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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page III for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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  1. Fresh Starts

    A fresh start is what everyone needs.
    I think that’s why they call it Spring.

  2. The soft, white snow is melting into a gray, mushy mess,,,
    Sprouts of green blossom again without fail.
    It’s springtime in the majestic Rockies and I must confess,,,
    Forrest still tempts me to make like a cow flop and hit the trail.

    Thanks for the new page Dal,,, I can’t resist littering it up πŸ™‚

      • Ten?
        I’m back! πŸ™‚
        I missed you all so much!
        I love the poems they ate beautiful! Everyone…you are awesome!

          • Two words that bring a tear,
            I’m so happy to belong here.

            It’s tough when your away,
            gets even tougher every day.

            Words can heal as they can harm,
            Sometimes send you to a nut farm.

            If there were two words to choose,
            To take away the blues,

            They wouldn’t start with I,
            they would start with u…
            — ________________________

            can anyone fill in the blank?
            Just for fun..

          • U make the shadows dissapear

            U have a summer shine

            U listen with caring ear,

            My blues gone for all time….

            There ya go jdiggins, I tried to fill in the blanks…. thanks for the fun…see ya my friend

    • Hello 42 and Focused. Quite talented and you put a smile on my face. πŸ™‚

      Hello Jdiggins! Nice to see your smiling faces! πŸ™‚

      • Pdenver – glad My meagher effort could bring a smile your way. Knowing that has a riciprocal effect on me

    • Talent is under rated, imagination takes you far,

      To places out of reach, in your everyday family car.

      Take a trip Specialklr , leave your car behind,

      You too have words within you, look and you will find.

      When your trip is over, your feet back on the earth.

      You’ll see imagination, truly has its worth.

      Talent it is handy, imagination never ends,

      Then Tell us of your trip Specialklr, tell us with your pen…..

      Just messing around with you Specialklr ….have a great day… See ya


        • Thanks, pdenver and Focused. I made an attempt on the first page of poetry, you know, the Roses are red, kind of thing.

          I have a close friend who is a salesman. His sales are in the millions. He thinks selling is easy, anyone can do it. Haa, ha.

          In my seventy plus years I’ve learned that everyone has a gift, a talent, a penchant for something. To them it comes easy. They feel anyone can do this. Haa, ha, definitely not my forte’!

          For sure, each one is blessed with a natural ability, and for most all it is not limited to one thing but many. Thanks for sharing “your” cup of tea. Thanks for the encouragement, that is what I’m attempting to do to you guys.

          P.S. Focused, mess around all you want, I’m still looking forward to your first edition.

          • Your welcome Specialklr …. As far as the first edition….humm, I’ve thought about it some, I have well over 100 poems I’ve penned while on my chase…some good, some not so good, some just crazy or funny…some with good penmanship, some with terrible penmanship, but good or bad, all have been created right here….just for you guys…while chasing my dreams…..to me the poetry is in the chase……I will let you know Specialklr if I create a book .. See ya my friend……


  3. As pen to paper with thumb I type,
    digital display and no ink to write,
    sheets of paper no longer need,
    the only limit is my battery.

    No need for bulbs and candle light,
    with a swipe I can write at night,
    gone is the need for cursive style, Times New Roman with a smile πŸ™‚

    One thing stays the same,
    my mind, my thoughts I must tame,
    O’ muse sing your song and flow,
    only then will my writing grow.







    “LET IT BE”

      • Thanks so much pdenver…you are always so supportive and encouraging. We story tellers need our listeners.

        My family and I leave Alaska tomorrow for a 10,000 mile road trip….mid May will find us deep in The Chase….

        I am sure I will have more to share after that. Including a video of my original song “Secret of the Chase” who’s lyrics I posted on poetry page one….back in the day.

        Until then, I bid you well and remember to
        LIVE THE CHASE….

        • Hello Lyndella from Alaska. I wish you all the very best in your search. Have a lot of fun making beautiful memories.

        • Have fun on your road trip … And good luck to you while you chase your dreams…..see ya

  5. Magic

    What is magic, do you ask?
    It’s lighting, mood and contrast.
    What stirs a mind into a thrill?
    That would be unexpected skills.

    We seek, we find.
    And it’s about our minds.
    Leaving no stone unturned,
    We go gracefully as we learn.

    • Thanks 23kachinas, I really liked ” magic “….. Keep up the great penning my friend….. See ya

      • I think I like this page best! I really enjoy everyone’s poetry. Thanks for sharing such beautiful words.

    • Sometimes magic can describe
      Imagination, written word,
      The endless sky,,,
      Or a bronze hummingbird.

      You poetic thought are always magical 23kachinas.

  6. ” Be Happy ”

    You listen to your mind,

    Only you can hear.

    Live your life and shine,

    Once you’ve shed your tear.

    Do the things you love,

    Whatever it may be.

    It is given from above,

    Takes your joyful eyes to see.

    To others show your smiles

    Be happy while you do,

    Happy goes for miles, starting there with you……….

    By: Focused

    P.s. – if you read down the first word of every sentence it reads
    ” You only live once, do whatever it takes to be happy ”
    Just messing around.. Be happy my friends……..

  7. Very, very nice. Such a creative mind you have – Just what it takes to solve this little riddle.

    Good luck my friend-



    • Thanks JD, I’m glad you liked my words, good luck to you in your chase also…..be safe on your many trails…….and…….

      P.s. – while hiking always wear a smile…..it makes the chipmunks wonder what your up to… πŸ™‚

      See ya my friend

  8. “The older I get, the more I believe in what I can’t explain or understand, even more than the things that are explainable and understandable.”

    – Lillian Gish

  9. Good morning All! Truly appreciate your inspirational poetry. There are some deep thinkers here for certs! Just stopping by to add my slice of happiness to your cleverness.

    Anyone else wearing red today?
    A silly question…related to Forrests MW post. Ha!

    • Hello Anna. I think there’s going to be a lot of people wearing red. Glad to see your happiness shine today! πŸ™‚

  10. I kept a journal for decades while growing up. Wrote many stories, poems, etc. This page has inspired me to pull out an oldie, but goodie. Still one of my favorites that I wrote in my teens. Here goes nothing!

    Midnight Dream

    Once upon a midnight’s dream
    They came to me, these ancient beings
    They laid their hands upon my heart
    And told me of an empty cart.

    It once was filled with childhood dreams
    With hopes and joys of future things
    But now it lay upon its side
    Emptied as the year went by.

    They asked me if I wished it filled
    My cart of strength, belief, and will
    I told them of my heart’s desire
    I spoke with grace of joy and fire.

    I asked them who had asked they come
    They smiled and said, “you, you were the one”
    I saw their hands move side to side
    They smiled as they waved goodbye.

    Today that cart does sit upright
    I see it with and without the light
    It holds my truth and dreams, you see
    The power of living resides in me.

    Hope you like it!

    • Definitely some gems here today. Just fun to read the thoughts of others. Thanks for a slice of joy.

      At the words of others
      I constantly marvel.
      Provocative or coy,
      All delectably artful.
      Words light the way,
      Both solemn playful.
      Thoughts to be enjoyed
      Are gifts well deployed.

      Now, will someone teach me to write poetry where the rhyme doesn’t have the last word?

    • twingem – may all of your dreams come true, one by one. Nice poem, keep writing.

    • wow… great job twingem…. I really liked that one…. keep up the great penning…. see ya

  11. ” Eagles Claw ”

    Spirits of the west , they whisper in the wind,

    Softly in their speaking, stories of way back then.

    Some spirits come in numbers, some spirits all alone,

    Some arrive with visions, with pictures of their home.

    While walking along a creek side , I was looking down,

    I seen a sharpened spear point, just laying on the ground.

    I knelt down by the spear point, I was reaching with my hand,

    The winds began just blowing, picking up the sand.

    Just before I found it, the sky above was blue,

    Darkness now upon me, no sun is shining through.

    I tuck my face inside my shirt, to cover up my eyes,

    That is when I heard him, much to my surprise.

    A warrior spirit spoke to me, there in the blowing sand,

    Says his name was ” Eagle Claw “, a warrior for their clan.

    He tells me that the spear point, once belonged to him,

    And how he gently flaked it, to make it sharp and thin.

    He tells his story to me, while sands still wildly blow,

    He was walking along that creek side, many years ago.

    He was faced up with a grizzly, with his spear in hand,

    The bear began to charge him, there in that creek side sand.

    Very tight he held his spear, the bear on hind legs stood,

    He charged the bear and tried, to kill it if he could.

    When the fight was over, the grizzly walked away,

    “Eagle Claw’s” days were over, his spirit flew away.

    His spirit tells me take the point, it now belongs to me,

    Then the winds they calm, sun bright as it can be.

    I reach down to the spear point, I hold it in my hand.

    Forever I will cherish, the skills within this man.

    Then I leave the creek side, amazed at what I saw,

    With my perfect spear point, made by ” Eagles Claw “…….

    By: Focused

  12. Driven by Dichotomy

    I’m meek, but I’m not.
    I’m brave, but I’m not.
    I’m wise, but I’m not.
    I’m at peace, but I’m not.

    Not a hero, but not zero.
    I’m somewhere in the middle,
    Just trying to solve life’s riddles.
    Living a dream in-between two worlds.


  13. A lot of truth in your words 23. However,

    Better to abide inside
    than “REAL~between~ITY”.
    Your dichotomy is preferable
    to an afrontal lobotomy…
    stealing dreams valuable.
    Call me a dreamer~~
    It matters little, truly.
    Glorious ambition
    resides in the soul
    A wink of my eye,
    A blink and a nod,
    I dream of genie
    Is my reality;-) πŸ˜‰

    Just for fun! I grew up watching I Dream of Genie. She nodded and winked; anything was possible.

    Reality and adulthood are overrated. Without dreamers our world would lose the beauty intetpteted by poets, artists, writers – who have always allowed me to live “another place and time”


    • Thank you anna, I enjoyed this

      I also watched “I Dream of Jeannie/Genie”. I was lucky to have met both Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman many years ago. But, it is Larry Hagman’s mother who really made this young girl think she could fly after seeing Mary Martin’s portrayal of Peter Pan.

      In MY DREAMS

      In, on and thru my dreams
      I smile…nothing is what it seems
      Wynken, Blynken and Nod…they knew
      And off they “sailed in a wooden shoe”

      So, on the H.M.S. Donovan
      Or Bob Dylan’s “Mighty Quinn”
      Sea gazing…”with tranquility”
      There’s nothing I can’t see

      *Eugene Field’s Wynken, Blynken and Nod
      *Donovan’s “Hurdy Gurdy Man”
      *Bob Dylan’s “The Mighty Quinn”

    • Thank you Anna ..very nice….have a great day…

      ” Anna your a dreamer, your mind says where to go,

      Dream a dream of dreamers, then gently twitch your nose. ”

      Good luck to you while you chase your dreams…see ya my friend…….

  14. Thanks everyone! Sorry for not responding to your kind words and great quotes this morning. Busy day working.

    Here it comes…
    almost here…
    wait for it…
    Do something that brings delight.

  15. ” Neighbor Hears The Phantom ”

    Once within a moonless night, I also pondered weak and tired,

    With many crinkled maps, spread upon my dusty floor,

    I too was plotting on my mapping, and also heard the shadow tapping,

    Gently in his rapping, tap ,tap , tapping, on my neighbors door.

    With my ear pressed to the wall, I too could hear the shadows call.

    Oh, but I did hear a tinkling bell, that usually follows up a spell,

    Locked my door, for my own sake , dim my lights, my measures take.

    My ear still pressed against the wall, I hear the bathroom waters fall,

    There’s a tapping, with shadows call, loudest on I’ve heard of all.

    Then silence in the walls so thin, I lost the sound of shadows wind.

    Upon my dusty floor once more, pondered on my maps again,

    To fill my quest to golden shore, a chest of gold and ancient lore.

    The moonless night does slowly pass, no ringing at my neighbors door,

    I chose a path to golden hoard , now , peaceful dreams I’m living in

    As the morning nears, Bumps on my arms, I feel as if a phantom’s near,

    Alone I lay and listened good, heard phantom through the window pane,

    Rustling at my neighbors glass, phantom wails as if to say, – “now”.

    Through window crack I did listen, to phantom , who explained.

    ” Alone and brave I went by chance” , in darkness, phantom said,

    Worried to be spotted, and afraid I ducked my head.

    With a swishing of his cape, the winds began to blow,

    My neighbors voice was muffled, phantom said “lets go”.

    Shadow wait at opened door, neighbor slipped into their sneaker,

    I feel as if my heart was weaker, no tap, tapping on my neighbors door,

    The silence was then broken, the phantom wailed – “NO MORE”……..

    By: Focused

    P.s. I was just messing around, this is nothing close to the phantom poem,
    But hey, it was fun writing. I wrote it as if a neighbor heard the phantom
    Next door…..anyways, I hope you guys like it… See ya

    • Hello Focused. I enjoyed reading your poem very much. It was a nice touch to the original poem, which I adore. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks pdenver, I just wanted to write something from a different perspective…. Yeah I love the original phantom poem…..great…..anyways, enjoy your evening my friend…see ya

    • Focused, that was entertaining. It made me laugh at a memory…Nursery monitors often pick up frequencies at adjacent neighbor’s homes. Once our neighbors told us they could hear us talking inside of our house through their baby monitor.

  16. Thank you all for the kind comments and to Focused for the newest Phantom rendition.

    To All…Take a Bow

    What if…this Journey came to an end
    This thread would be missed…where you all have penned

    This heartbeat, this soul of your poetry
    Calls forth, awakens…even a phantom reality

    Much more will be written…that I do think
    About Forrest in Media…we’ll just click a link

    Even Irene and Margie…who helped bring this to light
    Are writing Full Circle…and they’ll do it right

    • Well done Ellen! And all! Poetry has no end. It will always find its way I think. Watching sunrise and inspired to share:

      Soulful Restoration

      Today I saw the sunlight
      captute the edge of a birds wing
      while in flight. I thought of the possibilities of life.

      I saw the light of a candle
      turn a flow of water into a stream
      of glitter as it danced from where it fell. I thought of the beautiful depth of simplicity.

      Today I breathe intentionally.
      Not to restore lost air…
      But to remember
      And to forget.
      To forgive and let go.
      To find my center.
      Energy and rhythm.
      The mantra of my soul.

  17. The two most important days of your life are the day you are born
    and the day you find out why.
    – Mark Twain

  18. In The Wood

    The woodsman standing, axe in hand
    Surveying the job of clearing his land.
    A simple drawing, but not understood.
    When you’re β€œin the wood”, there is no wood.

    This knowledge and work, down thru the ages
    Is known and done by woodsman and sages.
    Sunlight, starlight, moonlight for all to see.
    To restore the woodland, by opening the canopy.

    By David here

    Mr Fenn has written in detail, how important it is
    to have an open canopy. Well there you have it.
    My solution by way of a poem.

  19. David here

    Here’s a treasure I tripped over.
    What do you think?

    The Tables Turned

    By William Wordsworth
    Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books;
    Or surely you’ll grow double:
    Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks;
    Why all this toil and trouble?

    The sun above the mountain’s head,
    A freshening lustre mellow
    Through all the long green fields has spread,
    His first sweet evening yellow.

    Books! ’tis a dull and endless strife:
    Come, hear the woodland linnet,
    How sweet his music! on my life,
    There’s more of wisdom in it.

    And hark! how blithe the throstle sings!
    He, too, is no mean preacher:
    Come forth into the light of things,
    Let Nature be your teacher.

    She has a world of ready wealth,
    Our minds and hearts to blessβ€”
    Spontaneous wisdom breathed by health,
    Truth breathed by cheerfulness.

    One impulse from a vernal wood
    May teach you more of man,
    Of moral evil and of good,
    Than all the sages can.

    Sweet is the lore which Nature brings;
    Our meddling intellect
    Mis-shapes the beauteous forms of things:β€”
    We murder to dissect.

    Enough of Science and of Art;
    Close up those barren leaves;
    Come forth, and bring with you a heart
    That watches and receives.

  20. Ellen, twingem , David here….great words from all three of you…I enjoyed them all..thank you……..until next time..see ya

  21. ” Time To Rest ”

    For years I’ve written on this blog, sharing words of rhyme,

    To those who want to listen, and give little of their time.

    To those a real big thank you, for your caring words to me,

    Just because I’m resting, doesn’t mean that I don’t see.

    Many stories I have inside me, which someday I will tell,

    But now the ink is running low, inside my old ink well.

    Many here upon this blog, I’ve known for quite some while,

    To those friends I Must say to you, ” Thank You ” for your smiles.

    Every trail within the woods, has an end somewhere,

    Think about what you’d do, if your ever standing there.

    To me it would be simple, I’d continue through the woods,

    So I can see that special place , where no man has stood.

    There I’d sit alone, in the quietness of my soul,

    Thinking about the past, and spirits of long ago.

    Here my trail has ended, so I will sit and rest,

    To my many online friends, I’m wishing you the best……


    P.s. “You only live once, be happy”

    • Whenever I’m feeling a little low,
      Focused comes thru to lessen the blow.
      Thanks focused I really needed that

      • Thanks pdenver for the offer, if I took your ink well then your words would stop…..and I know how much you like to yak, so I’ll pass……thanks my friend…..see ya

  22. Who knows where this came from, at least I tried.

    A mΓ©nage of menagerie

    Into the darkness where I must go,
    The reasons why I do not know.
    It’s not for me that I must flee,
    Tis for the one who cannot see.
    Don,t ask me why I do not know,
    Is there a reason that I must go.
    Twice hidden inside this pain of mine,
    To carry the rain for others to shine.
    Onto my heart this deepening shadow,
    Hidden behind my smile so shallow.
    Under the weather I’m so much better,
    Rusting with umber the lesson is wetter.
    This light of mine is much too strong,
    So forgive you all who’ve played me wrong.
    Who would do the same within such a song;
    Hearing utopian I know I’m not wrong.
    Yelling IT loudly just rowing along?

  23. Thanks pd, yes there are a few errors, but much like life, sometimes we just have to live with our mistakes. Have a great day, in a meaningful way.

  24. Focused, don’t go.
    We’ll miss you immensely
    Don’t you know?

    Strawshadow, high five.
    Emoting as such
    Keeps others alive.

    If the poetry page
    Depended on me
    You all may well
    Go jump in the sea.

    • Now that is a pleasing thought, a jump in the sea, take me:)
      I really do like the way you chose your muse, at times it makes my smile move in both directions, quizzically that is:) You do have a special place here. You and I need to team up and focus on Focused. Tie that guy down with a commitment with contact.
      Thanks for the Hi five, Lia

  25. Straw,
    My silly poems
    are neither clever nor rye.
    They’re just rhymes
    said to coax a smile
    and twinkle in your eye.

    In other words,
    these are the words.
    simply said…
    sea rhymed with me;-)

  26. No poetry just play today

    A slow day fishing with just a couple of shakers,
    Makes a guy wonder why they’re no takers.
    Ah what a day watching the vultures play,
    Lying in wait for some poor souls fate.
    Lest they only knew Iike this ole fool,
    A day too late they’re just a tool.
    They’re sharp keen eyes,
    Focused on the prize.
    Lust in they’re eyes,
    Yonder guys.

  27. strawshadow…Your “menage of menagerie”, whether intentional or not, shows true ‘depth of soul’…

    I enjoyed your “play today”….reminds me of wannabe “shakers” and the long- ago pickles the lure.

    thank you

    • Ellen, Thank You, your comment dates your time on line. As far as “MΓ©nage of Menagerie” I loaded that up with more than one person will ever know. Nice to hear from you, have a great day.

  28. Straw – who’s awake at 3:41 a.m.??? Amazing you can craft story and rhyme at that hour. Nice job, but….

    Ignore the vultures,
    those harbingers of death.
    Soft hues of morning sunrise
    are worth a deep breath.
    Grab a cup of coffee.
    Wash sleep from your eyes.
    Even Mondays hold surprise.
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • The early bird Lia, early in the A.M. no one is listening. If I had your gift of touching souls, I would share it freely with all and who knows. Thank you, you have great depth.

      • Straw – thanks for such a nice compliment. And, perhaps I’ll take a shoe-shine job at the airport (another way of touching soles). I could use extra cash since I’ve not yet seen fenn’s cache. Just trying to make you laugh – if you aren’t already fast asleep.

        My Monday held a surprise in the mailbox – I ordered a used copy of Eric Sloane’s “Recollections in black and white”. A simple, used paper back – but on the last page are both of his signatures (Everard Hinrichs and Eric Sloane 1974).

        • What a great day for you, treasure found, I wonder how often Eric signed with both names. Someday I’ll share a secret with you that I believe you will appreciate. Lia, somehow you always deliver a smile as well as a thoughtful message. Thank you for your magical ways of sharing your thoughts.

  29. I love all the words penned this page…
    I wonder if we’ll hear from sage…

    Anyway, happy day! To follow for my friend. I’ll miss you.

    When you were walking with the chief
    and talking with his daughter,
    I was in disbelief,
    standing by the water.

    And even though you were far above
    I heard your whispers and felt the love
    I’m part of this family too, you see,
    Yes, born of the same cloth, you and me.

    it goes way back down the line,
    quite clever, and innate by design.
    That mighty oak , the mother tree,
    Her strength and wisdom is part of me.

    Β Maybe It’s real, or just a vision,
    But I felt no indecision.
    I saw the tears of the great chief,
    I was unsure if of joy, or of grief.

    And I see his daughter,with jet black hair,
    Flowing freely with the wind and air.
    She speaks…and I am in awe!
    Her voice was my own and echoed the draw!

    How can this be? I silently wonder,
    I here a reply, then lightning and thunder.
    It’s focused, now, in front of me,
    And my father, the chief neath the oak tree.

    Time and space just stopped, it seemed,
    I remember this as once I had dreamed.
    We spoke of the future and of the past,
    And how nothing but our memories last.

    The wars of that time andΒ  that place,
    Now held a silence, for us to embrace.
    The tears that were shed caused a great flood,
    But only because they were stained in blood.

    The mountains were tall and rough and bold,
    It was not warm, nor was it cold.
    I spoke her words and told her story.
    And honored the chief in all his glory.

    Focused was there back then, as now.
    And we remembered the why and how.
    The suddenly, the chief and his daughter,
    Were down where i was, next to the water.

    We looked down then back at each other,
    I was his sister. He was my brother.
    We turned and silently began our descent,
    The steps were crumbled and towers bent.

    So long ago this place once our home,
    We understood we will forever roam.
    Our souls are kindred, spirits are we,
    It’s not a vision, but a real, live memory.

    So even when we say goodbye,
    We know our bonds will never die.
    until next time…to each other we say,
    See ya…then walk each a different way.

    We’ll meet again in some time and space,
    But it will always be here, in this magical place.

    For my friend….I will miss your pen.

    Until next time…..

    P.S. if you wonder where I’ve been,
    I seem to have lost my pen.

    Hothgar is being mean and took it away,
    He’s jealous of technology today.

    • WOW, that was excellent! Your time away has added a maturity in your words that brings a warmth in my heart. Your are very lucky, Hothgar very smart. Thanks Jd

    • Jd, may you never lose your pen again πŸ™‚

      As my pen has gone alone in there
      And lie with pocket change bold,
      Cushions can keep my pen where,
      And hint of unwritten stories new and old.

      Begin it where warm bottoms end,
      And betwixt the cushions down.
      Not far, butt is near.
      Pen below in the home of crayons.

      For where its been more than a week,
      The end is ever drawing lint,
      There’ll be no rattle with your gums grip,
      Just tv remotes and hidden toys.

      If you had been wise and found a place,
      Look quickly found, your pen to seize,
      But tarry scant with cushions maze,
      Just take the pen and go in peace.

      So why is it that pen did go
      and leave my hand to seek?
      The answer I don’t know,
      I’ve found it dirty and now it’s icky

      So hear me all and listen good,
      Your effort will be worth the fur-ball,
      If you are brave and in the goo,
      I give you title to write for all.

      • Nearindiana,
        laughing my butt write off the couch cushions. leftover pens tattooed petroglyphs on my thighs as I slid off.

      • Alrighty crazy people, here’s one back at Cha!

        I realize how insane
        Knowledge can be in vain.

        What can one man do
        Hearing the wrong cue?

        Over and over again
        Yerns questions of my pen.

        When will the time come
        So that me can beat my drum?

        Hoodwinked and misled…no
        just listened to whispers and echo.

        Go play your piano for me…
        tune that I can see.

        How’s that?
        Tee Hee!

  30. Good day all. This morning I was reminded that the birds sing first, and seem to be the most carefree of creatures. Music has a way of sending shadows to flight.

    Author unknown
    From: Streams In the Desert

    Don’t let the song go out of your life
    Though it chance sometimes to flow
    In a minor strain; it will blend again
    With the major tone you know.

    What though shadows rise to obscure life’s skies,
    And hide for a time the sun,
    The sooner they’ll lift and reveal the rift,
    If you let the melody run.

    Don’t let the song go out of your life;
    Though the voice may have lost its trill,
    Though the tremulous note may die in your throat,
    Let it sing in your spirit still.

    Don’t let the song go out of your life;
    Let it ring in the soul while here;
    And when you go hence, ’twill follow you thence,
    And live on in another sphere.

    • Hello Lia,
      A pictures play on words, a master piece. Who can create sound from words, there are few that do. Yesterday a had a thought along these same lines but do to the road noise of life I have never found the words. It is a poem I will cherish it forever as my very own. I wish I knew who penned it so that I might thank them proper.

      Do you have a favorite you would like to share?

      • Lifewater – Mrs. Charles E. Cowman compiled “Streams in the Desert” from her personal writings during 1901-1917. She may have been the author of that poem, but simply noted the poem as a selection.

        Spoon – I’ve really enjoyed it over the years. Glad you do as well.

      • Lifewater – as far as favorite poems…
        Well, at the moment, the one holding my attention is TTOTC. πŸ™‚

        I’ve really enjoyed being exposed to poetry on this thread: Poe’s Annabel Lee; Wordsworth’s Daffodils; Eliot’s Little Gidding; simple writings by naturalist John Muir; and song lyrics when they’re perfectly married to a melodious tune. How about you?

    • Good one, Lia. I love that book, Streams in the Desert. This version is just very slightly different from the one in my book and that entry is coming up just a few days from now.

      Anyways, the message accompanying that verse is about not letting worry screw up your life. It’s a good message and one I personally need to hear more often. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Alone he ventured long ago,
    Looking for that place we all know.
    By his chest he planned to go,
    Where hints of yellow and purple aglow.

    Began he did from waters warm,
    Shot down the canyon,like in Nam.
    Further he ventured,further down,
    Until he found the home of Brown.

    T’is not the place for one to meet,
    For it,s the place of the meek.
    Waters flow high in the creek,
    Where heavy loads barr the feat.

    Find the blaze,he’s heard to say,
    Down you look if you found your way.
    But quietly hurry,hurry your pace,
    With chest in hand you sneak a gaze.

    So why is it,that he did go and hide the chest for all to seek?
    No one but he will tell and show.
    It is a secret that he like’s to keep.
    He did it tired and has told us so.

    Our effort won’t be worth the gold,
    If we don’t hear and stay out of the cold.
    In the wood where we find his grave,
    The title waits for the one who’s brave.

    “I shall tell some of the truth but not ALL of the truth.” πŸ™‚

  32. Fair enough πŸ™‚ ….. I have a son named Garrett and he is always telling me some things are best left alone.

  33. Ok everyone….. I tried to give my pen a rest and that didn’t work out to good. πŸ™‚ I know it’s only been 4 days but it feels like 40…. After Reading all of the poems the last 4 days I’ve realized that I’m not a good bystander…I guess I’m in it for the long haul….nearindianajones, lia, Onuat , pdenver, strawshadow …..everyone …..I really enjoy your words… And jdiggins, a standing ovation for you my friend, great job on your poem….. πŸ™‚ I realized while I was away , I still wrote poems and saved them in my notebook…..then I thought yo myself that WHY ? When friends such as you guys could possibly enjoy them…..so……here I am ….until I find the chest or you find the chest…..lets get penning………

    Until next time…….see ya

    By: Focused

  34. Poetry doesn’t stop until one’s heart stops, unless of course one’s heart is a calculator.

    Good to see your back Focused.

    Never give up on your dreams, even if they ignore you like in high school. There’s always the x number year class reunions!


  35. ” Lost Memories ”

    While sands fall through the hourglass, and rest upon a mount,

    I drift away to years gone past, more memories I recount.

    Some memories live forever, others lost within the mix,

    Today my memory’s focused, on a memory with no fix.

    Alzheimer’s has a way, of stealing away the past,

    A disease that’s unforgiving, an evil without a mask.

    This evil it has rested, on a loved one close to me,

    Her memory , it has faded, not like it used to be.

    I remember the times she traveled, alone inside her car,

    To visit us on the holidays , though didn’t travel far.

    When she knocked upon our door, “greetings” she always said,

    She always wore a smile, while holding “banana nut” bread.

    My memory it is vivid, though hers is fading fast,

    She has no recollection , of her childhood or her past.

    My memory I would give her, in a second if I could,

    All of us could make a difference, that is if we would.

    There’s people all across this land, in Alzheimer’s evil grasp,

    Their memory gone forever, living without their past,

    Many work within their labs, attacking this dreaded disease,

    Find a box, donate a dollar, and help them, would you please ?

    By: Focused

    P.s. – I just wanted to remind everyone that we can all make a difference….until next time …see ya

    • Hello Focused. This is a beautiful and sentimental poem. My best wishes goes out to your friend. May she and others find the key to unlock their memories once more.

    • Stunning, Focused. Simply stunning. Thank you for sharing. Virtual hugs to you and yours.

    • Sorry to hear Focused, I understand the loss of memory as it’s a very close to home issue for my family.

      • Then you understand the importance of research to attack this dreaded disease. Sorry to hear your family is having to deal with the memory loss issue too….my prayers are with ya my friend……take care…until next time…see ya

        • Yes, it helps to have people with medical knowledge nearby to ask questions but also be willing to try alternative approaches as well.

          Go them off Aspartame products right away and it helped over time. Also reduced sugar (inflammation) and increase antioxidant rich foods like blueberries and spinach. Coconut oil, B12 are supposed to offer some relief.

          A colleague of mine has a mom with late stage disease…he makes magic brownies and him mom is off all meds because of her son’s recipe! It helps her be in the moment more and less confused.

  36. Focused, perhaps this may be of help: Music has a magical effect on calming Alzheimer patients and helping them remember, especially if the music itself it attached to pleasant memories. I’m very sorry for your friend and all those who love her.

    • Thanks Anna for your helpful tip and kind words……thanks my friend…until next time see ya..

    • Thank you Focused for your poem “Lost Memories” about this insidious and debilitating disease.

      Anna, even when my Mom was at a point that she didn’t know who I was…she still connected with some of the older “tunes” from her past. Thanks for mentioning that.

      • Ellen, I’m sorry for your heartbreak. My mind is not as sharp as it once was but special songs and scents can revive wonderful memories.

        The human brain in its complexity is further complicated by aberrations. We can hope that Alzheimer’s research will yield methods of reversing the disease.

      • Agree Ellen. My stepdad always tuned in to music, especially the oldies. Music heals.

        • The music never dies,
          And time does heal.
          Though everybody tries,
          Time you cannot steal.

          Focused, my prayers are with you,
          And I hope they give you strength.
          Enduring life is often tough to do,
          Just add your faith a bit of length.

          I’m sad to hear of your friend,
          I don’t know what else to say….

          God bless…

  37. Magic Chase

    The Chase is magical,
    For those who have imagination.
    And for those who have knowlege too.
    Nobody is unwelcome,
    Somebody is close maybe?
    And Everybody is having fun.
    Who needs antonyms?

  38. For Give Ness

    Patience for ones eyes, for they are cast upon this world to merely see
    Patience for ones ears, for they are cast upon this world to merely hear
    Patience for ones body, for it was cast upon this world to merely walk
    Patience for the Man, for his Heart beats strong upon this world he is cast …

  39. Thanks to All who pen upon this page.
    Love all the great word play.
    Words of meaning are hard to gage.
    Thoughts and Smiles, have a beautiful day.
    May you walk happy trails with good Karma.
    Sorry for my delay, no web in the display.

  40. ” Rain ”

    Always when your feeling down,

    Remember what I say.

    Without a lonely frown,

    The sun would shine all day.

    Rain in form of tears,

    There on your saddened face.

    Would wash away your fears,

    Be strong while you embrace.

    No matter what you do, remember what I say,

    Rainbow’s need the rain , your tears will go away……..

    By: Focused

    P.s. – If you read down the first word of every sentence it reads ” Always remember, without the rain there would be no rainbows” . Until next time, see ya ……God bless

    • Hi Focused,

      Can’t even tell you how much I needed that tonight. Thank you for sharing your poem.

      You know, whenever I feel challenged (in great ways or tough ways), I write. Maybe I should go write for a while.

      Thx again.

      • Your welcome twingem ….. Remember, after a storm the air is fresh and clean…good luck in your chase…see ya my friend……

      • 23kachinas, look into your heart and you will find all the remedies you’ll ever need…..be happy my friend….see ya

    • Focused-
      Have I told you recently that I really, really appreciate what you do here? Probably not…I’ve been remiss…
      I want you to know that your poetry is an inspiration and a joy for me…

      Thanks buddy!!

      • Your very welcome Dal, and thank you for all you do for us here on the blog…..I’m glad you like my words……good luck to you in your chase dal….until next time…see ya my friend πŸ™‚

    • Dearest focused πŸ™‚

      Life is like the weather
      Sunny days, stormy nights,
      Wind that makes one tether,
      A breeze, light as a feather.

      Smiles, joy and laughter,
      Are those lovely days of spring,
      Its seems that all we are after
      Is to live, to love and to sing.

      Rain brings a promise still,
      that soon will come the sun.
      An author, now with his quill
      Writes a picture equal none.

      He draws a beautiful rainbow
      With his words so bright,
      his rainbow will forever glow
      And fill us with delight.

      Rain on, dearest focused, for
      You are the author, to wit.
      I feel the warmth, and more,
      Our storms you help us forget.


      Until next time…

      • Thank you for the poem jdiggins. I enjoyed that…keep up your great penning my friend…

        Until next time……see ya

        • Focused, you are welcome. πŸ™‚

          One can only aspire to embrace the talent (s) that your artistic mind puts forth.
          you inspire me, and many others. Thank you for your words to this page!

          Pen on focused…



    • Hello Focused. When I read your poem last night, I asked myself, “How did you know?” Another beautiful poem, my friend.

    • Focused always brightens the day.

      On this poetry page he writes

      Captivating stories and words that lay

      Unwavering on this site.

      Some poems he pens, they take us back,

      Ever sparking our imagination.

      Drawing us into his world with knack-

      Relaying visions of reservations,

      Old trees, camping trips, and baking a cake.

      Courage and hope he inspires.

      Keep penning dear Focused, for goodness’ sake,

      Stories for us to admire.

      The first letter of each line says it all,,, Focused Rocks. Thanks for being rock solid on this blog. And thanks to the many other poetic persons here too. This group is awesome!

      • Wow ! I loved it CindyM …. I’m glad so many like my words. Imagination when sparked creates a wildfire of endless thoughts….oh and by the way…you rock too.. πŸ™‚ thank you my friend…..see ya

        • You’re welcome Focused. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Glad my effort didn’t fall flat. I’ll think I’ll stick to limericks πŸ™‚

  41. Thanks spallies, cindym , jdiggins pdenver and everyone else too. You guys have penned some great poems…the words of you guys have written is what inspires me to continue….. πŸ™‚ thank you my friends….until next time…..see ya

    • Thanks to you jdiggins,,,and Spallies too. Sometimes I think I’m short on imagination,,, it’s great that we can find inspiration in each other. And yes,,, we love our Focused.

  42. Perfect

    In my mind,
    I see a place,
    I know it’s value,
    I know it’s face.

    In my mind,
    I drink my tea,
    This memory will last,
    Even if there is no second chance.

  43. ” Distant Drums ”

    Boom 1-2 , boom 1-2 , sounds of distant drums,

    I hear them in the twilight , at the setting sun.

    The elders in my village, smudge young braves in smoke,

    While they’re dancing proudly, not a word is spoke.

    As I sit upon this cliff, their fires Below they flicker,

    I too was once a brave, but now I’m getting sicker.

    Many snows behind me, no snows I’ll see ahead,

    Right here on this cliff, I’ll rest until I’m dead .

    I look up to the heavens, I thank the mighty God,

    For many years I’ve walked, upon this precious sod.

    My wife I’ve said goodbye, she’s pregnant with our child,

    I thought that I could last, to see her painful smile.

    The sun has finally set, with distant fires aglow,

    I know my time is over, it’s time for me to go.

    I lean back in a crevice , I look up to the skies,

    In the sound of distant drums, I hear my babies cry…….

    By: Focused

    P.s. – I know this is kinda sad, but the ancient Indians faced many hardships, and I believe this poem reveals the strength and pride they had during those struggles.
    Good luck to everyone in your chase….until next time…..see ya

    • Focused – Holy crap (can I say that here?). Felt it. Heard it. Loved it. Could you please put together a book of poetry? Please? I’d buy it for sure. Thanks for sharing.

        • Third. You are good, Focused. Please tell me that is not your own life story.

          • Thanks spoon, no it’s not my own life story…lol I was sitting here thinking about hardships the ancient Indians faced….and whipped that poem up for you guys…. I’m glad you liked it spoon….. Good luck in your chase…. See ya

          • Thank you, my friend. Glad to hear you won’t be laying down in a crevice anytime soon.

          • Indeed, no crevice for focused yet. But we cannot be greedy with life…
            Focused I would trade the treasure (if it were in my hands) for you to be a young brave again. No matter the outcome for myself in this chase, I will always carry your words in my heart.

            23, short, sweet and beautiful. πŸ™‚

            Pdenver, et al, thank you for your kind compliments.

            I am blessed in such company of all who flutterby this page.

            Butterfly….Until next time…

      • I’m glad you liked my words twingem, as far as a book goes… I’ve tossed around the idea….we’ll see … Thanks for your kind comment….. See ya

    • Hello Focused. How long did it take you to create this poem? You made the comment ‘….and I whipped that poem up for you guys….’ You’ve caught my curiosity.

        • Oh my gosh, Focused! That’s amazing! I’m giggling right now because I’m stunned. Here I’ve been waiting many days for words to come to mind. It’s like a wrestling match…I get pinned every time. πŸ™‚

          • Pdenver, usually when I start a poem I have no idea where I’m going with it. I just let my mind take over and I’ll end up with a poem. That’s the beauty of it for me…….see ya

  44. There wasn’t a reply button under your post jdiggins, so I’ll put it here. Thank you for your kind and caring words. Yes we are blessed with great company who flutter-by this page…have a great day my friend……see ya

  45. Goodnight Moon

    A night without a thought,
    Is a night I’d rather not.

    Goodnight moon and stars,
    Thank you for your ideas.

  46. Thank you for your thoughts 23kachinas. I like the way you think πŸ™‚

  47. ” Chimayo Dirt ”

    Here I sit within my chair, my legs don’t work to well,

    Even if I rub them, they hurt and sometimes swell.

    A friend once had told me, of a place out in the west,

    Legends say it’s special, puts miracles to the test.

    In a town they call Chimayo, there sits a little church,

    Nestled by the river, where miracles grow in bursts.

    Guided by our God, for whom we love so much,

    Dirt within a back room, has his healing touch.

    I pack my bags for travel, this place now I must go,

    Really , I want to feel, his miracle in my toes.

    Tired of my two legs, just lifeless laying there,

    Out the door I roll, my ride is finally here,

    Friends like this is special, he knows I feel it’s right,

    Cross the country We travel, the town is now in sight,

    Here awaits a miracle, the church he rolls me in,

    I can’t believe my eyes, all I can do is grin.

    Many pics and stories, of miracles one by one,

    And with a fist of dirt, my miracle has just begun.

    Yes that is when I stood, my legs no longer hurt,

    Oh “thank you God” I praised, for his miracle in the dirt………

    By: Focused

    P.s. – if you read down the first letter in every sentence it says ” Healing Dirt Of Chimayo ” until next time… See ya

  48. Thx pd, spallies and focused!

    Focused you are a penning machine!

    I have healing dirt too….come on out west! πŸ™‚

    • Penning machine ?

      I walk into my workshop, I then turn on the lights.

      Sitting right before me, you won’t believe your eyes.

      This machine is very special, I purchased from a lad.

      To me it’s unique, so many lights it has.

      I walk across my workshop, turn on its power switch.

      It begins to rumble, shake and wildly twitch.

      Then it settles down, now purring like a kitten.

      I open up its ink well, blue ink is what it’s getting.

      Then I walk around the front, to its panel switches,

      Pushed the big green button, I almost crapped my britches.

      Papers started flying, shooting from the top,

      I quickly hit the red button, hoping it would stop.

      The papers kept on flying, they lay across the floor.

      High up in the air, they’re continuing to soar.

      Then I reached and picked up, a paper at my feet,

      The words on it were blue, and were addressed to me.

      As I carefully read the words, this is what it said,

      ” come out west for healing dirt”, then I scratched my head.

      It was signed jdiggins, no other words at all,

      I’ll clean this mess up later, adventure awaits us all.

      I leave my shop and close the door, the stories I will share.

      And I’ll grab an extra shovel, so I can have a spare……….

      By: Focused

      P.s. Just messing around with ya jdiggins…..have a great day.. See ya

      • Thx focused! Keep messin with me…
        Yes, that’s a threat…Tee hee!
        You are delightful. I must give thanks for who I am lucky enough to call my friends. You, dearest focused, and ALL you thrill chasing poet masters have helped my spirit.
        I truly thank each and all.

  49. Dear Poets…please fill in the blank below…use as many words a needed and whatever punctuation you want.

    “Contentment is __________

    My version would be…

    β€œContentment is a bread bowl with soup options.” – 23kachinas

    • Contentment is
      A gently blowing breeze
      The swaying in the trees
      The sweet smell of life
      That floats along with ease
      and your mind is free to breathe….

    • Contentment is realizing I am only a very small part of something so much bigger than myself and still have an important part to play.

      Contentment is seeing happiness show in the eyes of friends and family when I greet them every day.

      Contentment is spending time with my puppy Neo as he grows in leaps and bounds.

      Contentment is the tons of little things,,, morning walks, fishing trips, heart to heart talks, listening to nature’s sounds,,,

      Contentment is the art of living.

    • Contentment is : Contagious
      Contentment is : Continuous
      Contentment is : Contiguous

      I enjoy All the poets on here, you All deserve a round of applause!!!

    • Great idea, 23Kachinas.

      Contentment is playing in the waves of the vast Atlantic Ocean with my wife and children…and soaking in the warm, Brazilian sun. (But be careful…it’ll burn ya.)

  50. “Contentment”

    Your happy with your inner self, and the life you live,

    You don’t care about the getting, all you want to do is give.

    Your happy with your solitude, and the feeling that it brings,

    No need for fancy cars, or bright and shiny things.

    If you only had one day to live, you would not sit down and grieve,

    You would live it happy, just smiling as you leave.

    Knowing that your family, know you’ve done your part,

    They know while your are leaving, your smiling in your heart.

    Some they barely get by, and some they strut their worth,

    But those who find contentment, are the richest here on earth.

    Me I found contentment, it’s deep within my soul,

    23kachinas, I would also, like soup in a bread bowl…………..

    By: Focused

  51. Contentment is…
    …This page.

    That’s neat 23kachinas, great idea!

    Focused, another top on the charts!

    Pd, hugs πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Twingem, that’s beauty.


  52. A child looks into their mother’s eyes and asks, “What shall I become?” The mother holds her child to her bosom and replies, “My life.”

  53. (IMO) As I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
    I shall do
    nor fear any evil
    As I stand at the tops and
    marvel at Mother Natures beautiful rotunda
    I can not help but think an explosion
    of ideas
    If right
    I’ll have a cross to bare
    behind will be a wood that cares
    and a rock that dares
    above will be a good place to sit and stare
    contemplating something with flare

    This is dedicated to Forrest Fenn…: )

  54. My favorite – hope you enjoy.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all goddesses out there!

    — written by Max Ehrmann in the 1920s —

    Go placidly amid the noise and the haste,
    and remember what peace there may be in silence.

    As far as possible, without surrender,
    be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly;
    and listen to others,
    even to the dull and the ignorant;
    they too have their story.
    Avoid loud and aggressive persons;
    they are vexatious to the spirit.

    If you compare yourself with others,
    you may become vain or bitter,
    for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
    Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
    Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
    it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

    Exercise caution in your business affairs,
    for the world is full of trickery.
    But let this not blind you to what virtue there is;
    many persons strive for high ideals,
    and everywhere life is full of heroism.
    Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
    Neither be cynical about love,
    for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment,
    it is as perennial as the grass.

    Take kindly the counsel of the years,
    gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
    But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
    Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.

    Beyond a wholesome discipline,
    be gentle with yourself.
    You are a child of the universe
    no less than the trees and the stars;
    you have a right to be here.
    And whether or not it is clear to you,
    no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

    Therefore be at peace with God,
    whatever you conceive Him to be.
    And whatever your labors and aspirations,
    in the noisy confusion of life,
    keep peace in your soul.

    With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world.
    Be cheerful. Strive to be happy.

    • Wow twingem, I loved that one…..I’ve always said ” you only live once…be happy ” ………very good penning..thank you….see ya

    • Thank you for sharing that Twingem, Wise words to live by indeed!!! Happy Mothers Day to ALL : )

    • Twingem…I enjoyed “Desiderata”

      I, in my own way, see something in this poem that reminds me of :

      *Rudyard Kipling’s “If-”
      *Tim McGraw’s “Humble and Kind”
      *Knowing One’s Self…contentment

      On this special Mother’s Day…I am fortunate.

      Happy Mother’s Day.

      • @Ellen, excellent read and listen. I had not heard Tim McGraw’s song before and it made me cry…happy tears. Thanks you for sharing.

        Happy Mother’s Day to you and yours. Hugs!

  55. ” Pow Wow ”

    Would you please take the time, just picture what I say,

    The sky above is blue, it’s a nice and sunny day,

    People gather in numbers, in their native gear,

    A Pow Wow for the Navajo , festivities for the year.

    Many wore their headdresses , feathers to the ground,

    Children’s painted faces, drums heard all around.

    With breast beads on their front, moccasins on their feet,

    Every color of the rainbow, such a sight to see.

    Some were dressed as birds, they danced with open wings,

    Others played their flutes, while the sounds of spirits sing.

    Hides were stretched across , handmade native drums,

    Painted with bright colors, admired by everyone.

    When they struck the hide, with their hand held sticks,

    The boom it sounds like thunder, with every solid lick.

    Some arrived on horses, which too were painted bright,

    With beads tied in the mane, I’ll never forget the sight.

    I noticed how the little ones , barely three feet tall,

    Were also in their native dress, showing off for all.

    Fires were burning near, the smoke was rising high,

    Leaving clouds of grey, against the pale blue sky.

    Everyone was mingling, with their native friends,

    Enjoying their time of fellowship, everyone wore a grin.

    When the day was over, the crowd it drift away,

    The sound of drums they faded, sun setting on this day.

    I think the world should stop, and learn from native friends,

    This world sure needs a Pow Wow, it’ll help it in the end………….

    By: Focused

    • @Focused
      I listen to native music all the time .
      when I read your poem
      I was listening to sacred spirit-Yeha Noha on you tube.
      good timing on my part . and good timing for you also.
      thank you


    • Boom Boom, Pow,,, Wow! Now I have visions of the Black Eyed Peas in tribal dress πŸ™‚

      Just kidding you Focused, another great poem.

  56. Thank you pdenver, gosh your making me blush… πŸ™‚ have a pow wow of a day my friend……. See ya

  57. Focused;

    What a creative mind you have. I am originally from NM.

    You captured the “Spirit” of the Pow Wow” well

    All I can say is pow W O W ! ! !

    Have a GREAT Day, and STAY SAFE


  58. Thanks JD I’m glad I captured the “spirit”….and I’m glad you enjoyed my words…take care…see ya my friend..

    • Focused
      I agree with JD ,
      you have great talent
      the poem pow wow was emotional for me.


        • Focused:
          thank you for the good luck
          I need it.
          I had a dream about someone
          finding the treasure and it was so real
          I may try to put it in a poem
          I love poetry
          I will not be as focused as you, and your talent
          but hey
          have fun I say
          to myself,


          • zenden, having fun is what its all about….believe it or not, before I started the chase I had never written a poem before. you too can bloom while in the chase, just have fun and let your mind take off , then put it into words…. as far as your dream, did it look like you? good luck and have fun penning…… see ya…

  59. I always did love a good pow wow!
    How now brown cow?
    Shall I plow, will f allow,
    Maybe slop the sow?
    Okay, overdid it now. πŸ™‚


  60. Another oldie, but a goodie to me. I wrote this when I was about 8 years old – the piece of paper it is written on is tattered and stained some 40+ years later.

    We had a piano that I learned to play by ear and I wrote music to go with this. I’ve often wondered if I could still remember the score if I were to try to play once more.

    Dream On, Dreamer, Dream On

    I was always told
    when I was young
    to keep on reaching
    for the sun.
    To live in peace
    and never war,
    higher and higher,
    on I soar.
    My thoughts are mine.
    My dreams are too.
    I will try my best
    in whatever I do.
    To chase the waves
    from shore to shore,
    and if they catch me
    to try once more.
    To see my dreams
    and far beyond.
    Keep dreaming, little dreamer,
    dream on, dream on.

    By: Twingem

    Hope you enjoy!

      • Thank you Pdnever and zenden.

        Yes, zenden, I grew up very fast. Necessity is the mother of invention – including, in my case, the invention of poems.

    • Bravo twingem ! loved it……. πŸ™‚ keep dreaming the dream of dreamers….. thank you for sharing your talent…. good luck to you while you chase those dreams….. until next time…..see ya my friend,,,,,

    • Absolutely beautiful, twingem. Absolutely love it!
      When I was 8…something years ago, I too taught myself to play a song on our organ. Played it by ear, and dunno why, but the song is (and I still know it, only thing I ever played , but did it by ear…)
      When The Saints Go/Come (?) Marching in…
      3212333222355, 321233332321, that’s how I did it.. funny.
      But I absolutely love your poem! πŸ™‚

      • Thank you to all for you kind words! I am among masters here. All of you are amazing.

        I am starting to write again so hopefully some more recent material to come. Peace to all.

        • Twingem
          sence you started writing poetry at age 8
          I think you are one of the masters here also
          I myself am no master at anything
          and I like it that way.
          everyone here has great talent
          that I can soak in, and it feel’s good


        • Pdenver, πŸ™‚

          Twingem, you are on a roll!
          The talents here are flowing!

          Great work!

  61. Agate Thunderhead (1922-2015)

    campground gate widely open
    I peek inside to see
    Fennboree fans
    treasure hunters
    all in front of me

    some with smiles and hands to greet
    and some with curious eyes
    I felt so comfortable with it all
    felt like one of the guys


    were whispers all around
    so,, who is this person among us all
    this secret is yet to be found

    I walk among the quiet crowd
    who heard the same as I
    I thought I saw my fathers face
    he died last year,,,and I cried

    his shadow walked slowly closer
    stretching out his arms for me

    the treasured bracelet
    that fenn so loved
    on the wrist of Agate T.


  62. I really like that zenden.
    Your name reminds me of a pot club I named for a client once, he wanted some thing “zen”, so, I suggested zenden and a few others, ultimately he chose “MediZen”.
    That’s cali for ya!

    Ps: I didn’t start “writing til I was 14. Those were burned when I was 19. That’s about when “Dream Believer” was born.
    Yes, you can reach for the stars…
    And touch em.

    I love this page…it’s a “zenden” πŸ™‚

    • LOL,,I think I mellowed out after 50 years
      thank you for enjoying my poem
      so is that what pot does to people?
      this was a dream I had about my father
      and made a poem out of it as close to the truth as I could.
      I called him Agate Thunderhead.( Agate T)
      he was a rock hound
      he called me zenden
      thanks again jdiggins

      • thank you also pdenver
        I am new on the this blog
        and was glad to see a poetry page
        so many great thinkers on here.

        • You’re welcome, Zenden. Welcome to The Chase and The Poetry Page. I look forward to reading more of your penning. πŸ™‚

      • What does pot do to people?

        Puff puff, smoke smoke,
        Pass it around to all the folk.
        Red eyes, green eyes, eyes half closed,
        Munchies, munchies, mind bulldozed.

        Puff puff, smoke smoke,
        Passit around for another toke.
        Red lights, blue lights, round they go,
        Look out brah, here comes the po po!

        Laugh laugh, but it ain’t no joke,
        Looks like their headed to the poke.
        Jingle jingle, click click, uh oh!
        Slam slam, the cell doors go.

        Not guilty, not guilty, I’m too broke,
        Got it from some guy in a cloak.
        Slam, slam! Down the gavel goes,
        Man o man, this really blows!

        Shoulda would coulda, you invoke,
        Yada Yada yada, shouldn’t have spoke.
        Whorl, whorl, your memory fades,
        Maybe that’s why you got bad grades!

        Oh boy, oh boy, your gonna croak,
        6 months in jail and license revoke.
        Think, think, where’d you go wrong?
        Shoulda never took a hit off that bong!

        Ha ha, just kidding around…
        Think I’ll head for higher ground!
        In Colorado they don’t care no mo
        So that’s where all the stoners go!

        Stupid…I know…but what the hey..
        Just say NO!

        • Jdiggins
          I loved your poem on the pot people
          I am safe from all the stoners I do not live in Colorado.
          ,,,,, oh but wait , I live in Oregon.


          • Pot people here,
            Pot people there,
            Here a pot, there a pot
            Everywhere a people pot…lol
            Thanks pdenver! πŸ™‚

        • That was fun to read jdiggins …thanks for the laugh.. see ya my friend……

        • Cute poem jdiggins,,,

          True story,,,a friend and I were returning to Texas with our fishing gear.As we passed through the bordercheck point, the normally serious border patrol laughed and asked where we’d been and if we were sure we didn’t catch any weed. πŸ™‚

          So when searching for the treasure,

          Be wise and do take heed.

          Don’t drive to New MexiWyoMontanado,

          And bring back any weed! πŸ™‚

        • Okay, Jdiggins. Did someone from Colorado send you some “special” brownies??? πŸ˜‰

          P.S. I know it wasn’t me! I get high on life! πŸ™‚

  63. Focused,

    Your evolution of prose,
    Has steadily bloomed.
    From our head to our toes,
    We are consumed.
    We are taken aback,
    At your marvelous talent.
    Your words never lack,
    Your penning so valient.
    From page one to five,
    Your gift you have shared.
    Your honey filled hive,
    Of words uncompared.
    Thank you, dear sir,
    You’re an honorable peer.
    I’ll bet all will concur,
    That your heart is sincere.
    Such grace does flow,
    From thought to pen.
    You’ve inspired the throw,
    And I’m writing again.
    For that there is none,
    Words can be said,
    For breathing life into one,
    Who’s penning was dead.
    And for each of us here,
    On this poetry page,
    You’ve earned your tier,
    As the star of the stage.
    In closing, from repertoire,
    I leave all with – below;
    Until next time…see ya…
    All my best to…well… y’know!

    οΏΌFocused on February 7, 2015 at 12:37 pm said:
    Poem ? humm…….

    Keep a smile and never frown.

    Forrest Fenn’s one good ole guy.

    We all have traveled many roads.

    The look of adventure within our eyes.

    when the β€œChase” is over, lets do it again.

    • Jdiggins

      you and everyone here are all so talented.
      focused did encourage me to write a little poem
      about a dream I had.
      nice to see a poet like you
      to write about a poet like focused in a heart felt poem.


      • Pdenver and zenden, I thank you. Ramona, hoping to see a lot from you.
        Believe it or not, in my life, at this time…
        I don’t even know how I’m able to chime.
        What’s keeps my chin up is the words I read,
        What’s keeps me going is the friends here I need.
        I made the mistake of comfortable,
        And somehow got lost.
        But reason there is, for everything,
        So I’m able to handle the cost.
        Please do not fret, nor dare worry,
        I’ll be back on track, right quick, in a hurry!
        It’s because of you, and The Thrill of the Chase,
        That I find myself, at least, someplace.
        Remember, I’m a dreamer, and I do believe,
        The son is on the horizon, and I,
        I better get packin’, get ready to leave…
        Cause its but only once that, that train will pass by.

        Grab every banana! πŸ™‚

        Thank you all,
        And Mr. Forrest Fenn
        for everything.

        Jdiggins – out….
        ..Until next time!

        • good job my friend….. πŸ™‚ hey I’m grabbing all the bananas on my way by….. I grabbed a few for you too…… keep your head up jdiggins… remember when you look down all you see is feet, but when you look up you see eternity….. until next time…. see ya

      • Very kind of you zenden, thank you! πŸ™‚
        Everyone hear is warm in heart,
        glad you could join us! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you jdiggins for you very kind words of me…. I feel it….from poetry page l to poetry page V its friends like you who keep us alive…….Oh, and that poem was a quicky from way back in my notebook..lol …….I think I have written over a hundred since then…..thank you for the memories…….. until next time… see ya πŸ™‚

      • I find that the quick are the best! Thank you, focused!
        Until again…:-)

  64. I don’t find my way to this Poetry Page often enough. I had thought I would skip it all together and if/when the treasure trove is finally found I would then go back and read all the poetry. But then I visit this page and find words so eloquent, thoughtful, and funny and I am reminded not to skip over the good stuff. Poetry has never been my thing but I do enjoy reading it. Who knows maybe I’ll give it a try sometime. But until then I hope it doesn’t make anyone angry that I just enjoy reading yours. Thank you.

    • Ramona
      I am not angry, as I know everyone else feels the same
      I am new on here also.
      I have read the poetry on this page a few times
      long before I put pen to page on here.


    • ” Ramona’s Seed ”

      I’m very glad that you stopped by,

      To drop a note to read.

      Pull up a chair, I’ll tell you why,

      Here is where we plant our seeds.

      We water them with friendship,

      Until they start to grow,

      Fertilize with Penmanship ,

      Then let our minds just flow.

      Then our poems bloom,

      Colors shining bright,

      They brighten up the room,

      each and every night.

      Ramona stop again,

      As your passing through,

      What we have as friends,

      Is a bouquet just for you………

      By: Focused

      p.s. – I’m glad you stopped by ramona, I hope you enjoyed
      the poetry from many talented Friends here on the poetry page. Our door is always open……. Until next time…. see ya

  65. poem purists,
    architectural theorists,
    riddle solvers and wordsmiths:
    there is only one key.

    it doesn’t matter how you find it,
    as long as you find it,
    and understand the exit

    • silence ensues with such succession,
      my heart plays its own percussion.
      it beats with such a deep precision,
      i lay my head to reason.

      • this is the last in three and a half
        years i will say here about that.

        best to all, leigh.

      • Really beautiful Leigh. You never know who you’ll touch. Your words helped me take a deep breath and remember to set aside others expectations of me as mom, wife, friend. Trying so hard to please others i lose myself. In reality, it seems like there is no place to be truly alone.

        Silence brings peace. Solace comes from living internally.
        Quietly escaping allows the soul to recharge.

  66. To the poetry page I must go.
    As life passes quickly by,
    The chase sits in slow mo.

  67. ” The Sweat Lodge ”

    In the year of 1540 , I lived upon this land,

    Way out in a desert, with my noble clan.

    One day while I as hunting, looking for some food,

    The evil spirits found me, and changed my happy mood.

    I broke my bow in anger, no food I’ve killed that day,

    I grabbed my knife of bone, and also threw away.

    I knelt down to my knees, I begged into the wind,

    “Please take these evil thoughts, they’ll kill me in the end”.

    I walked back to our village, others looked at me,

    They knew that I was different, they prepared a place for me.

    They called this place a sweat lodge, where evil is forced out,

    Replaced by holy spirits, that’s what it’s all about.

    The lodge was made of saplings , covered with some hide,

    Red hot stones were placed, for heating the inside.

    As I slowly walked past , where the skull was hung,

    Chants were heard by others, speaking native tongue.

    Then I passed the sacred fire, which heated up the stones,

    All around the fire ring, were relics made of bones.

    Then I crawled into the lodge, still hearing chants outside,

    The water from the steam, was running down the hide.

    Then the chanting stopped, no sound was heard at all,

    Then all at once I heard , the spirits start to call.

    I felt the evil in me, start moving about,

    I knew that it was eager, to find its own way out.

    The evil spirit left me, like a bird it flew around,

    The instant it was gone, the silence was profound.

    When I crawled out of that lodge, my faith was whole again,

    My people were in smiles, they knew I’ve shed my sin.

    The sweat lodge it has saved me, and washed away the bad,

    Refilled my heart with good, just like I’ve always had.

    My face it really shined, it had a special glow,

    While I was sitting on a rock, carving my new bow………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- If your faced with troubles, find your sweat lodge and bring back
    The glow you have…….until next time….see ya

  68. Find this trove to see who’s won,
    This game of life, so wisely done.

    With changing moods, the winds of time,
    A sorrow wish, no wish of mine.

    So it’s from here that you embark,
    Just take it slow your in da park.

    Find two Fenns across the way,
    A back cast here is most in play.

    The chase from there is where you go,
    More than a block less than 5 you know.

    Cast an eye from there you’ll see,
    A trove quite deep all wet and free.

    Don’t ask why it’s for him to know,
    Just ring his bell, the peace will flow.

    For all who ring this bell you see,
    Shall live in peaceful eternity.

    You must ring twice for this I know,
    And that is why I now must go.

    Yeah, I found this in my very old notes, it’s not much on substance or creativity but I think it does represent the simplicity of my thoughts.

    • Very cool straw, now jump down off that fence. The neighbors dogs are barking;-)

    • Great strawshadow….hats off to ya….keep up your penning..see ya my friend.. πŸ™‚

      • Thanks Ramona:)

        And Cindy, thank you also, I know how you can light up a guys day with a couple of your witty lines:)

        • You’re welcome strawshadow and thank you for the kind compliment. You made my night πŸ™‚

    • Strawman,
      As always your words inspire me. More like a block head, but now I know. I need more mountain time spent in quiet reflection, my poem is on the end of my tongue I’m just struggling to spit it out. When the time is right I will strike, like a lightening bolt that lights up the night.

      • JL, This block head will weather the seasons in wait for your creative tongue to discover its wheting passion. Thanks

        • Strawman, You have my utmost respect.My wheting passion is Peace, once I obtain that everything will fall into place. The days of thunder are soon too come and quickly pass.

          • JL,
            Thank you, you are to kind. I can feel your spirit like the beat of a distant drum, passion for living brings peace. Seize every moment and cherish every memory.

  69. Thanks pd you must be easily entertained:) And Lia, you always have a sharp line or two of encouragement, ok I’ll jump, can’t believe you caught me peeping.

  70. Thanks strawshadow…I enjoyed that

    Not sure why I sense a connection…but, I was writing the following tonight

    The Climb

    Once upon a time…
    And not too far away
    Lived a very wise ruler
    With a secret…some say

    So many years he toiled
    Long and hard with no clocks
    As he fashioned twin shoes
    Nestled inside this “magic” box

    The twin shoes did sparkle
    Oh…yes…in the right light
    Like the heavens above
    On a dark and very clear night

    When the time came one day…
    To anyone who would listen
    He proclaimed…that the finder
    Would be dazzled by the glisten

    The magical box…not easily found
    At the top…A foreboding mountain
    Find the right circular path…9 steps
    Hidden…listen…Perhaps near a fountain

    The journey seemed daunting
    Some stayed up all night
    Some couldn’t leave their own doorway
    Or gave up…without a fight

    Most thought of the riches
    The fame…or possibly gold
    But the Proclamation was clear…
    There was a secret to behold

    Many did try that climb
    Most in haste…for what they sought
    But…the One who climbed slowly
    Smiling quietly…was given no thought

    The wise ruler, that sage…he wondered
    And also he watched…for…you see
    That one brave searcher who’d step up
    With that heart of gold…that’s the key

    You might think that this tale
    Mirrors that glass slipper…Cinderella
    Or Dorothy’s red ruby slipper
    But, this Ruler…he’s another “fella”

    A moral to this story?…Perhaps
    Instead of being like Aesop’s “hare”
    Be more like that “tortoise” who won
    Listen, feel, think, imagine and care

    • Thanks Focused
      And Ellen, you have a knack with a poetic touch, very nice:)

    • @Ellen – wow, that was so lovely and fun. Really enjoyed it!

      Thank you all who visit this for sharing your words, imagination, and inspiration.

      I found great treaures this weekend. I spent the weekend in the woods with my son. The sights, sounds, and feelings in the woods were magical. We followed streams just to see where they might go and climbed trees to get a birds view of life on the ground. We had a picnic amongst hawks soaring magestically above and chipmunks by the dozens scurrying all around. We laid in a field of soft grass and closed our eyes; the rushing sounds made by wind in the trees calmed us like a lullaby. We enjoyed water falls and discovered tiny, tiny insects and ity-bity flowers. A whole miniature universe of insects and plants reaveled itself to us this weekend because we took the time to notice. How blessed with treasures are we… Nature is music and art if we listen and see. Time is precious.

  71. pdenver and Focused…thank you both very much…I appreciate it.

    One of those times that the words had to come out, and so, it wrote itself!

  72. ” solitude ”

    A bee fly’s in an open meadow, touching flowers one by one,

    A beaver swims across the lake, his waves they flicker in the sun.

    Above I hear an eagle’s wail, while soaring through the sky,

    A deer with her spotted fawn, then quickly caught my eye.

    I sit upon a fallen tree, to give myself a rest,

    I see a bluebird feeding, her babies in her nest.

    While reaching in my backpack, to grab my sack of lunch ,

    A chipmunk stopped and stared at me, as if he had a hunch.

    I pinched a piece bread, he acts as if he knew,

    I took a bite of mine, and said ” here’s a pinch for you”.

    Then across the lake I noticed, a darkness in the grass,

    A moose was bedded down, beside it lay a calf.

    Lunch is gone , it’s time to go, and head back to my truck,

    Then I heard them coming, at least a hundred ducks.

    They landed on the water, no care that I was there,

    The beaver turned and swam, as if to give his share.

    With my pack it’s time, to leave this heavenly place,

    Away I walked, while looking back, a smile was on my face.

    Nothing like a lonely hike, across this mountain sod,

    I’ll take that back, I wasn’t alone, I was strolling with my God…..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- take the time to enjoy the little things, you’ll find out how large they really are…..Until next time…..see ya my friends……

    • Focused, I believe you just described many afternoons that Forrest has enjoyed in his life. Your poem reminds me of his TTOTC illustration as he peacefully rests beneath the shade of pine in the company of least chipmunks.

      Sometimes your poetry sounds as if you or your imagination has lived for centuries. Always So well imagined.

      • Thank you Anna for your very kind words…it’s the little things in life that makes the difference…..see ya my friend

    • Focused,
      That was a continuous volley of peaceful images highlighted with the reason why in closing. Even the blind man knows he’s never truly alone. Thank you, nice poem.

      • Your welcome strawshadow…..I’m glad you could see the picture …..enjoy the little things my friend…..see ya

      • Your welcome Ramona…good to see you back….take care my friend …see ya πŸ™‚

    • Such a beautiful imagination you have, and
      such a beautiful mind. Your god has blessed you.

      Thanks for sharing.


      • Your welcome JD , imagination takes you to places back in time that your feet can’t….have a great day JD …until next time….see ya

    • Focused…you touched me with this poem.

      I have lived my life with my Dad’s reminder to always try to “stop and smell the roses”…I have passed this on to my daughters.

      Each time I travel/explore the Rocky Mountains…I am amazed.

      But, I am so lucky to also live amongst all these wonders on a daily basis…at my home. To engage my senses with all this nature is powerful and moving and yet so simple.

      Haven’t seen a moose show up (yet) but last week a black bear showed up twice and “removed” our bird feeder.

      Thank you, as always!

    • Nice poem, Focused. It almost feels like we were in solitude together because I have pictures of many of the things you mention. My favorite pics are of a fallen tree, a bee and of a chipmunk that kept track of me. By now you must have a beautiful book of poetry about the chase experience. If I could reply with pics, I would. Thanks.

      • Your welcome crowfeast, I don’t have a book of poetry but I do have well over 100 poems I have written during my chase….I guess that would be enough huh… lol enjoy your future strolls crowfeast… until next time…see ya

  73. Ellen, I’m glad my poem touched you…I’m sure your daughters lives will be richer because they’ll take the time and ” smell the roses”…… I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you to see a moose ……..See ya my friend

  74. ” Gentle Wind ”

    The other day while walking, through a flowered field,

    An Indian spirit came to me, to tell how he was killed.

    He also had a vision, so I could see him there,

    His narrowed face was young, midst the long black hair.

    It was 800 years ago, since he’s walked this land,

    He shows me in his vision, an item in his hand.

    He said he worked for weeks, carving it from bone,

    For a special friend, who lives at a different home.

    It was a special fetish, to wear upon a string,

    When held up to your ear, you heard the bluebirds sing.

    He carved it for a special girl, he met 2 years before,

    She lived across the lake, upon the other shore.

    He says his given name, they called him ” Gentle Wind “,

    The winds were barley blowing, when his life began.

    His friend I see in visions, she’s beautiful as can be,

    Her black hair it was blowing, neath a cottonwood tree.

    His spirit tells me of a day, the snow had gone away,

    He took his little fetish, to give to her that day,

    In his handmade canoe, made of sticks and hide,

    He settled in and paddled, towards the other side.

    When he arrived upon her bank, she was waiting there,

    To meet him on the shoreline, neither had a care.

    For hours they sit and talked, then he headed back,

    She was proudly wearing, his fetish round her neck.

    In the middle of that ice cold lake, he started taking water,

    Paddling for his life, no one could hear him holler.

    Gentle Wind never made it , to the other side,

    He was lost forever, and daily she would cry.

    Before his spirit left me, there in that flowered grass,

    He thanked me for my time, I listened to his past.

    He told me how that each of us, while doing our own thing,

    If we’d listen to the ” Gentle Wind “, we’d hear the bluebirds sing…….

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I just wanted to say, next time your out hiking, pause and
    Listen to the gentle wind…. You might be amazed in what you hear…
    Until next time…… See ya my friends.

    • Focussed, your poetry is always pleasing, but this one is too sad. Why don’t you rewrite your ending so Gentle Wind makes it to the other side? Doncha know that’s why we escape to the movies or into a good novel – for a happy ending:-) πŸ™‚

    • Hello Focused. Absolutely beautiful. I nearly wanted to cry along with the Indian maiden. Listening to a gentle wind is so peaceful. May you get to hear many, my friend.

      • Thank you pdenver, I’m glad you could see the picture…enjoy the breezes upon your trail my friend…..see ya

  75. Anna, just for you I rewrote my poem so the ending wouldn’t be as sad. I hope you like this one …….have a great day, and good luck in your chase…see ya

    ” Gentle Wind ”

    The other day while walking, a voice I softly heard,

    An Indian spirit came to me, I listened to his words.

    He also had a vision, I could see him standing there,

    His narrowed face was young, midst the long black hair.

    It’s been 800 years , since he walked this land,

    He shows me in his vision, an item in his hand.

    He said he worked for weeks, carving it from bone,

    Now that it was finished, he’d take it to her home.

    It was a special fetish, to wear upon a string,

    When held up to your ear, you heard the bluebirds sing.

    He carved it for a special girl, he met 2 years before,

    She lived across the lake, upon the other shore.

    He says his given name, they called him ” Gentle Wind “,

    Because soft winds were blowing, when his life began.

    His friend I see in visions, she’s beautiful as can be,

    Her black hair was blowing, beneath a cottonwood tree.

    His spirit tells me of a day, the snow had gone away,

    He took his little fetish, to give to her that day,

    In his handmade canoe, made of sticks and hide,

    He settled in and paddled, towards the other side.

    When he arrived upon her bank, she was waiting there,

    To meet him on the shoreline, a feather tied in her hair.

    For hours they sit and talked, but when he headed back,

    She was also paddling, his fetish around her neck.

    In the middle of that lake, he asked her for her hand,

    She gladly said she would, he was a happy man.

    Together they rowed along, then reached the other side,

    Across the sands he walked , with his someday bride.

    Before his spirit left me, he said he had a blast,

    He thanked me for my time, While I listened to his past.

    He said while we’re out hiking, and doing our own thing,

    If we’d listen to the ” Gentle Wind “, we’d hear their bluebirds sing…….

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I just wanted to say, next time your out hiking, pause and
    Listen to the gentle wind…. You might be amazed in what you hear…
    Until next time…… See ya my friends.

    • Hi Focused,

      I love your poem both ways. Life’s not always a happy ending but it’s nice when you can rewrite the ending. Good job on both.

      • Thanks Ramona , I’m glad you liked them, yeah not all of my poems are happy, but hey, life doesn’t always treat us happy…..I just let my mind go and however it ends up is ok with me….. I redone it for Anna….I hope she likes it better now….. Thanks again Ramona…….until next time….see ya

    • Awwwe Focussed, that is as sweet as it gets, your best ending…yet. Thank you for rewriting your poem to make my heart smile:-) I needed that, it’s been a while.

      • Your welcome Anna , I just love it when a heart smiles…… πŸ™‚ have a great evening my friend…..until next time….see ya

    • Hello Focused. Your rewrite of “Gentle Wind” with a happier ending is nicely written. I like them both. Good job, my friend.

  76. What a wonderful story teller you are Focused,,, I can see the two of them in the canoe in the middle of the lake.

    The first version was awesome but the second touches my mushy heart.

    • Me too Cindy…:). I am starting to hope the chest is never found so we can continue to enjoy all the great poetry… πŸ™‚

      • Not me spallies……… I say we find the chest , then continue on with a poetry page. πŸ™‚ sorry , I like to have my cake and eat it too…. See ya..

          • Lol…that would make you…sweet spallies…..no pun intended here either….just messing around with you….see ya my friend..

    • Thank you CindyM , I’m glad you could see the picture I was trying to paint with my words…..I’m not to good on ” mushy ” , but I get lucky every now and then….. See ya my friend ……… πŸ™‚

  77. Focused…thank you…for the poem(s) and the reminder to “listen”


    My mother attended numerous West Point formal dances in the early 1930’s. For each dance, there was a special “card” with the names of each of the songs that would be played and a space besides it to be filled in with the names of the “Cadets” she intended to dance with. The card came with a piece of “string” to tie the card to her wrist.

    Looking through her collection of cards was something my sister and I enjoyed doing as young girls…they aroused many feelings for me even back then and, even now…bring back memories.

    *The Dance Card*

    As the little girl held the “card” in her hand
    She imagined and dreamed of the song…
    And the name to appear on each of the lines
    Not just now or before…but for her…lifelong

    First name on her card…it could only be Dad
    The music she heard…an imaginary ballroom
    In his arms…as they twirled and they swayed
    Laughing to “Dance By the Light of the Moon”

    She loved Fairy Tales…so, wouldn’t you know
    It’s Prince Charming…he’s on the next line
    Circling the floor…with “So This is Love”
    Their waltz…magical, and…oh so divine

    Imagine the “pixie dust” sprinkled about
    And Peter Pan’s thoughts…up, up…so high
    Singing…When there’s a smile in your heart”
    “You can fly…You can fly…You can fly”

    Then, the “decades”…they really fly by
    With…so many songs…there on her card
    So special…”loves” found…and, also “loves” lost
    To fill all those lines…it wasn’t too hard

    She grew up with music…really all kinds
    Ballet, rock, blues…to dance with the soul
    Like a gypsy dancer…lost in swirl and in sway
    His complete attention…oh yes, she stole

    And, when life filled with children…
    Dancing…more at midnight than noon
    She held each one tightly…while smiling and sang
    Of course…”Dance By the Light of the Moon”

    So…What If…”LIFE” is her “dance card”…?
    The memories…feelings…smiles it can hold
    Knowing her “dance card”…not nearly all full
    Songs and dances…penciled in…still left to be told

    • Hello Ellen. What a beautiful poem. It actually brought me to tears. You see, my youngest daughter graduated today and has started her life. This morning while taking her photo wearing her cap and gown, she posed a dance move.

    • Wow…. I really like your words Ellen….sounds like your mom loved to live the dance……. It’s amazing how the little things can mean so much…..have a good night Ellen ……..until next time….see ya my friend…..

    • Ellen, I’m spinning pirouettes and will fly in my dreams tonight. That was lovely.

  78. pdenver…congratulations to your daughter and I feel your pride and emotion. No matter how old…there are moments to add to your “dance card”

    For me….whether you are hearing the music while alone or doing the “Two-Step” as you travel down a new path…”Where words fail, music speaks” (Hans Christian Andersen)

  79. Flapjacks to the Blue Moon

    Every time I have a pancake,
    I think of times gone bye in small towns.
    Of simple things and Grandma’s warm smile.

    Shaped like the moon,
    Puts you in a good mood.
    I prefer mine to be Blue.

    • Her name was Anna Emma,
      We all called her Gramma.
      Her flapjacks were delicious,
      Shaped like silver dollars.
      No need to wake the grandkids.
      Her delicious aromas hollered.
      Quickly to the table we sped.
      Politely listened with bowed heads.
      Sneak a peek.. of course we did;
      To be sure no one snuck a shred.

      I miss you Gramma Emma..but I know heaven smells delicious each morning as you fire up the wood stove, heat the skillet and make dollar hot cakes.

      • Anna, you and 23kachinas are making me hungry… πŸ™‚ good job …that was fun to read…see ya

        • Good evening Focussed & pdenver;-)

          I’m not named for my grandmother. Rather I selected Anna as my screen name in her honor. She loved the outdoors, taught me how to fish, locate wild strawberries, play poker, and ride her pony Apache – I think he was a Paint. She preferred to cook on a wood stove rather than an electric, and made my grandad fresh cookies each morning. He was rather spoiled – in a good way.

          • Anna, I’m sure your grandmother is honored … She has taught you very well… And if your grandad got cookies every morning then he was spoiled..lol. I’m sure her cooking was great….. I know she’s proud of you… πŸ™‚ thank you Anna ….. See ya my friend πŸ™‚

          • Sweet dreams Focussed;-)

            You should rest well knowing how much you entertain and inspire us here.

            Only in my dreams can I sing, write great poetry, fly, and find hidden treasure. It’s a pleasure to check out of reality and dive for the covers.

  80. I’ve missed so much here, thank you all. With all the heart felt treasured moments floating around here I figured it was time for a bit of my childish dribble. Upon reflection it’s all anti parallel by nature.

    A Masters Touch

    So this is where it all began,
    Not unlike this free birds stand.

    Firmly anchored into this place,
    In all her glory as seen from space.

    Cast in clouds forever changing,
    The loves not gone, just ever rearranging.

    Long ago in time you see,
    As life began evolving me.

    22 strands with a masters touch,
    The X or Y, not so much.

    An honest truth so hard to find,
    This one big flaw comes to mind.

    With all this love surrounding me,
    In God we trust is all you see.

      • Thanks pd, glad you liked it, we all need a shallow end to waddle in time and again. Now go find that treasure.

        • Gosh, strawshadow. I was hoping I could doggy paddle in the shallow end and splash around a little longer. I’ll pick up my floaty and start looking, but before I do…SPLASH!!! lol πŸ™‚

        • No worries pd, it happens all the time, I’m at my best when I’m taking in water.

    • Strawman,
      “With all this love surrounding me,
      In God we trust is all you see.”

      I detect a considerable amount of woe in this last stanza?
      Is not all good things created by God? Either by his direct hand or by inspiring a average man to create?

      Perhaps my interpretation is off slightly, Either way I still find inspiration from your words.


    • Great job strawshadow….

      You say it’s in a masters touch,

      The titles where you start.

      To me the last line says so much,

      Cause God I trust, is in my heart……..

      P.s. – just messing around with you strawshadow..
      Good luck in your chase… Until next time… See ya

  81. JL, take it in the translation, not interpretation. Trust in God is all I see, it’s my worldly view:)

    • Ahhhhh.. Deo confidimus. Now I see, glad I asked. It has been my longest and hardest lesson learned. Perhaps that is what makes it so special when we do finally embrace it. I always ask that He guides my feet, opens my ears and grants me vision.

  82. ” Crimson ”

    Another day comes to a close, how time it seems to fly,

    My feet are hanging off the dock, beneath a crimson sky.

    There are no winds a blowing, the water looks like glass,

    Time is like a sunset, it moves so very fast.

    The sun is barely hanging there, it’s round as it can be,

    It’s reflection on the water, it bounces up to me.

    The lake it looks like Crimson, just like the evening sky,

    A perfect time to ponder, and ask the question why.

    Why would any man, just throw this all away?

    And give his life for me, so he could light the way.

    Feet still hanging off the dock, I search inside my heart,

    Looking for the answers , to why he done his part.

    The sun is getting lower, it’s falling from the sky,

    Then I feel the answer , to my question why.

    It’s not about the days, I walk upon this earth,

    It’s not about fancy cars, or my banking worth.

    It’s about my inner self, the happy life I live,

    A gift direct from him, which proudly he did give.

    When my days are over , now at least I know,

    Sunsets will last forever, I’ll have a place to go.

    I raised up to my feet, right there where I stood,

    And thanked him for his gift, wrapped in his Crimson blood………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- enjoy your Crimson sunsets my friends…….see ya

  83. Given Name

    What does it really matter,
    When your given your name?

    Your barely you when your born,
    How can they call this sane?

    I think they should wait 1,000 years,
    Maybe that’s enough?

    To find out who you really are,
    With help from high above.

    Only Stars can name me now,
    Nothing else will do.

    When your insignificant,
    It’s to the grave with you.


    • Good job 23kachinas….. πŸ™‚ keep up your great penning….. See ya my friend….

  84. Given Name (Gramma checker version)

    What does it really matter,
    When you’re given your name?

    You’re barely you when your born,
    How can they call this sane?

    I think they should wait 1,000 years,
    Maybe that’s enough?

    To find out who you really are,
    With help from high above.

    Only Stars can name me now,
    Nothing else will do.

    When you’re insignificant,
    It’s to the grave with you.


    • With the name 23Kachinas… You can only be SIGNIFICANT! You are certainly significant here 23:-)

      We should all be able to select our own name, that we enjoy, which describes us…as we see ourselves.

      At least Forrest’s name is clever and memorable. Mine, not so much, and not my favorite. Maybe it’ll grow on me before I’m 60 with 25 years of experience.

    • I enjoyed this. Sorry I didn’t write sooner but I have been away. Forgive me all if I have forgotten anyone. I do enjoy all the poetic thoughts posted on this page. πŸ™‚

  85. Feel the Love?

    What greater feeling is there then Love?
    It’s as though we won the lottery.

    We took the chance in time,
    And it all worked out for us.

    Many years in I realize,
    I am still lucky but in a new way.

    Today I feel part of something bigger,
    We’ve learned perseverance in the face of hatred.

    I have my wife and I have my wine.
    Can you feel the Love?


    • @23Kachinas, thank you for sharing!

      Yes, I feel the love every day, because I love myself (wasn’t always the case). I’m learning to let myself be loved by others too. Wishing you love!

      • Thank you, I needed it tonight especially. No one is an island in this life, as we are all connected and trying to learn how to navigate lessons.

        No one should lack love in their lives. There is no wrong way to seek it and you certainly have to start with yourself before others can mirror it back to you.

        Know that right now you have everything you need. Sending all of the good your way tonight <3

      • Focused, you always show up at the right time.

        A poem for you called…


        Shazam and there you are…
        Planted by a distant Star.

        Always writing to make us think,
        Perfect and priceless in your work.

        Words they heal and words they hurt,
        But of this I’m sure they always work.

        Be kind to the young for their know not,
        Of why, where, when and who such.


  86. Nicely said 23.

    When all is said and done, we will be remembered by what we said, and what we done. Do all in love. Someday Love will conquer all.

  87. ” Spirit Bear ”

    The year is 1530, I’m hunting for a bear,

    Leaves are turning colors, chill is in the air.

    While climbing up the mountain, I reach a rocky bluff,

    I can’t go any farther, my legs have had enough.

    I rest upon a fallen tree, I’m looking all around,

    Then all at once I heard it, a faint but grunting sound.

    I raise up to my feet, I listen very well,

    It came from out the bluff, as far as I could tell.

    I walked along the rocks, while listening to that sound,

    With my spear in hand, I was often looking down.

    Then I reached a cave, a hole within the bluff,

    As I slowly entered, I hear a softened gruff.

    While holding back my spear, the bear came walking out,

    All I could do is stare, he was very big and stout.

    He was the largest bear, that I have ever seen,

    When he looked at me, his eyes looked very mean.

    Frozen in my tracks, we stared both eye to eye,

    I couldn’t throw my spear, I really don’t know why.

    The food I really needed, his fur would keep me warm,

    But somehow he just knew, That I would do no harm.

    Then he walked away, he never did look back,

    His back was lined in grey, his body brownish black.

    All at once I heard a voice, a spirit from long ago,

    He said the bear had died, it’s time for him to go.

    Then the spirit tells me, to look into the cave,

    As I look inside, there the huge bear laid.

    In disbelief I turn around, a chill is in the air,

    I knew I’ve seen the spirit, of that mighty bear……….

    By: Focused

  88. Good morning 23
    May stable legs
    And capable feet
    Take you to breakfast
    And the morning greet.

    If you must,
    Tell your feet…
    “Don’t fail me now,
    for my quick mind
    will leave you
    In the dust

    I wish you good health 23. Don’t forget our bodies need R&R to repair themselves.

  89. Good morning anna, “the check is in the mail” for your priceless advice.

    • Glad it made you smile 23.

      Aches, pains, unwilling limbs make me think my body has a mind of its own;-)

  90. What am I looking at, painter or the treasure?
    Perhaps a place to heal?
    Where do I draw the line?
    Can I really help them find there way?
    Let the people voice your sight?
    Standing behind I can see her far for a dollar?
    Welcome, come and see me when you go home?
    Can I see the trail from up here?
    It is what I draw and I hold?


    • @geydelkon, very, very interesting. Highly unusual style, yet I completely understand it. Well done. Thank you so much for sharing. Love and light, hugs.

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