A New Map…

Please Note that these maps have sold out and are no longer available.


Cynthia and I have been working on a secret project for Fennboree III, and we can finally tell everyone what we have been up to.

I am happy to announce a special new treasure map is now available, made just in time for Fennboree.  This map is similar to the one in Too Far To Walk, but has had some significant changes made to it.


Forrest, in collaboration with Benchmark Maps (www.benchmarkmaps.com), has redesigned his treasure map, and we are releasing a limited edition of 30″x24” poster of the new map, signed and numbered by FF himself.

These maps were printed in Albuquerque, by a great lady named Tami, at A Good Sign (www.agoodsignabq.com).  We talked to several local companies, and while they each told us they couldn’t print something this nice and big, they all told me that Tami could.  If you need something large printed in Albuquerque, she is the lady to see.

Tami has a print shop, on the corner of 2nd and Lead, in downtown Albuquerque, which happens to be located just across the street from a castle (which you might notice is in the picture behind Tami).  I didn’t even know there was a castle in Albuquerque, but it was explained to me that it used to belong to the local jewelry maven, Gertrude Zackary.  It was only built about 10 years ago (which explains why I didn’t know about it). Sadly, Gertrude passed away shortly after the castle was built, and it was never really lived in that long.  Her children now own the property, and they rent it to movie studios for filming.  I hope to someday get an up close view of the gargoyles guarding the rooftops of that place.


Tami is printing the first batch of these as we speak, and will have the first batch ready by Monday.  We hope to have them signed by Forrest within a few days, and the first ones will ship out by the end of next week.  The map on the table in front of her was the test one she printed for me, and looks way better than the picture on the website.

You can order yours now, only at:

The cost is $100 each..
They are stunning.

This map will only be available in poster form, at least until later this year, so if you are waiting for the mouse pad version, you might have quite a long wait.  Also, don’t forget they are a Limited Edition, so once they are gone – they are gone.

138 thoughts on “A New Map…

    • I don’t know the location but I know the territory and what most of the clues mean. I put it together and have had great thought. It seems complex but once you understand the sequence of events and the categories you can figure it out. I have never looked for the treasure, but I am an outdoors man that seeks adventure. One thing is that I don’t partner up. “Two men can keep a secret if one of them is dead.

  1. I’m hoping I can get everyone at Fennboree to sign my copy..
    I regret not having everyone autograph a souvenir from the September 2015 book signing.

    • That is a great idea also Dal. Wish I could go, but my work schedule is crazy for the next 4 months at least.

        • Not at all! It makes your first maps more valuable, because now they are part of a series. This is a different map all together, and also is a limited edition, so its value will hold.

          Imagine having both signed maps, as a set. I wonder what that sells for on ebay in a few years?

          I didn’t get one of the first set, and now I am kicking myself for it. Maybe someone who got more than one would be interested in a trade with me, a new map for the old?

        • I wasn’t in the chase when the first 2 were printed, can you still get them?

          • eagle-
            There was only one previous wall map. It is the same as the one from the TFTW book but large and signed by Forrest.

            This new one is different from the map in TFTW and the previous wall map.

            The first map was also a limited edition. It also sold for $100 and was sold out in 2014.

          • There has only been one map, and sadly, you can’t get it easily anymore. You might see one show up on eBay, but otherwise, they are gone.

          • Actually, Boomergirl, it was your comment that lead me to believe there were 2. But after rereading your comment I can see you bought 2 of the same one. My brain is scrambled eggs. Would you care to part with one?

  2. Stop the press!!!
    I hope this is being printed on Tyvek.
    The substrate can be challenging to print on but worth the effort & wall life.
    Silk screen?
    I had a map of the world that was printed on Tyvek & was the most durable poster I ever had by far.

    Very nice!

    • This definitely isn’t your average band poster. I don’t know what brand of paper it is, but it is very thick, and coated, to last a long time.

  3. Thats a beautiful map.i won’t be going to fennboree
    Hope you post pictures so we all can see.i started thinking
    I bet the treasure is in new mexico.i wondered if mr.forrest would travel to another state at age 70 or 80.he said he did it,was it in one day or one trip.i forget.wish i could figure out that poem.how those people got the first two clues and went past the others is a mystery to me . I’d love to know the first two ,wouldn’t you. My luck.i probably couldn’t get the others.haha.happy spring everyone and good luck in your hunting. I sit at home as always trying to figure this poem out.i must not be a good thinker or my brain is numb to the poem by now.love all you people.even tho i don’t know you.your a good bunch to listen and converse with.if that treasure was in montana or Wyoming. I just could not handle the grizzly bear thought.or thought of mountain lions in those places and here in colorado.i love the mountains. But not whats walking out there.go figure right.a scaredy cat.

    • It is the same map, but with some design changes.

      The coloration of the types of lands is gone. Instead, this one is colored to show forested areas. Also, this one has a size scale, and a picture of the treasure chest, and says Fennboree I I I at the top.

      This one is the same size, though, so it will hang nicely as a matching set.

      • Also, Chaco Canyon appears to be removed from the map. I ordered my copy just now. Do you know when to expect delivery?

        Godspeed, Windy City

        • Hi Windy,

          Your map will ship next week, after Forrest signs it. But, I email you tracking information as soon as it is shipped, so you will know when it is on its way.

          The first ones have already gone out. 🙂

  4. One last thing….

    If you are local to Albuquerque, choose local pickup, and I will deliver yours to you in person. It will save you on shipping.

  5. Very sweet of you Sacha – to deliver.

    Map looks beautiful, but a bit pricey for someone on a fixed income.

    Guess I had better find the TC so I can buy a map.

    Good luck to all searchers, and STAY SAFE


    • JD –

      I thought about this kind of thing already, which is why there will be a couple of opportunities for you to win a map. We will have a couple of chances at Fennboree to win a map, as well as a contest or two on Dal’s site, after Fennboree.

      Also, I have plans to make it into other merchandise later this year, so that you can get a copy of the map for much less. But, I don’t expect those to be available until at least the fall.

  6. Won’t be able to go to Fennboree so I hope I can win a map in one of Dal’s contests. 🙁

  7. I was never too impressed with the original map or this one. They just seem like novelty items. I’ll continue to use page 132 of TTOTC as my map , less distractions that way.

    • I use the poem as a map. Because forrest said the poem is a map. I believe it and blex isnt buying it. Call it a missed financial opportunity. Make that a plural.

  8. Great job with the poster! People are going to enjoy displaying it and talking about the search with friends and family.

    Tease me Dal. What contest do you have in store for us? Has to be tough. This group clearly likes to be challenged.

  9. I look forward to the contests – Just what I need – something else that
    will challenge my two remaining brain cells – Just Kidding.

    A new contest will be fun.


    • Much of it will be spent (or already has been spent) on Fennboree. I have invested several hundred dollars already into campsites, and will be donating MANY items as prizes for the games. Cynthia and I will also be providing hamburgers and hot dogs for the event. We expect to have 50 people or more attend this year, at least from all the reservations and contacts we have had. It will probably be higher, including family and friends.

  10. Sacha please save me one. I am at an auction today and don’t have my card on me at the moment, but I want one.

  11. Looks great and I bet it’ll become a collectors item like the 1st and 2nd editions of TTOTC (see the prices on Amazon?!). But, JD I hear ya. If only my income was fixed!

    • @melanie: “But, JD I hear ya. If only my income was fixed!”

      It is also far outside my pay grade, but I will buy one anyone: I’ll just buy a cheaper brand of tequila this year.

  12. I will secure the chest then order a poster and custom frame it to hang on the wall.

    • My apologies if in error hma. But arent you the searcher that found the sweet spot yet decided to leave it lay?

      • Hi Ron,

        You are correct and due to a change in plans I will return at some point to finish what I started.

        • Thanks for reply hma.
          Do you care to comment why you chose to do so? Leave it lay that is.
          kinda funny, i was thinking how/where i would secure the chest and it crossed my mind…just leave it where it is. It has proven to be in a safe spot for 7+ years.

  13. Nice map Sacha but i am on a fixed income to. I spent all my mony on Books by Forrest.
    When i find the chest, i will buy one for everybody at Fennboree.
    Still Studying the poem and thinking positive.

    • @sally2: “When i find the chest, i will buy one for everybody at Fennboree.”

      You mean “When Desertphile goes and gets the chest, he will give everyone at Fennboree a coin from it.”


      • Wow Desertphile, That makes even more reason to come to Fennboree,
        I hope we are not searching in the state, I know you have been putting in the time studying everthing,
        I wish you luck in your all your searches.
        Wish i lived a few hundred miles closer.

  14. Sasha, can I order a specific number of this limited edition map…number 31 (the same number on my first map I got)?

    • No one has requested that number yet. Place your order, then shoot me an email so I know which order was yours. I will make sure you get #31 when I ship them.

      • Sacha,

        Umm..sorry to pile on like this, but I was also wondering if i could get a certain number. Believe it or not, #13 – that’s my daughter, who phoned Forrest last year, sports number. I placed my order for a map today.

        Thank you for considering my request.

        – Wisconsin Mike

  15. Sacha & Dal – Thank you for posting a copy of the map online for all to view. The link posted in the email brings me to a jpg size of 513×642, will their be a higher resolution posted later?

  16. I am always amazed at how quickly some folks complain about things. Someone makes something nice, useful and interesting and someone wants to complain about it. If you don’t like it, ignore it and go on doing what you were doing before. What in the heck is the purpose of “complaining”? Two year olds do that.
    The only reason to complain about something that doesn’t even affect you that I can think of is to demonstrate your close-mindedness and selfishness.
    Take me for instance. I like to complain about complainers.

    • Dal, as someone who missed out on the original large maps (I started the Chase last July), I appreciate being able to get a V2 now–especially with Forrest signing them and the support they will provide for Fennboree III.

      Thank you and Sacha for taking the initiative.

      • Same here, started Dec 2015. I love it, I’ve already got the frame for it. After all, when this is all over I’ll need something to remind me of the time spent and the thrill of the chase. Thanks again and don’t let ugly people get you down. Remember smile at a homely girl : )

    • Please note that this map is completely Sacha and Cynthia’s brilliant undertaking in an effort to celebrate and memorialize Fennboree…which they are also slaving away at…
      My only connection to this map is that I purchased one and my only connection to Fennboree is that I plan to attend and meet as many of you as I can…swap tales…stare blissfully into the night sky…share laughs, roast twizzlers over an open fire and say thanks to Cynthia and Sacha for all the great work they do.

      • I’m planning to attend, too and hope to meet the faces that go with all these names! Keeping fingers crossed family matters won’t interfere (always tricky with parents of a certain age). Sacha, Cynthia – if I can assist you somehow with prep/groundwork in SFe, please let me know. I think Dal can put you in touch with me. Thanks for doing this and taking the reins (again). You two are fierce. Looking forward to making your acquaintance.

    • LOL….guess I had that coming Dal, you know I luv all of you and the chase.

    • Dal,

      If you are considering me to be a whiner, you are really stretching things to fit your solve..;-). No complaint intended and perhaps my initial attempt to post a more comprehensive complimentary note you may have felt differently.

      Either way my ‘asking’ a question is not a statement at all. It may be interpreted that way, but I assure you codes were not used in my question. The file I have is saved at 8k size. Maybe I downloaded something incorrectly …oops.. went to double check and the 8k size is an empty file. I now have a 456k file.
      My bad on the resolution, but I am leaving my comment as is because there is some truth in what I wrote. Even if I knew the file was 456k and asked if there was a larger one going to be posted later it would not be a complaint. In either case I would be wanting to have a better representation of the artist’s work.

      Great now I am whining about the complainer.
      When you ate your cheerio’s this morning were there p’s in there also?

      PS If you were not aiming at least enjoy my missive, and if you were aiming at me at least enjoy my missive.

    • Dal,
      I think it’s a well designed map and I think Mr.Fenn will be happy with the results.
      Just looking at the map on the page was interesting, what a huge map.
      What a printer that woman has!
      Great ideal Dal, avoid negative people!
      Sincerely, Martha

  17. Cool idea! I wish that I could buy one. I will wait for the contest and try to win one:) I would like to go to Fennboree but it’s not looking likely. We will see. 😉

  18. Hey Everybody just checking in!!!
    Ladies, that Fennboree III map is very nice. Perhaps I’ll be able to purchase one with the money we get from Desertphile when he gives us all a coin??? Smiles.
    As for the Fennboree, I think about it all the time… It’s a matter of being in good health???
    I mean gas isn’t going to get any cheaper!!!
    The bad part is the the camp sites that were, or are still available, are next to nil??? I guess there’s always the Walmart parking lot for the old pickup and kids!!! lol
    Maybe we’ll just camp where the box is and hitch a ride in with the DesertMan???
    Anyhow, it would be awesome to meet some of you and maybe take another crack at finding f’s rainbow!
    After all, finding the X that marks the spot could be in New MeXico???
    Mark H. Thrilled to be in the Chase!

    • Dal or cynthIa can you tell us what the changes are that where made on the map at all and also why did Forrest have you make the changes for him. Where the changes made because of so many people not understanding what Forrest was meaning by north of Santa fe by north the degrees on a compass? Also is fennbree going on right know?

  19. Ziggy, you won’t find the treasure chest on that map and it’s unlikely an example at the resolution you desire will get you closer to the chest. It’s a work of art that encapsulates the chase. Your and others comments of it being “shady” or bogus are an insult to the good folks who put their efforts into creating fun and collectible items around this shared pursuit. Don’t buy one of you don’t want to but please take your poorly founded criticisms elsewhere.

    • Thanks 3rocks I appreciate your graciousness which I am assuming is directed at me.

      If I am understanding things correctly this thread is being finely watched for potential insults to our artists and I am on board with that.

      But I don’t believe I have been a negative member of this community and have tried very much to be positive. Search and see, let me know publicly if I have been a negative element.

      I just expect a little grace to be extended to others in this community. I understand Dal’s initial reaction but yours so much later just feels angry and I apologize if I caused that.

      • Uken, not directed at you, was directed at the comment I responded to and the “shady” comment that was made before that one. I think you’ve been around long enough to know the integrity of the folks who are putting this together.

        • Appreciate the reply threerocks. I apoligize for not understanding that it wasn’t directed at me. I saw that you replied to another person but that reply didn’t seem nearly as offensive as mine could be be seen. I did get her shady concept as not being derogatory.
          On a positive not have a great time at fenboree! Look forward to pics.

    • Sorry…I probably shouldn’t have used the word shady. I promise I didn’t mean to insinuate dishonest or deceitful. I used the word shady because of all the controversy about shaded areas on the map. I thought i was being clever. I should know better. I will gladly take my lashes at Fennboree. Please don’t 86 me.

    • I am just a little disappointed and feeling a bit left out. It was a stretch for me to buy both the books. I did enjoy them. I can’t attend the event and I really can’t afford the map. No offence to the creators or where the money is going. It all sounds like good fun. I just can’t seem to catch up and the clock is ticking.

      • Zig-
        Forrest said all you need to find the chest is the poem…so in my opinion you have everything you need. Stop whining and go find the chest 🙂

      • Ziggy IMO if you have both of the books you are good. The new map probably won’t add much to what you already have.

  20. What a good looking map! I really like the arrowhead at the top portion of it.Ever since I recieved an arrowhead in the christmas contest I’ve been obsessed with going out trying to find them…I don’t have a paypal account, but I have one of those mastercard gift cards with a couple hundred dollars on it,is that an acceptable form of payment?Also I see ppl requesting certain numbers so can I request map number 1?

    • Oh good idea Fins I will request #2 then since you took #1 🙂 ohh I bet it doesn’t work like that right Sacha? Oh well I will take what ever number I get! I have not ordered yet but I hope to today!

  21. Hey Dal, Sacha and Cynthia I love the new map! Gonna order it tomorrow and I’m hoping to get #22 just like my first map. (My lucky number) I plan on making it to Fennboree this year. Since I’ll be going alone I’ll probably stay in town. Should be lots of fun to finally meet everyone!

  22. Bought one, I’ll put it on the my bathroom wall opposite the toilet…..As long as I stay “regular” I should get to know the area pretty good! Laugh you guys, I am. The Chase is a wonderful addition to my life.

    • radcrad, I nearly spit out my grapette. That’s some serious studying. I agree about the chase being a wonderful addition.

  23. Sacha & Cynthia, thanks for all you are doing to make Fennboree special! It’s a beautiful map. I plan to order one, and hope to make it to Santa Fe in June.

  24. Sounds like a good time to be had by all ! The map is beautiful , waiting for the contest . I so love seeing what everyone creates.

    Take photos please for those who can’t attend. Sounds like many people will be attending this year. Sasha and Cynthia , you guys are awesome to take on this kind of project. Good job!

  25. Shirts There have been shirts for sale and NO one bothered to let me know. There is stuff to wear and buy and I could have looked cool while scrambling up the hill after being scared by the HUGE desert lizard or when the coyote jumped out of the cabin I was about to enter. Not to mention the fact I tore my last good t-shirt on the barbed wire fence across from the Meeks place twice once going in and again on the way out? Really I could have had outfits? Dal us lady lookers like to be presentable on TV when we are interviewed about our finds.

    • Karen-
      Those of us who look at ladies are just as interested as the lady lookers in how they look while they are looking…

  26. Ok…. Ive decided…I am coming to Fennboree this year. If I fly in I am going to need someone to “adopt” me for the weekend so I can cook my signature dish in their kitchen for the Saturday Pot Luck Lunch! 😀

      • Nah, I’ll probably find some orphanage to shack up in 🙁

        J/K… I’m gonna fly out and bring my camping gear via fed ex or 1 piece of checked baggage. I was mostly needing a kitchen to cook about 70 apple butter pies that Saturday morning. There is a possibility I can do it on the campground in one of those park grills though.

        • Hi Iron – I knew of a casita that is sometimes available, but it is not that weekend. I’m sorry.

          • Looking forward to putting a face with your name….and tasting some of your pie!

          • Hi willie! You are more than welcome to share my site, our count has decreased by one, if not two. 🙂

          • I’ll be arriving there Friday morning about 8 or 8:30ish so I might get me a site hehe, but I’ll keep that in mind.

  27. Crow wouldn’t be one of the ingredients by any chance? It’s only taken 3 years but I have solved stanza 2, wonder how long it will take me to get the rest.

  28. Beautiful map, will work at getting one for sure! First season on the Chase and would love to make Fennboree but work is making it difficult to even go fishing, will try though. I was looking at the Fennboree website and noticed Hyde State Park is over 8300 ft elevation and approx. 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe….Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!! LOL! Hope to be there!!!

  29. WOOT! I just got mine in the mail… PRINT 26 of 250. Had Forrest’s signature on the chest and a weird sharpie drawn “X” on Lander Wyoming o.O
    O.K. maybe the X was a FIB but it was fun to see the initial shock in your eyes 😛

  30. Well all the maps have a fairly large “X” just east of Chaco Canyon. I looked quickly down at the entire map for more “X”s but didn’t see any others. Can anyone else see more?

    • that made me laugh :P, I didn’t catch on until I looked on google maps for where Chaco Canyon is. 😀

  31. Thank you Sacha and Cynthia for a job superbly done. I received my map today and it exceeded my expectations. It is well worth the money. Thank you also Mr. Fenn for your autograph. Now if I could only get my hands on the 1st one. Oh well, I’m happy to have at least one.
    Thanks again to all that were involved. GREAT JOB!!

  32. 11/250 !!!!!!!! Got my map today. I’m putting it in its frame tonight!
    Thank You, job well done!

  33. Got my new map today. It is in the frame and looks great.

    Thanks to Mr. Fenn, Sacha, Cynthia, and all who were involved.


    Windy City

  34. I feel pretty strong about a couple places but by Fenn saying don’t go where an 80 couldn’t, I feel with that statement he’s saying never underestimate oneself. and I’m sure he’s definitely healthier than me I’m 38 and disabled w/SCI & ESRD w/ dialisys to boot,so I’m hoping that these places are asscesible for a wobble and shortness of breath,heck my 90 truck will outlast me,I’m still going for the gold. this is FOCO Life, saying never underestimate yourself,unless you have spinal injury with ESRD….

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