No Child Left Inside

The press release below came today from the office of the Governor of Washington State. It looks like he picked up on Forrest’s belief that it’s a good idea to get kids outside…

Maybe he should consider taking some of that grant money and hiding a couple thousand in each State Park and publishing poems with hints to where it’s hidden  🙂




April 22, 2016

Contact:  Governor Inslee’s Communications Office

ADVISORY: Inslee to announce statewide No Child Left Inside Grants


Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday will announce nearly $1 million in new grants that will help young people get outside and connect with nature and their communities. Inslee will be joined for the announcement by children and educators.

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will award the grants for programs in 15 counties. This is the first-of-its kind grant program in Washington. No Child Left Inside is the result of legislation passed last year and the grant funding was a recommendation of the governor’s Blue Ribbon Task Force on Parks and Outdoor Recreation and the Governor’s Council for the Healthiest Next Generation.

The grants will help more children gain exposure to outdoor activities and supports the governor’s Healthiest Next Generation efforts to help kids be more active.

Monday’s announcement will be held in partnership with Wild Whatcom, an organization that connects kids to nature in lasting and meaningful ways.

When:  Monday, April 25 at 4:10 PM

Where: Northern Heights Elementary School (4000 Magrath Road, Bellingham)

*NOTE: TV and photographers – visuals will include footage of the governor engaging with students outdoors where the school property includes woodlands.

28 thoughts on “No Child Left Inside

  1. Let’s play Cowboys and Indians. I’ll be the Indian and show you how to find gold in the streams. I’ve got 17,000 acres where I grew up…join me. Quarter circle XS to the end.

    • Perhaps…although I believe the nemesis of the new generation is twofold — smartphones permanently attached to the hand, and video”games”….

  2. Growing up as a kid in Washington we used to leave the classroom and go on outdoor field trips on a few occasion. Mostly to farms which didn’t impress me too much because I was raised outdoors on a farm. But none of those school sponsored learning adventures ever compared to the likes of the following. I think the Scandinavian countries are on to something.

    Norway’s Arctic Outdoor Preschool

    Denmark’s Forest Kindergartens

    Even England is inspired by the same:

    Introduction to Forest School

    Outdoor Learning with Forest School

  3. I got to go to Camp Cispus in the 6th grade. It was so much fun, a whole week in heaven. I wish they’d bring it back for today’s 6th graders.

  4. This is an excellent idea, look at how inspiring and educational the “Chase” has been for all those involved. This may just be a stepping stone for future generations. I wonder if Mr. Fenn really knows the full extent of the fire he has ignited in so many of us. Working with family and friends in the pristine outdoors to jointly solve a problem and have some fun. Just maybe through all the clouds and confusion there is light at the end of the tunnel. I know that I thoroughly enjoy the positive reflections of the many who make “The Chase” what it is. I believe our youth would catch on to what they are missing with a little exposure. Really good news, thanks for bringing this to our attention Dal.

  5. When I was a child in Oregon, I spent much of my summers at YMCA camps and day programs. It didn’t cost much, and it got me out into nature or into the community. Back then kids weren’t chained to electronic devices and parents weren’t in fear of the CPS busybodies grabbing kids off the front lawn.
    Giving some of that state grant money to an outdoors program would be a good thing.

  6. Good intentions & ideas. I hope they’re implemented well with all children being the ones that benefit from this bill.
    Unfortunately, that’s not the case. The title should be renamed:
    No Child Left Inside unless your family has enough money to pay for lunch for your child.

    “The program shall focus on students who qualify for free and reduced-price lunch, who are most likely to fail academically, or who have the greatest potential to drop out of school.”
    Just seems discriminatory to me….
    There goes another hit on the middle class again.

    I just wish the politics involved were not. Way to much red tape, self interests & lets not forget the administration fees which will out weigh the actual money going to the intended children.
    It always seems like everything comes down to the almighty dollar & self interest.

    It’s not all bad, but could be better.
    I couldn’t read & understand the entire bill. I would have to call my lawyer who is in the Rocky Mountains right now looking for the treasure.
    I guess we got to start somewhere…..

    • Yes Jake you touched on a HUGE problem ingrained into our society. Unfortunately the political agendas always come first, Americas biggest problem, politics always enters the arena. That’s the biggest reason for me to venture outdoors to escape the agendas. With my tinted shades, I still believe a benefit would be gained with an introduction to the outdoors. I’m a big picture guy I guess. I do understand your concerns, the devil is in the details, unfortunately.

      • You do realize strawshadow, after your escape to the outdoors, you have to come back inside & face the HUGE elephant in the room.
        The devil is in the details of the writers & the writers are devils.

        • Thank you for your sage advice Jake, and I mean that with all due respect. If I’m following your foresight correctly, I would be at risk of playing with a wordly devil, I imagine that would be a hot seat indeed. One thought comes to mind, life is like a game of poker and you play with the cards your dealt. Reminds me of a Kenny Rodgers song, sorry I couldn’t help myself. I’ve made many mistakes in my life, the one I chose not to make again is one of a selfish nature. I think anyone given the opportunity to help someone in need should accept the responsibility with open arms. There are other worlds to sing in Jake and I’m not quite sure how to take that. As far as the Elephant goes, I’ll play it like a mouse.

        • Yes, it would be a hot seat indeed. Sometimes when playing poker, I will just throw all my cards away in the muck & wait for the next hand. Yes, be selfishless & embrace such opportunities to help others but my point being is that not all is what it appears to be & be cautious when the devil speaks or writes for that matter. Have you ever heard of the strawman?

          • @Jake – what will you do if it’s found today or tomorrow, and if you had all of the clues handed to you but did squat about it except negate everything that was ever said? Wouldn’t that be a swift kick to the groin?

            You really should reconsider your personality.

  7. As I write this from Snohomish Washington, I’m happy to see a positive thing thing coming out of our local government. SO much money wasted on foolish ideas. Here in Seattle, they want 5 BILLION dollars to build a light rail that would go about 10 miles. And it wouldn’t be done til like 2040. They are insane. Of course I shouldn’t talk….my theories “and Dal will back me up on this one”, are well…outside the box to say the least. So….Washington seems a great spot to rehide the treasure ! Lets see…”Begin it at the golden Gates” (Bill & Melinda).

  8. I think ,that’s an awesome job the governor is doing.when I was a kid,we all stayed outside and played and used our imagination.played in the woods around the house.boy,those were the good old days.time seemed so its so short,the older I get.if the kids don’t get out of the house,they will end up with carpal tunnal and numb hands and fingers playing all these video games.etc.

  9. While growing up as a kid here in new mexico and up there on whidbey island in washington state my school would take us on two or three field trips. In washington we would go to places like the old WWII fort casey or fort Warden. Here in New Mexico we would go to some of the old spanish missions or indian ruins. Love going to both and imagining what it was like when people live there.

  10. Kudos to anyone who supports getting young folks into nature… In my area of the North East we have had the Fresh Air Program since I was a child. Young folks from the city(New York, Boston, Hartford) stay with host families in the country for 2 weeks or so to get out of the city environment. Usually the host kids travelled back with the city kids to stay and see the city life. I remember those days well and couldn’t wait to get back to my little lake town. It was always really neat to see the looks on some of these kids faces when they got to do some of the things that were second nature to us country kids.
    Politics only dictates if you let it…

  11. There was a city park a block from our house, when I was a kid. It had a small outhouse sized shed full of games, crafts and playground sports equipment. Every summer morning, we gulped our cereal, dressed, grabbed our sack lunch and hopped on our bikes to spend a full day at that little park. At 08:00, Brenda, our 18 yr old park director, would arrive and open that shed and the fun began! Kickball, softball, bike rodeos and safaris to other near by parks to challenge their skills against ours, we’re a daily thing, because we were the Shady Grove Slammers! Crafts, water balloon wars, plays, nature classes and even camping skills kept us off the street and in that great park, day in and day out, rain or shine, until 17:00, M-F. On the weekends, we’d mope around the park wishing for Monday.
    The program lasted ten years and when I turned 14, the city de-funded the program. We all still met at the park and played/hungout but the feeling of belonging in a club ended.
    Brenda, retired from nursing, is now the Asst City Park Director and making plans to restart this lost program in the city of Irving, TX.
    Brenda is now attempting to revive the lost art of outdoor childhood play, and I think reviving some of her own childhood too!
    Ahhh, those were the days!

  12. Now, some 6 months later, how did this program turn out? This sounds like a great idea to me, to get kids outside. Picking up on Jake’s qualms about the program, I’ve often wondered why when classes took field trips, the price of lunch wasn’t included so that all kids got the same thing? (Except those kids with allegies, etc.)

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