Seven Falls Theory…


by E.C. Waters

Write or wrong, I am of the opinion that Fenn mixes and matches words and letters to fit his need of the moment.  I am of the opinion that Fenn draws upon many different sources of information to make things work, and that he is consistent in giving out information in just about everything he says and writes.  For example, when he uses the words “straight forward” in a verbal instruction about the poem, I believe this is a clue.  When he uses the word “ambivalent” in answer to a reporter’s question of if he hopes someone finds it… sadly, I believe this is also a hint.  I am of the opinion that he absolutely wants someone to figure this out, and as such, has been sprinkling hints everywhere.  One treasure seeker here on this blog called the results of this kind of correlation-hunting process a nice fluffy cake.  Yes, I am guilty of this.  I’m a word-nerd, and I’m wordy.  I am an unusual thinker, and so I apologize in advance to those who may be annoyed to read what follows.

First, here is a map of the area of Seven Falls, an attraction in Colorado Springs, CO.


I am of the opinion that Seven Falls is closely related to TTOTC, Scrapbook posts, and the poem based on word elements I have attempted to correlate, but also things I found while visiting this private property.  The attraction is great, the people there were amazing, and the food and wine at the restaurant was worth the experience.  I highly recommend going if you’ve never been, if not to discover correlations and maybe the treasure for yourself, then just to enjoy the environment.  The Broadmoor and Mr. Anschutz have invested quite a bit of cash into this “clou” (point of interest) after the 2013 floods (“I know the treasure chest is wet”) where the property was damaged, changed hands from the Hill family, and re-opened in late 2015.

I have a bad habit of seeing correlations where they should not be.  At the same time, I quickly pick up on correlations that might be.  Decide for yourself whether the feature names in the map correlate to TTOTC stories.  I found many, including the stairs (rusted fire escape), “Washington Profile” (facing left, doller), “Mexican Saddle” (Lightning pics), “Alligator’s Head” (don’t make the alligator mad), “Three Amigos” (Skippy, Forrest, June), “Trout Pond” (of course), “Aspen Grove Picnic Area” (take a sandwich, wood = grove, and it’s quickly down from my wise blaze), and “Pillars of Hercules” which, in my opinion, has several correlations including the clues being “strait forward” (Strait of Gibraltar), John Charles and green olives (Juan Carlos I, King of Spain, owns Gibraltar, Ceuta means “seven”), Cody being one of the 12 Labors, a blog post titled “1/Lt. Aide de Camp” where he describes one of his labors was flying about 12 different fighters and bombers, for a General who oversaw 9 bases.

But the most compelling correlation to me is Helen Hunt Jackson’s grave marker (but not her burial location), who wrote many poetic and literary works, but most notably “Century of Dishonor” and “Ramona”.  These are two important works of the time about the mistreatment of Native Americans.  One is factual, the other is fiction with many facts woven in.  More on HHJ later.

Pirates and WWWH:
Lately I have been looking at homophones, words that sound alike but are maybe spelled a bit differently, or combinations of words that can mean something else.  A fun example is “chair resign felt” = Jerry Seinfeld.  In Scrapbook One-Hundred Seven, Fenn pretty much laid it out for us that this is how he wants us to think.  He includes even a couple of big clues like this with “doller” and “knowlege”.  For example, “a really big deal” might actually be a hint for a “dele”, or “deele”.  For another example, in the poem, Fenn uses “hint” which also means “clue”.  He says there nine clues, and that a few of us have found the first two without knowing it, but also went right on by the other seven (more on “seven” later).  In TTOTC, he describes a stolen ball of string (a “clew”), a deep narrow stream (a “cluse”), and nails (“clous”) he used for clankers in his bells.  In Scrapbook Forty-Nine, he asks why his wife has three bottles of cloves… or “clowe”, a split, like a cloven hoof.  If these are to be thought of as hints, perhaps a homophone of WWWH could be one reason it is so elusive, the reason he has pretty much laid it out for us, and why we should solve that one first.

Also in TTOTC, Fenn talks about pirates in various ways.  The obvious ones are Captain Kidd, Gardiner’s Island, and a hidden treasure.  Most pirates didn’t bury their take.  They spent it.  Only a few are known for hiding their loot.  Movies lie to us.  In my opinion, I believe he also subtly refers to pirates when he talks about “square knots” in his “clew”.  Sailors on ships used a “thief knot” as a potential indicator to know when someone had messed with their personal effects.  Most people wouldn’t look or have time to check if a thief knot was used while raiding a bag tied like this, and would retie using a square knot, tipping the owner that someone dipped.  A synonym for thief is pirate.  Fenn’s clew turned up missing.  A scrapbook post about a “Black-Crested Buzzard-Eagle” is about birds, including the buzzard-eagle, and a parrot named Sinbad.  A parrot is typically seen in cartoons and Disney characters with pirates.  The buzzard is actually the nickname of a real pirate, La Buse (French for buzzard, it sounds like “booze”, which I need right now while writing this).  When Fenn uses “folly”, did you know that the name “Foley” is synonymous with pirate?

In Scrapbook Sixty-One, Fenn used the phrase “It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper.”  Whether what I’m doing is fluffy cake or not is arguable, but Errol Flynn is attributed with saying “It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper.”  An Errol Flynn pirate movie, “Captain Blood”, featured Basil Rathbone playing La Buse, or Olivier Lavasseur.

Lavasseur was an interesting character about which I knew nothing, even with my love of Starz “Black Sails” and my hunger for Robert Louis Stevenson material.  I still know only a very small amount, but I plan on having a deeper look in the future because his story is extremely curious.  I don’t speak French and most of what is freely available is in French (or Malagasy).  What’s available on Wikipedia is simple.  Apparently, he tossed a necklace containing a pigpen cipher (a Freemason code at the time) out into the audience at his hanging and yelled (paraphrasing) “My treasure to the one who can understand it!”  That theme sounds a little familiar to me.  Two hundred years later, Rose Savy found some rock markings on land that is dubiously attributed as owned by “la Buse”.  Fenn says in TTOTC he is a valedictorian of “Savvy 101”.

La Buse’s last days of freedom were in Madagascar, where he was captured near Fort Dauphin.  There are hot springs in Madagascar.  One area is named specifically for this, called Ranomafana, Haute Matsiatra.  Ranomafana is Malagasy for “warm waters”.  Could this be a clever homophone for “Ramona Falls Halt”, and the fitting but unusual reason for the choice of the word “halt”?  Ramona Falls is the first in the series of Seven Falls.  Nearby Ranomafana is a district named “Ambalavao”.

There are lots of mentions of the word “seven” in TTOTC.  Not including hyphenated numbers such as of his “seventy-nine” years (79 is Au, gold), the “fifty-seven” he’s been married, he tends to use “seven” (or the ordinal “seventh”) with enough frequency that it is significant to be a pattern.  There is a photo of him starting “seventh” grade, where he was the Grand Marble Champion (Cris “I-hate-the-letter-H” Campion was an actor in a Pirates movie; his name was “Frog”).  It was seventh grade Spanish when Fenn realized his name means bogwood… both “Morta” (death) and “Abonos” (fertile ground)… he claims he had a primeval moment… an Unripe Windfall… a critical Lord Byron winking if you will.  Google that.

Fenn also found Cody “seven” miles west of town.  Fenn graduated from pilot school in September (sept = 7, even though it’s the ninth month because there were 10 months prior to their being 12, similar to how there were 10 Labors before becoming 12 Labors).  Fenn talks about the “seven” seconds needed to prepare to eject, and how Lt. Swisher was “seven” miles away when telling Fenn he was on fire.  And Fenn received a note from a father of a “seven”-year-old girl.  Fenn mentioned 7UP, but he called out Grapette and specifically mentioned the bottle, which came in seven ounces.

There are seven problems in the “Millienium” Prize Problems (of which the prize is $1M for each winning solution).  In his poem, there are seven days in a “weak”.

Wise Blaze:
In “Glimpses of California”, HHJ writes about an older woman in a chapter titled “Echoes in the City of Angels”.  The woman is described as having a chest of her treasures, things she values, and is surrounded with printed ads on the walls, including an ad for “Toledo Swords”.  Her pillowcase is filled with her hair that she has collected over the years.  This is incidental.

More importantly, Ramona = wise, Helen = torch / light, Hunt = chase, Jackson = son of Jack, as in life is a game of poker… The Spanish word for “frog” is “rana”.

Fenn emphasizes a grave marker and waterfalls quite a bit.  So much so that he had to come out with a new clue to say it’s not in a graveyard.  Also, the falls used to be lit up in different colors, like a rainbow.

Other incidental clous at and around Seven Falls are as follows:
– An Indian statue is at a gift shop near elevator to Eagle’s Nest.
– A photo of Babe Ruth on a mule named “Rags” exists inside the cave to Eagle’s Nest.
– A photo of Time Magazine is underneath a “Ford Times” inside the cave to Eagle’s Nest.
– A sign near Inspiration Point (marvel gaze) that points to “Covered Wagon”, another feature, not sure if it’s on the land of Seven Falls, but the sign also uses words like “Far Ridge” and “Gateway to Heaven”.
– A 450+ year old Ponderosa tree… Fenn mentions ponderosa and aspen groves in Tea with Olga.
– Santa’s Workshop isn’t too far.  Neither is the “workshop” school where Fenn mentions.
– There’s an Academy Road close by.
– There’s an actual AFB close by.
– There’s a Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial Highway close by.
– There’s a road named “Old Stage Rd.” really close by, as in “all the world’s a stage”.  I drove several miles along this dirt road.  Exceptional views.  Took it into a national park without knowing exactly where I was.  Cell service was poor.
– Also not too far away is “Helen Hunt Falls” (the same HHJ), on public land, with a rock sign just outside (built into a rock retaining wall) that says “Bruin Inn” (home of Brown).  I looked around here, but I couldn’t make the clues stick.
– Each of the fall names can feasibly fit into the clues with some creativity and imagination, like Bridal Veil (secret, pass this vail), Feather (canyon down), Hill (Capitol Hill in Denver), etc.
– HHJ responds to Einstein with this attributed quote:  “When the solution is simple, God is answering.”

I didn’t find it where I was looking, but the path to the grave marker was closed until July or so.  They’re installing more zip lines for recreation.  Then you can take “it” in the canyons anywhere.  No idea if “quickly down” leads to “High Trees” with George Washington forever staring nigh at it.  Or if Midnight Trail is “nigh” and Fenn in the Middle.  I did have a look around the Aspen Grove Picnic Area, near an old light, up a hill near a man-made rock retainer area that looked like it may have staged some equipment at one point.  But I found no chest.  I should have probably panned a bit to see if a Double Eagle would have turned up after the floods.  But the exit looks like a rainbow and has the word “portal” on it, so maybe the Bifrost is supposed to land 42 degrees elsewhere.

Of course, there’s more (in my opinion) about architecture, frieze groups, Schoenflies notation (flutterby), Hans (like Eric?) Sloane and the British Museum, Poetic Edda (Edard?), Reynard the Fox, and other fun stuff, but once again I’ve worded readers to morta here.

One final thought…

I theorize “a really big deal” actually is a really big “dele”… like a backwards P… taking the path up and heading to the left, the path one would take to “High Trees” because George Washington is facing it (brave = to face), and (in the wood = High Trees).  He’s right, no one will just stumble across that.  They’ll have go right to it.

But there is that little problem that it’s on private property.  Going in peace, well, not sure what CO law says about taking stuff off of someone else’s property.

Good luck.

E.C. Waters

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      • No matter how much I think, its always twisted. In a good way of coarse. This sounds like a great place to take the kids for a treasure hunt. They will find treasure there any way you look at it. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this mind bender. It almost makes me believe I’m sane. almost!… Your time and thought is valuable no one can discount that. And no one but the one can say your right or wrong. I however have a different path and of coarse it may not be the right one but its fun just the same. I did enjoy your info, mind bender… TY…. JB RC and Titan.

    • EC, while I think there are a lot more connections you are forcing (as we all do, guilty myself), I do really like the homophone angle.

      Fenn has stated that when writing the poem he really looked up word definitions & I do feel there is great deal of wordplay at work in the poem. I also agree that this wordplay is in many of his responses to questions. Others would disagree, but I think that when the treasure is found we will all look back at his comments and think, “WOW!”.

      Thanks for the post.


      • @Clinger, agreed about the WOW. I’ve been blown away by Fenn’s capability and expansive source knowledge (assuming these associations are appropriate). His challenge response on Rangus Lona articulating with Micanthers was so out of my league.

        I have to guess that Fenn knows when I’m working hard on following what I believe to be a significant theory set because his inbox and my outbox blows up with my tripe. He hasn’t responded with exception of a couple of times, once with likely being annoyed, and the other with polite thanks. So yeah, I’m wow’d.

        To your point, there are very likely coincidental associations in the result set.

  1. Maybe Twisted, like Chubby Checker? I think you may need to take some Valium…

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

    • @Ken – Twisted like a phone chord on a 107th hint… And laughing to myself that it very well could be write under the knows of our nation’s first president (title).

  2. Thanks E.C. for this great head-scratchier, keeps me thinking but I just don’t see the unemployed folks from TX in the pick-up truck thinking along these lines….! Evan half of this is too much to be the ‘why didn’t I think of that’ line of reasoning….nevertheless good stuff and stimulating….Just what brand of Ovaltine are you on when thinking up this stuff? lol!

  3. Well E.C., taking stuff off of someone else’s property is called target practice where I’m from.

    If you’re gonna be stupid you gotta be tough.

  4. Well, I could be wrong, but in my opinion, FF would never expect searchers to risk legal problems by getting entangled on private property. Even more worrisome is the unlikely prospect that your theme park will remain unchanged for a thousand years.

    Still, congrats on putting in a big effort. And double congrats for using your imagination to come up with an alternate to the banal Yellowstone solution. 🙂


    • In my opinion, I think his comments about wanting it to be lost for a thousand years is hyperbole when his behavior of dropping hints all the time would suggest the contrary.

      • I agree E.C. I see hints in so many things that Forrest has said or written and it seems to me also that he might want to see and talk to the finder of his treasure.

    • @Ken, et al., – further to the assumptions made about how long he wants the chest to remain undiscovered, and the effect these assumptions may have impacted upon searchers’ interpretations…

      First and foremost, Fenn is able to take “poetic license” and he’s a linguistic puzzle master. I recommend that we establish that up front and adopt that mental model going forward.

      Next, I interpret the hyperbole about 100 years, a 1,000 years, 10,000 years as associated to the underlying theme of his hints instead of literal meaning. His behavior about dropping hints everywhere contradicts the literal meaning, or the assumption he doesn’t want it to be found for 1,000 years, or that the search area should be able to maintain the chest for 1,000 years. Therefore, these are in all probability hints, or even quite possibly the referenced nine clues.

      I assert that the whole poem is filled with directions or confirmations on how to get to the treasure. In true poetic style, he seems to have woven in additional references to units of time… both in his poem, and more blatantly in TTOTC.

      Here’s some time units I’ve interpreted so far:

      – Dancing with the “Millennium”
      – “hear me now and listen good” is “hear ye, hear ye”, a reference to a town crier with a bell… bells are a unit of time
      – “Century” of Dishonor (assuming HHJ is a correct correlation from the Seven Falls Theory)
      – “Minute” men (George Washington, both in TTOTC, and also in the Seven Falls Theory)
      – “I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak” is “week”.
      – “your creek” might a be homophone to “year”.
      – “As I have gone alone in there” might be interpreted as “month”, using a French homophone for “me” … “moi” and “mois”.
      – “quickly down” might also be a “jiffy”
      – “quest to cease” may be a homophone for “cesium”?
      – “heavy loads and water high” may refer to “lightning” and “light year”?
      – frogs may refer to “leap year”
      – An indulgence reduces time spent in Purgatory

      So on and so forth. Wikipedia has a list of units of time that is an interesting input to decoding.

      By the way, this hit me after thinking more about Fenn’s email response to me about not having time to read my many emails and keeping them for future reference. While it is also a polite response to my irrational exuberance, I can still apply the pattern of continuing his clever ability to constantly drop hints. He WANTS this thing to be found… I’m now anchored that his imagining the laughter of the finder would be something related to “It’s about f*ing time!”

      Perhaps the only way I can make a nickel from this adventure will be to write a book called “Speaking Fenn”… (in my opinion).

      • Or another way to look at “paddle up your creek”, it may also be a reference to an oar, and maybe then a homophone to “hour”.

        But I guess everyone gets the point.

        • The Homophone point is accepted, I just see these words like “oar” sounding like “hour”.

          You have stretched it so much it broke & when it breaks you should cross it off your list.

          “Your” & “Year” I am not sure where your from but doesn’t sound like a homophone from here.

          “quest to cease” may be a homophone for “cesium”?
          I am definitely at a loss here.

          Now if you were to say “just heavy lodes” well then not only does it sound the same but fits nicely into the flow of the poem IMO.

          • @Jake – caesium is used to calibrate seconds in an atomic clock. Your other points, I apologize for not spending more time to find the fits.

        • Or (no pun intended), paddle = ore. And if loads = lodes….There’ll be no ore up your creek, just heavy lodes and water high. Hmmm. contradictory?

  5. EC, you have definitely been thinking.
    All I can say is Wow. 🙂 and I thought my brain was hurting. Lol. 🙂

  6. Well, E.C. Waters, it is still prior to 6am here in NM and my eyes are still closed while going over Otowi Crossing. I’ll have to comment later when my eyes are open.

  7. I learned a lot about words from this that I had not considered and for that I thank you.

  8. Hey EC, Just like the rest of us, everything we see is a clue!!! All things after one has been on the computer or writing things down too long and letting our crazy out there minds drift out there way way far far away we start to see clues in our homes and own backyards. I have some great places and clues written down and even emailed Forrest about them a couple of years ago. He just told me I was either off my medications or need to take some. I went to NM and followed these clues and made a fool out of myself but it was fun and the adventure of a lifetime. This is a place an attraction. Forrest said his treasure is in a place that is private to him and special but not a lot of foot traffic something like that and I usually find the perfect place and so many folks stomp around there he would have been seen! One of us will get it one day soon and I wish you the best of luck, String theory is involved and on a certain map all of the clews mentioned will just jump out when it is time for the Lock Box to be found. Bon Chance Mon Amie’s As always see you in the funny papers. Still in the chase. Ms. Girl Great story!!!!

  9. Umm… I think you may need a few pounds of frosting for that 7 layer fluffy cake.

    I’m not going to argue about SB’s holding clues anymore… but let’s have a peek into the past for a moment. Original intent from the start, that we have been told, was a man who was told he was terminal. He decided to go out the way he wanted to go, and give the world a challenge to discover his final resting place, and use the lure of a treasure chest to up the ante. Other goals in mind where to influence future generations to find the thrill he enjoyed all his life… basically… exploring his very big backyard.

    Fenn has stated, he was thinking about “down the road” many many years down the road. And while I hear from a lot of searcher… ” I hear ya Forrest” I have to wonder what it is they hear? A theme park style solution, seems to be a bit off the wall for the intent of influencing future generations to get back to the wiles of nature. I’ll add, the Original Intent was to go there and stay. I’m not sure I would want to be tubing down the lazy river and come across a piles of human remains if I can be honest here.

    Now while fenn beat the disease… the intent was still there. The exact place he would leave his trove and the same exact place he meant to stay. Sure it’s now 28 years after the first thought of this plan, and maybe fenn has change his mind about where he would like or actually be laid to rest… but that doesn’t change the fact of the intent to “take it with him” Is the poem so difficult that we start seeing dead people 50′ from a parking lot in YSP, or next to the ice cream stand at a tourist attraction, or leave a chest full of gold, precious stones, artifact on another’s property.

    Oh right, almost forgot… Great job, really good work, tons of research, gave me a lot to think about.
    imo of course.

    • @Seeker – I do love cake. After changing my mental model that most of what he says is related to hints and in the form of hyperbole, it’s difficult for me to distinguish or trust when he says he was going to go his place to expire. I tend more to see these comments as related to the clues to his location, like everything else he communicates (in my opinion).

      Also, Seeker, I am sensitive to the points you and others are making. I’m not married to this solution nor really defending it. I try to stay open and go where the data points, like having moved away from Yellowstone and now into Colorado. I never would have expected that.

      I have a pen-pal who has articulated something similar to me using words I can relate to quickly, with the economic terms “escalation of commitment”. I bounce these crazy things off of him because he has a voice of rationality, whereas, I’m definitely too invested in this process. At the moment, I’m not investing any more risk into this and have published it for all to consider and to critique. So far, this location seems to make the most sense to me with the data available.

      • EC,

        Whatever data, method, theory one uses… My only point and suggestions is to remember what was known in the beginning.

        While a lot of folks seem to think fenn is loading SB’s with all kinds of hints, clues and helping to point searchers in the right direction… I tend to see the opposite… It doesn’t matter either way who or how we read into the after the fact comments.

        I’m just implying we should keep in mind the information we had from the very start.

        • Well, there are hints, and then there are hints. You can’t say tHat they are not hints, because they maybe hints too what, you don’t know..

          • We don’t know… I have had/read many conversations about Hints to Clues. The part that gives me the most trouble is fenn calls everything a clue. So i can see why the masses see clues all over the place. With that said, I try to understand what a clue is to find the chest, how to see the poem as what is a clue and what is a hint. We all do this, yet a lot of that comes from outside source… such as SB’s etc.

            What I wonder is… are we looking to hard for anything and everything, and maybe misleading ourselves to what is unnecessary. Like ya said… who knows.

            Example; are the lines, words etc. in the poem ‘hints’ that explain a clue?
            By fenns suggestion, a hint helps with a clue and a clue gets you ‘closer’ to the chest.
            So could it be that Stanza two has 3 or 4 clues [ that fenn has mentioned ] but they are actually 3 hints that gives 1 clue? and the same for all the stanzas… until we wiggle through all the ‘hints’ that reveal ‘9 clues’… now, we need to take those clues and decipher the poem.

            Reading the poem this way says,the lines wwwh is a hint, canyon down a hint,
            Not far but too far a hint..that reveals a single clue. Yeah I know, this sound like 9 sentences = 9 clues… but it doesn’t have to be… fenn also suggested that in stanza three… with the last two lines read… sounds like a couple [ clues] So sure a line can be a hint or a clue, a word can be a hint or a clues. but are they ALL separate clues? and only contained in nine lines of the poem.

            Most won’t like what I’m gonna say next… but for me the SB’s are helpful to make us ‘think’… but personally I see fenn [ e-mails, searcher’s posting, even conversations ] using that to [ for lack of a better term ] having fun with it all. It definitely does motivate us, to say the least. And that was one of the original intent to start this challenge.

            And yes, that is just my opinion… just like anyone else who thinks they [ SB’s ] hold tons of ‘clues’

          • Hello Seeker.

            ‘So could it be that Stanza two has 3 or 4 clues [ that fenn has mentioned ] but they are actually 3 hints that gives 1 clue?…’

            I would believe in what Mr. Fenn said. I believe he said his intentions are not to mislead anyone.

            Has Mr. Fenn ever said he placed hints in the poem? I don’t recall this, but I may be wrong. Would you be so kind to show me, please?

          • @Seeker, what if the poem is riddled with clues, and the only clue that actually matters is just the number 9 itself because the number 9 is the map, or a symbol of the path we’re taking?

          • EC,
            I can only go by what the Author warned us not to do… what can I say?

            “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, …RIDDLES…, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f” 

          • Pdenver,

            That’s my point. Fenn 0nly uses the word “clues” for everthing he has stated after the fact… does that no raise your curiosity just a little bit?

            In the poem it states… “I can keep my secret where and hint of riches new and old” … I guess it comes own to how you want to read those words.

          • @Seeker, ok, said a different way…

            Using imagination, what if the poem itself has lots of clues, and the number 9 is a symbolic/poetic but also directional map to the treasure instead of a literal amount of clues to be adhered to in the poem?

          • EC,
            Don’t get me wrong I see what you’re saying… I’ve looked into 9 as a clue as well…
            Maybe I just see the poem as the part that needs deciphering and not the after the facts. While all this is fun, interesting, a great learning and experience, even helpful. I keep having to remind myself… call if a what IF, if ya like… What did we have in the beginning? It seems fenn was contented with the results of his 15 years of re-write and 20 years of planning, to execute the final step of hiding the chest, and that would give all of us the same opportunity to solve a difficult challenge.

            With that said, I know I may be the minority in those thoughts… yet how many times we have heard… go back to the poem… all the information is in the poem… etc. etc. and while I understand fenn is being bombarded with questions and interviews, public interest, and asked for more clues… I see him being helpful and attempting to answer all those inquires… but to line up any solve related around SB’s as needed clue’s, then what does that say about the poem itself?

            Like I said… I know I’m in the minority.

          • I do not believe there is a ‘one fits all’ important possibility related to ….. you know the rest.

          • Ha, just a thougbht, one fits all, more like ‘all applies to most’.
            It’s seem to have and under lying current to relate to life, so many things seem to relate.

          • Hello Seeker. Perhaps one could see the word “hint” in the poem as a term for “small/slight.” Let’s imagine cooking a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce. Someone comes along and dips a spoon to taste it. The person says, “The sauce is delicious. I can taste a hint of oregano in it.” Perhaps this may be considered in the poem.

          • Oooh nice analogy PDenver… But, Forrest probably only put in Basil and is rather amused we taste Oregano… Hmmm maybe we need to add some more Thyme…:)

          • Sorry…I know I’m wound up… I’m off to an MRI this afternoon… never had one before… So I am a bit Anxious!!! Everything should be fine but I like to stay away from doctors as much as possible…:)

          • I just ran into Spallies at the supermarket a few minutes ago. We chatted about you guys and Fennboree.
            She doesn’t look sick and I think her MRI will prove me right.

          • @Seeker, I appreciate your conversation and your patience with the mental exercises.

            I’ll go out on a limb and speculate that Fenn tossed out a trial balloon in March 2006 with his “My War For Me” post. Everything needed to solve his mystery is basically published in that write-up, leading to Seven Falls (in my opinion). There are more words and more correlations per chapter in “My War For Me” than any other, even the chapter titled “Gold and More”. I speculate that by the time the book was released in 2010 (or whenever) and the book-signing youtube videos started to pop up, he already had his publicity plan in “phase 2” or more.

            So yes, the poem has “where warm waters halt”, the most important clue that (in my opinion) once it is solved either builds upon or reconfirms the rest of the search location. For me, it reconfirmed once I understood it.

            Do me one favor… go to the 107th Scrapbook, read each word carefully as many times as necessary, and see if you don’t end up with the word “homophone” ringing in your head.

          • EC,

            Hopefully this comments formats close to your post about going out on a limb and predictions about “my war for me”.

            I don’t know if you have seen the interview with Forrest where he states….paraphrasing “if you only read one chapter in TTOTC, read my war for me”.

            I believe it was a Moby Dickens appearance, but regardless where I heard it, I found it a little odd. This might lend some support to your argument that all the “hints” in the book are in this chapter.

    • @Seeker, for the sake of point / counter-point, here’s another way to SPECULATE about it that applies game theory, or attempts to find/predict the most probable behavioral reasoning assuming rational thinking.

      There are 2 grave markers at or near Inspiration Point already, leaving an indication behind of people who won’t soon be forgotten. The attraction already has what seems to be a graveyard (but isn’t). Fenn suggests his book and this hunt are his mark to be remembered. By (in effect and theoretically) “donating” $1M to the property owners (at the time, the Hill family) and creating a sort of Millennium Prize Problem race, one could speculate Fenn may have been hoping this would also be his unforgotten marker location, whether or not his physical remains are there (HHJ’s and and Weimer’s remains are also not there, just markers). It’s a well-visited attraction, the story is becoming bigger than Fenn originally imagined, and it would seem his objectives have already been achieved. Perhaps the rest just sort of evolved into icing on the cake, legend, while the chest hasn’t been found yet and the publicity continues to draw more attention. One might make a reasonable case like this from a self-interested perspective (not selfish, a huge distinction).

      From an altruistic perspective, and at the same time, the attraction (theoretically) may have been in need of upgrades prior to the floods of 2013, before it was “now out of [his] hands” and in the hands of a new oil billionaire from Denver. That kind of attention if it had been (will be) found there would definitely increase revenues. Perhaps the changing of hands could be why (if my memory is working correctly) he suggested the chest could be found in 2014/2015, while renovations were being made. Certainly a worker or two could feasibly stumble onto it while installing zip lines.

      For those of us who are out and about enjoying the air, the pine needles, the purple and yellow flowers looking for it, and doing it safely by not going anywhere an 80 year-old man wouldn’t go… bonus.

      Another fun note of interest… A few days prior to journeying to Colorado Springs this last weekend, I attempted to contact the Director of Communications at The Broadmoor and offered to pay for a guide to take me off trail. I specifically told her why, as in I believed the treasure might be there at Seven Falls. I didn’t hear back from her, presumably because I’m another nut job looking for Fenn’s treasure.

  10. E.C. are you sure your “Google Search” is not out of calibration? Just joking… good job there. What will be funny is if Fenn reads it and says “you got 2 clues correct and went right passed the other 7” HEY, another 7!

  11. Ok, I read this solve again with my eyes closed and now that they are starting to open I am seeing the map. IMO, it’s nearly spot on! The rest of your solve is kind of crumby, IMO of course. So far, I’d say you are falling in line with my way of thinking. That impresses me. My solve is out there too! I think your map is what impresses me most. I say GOOD JOB, SIR… GOOD JOB!

  12. What a Wonder, how the mind works. Lots of research and knowledge wrapped up in your solve E.C. Great job!

    Good luck to you and to all searchers – STAY SAFE!


  13. Best post ever right up there with Puzzled post. So well done! Love the solid use of logic and imagination. I do believe the final solve is a balance of both. May angels be with you as you search. Good luck and thank you for sharing. Giving is far better than receiving imo. Thank you!

  14. EC,
    Yes Helen Hunt, the falls, her background, & the way she’s known by her initials are all entertaining. She is saved on my PC under ‘favorites’ along with a couple a hundred other tidbits.
    Although if it weren’t for the fact that there is a benchmark called ‘Gold’ just a few miles away, I probably wouldn’t have read about her.

  15. EC thanks for sharing. This post almost makes me cry. My family did a Colorado trip in 1969 and I loved it. We saw Seven Falls, Garden Of the Gods, Royal Gorge, Pikes Peak and more. I think that it nothing short of a disgrace what has happened at Seven Falls and the Royal Gorge with all the amusement park stuff. I love Six Flags and Disney World but lets keep natures wonders natural and the amusement parts in their place.
    Good luck with you hunt.

  16. EC This is great! That’s a lot of research… So much information you found that seems to fit!

    But, I don’t totally understand your quote:
    “I theorize “a really big deal” actually is a really big “dele”… like a backwards P… ”

    Deal… Dele…. Deely Bobber…hmmm fishing… and the backwards P makes me think “deal” “peal” as like Banana Peal!!! Lol

    Can somebody please tell me what we are talking about? Maybe Ramona knows 🙂

    I’m going for more coffee…:)

    • @Spallies – see the definition of “dele” on wikipedia…

      From a bird’s eye view floating well above the property, a really big editor’s “delete” mark might appear, like a backwards capital P (just take the chest and go in P’s). In actuality, the trail meanders a little in taking the canyon south.

      But this hint interpretation also suggests why we might TS Eliot ourselves, and find ourselves back at the beginning of the book… at the opening poem, where fate “deles” us four cards and a joker…

      I guess it’s Literary Editing humor.

      • Ahhh… Literary Editing humor… Fun Stuff…:)

        Q. How many publishers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
        A. Three. One to screw it in. Two to hold down the author.

        Three men: an editor, a photographer, and a journalist are covering a political convention in Johannesburg. They decide to walk up and down the beach during their lunch hour. Halfway up the beach, they stumbled upon a lamp. As they rub the lamp a genie appears and says “Normally I would grant you three wishes, but since there are three of you, I will grant you each one wish.”

        The photographer went first. “I would like to spend the rest of my life living in a huge house in St. Thomas with no money worries.” The genie granted him his wish and sent him on off to St. Thomas.

        The journalist went next. “I would like to spend the rest of my life living on a huge yacht cruising the Mediterranean with no money worries.” The genie granted him his wish and sent him off to the Mediterranean.

        Last, but not least, it was the editor’s turn. “And what would your wish be?” asked the genie.

        “I want them both back after lunch” replied the editor, “the deadline for tomorrow’s newspaper is in about ten hours.

    • This Ramona is not that wise, because I didn’t know any of this stuff. I read this before going to sleep last night and in my dreams, I ate a big piece of that fluffy cake. It was yellow by the way.

      I can see your many connections E.C. and good work on the thought and research you have done on this.

      • @Ramona – duuuuude… you don’t know how many times I kept trying and resisting to reach out to you before this past weekend. I went to your blog site a couple of times in search of an email address, wondering if you had the clew your blog page suggests you do…

        I can assure everyone here, before this past weekend, Fenn was the victim of my dumb stream of consciousness, and while he was extremely polite in responding that he didn’t have time to read my many emails but would put them into a folder for future reference, I’m pretty sure I would be super annoyed if I were him. Just couldn’t help myself as I was processing through the mountains of info.

        • Uh Oh, fenn keeps a “folder” for future references? Dang! How embarrassing for me that would be, when future generations read my responses and say… That Seeker guy needs typing lesson, and a new spill cheker. And what with all those dot dot dots?

        • So sorry E.C. that you were not able to find my email. It’s rmannaa at yahoo dot com if you should ever want to email again. I’m also on fb all the time just search Ramona Mannaa.

          My first and only search so far took me on private property and although nothing bad happened, afterward I thought of everything that could have gone wrong. If you find the tc on private property, you would never be able to say where you found it. I can’t even imagine all the legal back and forth that would cause. I’m almost certain the owner’s would probaly claim it was theirs. Considering that, my thinking has changed to the tc not being on private property.

          I really value the integrity of Mr. Fenn and the fact that he said he tried to think of everything. IMO he doesn’t want to cause any of us searchers to trespass or break laws. At the same time I also believe he wants the tc to be found and the world to know where it is found. To get people off the couch and off their devices is a noble cause but let’s be logical Mr. Fenn doesn’t even know me, why would he want me out tracking up his special place? If he did not want it to be found, there would be no TTOTC, Too Far To Walk, etc. he would have just placed his chest and silently waited for hundreds to thousands of years for it to be found. So IMO the tc is in a place that it can be legally found and claimed. So why would he not rule out private property? The only reason I can think of is that it narrows the search area down too much and probably opens a bucket of worms before it needs to be opened.

          I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot since I, like many other searchers, think I know exactly where the tc is. In my head I could go get it and bring it to Fennboree, but then I realized no, slow down, there’s a process that has to take place. I just don’t know how long that process takes or all the details of what’s involved. But I bet Mr. Fenn does down to the last detail.

          I’m super impressed with your thought and research and truly see all the connections you’ve made. You have provided much to think about for everyone. My only concern would be the private property part.

  17. Great story EC, alot of thought and work on your part. I enjoyed reading this and wish you luck in your search.
    Thank you for sharing.

  18. Come on folks, Seriously? You think Fenns idea of getting folks off the couch and into the outdoors involves an hotel amusement park? This is just about as far-fetched as the classic ” ….the chest is hidden in a tree above a picnic ground it West Yellowstone”. Just the other day EC had it definitely pegged at Mammoth Hot Springs. What happened to that?

    I have to hand it to EC though; he has an entertaining knack for picking up tiny random threads and weaving them into a large tangled ball of string but this is not a probable or logical solution to the poem.

    • @Colokid – I trust you are a true “Redneck” given your handle? So, yeah, I will readily admit I made a reasonable case for Mammoth Hot Springs from correlation data which included location tags around Yellowstone’s Pillar of Hercules. This is actually the process I follow to get me motivated enough to invest in a BOTG trip (I’ve taken 5 now). If enough stuff aligns above a reasonable score, it deserves closer examination.

      Further, I was reminded by my very smart pen-pal that the poem is intentionally vague to inspire connection, for each of us to have that “aha” moment and then act upon it. I admitted then publicly that I struggled and couldn’t easily tie the clues together sequentially. And I eventually apologized that I had suggested this path altogether before abandoning it. At that time, it wasn’t until I expanded my search into other states for Pillars of Hercules that Seven Falls started to resolve as an obvious (to me) solution.

      As for the argument of public vs private property, Fenn himself in the even earliest of interviews, yes, even with Doukopil, has suggested he won’t say whether it was public or private or legal. In fact, he says this exactly: “I’m not assuring people of anything. I went out there and hid a treasure chest, and they can go get it. That’s it.” Everything else, including my words, is just speculation.

      • Hey again EC,

        I could argue with your buddy, and most who say this poem is vague… imo… it’s only a vague as you make it to be. If you read the poem with a single mind set involved [ such as, directional only for example ] it doesn’t matter where the information comes from, how much research you do, how many SB’s come…. you’ve lock yourself into a one and only possibility… that’s the vagueness.

        If the best debate you have for or against private land is because of the comment you posted above… The most logical reasoning for that comment is fenn doesn’t want to give up anything that could be a critical piece of information. If he said, it’s in public land… that is a big piece of information, if he stated private or other wise… the same.
        This non-answer is the same as buried vs hidden.
        As well as the deniability clause here… ‘ Honest officer, FF told us private property, and my neighbor’s land holds all the clues, I just know it’ …Another words… if we speculate wrong and do something illegal, or completely stupid… it falls on us… and it should, imo

      • EC,
        You’re correct that he never said what flavor of land the chest is hidden on but then there’s all kinds of things he’s never specified. He doesn’t strike me as the kind of individual that would be that disrespectful as to trespass and then blatantly encourage others to do the same.

        However this isn’t really the point. Forrest is an outdoorsmen and and wants others to explore the outdoors. Do you really want to suggest that retrieving the box is as easy as booking a plush room at the Broadmoor and wandering around their contrived amusement park? The idea is laughable to me and guessing it would be to F as well.

        And what kind of a nut would want their final resting place to be in an amusement park? Certainly not the guy who looks back and laments the good-ol days in Yellowstone when he had the whole river to himself.

        Sorry EC, there’s nothing here worth considering…IMO.

        • @Colokid… Seven Falls is a paid attraction. One pays a fee to get in (currently $14 for a human over 12 yrs old), and following the rules, assumes responsibility for one’s own health and behaviors. It’s not really a problem until it becomes one, right?

          I wouldn’t say what he did was disrespectful. Not at all. (Assuming it’s there) he basically donated $1M + expanded curiosity revenue to the Hill family, who had no material knowledge nor suspicion of it (“–> Ms. Ford”) at that time. And so (assuming it’s there) undiscovered, it transfers to the new owner, The Broadmoor and Mr. Anschutz. It’s pretty simple to understand. I’m not an attorney, I just play one on TV.

          • I must say that reading posts on the various sites makes my heart hurt at times. Why are we as humans so quick to tear others down? Why do we judge, berate, ridicule, and show so little tolerance for things we do not understand or things that don’t look, think, and act like ourselves? Why do we dismiss, put down, and make fun of other human beings thoughts and ideas? Is it to negate their value or existence in some way to make ourselves feel more important or worthwhile?

            Let me ask a question, how is that behavior and way of thinking working in our world today? Just watch the news for 30 minutes on any given day and the answer is clear – it isn’t working. Please be kind and gentle with each other. Encourage vs. tear down.

            So often in these posts, I see people squashing the creativity and use of imagination and logic from others and I just don’t understand it. Does it make anyone feel better? Does it solve any clues? Does it make the person doing it seem someone that will be on you “list of people you would like to surround yourself with?”

            Please, people, just try to be kind. Please, please, please…encourage different in our world because it is the only guarantee beyond birth, taxes, and death.

            Thank you to those who risk putting their ideas and imagination out there for others to see and experience. Thank you for the gift of your thought, time and energy. And yes, community, it is a risk to say anything from what I see happening on these blogs so often. I am bracing for the backlash for this post, but also hopeful that the humanness in each of us will prevail instead. The risk, imo, is worth it if even one person is less brutal to another human being as a result.

            Peace to all. Wish each of you nothing but the best in this excellent adventure

          • Twingem, I believe the people here are very supportive and understanding and I take exception to you preaching to us. Sounds like you live in a fairy tale world of cheerleaders; where everything is wonderful and everyone’s idea is great. In the real world you don’t get a star for breathing.

            Just perhaps if Randy had put some of his ideas on here and had them slapped around a little he would be alive today.

            So give the preaching a rest.

          • @Twingem – I definitely welcome the challenge process. It pushes me to think in other ways I haven’t considered, and in the end, more brain-power on solving a problem will eventually solve the problem.

          • twigem,

            While I agree with your concept of your post. Sometimes there is a need for a small reality check… While we can’t say for a fact that the trove is not on private property, [ only for the fact fenn is not saying either way ] in the just the past week this is the second version of a private property scenario I personally have read about. The first was a searcher was wondering if fenn would bail him out, should get caught sneaking around… his words not mind… While your “encourage vs tear down” thought is a nice gesture, after reading these line of thinking about trespassing and removal of anything… we should ask question, inquire about it, say something… not only to make the searcher think twice about a future action that ‘may’ even be a criminal act. But possibly make another think about their own solve if they have/may placed themselves in the situation or plan too.

            It’s great to blow rainbow out of the golden trumpet.. it’s another to say… hey! great job… do whatever you think you need to do that will get ya the gold.

          • EC – I’ve been past The Broadmoor Hotel but had never heard of 7 Falls until your post today. It looks like a beautiful sight. I enjoyed your post. Funny how we all interpret ff’s Miss Ford hints(?) differently. I think of Robert Redford movies or names of Ford cars. Sometimes I even wonder if there is a tired, old, red Ford pickup truck he left somewhere. My imagination historically lands me in the wrong places.

          • LOL Twingem ,

            Actually I want to print a partial retraction and say that EC is probably much smarter than I originally gave him credit for. Here’s a guy who finally figured out how to make money off the Chase by cutting a sweet deal with the Broadmoor instead of torturing us with another E-book. He’s given them a lot of national and international exposure here and created quite a buzz. Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if Colorado Springs is preparing for the big tourist surge as we speak.

            I can only assume that the supporters are flocking to the phones booking suites at the hotel for a chance at that big pot’o gold out by the falls. If you really believe this is good stuff then you don’t want to be late to the party….do you.

            Go to:

            now and don’t forget to tell them EC sent you.

          • @Colokid… dude, what’s with the animosity? I live in KS and have no financial stake in this other than what I’ve invested in BOTG trips to look for it, primarily in Yellowstone, now once to Seven Falls. The rest of my investment is just the time I’ve spent ponderosa’ing this. I think I’m pretty transparent.

            Seriously, contribute something useful rather than whatever this noise is you’re generating. Unbecoming.

          • EC,
            Apologies…no animosity intended. That was supposed to be humorous and not really directed at you personally. Obviously it didn’t translate well in this media.

            Point taken. I’ll schedule a turn in the batting cage and you can have the first two swings for free.

  19. Finally some good thinking! And Deep. This keeps things interesting. I thought I was the only one using logical and subliminal thinking on here. By far the best thought process and explanation that I have ever seen from any searcher on the planet. Nobody understands that when you hide millions of dollars, that it is not just a walk in the park, and you will not solve this just by staring at the poem. It takes guts, glory, and alot of thinking to discover exactly what someone is thinking. You deserve some sort of an award for using your imagination, and not using the ridiculous mainstream types of solves that everyone else uses. You are gaining progress and momentum when you look for new angles in this fashion. Your thought process will outweigh all the rest of the same searchers times 10. So thank you for exploring your mind in a different way than others. Dont listen to people when they say that you lost your mind. The whole point of this chase is to lose your mind and adapt to someone elses. The only way to find this hidden box, is to find out where it is hidden. To figure out something for yourself, you have to ask every single possible question to get the right answer.
    Bravo E.C. Waters! Keep on keepin on.

  20. EC,
    Sir, I disagree with almost all of your conclusions (which, by the way, does not make them wrong) but I really like the way you think. So consider, for example, that the treasure is not wet. The treasure is ouette, and a connection to Anatidae….or not. Or maybe……WWWH is a “thermocline” and what might that have to do with Eagles Nest, NM or what that community was named in the mid 19th C.

    • @wdeal – Cool. Now we’re talking.

      In short, my HOB is the 450+ year ponderosa tree sign in Seven Falls. Please excuse the hybrid ascii n-gram notation.

      “Put in below the home of Brown.” –> Seven Falls –> ponderosa tree –> ponderous –> brown study.

      Moreno is actually a shared topic between us, mine from HHJ’s book, Ramona, her host’s surname, but has much less significance than the ponderosa tree sequence.

      I’m quite willing to look at your theory set as a challenge to the Seven Falls Theory set. As you can see at the moment, the Seven Falls Theory holds my most promising attention.

  21. Or course, IMHO, is that how many falls it took to come up with this theory?

    • Scrapbook 107777777

      “And that’s not all, there’s always a write way to do something and a wrong one. Maybe I’m just too meticulous, but for me it’s important to keep my priorities straight.”

      Don’t worry EC,
      I will bake a nice fluffy cake for you with a file inside, if you get caught next time.

      The treasure cannot be found behind bars but yet is in confinement.

    • @Jury… yeah. Let’s see if I can square-knot some of those up now for you (in my opinion). For the most part, I’m leaving out the references to “time” and just keeping it directional and locally observational.

      1) As I have gone alone in there –> S. Cheyenne Canyon, a box canyon…
      2) And with my treasures bold, –> nothing yet
      3) I can keep my secret where, –> Seven Falls, seven syllables
      4) And hint of riches new and old. –> nothing yet

      5) Begin it where warm waters halt –> Ramona Falls <– Ranomafana, Haute Matsiatra Head south following the path (not back down the killer stairs)
      7) Not far, but too far to walk. –> It’s up close up the cliff, but the path is longer and takes a while
      8) Put in below the home of Brown. –> at the top of the stairs in in just a bit, to the right, there is a 450+ year old ponderosa tree –> ponderous –> brown study. I have pics of these things I can post if there is demand for it, but it does interrupt Dal’s day to help with this…

      9) From there it’s no place for the meek –> There are a number of danger signs around regarding the wildlife, staying on the trails, etc., as would be expected on a private property where liability is a concern.
      10) The end is ever drawing nigh –> following his “really big dele” hints, the path will somewhat loop back onto itself toward the left, just at higher altitudes.
      11) There’ll be no paddle up your creek –> you’re walking on a path and following a creek up to a certain point, then you’re just climbing up the side of a big hill.
      12) Just heavy loads and water hight –> there are warning signs along the way of the danger of lightning.

      13) If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, –> correlates to the HHJ grave marker, her remains have been moved, so it’s not an actual graveyard.

      — this is where it gets fuzzy for me because I have very little reconnaissance data of the remaining area. The ones prior are, in my view, reasonably solid.

      14) Look quickly down, your quest to cease, –> I am assuming this refers to looking down toward the GW profile feature (Pillars of Hercules). I haven’t visually made it this far and am going from a cartoonish map from the park.
      15) But tarry scant with marvel gaze –> no need to spend any time at Inspiration Point
      16) Just take the chest and go in peace –> once you have the chest, your journeys back (assuming 2) will be, imaginatively, like the letter P… so go in P’s (albeit backwards P’s if viewed from above)… really more like a 9, which is arguably a backwards P.

      17) So why is it that I must go –> I am assuming there is a Y in the path toward the GW Profile head… considering a Robert Frost path less taken reference.
      18) And leave my trove for all to seek? – nothing yet, but it’s the only question, or “ask”… so maybe there’s a recognizable Ash tree or grove, something that rhymes with “trove”
      19) The answers I already know –> I think this means “it’s about time”
      20) I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak –> yeah, those stairs suck, and so does the hike. But I think this is more a reference to time.

      21) So hear me all and listen good, –> “hear ye, hear ye”, a reference to bells.
      22) Your effort will be worth the cold. –> I think this means frieze group, meaning having to climb up and over stuff a few times to get to the final spot.
      23) If you are brave and in the wood –> I think brave = “to face”, like GW’s face. I think in the wood = “High Pines” or a grove nearby.
      24) I give you title to the gold. –> I think this is a reference to President GW.


  22. EC, Thanks for sharing…I had never heard this solution before from any of the searchers who have shared their locations with me. You sure did a lot of thinking…I’m of the mindset “give the poem to a kid to figure out…” Which in my opinion means keep it simple. But I’ve been searching a lot for three years and don’t have the chest, yet, so who am I to say. Good luck with your next one.

  23. E.C. Waters – I too welcome a productive, positive challenge. Healthy debate and discussion is the vision of our nation imo. My issue is with the not so productive, negative challenges that requires a “you are less than” and have been dropped on your head approach – a tearing down that is just not necessary. As ff said on page 145 of TTOTC, “And what I’ve learned that is most important is that both countries and people should know enough to just leave other folks alone and do a better job of protecting our planet.” Protecting our planet requires human beings who are aware and in-tune. The “eradication” tendency is our issue in nature and in life imo. It is the biggest issue that threatens our world imo. So love the challenge; not sure of the need to attack or belittle in the process. Know the man to solve the clues imo.

        • And want a moment in total bliss, listen to Eva Cassidy version of Imagine. She died way too young of skin cancer. What a loss. But what a beautiful gift left us – especially with her rendition of Imagine… Listen if you can.

          • My favorite lyric of the Imagine song is “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.”

          • 23Kachinad, yes, that is a great line. When bold, one must expect cold and hope someday folks will hear.

            Have a great day.

  24. Homophone…check. He states: “hear me all and listen good”. What do you say to a “homophone” page, Dal? I’d be curious about others’ phonetic translations of the poem.

    • @DWRock…

      I think “hear me now and listen good” means “hear ye, hear ye”, and refers to “bells” as a unit of time.

  25. I know the area of Colorado Springs pretty good, one thing it’s the second largest city in Colorado. Any time I went there it just made me crave the solitude of the mountains. Next time you go there take a drive up pikes peak. The prospective from there is amazing, that sight could give this solve some serious evolution, and add some dept.

    • @MichaelH – I thought this, too, about nearby public land. I wondered if the rainbow theory with 42 degrees would somehow put us out onto public land somewhere. I can’t say I have this fully resolved yet because I just started you understand the linkage to units of time.

      At the moment, everything leads me to believe the chest is under the nose of GW’s profile on Seven Falls property (with a fun similarity to National Treasure 2).

      • How do you reconcile “Not associated with any structure”. A statue is a structure. Further, how would he bury himself there?

        • @Chris – The George Washington Profile inside Seven Falls is a natural stone feature, near no other man-made structure, and well off of any man-maintained paths.

          Regarding him burying himself there, let’s assume he was serious about committing suicide at that location. That wouldn’t be an issue because there is no foot traffic next to this feature. The GW profile (where one can make out GW’s face features) is visible from below while approaching the Pillars of Hercules. Dying there near a tree grove and being hidden would not be a problem until someone ventured into that space and discovered it… a zip-line construction worker for example.

          Let’s assume he wasn’t serious about committing suicide there and it was just symbolism. This would be reasonable with poetic license because there are other grave markers near the location, e.g. Helen Hunt Jackson, and Melvin Weimer. Have a look at this link from someone I don’t know in 2012 (prior to floods) for pics of the types of clue signs and grave markers I’ve been describing. There’s also a great pic of “home of Brown” there, too.

  26. Dal,this ones for you,now i’m confused.whats the difference between a hint and clue.I thought they was the same thing.also do any of us know if mr. forrest has one word each that will make nine clues or can it be two ,three words together that make one clue.or a sentence that if interpted right, will make a clue..thanks.

      • It’s a logical read Dal…. but doesn’t really answer this:

        1) Are 9 the clues separated by punctuation or line breaks?

        2) Are the 9 clues the actual sentences / lines in the poem or resultant conclusions that are the net of the sentences? Example: From there it’s no place for the meek = (from there) (no place for the meek) TEMPLE (1 clue)

        -Chris G

        • Chris-

          Well…I wasn’t trying to answer those two questions..and for good reason!

          I certainly don’t see why my interpretation is of value…or why anyone would want to consider it since I have looked and failed well over sixty times.

          If you’re looking for fun and a lot of great little outdoor experiences follow me around but if you want to find the chest I think you need to consider someone else’s ideas.

          You’re asking two questions folks have been puzzling over since autumn of 2010. There just won’t be a definitive answer until the poem is explained by it’s author or the chest found by following the nine clues.

          In my opinion there are good arguments that can be made for any of your ideas and a dozen more about how to interpret the poem.

          I have my favorite and I prefer to believe I am right. I have no evidence. I don’t know anything more than the next searcher. My opinion is based on my beliefs about Forrest, how he writes, how he thinks, his sense of humor, his logical mind and my own feeble analysis of the document.

          I read what others write. I try to keep an open mind so good ideas don’t fly right past unnoticed…but in the end I am a stubborn son of a gun and I am convinced my beliefs stand a chance of being correct. I trust my instincts…about some things anyway.

          After I have explored my ideas as fully as I am able…I will probably come up with another and try that one out…It might be 180 degrees from my present theory…

          The only thing I know for sure is it will be an enjoyable way to spend some time outdoors.

          I still didn’t answer your questions..I guess I am not likely to…

          • Hey Dal,

            Question for you since you have been out there so many times and I would assume you have tried different approaches; do you always go and follow one clue after the next from one starting point? Have you ever tried the (X mark the spot) approach?

          • Oz
            For the past three years I have been looking in the same general area. I feel I had the first two clues since the beginning. I believe I discovered the third clue last fall. So this season I will be starting from the third clue and looking for the fourth. ..
            So no..I don’t ever start back at the beginning..I think I have that part down..I get to the third clue and begin from there looking for number four….That will also take some time to solve because there are still multiple directions I can follow…and each has to be followed until it can be eliminated or confirmed…
            In the mean time everyone else is moving past me at break neck speed 🙂

      • That was a very good way to explain that. Looking at it that way the subtle clues in the book will help you come closer to the treasure but may have nothing at all to do with the nine clues in the poem. Really makes one wonder if the subtle clues from the book are as ambiguous as the ones from the poem. Doesn’t really seem like much will get you closer to the chest besides TTOTC and the poem.

  27. we all know mr. forrest has a bit of mischief in him,he’s like a kid in a candy store,he wants to mix up all the candy,and you have to dig to find the piece of candy you want.In Too far to walk ,Suzanne summers says he has a bit of mischief in him,the most recent being the global buzz he created with the infamous hidden treasure chest full of gold.causing people to decend from all points of the earth to find it.I looked up the word infamous,its not a good word,just wondering why she’d put that in the book.

  28. Well E.C.
    Forrest did say we would be surprised at where the treasure is. Not his exact words. So who knows? I think about it everyday. Also its a place he wants to rest his bones. So………Its a very nice place. He said tree’s and wildlife. But why will we be surprised? And “What IF?” So is the treasure right under our noses, in jellystone Park? I get the feeling its in a unusual place of some kind or a very obvious place. I think about it all day long and sometimes keeps me awake at night.
    We do know people have been to the area and walked right past it. I always think I need to go back to some search area’s.
    Good Job E.C. Great imagination! Something we need say’s the Man.
    Lou Lee Belle, Chased by Bears in Jellystone Park

  29. I am offended by your use of the term homophone…use another term please…just kidding….

    Seven? Seriously? I’ve read the book 100 times, easily, and my brain NEVER came up with any recognition that seven is part of any solve. Why not 8? Or 5? Or 6? Or four? I can direct you to repeated uses of all those numbers. But you chose seven because it nicely fits in your solve.

    You have to remember, the clues and objects referred to HAVE TO BE LASTING IN TIME…if structures or an amusement park or a wooden sign at yellowstone are part of the clues, what happens when those features are replaced or removed or destroyed in the normal course of life? Whoops! There goes any chance the chest will be found. But Forrest thought of everything.

    No special knowledge other than a comprehensive understanding of geography is required. Your solve requires SOOOOO much imagination that it can only be contrived in one persons brain…yours.

    But I don’t want to discourage you. You are obviously having fun with what you are doing. Heck, you may just find the chest under a rock at Seven Falls. I see you have the map and that’s definitely a good start.

    • @toughshed… Maybe you’re right.

      I’ve offered a theory on this thread about the assertion in your third paragraph. I disagree with it.

      And as far as the requirement for imagination is concerned, I also respectfully disagree. Let’s assume you’ve watched the National Treasure 2 movie and are just a curious hiker/rock climber wondering what may exist around the GW profile feature at Seven Falls… I assert (under this theory) you would have a reasonable chance of stumbling onto the chest. If I’m correctly interpreting the hints, and this actually is the final spot, it means Fenn will have had to be up there in the past, perhaps not just to hide the chest but to have a look around, maybe at the views, maybe a curiosity about what could have been left behind there from anyone else’s symbolism. The area around this feature has certainly piqued my curiosity after visiting the park and seeing photos of historical figures having visited the park.

      Otherwise, yes, perhaps some imagination is needed to try to interpret anyone’s artwork.

    • @toughshed – here’s a simplified form requiring much less imagination:

      Let Thrill = blaze.
      Let Chase = hunt.

      Let Helen = blaze.
      Let Hunt = chase (previously defined).

      Therefore, we can assume: Thrill + Chase = Helen + Hunt.

      It’s right there in the title.

      If we can agree on this, then can we reduce the eligible search square miles to locations of notable Helen Hunt sites? I know of two within the area boundaries Fenn has set. There could be more. From these sites, can one build a reasonable case with the rest of the available information?

      From my perspective, it’s Seven Falls, Helen Hunt Jackson.

  30. I’m very late to the party. Pirate = Thief?? I resemble that remark!
    Thief Knot, EC ? Thief not !!. You gave me a TON to think about, will be digesting for a long time. Needless to say, I like the way you THINK.

    Well, off to take it in the canyon down. Too far to walk, so I’ll take the zip line down! Cheers!

  31. pdenver on April 5, 2016 at 12:44 pm said:

    Hello Seeker. Perhaps one could see the word “hint” in the poem as a term for “small/slight.” Let’s imagine cooking a pot of homemade spaghetti sauce. Someone comes along and dips a spoon to taste it. The person says, “The sauce is delicious. I can taste a hint of oregano in it.” Perhaps this may be considered in the poem.
    Pd, I copy this only for the fact the replies to the discussion was getting very long, and I didn’t want it confused it with another…

    I get what your saying… however I take it another direction. While the word ‘vague’ has been used a lot to describe the poem, I look at the line, “And hint of riches new and old” slightly different. Another searcher recently posted something very similar to my thoughts… and if he read this… I hope he would contribute or even post the same here.

    I have pondered a long ago that the poem should answer what is needed to be known… ” all the information is in the poem” … I called it instructions, because I think that fenn was very clever to give us the instruction on how we should ‘read’ the poem. Most directional folks won’t see it this way… but here is goes. Hint of riches new and old, I once thought of as past and present in time, still do, yet now slightly different… I now think the hint here is how to analyze the poem, as past and present tense. Not a topic that as not been talked about, yet not as much as I’d like it to have been. The other searcher I talk about… perk by interest back to this when he stated the question in the poem could be of future tense. My thought is, understanding hints vs clues by fenn’s own suggestion ‘a hint helps with a clue and a clue gets you closer to the chest’ while some will say this is messing with the poem… are we supposed to hear and listen to the past, present, and future tense to read the poem properly? HINT’s first then clues [ decipher for answers ]

    So while most will say stanza 1 5 6 are fillers… I wonder if we should read them as hint first to help with the clues, yes this changes the the 123456 order to the poem… but changes nothing to the order of the clues. Is this Messing with the poem? Not if you follow fenns hint of new and old. And just one more thing… while I have heard riches to be the treasure, or the trove or our experiences we find or even Richards etc. Riches means; is of knowledge. Is this fenns answers he already know… hinting how to read the poem?

    I might add to this long post… no trespassing and/or intent, involved to this thought.

  32. Hey EC. I have a “solve” as well for the Pikes area. I ended up in a different place however. I’m happy to discuss privately & may be looking for a partner as well. Of course, being obsessed is the prerequisite.

    As for saavy…. I take the clue “good savvy” to mean an anagram plus wildcard of good = doggo

    By this logic…. a possibility is: where swarm waters halt; take it in the canyon wound.

    PM me if interested.

  33. That’s it, I’m desubbing here. Looks like EC wants to end up with double bracelets. Thanks pdenver. I can’t stand it when someone misses all the good points & continues to walk towards a cliff. I am not gonna watch this train wreck any longer.
    Good luck EC.

    • @Jake, apologies if I’ve somehow offended you. Definitely not my intentions. I’ve also been clear that the chest belongs to The Broadmoor. And I’ve mentioned I was clear with their Director of Communications about my intentions and asked to pay for a guide to accompany me off trail. I’m not breaking any laws nor promoting this.

      I’m also definitely interested in your challenges, the good points, and it won’t be the first time I’ve headed toward a cliff. There is actually photo evidence on this site of my continuing to walk toward a cliff at the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

  34. I found the Y in “So why is it that I must go”. It’s a rock formation, not a road or path branch. For Google Earth users, go to (about) 38°46’58.73″N, 104°52’31.28″W. Spin the axis so that N is at five o’clock.

    This rock formation also seems to correlate to TTOTC dishwashing: “Whew! My hands turned white and had deep canyons in them.” The rock formation, using one’s imagination, appears like a hand, where the thumb is GW’s profile (thumb over Philadelphia). The index finger is the Y formation. This would also explain the “worth the cold” line as being a frieze group, e.g. up and over the rock formations.

    Sorry, folks. As much as you all hate the idea that Fenn would put it on private property (and one viciously vocal individual especially), the clues just keep hitting. I think we’re close to understanding his answers. It’s definitely worth a look to, at the very least, exclude it from possibility.

    • … and they Y formation may also explain the “go in peace” suggestion.

      • I guess this is a possibility where Y marks the spot instead of X. That might be ironical.

    • Hey EC,

      lets jump back to that private land thing for a nestle quik moment.

      Did you say the chest being on that property would be meant as a million dollar donation? if wrong, my bad… but what about fenn telling all… ‘if you find it you can keep it?’ [ close enough for horses ]

      Apologies for the off topic, but it was something that just came to mind when I read this post.

      • @Seeker – yeah, that’s the problem, isn’t it?

        I’m not an attorney, so I can’t answer the question with integrity. All I can do is speculate based on what I am understanding about Colorado property laws. Assuming it’s there based on the data, it would belong to The Broadmoor. I don’t think it was Fenn’s intention to donate $1M to the property owner, but unless he has or had a small stake in the property now or prior, how can this be avoided if respecting the laws? Perhaps he sold San Lazaro to fund his stake as a silent partner. I’m only speculating and making assumptions this area is accurate.

        If I try to put myself in his shoes before having placed it, my attorney friends would become very suspicious and ask me way too many questions about why I am so interested in CO case decisions over abandoned property scenarios (or whatever classification term this falls within). It’s a fact that here’s a guy who has experience defending himself against government claims and investigations about artifacts on private and public property. I imagine he wouldn’t wish that hell on anyone.

        If I speculate even further where he has no stake in the property, one scenario I can imagine is that he might have started developing his location in YNP, learned of their case decisions, and decided probabilities and consequences might be better for a seeker on private property in civil proceedings. A strong indicator for how I reason through this is because of how my own path has drastically meandered based on the available data. I think I’m in Seven Falls because of a re-write.

        • OK, because private land vs other lands has been a topic of discussion for years now… a “prior’ anything.. member of a board, a trustee, a partner… silence of other wise… prior holds no legal standings to what happens when the chest is found… so I think we can safely rule that out.

          Now even with silent partnership… there are records for the legality of the partnership. but if I was guess, that would have to be standing to the legal rights today.

          With those thoughts said… dismissing the unknown, doesn’t make it right [ as in a solution ].
          For a private property to be involved… imo as laws are slightly different from state to state… Fenn needs to be owner or trustee, even if a silent partner… then we have the problem, of who rightly owns the property / chest at the time of death… even if willed to another… sooner or later, the chest becomes the property of another.

          Now comes all the after the fact comments that we should be listening to. He’s the only one who knows. If a searcher find the chest, it’s theirs. he doubts the chest will be stumbled across… which raises more question on sale of the property, new ownership, new development, even having the property seized by a government agency…

          There are a whole lot of IF’s to private property. and just as many legal/criminal actions as well.
          I personally don’t think this is what fenn meant by… it’s out of my hands now.

          Wouldn’t logic here, and we have been told to use our logical minds as well as our imagination… for fenn’s intent that he was thinking… 100, a 1000 or more years down the road… private property would not be a wise choice? This is a road that can bring a lot of trouble to someone who simply dismisses the knowns and works attempts to wiggle around the unknowns just because we thinks it all works well.

          Some even thought, that the chest would be on Native American Land as well… fenn I think put a stop to that when he said… we shouldn’t take anything from those lands. Is that not consider private lands as well? Maybe there is a hint there. Some thought his vault at the art gallery was the hiding place…. even though we we’re told the chest is more than that outside the limits of SF… I’m pretty sure if someone attempted to search that… well, the new owner wouldn’t take it too kindly about that, to say the least…

          • In any case, I have to believe The Broadmoor is already starting the curiosity sidebar discussions within their legal and PR teams. I would be in my prior roles.

          • Just a quick update from my side. I’m at the Broadmoor today doing some more reconnaissance work. Here’s a few notes of interest:

            Legal opinions are open for argument. Fenn spent a lot of money researching this topic. He talks about it here:

            The rock formation of my current interest at Seven Falls is called “The Fins”, according to Kurt the super-cool guide in charge. Another area is called “The Woods”. You can see these words used on their site when describing their zip-line labeled adventures. While Kurt was short and succinct with his depictions because he had other clients, he tells me The Fins aren’t for 80 year old casual hikers. I’m hoping to learn a bit more today.

            In My War For Me, Fenn talks about 1,000 this, 1,000 that, a waterfall spotted from mile up… He uses the term thousand(s) a few times… in total, seven for the combination. Spanish for thousand is “mil”. To me, this is hinting at Seven Falls being “The Grandest Mile”.

            And finally, I looked up the word homonym on wikipedia. I believe this definition is more extensive and what I would suggest Fenn is doing, not just homophones.

          • Yesterday I was able to find the easement to Hully Gully from Old Stage Road and hiked down to within about 12 feet from the top very narrow drainage, the top opening reminds me of a swallow’s tail. There was wet moss on the declining rock base toward the ledge so I didn’t venture the remaining distance. Although from where I was standing, the views were exceptional, and I found myself on the east side of The Fins.

            You probably know that a “hand” is a unit of measure… but did you know the word “lick” is also a unit of measure? And not just the number it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie-Pop. It’s technically the distance between a finger and a thumb. In the 60s, the word “square” was used as a de-rog for people who refuse to think outside the chest. The “square” sign was made with two hands, by pointing up and pointing down, connecting fingers to thumbs. This was also known as “L-7”. Now it’s shortened to the right hand pointing up and pressing the back-side of the hand against one’s forehead.

            Please do use wikipedia to learn about the words “Hully Gully” and see if you agree with my suggested coincidences related to Fenn’s “Woolly” ties, why the seven-year-old girl’s father used the word “fraud”, Fenn’s posts on Egyptian artifacts, and the kind of “funny dance step” Lightning did that Fenn “didn’t trust completely.” There are probably others.

            After lunch, I trekked up onto several knolls in a park field just southeast of Sevenfalls, which I believe to be laying fallow. I was looking for just the right scarab tree. I also went through several wooded drainage areas. I didn’t find the special tree, it’s a big place, but I also realized it’s nothing to get hung about. In my thinking-time, I was curiously wondering about all of the potential connections I’d seen reading about this field, it’s history and future, for example how the title “My War For Me” seems related. Then I shelved that idea for a moment while it started to rain.

            At my next stop, which I had to do “tired”, I was able to (in my opinion) now fully understand the meaning behind “hear me now and listen good, your efforts will be worth the cold.” From this education, I now believe I understand several more references in TTOTC, including Skippy landing the plane on Hebgen Lake, the reasoning behind “Dancing with the Millennium”, and the use of the word “mic-mic” when referencing “bullets”. I am hoping this will now lead me to cracking the poetic final hints (as I am interpreting) behind “bier”, “barrow”, “burden”, “bear”, “brave” and “dare”.

            Then again I may have it all wrong and making it all too complex. I learned that madness and genius are on a fine line, and distinguishing between them is a logic puzzle (e.g. if I’m not locked up, then I must be a genius?) Just kidding.

          • “including Skippy landing the plane on Hebgen Lake,”

            I’ve often wondered if the Poem is a reference to the deaths of loved ones.

            where warm waters halt – Skippy drowing in warm waters
            and take it in the canyon down – take in water in ocean floor canyon
            too far to walk — ocean bottom
            below HOB — Ocean floor below Mexico
            — ? someone else?
            —? someone else?
            —? someone else?

            heavy loads and water high — his weights where on when he drowned

          • Then again… perhaps we should all just do as we like it and each follow our own path to some chest somewhere. The path I am trying to follow to the pot of gold (in my opinion) tries to consider seven units of measure within 9 clues.

            In my view, Fenn wrote about his path. Here’s his general path and model for his story. See if you recognize it in TTOTC.

            1) the infant
            2) the whining schoolboy
            3) the lover
            4) the soldier
            5) the vain and oh-so-wise foodie (that’s the part I’m currently trying to play)
            6) the old dude who hid a chest
            7) the omega

            This is the same model Shakespeare suggests in Act 2, Scene SEVEN of As You Like It, the same model Fenn said makes complete sense to him.

            Did you know the word “fall” is a unit of measure within a Scot’s mile? An “age” is also a unit of measure, and not just for how old a person is.

          • The path I am suggesting in interpreting the clues, starting at Ramona Falls, ends up looking (if I squint) like an omega symbol from above, North at 1:00 o’clock, when I chart it out on Google Earth. That was an eye opener. Not sure if it’s related or if my interpretation is even appropriate, but definitely a weird coincidence.

  35. EC- I suggest you pound the beejeebers out of that area till you find it or die trying…not that I want you to LITERALLY die trying. But you are FORCING your solve beyond anything that a normal person would be able to understand.

    I’m not gonna waste my time doing it but one of my solves was that Forrest rode the summer chairlift at the Taos ski area and hid it on the backside of the mountain. And I can show you exactly how it fits hints in the book and clues in the poem, so well in fact, that I was ready to go get it the first day the chairlift opened.

    Your explanation of Thrill = chase and all is just all make-believe…

    How about this? The poem talks alot about women…gal….

    So Gal = Gallatin

    Wood = Forrest

    Philidelphia = National

    See where I am going? You can make yourself believe anything you want to as long as you have a reasonable number of words to chose from.

    Effort = Fort

    Worth = worth (no way!)

    Fort Worth….exactly 1600 miles from the treasure chest

    80 = I-80

    Grandma = grand

    Canyon Road = Canyon

    Grand Canyon

    Draw a line from the Grand Canyon to Philly

    Draw a line from Fort Worth to Yellowstone

    Where they cross is the treasure

    Cross = go in peace

    Wow, this is really fun…..

    • E tu, toughshed?

      Ok… so you and Jake don’t like my behavior and exuberance with this solution so much that I’ve inspired you both to personal attacks. Got it.

  36. Rain tomorrow, snow on Saturday in COS. That’ll be fun. Not really. Guess I’ll need to modify my clothing strategy.

  37. @Oz10 – possible.

    I’ll first have a look tomorrow morning in the haunted wood to see if I’m correct with 200 by 500 at the angle of 7:55, starting at Operation Arc Light, plus a whifferdill up and to the right. If it’s not there (most likely), I’ll retrace to “hear me now and listen good” for more research effort worth the cold. I have an appointment set up with the curator to learn about history, including a weird “Beneath Parkington Lane” coincidence … it’s super weird to me how how many coincidences these last two clues have that feel like National Treasure. Or maybe I’m forcing all of that into it, too.

    • Yes, (in my opinion) hob = the 450+ year-old ponderosa tree at the top of the falls. “Brown” means ponderosa –> ponderous –> brown study. It’s what I believe he has been hinting about “THINK” using all caps. I believe the blaze is Helen Hunt Jackson’s grave marker, where her marker includes a mention of the book title “Ramona”. Ramona = wise, Helen = light / torch.

      • I was looking at google maps and there is a ‘Jackson Cemetery’ marker like on top of a Canyon there about 485 feet from that building at the end of South Cheyenne Creek. It just seems out of place or maybe is a wrong google marker. Did you go around that area?
        38.781445, -104.878369 zoom in and you will see the marker.

        • @Oz10 – yes, that’s the grave marker. Her remains were moved to an actual cemetery. The marker is on a promontory next to a clou called “Inspiration Point” (tarry scant with marvel gaze). It’s a nice hike up on a well-marked path, taking the S. Cheyenne Canon south (down on a map), and taking care of the warning signs along the way (not for the meek if there’s lightning, big animals, and a mile roundtrip hike up a hill after walking up lots of stairs, or the rusty fire-escape if you will).

          There is another grave marker at Inspiration Point for one of the attraction’s prior owners, Melvin Stanley Weimer. And “hear me now and listen good” has several graves, too. This kind of description coincides with Fenn’s story “My War For Me” where he talks about several grave markers. It also coincides with his wish to find the pie lady’s grave marker so he could slip a nickel under it (HHJ’s marker is the nickel or 5th clou, in my opinion). And it is also the “burden” of the final clou referenced in a completely different poem, but then the story of that poem is duplicated in his “My War For Me” chapter.

          • In my opinion, when he named his chapter “Looking For Lewis and Clark”, and described the area of Hully Gully, it’s actually Clarke we’re seeking in the haunted glade (brave and in the wood).

          • … Herbert Edwin Clarke, “Ballad of the Haunted Glade”… same dude who wrote “In The Wood”. The “Ballad” poem is more aligned with “brave and in the wood”. When you’re reading it, replace your imagery with Fenn getting shot down and how he tells the story in My War For Me.

            The glade would be (in my theory) Strawberry Fields, a public park just outside of Seven Falls. This takes care of the private property issue. And, John Lennon, writer of Strawberry Fields Forever, is known for his “How I Won the War” movie. It also completes the loop back to the rainbow front gate of Seven Falls, where I believe the 200 by 500 by whifferdill at the angle of 7:55 is to be started, landing into a section of trees not in very close proximity of a human path, but still not too far from the field in fallow. It’s up a short incline, so the view of the park would still be nice with the rock formations just behind. I’ll be there tomorrow morning, so call your friend in COS now before I go have a look. I just put an X on the map for you that is really not that hard to get to.

            When Fenn talks about 250 degrees turning into the sun in My War For Me, I believe he is hinting at nearby Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, “hear me now and listen good” because it’s also a clock tower (references of bells) that chimes every 15 to 30 mins… and “effort will be worth the cold” is (in my opinion) describing the frieze pattern of the surrounding wall, but also it could be describing the research needed there, or perhaps that the chest is not too far from it. One can only drive there, “tired”, with tires. The shrine has famous local dead people entombed there, and an exceptional mural on the wall by Randall Davey with a special panel that caught my eye… “John Lane 1776”, carving a cross blaze into a tree. In corresponding with the curator, Emory Neal, he tells me that this particular portion of the panel “depicts Don Joaquin Laim carving the date 1776 into a Cottonwood tree. His name was anglicized to John Lane. He was the Ferrier for the group.” I don’t know if this is related, but I will be at this location tomorrow doing more research. Upstairs at the shrine are lots of photos of Will Rogers, including his fateful air crash near Barrow, AK. A wheel barrow helps with heavy loads. The photos reminded me of the story of Skippy landing on Hebgen Lake, and the washing machine flying into pieces.

            The shrine is directly above a zoo that was started by Penrose, one of the rich dudes entombed at the shrine, and may help to explain references to large animals, including pachyderms, tigers, etc.

          • Nope. Not sure at all. But I’m trying to follow the clues to the best of my interpretation. It’s anyone’s guess.

          • @SL – nice! It kinda looks like one of my posts. Lol. I stayed at the Broadmoor last weekend, and will be there this weekend as well. There’s nothing anyone can say negative about the service this place provides. Top notch indeed. And it’s close to the spots where I want to be.

  38. Now we know why it took ff 15 years! This is the most in-depth solve ever! Not knocking it or being negative, just letting you know I’m reading and wondering. P.S. are there any YouTube links to see your acting performance/TV shows, or if you’d rather not share it’s okay.

    • @Cholly – Not sure what you mean by my acting… but to your other point, I believe if it were easy, a) he wouldn’t say “it’s difficult but not impossible”, and b) it would have already been found.

      I mean, honestly, I’m only following the trail of clues just like anyone else. Nothing more. I draw correlations, not drama. He said about his location that he was going to make it work, whatever that took. That’s what I’m also running into… a little “whatever it took” here and there, but mostly enough reason to keep me engaged in general area. It would be narrow-minded to discount there is complex thinking involved.

      • @EC my mistake, I’d thought you’d shared this past summer that you were an actor and most recently stated you played an attorney as an actor, I must have confused you with another searcher….

  39. Whether anyone’s solution is right or wrong, you should all be proud of yourselves. You have done an exceptional amount of research and have learned so much about these 4 beautiful states and their fascinating history and whether or not there is a shred of truth hidden in there your willingness to share is remarkable. I applaude you all. Not only have you done that and keep going most have put BOTG and done something most don’t do… Exercise and see the great outdoors. I think you have put a lot of effor into your research. Good job.

    • med_evac,

      IMO….you have done an exceptional job of being real. Your kind thoughts are genuine gifts to others.

      Life’s Good.


  40. It is my opinion that:
    – all Fenn references to hats refer to the term mural crown,
    – the chest “siege” art is modeled after this concept.

    In National Treasure style, the mural at Shrine of the Sun seemingly holds the final instructions. See you there tomorrow if the snow doesn’t shut it down.

    • If you’ve been following this theory, I think I’m at the final clue, but maybe need some thinking help to get me the rest of the way. Using the mural crown concept with Shrine of the Sun, and finding it still in use today in Catalan, I tried translating “title to the gold” to Catalan. I was surprised to see “títol per a l’or”, and remembered Fenn saying we “will ignore the poem at [our] own peril”. But I can also see the homonym “parlor”. When I looked up the definition of “parlor”, I was even more surprised to see this definition: “a room or building equipped for milking cows.” Of course, it points me to “Bessie and Me” in TTOTC.

      There is an old stable on the grounds at Shrine of the Sun at the south end of the parking lot. I know Fenn said “not associated with any structure”. When I review the word “associated”, it confirms not “connected” or “integrated” or “joined” with the stable. But maybe that’s not it. Maybe it’s something else from TTOTC.

      Something that sticks out in “Bessie and Me” is his mention of six cats, five squirts each. “Squirts” translates in Catalan to “dolls”, like his Kachina posts, or like “dollers”. This is getting too weird. Cats kinda confirms I’m on the right track with Catalan translations. Six in Catalan is “sis”, like June, his sister. Five is cinc, like “sink”. He also uses “five or six” in “Gypsy Magic”. But in Bessie and Me when he talks about the cats walking away licking themselves and feeling blessed… another weird comment… “feeling blessed” translated in Catalan is “sentir-se beneït”. Perhaps a homonym for “center, seven eight”? I’m going to keep thinking about this today while the snow in Colorado Springs prevents my brute force looking around, but also recalibrating now for Catalan synonyms to see what I’ve missed in past Fenn posts, like “Things and Stuff”.

  41. Ok… Closing in on the final connection to Strawberry Fields in Colorado Springs. Mural crown to Spanish Crown to Madrid coat of arms (capital of Spain) … is the “strawberry tree”. I definitely can’t be forcing my “solve” (what a dumb use of the word) on the poem.

    From Wikipedia:
    The shield is Argent, a bear sable supported on a strawberry tree vert fructed gules; on a bordure azure seven stars argent. The shield is adorned with a large open royal crown of gold and precious stones, with eight rosettes (five visible) alternating with eight pearls; this crown is commonly used in Spanish heraldry for territorial and municipal arms.[

    (Wait… Seven? No!)

    The image of the bear and the strawberry tree is also a component of the badge of the football club Atlético Madrid.

    This explains the Rawlings football post, and perhaps the running man blaze.

    • That’s North Cheyenne Canon Park…
      Here’s a little history of the Bruin Inn:
      “Midway on the Drive at the Head of North Cheyenne Canon stands this Inn to welcome and refresh the pilgrim to this Mecca of rusticity. The little log cabin in the right wing was the original homestead of Mr. and Mrs. Hatch, who numbered among their friends and oftt mes entertained Colorado’s famous poetess and authoress, Helen Hunt Jackson, and in whose honor they named the Falls, immediately west of Bruin Inn, which bear her name to this day.”

      I hope this helps. It appears to be near your search area.

      • @Michael – yes, I looked around there, including having diverted into a vale that seemed mysterious to me, having flowers laying onto a large rock, dimes and other coins, as well as lace hung in the trees. I didn’t understand what I was seeing. I also hiked up and around Silver Cascades which would seem relevant, but if it is, I missed most of the clues on the way up.

        At the moment, I’m still tightly focused on the Seven Falls theory until something better shows me otherwise.

  42. EC,
    I have noticed code in what you have conveyed. It makes sense when you dig deep enough, but beyond the naked eye of most.
    You have uncovered many faults in the rift & exposed many avenues to pursue what you think is the obvious.
    So what do you think he means:

    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
    Moves on: nor all your piety nor Wit
    Shall lure it back to cancel half a line,
    Nor all your tears wash out a word of it.

    Notice the caps in different places you will notice if you have the book. I don’t think you will be able to go from memory here.
    Omar Khayyam

    • @Jake – see etymology of the word “Madrid” for more on “rit” connections (and Miss Ford connection).

      In addition, researching the English translations of the Rubaiyat will show some imaginative creativity used by FitzGerald, including the quatrain you are quoting. It’s the same thing Fenn is requiring us to do. Other than that, the poem fits his theme of coming to one’s end, and no one can come back to teach about it.

      … in my opinion.

      Good enough?

      • As for caps, the English language evolved from multiple influences, most specifically from Germanic influences where most nouns are, even today, caps.

        I believe (given what I’m seeing) extra caps in Fenn’s poem were used for style, and perhaps a nod to National Treasure movie.

      • Yes,
        Good enough. I see some of the tie ins & maybe even why Forrest put this in his book for us. But doesn’t your brain hurt when researching all this stuff.
        Mine does.

        • @Jake, yeah. In essence, I’m working through what Fenn took over a decade to lay out for us. It isn’t easy. Mostly it’s my eyes that hurt, but occasionally my lungs from the altitude differences.

          If you think all of this is rough, now have a look at the Origin of Thought, specifically the chapter on Imagination, and you might start to bridge the gap (pons asinorium) on what he’s saying about no time is wasted in thought.

          Get out your geometry.

    • Also, he is focusing on the various synonyms of smile… Like beam, deal, ray, thrill, and maybe posts of some sort.

      After Origin of Thought, have a look at Finn McCool and the salmon of knowledge.

  43. Talk about style, E.C.Waters:

    “Ray……Charles”……Greenville, Florida

    Check it out? ~


  44. For those still interested and unable to get out, here’s a dropbox folder of photos I’ve been taking. I’ll keep putting more in there as time goes on, or as I realize I have forgotten some. I can’t guarantee the dropbox will last as long as this post may last.

    There’s a mix of Seven Falls, Strawberry Fields, wall photos at the Broadmoor that are relevant, Fechin paintings at the Broadmoor, pretty much anything I thought might be related to Fenn’s stories. They’re not tagged or captioned and are named right off of my iPhone, so feel free to ask any questions.

  45. EC, nice of you to post photos of the 7 falls – such a pretty area. Never been there and not sure I’d survive the climb out. Out of curiosity, if at 7 falls, where do you envision Forrest carrying the chest and gold to?

    • @anna – assuming I am following correctly, his path of clous lead up to the grave marker, then out of the park through the back on Old Stage Road, a side-trip to see Hully Gully, then up to the Will Rogers Shrine of the Sun, then back down into Strawberry Fields, a public park, to what is seemingly back to the Seven Falls front gate, closing the loop, but not back in. I am working on validation and making sure I have this part correct, and what to do once back at the gate. My working assumption and what makes the most sense is he that he didn’t need to carry the chest through the Seven Falls park at all, but only park his car at the public parking area, and walk to his spot in Strawberry Fields. It’s an easy hike, but I’ve walked up those hills and I can see having to rest several times.

      I’ve drawn a polygon on Google Earth of the Strawberry Fields area that is noted as being traded to The Broadmoor soon, and I’m looking for signs related to “posts” or “fence posts”, and other strange words.

      Did you know that “fiddle” leads to “fraud” in Spanish and further to “pie”, and “sibling/brother”, and “magpie”… and then this word: “mollycoddle” which leads to “indulge”? So weird how linguistic choices seem to a non-poet. I’m still looking at units of measure and numbers to see if anything sticks out, and keeping an eye open for any other kinds of geometric-based coding. In mysteriouswritings, he wrote:

      “I see my memoir as being a story that was ordained by some unknown hand. It came to me at age eighty as though my entire life had been waiting for that moment. The bulk of the book was written in six weeks and phrases that I had never thought of before, suddenly appeared on my computer screen. I said in the forward that the book wrote itself. I had written seven books before this one, and it seemed that none of the lines crossed where they were supposed to, metaphorically speaking.”

      This implies (to me) he not only had a specific geometric pattern to follow, but also a specific message that he had to twist and create with a bunch of memories filled with realistic sounding anecdotes, like John Charles and his green olives. My War For Me was written well before the others, meaning I believe he started filling in his Seven Ages of Man fluff in that six weeks. I’m wondering what the inspiration event, movie release, or theme was that started the fingers suddenly typing.

  46. EC. any luck today? where north cheyenne canyon rd. and canonwood rd. meet is that not a good ‘brave and in the wood’? I see something inside those 3 rocks up on the hill.

  47. Fascinating stuff EC. Some of the most interesting I’ve seen posted — definitely some alignment with what I’ve been working on. I’d be interested to talk offline if you are — (I’m in NYC).

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