What the Brits Think


“A few seconds ago I tore my trousers trying to climb what could only generously be described as a fairly medium-sized boulder. Shortly before that I’d watched with pathetic abandon as my sunglasses were swept over the edge of a waterfall. I’m now looking at my feet, where a couple of inches from my hiking boots lies what used to be a snake. I can tell that’s what it was because its head is still attached to what might otherwise be mistaken for a rogue spinal cord. I’m beginning to question whether I’m entirely cut out for adventure. Just a week earlier, I was in an office writing about enterprise IT. Now I’m almost 5,000 miles away wondering what kind of animal could strip the flesh from a snake.”

This is the introduction to John Kerrison’s lively story about looking for Forrest’s chest and little green men while on a trip to the USA a few months back.

According to his bio, “John Kerrison is a writer based in Cornwall England. His words have appeared in a range of publications including The Guardian, Sabotage Times, RedBull.com and The Fly — and will continue to do so until he finally finds that treasure.”

Mr. Kerrison is witty and provocative and entirely correct in his assessment of the chase. If you don’t believe I could possibly be correct this time either, then I suggest you read his articles for yourself..

They are linked below, unless aliens have removed them-

Open Road
Adventure Seekers


31 thoughts on “What the Brits Think

  1. ..would appreciate a rename from mmuret to Muset..

    ..that’s what I get for creating an avatar..

    OTT is an acronym for over-the-top in a marketing sense..

  2. Yanks will do anything for a pair of snakeskin boots John, any pommie worth a Guinny beyond Burke knows that. Please allow me a subscription for a little wide eyed entertainment. Thanks

    • hi strawshadow

      what inspires me most about this uniquely clever and witty article (above) is the bold suggestion (re: the title), that Brits have somehow persevered in retaining a single thought collectively.

      ..and just when I began to believe in the impossible

  3. Thanks for that Dal! This guy is a good writer and is humorous. I enjoyed the stories.

  4. Okay, very funny.
    As for the alien thing, I work within view of Sandia Labs. on Rare occassion I will see in the sky over the labs things that must be experimental flight. Orbs, saucers, a huge cylinder, and when they turn up the lazer plasma fusion z-machine a vortex occurs in sky above the labs. During storms I can see them try and capture the electricty of lightning as it strikes in the same place repeatedly. It’s all tesla technology, and a freak show.
    As for his search…Jemez mountains is a good place. Very beautiful and special. From Bandelier toValle Grande caldera, to Fenton Lake, and the maze of canyons all around. It’s great.

  5. Thanks for sharing these links Dal. Very enjoyable story telling John Kerrison–more please!

    • Great write up Mr. Kerrison. By the way, Forrest strings rogue vertibrae on necklaces. Just kidding!

  6. Thanks for these, Dal. You’ve got to maintain a sense of humor (or should that be humour?) under those leaden skies!

  7. My parents own a place in the middle of nowhere. No electricity except for solar panel that supplies minimal light. The rest of the house is lit up by oil/kerosene lamps.
    One night while visiting,the kids and I were lying outside counting the stars in the sky,my nephew decided to flash the flashlight into the sky. In response,something above us lit up the dark sky with a flash. We got out of there and into the house in a flash. True story. 🙂
    There,s something out there if we can find it and it’s not in an alien womb . 🙁

  8. LOL Ok so I am not the only one White Rock has exchanged emails with? I wasn’t aware he was still around.

    Yes strange things happen in NM , don’t let that scare you. Strange things happen everywhere, you just have to have your eyes open to see them. My people just are more inclined to share those stories with you. Man I love NM ! Come on over and visit awhile. 🙂

    Michael , shhhhhh don’t tell them all the secrets. Hahaha

  9. With thoughts like the Brits have, I’m surprised his brains aren’t pushing his hair out. He should be bald! I am easily entertained though, my wife asked if I was having a staring contest with the Brit as I stared between his eyes trying to figure him out. Maybe the aliens were draining my thoughts. So tell us Dal, seriously, how did you find this chap? Did this Brit just send you this story and write up?

    • Slurbs-
      A week or so ago the author of the stories sent Forrest a note with the links as a courtesy. Forrest passed the links on to me so they could be shared on the blog. Forrest said: “I like his humor.”

  10. Both these articles by John Kerrison were filled with so much wit and humor and awe (after all, he is from Britain and apparently not used to exploring in NM) that I’d love to do a search with him if he ever returns. I’d never heard of the dome Watch-tower in Colorado, but plan to find it after Fennboree. Thanks for sharing this, Forrest, and for posting it, Dal. Totally entertaining!

    • Great article John – sincere cheers for the giggle mate

      I hear that there’s a sudden job vacancy in your neck of the woods recently – you would certainly get my vote, were you to apply

      albeit I’m not an actual brit citizen, but survived an Earls Court winter once

      does that count?

      • CH-
        Had to look up Earl’s Court..
        Still not certain how winter fits in and what it all means but Earl’s Court is much more impressive than it’s name would suggest…
        A bit like calling the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Harvey’s Racetrack.

        • Hi Dal

          “surviving an Earls Court winter” – meaning anyone crazy enough to live and work there (or anywhere in London) over a long cold winter, should deserve some sorta right to vote for their next Prime Minister.

          ..couldn’t find Harveys Speedway on google search, but if he actually designed and built a speedway, I like him already 🙂

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