Filmmaker Request

I don’t know anything about this person. I am simply passing on his request verbatim.


Calling All Treasure Hunters!

Treasure hunting season is upon us!

Documentary film is seeking adventurers on the hunt for Fenn’s Treasure.

Who we want:
Various individuals open to sharing their hunt, persona, and story for a documentary film.
Awkward in front of a camera? That’s okay! We want a WIDE variety of hunters.
Smart and witty people who truly believe they have solved the puzzle.
Anyone looking for the thrill of the chase!…

I am the director, Sean Johnson, I will most likely have at least one assistant/videographer with me on each shoot. I am a documentary filmmaker who has been just as in love with Fenn’s story as the rest of you. I want to document this chase and I want the world to understand the joy that comes out of this adventure, through telling your stories.

If you are interested and/or have more questions contact me at:

Thank you very much and happy hunting!

-Sean Johnson

18 thoughts on “Filmmaker Request

  1. He sounds like a claim jumper to me!! Give him all of my precious secrets, I think not. Of course, all IMHO

  2. I’m thinking……….I might sell him the rights after I find it.
    Or, be a groupie while he’s filming when someone else here finds it.
    Thanks for the offer though……….. 🙂

  3. And I am writing a book about Fenn’s treasure so if everyone would just write to me and include all their ideas and secrets, I’ll compile them in my book. You don’t have to be smart or good-looking although if you are a good-looking women your chances are very good that I’ll use your information. Gruff old men need not bother.

    • I’m a clever, gruff old broad when I need to be and I can clean up OK (if I really have to). Guess that puts me out of the running. Dang. Have fun & best luck with your project, Sean. ‘-)

  4. I would consider it except for the possibility I would have to sign my rights away on some binding contract where you would need a team of lawyers to figure out what it says.

    Maybe you can clue us in on some more details about the process & intentions of the final product.

    When I first meet someone, I very rarely say happy or glad to meet you, because I may regret it later.

    • I would have a simple release form just saying I can use your image for the film. The only thing that complicates things is that we’re funding is non-existent at the moment, we would have to assume it never comes. In a sense it’s a non-profit film though assuming costs are covered I want to give back to the explorers. If we find the treasure it is YOURS. I just want to document you finding it.

  5. Haha! I love you hunters and your secrets!
    And thank you to every person who has emailed, I already have a perfect mix of individuals, in only one day!

    For the naysayers I honestly just want to make a great film about everyone involved’s amazing stories and adventures. If I actually capture that moment when someone finds the treasure and that spark in their eye… That will be my treasure.

    As for plans for the film it is a private endeavor at the moment and will most likely be entered in the film festival circuit. However, if HBO/Netflix/discovery channel takes interest I would love it! If funding comes along, after covering costs, first priority is reimbursing the featured hunters in any way the budget permits.

    I will be at the Fennboree and you can all tell me how much you don’t trust me there. In the meantime I hope to share some adventures with you!


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