Scrapbook One Hundred Fifty Four…


APRIL 2016



Thought you might like my video I threw together of our trip yesterday.
Garden of the Gods


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  1. Wonderful video! It’s a family affair. My wife just watched it and I think she sees the Chase a bit better for it.
    Tank You All

  2. Thanks, Mr. F! You can go to the Garden of the Gods in Co, but in reality…ANY WHERE in nature, you are in the Garden of the Gods!
    Is this where you proposed to Peggy?

  3. Great to see your family out exploring. Terrific song by way. Anyone know the name of the song or artist?

  4. See the family had a great trip…Enjoyed the clip…Keep making memories… 🙂

  5. This is the reason I hope the thrill of the chase goes on for many years…it gets families out in nature and creates lovely memories:)

  6. Y E A “Family Fun in the Forest” – YEA for you for tasking the family “Out There”


  7. Hey Everybody,
    This is my backyard in Illinois. Awesome huh? The Shawnee National Forest also has a wine trail for you folks who want to come enjoy a few days of nature and grapes… Funny thing I thought about taking the kids out to play today, but thought about taking them to some of our friends house to play with their new piglets…cute little things… The huge problem here is ticks, chiggers and no see ems! For example, this week everyone is hunting Morels (Brown and white mushrooms) but the ticks are already ruthless! If you get off the trails you will be ate! Dress prepared and wear plenty of bug spray!

    So why here f, oh the answer I already know! Folks don’t have to travel across country to get out and enjoy Mother Nature. Just get out! Am I close?

    Hey f, I was wondering if you and the family had visited the Shawnee when you lived, or stayed at Scott’s Air Force Base??? I’d really like to see pics, and hear about some of your other adventures. Did you ever explore the Cahokia Mounds near East St. Louis? Or Hunt for artifacts around here?

    Well I sure was shocked to see this this morning. It’s like getting a letter from an old friend.

    As far as my health, it ain’t easy. I’m continuously fighting it… Still trying to make another adventure though! Ha

    Mark H. Smiles

  8. In the movie “How The West Was Won,” there’s a scene showing “Cave in Rock.” Back in the day, it was used as a tavern and pirate hideout. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is where trapper, Linus Rawlings, (Jimmy Stewart) went into the cave for a shot or two of whiskey, and was lured by some sly pirate woman to go further back into the cave to see “the varmint”…

    • When I was younger my uncle had a boat and grandparents a houseboat and we would all go out on the Ohio River. Occasionally we ended up over at Cave in Rock. My uncles and grandfather use to go around the Cave in Rock area exploring the bluffs and caves looking for Duffy’s treasure as well as Civil War treasures on the Ky side. My great uncle was a painter and had a few of his paintings in the restaurant there.

      • 🙂 Keri, Sounds like fun times back then. Boating is fun. I’ve never heard of Duffy’s treasure, but I would imagine that area has been picked clean by now… I’ve never been there, but it sure looks like an interesting place.

  9. And that is what life is all about; Family, nature, adventure, imagination, fun, love and smiles. Thank you for sharing your memories . 😉

  10. Lots of memories to still be had by all of the Fenners!! I remember when I was in elementary school going with my parents to the Petrified Forrest here in Ms. You could not take anything home with you but my Mom found a piece of petrified wood very small on the trails and we took it and one of us still has it in a drawer or somewhere with some old arrow heads and rocks we saved from years ago. Those memories are priceless my Daddy was still alive then, and now; my Mama is 80 years old!! She still loves walking in the woods she loves trying to solve Mr. Fenn’s puzzle poem and would go back to NM if we can narrow down the exact correct spot. Only God can give us this wonderful playground to enjoy called Earth and Nature!! Mr. Fenn has just reminded us that it is all still free and out there to partake and soak in the beauty to make family and special times to remember for a lifetime. Thank you Mr. Fenn!!!! All of us need to put our Coonskin caps on and keep dream’n a little dream and follow our hearts back to yesterday where our youth is still waiting. Waiting to be reawakened and lead us all home to where family and sacred special memories remain!!!! See you all in the funny papers!! Good luck my friends God bless us all!! Ms. Girl

  11. I grew up in a saddle riding the trails of the Shawnee forest. Garden of the Gods is a great place to visit. I’ve already decided that if I find Indulgence she is going back to nature somewhere in the Shawnee. Although she will be holding a slightly smaller cache.

  12. Two or three months ago, someone ask a question on this site. I’d like to follow up with that person, but cannot find the post. The post was in the former of a question; something like, does anyone think that the poem may point to rock layers. I do not think the entire poem points to rock layers but I would like to follow up with whoever posed the question. My Email is

  13. There are a number of drawings in TTOTC book. Is it 3 or 4 of them that show an outdoor scene with a starry sky? Does anyone else think these are a hint? I have thought for a while that those drawings were a hint. Now I have a different reason for believing they are a hint but I still feel they are.

    I also have done a lot of thinking about the bracelets that FF has described. One of them is described as “littered with saphires” when I first heard the phrase, I assumed it was a hint but did not know what it was hinting toward. Now I think I know.

  14. Dichotomy! I’m backtracking my notes to see if I missed anything. Sure enough! Discovered an archaic definition of a word in the poem. Remember I mentioned previously that FF likes dichotomy? This word is definitely a dichotomy! The archaic meaning is exactly the opposite of today’s meaning. If you don’t know what word I’m talking about, you may want to try to find it. If this is the definition FF wants us to figure out, we will never solve the entire poem without it. This certainly narrows the search area! Actually it may suggest that one of my current search areas is right on the mark. Exciting possibilities!

  15. Did I see somewhere that somebody mentioned FF’s brother not was not really named Skippy? Does anybody know his real name?

      • I wonder why Forrest was not mentioned as a sibling in this memorial?

      • Thanks pdenver. The reason I asked is that below the photo of Skippy in TTOFT, it says, “My brother being Skippy”. So it was used more like an adjective to describe him, than like a name. So I looked up Skippy and there is no such word. But, I recall that FF sometimes makes up words.

        Well, anyway; looks like his nickname really was Skippy (from this memorial).

        As for why FF is not mentioned as a sibling. It has to do with privacy. They don’t list living people on these types of sites. FF is still living so he isn’t listed.

        But, why were Skippy’s ashes scattered in Colorado? Any ideas? And, does anyone know where in Colorado his ashes were scattered?

        • Hello Puzzled. If you’ve been to Colorado, you would understand. I believe the place is personal and private and should remain respected in such a manner.

      • @pdenver Very nice link, by following the sub links a person can see where Crayton took his name from, (his great grandmother’s maiden name if I’m reading correctly). Skippy’s ashes scattered over Colorado too! Time to search CO!

        Is ‘P’ for Pam, Paula, Patty, Priscilla, or Patsy? lol!

        • Note: Who ever created that obituary link posted above by PD has since removed any reference to ‘scattered over Colorado’ I’m just sharing for any newcomers to this blog to help with sorting out misinformation, sounded good at the time. IMO

          • Cholly – In TFTW, F tells us that Skippy is buried next to his parents in the cemetery in Temple, TX.. Even people that have TFTW might miss it because it’s described in a photo caption.

          • I’ve wondered who Pat is for a while now? Pointed out in the school pic in TTOTC and now a Pat in Skippys obit.

          • Cholly,

            I have had a very strong sense that Skippy’s place of rest is indeed in the beautiful State of Colorado.


          • If I were to guess, she was a childhood sweetheart, but it sounds like you might know. Did f tell you who she us?

          • WYGirl, I believe you inquired about the girl identified as “Pat” in the Temple, Texas, class photo in TTOTC. She and her husband attended the Gaspard book-signing at La Fonda in Santa Fe in Sept 2015 and were school mates of Forrest’s. Here is partly what Forrest wrote on the thread You Are Invited Sept 17th, 2015 at 12:34 pm regarding them “…It was fun to put faces with some cyber names. Pat and Laurens Johnson (with whom I started 1st grade in 1936) were…” Anyway, Pat’s married name is Johnson so don’t know if that is the same Pat. Don’t know if any of this helps.

  16. Wow! What is that quote by FF that says something to the effect that to his uncertain knowledge, nobody has considered one possibility leading to the leading solve? Well, I think I just considered it. I thought I had the “word that is key”, and then I decided a different word was key. But, oh, my gosh! I think I really now have the word that is key! It does tie every single thing in this poem together, as far as I can tell. I have stunned myself. Can I put everything together? This will require careful thought. It is not a map I’ve heard of anyone else using. Not a map I ever thought of as a map. But, I guess it is. Lots of charting and sorting of clues when I get some more free time this evening.
    Happy Mapping everyone!

  17. Question. I know most everyone here has their own idea about WWWH. Scientifically, water doesn’t halt. The molecules are constantly in motion. So while I’m not discounting anybody’s ideas, I’m just tossing out something for thought. I’m not even saying I believe this is the answer. I’m just asking.

    So here is the thing. We are all quite familiar with FF story of bathing in the river in Yellowstone where warm water met cold. So what hint might have been hidden in the story? Was it the hot water mixing with the cold? Or was it something else?

    Consider what FF said might help us solve the poem? GEOGRAPHY

    What if the answer is something to do with a landform?

    Could the answer to WWWH be a silly answer- the name of a landform-one a child might be familiar with? Perhaps a BATHolith? Certainly there could be another landform with a name that might fit better. But we do know FF had to go to the river to bath.

    Just something to think about. Obviously we are missing something

    • How about a simple idea…. river bathing is best IS wwwh. It’s on the cover of tftw. Shadow man is Fenn, standing with walking stick and hat. He must be starting his journey because it says BEGIN IT. FF seems vague, but perhaps it’s symbolic of birth (naked like a baby) and first steps in adulthood…

      • I agree decall,
        River bathing is best – WWWH
        The dust cover for TFTW shows the swaying river grasses. Who knows, maybe this is the clue he didn’t know about. The dust cover is in the book when closed. I am not sure if the dust cover background pic was proofed by Forrest, so if anyone has some info about this, please reply.

        First few steps of awareness.

        • Puzzled –

          Landform = Hot Springs which would halt the water momentarily

          I just dont know what is so hard for people to wrap their heads around this.

          Much of the solve, IMO is backed up by opposites AND a middle. Water – hot to warm to cold. Begin, then have a middle and an end.

          When you find the palindrome – IMO you will almost be finished. Happy Hunting !

        • Is there any doubt that the grasses and the trees represent the forest and the fen

  18. Where did the idea/clue about PI or a circle come from or how it relates to the poem. I don’t know.

    • @Bill others, off topic and way lateL I just hit on a ‘circle’ idea yesterday when I saw something on the cover of TTOTC! St. Louis, MO and the idea that the waters flowing east end up in the MS River and how the early explorers/settlers left out of MO. Still working on this thought Young FF by a spring, again young FF looking into a vast head waters drainage and then grown up in St. Louis….maybe nothing, lol. But what with everyone breaking out their magnifying glasses I saw the reference to 85th TFS on the cover! IMO still thinking and learning. Elton John ‘Philadelphia Freedom’ anyone? lol!

      • Cholly,
        Just to correct your post concerning the TTOTC cover. It’s 85TH FIS, not TFS.
        FIS means Fighter Interceptor Squadron, also the word underneath is Scott as in Scott AFB.

        • Eagle: Got Tactical Fighter Squadron (TFS) confused! And Scott AFB is outside of St Louie!

          So, what do you think? Any hint there?

          • Well,
            IMO, it kind of looks like that jet on pg 99.
            Just FYI, Scott AFB is in Illinois.

  19. @Hear Me All, yes, thank you. I recently read next to his parents but didn’t have the exact reference so didn’t want to say anything. I’ve been reading and paying a lot more attention now that I’m a year and half into this. Sort of sad that folks create misinformation such as that obituaries. But, it’s not unusual to be cremated and have the ashes both scattered and buried in a family plot with a marker, we did this with both my parents and we shared some the ashes and scattered around. I’m taking a small amount of what’s left of both my parents over to Thailand next trip! Thanks for pointing out the correction. Shame on whoever created that obituary and said ‘over CO’ !

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