to New Mexico. We waited for the kids’ to get out of school and we were on our way. We drove for hours. At times I reminded myself I am the biggest dork and there is no way Forrest would speak to me, even over his gate intercom. I must have thought of turning around at every exit. We pulled into Santa Fe about 0400 in the morning and went straight to bed. After a bland breakfast at the hotel the next morning, we decided we were going to find his house (Santa Fe is gorgeous but the roads are narrow and sometimes confusing for some reason). We found what we believed to be his house around 1030 and fighting all of my fears I buzzed his front gate intercom. A voice came over the intercom which I didn’t completely understand at first and when it was my time to speak I couldn’t think straight. I was so very nervous. I heard his voice, knew it was him and I was giggling on the inside. I was brief and got to the point of my visit but felt I babbled and tripped over every word. I didn’t want to bother him or his wife. I am sure he sees at least 20 of us goobers each week.
    Well he told me to just put it in his mailbox. I agreed, thanked him for his time and drove a street away. I sat at the corner for abut 15 minutes before feeling like a stalker (I’m sure all of you would be nervous leaving your BEST solution to the poem in a mailbox.) But I figured it was a federal crime to touch his box, so I figured “It’s out of my hands now” and drove away. He’s probably getting a good giggle out of it now.
    I tried writing the our solution out and how we got to that point of reasoning but it was long and I was definitely babbling in that letter. So this morning before leaving the hotel, I spent five minutes scribbling a “short version” out on printer paper.
    Now I am sitting in another hotel feeling like a dork, but if I am wrong I figured “Oh well”, I am still COOL because I spoke to FF for all of 15 seconds. My 15 seconds of glory.
    To Forrest: Thank you sir for taking the time to accept my chicken scratch solve (my luck will be I drove hours and he can’t read or understand my writing). Right or wrong will you burn it when you are done reading it? Thank you for this opportunity and the thrill of the chase.

    • Wow Med_evac,
      You got stones.
      Hey, you could have just emailed it.
      I for one, would have wrote my solve on toilet paper, that way it can be recycled & put in it’s proper receptacle.

    • Med, I can understand the interest in personally connecting with the author of this puzzle. I wonder if Forrest may feel as if these types of visits are bit of an invasion of his privacy? He’s made the comment before that anyone who comes to his house unannounced isn’t welcome. IMO we should confine communications to email and mail. If Forrest is interested in meeting, allow him to make the invitation. It sounds like there have been aspects of the chase that have been a little unsettling for him and his family with police being called to his home more than once to intervene. Though I’m sure you were coming from a very different place than others whose contact has resulted in calls to the authorities, I think we need to respect his privacy and consider visiting him at his house without invitation off limits.

      • Many people believe that they are the exception to the rule. The right to privacy goes both ways, put yourself in Mr. Fenns shoes. With spring just around the corner I’m sure that many of the inconsiderate are becoming a nuisence. All the information a person needs has already been provided, discover it and you will have your moment in the sun with Mr. Fenn. IMO

      • I have to agree, Mr. Finn took a lot of time to create the chase. And on occasion meets searchers at the gallery and a local restaurant. Just like the poem, it is on his terms. I respect that. If by chance I had the means to go to Santa Fe. I would go to those places and if fortune was with me and I met Mr. Finn. My only desire would be to shake his hand and thank him for the chase.

        So please respect others privacy and who knows maybe lady luck will smile on you.

    • Whenever I ask Google for directions, they provide the shortest route (blue line) and some alternate routes (grey line). Occasionally the alternate route looks interesting, so I may take that.

      But still… it seems like the blue line drive would be to wherever you intend to look, and you could have just gone there directly. To me, an alternate route to someone’s house to tell him where you intend to drive later is a pretty strange grey line.

      At least gas prices are low right now.

      Good luck! 🙂

      • Be careful with following google maps. I was in northern Colorado last year and Google sent me on one of the worst 4×4 roads I’ve ever been on. After 2 hours and 10 miles later I turned around. I couldn’t believe the road. This year when I go searching I think I will rely on local knowledge.

        • Straw – no truer words were ever spoken. Google Maps/MapQuest/Garmin/etc are NOT accurate!!! Beware.

          The road I live on is a case in point. It is a dirt road (at best – ha!), half-way up the backside of a mountain. It is closed to most vehicles from Nov – Apr. None of this info is noted on GE/MapQuest/etc. On those apps/sites, it’s shown as an accessible, “improved” paved, 2-lane side road. Not so! And, they don’t even mention the grade/elevation gain. Couple that with winter conditions and it’s not pretty for the uninitiated.

          Do not rely on technology. Use it in tandem with old school stuff.

        • Yeah, I know. Here’s how I learned that lesson:

          I was taking a trip up through Ohio, from the Ohio River Valley to up near Cleveland. I typed in where I wanted to go and let Google map it out. I wanted to take the scenic route, so I didn’t pay too much attention when Google led me out into the sticks. I got suspicious when the road turned to gravel. When I was heading up a mountain on a dirt road and passed a fire lookout, I suddenly wondered what Google was thinking sending me out this way.

          I had accidentally tapped the walking man icon 🙂

    • Why not go to your solve? I think he has already said he would not reply to any solves. IMO

    • med_evac, My advice to you is never reveal the location of your solve, or anything personal via email to anyone, even Mr. Fenn. You were smart going to him in person. There are too many hackers out there who will gladly let you do all the work while they reap the benefits. Out of respect to Mr. Fenn, I didn’t reveal the exact location of my solve online or to anyone except my trail buddy. Even after my hunt I didn’t, and I never will. It’s a very special place.

  57. Hello. I’d like to ask a question or two if I may about the colophon, please. The discussion is not to mislead anyone, but just for curiosity sake on my part. I know people have discussed this topic before and have come up with Coffin Mountain in Montana, coffins which are buried, Alpha and Omega, Horseshoe(s)…perhaps Horsetooth Reservoir, coffins on a horse, etc. Has anyone taken it to thoughts of breeds of horses? Has anyone gone that route and what did you find? Once again, this is not to mislead, just curious if others have gone this route.

    • I can say that I haven’t considered how the colophon might point to one or more particular breeds of horses until you mentioned it, but having mentioned it I thought about how it might.

      Horse shoes don’t come in a one size/shape fits all, of course. There is a variety and the different shapes do pertain to different breeds of horses. I don’t have any references on hoof shapes to help here, but maybe one shape more matches the Greek symbol Omega than others.

      In the TTOTC, Forrest wrote:

      “For example, do you know how long a piece of iron is needed to make a horseshoe? You measure from the horse’s hoof, front to back, multiply by two and add an inch.”

      Who knows what is a subtle hint, but I don’t think anyone would fault you for taking that as one. It has a specificity to it that stands out. Greek symbols have a numeric value. The value for Omega is 800. Maybe something can be worked out with that number that points to a particular breed or involves Forrest’s formula for measuring the iron needed to make the shoe.

      Finally, to even employ a Greek symbol, you have to have a good reason. A good a reason as any is this line from the same chapter as the one about measuring a horseshoe:

      “The Rosetta Stone was undiscovered for 2,000 years and don’t you know the guy who carved it is proud?”

      Of course, the Rosetta Stone was our pivotal breakthrough in understanding Egyptian hieroglyphics because it had both the hieroglyphs (unknown) and the Greek translation (known).

      It does seem like there’s something you could work with there. If any of this helps, best of luck and let me know! 🙂

      • Hello Jeremy P. Thank you for your response. I truly do appreciate it. My son has a horse and he’s an Appaloosa. I can see how a horseshoe could relate to a bend in the river. I remember looking into that a while back. I know Mr. Fenn has said those are good areas to fish. I’m hoping to cast my line out this summer. Through my studies, I found a solve I feel confident in. This is my second “confident” solution over the past 1 1/2 years. 🙂

        • It is difficult to know whether or not something is a hint or clue. Have to keep reading the poem over and over. Pass the “Ibuprofenn,” please. 🙂

          • I agree. There’s some that I suspect, but (like he said) even if they are clues they are so subtle that you can’t take them as a given. But if it wasn’t a mystery, it wouldn’t be any fun would it?

            You seem like one of the genuinely nice people on here. If you found it, I wouldn’t feel bad not finding it 🙂

          • Hello Jeremy P. Thank you so much for the complement. You’ve brought tears to my eyes. The chase truly is a mystery and so much fun. I’m enjoying every minute of it. Full credit goes to Mr. Fenn. 🙂

          • Pdenver,
            Years ago when are kids were still young we made a trip to Yellowstone camping at Madison Junction. I spent several hours at the confluence of the Fire Hole, Gibbons, and Madison. When I would catch a trout in one river I would move to a different river. By the end of the afternoon I could always tell everyone that I had caught trout in those three. Even though I consider myself a below average fly fisherman people are always impressed by that statement. I always have a good internal laugh, them thinking that I am a fly fishing guru.

        • pdenver,
          when I was learning to fly fish I would cast my line to all the good looking pools. After hours of frustration I would just cast to any water and soon learned the fish were in places you would never think them to be. One thing was always for sure, you could not catch a fish unless you had a fly in the water. Good luck.

          • Hello JL. Thank you for the advice. I greatly appreciate it. I started practicing making my flies shortly after Mr. Fenn posted his scrapbook about them. I’ve watched his video for making Wooly Worms and made a couple. I need to make several more. My son-in-law and I will spend a few hours in the near future to make flies at his home. I’m looking forward to this. He’s made some amazing flies and it’s his first time, too. I need more practice. Heading to Yellowstone this summer and can’t wait to cast my line upon the waters. 🙂

          • Hello JL. I love the story about being a guru and fishing the three rivers/one spot. You’ve made me giggle. I haven’t fished there, but would like to this year. My family and I have fished the Yellowstone River, which can be heavily populated during opening season, which is when we usually go, as well as, Yellowstone Lake. I received a pair of waders for Christmas and I’m looking forward to getting about knee-deep or so in them. A brave fly fisher person I am. 🙂

          • JL, on rare occaisions you can grab a nice Brown without a fly. Once in the winter while I was diving for gold I saw a really nice Brown lazily swimming there. My curiosity got the best of me so I swam over to where he was. I got right next to him and he never moved. I slowly picked him up with my wetsuit gloves, still he never moved. The water was very cold which had slowed down his metabolism, and also he never saw me because he only had one eye. Maybe he had been false hooked once. A true story of a one eyed four pound Brown. And I released him with a big grin on my face.

          • Strawshadow,
            kool story with your 4# brown. When I was a kid there was a creek that wewould feel around in the rocks to catch brookies by hand. Now the cold makes my arthritis hurt so I dont fish like that anymore.

          • Homecoming76,
            I can only speculate that you are too generous in your attempt to keep the fly on top.

        • Yes pdenver,
          The server seems to be slowing down a bit from extra traffic.
          I like the bend in the river thought.
          Take a look at Ojo using GE, I see an Omega.
          Lots & lots of Omega’s everywhere.
          The place I am going to where I think the chest also has a bend that looks like an Omega.
          This is one of the reasons I booked already.
          I see the Omegas as a hint. One for the beginning & one for the end.

          • Hello Jake Faulker. Glad to see you have reservations made. While you’re searching for the chest, bring along a fly rod and enjoy the tranquil beauty it offers. 🙂

          • Thanks pdenver,
            I don’t think there’s any trout in this area of my creek. I am sure there’s plenty downstream. I will be fishing for the treasure the first 2 days & if it’s not there, then I plan on learning how to use a rod to catch the next best thing. Looks difficult to get that fly to land where you think the trout are. Practice, practice, location.

        • hello pdenver,
          I have Appaloosas too, they are great horses. Enjoy your visit to Yellowstone, I was camping in Montana years ago, but we didn’t go to Yellowstone, big mistake. PS I vote you Miss Super Congeniality (smile) Happy Hunting!

          • Hello Kedar’s Mom. Gosh, thank you so much for the complement and your vote for Miss Super Congeniality. I truly do appreciate it. I hope you’ll find the chance to go to Yellowstone. It’s an absolutely amazing place. To describe it in words, wouldn’t do it justice. 🙂

  58. Strawshadow –

    What a great story. I hope that you are as lucky at
    sneaking up on the Treasure. Not sure that it will
    be one-eyed though, although some have been
    within 200′

    Good luck to all – BE SAFE


    • Thanks JD, good luck to you to. My presentation isn’t very sneaky, that’s why I prefer the salmon fly hatch over the May fly hatch. IMO

  59. I just finished listening to Morning Edition on NPR, nothing new IMHO, found it on my local station web link under archives as it aired earlier this AM. Best…

    • I listened to the 5-minute podcast this morning on my phone. As you say, no great new revelations, for which I was actually thankful. I think the most interesting bit of information was Forrest’s recommendation to wait until the ice and snow melt. Although the context was in terms of personal safety, if anyone questioned whether it was possible that winter and spring might be the only times you could find the treasure (due to lower water levels, or whatever reason), Forrest’s remark counters that theory.

  60. I ask these questions too many times at work & everywhere.
    What does it cost you to ask a question? I don’t think Dal is going to send me a bill for this but you never know.
    What does it cost you, when you don’t ask a question? There’s another bill coming my way.
    From observing the past, I am pretty sure it costs you more when you don’t ask a Q.
    So why did he change the venue midstream?

    • Jake,
      I think the answer to your question is right in front of you…After reading something at HOD Forrest was inspired to challenge searchers with the “what ifs”. Perhaps the question to consider would be what did he read that inspired him to change it up midstream. Just sayin’…maybe he just wanted to shake the tree a little and see what falls out.

      • Ok, here we go ken,
        He has been shaking the tree for many years now, but this tree shaking is different.
        How many times in the past can you or anyone recollect when he interrupted himself except for the fact of clarification?
        I have seen many videos & heard many audios & statement’s.
        This appears to be out of character for him.
        This is not an interruption of clarification IMO.
        For him to interrupt himself, tells me there is something on his mind….

        • Jake,
          I remember the first of the SB’s that came out and all of the hullabaloo that followed. I also remember the frequency of Forrest sharing. A lot of folks just “knew” he must be talking to them specifically or that someone was close to finding the Chest. Speculation has been the norm from early on.
          Don’t get me wrong Jake, I feel where you are coming from on this one. It does seem different. I still want to know “what” he read not what made him interrupt himself.
          Carry on searcher…

      • Don’t thank me. Thank Dal
        He is the one that lead me to this site when he posted about the Smith River being exploited for a Copper mine.
        I signed the petition as well as others & maybe you & everyone should sign up for more.
        It doesn’t cost anything except for your time.
        Dal, where’s that post again?

        • Hello Jake Faulker. I understand what you are stating and I greatly appreciate it. You brought it to our attention of the results of this area and I thank you.

          I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dal for bringing this to our attention and to all those who signed the petition. Your dedication and voice made a difference.

  61. YEA for humanity. Glad the coal folks lost!

    Hope the treasure is where you think it is –

    Good luck to you, and all – BE SAFE


  62. Alright,somebody help me out here,I decided to go back over mr. forrest scrapbooks,someone go back to scrapbook one and look at lucca holding her rod with her fingers after she caught her trout,blow it up and look at her fingers,one is backwards I tell you,i tried holding something and it just don’t come out looking that way.tell me what you see and think.

    • Virginia, I opened the pic with my photoshop and it does seem to be altered. Her right hand also seems to be an adult hand added to her arm holding the fish. Zoom in and you will notice how the size of the hand covers most of the forearm.

  63. North, South, East or West; A family and devoted, grieving and loving Leo…. do not understand.

  64. Forrest is very clever I have been analyzing his poem and if u read the poem u will come up with a good solution, however when u analyze the poem u will see it totally different..that is what he is referring to about the what ifs..I have reviewed several post and see that there r a few who know where WWWH, take in the canyon down, far but not to far to walk, but I have not seen where the HOB location is mentioned they only know what HOB is referring to…what if no paddle up your creek is not referring to a creek, dry creek, dam, or waterfall..another is no place for the meek..the what if could be leaving your comfort zone into an unknown place possibly dangerous (animals, going into the woods, cave, or wadding or crossing a river..I found one person who believes as I do on what the Blaze is..there r a few who r searching where I believe the treasure is but there HOB and blaze r different..Unfortuantly I am leaving this month to go to the philipines and will take the chance that when I return the treasure is still there..maybe my brother will search for it he goes there every year for vacation..but like Forrest he is very busy enjoying the outdoors..hint Dal in his many adventures has been to WWWH and canyon, but does mention my HOB or blaze…hint Home is a location Brown is a thing..Forrest been there many times and very successful on his quest..hint BLAZE..white, like unbrella and rainbow

  65. Woody – Woody – Woody

    It may not be my place, but your insistence of making your opinions sound like facts is beginning to irritate me a wee bit.

    PLEASE – read the RULES (Top of each page.

    PLEASE – If a statement is YOUR opinion say so, DO NOT state it as fact.

    Good luck in the Philippines.


      • There must be snow on the ground, those ppl snowshoeing must have really been paying attention to things on the ground. Must have been looking for the TC.
        See there Forrest, someone would have found you.

  66. Thanks Woody;

    My only concern was that when a “Newbie” reads a statement, it is often difficult to separate “Fact” from “Opinion”. If a poster says something that APPEARS to be fact, but in-fact is opinion, the reader can be easily misled.

    I have been on the chase only three months, so I am still trying to separate Fact from opinion, and it is some times VERY difficult.

    Thanks for your understanding.

    This is all just my opinion of course.

    Happy Hunting – BE SAFE


  67. Does Fenn answer all his emails? I suspect he is getting bombarded currently with the recent coverage. Just rambling and trying to decide whether to drop everything here and spend the cash to fly out West to confirm my thoughts. My very patient wife is telling me to go and than she never wants to hear about it again 🙂 Guess I starting to tread on thin ice.

    • My suggestion…save your money. My wife says the same thing but I’m not planning on traveling until after Forrest writes his 200th scrapbook post. Like he said, it’ll be there when you get there…unless he gets someone to move because he knows you’re coming.

  68. Did you know that there is a secret, unpublished 25th line to Forrest’s poem?

    It was written by Adeleine Moore.

    ( Sorry, heard a version of this joke on the radio and couldn’t resist 🙂 )

    • Oh you wascally wabbit you got me, I almost started looking her up before I realized. I thought “why are Jeremy’s posts always over my head”?

    • April 1, 2016:
      There may be TWO secret, unpublished lines (lines 25 and 26):

      “Then write your book please, if you could,
      In which contentment’s tale is told.”
      “Have flashlight and gloves, will travel”

  69. Hey Everybody,

    I had a thought that 200×200 is almost an acre. And so on and so fourth. Being within 200 ft may have meant someone was on his one of his 2 plus acres tended by the BLM?
    Mark H. Just check n’ in!

  70. My confidence bubble got popped. I went back to GE and took measurements of my target area again. I don’t know what I did differently to come up with a totally different distance, but it is not the same as before. At least I am not inclined to go through that amount of effort now. Instead I am looking forward to exploring my main area. I will still study the area where my bubble got popped because… well, because of what I found there. I’m a pipefitter. I know how we pifitters do it.

      • If you are not asking yourself that question is when a person discovers only a nice memory of vacation for their effort.imo

        • Hello JL. ‘What if I’m wrong?’ is a very good question to ask of oneself. Another might be, “What if I’m correct?” Whichever the path may lead to the correct question and answer, having a good memory of the journey is what may be talked about most. 🙂

  71. Hello pdenver,
    While asking yourself “What if I’m wrong”may very well lead to the answer what if I’m correct. In any case it does no harm, I believe to many searchers get caught of with the glamore, Thrill of discovery and adventure to the point that they forget the goal. Easily overlooking the possibility that they are wrong.

  72. After reading the comment of “what if I’m wrong” brought me back to the conclusion I came to last week of f’s comment of “*After reading HOD I am prompted to ask, have you considered the “what ifs?”
    What if FF hid more then one treasure? We know he’s hiding his bells but what if he thought that the discovery of his treasure too soon would negatively impact his desire for young people to get outside? Any person who makes some type of plan that they are not certain of the out come almost always makes a back up plan, just in case. What if F has another hidden treasure that will be even harder to find and the details are in the chest just waiting to be discovered or to be released in the future? “What if” the possibilities are endless and when you have a personality of FF capabilities anything is possible. IMO

    • Hello JL. These thoughts would lead to Mr. Fenn being dishonest. Not a good thought to have. There are no clues, directions, etc. in the chest which leads to another. One poem, one treasure chest. The additional treasure is what we experience while we’re out in the Rocky Mountains, north of Santa Fe.

      P.S. The bells and jars he buried are treasures for the future to behold.

      • pdenver,
        I think you mis-understood the point I was trying to make. I believe the treasure is there and it’s where the poem leads you. Nothing dis-honest on f’s part. What I am saying is, does Mr. Fenn have a back up plan? A plan he can implement or gets implemented in the future. We as searchers(some of us anyway) because of the uncertainty of some parts of the poem create back up plans, just in case senerio’s. Did FF do this also?

        • Remember on page 84 of ttotc where f talks of his bailout procedure? He had a plan but if circumstances didn’t allow for the 7 seconds it took to implement he had another plan to go directly to the last 5.

        • Hello JL. My apologies for misunderstanding your comment. With these thoughts, what would you suggest would be the “back up” plan?

          • pdenver,
            I am no FF but if my intention was to accomplish a certain aspect or plan then I would want to make sure I accomplished that, and I would have a reserve plan in case I failed. I realize this type of thinking does not follow everyone’s. It is also an answer that nobody can answer but f. Just a “what if” scenario.
            Seeker, he stated no notes to be found and he’s not sure if he removed the IOU. Yes, he did state he wished he had another chest to hide, maybe that statement came after his back up plan was already implemented.
            I was just thinking out loud, sorry if it upset everyone’s apple cart.

        • Fenn has state the are no notes, iou, in the chest. he also stated he wish he had another chest to hide… Q&A. The likely hood of a note about another chest 0%, if you take inconsideration that the finder would be the only one who would know… that wouldn’t work to get others out. the bio in the chest is there to tell of this time in this area and why, to answer those future generations questions/curiosity.

  73. Here is a hypothetical: If the TC is found in a NP, could one simply take out the bracelet then turn in the chest and rest of contents into the parks lost and found and let them contact FF. Then Forrest could pass ownership to you (since you would have the bracelet and could prove you found) and possibly avoid legalities?

  74. I found a possible aberration in the drawing of the “lumberjack” looking at the moon in TTOTC book and wanted to discuss its possible meaning.

    The crescent moon with the nesting bird may possibly represent the three mythological maiden goddesses Minerva (Wisdom, sponsor of arts, trade and strategy), Diana (hunt, moon and childbirth) and Vesta (hearth, home and family). These three may be represented by the moon (Diana) the nest (Vesta) and the bird (Minerva or owl).

    This all may be a stretch but could it be a representative of mans “chase” of that which cannot be acquired (these three maidens all according to mythology swore to never marry). Man continues to seek a quarry which can never be acquired (meaning peace through conflict) as hinted at in “My War for Me” Chapter of TTOTC.

    Some food for thought, would love to here others interpretation.

    • Maybe as he has said before “the key word is Contentment, if you can find it everything else has fallen into place” synonym for contentment is peace, “Just take the chest and go in peace”

      So why does man “chase” after things he doesn’t necessarily need when he has all that should content him (home and family).

      A good representative of this maybe found in a short write up found on Forrest’s blog http://www.oldsantafetradingco.com/blog/treasures-galore/P20

      • While we can read into environmental and conservation in this writing, the overall idea here is one with nature.. imo. While nature is not always peaceful, it can bring peace in the riches it provide if one see nature as a whole, and not pieces used.

        Contentment to one can be, the easiness having someone make a cappuccino and serve it in a paper cup for you, build so many electrical devices for you, needing raw material and vast energy to use, graveyard the landscape to fuel your home and other needs just for you. And at the same time another finds contentment, to be at peace with where all that comes from… without the selfishness of the conflict destroying it to satisfy another.

        Call it a balancing act to the conflict… peace/contentment without more conflict.
        Take the chest and go in peace? Maybe it simply says… you’re richer for being there, not rich for finding gold… and know the place for the first time.

        If you want to use it as a hint.. that is another story.

      • The thrill of finding something old never gets old. In fact that thrill grows with every new discovery… artifacts or just an old coin do it for me.

        • I agree Ken, nothing like taking a metal detector out and finding a nice silver coin. I got hooked back in the mid 80’s I had bought a old garret but did not like it and while in a park I happened to meet a gentleman that sold detectors. He gave me some instruction on the use of the garret. I was still not satisfied. He offered to take it in as a trade for a new white’s coinmaster.
          A few days later after I had played with the white’s I decided to hunt a place near a very well known old hotel. The detector went off with a ringing tone.
          Digging down I found this nice 1894 barber quarter. I was hooked from that time on.

    • I have a more environmental view of that picture. IMO, the lumberjack chopped all the trees down leaving no place for the birds to nest (live). A number of animals depend on the forest as a home. If we cut them all down what happens to all those animals.
      An example of man interfering with nature.

      • I agree and the “Treasure’s Galore” piece that i linked by Forrest insinuates this.

        • Eaglesabound,

          I believe Blaise Pascal said it best:

          “What a strange vanity painting is; it attracts admiration by resembling the original, we do not admire”

          • “Please overlook my slight penchant for provocation and realize that all of us are environmentalists to some degree, and me more than most.” f
            What if the entire poem is a way for Forrest to bring to light what’s happened to the environment. Just MO.

    • LiterateOne: I don’t think you mentioned what the aberration was that you found…is it that for all the chopped down trees there are no felled trunks? I always wondered about that.

      I’ve also always wondered what ever happened to Minerva, ff’s precious little Chinese quail. Anyone know?

      • Melanie,

        The aberration may be found in the placement of the drawing within the book itself. Forrest much like his father is trying to educate us.

        “He Who Teaches a Child Labors with God in His Workshop”

        Sure there may be more to it, but the answers i already know.

        • LiterateOne – Interesting, thank you. I didn’t take its placement as aberration, but intention.

  75. Sorry this was a much better place to post this.
    Help me find something…. please
    Somewhere i saw a picture of a “purple” horseshoe. The text associated with the picture was,
    “Do you know what kind of Omega, I mean shoe this is? Knowing what that color is call and how the texture came to be known as Laghsen will help you find the treasure. Or not!”
    I thought it was part of the Scrapbook but i cant find it again. I’ve researched it and it gives ME a good hint on the Blaze.

      • that’s it! Thank you.
        Did you solve the three questions?
        Ping me back and i’ll give you my email address.
        I think the questions tell a lot about the blaze.

        • hi arca, i think laghusen was a geologist
          i dont know about the purple horse shoe
          i dont know if its a real clue
          some one said its was a false clue ?
          there was talk about it. in reply to the first post
          you made

          • m pretty sure that that particular post was just Dal messing around. Perhaps he should clarify this for those new to the chase.

            I went back and read the comments. Saw one asking if the post was his of Fenn’s. There was a reply from one person indicating it was Dal’s post.

            Scott W.

          • I missed all the fun back in 2014. What was the deal with the purple shoes? “Laghusen” sounds Dutch or German…..Dal, care to comment?

          • Thank you for the info, wish i knew for sure. Because it gives me what to look for and where to look for it. And the color of the shoe keeps coming up. Maybe i’ll post the question at the high level of the odds and end so Dal can see it.

  76. Ok, here goes. I would like everyone to take a step back from the poem and searching and just read this statement and think about it.

    This is all my opinion and partly about the way I think so take it with a grain of salt.

    Ok, first let’s make some reasonable guesses if I may.

    Forrest and Peggy have been married a long time. In today terms, forever….

    So, basing my logic on that, I can make a reasonable assertion that both of them have been rock solid in supporting the other and have been there for each other through thick and thin.

    We know they owned an art gallery in Sante Fe for nearly 17 years…why do we make the assumption Peggy didn’t help maintain the art gallery and know the contents of said art gallery. To make the arbitrary assumption that Peggy just took care of the kids and cleaned house would be a mistake.

    Now, let’s look at what Forrest is claiming he did.. He hid a small fortune of their net worth and Peggy doesn’t know where… Yes, maybe she doesn’t know the location of the chest but there is almost no way I can wrap my head around her not knowing what he hid in the chest or what contents of the art gallery were gone. Take a step back and look at your spouse and ask this question. If I my net wealth was 20 million dollars and I hid 1 million in a chest for someone to find without telling my wife how would she feel? Upset? Betrayed? Ok? I mean the majority of people I know would be upset with a stunt like that… This is why I believe he included her some how in this chase.

    My reasoning is this, be careful at every turn and don’t be fooled by wolves in sheep’s clothing Peggy could be lurking on the blogs and people might not be the wiser.

    • Hello JohnCena. I’ve read your thoughts and your opinions about Mrs. Fenn. Please remember Mr. Fenn stating that only he knows where the treasure is; no one else.

      • Hello Pdenver

        Let me first say this, I find your dialogue quite amusing because you didn’t even direct the response to my proposition….you only made a statement about him only knowing where the chest is. Ok, but we know from videos he showed people the chest and said I’m going to go hide this so why not show his wife as well…. She doesn’t have to know the location of the chest to know that he hid one!!! 😉

        • Hello JohnCena. Oh no, not an English class; my head hurts. 🙂

          In my opinion, those who have seen the treasure chest, did not know he was going to hide it. He’s a collector and to them, this is what they saw. He has stated that Mrs. Fenn didn’t know he hid it for approximately 18 months of doing so. She knows he has done so since the chest is no longer where she last saw it. If Mr. Fenn was nearby when she lifted the bandana, he may have said, “Surprise!” 🙂

          • Hello Pdenver

            Again, regardless if people knew he was going to hide the chest or not is irrelevant. Because they knew it existed, and so did Mrs Fenn.

            In my view, why does it matter whether or not she knew the chest was gone? The question is if she wanted to be a part in the game!!! (Paraphrasing) Life deals you 4 cards and a joker and you play weather you like it or not. Why can’t Mrs Fenn play in the game even if the Chase is afoot… poker doesn’t deny women the opportunity to play the game…

        • Hello JohnCena. Gosh, I just cannot seem to accept the idea that Mrs. Fenn would want to be part of this chase. Would/could she read our posts? Certainly. If I’m not mistaken, I believe some comments caught Shiloh’s attention in the past.

    • JohnCena,

      Hmmm i would tend to believe that Peggy value’s the time gained with Forrest as richer than any treasure.

      • Ok, that’s exactly my proposal!!! Obviously, Forrest created the chase and is the game master… he even said (paraphrasing) like playing a game of poker (which is one of my favorite games). So, if we consider he is the game master controlling the chase the best way for Peggy to spend time with him would be through the chase! 🙂 if only you knew… but I’ll keep the secret till I find the chest.

    • I am sorry this just begs for a response.
      In my younger years I started collecting coins.
      When I married I showed my meager coin collection to my wife.
      She liked it but took no real interest in it. If at that time I had taken it and
      hid the 50 cal ammo box I kept the collection in she would not have noticed.
      Why? Because it was a personal interest which she only a passing interest in.

      This is not to say that Peggy does not drop in on this or any other blog or website related to the chase. My inclination is that she does not. Why?
      Because she may not have any interest in the chase.
      Thoughtfully: Why would she care about what Forrest does with his personal things? Keep in mind that her needs and wants are covered by other means.

    • In my opinion, his net worth is much more than 20 million and he is very generous with the good fortune that he has had. Not just with the chest for us seekers but to many causes.

      • Hello Hear me all. One’s net worth is measured by what’s in the heart, not by what’s in the bank account. Mr. Fenn has a heart of gold. 🙂

  77. Here is my question if I could get it answered. Do the scrapbooks Forrest posts on here help with solving the poem? I.e. are there things in these scrapbooks that could be “hints” to help understand what he’s talking about?

    • JohnCena,

      “So hear me all and listen good,”

      I would say anything Forrest says should be looked at and considered, it is unwise to overlook even the smallest thing.

    • He said there are a couple that can help you. I think its in the Nov 2 Moby Dick book signing video, past half way, but the whole thing is worth hearing.

      • Well, in my solve I’ve used just about everything he has said….and man, I’m in a weird location… almost don’t feel like I’m in the right area at all….

        • But then in some ways it fits almost everything he has said….I’m going to guess the only way I’ll know is if my effort will be worth the cold!!!

    • @JohnCena I don’t know about helping with solving exact clues in the poem but for me helps with Fenn Speak and ‘thinking’, also with some creative ideas on searching if a searcher were at or near the finale spot….for my way of thinking and feeling….the story about the snuff can and how spotting that led him to dig around in the back of the small cave to discover the flint blade is one example….also, just reading the comments and getting the flow of the thinking back then compared to now…bottom line for me not a waste of time or rabbit trail….on a few….maybe a few are rabbit trails leading to rabbit holes….

  78. Then the question becomes if Forrest is ambivalent about the chest being found why would he help searchers along unless he wants the chest to be found… part of him says yes, part of him says no… Hmm I feel I have gone in a circle that I had the answer right the first time….

    • “But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked.
      “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.”
      “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice.
      “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”
      ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

      • “Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good English); ‘now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was!” ……. “Just then her head struck against the roof of the hall.” well, that’s me.

        As Tom Terriffic said, “it’s a MAD MAD MAD World!

    • I think there’s a shortcut to this. You could ask the question like this: “If Forrest didn’t want the treasure to be found, why give clues at all?” Phrased that way, you can take all the materials of the Chase, including the books, the Scrapbooks, his hints in interviews, etc. and and arrive at an answer to that question. In my mind the answer is, if it can be found in his lifetime, great. If not, well, it’s there “for as long as time has to come”.

  79. Hello Everyone.

    March 18, 2016 “Weekly Words” from Jenny’s blog:

    ‘*Minding common sense in the mountains is good savvy’

    • Like when your on the side of a mountain never flip over a rock and look under it because it rolls down the mnt causeing 20 more to roll hahahah I learned that the hard way one time :-).

    • And….once again reminded of lines from John Prine songs! lol! Looking like Spring time if here in NorCal finally! Best cq

      • March in SoCal has been winterier than February. The San Gabriel mountains are actually snow-capped. Unfortunately I’ll have to head up your way to Mammoth Mountain for the only skiing left in the state.

  80. DG, may I have your autograph please;-)

    I really enjoyed the terrific video of you and your sisters searching Yellowstone country. And, I would have paid money to see you “slingin rattlesnakes” DEFINTELY BRAVE-}–>

  81. Diggin – If I find the chest would you and your sisters autograph my TOTC book?

  82. Mr. Fenn has said that he secreted the treasure, would that be hidden from view, or hidden from knowledge, or both? If the treasure is hidden from view, would that make it buried, or disguised, or is it the same thing? If the treasure is hidden from knowledge, would someone else, other than Mr. Fenn, know? If not, then the treasure would not be hidden from knowledge, but if yes, then who would know, and how would they tell us? RC?

    • Hello RC. It’s been stated the treasure is hidden. It’s for each of us to decide what “hidden” means. As far as “hidden from knowledge,” that may be taken in different ways. Only Mr. Fenn knows where it’s hidden. The rest of us have been made aware that he has done so, which could mean it’s not hidden from knowledge. See the difference? 🙂

    • Hello JohnCena. I may be wrong, but I think Mr. Fenn would contact Dal to let everyone know if there was any spam emails going on. Hope everything is okay.

      • I may have worded this wrong. It may sound like you have received something in your email which may not have truly come from Mr. Fenn. I hope this helps.

    • This reminds me of, ummm, I think it might have been Mindy (and at least 1 other) not sure, who received a weird email from some poseur searcher. It was back on one of the “searching for Randy” posts. Personally, I wouldn’t open/heed it without more to go on…imo.

        • Hello JohnCena. I’m hoping you didn’t open it. I saw online how others received this same message last year and couldn’t seem to clear it from their system. About three months or so ago, I was online looking for something I thought would help me in the chase. I went into the website and it was the wrong thing to do. I couldn’t do anything with my computer. Called the number on the screen, supposedly from Microsoft. The guy had me punch in codes and he took full control over my computer. It was scary to watch. The guy said it would cost a couple hundred dollars for him to fix. I couldn’t afford either amounts he offered. We ended our call, but the guy was still on my computer. He was checking many things on it. Talk about being scared out of my wits. Within the half hour or so, the cursor stopped moving and it ended on Heart Radio. The guy cleared the computer problem. I understood his message.

          • This is a scam, often starts with a phone call. ” Hello I am so and so from microsoft. ” The person goes on to say that your computer is infected etc etc.
            They trick the victim into allowing them to get access to the computer/ Once they have control they try to get you to pay for their { Service } Cough cough. Yeah right. I went through the motions. After they tried to hold me up and I said Let me contact my friend at the FBI they dropped the phone call. Took me a few hrs to get my comp back running right. Fortunity I know a little about computers and all is good. I would suggest a change in passwords and a good virus scanner

            AVG free http://www.avg.com/us-en/free-antivirus-download
            Scroll down and select the free version.

            SpyBot serach & distroy Free https://www.safer-networking.org/dl/
            Zonealarm free http://www.zonealarm.com/software/free-firewall/

          • pdenver – that sounds exactly like these guys that call on the phone and say they’re from Microsoft and that they’ve detected a problem with your computer. Don’t fall for it. Microsoft does software, not hardware. My mom even got one of those calls 3 years after she no longer had a computer.

          • Hello Melanie. Just a few days ago, I received such an automated call. When it got to the part about having troubles with my computer, I said to myself, “I don’t think so.” The phone call ended there.

            What’s scary about the computer is that the same screen kept popping up about a warning and to call the telephone number it showed. I couldn’t do anything with my computer, but to shut it off. When I did, the same screen came up. It was late at night and I was panicking and tears flowed down my cheeks when I thought the help I was receiving was someone who I just allowed to go inside my internal system may not have been from Microsoft. I did something wrong in which my security system on the computer missed. I certainly ran a full system’s scan afterwards. Everything turned out okay.

          • Hey pdenver,

            I work in IT for a profession and it sounds like you were hit with a ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message that some computer users may find confusing is that the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message warns computer users that their machines are infected with adware. In fact, this is technically true since it’s an adware infection that causes the appearance of the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message itself. Computer users should understand that the telephone number linked to the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message is part of a known tactic that will try to obtain your information, profit at your expense and even collect data. If the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message appears on your Web browser, stay away from the website the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message is associated with and confirm that adware and PUPs are not present on your computer.

          • Hello JoeKing101. If I remember correctly, that’s exactly what popped up. I couldn’t do anything with my computer, but to shut it down. I kept trying to close out the pop-up screen and it only added the same pop-up repeatedly. I don’t recall what the website I tried to get into that immediately brought this warning up, but I do remember it was something I was looking up for the chase, but absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Fenn’s name or the treasure chest. I didn’t know any better that it may have been a false number until after the phone call ended and the person was still searching my computer for about an hour.

          • Pdenver, These ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message is a symptom of a Potentially Unwanted Program infection on your computer. The ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message also may appear if you visit a low-quality website that has poorly regulated advertisement content or is associated with these types of misleading tactics. The ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message has been linked to the 1-888-XXX-XXXX phone number, which is part of a known fake tech support tactic. Although the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message may appear if a PUP is installed on your computer, it most commonly occurs when you visit a compromised website. Once the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message appears, it becomes very difficult to close, since the ‘Windows Browser Warning’ fake message will display repeated warnings and automatically generate new dialogs. Next time this happens, disconnect your computer from the Internet and this will allow you to close the browser. Afterwards i would recommend running any anti-virus software you have on your computer. Since you already allowed them into you computer, I would also recommend changing you IP address to prevent any further damage.

          • Hello All, I have worked in hundreds of computers and have been successful at killing this virus and also the one that “encrypts” some of your data until you pay them some money and I will add to the very good advises given here is to do a system restore as soon as you get hacked. It is one of the best ways of disabling and/or deleting bots installed on your pc after being hacked. Malwarebytes works very good, I use it all the time for scanning.

          • Hello JoeKing101. Thank you for the information. I greatly appreciate it. I’ve printed the information everyone was so kind to give. 🙂

        • I agree with pdenver. Delete it, run virus scans on your computer. I know it may be tempting to consider 1969 as meaningful, but what you’ve got there is six hours before Unix epoch time (1/1/1970), which is used in programming as a universal reference date to count seconds from. In other words, it’s probably bad code trying to adjust time zones against an epoch date. That doesn’t necessarily mean the email has a virus, but it’s almost certainly junk mail.

          • Melanie, Pdenver and Jeremy P

            You guys Crack me up…I’m not even going to explain how I know. All you guys would call me crazy… but (paraphrasing) just because you’re paranoid…. doesn’t mean someone isn’t watching you…

            My hats off to you Forrest… guess it’s those pesky little gnomes… they must not be high fiving anymore…. hahaha…

          • Jeremy P., pdenver, and others, I agree. Delete spam immediately and run virus scans. If you suspect hackers on your computer take these steps: #1: Close out all windows and running programs on your computer or laptop. #2: Click on the start menu. #3: Type in cmd and hit enter. A black box will appear. #4: In the black box type netstat and hit enter. A list will appear of the addresses using your computer. If any address other than your own computer(s) shows up then write down the information for evidence. This is how I caught my hacker in action. It’s game over for them. You can also go to task manager to see your list of running programs. I believe it’s the service option you want to select. Then a list of codes will appear in that box and in the black box window. This will give you more detailed information about your hacker. If you right click on the running program it should give you the option to end service. Make sure you know what you’re doing or get a computer expert to help you with this. I know most of you are honest people here who wouldn’t cheat by hacking into other computers or email to steal other searchers solves. Those types take the thrill out of the chase. Most of you put a lot of effort into your solves like I did. You don’t want cheaters stealing your hard work or strangers knowing when you’re going to show up at your search location. Be cautious and safe.

          • Hello C.B. Thank you so much for the information. It means so much that you took the time to explain what to do. I greatly appreciate it. 🙂

          • John,

            While others are giving advice about virus protection… I have to ask. Are you saying you think fenn is sending you information or watching you somehow?
            Did anyone get the spam email from Forrest?

            You guys Crack me up…I’m not even going to explain how I know. All you guys would call me crazy… but (paraphrasing) just because you’re paranoid…. doesn’t mean someone isn’t watching you…
            My hats off to you Forrest… guess it’s those pesky little gnomes… they must not be high fiving anymore…. hahaha…

        • Hello JohnCena. Perhaps these may help explain our comments to you:



          My concern with what happened to me was after I explained I didn’t have the $200-$400 which was quoted to me for the problem to be cleared from my computer, the phone call ended and that should have been the end of it. It was not. The person remained on my computer for nearly an hour searching. I had no control over it. Each time I tried to use my mouse to take control, he took control of it and still kept searching. I watched everything he went into. After he was done, he went into Heart Radio, pointed the cursor to the heart and left. My computer was cleared of my problem. Paranoid? What do you suppose the “p” in pdenver stands for? 🙂

          • I also work in an IT department. I’ve found that Malwarebytes.org has a free program you can download for 30 days free. Really has saved me a lot of work formatting and restoring discs. It gets a lot of the bugs that our corporate antivirus misses.

          • I’ve used the Malwarebytes free version for a few years and it has found malware that some of the virus protection programs have not found – I highly recommend it. I also like Avast, the free version, virus protection program. It’s not a bad idea to use a few different programs to clean up and protect your computer.

  83. hi arca, i think laghusen was a geologist
    i dont know about the purple horse shoe
    i dont know if its a real clue
    some one said its was a false clue ?
    there was talk about it. in reply to the first post
    you made

  84. ’m pretty sure that that particular post was just Dal messing around. Perhaps he should clarify this for those new to the chase.

    I went back and read the comments. Saw one asking if the post was his of Fenn’s. There was a reply from one person indicating it was Dal’s post.

    Scott W.

  85. the pic of the twin dudes is not FF”s neibors or the cat
    that pic came from a a art photo book ‘subject south african farmers’
    please clear this up dal

        • Shhhhhhhh, they are trying to sleep. Either that or they are busy planning for Fennboree. I wonder if Amy Sweitzer will attend. Will you be there, Kedar’s Mom? When are you planning to search?

          • whispers to slurbs…..my departure date is tbd at the moment. Got to get a spare tire checked off the list and an oil change for the truck. I will not be able to attend Fennboree. It sounds like it’s going to be a ton of fun that I’m going to miss out on. Happy hunting to you.

    • Hello Kedar’s Mom. (Rubbing eyes.) Just woke up because I thought I heard a pin drop. Was that you who dropped it? 😉

      Wishing you a good day full of love and laughter. Hope your truck gets up running for you soon so that you may start your journey. I’m so happy for you. 🙂

      • Lol…I did drop the pin, sorry to wake you so early. I could jump in my car and go, but I think I’d be in some sort of dog house if I did that, so I will patiently wait until everything is prepared to go. I’m so excited, I can hardly wait. Blessings to you today.

        • Hello Kedar’s Mom. It’s best to be prepared and be safe. Always remember this feeling you have right now. It’ll make for good memories. I think Mr. Fenn would be smiling. Enjoy the ride! 🙂

    • Hello LitterateOne. I’m still trying to wake up and my mind hasn’t caught up yet. Would you be so kind to explain why March 22 would be significant to Mr. Fenn, please?

    • Haha… He knows when you are sleeping, He knows when you’re awake, He knows if you’ve been bad or good so you better be good for goodness sake!!! Or he might send is army of gnomes to mess with you…!

  86. In regards to one having their computer hijacked.
    If your computer has been hijacked Turn off your internet connection. **This takes control out of hackers hands.**
    You may need to do this at the router level by unplugging it and removing the battery. Once you are no longer online you restart your computer in safe mode and run a program such as spybot S&D. Link posted above.
    After that has run it will tell you what it found and removed.
    Run a good virus scanner AVG. This will remove any remaining viruses. Keyloggers etc.

    Why safe mode? Because it only allows the basic computer functions to be started. Anything that is an add on must be started manually. This allows you full control over what is running on your computer. Once you have your computer cleaned restart it and restore internet connections. Wala no more problems.
    If you use your computer for online banking etc. Change passwords.

    Best wishes.

    • Thank you Chad! Another piece of advice… Make sure your WiFi on your cell phone is turned off so your cell phone is secure. I don’t know a lot about WiFi in connection to personal computers but I’m trying to learn the basics. I’ve heard it’s possible for hackers to hack your cell phone through WiFi, but I’m not sure?

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