Scrapbook One Hundred Fifty Three…


MARCH 2016


I just read your signed copy of the Thrill of the Chase. I enjoyed it all
the way through. When I read the segment on Skippy’s passing I was set back
for a minute. That is why I am writing to you. It was astonishing how he
passed and the similarities to my story. You see, I took a cruise with my
wife. We went to Cozumel and took a scuba diving adventure. At about 20 to
30 feet in depth, I stopped her, and in my best attempt, proposed to her
underwater using my redneck form of sign language and theatrics. She
squeezed my hand firmly. With her goggles steaming, bubbles spewed out of
her mask as she said yes. Odd how some journeys end and how some begin. Bless you sir,

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  1. Welcome aboard Adrian! I’ve done many dives in Cozumel. Beautiful place, I love it there. Lost my wedding ring on a deep dive in a cave there.

  2. It just happened that I was re-reading TTOTC tonight when I saw your post about Skippy. Interesting that I am noticing things I skipped right over the first time. So anyway; I took notice of the last line of the chapter about Skippy’s passing. “We should have buried him standing up”. This didnt catch my eye the first time I read the book. But now that I have a location for my solve, I wonder if this sentence is a hint. In fact, I had decided several weeks ago that if FF had actually decided to die beside his treasure, as he suggested years ago that he might, I think he would have died upright, either standing or sitting. I have a good reason for thinking this. It ties in with my solve. So, what does everyone else think about, “We should have buried him standing up”?

    • Interesting thought Puzzled…and one that is quite possible.

      Thanks Adrian…your short message gave both a visual (steaming & bubbles) and a truth to hear “Odd how some journeys end and how some begin”.

      Also congratulations on your marriage. I have to say that I almost said “Yo, Adrian” from the Movie ‘Rocky’. My husband was an extra in the first movie (1976) and he had a scene (it was cut) with Apollo Creed.

      Funny how your use of “all the way” brought back memories. I guess I’m showing my age.

    • Puzzled, you may be onto something here . . . but at best, I
      think it’s just a small hint. Good luck in your solving and
      searching. IMO.

  3. There are other worlds to sing in. Forrest doesn’t strike me as person who would lay down. Skippy either.

    imo, don’t forget to love, laugh, and give more than you take. Don’t take anything laying down. Stand up, even in hard times. That is was ff has done his entire life imo. I think we have all had times when laying down would have been welcome relief. Weary is a word known all to well in our bones. But, we rally and lean on each other to make it through, and stand through the unimaginable until we can once again imagine.

    Just thoughts…less we forget the man who has brought us all together. Imagine him.

    PS puzzled, your posts are refreshing. Thx!

  4. I imagine Forrest – in the Latest AF jet racing Skippy – in a jet helicopter, to the blue angel finish line…where eternity’s party starts!

    Or perhaps both Forrest & Skippy astride their pony, Silver, wearing white cowboy hats, riding into the sunset together. Definitely upright for both.¥

  5. stand up for what you believe in,what if forrest fenn took a treasure in the rocky mountains and hid it ,so he could keep it.its a secret,a lost secret treasure.he got everyone outdoors enjoying nature at its best.but no one finds the treasure,as only forrest knows where it is and he’s not one seems to be able to crack the poem.but the thrill is the chase isn’t it a game ,hide and seek.its real as real can get.but finding it is the problem,can it be solved,so many words mean the same thing,but yet different too.big area,small space.somewhere,anywhere,there,where,here,right now.anywhere we go in the mountains ,we are there.mountains my mountains,your place,your place.face to face,heart to heart,mind to mind ,we are one.we are the guardians of the mountains,beaches, the treasure a idea forrest imagined, was a dare.did you really do that forrest fenn,yes I it is out there waiting.but forrest I don’t know where to go find it,I read your poem many times,read the book, looked up a lot of words,paper after paper,notes.Thinking,thinking,writing,the thrill of the chase,the excitement of looking for something we desire.he had the idea in his mind before he even hid his mind he put together the idea of hiding a treasure of goodies . bought the box,put the goodies inside and left home and hid it in the rocky mountains north of santa fe,new mexico.why are we looking for the pay bills off ,make life alittle better for us,not living paycheck to paycheck.but if you don’t need the money,why are you looking,to be more richer,but yet your still poor,will you be looking for more and more.but for those of us who need it ,if we get it ,life will be alittle better,but we are still poor,as that empty feeling in our hearts,are never filled.thats why we are always looking for more. but yet we can have it and don’t see it,its our choice,happiness,contentment with what we have.why do we worry when god says not to.we are human.god didn’t say we could not be rich,he wants to give us the desires of our hearts,but he knows whats best for us.would being rich make us greedy,worship money.forget about god in all your forrest you sure have made this complicated situation ,that we are having fun with ,but can’t decipher your poem. I feel like sitting under a rock,I bet this turns out to be so simple.were really going to feel like duh,why didn’t I think of mr. forrest where do we go from here,yeah I know back to the poem.but its not talking to me and neither are you.

    • Diane,
      Your comment struck several chords and was profound on more than one level. Yes, we love Mr. ‘FF’ for allowing us this thrill, and YES we would certainly love to find and acquire the trove. However, we should be reminded that it doesn’t even compare to treasures in heaven that may be gained if we “listen good” to the message which, if heeded, will guide us there. Having written that, I would like to add that I envy Mr. Fenn not necessarily his ‘gold’, but certainly his rich life and experiences.

  6. It’s sometimes easy to forget, when caught up in the Thrill of the Chase, that there’s a human story there.

  7. Nice story Adrian, as only a redneck could relate, I can just picture that now. Thanks and Subscribe.

  8. Per John Hagee,
    You are not a failure for falling down,

    You are a failure for staying down….



  9. In 1992, cowboy Jimmy Dale Struble was buried standing up at Glade Park Cemetery in Grand Junction, Colorado. Struble had been confined to a wheel chair for several years as the result of a fight. Friends said Struble had hated having to lie down for six years so he decided to be buried standing up with his boots on. Buried standing up was a sign of respect.

  10. Endings and Beginnings are what life is all about as well as the people we come in contact with and our experiences which makes us uniquely OURSELVES!!!

    You are a very unique person and quite creative!!!

    On a sad note, the passing of Skippy reminds me of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” as do the many friends of Forrest that follow his many story lines.

    On a personal note, my searching has suffered another set back with another mild heart attack last week (the one before was in July 2015 that kept me on the sidelines for a while).

    Best Regards to all and Find the Treasure in your Life, May You. : )

    • Lone Aspen,
      Having gone through a “mild heart attack” episode myself, best wishes for a speedy recovery. Remember to take care of yourself with appropriate diet, rest, and exercise. Get some good research done when you are able, and rejoin the chase soon.
      “Have flashlight and gloves, will travel”

  11. Just returned from Cozumel after a 13 year hiatus… It’s a great island, our favorite in Mexico. I remember my first dive with my newly certified daughter way back then…. We signed up for a day dive on Palancar Reef – 60 ft max depth. Following our guide, a great dive. When we surfaced our recording depth gauge read 115 ft! Colors get kind of dim down there – reds fade out.

    • Hey…I just found out about electric socks that run on battery power to keep my feet warm…even when traipsing around in one of those cold mountain streams…
      I think Lurker2 knows something about them…

  12. That’s pretty deep underwater, the sign language was used because you couldn’t hear with your ears?

  13. No one person is the leader, remember that far after the yes. If you can’t be the student at some points you have missed your turn to learn.

  14. what happened to Puzzled’s last post? Seems to have disappeared between 8:40 and 10:40am MST. Weird.

    • I’ll bet Dal moved it…….he must’ve been sleeping in when it posted – ha!

      • Melanie-
        I’ve tried moving comments in the past and it doesn’t work. It ends up looking like I posted it instead of the original poster…
        So..I sent Puzzled a note and asked him to repost under Nine Clues..and then I took the comment off the board before someone could comment on it…which makes it even more challenging to remove.

        • Sorry everyone. It is being re-posted under Nine Clues. Thanks Dal for redirecting me.

        • You jumped on that pretty quick, Dal. Thanks for explaining – I thought I was imagining things (not the first time).

  15. Puzzled, I still have your entire comment in case you need it to post over at Nine Clues. Email me at rmannaa at yahoo dot com.

  16. I agree with Jeremy’s earlier post. The Chase is a great adventure, but it’s also a human story. Thank you Forrest for being so willing to share your stories & the stories of others…and their endings & beginnings.

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