Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Nine


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887 thoughts on “Odds n Ends About Fenn’s Treasure Hunt…Part Nine

  1. Leave it to Dal to join in to such a good discussion then start a new odds n ends. Some very good things where said at the end of the last odds n ends. To look for the location of the chest or the next clue?

    The first 2 clues appear to have something in common that the rest of the clues may not, but which map will you use? Is TFTW map a good one to use? Or do we need a more detailed map?

    • I think you definitely need a better map then the one in TFTW. I believe FF had control over making the map, but I don’t think he too much into it, just because it seemed he didn’t know Canada was going to be cut off. I am being lazy, because I am on my lunch break, but I think FF even suggested in a scrapbook that searchers use Google Maps/Earth or a good map.

    • I truly enjoy that approach but at some point every searcher wants to look at a physical map to make a connection to the literal map.

  2. I have a much simpler approach than some…

    I approach Forrest’s Treasure Hunt like a Scavenger Hunt. I am not looking for Indulgence. I am looking for Nine different places that when discovered in order will lead me to Indulgence.

    The first item on my list was to find WWWH. Not everyone believes that is the first clue in the poem…but no matter, it is the place Forrest says to “Begin it…”

    In order to do that I need some help…
    I look at the rest of the poem for guidance to help identify WWWH. I find some things…but not enough for me, so I reread TOTC and find more guidance. I also pay attention to what Forrest has said about WWWH. He has eliminated some places all together and he has told us that there are many places where warm water halts in the west and that most are north of Santa Fe.

    He has also told us, in my opinion, that we don’t need to physically see it to find it. It can be found on a good map. I think that means it must be a remarkable place, maybe large, maybe different from the others in some bold way….etc, etc…

    When I find a WWWH that seems to be logical the next test is to see if from there I can find a “canyon down”…If I can..I may have the correct WWWH…if not I may not have the correct WWWH…again, I believe Forrest has told us that we should be able to see the “canyon down” on our good map.

    To find the places the clues refer to after “canyon down” will take more than a good map in my opinion. They will require getting out and searching in an area for the next place. Which to me likely means that it does not show up on our good map.

    My point is, that I am a long way from looking for Indulgence..I am on a scavenger hunt, looking for nine places, one at a time…

    I believe I have found three and possibly four. I will be testing number four this spring to see if it is the one I think Forrest has in mind and if it leads me to number five…

    This is my approach…and I realize there is nothing special about it. It may be right or not…but it works for me…so far!

    • 2 words in the poem stand out when you think where to start & where to end.
      Begin & cease.
      Nothing odd about the meaning of those words to me.
      I like your approach Dal & works for me to.

    • Dal;

      I do not think that anyone can find fault with your logic. I just wish that it were so simple.

      I was able to find my wwwh on a map, but not until I had given it a lot of thought.

      Forrest has said, “Here is what I would do. Read my book in a normal manner. Then read the poem over and over and over, slowly – thinking. Then read my book again, this time looking for subtle hints that will help solve the clues.”

      This approach, and LOTS of thought led me to MY wwwh.

      It may, or may not be the correct one, but after finding it, the other eight clues seemed to fairly easily fall into place.

      Hope to prove yes or no on the 21st.

      Good luck to all searchers, and STAY SAFE


    • Dal
      After the canyon or clue 3 do you find it to be more helpful in you search to continue to use a map or to follow attributes of the poem?

      • Count-
        I am always looking at maps but my thought is that Forrest has pointed out that a little girl in India would not be able to get past the first two clues…to me that means you need more than a map and the internet to figure out clues 3-9…
        I still use maps…constantly…all kinds of maps…historical maps, plats, topo maps, GE and Garmin maps..but not so much to identify the further clues as much as to get a handle on where I have already looked, direction logic, history of the area and trying to get a general familiarity with the region beyond what I have already walked…
        In other words, I use a map to figure out where I will next look for the next clue..not to identify the clue itself…

    • It seems to me that if a person found the first two clues, then the third clue should have been found as well…
      1) Begin it where warm waters halt”
      2) And take it in the canyon down,”
      3) “Not far, but too far to walk.”

      They may not have realized it, but being there is being there.

      Understand, if Forest walked the entire way twice in one afternoon as he said, then “too far to walk” has to be a reference to something else (a poem and it’s meaning, perhaps, or a cliff that extends to make it literally too far to walk around) than actually being too far to walk.

      So, if these people were -there-, “in the canyon down” as it were, then that third clue would be automatically solved.

      This leaves me puzzled.

      As far as Forest walking it twice, I see his “start” (as opposed to “begin it where” this way.
      – The beginning of the clues are:
      “Begin it where warm waters halt”
      – But the start of the actual journey is:
      “Put in below the home of Brown.”

      • BB,
        I’m thinking NFBTFTW is not a clue but information given as truth.
        Saddle up, four wheel up, maybe hop on plane.
        Either way it’s too far to walk as stated.

        • I guess there are one too many “clues” going from “Begin it” to “quest to cease.”

          So at least one of those 10 are not a clue. And if there’s one, there may be more.

          So I see your point and accept that you are likely right, Jake. Almost certainly, in light of the comments about the first two clues.

          That means that the “home of Brown” is the hangup, even for those who got the first two clues right.
          And since the little girl in India would also have a problem at that point, it seems that “Brown” in not something on most maps.
          Rather, “the home of Brown” seems to be something you have to be there to see.
          Or a local legend? A person in India might have a great deal of difficulty finding out about that, too.

          (Come to think of it, I think I’ve read something like that here. Maybe I’m catching up a little.)

          • Yes Bob,
            I agree, the hangup HOB.
            I haven’t figured out what it is but I think I know where it is.
            Possibly somewhere on the Madison River, near the junction.

  3. “Forrest, you have stated that several searchers correctly identified the first two clues in your poem. Could you tell us how many searchers to your knowledge have correctly identified the first clue correctly? Thanks. ~49 Dollars
    No 49, I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the first clue correctly, but certainly more than several. I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later clues. To me that’s just expensive folly. f”
    “I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the first clue correctly, but certainly more than several.” hmm.
    I “identified the “first clue” This does mention the first clue… ok.

    “I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later clues. To me that’s just expensive folly. f”
    Can’t imagine finding the treasure “without first Identifying the staring point”… First clue?

    Wait what?

    If the first clue was identified, wouldn’t that mean, the starting point was identified as well?!? Are we [ the readers ] skipping the “starting point” and just looking at the first clue?

    Is the; ‘know where to start’.. ‘ without identifying the staring point’ / ‘need to nail down the first clue’.. ‘first clue identified by several’… two different things?

    Add in little Indy or anyone else, and they can’t get pass the “first two clues” with the poem or a map of the Rockies…

    What is missing here?

    • Well Seeker there’s nothing missing here now that you’re here.
      All kidding aside, it does appear he is referring to the first clue as the starting point.
      Where that is in the poem is yet to be nailed.
      I enjoy your inquisitiveness & speculation as well as others here & will shred the political related beliefs I had before about you.
      Please leave little Indy alone to wash the dishes in the kitchen sink while she still has one.

      • Too funny… Little Indy can be anyone, you ,me and all others. So If Indy bothers ya I’ll replace her with.. oh I don’t know, how about a ‘guy named Jake’.

        Jake can Identify the first clue, yet in the same breath, Jake didn’t identity the starting point. although Jake and many seem preoccupied by ‘later clues’.

        How is it that Jake can’t Identify the starting, yet did the first clue? Is it because the place to start is a must know even before clues are presented? And how did those who identify the first two clues pass the other seven?
        Did they get there by aberrations alone?

        Lets try a hypothetical [ lets face it, that is all we have..]
        A reader can discover the first two clues… but without knowing what or where the starting point is… the don’t understand those clues. They identified the clues, But didn’t know the significance of where they were… is the “know where to start” comment, the reason for the not knowing?

        Or maybe they all where too busy enjoying the wiles of nature and they all just made a wrong turn. I guess that could happen. but I’m trying to figure, if it was something else… than they couldn’t follow simple directions.

        • Seeker, you have a way of making me spew in the kitchen sink.
          I am happy it’s still there, it will be recycled into an unrecognizable hint somewhere along the way.

          Yes it’s possible that you find the starting point but didn’t identify the first clue.
          We don’t know that for sure, do we?

          I know what your getting at with the assumption of the poem being the only thing you need.

          Yes, all we have are hypo’s & nothing to back it up.
          I do think there were a mix of tourists & searchers at the same locations at different times & days for different reasons.

          There is only one path to know the truth to take another bath.

          • Jake, maybe in a few years, if you are still in the challenge… you may start to think… Have I looked at this poem in the wrong light of day?

            Even the directional method of a solve needs to ask the same questions other methods ask… is the information I have, being used correctly to solve this poem?

            If you need Drano for your sink… I’m gonna start selling it at a low discount price to chase members… an extra 10% off with your chase coupon.

          • My next trip will most likely be my last trip.
            I don’t want to keep chasing my tail for years.
            If it’s not what I’m thinking then it’s a done deal.
            I cannot change the way I think. I can put myself in other peoples shoes for a little bit but my shoes are much more comfortable for me.
            My chase coupon will expire on June 22nd & it’s better to have a clogged sink than no sink at all.
            15% off & we got a deal.

          • Instead of giving up maybe you should consider teaming up…just saying

          • Sometimes you got to know when to walk away from the table.
            I have decided before my next trip & not after.
            I will give my solve to JD seeing he’s local & a good guy if I do not find it.
            But this info will probably be worthless considering the poem will bring you right to the treasure. There should be no extensive searching in this area. If your within 12′, then you got it.
            I guess that may be partnering up?

          • Jake,

            imo… the challenge was not meant for all, it was meant for everyone to have the same chance. There is dedication needed, and we were warned the path would not be direct.

          • Please direct me to that quote.

            Direct: Extending or moving from one place to another by the shortest way without changing direction or stopping.

            A shortcut?

          • Jake,
            Say it isn’t so…leaving the chase…I’m perplexed.
            : )

          • Why would you be perplexed KM?
            Everything has an ending.
            The one thing that Forrest said which sticks out in my mind is 10,000 years down the road. Makes me wonder.

            One more trip & done searching.

          • Jake; “Please direct me to that quote.

            Direct: Extending or moving from one place to another by the shortest way without changing direction or stopping.”

            You should look up “direct” again… there is more than one usage.
            “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” f

          • Thanks Seeker,
            I know I have seen that quote before.
            Not sure why I tend to ignore some of his writings.
            Location – where the treasure is?
            Did someone ask him a question & this is the answer?

          • Honestly Jake. There were other times this comment… Or related comment was said.

            So I can’t direct you to where this was exact… I believe it was on a video… Maybe Toby’s video. I copy what I feel are comments that I should keep in mind… I’m not one who has a library of fenn’s comments, that may be my down fall. I try hard to stay poem fixed.

          • In reply to Seeker’s reminder that Fenn wrote or said “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” But Forrest on another occasion has also said, in effect, that no searcher will know with certainty the location of the chest until they are staring at it. So in the quote above he may simply be referring to himself. He doesn’t say sure for the one who DOES, he says sure for the one who DID.

          • Zap,
            We can nickle and dime till we’re broke…
            I take this as, The one [ searcher ] will understand what to expect beforehand.

            Does that mean simply walk to the chest from home?
            Is there work/understanding/viewing/calculating etc. to be done on site?
            Will the searcher understand beforehand what they come across while stomping… and know it when they do?

            I think this and other comments mean… no need to go on a hunch/a guess, the poem will tell you if you understand it. That does not say… it can be ‘done’ beforehand…. although I have argued both sides in the past… I think it is just an overall premise of understanding the poem, then have at it.

          • Zap,

            I had to come back to your comment…

            ‘no searcher will know with certainty the location of the chest until they are staring at it.’ [I understand you were paraphrasing]

            I don’t believe, fenn said “staring” at it. [I could be wrong]
            I don’t have the comment, yet I recall that it was about the ‘first clue’… you will not know you have the first clue correct until you find the the chest.

            Great… now I’m gonna need to hunt that one down to be sure…lol. thanks.

          • @Jake,

            this one??

            “I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” f —- it is on the page that contains the map in TFTW!!

            (who knows where this reply will land?? I certainly don’t!!! :: )

          • Sorry, I’m trying to juggle work & here.
            I didn’t comment.
            I was thinking about the comment from Zap about “staring” he was trying to debunk that statement.

          • Jake……….
            “…..study the clues in the book and thread a tract through the wiles of nature and circumstance to the treasure. If you can find it, you can have it. I warned the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty of the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.” (Flap on map in Too Far to Walk)

            Now I know why I could remember… it’s the other book. Found on MW’s


          • Hello Jake Faulker, et al. Too Far To Walk…outside flap of map:

            First paragraph:

            ‘Several years ago I wrote a book titled The Thrill of the Chase. In it, I spoke of a chest full of gold precious gems that I hid in the mountains. A dare went out to everyone who possessed a sense of wanderlust; study the clues in the book and thread a tract through the wiles of nature and circumstance to the treasure. If you can find it, you can have it. I warned that the path would not be direct for those who had no certainty o f the location beforehand, but sure for the one who did.’

          • Loco,

            We should charge these guys for doing their homework… umm skip that thought, I would owe you more than I could afford.

          • Hello Seeker. You beat me to it. Guess my typing classes I took in high school is getting a little rusty. I think my 85+ words a minute went down to half now. 🙂

          • LOL!! Are we having fun yet??? 🙂

            (insert smiley face with tongue sticking out)

            baaad, bad to the bone!!!! 🙂

          • Jake/Seeker/Locolobo, that’s still not the quote that Seeker is looking for. We’re trying to locate where Forrest either wrote or said something to the effect that a searcher will not know with certainty that he/she has correctly deciphered the first clue until they have actually found the chest. The statement interested me because it seemed to be in conflict with two other things he wrote: “My guess is that the person who is successful will very quietly solve the clues and walk to the treasure with a smile on their face” and the oft-quoted line about proceeding with confidence. It might be somewhere on Mysterious Writings; I’ll post it if I find it.

          • Hello locolobo. Definitely fun and funny! I wonder who will be the first to post the next link??? 🙂

            P.S. Wait. I need a head start. My fingers are a little slow and my mind a little slower. 🙂

          • Dang Zap you’re right… I’m gonna find it, and send ya a bill more mileage… but I will find it.

          • Zap – I think this is the comment you are looking for:

            Q. Do expect that people will somehow *know* for sure once they have found the first clue?
            A. No, many people have found the first clue but they didn’t know it. Until someone finds the treasure they will not know for sure that they have discovered the first clue.


          • OK Loco – you are on duty for fielding quote requests the rest of the day. 🙂

          • It only took 4 people to find those references on the World Wide Web…
            how come we can’t find a 10 inch chest in a little mountain range?

            There’s a joke in there somewhere but i’m too tired from running around to make one up.

        • So, say the first clue is a calm river, that halts it ‘s lazy progression by tumbling into a narrow canyon, to flow past the HOB, which you put in below…you figure out the names of the river, canyon, but…if you don’t travel on the “it”, (the starting point), you’d never figure out how to get below to the HOB.
          Having the clues is one thing, but by not having a good map to show you which “it” to take to the HOB, will only end up in missing the other clues, and a folly.

        • Hello JCM. We may need to keep an eye on locolobo. If he can find these quotes this quick, maybe he’s figured out where the treasure chest is hidden. Oh, locolobo…. 🙂

          • LOL!! Not quite yet, pd. You girls are just a lot of fun to hang with. And, I really like it when I make you giggle! 🙂

            (prolly gonna kick myself for this)


            Ole Yeller, I been thinkin’ bout sumthin for several months…..If one doesn’t know where to begin, maybe one could get an idea from where one ends up, in the Poem.

            Like he said, and you have re-enforced,,,, Look At the Big Picture??


          • Thanks for clearing that all up with actual quotes.
            Very nice guys & gals & your all worth your weight in gold.
            Good point Loco.
            Would that be reverse engineering though?

          • Kinda like, they didn’t know the significance of where they were… and Indy can’t get pass the first two clues?
            You won’t know if you have the first clue till the chest is found…
            They went pass / walked pass the other seven clues…
            To an ant a mud puddle looks like an ocean…
            Scant, talking in circles…
            The spot is small but the location is huge…[or something like that]

            In the wood…?

          • @Jake, : Nope. To reverse engineer would require having an absolute point to begin with, and knowing it is absolutely correct.

            I’m just trying to “riddle out” (thanks for that ff) any info in the Poem. He said everything we need is in there!! 🙂

          • Seeker!! There ya go, again!!

            “and Indy can’t get pass the first two clues?”

            LOL!! He never said that!! He said, can’t get “closer” than the first two clues. There is a big difference between those two words, especially when taken in the context of the question.

            …..don’t ask!!! 🙂

          • Tomato Potato or something like that…

            Yep to reverse engineer you need to know something is exact to rewind. So if I’m following you correctly, the ending relates to the beginning hence the know where to start, and not so much the spot the chest lays in wait.

            If so, and I would agree to a point, is stanza 6 being used fully? For me it makes a difference with hear and listen added to the thought. Because you know my big picture.

          • “the ending relates to the beginning hence the know where to start”
            That’s my take on the poem.
            I’ve forward engineered it, got stuck at HOB & skipped to next clue after a few weeks, got it & got stuck again at 5.
            Searched for a place I would like to rest my bones & matches first clue, got it & went in reverse from there to see if it works & got stuck where I was stuck at the 5th clue after HOB.
            Thought about a word that is key maybe stopping me, got it after a week or so.

            Have all the clues except what HOB is, knowing where it is, is more important.
            The beginning has much in common with the end.

            Just my imagination typing here.

    • it’s a little tricky but pretty simple for the most part seeker imo. i believe those that have been within 200 ft were there only by accident. i think i have probably been closer.

    • I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the FIRST CLUE correctly, but certainly more than several. I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the STARTING POINT

      First clue and starting point not the same? hmmm

    • “a clue will point you toward the treasure chest”

      When you go from your home to the first point or beginning point as identified by the poem, this is your first move toward the treasure chest, thus it is the first clue.

      I hope my logic is not out in left field on this one.

    • It seems like most ignore the place that he went into in stanza one as a clue. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you can figure out the place he went into from stanza one you will be that much closer to the chest.

  4. Dal, my belief is that you are no where near the TC. I breathe a sigh of relief, sir.

  5. Begin it WWWH has been the hang up for most searchers over the years. We need more to “start” the search. If the first “clue” were BIWWWH, then there would be way, way, way more than several who have the first clue.

    Good luck! 🙂

    • Q. Do expect that people will somehow *know* for sure once they have found the first clue?
      A. No, many people have found the first clue but they didn’t know it. Until someone finds the treasure they will not know for sure that they have discovered the first clue.

      specialklr – MANY people HAVE found the first clue… They just didn’t know that they had done so. It is the remaining clues that people seem to have a lot of trouble with, except for several search parties.

      • JCM,

        Many and several is a very hard amount to whittle down to a number… especially when fenn gets some 30 e-mails a day…65,000 plus searchers, add in 5 plus years.. well, you get my point, that’s a whole lot of folks.

        The pondering question is why they didn’t know? Is it so hard to think that fenn / the poem gave the starting point and we need to know it… and then clues are followed from that point? It’s simple concept… yet easily over looked, and may be the key to understand the first clue significance. is the first clue being “ignored” because we haven’t figured out where or what the starting point is?

        Is anything I say here remotely factual… hell no. but it is a plausible possibility ~ a what IF…

        • I agree seeker, having all 9 clues does no good, unless you know WHERE to start! There are ALOT of WWH in the Rockies, it’s the correct one that counts!

  6. All such beautiful horses in the chase here & there.
    Nyquist is not Myquest.
    Fastest wins the K derby.
    Smartest wins the f derby.
    Place your odds & ends.

    • Hahaha well Jake, Louisville is my town and it has been a very fun 3 weeks here leading up to the derby. And I have a possible solve to keep it in my old Kentucky Home hahaha. Place your bets I just hope I am favored a little better than 65000 to 1. Lol

      • Glad you enjoy the chase ACE.
        We all have possible solves.
        No one has finished this chase.
        Looks like a lot of funny looking hats to me.
        I’ll bet there’s betting on the head cover there in KY.
        Your odds are the same as all searching.
        I will eat my hat if you find it.
        Otherwise, throw a buck at me.

  7. What would you all put odds on the TC already been found, and just not revealed?

    • BTW, since I have come here and asked questions without contributing anything…..to me the WWWH has to be the snow line.

      Everybody talks about water halting downward, but I’m guessing it also “halts” where it freezes.

        • Whut
          If that is your feeling then why are you still here? I happen to believe FF over you. If you really feel that way may this isn’t where you need to be .
          Good LUCK IN lIFE

      • Now Jake, you’ve been here long enough to know that maybe just maybe fifty fifty might just might lead in a direction that oddly enough you haven’t been to yet. Do you think I hang out here just for your constructive criticism. IMO fifty fifty is one hundred.

        • Thanks strawshadow,
          You make me think I have been here long enough to know but yet I think I have been here too long.
          I should have been long gone a long time ago but yet I am still here.
          If it’s fifty/fifty in life then I have to consider myself very lucky.
          50% is not an option just flip a coin.
          The odds of someone finding the treasure is at least 100,000 to one & I am being very conservative.
          The odds of it being already found & Forrest not knowing about it with all the documented items as well as all the connections to all the people he knows around the globe would be next to zero.

          Of all the items in the chest, something would have surfaced by now if it was found.

          The odds are against us but within Forrest’s favor to know.

        • Hi Straw, If 50% and 50% means 100% ( as you say) and does not mean a chance of 50% yes and 50% no, then does that mean you are holding out on us? There is only one reason that someone could be 100% sure.

          • Alopes, the last time I was 100% sure I was right I was 100% wrong. That was a hard pill to swallow and is still stuck in my throat. I have learned to see the treasure in a different light and I’m a better person for it. Take what I say with a grain of salt unless of course it makes perfect sense. And Jake when I throw percentages out there I always round off so fifty fifty just seemed to fit the bill. With all due candor I must admit that my finest intellectual moments come after a bad trip.

          • Hello Alopes,

            Forgive me for sounding like a parent, but I am. Life isn’t fair. Expecting the odds to be 50/50 or all chances adding up to 100 are linear thoughts. At times, my teenage children have cried “but Dad! that’s not fair!” and I tell them that’s right. So what do you think you should do about it?

            There isn’t always an answer, but if you are determined, you’ll be surprised at what you can overcome. I’ve eaten plenty of crow thus far in my searches, though it only succeeds in making me more determined. I’d wager the vast majority questing for their blasted treasures have come away richer in other aspects. Still, the thrill is sweet and I for one hope to see it continue.

          • Hi magic 8. Thanks for taking time to respond to my post. I’ll clarify; I was asking straw shadow about his 50/50=100percent comment. I didn’t mean for the post to read that I had any sort of expectations , percentage wise or other, as that would be ridiculous and I like to think that I’m fairly sane. I do believe everyone here has the same chance though 🙂 I can tell by his reply that straw understood what I meant. Thanks, dad.

      • Hola pdenver, you going out anytime soon? We are planning for the end of summer. : )

    • Whut?

      I have said this to other searchers [ mainly in PM ] It doesn’t matter if it was “found” or not… one need to have proof of the “find.” If not, all they have is a tall tale to tell. I’ll add it doesn’t matter if it was retrieved or not… proof of the find is still needed.

      I wonder if fenn would release; the find of the chest… if there was no retrieval of the chest… but a simply pic of it, where it lays in wait, that someone sent him?

      • Seeker, how can I PM you? There are a few thoughts related to your comment that I’d like to discuss offline.

    • Well, if anyone has found it and not told anyone they are a jerk. How could anyone in good conscience let the rest of us tpo; away go on search trips if the game was over? Anything to say to that, strawshadow, after your rather provocative comment?

      • ‘Found’ and ‘retrieved’ are two different things.
        Proof his needed in either case. If one found it by solving the poem, and decided to leave it be… why would the game be over? Game over only happens when proof is provided.

        • That’s true, Seeker. If one found it and left it be for others they would actually be quite the magnanimous being, wouldn’t they? But if that were the case, I’d prefer they said so rather than hint around at it. This puzzle is hard enough without another person playing clue master.

          • I’m not sure if magnanimous is the word I would use… I looked up synonyms meanings for it… High minded, Santa Clues… so if we twist it a bit we can make it work.

            I kill me…

      • Whoa Guys,
        According to FF he said he will know when the TC has been found. He will NOT tell anyone how it is he will know but he is adamant on the fact that the TC is still in the same spot he put it in.. You either believe in the true one or the ones that know NOTHING. Your words will tell us who you believe in.

    • I just have to trust Forrest that he believes it is still out there. Believe that almost as much as I believe he hid the chest. Somehow he knows. IMO

    • Thanks Mark, this is my first Mother’s Day without my mom. She just past a few months back. However, she brought all her kids together at her gravesite. We paid our respects and all had a wonderful lunch together. Hope you are doing better than expected.

  8. I prefer not to explain why, but I am confident that TC is still waiting to be found.
    “Have flashlight, will travel”
    Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

  9. The one thing that some and may be even FF has said that many have identified what some of the clues are but when saying there identified is one thing. Like i have identified that wwwh is where a hot spring runs into a river for instence instead of where two rivers meet. Like if where a hot spring runs in to a river could be right so that means i have what wwwh is but i still have to find the right one. So i have identified the first clue right but still dont have the first clue. FF likes to use words like identified where it at first makes you think you have that clue until you read it over again and realize you have what it is but need to find the right one imo. So imo thats why FF says to read the poem and then the book and then read them over and over again untill you find that one word that could change the way you look at what you have just read.

    • It’s even worse than that, Scott. A strict logician studying Forrest’s responses to questions realizes his word choices and phraseology leave plenty of wiggle room for the interpretation. Misinterpretation of his answers leads searchers to conclusions that aren’t necessarily valid. Let’s start with this sentence:

      “I cannot tell you how many searchers have identified the first clue correctly, but certainly more than several.”

      He doesn’t say *solved* the first clue, he says *identified*. Big difference between those two. The poem is finite, so with 65,000 people interpreting the poem, “more than several” are extremely likely to have correctly identified the first clue. In essence, this is a non-answer.

      Another Fenn statement:

      “I cannot imagine anyone finding the treasure without first identifying the starting point, although many seem to be preoccupied with later clues.”

      Seems logical enough. This is really just another way of saying that he hid the treasure chest well enough that no one is going to accidentally stumble across it. He is also implying that the later clues are sufficiently vague that there are many locations that can match each individual one, and therefore you are wasting your time if you think you can take this kind of shortcut.

      Now, here’s my favorite question and answer from “puttputt”:

      “Dear Forrest, Now that the 2014 search season has ended, can you summarize the results? Ie: is anyone close to the treasure chest? Has anyone given you a solve? Thanks, puttputt.”

      “I know of a few searchers who have been reasonably close to the treasure, puttputt, but there is no indication that they knew it. No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”

      It seems most people interpret Forrest’s answer to mean that some searchers have given him the correct answers to the first two clues. But that’s not what he wrote! Saying that no one has given a correct solution past the first two clues is not the same as saying someone HAS given him the correct solution to the first two clues. If no one has given him the correct solution past the very first clue, his answer above is still strictly true. It’s just misleading.

  10. Oh, and Slurbs…Guess the name of THIS site needs to be TTOTC too! When I just typed that, auto correct just put TOTC! Vent noted.
    Dona M.

    • Donna M., I like your response. I also like your keeping with the theme of Odds and Ends by making your comment end odd (i.e. Dona vs. Donna). Aberrations…
      On a side note, my imagination, IMO, needs no adjustment. I’ve said before that I’ve got this. I am taking my time because I am patient and accidents happen when rushed. I am in the planning stages of my next Chase for Indulgence. Before the Treasure hunt though, I plan to take my father on a fishing trip to my secret fishing place. I want to show him where I’ve been before he reaches his end. Not that his end is close, it’s just that time waits for no one. F has taught me to live and what’s important.

      • Well said slurbs, sounds like a great time ahead of you. Now the student can become the teacher. That is what is is all about. To bond, appreciate, and never forget where we come from. Hope you enjoy every minute.

  11. Straaaawshadow. Now you don’t want to answer questions? Let’s hear something conclusive from you and not cryptic post that makes it seem like you have the chest under your bed but are just on the blog as a callus voyeur. (Forgive me, but it’s what I have surmised from your statements) Having a great solve and having the chest are two different things. Why don’t you just say what you have been trying to say and be done with it? I believe that anyone here will be enthusiastic for the one that finds the chest but not so much for one that just hints as if they have done so.


  13. Hi All,

    Happy Mothers Day to all qualifiers…..! =)

    Can anyone come up with a concrete time/place where FF said (paraphrasing):

    “Someone has solved three or four clues”?

  14. At the top of this page, right under the header photo is a row of menu items..
    Rules…Cheat Sheet…Searchers of Note…etc

    One of the items in that row is “Fennboree 2016”
    If you hover your mouse curser over that item you will reveal a dropdown menu.

    Sacha just added a Fennboree Schedule and a sign-up list for Saturday’s pot-luck lunch.

    If you are attending Fennboree this year you will want to check out those pages.

  15. Saturday I had a very interesting and eventful search. Without going into much detail, I will say that the poem took me straight to what I will call a site of much interest. Now I am faced a dilemma related to how to proceed… or, if to proceed at all.

    @Dal, when are you headed back to the wood? I believe you are hot on my trail.

      • Ethical dilemma… I already know what the poem’s author would say but that doesn’t necessarily make it right. No offense intended… it is a hotly debated issue.

        • Ethical dilemma… you piqued my curiosity.

          One statement fenn made truly baffled me;
          “I thought it was the most atrocious thing that I’d ever done. But in the back of my mind I told myself if I’m sorry tomorrow I can go back and get the treasure chest.”

          I have ethics, there low, but I have them…

          • Hi, Seeker. The statement above from Fenn is not one I’ve heard before but it is very interesting. Do you recall where it can be found?

          • Alope,
            Like I said to Jake earlier. I keep some comments for my own review… neglecting to keep the reference of where and when. So I don’t have that information for this comment… but most of what I did keep came from book signings videos, radio interviews etc. because I can always look up comments in writing [ from fenn ] on this site or MW’s.

            Maybe check out the media page… should I find the reference it again, I’ll let ya know.

          • Hello Seeker. I’m not 100% sure, but you may want to check on Mysterious Writings. It might be there, but I could be wrong.

          • Thanks Loco… I thought is was one of those interviews. Was just taking time to listen to them.

          • Hey Seeker
            I remember that statement. Does that mean he did do it all in the same day and afternoon? Because if he went back a second time then he could have just changed his mind and take it with him. Unless, it was 1 day and the same day. even though f won’t say.

          • Thanks Loco for posting it. Thanks Seeker for the other interview, I hadn’t heard that one before and thanks for looking for it. I never write any quotes down and I will never be able to recall where I heard something so I don’t expect others to either, so truly thank you for taking time to try and find it. Also, hi pdenver.

        • Pandora,
          I try to listen & follow my conscience. Whenever I do not, I pay the price.
          If there is something that you are going to do & doesn’t exactly feel right, then it’s probably not.
          Good luck with your location.

          • Pandora,
            I whole heartily agree with Jake. I’ve been around for a while but I have learned that if you are second guessing yourself then something is wrong and “you probably will pay the price for that.” I’m quoting a mart man here. Think smart, is worth:
            1. possibly getting killed
            2. getting maimed
            3. getting hurt in anyway that will change your life forever
            4. going to jail and having a jacket for the rest of your life
            5. If your a religious man think, is this really what I should be doing? If not, well you now.
            Just saying we all are trying to do this the right way. Even if you decided to go the wrong way, you couldn’t tell anyone because the repercussions from that will be far harsher than if you got caught doing something wrong in the 1st place.

          • I forgot again that all is IMHO…
            thanks guys and gals. Sorry I’m old and forget a lot.

          • I told you all that I forget, Good Luck in what ever your decision is and most of all be Safe in all of your travels.

    • And what trail are you referring too? Just come out and say it.
      been there done it, Could it be Crow Pie trail?

  16. “Just take the chest and go in peace”

    If this is what Forrest would say – C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !

    If it was found on private land, hope you had the land owner’s permission.

    If not, you DO have a dilemma. If it were me, negotiate an agreement.

    Half of a pie is better than starving.

    Take it without telling the land owner? Could you live with yourself
    for the rest of your life? I know “I” couldn’t

    Hope that this is your dilemma.

    Again, if it is – C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

    Just my opinion

    STAY SAFE! ! ! ! !


    • LOL… I love your enthusiasm JD.

      I believe this location is forest (not Fenn) service land. More of a minor archaeological site.

      • Approach, DO NOT TOUCH – confirm it IS the chest – Take LOTS of PIC’s – send to Forrest – Seek advice.

        Glad it is not on Private Lands. I would not have thought Forrest would have hid it on Private Lands.

        Doubt that he would have hidden it on an archeological site either- – -That is why I say, “Approach, DO NOT TOUCH – confirm it IS the chest – Take LOTS of PIC’s – send to Forrest – Seek Forrest’s advice.

        Just my opinion – But what do I know? Nada

        STAY SAFE


        • I did email F a description and the location but he never responded.

          I believe there are 3 possibilities:

          a) this location is random and has nothing to do with TOTC (9 clues leading me to this specific location is quite a coincidence)
          b) TC was once here but is now long gone
          c) TC is here but buried

          • It is not unusual for Forrest to not respond to emails. As many emails as Forrest gets each day, yours could have been easily missed in the shuffle.

            Were it me, I would do as I said above – MAIL the PIC’s to Forrest certified mail, signature requested.

            He will almost be forced to respond – even if just to say, “Nice PIC’s”

            Option b) I firmly believe that “IT” is still out there.

            c) I am one of those that adamantly believes that the TC IS NOT buried.

            But like I said – “What do I know? NADA!

            Just my opinions

            STAY SAFE


          • clever…son of a gun. My first epiphany has already sent me full circle in our quest. Pandora, dilemmas are a fact of life, it’s how we face them that makes us who we are. Is “it” worth bending the rules? If so, how far is no longer ethical? Well, it’s now way past the elevent hour and my goose is cooked. I’m addicted to the chase, think I’m gonna get some shut eye, so, that’s that.
            Goodnight all. My eyes are shot.
            Sweet dreams…

            Ps. (Whisper) “you can change your stars…” A Knights Tale

        • Hey Pandora
          Listen to JD he’s also been around for awhile. BUT,,,,”DO NOT PROCEED WITHOUT PERMISSION” Archaeological digs usually have some sort of government money involved and I wouldn’t steal from “Uncle Sam”. He gets real mad when that happens….IMHO (I remembered)

        • Hey JD
          I am in agreement with you, but Dal has said this:
          “f never said the TC was buried, he never said it wasn’t” ( from MW ). So it’s still up to us individually.

          • Ff also said the tc is not in a dangerous place. Our first thought is that it is in an easy to retrieve locale. I also believe that it isn’t in an area that could be compromised by any legal issue or threat of federal, state, commercial or private interests. IMO it is exposed and not buried in a national forest. It is still out there and it will be waiting for you when you get there. If you have reservations about any of this you are probably in the wrong spot.

          • Med_evac, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think there is a single place in the US that isn’t claimed by federal, state, commercial or private interest. IMO, that’s why FF tells searchers to quietly take the loot and leave in peace. I don’t think any of us can actively search without somewhat disturbing the environment we are searching… that’s the conundrum; at what point are we no longer treading lightly and leaving no trace behind?

          • @Pandora, I can’t correct you if you are wrong because I may be wrong too. However I truly feel the tc is right out in the open and exposed. On any land, some more than others the legal ramifications for digging something up is great. On some lands picking it up would be illegal (i.e. private or national park) IMO and my opinion only, I think it is on forest service land and simply waiting g to be picked up by whoever solves the poem. The national forest is maintained (that is my land and yours) by the federal government and sadly enough some of our day areas are maintained by private companies (cough 1000 trails) but we are allowed to harvest the trees and make mineral claims on it to name a couple. I firmly believe you can walk in the national forest, pick it up and never fear the government. Even digging it up (practice leave no trace) in the national forest is okay. Before making a lode claim you have to dig something up to validate the claim. People collect gems and minerals all the time before staking a claim.
            Mr. Fenn wrote this poem for the quiet and loud searcher alike to express themselves however they want when they find it with no fear of the government… an entity he doesn’t trust. “I tried to think of everything”. Furthermore and also my opinion, forest hiding it on his land or someone else’s (all you need is permission) is by far one of the most retarded suggestions I have ever read. Have a great night my 2nd favorite family. Stay safe out there.

  17. JD its my opinion that I don’t think that ff would put it on private land imo he would of had to ask for permission him self to hide the chest and I don’t think forrest would put us through that jmo

  18. Strawshadow- I wasn’t able to reply above so I’m replying here. Thank you for replying to me. I have swallowed some bitter pills myself and feel that there are more of those pills in the future for me. I have also swallowed some sweet pills and they help to balance it all out. Disappointment is hard but it is the flip side of the same coin as compassion. I never make perfect sense of anything, so salt it is. Please feel free to salt my words as well. (‘*_*’)

  19. Jake, easier to reply down here as to why I’m perplexed. Had to think about it for a bit and I guess I don’t really know. Beginnings, endings and everything in between…. the story of our lives. I’m going riding tonight and hoping it will clear my mind. : ) Happy hunting.

      • Sorry to hear about the continuing snow in your area. I am finding it very difficult to wait many months to go back to get my hiking pole and have a good look around. Had a really nice ride last night, we carried around our pirate flag to help other horses get used to it and goofed around on the barrel pattern.

    • I didn’t know that it had. I know it has been heavily searched, but until someone produces the chest, I don’t see how it can be ruled out.

  20. What if………someone finds it before fenn bored? Will it still happen?

    • Of course it will. Everyone will want to know the Who, What,Why,When and Where and HOW of the final solve.

      What an exciting time that will be.

      The news will thrill many, and disappoint a few.

      Wonder if some will say, as Forrest has predicted, “Now
      why didn’t I think of that?”

      Good luck to all searchers, and STAY SAFE


      • @JD – you seem to me to be such a nice man with clear (and good) priorities. Please stay safe on your next chase adventure and good luck to you too!.

        • Here here. JD I love your approach on this chase and I can imagine in life. I am also jealous on how many trips you are able to take. We have limited nice landscape her in Indiana.

          • Thank you so very much. I hope my approach to the chase, and to life mirrors Forrest’s.

            Forrest said in TTOTC. ““We are all here only for the pleasure of others”

            What a beautiful philosophy of life!

            Yes, I am lucky to live relatively near where I think that the Treasure is hidden. Two more weeks, and hopefully I will know for sure. All of the ice should be gone, and I hope that the run-off is not at its peak. Hopefully I will hit it just right.

            I bet that Indiana has its own special kind of beauty.

            When I am at the location that I feel that the treasure lies, it is very easy to see why Forrest would have chosen this particular site. It is breath-takingly beautiful. I am so lucky to have found it

            Thanks Forrest.

            Please, all searchers – STAY SAFE


          • JD –
            Forrest said in TTOTC. ““We are all here only for the pleasure of others”
            I think there is an alternative meaning to this as well. Such as writing and entertainment. We are all here for the pleasure of FF. He brought us here. Just like the Kardishians brought people to the TV, The Rolling Stones brought people to the arenas, and Stan Lee brought people to the book stores.

            These types of quotes are broader than personal. Forrest doesnt know everyone or everything, but he knows how alot of things work, and that is how he built this chase. Base on a mound of realities that crossed paths in everyones life. Sports, Science, Entertainment, Books, and History as we know and see it, as a society whole, about 85% percent of the people think that things happen as they were told. there is usually a 15% difference in different opinions that are not mainstream. That is how we are made as a society. By a collection of Opinions that most of the people agreed on.

            No matter where you look and no matter who you are, if you can read and write, then you will find something personal about yourself within this chase.. That is the only way to get its point across to everyone. It has to have a little bit of everyone in it too..

            This is how I see things, and this is how I think things work.

      • Find the treasure…get hit by lightning, the odds are about the same with the exception of toil and trouble between those seeking to be struck.

        Personally, I’ve been far too sedentary and I’m missing my adventurous youth. This has given me a spark. I’m hopeful for better health in my prep for a new bent for adventure. Not for the treasure, I hold very little hope that I would be “the one” among so many, but for the journey.

        • Buckeye, you are so right, the best part of all this is getting out and enjoying the outdoors. I had a great time with my grandson last year but it showed me how out of shape I am.
          I disagree about the lightning.- I think the odds of getting hit by lightning is a lot higher than finding the treasure.
          Everyone have a great adventure and stay safe.

  21. I have a very strange question but should be a consideration. If and I do mean IF it is on property that the government feels they owe claim to it, considering Forrest is still alive we can consider he had a case of the droppsies we just came along and found it for him. Offer it back to him and your reward will be no you keep it. Of course Uncle Sam will tax you when you sell it. Sounds crazy but what if. Lol would just have to be careful because Uncle Sam would want to try to tax you twice once for you receiving a gift second time if you ever sold

  22. I hope it is me Jd. There is a key word nobody seems to have figured out.

    • JD if I told what “it” was you would be so mad at yourself that you would pull the hair right out head. I tell you what I will consider telling you and everyone else my theory maybe down the road just not now.

      • Ace, as you can see, I have no hair on top, so you might as well tell me what “it” is… I won’t tell anyone.


        • You are way to smart sir. I am only on this site because of you, pdenver, mark h. , randy b., and others that have put in an honest effort and a kind heart toward others. I have deep respect for all of you. Remember though I will not discuss my solve. I will be going out sometime before end of August. If and big IF my solve is right I will do my best to bring everyone along on my journey. I have given some thought to giving out some info. We will see. I may throw some info out to my thoughts of the poem to everyone that may be interested.

          • Hello ACE. Thank you for your kind words. I greatly appreciate them. I enjoy reading people’s thoughts and feel free to do so when you feel comfortable. 🙂

          • Thank you for the very kind words. Words I probably do not deserve.

            Ace is the highest card in the deck.
            Hope you stay on top.

            Good luck in your search and STAY SAFE


          • Haha remember things can take on multiple meanings. ACE can also be the lowest card In the deck. Probably how I will feel for a few weeks if and when I come back from my solve empty handed. Haha

          • Let me know if you find my orange hiking pole, I’d like it back. : )
            You sound like me, no hints to where I was going, or going back to. Have fun ace.

          • @ACE good luck with your chase. I sincerely hope it pays off for you.
            @JD, hair or no hair I just want to tug on your beard and make an early Christmas wish to have a chest full of gold. My son thinks you’d make a great Santa Claus.
            @KM you should give us title to the pole. Like the tc finders keepers. Loll jk

    • HEY JD,
      Will’s gotta be right, since this started 6 years ago nobody wants to stay “HOME” anymore… See how that keyword works. I’m sure the real one will be a real kick in the rear end.IMHO

      • Are you saying that the real one is END as in The END is ever drawing nigh? Who knows YOU may be correct.

        Happy Hunting.


  23. Hi Ace –

    There are things you can do with the treasure – after you find it – other than sell it.

    What if you had Las Vegas Casinos – bid on the chance to display it. I’ll bet Treasure Island would love to have it. They could re create the story of the find……and show how it was done.

    There are agents, that will handle the entire negotiations for you.

    In this case, one would only pay taxes on the income from the TC – which should be more than 60,000 per month – and you would still own the treasure.

    • That sounds right up my alley. Thank you greatly for that insight. Yes I could use the money and that would be the avenue to take. No I could never not allow everyone that has followed and fell in love with the Chase to be cheated. I would never want to sell it to a collector only to hoard it for themselves and not let anyone in. The chest is an amazing gift Forrest has given us, but The Chase is even a greater one. Lol besides I do quite well playing Texas Holdem, I could see living in Vegas a few years. My wife and I already talked about giving me a chance at the tables. For those none gamblers out there no I would use my own money never the Chases money that to me is sacred.

    • I love this idea, since I live in Vegas. It would be so fun to see the chest on display. I hate going in those casinos since I don’t gamble but I’d make a special trip to see the chest. Maybe many so I can leave my tales of searcher’s woe there. I might go to watch ACE play Texas Holdem too. But I don’t understand that game at all.

      • Thanks for your input Kevin. Yeah I am self employed and had to pay $22,000 this year on taxes. I was just letting off a little steam.

  24. ACE,
    do anything with it but selling it. I’m not sure what it means to you but think of the history that you could be teaching young kids about and all of the history would actually be right in your hands..IMHO

  25. To restate my comment earlier I would never reach in to the chest to pay a debt except for one time to reach for the bracelet and give back to Forrest as my debt of gratitude. The Chase has made me feel so alive it has extended my thoughts and imagination further than I thought I could. Yes to Timothy and to all I would not want to just sell it. The part of the poem that says go in peace rings in the back of my head, but I feel that this journey has been for all of us, therefore makes it impossible to fulfill that statement. I just hope that if I am not the one that finds the chest that whomever does sees it through in a way that does not cheat all that have tried.

    • Nice thoughts, but I see no agents standing in line to broker the chest to the casino’s, maybe that will change once a person has it in hand. My problem with this scenario is that it limits the viewing audience to just adults, why not get the kids involved. I foresee it’s rightful place in a museum. Maybe have a free FF treasure day so everyone has an opportunity to view regardless of their financial status. Just random images I have on occasion..

      • Yes JL I agree. I hope whomever finds it takes all into consideration. The plus side I think with casino as well is a temp solution and one to be considered. Only for a lucrative part of it. Plus some of the casinos have a nice backdrop and I would make sure that it was in a place for all ages to see. Would be hard to turn down a little cash flow and still have say in where it can go next. I can say if it is me I will always be considerate of human kind and trying to get it to reach all who care to see it. To me the chest is the great bonus that can help most people along in life(mine included), but the journey is the thing that is most important to understand. I feel there are several searchers if they find it will just slip an air tight bottle in its place saying congrats you are the second person and so on. That will have to do if that is what they choose. Eventually enough people will find that bottle then speak up. If I am right in my solve then it is because I took the time to know and understand Forrest. Keep in mind he is an archeologist and although he respects the artifacts he finds to him it is much more important to understand the person behind it and why it even exists in the first place. All IMO and only IMO


        • Ace,
          I guess maybe I’m just always searching for a perfect ending. Your post reminds me I might have left something not quite finished the way I wanted. Looks like another road trip in my future, just when I thought I was caught up for a while.

          • I am a little confused on this trip of yours. Does this mean you are going to go visit and bond with some distant relatives or return the chest and its box full of goodies in place of the air tight bottle. Lol
            If I am the one to find it, of course I am going to do my best to bring everyone along. At the same time I am also going to ask the man himself how I should go about handling all of it. Hopefully Forrest will offer up good ideas. After all he thought of everything. I know how the casino display with a little skit only to get people into their doors to gamble will sound cheesy to some(myself included) it is only one of many scenarios. Just know that if for some grand reason it is me, I will be like the side of a box says. Fragile handle with care.

        • Well Ace,
          “Urgency is not a good plan to fallow.” A conversation with Forrest would certainly be helpful but it seems hard to get an audience. I will have to do a little more thinking on my end, I am tired right now and have a cold I’m trying to recover from. Sometimes I just cannot turn off the ringing in my ears, maybe its just an echo.

    • I am going to the city/county building and file for a business permit to sell lemonade on MY driveway, going to hire security (job creation) and display the chest for free. You just have to pay 5 dollars for the lemonade and the privilege of walking up my driveway to the display case (garage). Lol. Jk.

      • Yeah and you can give yourself some free advertising by stapling turn left here and 2 blocks down the street on the telephone poles. That is how people that set up yard sales do it. Way to set your standards high.

        • That is an awesome idea. “Why didn’t I think of that”. lol. Uh-oh my start-up costs are beginning to get expensive and out of control…. staples, cardboard, markers, LEMONADE! I may have to consider the powdered kind.
          I just don’t see it being financially sound. Thank you ACE for raining on my lemonade stand. Onto the next idea.

  26. I hope it is warm enough in June. The highi near my home of brown is 58 Gets much colder from there. Maybe even snow. Mid June now is my goal

        • So Will, from you’re home of brown, where The Poem instructs to put in below, the climb is up from there? That’s interesting. I’m working on a solution like yours except, after I put in, I’m going to drive a bit further before I climb.

  27. And to keep Mr. IRS from confiscating it and liquidating it so that they can immediately get their taxes, there is a solution. The searcher returns it to Forrest who then sells it back to that person for $1. There is now no question about ownership because you merely returned it to whoever ‘lost’ it. There is no tax due until a profit is made if that person ever decided to liquidate it.

  28. Can anyone confirm a statement that I think ff said? It was in effect him saying that it would be best to hunt from May to Oct. I can’t find the quote but I remember it from 2013. Any help would be appreciated.

    • hello more,

      That’s a long way back!

      Sorry, I don’t have it or I’s throw it to you. It may very well be out there somewhere, but I do not recall ever seeing/hearing it. Maybe someone else can shed light??

    • I don’t recall anything like that at all. The only time span I recall is him saying he would go to Yellowstone at a certain time of year which I believe was something like July, August and September which always struck me as odd as it seemed like it should have been June, July and August.

  29. Wondering what kind of gps would you guys/gals recommend? Not too expensive or cheap. Garmin? Magellan? Thanks, I don’t want to have the same problem as last time..lol.

    • KM, I have one that I would let go cheap. It’s a Garmin, nice one, I actually found it three or four years ago while searching. I barely used it, there was only a couple of coordinates on it when I found it. It works great, like new. Or if anybody lost one about that time let me know. It was found in a really good location:)

    • Thanks guys. If nobody claims the gps I want to know the model type and cost. Is it touch screen? : )

      As for the weekly words: Thanks Forrest ; )

      • KM, Yes it’s a touch screen. Garmin Oregon 450t. I posted here a couple of years ago but no one claimed it? If your interested you can politely ask Dal for my email, be careful though he can be a bit fresh at times:)

        • Thanks strawshadow, gonna look it up online, then I will email Dal if needed. I ride a 1000 pound animal with a mind of it’s own, Dal will be a pussy cat. : )

          @tcm9c, thanks for your reply. I appreciate it! : )

    • KM
      The next one I buy will have the bigger iPhone-ish screen. I bought the Garmin 62 model hoping it would be really precise. I uploaded as many of the ‘birds-eye’ maps as it would hold, but outdoors in daylight the small 2 inch screen was dissapointing.

      You really have to careful about crashing around, I must have ‘shocked’ mine, the thing started acting funny & was making an alarm clock noise. Limestone gets really slippery when damp, & you’re wearing hiking soles, I fell down several times. A few hundred bucks is a small price to pay, because a GPS will guide you back even in complete darkness or the worst kind of weather. Speaking of lost searchers, Micheal H. has been outta the loop lately.

  30. Weekly Words from Jenny’s site:

    Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey

    Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f

    “find the blaze”
    Appears to me the blaze is pretty close to the treasure.

    • If you’ve been wise and found the blaze… If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious.

      Rinse and repeat:
      Why is the First clue is critical?
      How was the First two clues indicated; but didn’t understand the significance of where they were?
      How come searchers Walked, went pass the other seven clues?
      Why can’t Little Indy or anyone, can’t go on?
      Is Looking for the blaze is a waste of time… it would be a miracle if found? Need the first clue.
      How come So many ignore the first clue?
      What was missing that Some have been within 200′ [ of the treasure ] and not known it?
      One important possibility.

      • Come on Seeker – many have identified the first clue correctly. Just pick a spot, any spot, and go there; then you too can think of yourself as being one of those many. 🙂

        Your questions are timeless, and rhetorical, but certainly need consideration. Many would be wise to consider them deeply.

        How can one truly feel they have nailed down that first clue and have confidence to focus on a specific area? You can’t “know for sure” unless you have the chest, but being confident of something is not the same as knowing something for sure. What is the spark that ignites it?

        • I didn’t intend those question to be rhetorical…
          You asked ” what is the spark that ignites it?”

          For me it is understanding what the poem relates to beforehand, not knowing all the answers… Read those again… what is it they all have in common?
          “If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious.”

          If my abstract thinking is off… then this means nothing other than, he’s possibly repeating the poem.

          If I’m correct, then he ‘is’ repeating the poem and his comments over the years reflect exactly that.
          Folks went bonkers when I asked how many clues does it take to get an answer… well, only the directional step by step stompers won’t get this. They want 9 clues with 9 answers for 9 locations.
          The Q&A doesn’t tell me that at all, nor do those comments. The step by step method is exactly what the poem was designed for… imo… its done its job well, doncha think?

          I also think [at-least] one other gets where I’m leaning to… so I don’t want to interfere with their possible solution… So I’ll stop there.

          • “If I’m correct, then he ‘is’ repeating the poem and his comments over the years reflect exactly that.”

            I would say that about that…

          • Seeker – this is just my honest opinion, no shots, disagreements, or criticism intended.

            At one point or another, I think I have attempted to answer most of those questions as you have asked them.

            That you continue to ask them over and over has made them rhetorical, sat least to me, as you only seem to allude to something you want us to think or consider with them, but never really seem to answer them yourself.

            I see where you are going with most of the things you say, not that I agree with a lot of it, but it is some of the more interesting discussions and comments on here that I feel are worthwhile in engaging in.

            One area I have a hard time with in accepting or following some of the more abstract thoughts and extreme difficulty of figuring out the first one or two clues is the reality that one, maybe two, search parties correctly figured out the first two clues and at least one was within several hundred feet of the chest within about 1.5 years of f releasing TTOTC.

            This tells me that it can’t be abstract and extremely difficult to get to the correct area. These people likely picked up the book early on before the days of the blogs and all of f’s comments we have today and went to this special place of f’s, just not his special spot. Just the poem and maybe the book did its job in getting people to the right place. Yeah, the didn’t figure out the last seven clues and then went right by them, but they were there.

            Is it that the last seven clues are more abstract and much more difficult to figure out? Maybe, but I don’t think so because of what f has stated. I think the third clue is just more subtle and harder to identify if you are not fully up to speed on how f has designed the clues in the poem and probably how the use of a word that is key plays into this whole thing.

            We know that several parties have figured out the first two clues, we know that a few seem to have an understanding of a word that is key, we are under the assumption that some may have 4 clues correct and possibly be working on clue 5 at this point. So yes, it truly is difficult, but it is not impossible because some one is doing it. Yes, we all wish we knew what that/those someone’s know, but they probably aren’t talking; heck, just about all of us have our little secrets and ideas that we would never share.

            I consider you to be a very smart cookie, and one that is fun to jabber with and go back and forth on things, but as much as you seem to want to nail down the mechanics of this thing, I don’t think it will happen unless someone actually finds the chest and shares the trials and errors they went through to actually find the darn, elusive chest.

            So we continue; and yes, your questions are rhetorical, if to no one else but me. 🙂

          • JCM-
            What I’m going to say has been repeated many times on the blog…but another reason folks could have been within 200ft of the chest but did’t know it is because it’s somewhere that searchers pass by a lot. Personally, I think this is the case…not just searchers but many others as well..

            In the beginning Forrest told us that “Folks have been within a couple hundred feet of it but didn’t know it.” Later that was changed to “Searchers have been within a couple hundred feet of it…” He has spoken several versions of that statement in interviews and to friends. He also has written a version or two of it.
            To me this means that it’s not in a very isolated spot.
            Lets just, for the sake of argument say I am right…I know..I know…but lets pretend…

            So imagine that there is a place out there with pretty nice views…with pine trees and sage and lets say Forrest’s mom and dad used to stop near there on their trip from Texas up to Montana. Maybe just off the road somewhere.They might have a picnic lunch…maybe take a nap in a ponderosa pine grove or aspen grove or spend a little quiet time with a book on a long, hot drive.

            Skippy, June and Forrest didn’t take a nap. Nor did they have any interest in reading a book. They went down to the creek and played around. They explored the place for an hour while their folks rested. They found a cool spot where they liked to play. Maybe a rock shelter. Maybe a cave. But it was their cool place. Their folks didn’t even know where the kids went because the adults didn’t venture more than 50 feet from the car. But the kids did what all kids do…they explored. They found something special and Forrest remembers it fondly. The blaze marks it and beneath the blaze is the hidey spot.

            If his parents were creatures of repetition they probably stopped at this spot twice a year every year for umpteen years. The kids always went to their special place to play and the adults took in the view and let the kids go play.

            I’m not saying this is exactly what I believe. I don’t have enough information to make a judgement call like that but I do think it’s more than possible and it does seem to jive with other things Forrest has said. It’s a possibility is all…and its proximity to a campsite or picnic area or pull-off would explain why others have been within a couple hundred feet of it…and why there is no human trail in close proximity. Two hundred feet might be Forrest’s definition of “not in close proximity.”

            Please don’t suggest that I think this is the answer…but I think you can see that there are many possibilities why searchers…and non searchers alike could have been within two hundred feet of it and not even known it. Maybe a thousand cars a day pass within 200ft of this spot. Maybe the road is on a 200ft ledge and the hidey spot is 200 hundred feet below the road..in the canyon by the creek in a cave…

            Maybe all Forrest needs to know is that you traveled on a certain highway or went to a certain place and he knows you were within two hundred feet of the chest…but had no idea…

            The same could be said for Where warm Waters Halt…maybe a road passes by this place and someone driving in their car would have been right there and not known it was WWWH…and then drove in the canyon down….without knowing they were doing it…
            But then they continued on the road and missed the next seven clues…not knowing they were close to the first two..

            The possibilities are endless and it is not hard for me to imagine how folks have been close but didn’t know it…

          • JCM
            “as you only seem to allude to something you want us to think or consider with them, but never really seem to answer them yourself.”

            I have many times… All of those comments above have on thing in common. Their the same location.
            The first clue, the first two clues, went pass the other seven clues, didn’t know the significance of where they were… little Indy and others can’t go farther than the first clues, because they need to be at those clues.
            So what is at those clues…in theory, the blaze. And in theory the answer to the location of the chest.
            The clues in the poem ‘all’ related to a description of the location of the blaze and the blaze tells you where to go to cease your quest. could be why they didn’t understand why they were there… they got there by aberrations and not the clues.

            All the clues line up to one answer that will then tell the location. without the poem leading you to this place, the chest can not be found. I might add the chest could be in another state.

            Of course this is a theory, a different reading, a poetic reading and a descriptive version… imo the directional step by step method lead everyone away. That is as clear as I can make it.

          • Seeker,

            That is a very “distinct” possibility. I’ve been leaning that direction for some time. Not sure if I’m onboard with the chest in another state, but that’s a possibility also. No way to know until one arrives and looks AT the right spot…….oh, IMO

          • Best post of the day, Dal! Wherever the chest is, the place is going to be fairly special — not just to Forrest, but to a lot of people. Hardly surprising that people regularly pass within 200 feet of such a spot, searchers or not.

          • Loco,
            I’m not sure of another state [ one of the four for the chest obviously ] in regards to the ‘ know where to start ‘… but I wouldn’t be surprised if the location to start is not in one of those states.

            At this point it’s all about… “know where to start”… “nail down the first clues” … “One important possibility”

            From the comments, I’m almost sure that the searchers who may have been at this location, were looking for the wrong answer… [ a wrong interpretation ] hence, didn’t understand the significance of where they were.

            scenario; they arrived there by the 3rd stanza… even though the first two stanzas were not correct, [by their method, maybe] something in ‘their interpretation’ brought them there.

            Still a work in progress.

          • Seeker,

            According to Fenn’s interpretation of the 9 clues, they had solved the first two, but didn’t know it. They may very well have been at “warm waters halt”.

            However, they had not correctly interpreted stanza two and did not precisely “begin” at the point where the Poem indicates that one must. They may, or may not, have had preconceived ideas of where the Poem leads on to after WWWH.

            But it is apperent(IMO), they had not deciphered the second stanza correctly and did not “begin” where indicated.

            Thus, Forrest could honestly say they had not “solved” that clue. If you don’t do precisely what the Poem says, how can one ever hope to see past each clue and see the whole.

            Thanks for the discourse, again!

            (Jake, I’ve thrown several sets of dishes against the wall since beginning this. As I know Seeker has. Like him, I’m not locked into any preconceived ideas about the Solve…..it could be anything!!) 🙂

          • I think I see Seeker & your point loco.
            When you try something over & over again & it doesn’t pan out, then try thinking about it in a different way. But maybe you have to be insane to figure out what he’s done.

            There are a lot of searchers here that have morphed after failure only to fail again, but the odds did not change.
            It could be anything, but we know it is special & dear.
            It’s good to keep an open mind to how the poem can be figured but each step you take backwards or forwards, leads you to the same spot as before.

      • Seeker,
        I feel like I’m watching a rerun of Ancient Aliens.
        But why?
        “Why is the First clue is critical?”
        Because if you don’t have this one.

        “How was the First two clues indicated; but didn’t understand the significance of where they were?”
        Maybe they went to their 3rd clue but actually it was the first clue in the poem. Only one person would know this.

        You have asked 7 questions.
        I am still trying to answer the 9 that matter.

        • Jake, You said;

          You have asked 7 questions.
          I am still trying to answer the 9 that matter.

          That is my point exactly…. what you are trying to answer.

          Food for thought is all I offer… enjoy or starve… up to you.

          • There’s a lot of food at this table, maybe too much.
            No one is starving here.
            I know what your suggesting for the appetizers, but I am getting ready for dessert.
            Sometimes you just got to dig in & eat instead of wondering how the dish was made.
            I have checked the list of ingredients many times. It smells good, it looks good, it tastes good & is good for you.
            Stop stirring your food around with your fork & eat everything on your plate, not just a nibble here or there. The main course is coming up next.

            Your just scratching the surface while others are smashing their plates.

          • LoL Jake,
            That nine course meal you’re attempting to eat will just slow you down.

            Have another peek at the menu.

          • I have 8 course’s down but not out yet.
            Now I have to let some out.
            I’m not going to ponder on how this will happen cause it just happens.
            If you excuse me please, they have run their course & will be back in a few.

          • So what your saying is you need to break all the dishes before you realize… You spent a small fortune in broken dishes?

            At some point you need to wash them clean and try a different meal.

          • You only need to break your dishes when your solve is broke.
            The Rockies are littered with lots of pieces.
            As you & many here have stated that it’s a process from the time you prepare the meal to when you eat it, but no one has eaten from the gold plate that cannot be shattered.

            So what do you think of these 2 statements?
            “I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12’ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”

            “Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f”

            Now read the poem about “found the blaze”

            What do you see?

          • Lets put a little perspective on one of those comments… the 12′ comment was a clarification to a rumor… another searcher was quoting fenn had stated that… You can take that comment anyway you like, It was simply to correct a rumor that he didn’t say. [ try and stay up ]. Not unlike the, show the poem to a child misquote that so may enjoy as factual.

            The second or the Q&A states the same as the poem… If you know where the blaze is, you’ll have the answer for your quest to cease… I read this as two options, The blaze is where the chest is… which I doubt. I say that, as to the other two and a half stanzas need to be decipher as well. [ not all the words in the poem will lead to the chest, but it would be unwise to discount them, Well, that is almost 1/2 the poem being discounted ]

            The second thought is, as I explained, The blaze is at the ‘beginning’ and botg, [ not necessarily the first clue, but the “know where to start” ] it may hold the answer to the location of the chest, and the poem describes ‘that one’ location, and why those other comments relate to it that way. IF you’ve found the blaze look for the answer for your quest to cease… It’s an easy concept… but what does it do for the step by step method?

            An est. 65,000 searcher are involved, most use the same method of deciphering the poem… my attempt is to look at it from another angle, and maybe get some lurker who don’t agree with the same old same old to join in. But just like myself, when a different opinion of reading the poem is presented, you and others down grade the possibility as the hole you sat on… This concept the World is flat because ‘everyone knows’ it must be… Is simply ridiculous. oh right, imo.

            There is a difference between dissecting clues of another solve/thoughts or ideas… hopefully to help them and oneself… than being a monkey and flinging ___it.

            This analogy chit chat you’re attempting was fun, but lacks creative thinking.

          • Well obviously it was creative enough to get you to recreate again.
            I will have to read it from the top down now like most non creative folks.

          • I see you need the comment refined.
            “It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”
            This comment is for “anyone”.

            Sooner or later you will have to discount some of the words in the poem in not helping you find the chest. Are all the words in the poem helpful in finding the treasure? Nearly impossible.
            [ not all the words in the poem will lead to the chest, but it would be unwise to discount them ]
            Forrest is either contradicting himself or he is telling you to be the opposite of unwise. The logical way to see this is – don’t use all the words in the poem to LEAD you to the treasure.
            – [ the words in the poem will lead to the chest, but it would be unwise to discount them ]
            See, I discounted – not all.
            Sometimes you see want you want to.

            You said:
            “The second thought is, as I explained, The blaze is at the ‘beginning’ and botg, [ not necessarily the first clue, but the “know where to start” ]”
            If you said the blaze is at the beginning of where you put BOTG, then I agree somewhat.
            I don’t see any point in having the blaze anywhere near the point you start.
            Step by step method just tuned into a 1 step.

            “An est. 65,000 searcher are involved, most use the same method of deciphering the poem”
            And it hasn’t worked, but yet some were 200′ away maybe some have the 1st 4.
            It’s good & refreshing to look at it in a new angle after several thousand failures.
            I’m just glad you haven’t thrown the sink in yet & will say it’s pretty unique & may be what’s needed to get it. Fortunately we all have that hole in the ground.

            Why are u making fun of our ancestors?
            As far as I can see it, we all are flinging __it around, but a lot of is not sticking or we see it sticking where it isn’t.

            I’m getting hungry, thinking I’ll order a poo poo platter & then fling it.

          • Your arguments are week at best Jake.

            “I see you need the comment refined.
            “It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.”
            This comment is for “anyone”.

            Where does this say ‘anyone’ knew? The point to all those other comments is that no one knew, only fenn knew. So what does it matter how close or even why some one was close? It’s not about where they were that is important…
            it’s about what mistakes could they have made.

            I don’t adhere to all those searcher simply making wrong turns… the more likely scenario might be, they read the poem wrong to begin with [ the wrong method of use], and got there by something different [ fenn’s definition of aberration ]. If you put enough folks into a location… someone is bound to ‘get near’ something.

            The comment; ‘anyone get that close and not find it’… is about the chest, not the blaze. We were discussing the Blaze.
            You seem to feel the blaze is the location of the chest… I say, it may have the answer to where the chest lays in wait.
            You seem to believe that many [up to 9] different locations must be stomped out. I say, In one reading of the poem, the description is the blaze tell of the location of the chest.

            Now to the, ‘making fun of ancestors’. Very few believed different [ the Earth is round], but the masses ruled by ignorance. Those few were ridiculed, and worse. And yes, there is a difference between ignorance and stupidity. Lack of understanding is ignorance. Following that status quo is stupidity… in any time period.

          • I’m glad you didn’t confuse me with meek in a week.

            “Where does this say ‘anyone’ knew?”
            “So what does it matter how close or even why some one was close?”
            It’s called a gauge which is to measure something.

            “The comment; ‘anyone get that close and not find it’… is about the chest, not the blaze.”
            Yes, it’s about the treasure but maybe the blaze is what you see first right above the chest.

            “In one reading of the poem, the description is the blaze tell of the location of the chest. ”
            Could you please word this in a way, I can at least get some of it?
            Are you washing dishes?

            ” masses ruled by ignorance.”
            Don’t forget money, land & power, You know the other masses that control all.
            Oh, I didn’t remember religion also played a huge factor in my head getting chopped off when I realized the earth was a sphere.
            Hindsight is 20/20, foresight is 0/0 as it stands now for the chase.

            Ignorance can be tolerated & stupidity can’t be helped.

          • “In one reading of the poem, the description is the blaze tell of the location of the chest. ”
            Could you please word this in a way, I can at least get some of it?

            LOL after I re-read it, I said to my what the heck? I failed tipyng one01.

            In one of the readings of the poem the poem description is of the blaze. [ I’ll add for clarification the poem may be only of the blaze] and the place to start.

            The blaze has the information of the location of the chest… which might be the reason why Little Indy or anyone can’t go on. Why some may have up to four clues but not know it, why the first clues is critical ‘ the know where to start’ imo, and works with ‘begin it where’.
            As well as why no one knew the significance of where they were… they may have been there because of another reason or idea [ aberrations from the book]. and they all went pass the remainder of the clues… in this theory the clues all work as one.

            The whole point here, is how can we explain those “quote” questions I asked, to understand them. I have a big problem with the simple answer that, All those folks made a wrong turn. My thought is they all simple left where they needed to be. Why? maybe they were looking for a more solid answer to a clue… another bigger place. The need to have 9 separate answers to 9 separate places.

            Oh, by the way… I have them as well.

          • Now your spelling it out Seeker.
            You have given more information that I expected.
            I think this avenue should be considered, as long as the 10,000 year statement still stands which has not been completely eliminated but questionable.
            Your theory appears to fall well within all the statement’s he has made.

            “In one of the readings of the poem the poem description is of the blaze.”
            When you say “poem description” I’m thinking one of the stanzas 1?

            “All those folks made a wrong turn. My thought is they all simple left where they needed to be. Why?”
            They may not have been following the turns or just going where they think it is instead of following the clues in the poem. I’ll bet there are tons of searchers doing this especially after their original location wasn’t it. So they went to the right?

            Who knows. Maybe the weather drove them away.

            All right!
            So what are your general plans to put the theory to the test of f?

          • Jake, all theories have to be tested… doesn’t matter what method is used to read the poem… facts only happen when proof is provided. The rest I’ll keep to myself.

            @ charlie, Nothing wrong with to headstrong folks bucking head. Hopefully something came out of all that besides a headache.

          • “facts only happen when proof is provided”
            The rest you know is for you only just as what I think I know is for me & my bro & mom.
            I don’t want to know exactly what other searchers are thinking. That would be creepy like some of this exchange & wouldn’t be fun.

            Do you have a state in mind?

        • You’re cracking me up. Jake… Don’t slip and fall in that hole… It lead to a big pile of….

          • OK, I’m back a little quicker & lighter now.
            Your right, those heavy loads can slow you down.

            Why is it when you go in there it seems like your in there for hours?

            You know the expression, do it or get off the pot.

            Are you shaking your tree in there & here?

            How many dishes have you physically shattered? I’ve shattered a few & saved some of the pieces to use for my next dish.

          • what would this site be without you two? I think you guys should start buying paper plates.

  31. Just posted something on Scrapbook 152…Should have been here – sorry.

    Here is what I posted:

    Forrest has posted on MW. Here it is:

    Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey

    Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f

    Interesting post.

    First sentence – Why would he say this. The question seems to indicate that the searcher HAS found the blaze.

    Am I reading too much into this? If the searcher has NOT found the blaze, then yes, the answer is obvious,,,It really does not matter.

    “If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious”

    Will it? The next line says, “Look quickly down…” If you use the typical interpretation of these three words, I guess that it is obvious….It is at your feet,
    unless you are looking at the blaze from some distance, then it is not so obvious.

    Just thoughts for pondering.


    • JD,

      I chose not to show all my cards, but my blaze with my research does indicate a very short distance, plus info about how the chest is protected. IMHO
      Time will tell..


          • blaze- check
            snorkel – check
            nose plug- check
            deep breath- check
            take the plunge- check
            now I sound like jake
            just bury me standing up

          • Close JL,
            This is my 9 point check list if I found the blaze.
            blaze- check
            Mask+ check
            WP-HD Bullet Cam+ check
            snorkel – check
            WP-wand metal detector+ check
            Gloves+ check
            WP-Flashlight+ check
            deep breath- check
            take the plunge- check
            In consecutive order.
            It could be hidden in underwater cave.
            I think there’s a check in the chest mate.

    • Hi JD, happy Friday. I am not seeing your thoughts in this quote about someone has already found the blaze. If that were the case, I believe the chase would be over. Especially if it would be obvious if you were at the blaze itself. Since he stated that it is not north, south, east, or west I would assume that this would mean “look quickly down.”
      Now, what is the darn blaze!!!

      • Friend
        Don’t get so bent out of shape. Everyone here has some kind of Blaze in mind. I have a Blaze, a HOB, a Canyon Down and Water high and Heavy loads but that doesn’t mean that I have the chest.
        Casey, when are you going to your spot?
        What state are you hunting in? Neither question can give away anything at all. We are all looking in the 4 states.

      • Hey Friend
        the only thing that comes to mind is: Forrest, is the Blaze a single object? In a word “yes” Does that help you out Friend?

    • For those of you wondering where JD found this question and answer…
      Jenny Kile has a blog where Forrest answers questions and provides thoughts every week. This Q&A along with many more can be found there. The questions often sound like they came from a lost Alice in Wonderland and the responses typically remind me of the mysterious, riddle answers from the disappearing and reappearing Cheshire Cat. Regardless of the intent of the answers they are often an exercise in frustration and typically appear on this blog with dozens of well intended yet generally abstract interpretations. However, even if the answers themselves are shrouded in a confusing fog; even if you feel you have fallen into a bottomless well as you read his answers, the exercise of reading them provides valuable insight into the kind of discombobulation that Forrest has employed in his poem. Further, in my opinion, trying vainly to interpret his answers will better arm you to unpuzzle the riddles in his poem. A word of caution…if you easily slip into a state of confusion or bafflement and find that state uncomfortable you may want to avoid Forrest’s Q&A on Jenny’s site.


      • @Dal, what I would like to know regarding the weekly question/words is: Does Forrest send them to Jenny weekly or is she already sitting on a stack of questions and answers and can release as she pleases? Maybe better directed toward her but I tried once and didn’t get an answer….

        • I have no knowledge of how Forrest contributes to Jenny’s site. I am much too busy trying to determine which scrapbook I should publish next from the stack Forrest has sent me…

          Sorry..I couldn’t resist…that was just plain mean…
          Forrest sends his scrapbooks here, one at a time, and I place them on the blog the same day… But I have no idea how things work over at Jenny’s.

          • There ya go just plain mean, not mean, that doesn’t necessarily mean nice now does it. I couldn’t help myself, just had to pipe in.

          • Shut up…..That’s our secret and one that I hold dearly. On a sad note that was my last passionate kiss. Now that’s no secret.

          • Trying to heal my injured back, I have been laying on the floor for days. Mr. Fenn, it sure would be nice to have a FAT, JUICY, SB to read and help pass the time away. 🙂

      • Forrest says that people have been within 200′ of the treasure. Does that mean they found the blaze? Or could they be within 200′ and never have found the blaze? To my knowledge this has never been asked or answered or alluded to… Has it?

        • James,
          I believe that this has been a discussion before but I will let you know what I think it means, You, I or JD could be with in 200 feet of the TC and not know it “IF” we didn’t follow the poem. If they new what the Blaze is then all they had to do was walk over 200 ‘ and look down. What f is saying is, if you try to take short cuts you are taking a chance on walking right over the TC..Follow the Poem James, then go get the TC but make sure it’s the right Blaze because we all have had BOTG and thought we had the Blaze right, NOPE!!!!
          Start over again….IMHO

      • Hi Dal
        You said a mouth full. But I have to interject how I feel about the answers from FF. The way that I see it is he is giving us good advice but you have to see if his advice figures into your own solve. If you have a solve that can use any of f advice then I think that solve would be well worth checking into. Correct?

    • JD & Casey- does your search area match Forrest’s location when he was shot down? (Meaning grove of trees, waterfall, hiding place.) if the AOE i found on a tree is blaze, then the location is a short distance from there. IMHO. Just checking to see if we’re looking for same thing. Thanks!

      • John
        You have the item as your Blaze (unless it’s a Petrified Tree). The Blaze is something that should be able to last at least 100, 1000, 10,000 years . Think like that when searching for your Blaze. IMHO
        PS. Don’t eveybody get bent out of shape cause I helped John. This is a sight where we should be able to helb out if we feel it’s right to..

  32. Ha Dal! Ain’t that the red neck truth of the chase. To accurately confirm your words I’ll jump right into the deep end of brown adding my bit of nonsense…

    So, I guess all that’s needed now is knowledge of the UCC uniform commercial code, at the CC’s; DNA helix on Forrest, Eric, Skippy, and Kammerer; coordinates to 6 different 69 locations all on the coffin bone; ALL valorously worth the cold temp of 67 tecolody owls of course! No worries. Well, silly Me, I thought he said, you only need to have the last clue correctly solved to “plot the X” on the plat. LOL 😉

  33. How many folks are looking for Forrest’s chest?

    It’s impossible to know with certainty but if this blog is any indication at all read and weep…

    Total views since the blog started in August of 2011 = 8,878,356

    That first month we had on average, 163 views per day.

    Just today, by 10am we have already had 3,053 views

    Yesterday we had 16,933 views

    I think there are a lot of folks interested in this treasure hunt right now.

    • I remember when you hit 250,000 and I thought that was a big deal…the searchers are multiplying that’s for sure. Or, it’s the same group of originals(minus a few due to the nuke option)that are now totally insane and log on to your blog 1000 times a day! Thanks for your site Dal, and credit to Goofy as well…Search on folks and let’s bring this baby home!

    • Almost nine million! Wow! It’s a great site Dal that you and Goofy have run with class and consistency. Mucho kudos to both of you. Do you have a way to determine how the “views” translate to a head count? Number of distinct addresses perhaps?

      • We don’t have the number of unique IPs. I don’t know why WordPress doesn’t provide that number. But if they did we would still be confounded by folks who use a computer, pad, phone and watch to contact the blog. There are also many people who use a computer from work and their own personal devices at home and on the road…at nearly nine million contacts it might take Goofy a few minutes to figure out how many individuals that actually represents

    • Great job Dal and Goofy. Way to make the chase interesting and helping getting the word out as well. You guys are awesome!

    • dal, 17k daily, over 6mill per year. You can sell space for pay per clickers… gas money for your search.

      • Oz10-
        It doesn’t get near 6M per year because winter is much slower. This is the peak period for the blog..In winter we have more like 5K or 6K per day.

        I enjoy the blog too much to let it get cluttered with ads. Besides nobody here can buy anything. We are all saving our money for a trip to where warm waters halt..

        Forrest lets me sell a couple of his books and that brings in a few pesos for gas once in awhile.

        • Dal,
          We need to have bumper stickers made for seekers. When we’re driving down the road we could say hey to fellow seekers.

          • Hello Jeremy P. I just started posting on this site when you decided to call it quits. I did go back a bit and read a few of your posts plus read Advancing the Chase. I found your view on the poem enlightening. You have popped in here a few times I see. Are you considering coming back out of retirement?? Lol. If so look forward to your vision.

          • Hi ACE, welcome aboard! I think I used the wrong word. I really meant busy with real life, unable to go looking, unable to read every post, etc. You can retire from all that. Maybe a sports analogy is you stop being an athlete, but you still go watch the game? I was a fan first, after all 🙂

        • Lol Dal I can tell you I am not saving up for BIWWH not sure about the rest of the searchers. I am a day to day kind of guy. Heck my wife had been trying to get me to save for retirement. I said no way Jose’ plan on having less than $50 when I check out. LOL

        • Dal – Just set up one ad at the bottom and each time we visit, we can just give it a click and put some cash in your bank account, then quickly close the new page opening up. That doesn’t cost a thing.

          Wait a second, scratch that idea. We don’t want you flush with gas money enabling you to get out to search more often. 🙂

    • Well let’s welcome them all to our version of insanity ? Now how many of them are worrying at what the word “It” means? Hahahaha

      • Yep med, that is what I gathered as well. Could you imagine how quick this site would fill up with ideas typed out. I say to the lurkers don’t be scared to be judged if you have an idea or question please post it. Many searchers that post here are some of the best of the best. That is why they are here. Until chest is found you never know one of us might have the correct solve. Now I already stated I will not discuss my solve, but do enjoy respect most of the searchers knowledge and mostly the way they can take a very vague(and very beautiful IMO) poem and create and craft it into there solves with nature. Hey dal I know you have an idea on how many times this site has been viewed, oh how I wish we had a count on how many solves have been thought out. My guess is nearing a million.

  34. First round or initial thoughts on:

    Mr. Fenn: How far is the chest located from the blaze? ~ casey

    Casey, I did not take the measurement, but logic tells me that if you don’t know where the blaze is it really doesn’t matter. If you can find the blaze though, the answer to your question will be obvious. Does that help?f


    This can be spun in any number of ways, but my initial thoughts are two potential scenarios (among many others that can be contrived).

    1. The blaze is located on or very close to a trail, thus the obvious answer is that the chest is at closest 200 feet away.

    2. The blaze is not located on or close to a trail; it is probably close to 200 feet off the trail and then the chest is probably within 12 feet of the blaze.

    I am sure I will come up with more complex possibilities as I work on overthinking it. 🙂

    • The TC could be buried inside a fire pit — “in the wood” and only accessible when the blaze is “cold”

      • I like your idea Pandora, but then it wouldn’t be obvious how deep… one might guess a foot or two or three..

        ..and what if it is four and you only dig down three?

      • Pando, why did you not answer the last question I asked, you said ff worked for RR?

        You have been sliding along and no one has called you on this accept me!

        Tom T

        • Fine, he worked as a dishwasher and went to the railroad to shower. I misremembered… sue me, then hang me and whip me with a dry spaghetti noodle.

          • Hey Pandora, Thanks for sharing, we’re all getting a laugh from grasping at Straws and your comments, keep looking for a hint to be discovered. But only heard Whispers in the night.
            Tom T

  35. “Does that help? f” …..absolutely, old son!!! Thanks for that. 🙂

    • Loco – I am glad that it was absolutely helpful to you! I am sure your bags are just about packed and you have sent your wife to gas up the car as you prepare to head out and get the chest. 🙂

      Geez… it will have people talking some, but basically is useless. A classic “dodge the answer” f move followed up with a “spin it” to create ambiguity and leave it all to the imagination and overthinking for what it could mean.

      I CAN wait to see what kind of interesting “hidden” things people pull out of this one.

      • LOL!! Play nice now, JCM!! Nobody’s twisting your tail! 🙂

        Actually, I was not referring to any info concerning the Blaze. My reply was about something, which has heretofore been absent in many of his answers, which he included this time.

        He knows………..loco 🙂

  36. Loco… Fred needed to be freed from the neat, rich echo of his own pzyche for a time to experience what color yellow a daffodil is, or what pigments make brown. Actually, he should have quantifried that numbers are factual and seldomly lie, unless they lie on a page sideways or spin in radial fashion. Sometimes it’s helpful for self-assured ‘thinkers’ to walk outside and breath deeply the same air the rest of us idiots breath. It’s possible to form brilliant Nietzschian arguments and suffer loss of human touch.

    Back to TTOTC topics… Since you brought up a German philosopher, how many languages do you see hidden in the poem?
    Most agree there are a few Spanish, German, and Latin references. Southern drawl and kid-speak can be heard if you listen well. Some suggest Tewa, I found a couple Shoshone. But, IMO you may be able to distill down to letters in ancient Sumerian, Hebrew, Gailic, Finnish, Norse, Asian etc. I found it interesting anyway. Spent a whole day translating key words into numerous languages with interesting outcomes, even though Fenn stated it wasn’t necessary.

  37. JCM…I agree with your #2. (That’s not bathroom humor!)
    If you find the blaze…”look quickly down”. Looking QUICKLY would not leave much room between the blaze and treasure. It could be under your feet!
    Hi-Seeker. You’re being very “fill-a-sophical” today. I know what you said, and mean, and I agree.
    Dal could have hit it on the head…memories new and old. Travel then and now. Will F tell the exact route his parents took to WY? I doubt it! Maybe a good old road map would help?
    Just my opinion.
    ¥Peace & Safety ¥

  38. I witnessed a near catastrophic event yesterday. I was over at my in-laws and they have a little wired-haired dachshund named Gabby. We were all outside sitting around the fire socializing when I noticed a Rollie pollie on the concrete slab just under Gabbys feet. The pollie was bouncing around working its way around when suddenly Gabby decides to lay down. Pollie on the move and elbow of Gabby collided. I thought pollie was a goner for sure. Then suddenly Gabby stood back up and there was pollie unscathed. I chuckled a bit and my mother-in-law ask what was so funny I said nothing nothing at all.

    To pollie it was colossal. Gabby just wanted to rest her paws. Everyone else did not even notice anything transpired at all. Oh man, imagination is definitely more important than knowlege!

    • Be safe Will. Decided to hit the trail early huh. I thought you were waiting till mid June. Hope urgency does not get you in trouble. Good luck and Happy Hunting!

      • Will,
        Good Luck today and be safe out there. OH yea, a wise man once said: “Urgency is not a good plan”. IMHO
        I for one, Agree…

  39. One of life’s little coincidences. I was reading “The Outsider,” an autobiography by Frederick Forsyth (FF) who, despite being on the other side of the Atlantic has had a life that draws parallels with Forrest’s own path (adventurous as a youth; flying as a passion and then a short-lived career; a need to be in the thick of things; a strong supporter of freedom; a passionate dislike of war; a literary career [Day of the Jackal, The Odessa File; Dogs of War]).

    The book chronicles many of the incidents that fed into his novels and films – real life encounters with seductive spies, holocaust survivors, arms dealers, African dictators and East German secret police, and is a fascinating read. It will not help you get one step closer to the treasure, but it does help one be grateful for courageous mavericks!

    • Thanks Vox
      I’ll see if the bookstore has a copy tomorrow. It sounds very deep and that is my kind of reading. No offence F but every once in awhile I have to remind myself that there is something else in life that I should be doing than just this. Besides, after Will comes back with the TC i’m going to need a new book to start on, unless I can be in Will’s new movie, FOUND. by Will you have a nice trip!!
      Boy, if he finds it I’m going to eat a lot of Crow pie…IMO

      • Hope you enjoy it, Timothy. I am amazed at how rich and full of adventure some people’s lives are – and Forsyth was still at it in his 70s.

  40. For me there has never been a thrill of the chase. There has only been the hurt that comes with being replaced. When someone becomes consumed by something you start to wonder what they are missing in life and what hole is this filling for them. Am I not enough that I can so quickly become second place to something that may never even be found? I’ve tried to be supportive. I have. But I’m repeatedly told I don’t “get it” and that My mind is just like all the other common folk. Suddenly I am no longer special in his opinion. Do I board the crazy train and allow myself to be unimportant, an afterthought, to be dealt with after he finds the treasure? Do I cancel my plane ticket and tell him to go on his own because I am real, and I am here, and I am tired of being hurt. I’m afraid for him to go alone. He’s so consumed with this treasure that NOTHING else matters. I honestly don’t know if he knows what is real or what is fantasy anymore. Forrest said that you only have to tell the truth 85% of the time to be non fiction. I can tell you what is 100% real is my broken heart. I know Forrest didn’t intend to make people become consumed with the idea of this treasure hunt. I hope that those of you who spend countless hours on this website have things in your life that are 100% real and tangible and that you keep those things important to you. I once believed that I was the thing to be treasured. Forrest also said that imagination is more important than knowledge. I say that love is more important than both. Happy hunting. I hope it is all worth it in the end.

    • Wow, those are really heartfelt comments. Thanks for sharing your hurt and frustration. I know where you’re coming from, as it’s so easy to get the Chase out of perspective and obsess to the detriment of other things – and people.

      I don’t really understand the psychology behind the addiction that this kind of endeavor generates, but I assume it must have similarities to the thrills that high-performing athletes and adventurers seek.

      I have no easy answers, but I wonder if it’s possible to meet each other halfway. From experience, I know that searchers want (perhaps need) others to share their enthusiasm, and partners need their loved ones to make time for them. Is there any way to find common ground?

      I think the Chase will be over soon one way or another, since there are a lot of people getting close, IMO, but I know that is of little consolation to you right now. Good luck with your situation, and I hope your loved one is able to read and understand your post.

    • I thought we were in this together?
      That’s the only thing that does matter more.
      To him at this time.
      Hide the books & the poem. He cannot go on the internet to fuel his fire.
      Going cold turkey will be difficult but may not be worth the cold feelings.
      He could do what I have planned on doing & call it quits after one more search.
      I try to live by the 3 strikes & out rule.
      Obsession is no way to live your lives.
      Love should conquer all.

    • Mom used to say there are places a man will never take you, and you must never ask to go.

      Still…….”Love is the only reality.”

      Colorado or Wyoming? is one place a better choice than the other, or could it be….half and half? Is summer better than….Autumn?

      Luck be with you.


    • About a year ago around the time when I first became aware of the chase, a friend showed me an old map of a gold claim up in the Superstition Mountains in Arizona. The map was accompanied by a letter penned to his significant other, Quinn, who was located somewhere on the east coast and the letter was dated 1886. In the letter the author told of finding sizable quantities of “nugget yellow gold”. The author also told of how empty the “victory” was without being able to see his loved one. He also told of how many in town now followed his every move now they knew he had found a profitable location. He also spoke in the letter of “indians causing problems to the east of here”. In the letter he relayed that he would be taking the next stagecoach home and asked for Quinn to pray for him.

      This letter and map was found crumpled up, deep in the bottom of an ornate american indian shirt that was purchased by a colleague of my friend, who was an art collector. Who knows how long it had been stowed away in that location. Given it’s resting place, it’s unlikely the author of the letter ever made it back home.

      All of the above is to say that an obsession with the material has driven folks to extremes for a history that exceeds the span of the written word. The story above is just one example of this. Even when those “extremes” are rewarded with some form of success, true contentment usually never accompanies achieving the goal. The chase should bring people together, not stoke the flames of an isolating obsession.

      But honestly, just to speak plainly for a minute, your partner should never say things to you like “your mind is like the other common folk”. That’s incredibly disrespectful and is not the way anyone should be treated on the other side of a relationship. Whether he will decide to go off on his own or not, there needs to be a baseline requirement of respect for you and the relationship. If he cannot provide that, then he may need to go his own way until he is able to figure out what pursuits are truly important in this life.

    • You gave us some background and then asked a question…Do I cancel my plane ticket? My philosophy is this. If you have to ask the question, you already know the answer. This is a tragic outcome to a serious addiction. I’m sorry for your loss. Be strong, keep moving. Out of there, and back into the real world. My opinion only. And my condolences.

      • Sandy B,
        Are you from the city or country? Seems like I briefly met you before. We each make our own decisions depending on our own situations. I sincerely hope Doesn’t Matter doesn’t put too much credence in our bloggy psychiatric opinions. Mine included. I only wish I could find someone who shares my same passions, obsessions and addictions. After all what’s life without going all in. Follow your heart Doesn’t matter because that’s all that does matter.

        • Strawshadow,
          It is quite possible we’ve met before.
          I live in Durango CO – not quite city not quite country. I travel about a fair amount for skiing, hiking, climbing, hot spring soaking and now treasure hunting. Mostly CO for recreation and I currently search in New Mexico about a 50 mile radius from Taos for treasure. Been 4 times to the same 2 areas and still not enough intel to write it up. Have also searched some of the usual spots and not so usual spots in CO and WY for treasure also although not YNP (it’s too crowded even for the tourists there HA!) Anyhoo, you and anyone else is welcome to email me if you want to discuss ideas. I met Jeremy Parnell last month in Cimarron Canyon; he was a bit surprised to find I’d been skiing Taos all day and planned to camp overnight and treasure hunt the next day. Found a great geocache in the canyon and a few other things but no treasure. That’s pretty much my style though.

          • Sandy,
            A girl that walks the walk, nice. I’ll shoot you a line next time I’m in the neighborhood. Maybe get out and focus on bronze.

    • We seek what we think will make us happy. Some pursue, (sometimes obsessively) work, money, sex, drugs, food, shopping, love, and even hidden treasures with an expectation that they will find contentment at some point down the line. The real thrill in my view is found in the knowledge or discovery that we are complete already leaving the pursuit of everything else to provide icing on the cake. I’m sorry for your pain and hope you will find your contentment regardless of your loved one’s obsession.

    • ALL of us matter.

      Life isnt to be wasted young or old. While at times everyone gets lost, its part of being human. Those are times when the people who care reach out and help. Synergies allow us to build something greater. Don’t be quick to let go. In the end, each of us have choices to make.

      Be strong and forge your future because it is yours.

      • Magic 8, You are so right. All of us matter. (Even me, but my views here are often moderated out). Lately I had to remind someone that my privacy and solitude matter. Furthermore, forging when used as a verb, to “forge” carries some interesting definitions where someone else hammers out your future rather than yourself. Being heated, melted, pounded or beaten into shape as the sparks fly at the hand of another doing the forging isn’t much of a future; Perhaps by careful effort with another to forge a close relationship is a more beneficial view. Sometimes you have to walk away from the blacksmith’s view point

        form (metal, for example) by heating in a forge and beating or hammering into shape.
        transitive v. To form (metal) by a mechanical or hydraulic press.
        transitive v. To give form or shape to, especially by means of careful effort: forge a treaty; forge a close relationship.

        • Hello 42,

          Thank you for taking time to respond. I have tried to read the thoughts you share many times, but your concepts tend to have a hard time taking root in my small mind. There are lines of thinking that I haven’t connected. Until that day comes, I accept being lost in some aspects.

          In the forge comment above, the FUTURE is metal and each of us wields a hammer. Sometimes it takes a delicate touch and other times a hammer. Wedell August Forge for example makes some intricate hand made pieces, you don’t do that with an anvil and full brute force.

          I encourage individuality, and it’s powerful when individuals work together and shape common goals. Thus the synergy. Like Strawshadow’s lovely comment below, she can turn his obsession into a romantic getaway in the Rockies. Soak in that hot spring and find indulgence in each other.

          We are all important and actions taken today imprint lasting marks upon what is to be.

        • One more quick comment 42. Thank you for pointing out the forge comment could be taken that way. It certainly wasn’t my intent. She has to live with her decisions and actions. It’s not for me to tell her how to do that in a blog. Who is to say this is right or this is wrong?

    • Doesn’t Matter,
      You haven’t been replaced, we all go through times in our lives when we have doubts about someone we love. Have faith and honestly express your concerns, work through this together. I feel your pain but it’s you he loves not his obsession. In the end it will all be worth it because he will see that you stood by his side. Maybe a vacation into the beautiful Rockies might just reignite a spark in your relationship. A nice peaceful hot springs on a moonlit night amongst the stars can do wonders for a relationship. Make his obsession your romantic one. Who wants to go through life alone? I say share the crazy train for awhile who knows what you might discover along the tracks. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, he’s a very lucky guy to have a woman like you at the helm. I think he soon may realize just how lucky he is.

    • Doesn’t Matter-
      Show me a person who isn’t consumed by something and I’ll show you someone who is bored with life. Obsession, compulsion and even addiction are part of the human experience. A human need.

      I believe we, as humans, tend to move through our obsessions. Some of us faster than others. We seek that thrill, over and over…We crave that thrill…once you’ve felt that total excitement that comes with being consumed by something…you want to repeat the experience…

      The art of marriage demands the understanding of that principle. Where partners were once the total focus of each other…new things begin to slide in the way of that focus. Things like kids, pets, a new car, a new home, work, a new friend…stamp collecting…you name it…

      This does not mean the marriage is breaking up. Nor does it mean that someone is bored with their marriage. Rather, in my opinion it means that it is simply time for us to crave again. I don’t have to be obsessed with my wife to still be in love with her. But I do still need to crave…to be excited about something from the moment I get up until the moment I get up again. That’s what consumption…obsession is really all about.. It’s a thrill…and part of the loveliness of a human life… I think that when we stop our obsessions..we die.

      My wife and I are pretty good examples. Our cabin is now lined with books and maps and periodicals relevant to the chase. I have had to build a storage shed for the items that used to live in the cabin but now play second fiddle to the chase. My wife cares little about the chase, but she knows it makes me happy and she supports my interest in it.

      But life is a two way street…

      Our house, on the other hand is cluttered with the fruit of 40 annual garage sailing days per year, Fridays and Saturdays from May through November. This is my wife’s obsession. She loves garage sailing. I could not care less…in fact, I nearly have a phobia about garage sailing. I see all those used items as covered with pathogens from someone else’s life. When she brings home a new doll that she is excited about I see it as a bacteria laden orphan..a Typhoid Annie. But I fight my fear and I tell her it is a splendid addition to her collection and I enjoy the idea that those dolls make her happy. It’s important to me that she be happy.

      Sometimes Kathy comes with me on my trips to search for Forrest’s chest. When we take those trips we do some things together. We stop at museums and gardens and even tourist traps. We stop at open air markets and take walks in new landscapes. We have fun together because we are both interested in history and Americana, geology and botany, these are things we share. But when we get to the place I want to search, she drops me off and takes Esmerelda back into town to check out the antique shops and garage sales. Sometimes I don’t see her again for a day or two. At that point we are both out doing what we crave to do.

      In this way we share our time together and we also get to pursue that which consumes us. We share life’s small joys and we are also tolerant of each other’s solo interests, which gives us time to pursue our own obsessions separately.

      There is nothing wrong with obsession. It is a very human characteristic that we share with many other mammals. (ever see an Irish Setter obsessed with playing fetch?)

      Now, having said all this…there is a point at which obsession can go too far. We call it addiction. Addiction is the dark side of curiosity. Curiosity can lead to obsession which can lead to addiction.

      When people’s lives are changed in a negative way as a result of their compulsive behavior…that is addiction.

      All this is my opinion of course. I had no idea my wife was filing for divorce 🙂

      • Oh hi Dal Your wife filed for divorce? So sorry to hear. Sounded like you had it all figured out. I have been down for months. I am recovering from knee surgery a few days ago. I can’t wait to start my summer and start my search for the treasure. I love yard sailing and have found valuable treasures to resale. How is Forrest? I hope well And everyone else. Love, Lou Lee, chased by bears and lived to tell the tale.

      • The last line seems to be added for humor. 🙂
        I wonder what Peggy thinks of all this?
        They are still together through thick & thin.

      • See the smiley face in my comment above…that was supposed to indicate that the last line was intended to be humorous…
        My wife has not filed for divorce…as far as I know. 🙂

      • HA! Our wives may be kin Dal……..I figured out after a couple years of marriage that even though she enjoys her collections it’s the hunt she craves. If she could go to Amazon and order the same item she brings home, she wouldn’t want it.

        DM, it sounds like one, maybe both of you expect too much and neither of you will ever have a real relationship. If, as you say, he’s a self absorbed, narcissistic buffoon, and life is all about what he wants, it’s time to shuck that boy and put him to reading Burma Shave signs……Send him down the road. He’s not worth wasting your time on.

        I have been very surprised how many obsessed self absorbed people there are in the world that have let the chase ruin their lives. If they spent the same amount of time, effort, and resources making money they could hide their own chest of gold and become famous.

        • Now your a disappointing Goof all right. I once knew a guy like you. Not that making the money is all bad, if that’s what motivates you. If that’s all that does then stiff the waitress. Seems like a lot of heart ache floating around here today and I’m truly sorry for all. As far as obsessed self absorbed people letting the chase ruin they’re lives, come on, we’re all grown ups. I would venture to bet that many more people would like to hear about my adventures searching than your adventures making the buck. Do you really think you know the true motivations behind many of our “obsessions”. Every single day that I’m out being obsessed I find something that I would never have experienced had I not been there. There’s more to life than the big house on the corner. Ok I’ll shut my trap now cause I know you have a loud bark.

          • Straw, that’s hilarious. I mean we are looking for a chest of gold. Actually, I find it sad it takes a chest of gold to get people out exploring in the Rockies. Like it or not it takes money to do just about anything; even trivial nonsense like hunting for a chest of gold. I’ve been wandering the Rockies all my life looking for that elusive perfect landscape picture. I probably won’t ever find either, but I’m having fun doing it.

            If finding the chest is more important to you than your family and the real treasures in life go for it. I hope you find it worth the price you paid for it.

          • One could consult the lovely gentleman who stopped by for Easter and the day before Mother’s day. He seemed to be a reliable resource. ☺

          • Goofy, there you go again assuming you know something. Who’s sacrificing anything. I see my family now more than I ever did. It’s just me and my Gyrl now. And if I ever find another it will be on the trail not somewhere that I don’t want to be. Yeah my search days in the Rockies may end soon to go and refill the poke. I know your sorry that I don’t fit your norm but I’m not. Chill the harsh Bro, I’ll send you that perfect landscape picture.

          • Straw, it sounds like we are saying the same thing. If a person has the resources and enjoys getting out into the wilderness, looking for the chest is lots of fun and a rewarding experience. When it becomes detrimental to the searcher and/or their family it is a serious problem.

            Like I said, I’m surprised at how many mentally unstable people are out there.

          • Maybe we are Goofy, I think it all boils down to what a person loves in life. I agree with you it is unfortunate that it takes a chest of gold to get families into the Rockies. In the long run I think it worked. Fenn’s flies do catch fish. I Think it’s more important to take a shot at life so you can at least say you tried. As far as relationships being broken? If a relationship is built on trust and love then I find it hard to believe that this chase could come between two people. I don’t know these individual circumstances but my guess is that the relationships were headed this way with or without the chase. Sometimes people just need a reason because a relationship isn’t working. I know with me if you give more than you receive and truly love each other the chase would only strengthen a relationship. I hope I’m not offending anyone with my limited scope of the circumstances, if so I apologize. My opinion only.

      • Dal, thanks for the post. I appreciate the insight into what sounds like a successful give and take relationship. It sounds like you and your wife have the kind of understanding and balance that allows relationships to truly stand the test of time.

        I do have to disagree with your use of definitions in the above post. Obsession, addiction, passion, whatever you want to call it, can all be motivating forces that can have very poor outcomes depending upon the focus and the ultimate outcome. Pursuits which compromise the integrity of relationships or the ability to maintain stability in one’s life can occur with any of the above. All humans need personal growth in a relationship and all humans would like to feel like their partner will support them in that endeavor. However, one’s personal growth must be considered within the context of the health of one’s relationship understanding every relationship has its own steady state that is defined by the dynamic between both partners. If one of the parties feels they are being “replaced” or that their opinion is being compared to that of “common folk” that is not ok. Regardless of whether that feeling is justified, a partner should understand when their significant other feels the relationship is being affected by a personal pursuit and should be available to help them work through those emotions. One can still participate in the chase or any other personal growth “craving” while providing the emotional input required to keep a relationship healthy. The red flag in “Doesn’t matter’s” post is the apparent lack of willingness for the significant other to remain connected to or have respect for his partner while he pursues what sounds like a fairly consuming activity.

      • Hey Dal,
        That was just great!!!! I didn’t know that someone else felt that way about life and their marriage. That was deep but it really simplified the problems that they are going through and the fact that if you are looking through a pair of dirty glasses that life itself becomes dirty also. To much about who cares and who doesn’t care anymore. I know that if something like this chase can break up your marriage then there are much deeper things in the shadows that aren’t put on the table. My wife and i live our lives almost parallel to you and Kathy and we wouldn’t give up on each other over something as petty as a obsession or a addiction. We would surely try to work it out but everyone is different. That’s one of the biggest problems in this world, no one wants to save anything anymore, they want what ever is the easiest way out of the aggregation that their in.NOW!!!! Why try to fix the problem when you can just pick out a lawyer and make him or her and their families happy instead of yours. I’m sorry Dal this could go on and on, so I’m going to say good night and Best of Luck with your future searches and most definitely Be SAFE OUT THERE!!!!!

        P.S. This is “all” IMHO and I would also like your autograph along with Forrest and Cynthia…

      • Well Dal, you are proving yourself as a great writer, also as a feeling, caring and sensitive human being, I congratulate you for showing that side of your being.

        Now back to the Thrill, where imagination can make all things possible, so regardless of our problems we must all remember what ff’s father told him and I paraphrase: “Son the train doesn’t go by that banana tree but one time. He said you should reach out and grab every banana on the way by.”

        …. Marble is cold to the touch, and only the “brave” are in Arlington Cemetery. So too is Bronze as cold as the grave. What we seek are those things that last, and Brave lasts a long time, all gave some and some gave all.

        I probably sound fatalistic in that last comment, but I can and probably shall be interred at the Santa Fe National Cemetery, as some of my friends are, who knows maybe ff goes there for some solace it is possible he has friends who rest in this place, perhaps we all should visit there and Arlington?

        There could be a few hints; as I have gone alone in there.. too


        Tom T

    • Sorry Doesn’t Matter you’re going through this. My husband just served me divorce papers for this very reason last month. I’d wished he could have considered finding his own interests while I was into my own and we could have found things to do together that we both liked…but it didn’t work out that way. 26 years, 2 kids…and the last two years he was unhappy(the first 3 he was into it)…I wish so much we could have found a way to make us both happy. He made rules for me…like go with someone besides him(I did), and find a way to finance it without money we have(I did)…but in the end he started talking to others who didn’t talk about the treasure and found his new obsessions…..and he said I either give up the search or he was done. By the time he said that, he was already with others that I knew he wasn’t going to give up.

      • Stephanie. ..so sorry to hear that! I know how you feel
        …I am threatened with divorce daily because of my obsession with the treasure. But maybe just find someone with similar interests and take it down one notch? I know what drainage the treasure is in…narrowing it down will take botg….good luck to you….Michael D says hi too…

          • Hi to both of you. I just want to have friends for a while…and when it comes to the treasure, I have a kid(now an adult) that I’ve paid to take me out west so I’m not alone. I used to volunteer with troubled teens and he was one I have kept close to. I’m planning a trip to take him and his wife, and two kids out for the first time this summer. They have never been out west. Hoping the kids will be a happy distraction for me and I’m trying to figure out little trinkets to have for them for the trip.

            Maybe Doesn’t Matter could find something else to do out on trips like Dal’s wife…maybe shopping or geocaching. Try and find something that can be done in harmony with him while he’s doing this.

        • Thanks Straw. I’m getting through it. The first couple weeks were rough. I don’t want to give up the search though and I don’t feel it’s fair to ask that. I know Goof believes people like me should quit and get a grip and we need to see a therapist(he’s been telling me that for years), but it’s not going to happen.

          I don’t think my husband should have asked me to either. We did hit a financial low, but bounced back from that which I always knew would happen and I’ve been making other things happen so that I could fund the search. 5 years of hard work, many trips and gobs of money and emotion and I’m going to keep working it.

          I hope DM considers figuring it out…only part that bugged me was the comment about not seeming smart. That’s not cool.

          • Stephanie…I love your thoughtful, insightful posts. My condolences to you. I know many people prefer to search solo and I don’t know your current solve but if you are in NM or SW Colorado and want a search partner, give me a shout.

        • Awww Thanks Sandy. Those aren’t places on my current solve list, but they might be in a month or two 😉 I don’t know how much more I can search. I need to go to Florida soon and take care of my Mom. So going out West would be double as far as it is for me now.

    • Hi Doesn’t Matter,

      I feel for you. I’ve seen first hand how some people become so obsessed that nothing else mattered. I’ve seen people step totally out of reality to chase shadows and red herrings and vague feelings or hunches, only to lose it all, their family, their friends, their jobs. It’s sad and its dangerous ground.

      The original intent of the chase, if it was meant to get families outdoors and away from their “texting machines” and computers, has long since been lost to many obsessed searchers who willingly and selfishly give up family, friends, and adult responsibility to be the one who finds it.

      Lately, the chase has seemed to draw out the worst in people. Pride, mostly, as many know “exactly where it is.” But the pride and most of the obsession seems to be a springtime and early summer occurrence, which ebbs as the days grow shorter.

      My advice is this: be patient for a bit longer, and watch. You can learn many things about the psyche of a person as he or she follows the FF trail. Does he talk as if he’s being watched, or does he believe his computer or phone has been hacked for the knowledge he has?

      Does he ignore the daily responsibilities of life, like paying the bills on time, going to work, providing for his family, or picking up after himself?

      Is he losing sleep thinking about the chase? Does his health suffer for it?

      Does he neglect your needs when researching? If so, there is a problem there. Both a husband and a wife have needs, and when one of them becomes so obsessed that he neglects the basic needs of his or her spouse, it’s a BIG problem that needs to be addressed, and just tagging along with him during his trip won’t fix anything. In doing that, he is trying to force his addiction on her, against her will.

      By advising her to go along to see if it brings her to his level of addiction is bad advice, in my opinion. I’m sure she already wants nothing to do with the chase, and by forcing her on a trip to watch the obsession that’s killing their marriage will just alienate her more.

      Some people in this chase need genuine psychological HELP, and your husband may be one of them, DM. I would sit back, watch carefully, and maybe go talk to an addiction counselor who might give you the best advice and knowledge of what you’re dealing with.

      If you want to talk, email me at mindyfausey at yahoo dot com. From dealing with a daughter who used to have an addiction, I sort of know what signs you need to look for that would signal that professional help is needed.

      And shame on everyone for brushing her legitimate concern off. There are some people who need serious help in this chase. Whose to say this husband isn’t one of them? It’s certainly not her fault that she feels second to an intangible treasure. A real man would make sure that whatever treasure he’s chasing doesn’t become first priority in their marriage.

      If she’s feeling second best, or like an afterthought, or neglected, chances are, she is, and he needs to pause and re-prioritize.

      It’s great when an established married couple can have their own obsessions like treasure hunting and garage saling, but when it causes division and strife in a relationship, something has to change. I get the feeling that DM and her husband, unlike Dal and Kathy, are a young couple without the years of foundation built under them that the Neitzels have.

      Just my two cents. The chase is fun and can be exciting, but no one should force their obsessions on their partners, and should take a close look at their circumstances to determine how serious the problem is.

      • Hello Mindy think you for reaching out to a fellow searcher. You stated you have a daughter that had some issues. First if that is a photo of you congrats on staying so young looking. If this is a photo of your daughter may your strength keep her in a good place in life. I know you read most of our posts so my next one will be of interest to you.

        • ACE, thanks…that’s me in the pic. 🙂
          Yes, we had a few rough years with my daughter, but she’s doing extremely well now. I’m really proud of her.
          I try to keep up on the blogs, but I miss a lot of what’s said lately. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up better in the near future.
          I’ll keep an eye out for your post. 🙂

    • I guess I’m just different! If you don’t find something that makes your heart race to 130 beats per minute then ask yourself, are you truly living?

      • As long as we aren’t talking about non rate controlled atrial fibrillation I agree.

        • As long as your stallics and destallic meet the right number then it don’t matter 😉

    • Will, go back to your wife… she misses you! She promises she can change.

      • I was a great experience. Almost 9 hrs of hiking (we were not down the mountain when I texted last. No way he could have made two trips in one day. I thought we would be at the spot in two hrs. There were several times I wanted to stop but didn’t. The ground was very soft and we had to climb. I did not think I could do it. But finally did. Then the views on top were amazing. Lots of golden views, just no chest and then 1500 ft to climb back down. My buddy said I look like I got in the middle of a cat fight with two mountain lions. Lots of scratches. Today is a day of rest then back to the grind.

        • Awesome thanks for the share. Hope it was a great time with a friend. A story you can add to family later in years.

        • That’s cool Will. We are still polishing scratches out of our truck, some will be permanent.

        • Will, not just one mountain lion, eh? He had to make it two? Wow! I am impressed! That is the type of adventure that catches my interest. I applauded upon reading your comment. Sounds like you would be able to go on one of my searches. Congratulations on a effortable attempt! I look forward to seeing you at Fennboree.

        • Will I commend you for getting BOTG and kicking up some mud but am I missing something here. You stated on 10th of May you were planning if all went well mid June would be your target date for BOTG. Later stated something vague about MT. Brown, then while on search stated not mt. I am really not clear what has transpired here. Was it your intent to make sure none of us would be nipping at your heels. Forgive me if I am wrong on this because I do wish you the best of luck, but honestly. If you are concerned about writing to all the searchers hear and they may catch on to where you are going then just do not post anything. I think most are here to give you insight from their perspective if you have a question or concern. Here is how I handled my search window. I stated that I will go out sometime before end of August. That way if I were to leave tomorrow(which I am not) it would be acceptable. When I introduced myself I made it clear I will NOT DISCUSS my solve. We will all eventually get caught up in our solves and be concerned what we post to others. Just use caution. After you type think twice before hitting the enter button. All searchers come in different colors and some are bolder than others. Look at EC Waters. He has really put himself out there. I can only think of one other with more guts than him. I am not sure if anyone else knows but they know who they are. They too have put there self in the line of fire along with others. Thanks to all who share in an honest effort to keep the chase alive! Also Will we are only a small portion of searchers there are 10’s of thousands that do not even venture here and most are surely not brave enough to offer up any of their ideas. Besides a few drifters out there these guys I feel are the best of the best. WELCOME TO THE CHASE!

  41. I can totally understand where you are coming from, Doesn’t Matter. Talk to him, explain that it’s him that you want not the money. I can go on but won’t, If he still Loves you like he did when you married him, then there should be no question on what he needs to do…
    Best of Luck to you, but I wouldn’t sell my wife for a million dollars, she’s worth so so much more than that!!!!

    • Lol, the Faulker boys are here together.
      Got your nine clues figured out Jake? You ready to go? Happy hunting!
      I’m just waiting for the new weekly words. : )

      • KM,
        Not ready to go yet, maybe next month.
        I think I know where all 9 clues are but don’t know what some of them are.
        The only thing I know about the blaze is that it must be pretty permanent & is close to the chest other than that who really knows.

        Weekly words don’t help me much but it’s fun to twist them around a bit & see how many different meanings they have.

        • Those gloves f suggested will come in handy : ) Just cause things are not pellucid does not mean then are not important.

          • Yes KM,
            The gloves will come in very handy.
            Don’t go when there’s snow & the temps are below freezing.
            I guess they are to protect from abrasion more than temps.
            Thing are getting clearer.

  42. Thank you all for the support/advice. Everything is all good and I shouldn’t have used this site to blow off steam. Dal understood the situation best and gave me some good insight. Thanks Dal! The hubby is a wonderful man, but he is just more intense than I am about this search. I have the attention span of a kid in a candy store and I just wanted a fun trip and a good memory. I didn’t realize that he would be spending a lot of time researching old interviews with Forrest and analyzing clues etc. etc. I wish I had the enthusiasm to embrace things to the fullest like he does. I am excited to go on the hunt with him and I now understand it is more to him than just cute new hiking boots and a mini vacation. Y’all please get back to the business of treasure hunting and don’t waste one more minute worrying about obsessions and marriage woes. All is well over here and we are now on the same page together. We spent a beautiful day hiking to practice for our trip, and we now understand where each others thought process is on this chase. Thanks again!

    • Apparently there are two ways life-long, happily married couples vacation: together like the Neitzels and separately like the Fenn’s. I found Forrest’s comments in TTOTC interesting. He and his lovely wife of 60+ years took every fork in the road together and saw the world together. But… He says they always took seperate vacations so he could go fishing and she could go to her mother’s to talk about him. It’s a humorous comment and I wonder how true.

  43. Wild goose chase, or not?



    Pay close attention to this man, a great author, admired, inspired and a visionary, whom ff may have known quite well.


    Who is not grabbin every Banana of a clue, so let’s hear the critics of this find?

    Wild Goose Chase or just another enthusiastic, not just “terrific” find.


    Who is enthusiastic, perhaps even terrific?

      • Pandora, no the TC is definitely NOT in a graveyard, but ask yourself, what is the symbolism (hint) in the Thrill Book, where ff does in fact show himself sitting on a gravestone on page 41 staring at all the stars ablaze?

        Also in the Thrill Book ff is again holding a grave marker on page 73, again on page 95? Some of his clues and hints may be simple, just look at the style of writing on page 94 which is in a typical grave marker’s engraving style, this statement: “If you should ever think of me when I have passed this vale, and wish to please my ghost, forgive a sinner and smile at a homely girl”

        Somewhere I feel sure, there is a memorial marker, a clearing and the end of ff’s rainbow.

        Something as simple as a Tony Hillerman plot and his intricate novels may hold the key, but it takes a Forrest Fenn to make a poem sound so simple a child could understand and so complicated it confounds brilliant adults.

        Just ask kids what they like to do and that might hold more answers to a few of the clues that stump us.

        That might help unlock the secret of the location of the TC. I believe that what I see now about the Thrill Book along with what kids like could be the breakthrough we have been searching for.

        June will show if I am right or wrong, I have no problem with being wrong, since I have been wrong 29 times. This time something is different, and all the gears are clicking and clacking.

        Tom T

  44. I have been married for 52 years – and my wife doesn’t care much about the thrill of the chase – and she doesn’t mind that I spend most of the day on the computer as long as she can sit in her chair and flicks channels on tv with out me bothering her and watches what she wants to watch shes happy so every thing is good at franks house thank god

  45. I am copying a recent comment by Jeff Burch that he posted on “Tips From Forrest”. I want to put it here so more of his friends will see it…
    If you went to Forrest’s and Charmey’s book signing last fall you will remember Jeff as the guy with the big dog…Titan…who got along with everyone.
    Jeff was also one of the first guys to head out from his home last winter when Randy went missing. He was down on the river trying to figure out what happened and giving us reports in a heartbeat.
    If you’d like to see a pic of Jeff from the book signing event…look here:

    Jeff is the guy in the middle.


    jeff burch on May 15, 2016 at 9:48 pm said:
    hELLO Everyone pLEASE SEE YOUR DOCTORS AND ASK HOW YOU CAN AVOID HAVING A sTROKE I had one on the tenth of last month it stole some of my mind TITAN IS FINE my daughter is helpig me get through thi aaaaaaand Ranee saved my life sorry words dont come easythis can happen to any one at any age please relize the risk and avoid it at all cost you cant prepare for this I cANT DRIVE WICH SUCKS im A DRIVEWR BY TRADE DONT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANET SORR SBOUT THE GRAMMER AND SPELLING i WISH YOU TH EBEST WITH TH CHASE IT HELPED ME GET THROUGH ALL THIS MESS GOD BLESS EVERYONE PLEASE GET CHECKED BEFORE YOU VENTURE OUT MY MIND NEVER FORGOT THE POEMSOMETHING TO THNG ON TOO GOT TO LOVR THAT FENN FOR THAT

    • Jeff,
      I wish you a more speedy & complete recovery.
      Some things you just cannot plan on happening.
      Hang in there, don’t give up.
      I keep telling myself to give up the smoking, but I’m a stubborn sob.

    • Like Jake says: hang in there and keep fighting! Good luck to you and here’s hoping you’re back to normal soon.

    • Jeff, I’m so sorry to hear of your health struggles. May you remain strong and grow stronger everday. I’ll keep you in my praryers.

    • Best wishes for you, Jeff.

      I was in a hospital room with a stroke victim once for a few days. That’s some tough stuff, especially the emotional part of dealing with it.

      The thing about strokes is that they can happen to anyone, at any time. It’s got to be terrifying to have your number pulled.

      Have faith, in God, yourself, your loved ones, the doctors, whomever, but have faith in something to draw that positiveness into your battle. And good luck.

    • Jeff,
      I’m so sorry to seer something like this happen to anyone especially people who has a big heart for other people before themselves. GOD BLESS YOU, JEFF I am wishing you all the that you can be. DO NOT GIVE UP!!!! Put into yourself the same amount of effort that you put out there for Randy. Take things easy and except all that life challenges you.. Your a fighter, that’s why your still here with all of us…
      Bless you and your family.

    • Hi Jeff, we don’t know each other personally but I am humbled by the dedication of all the searchers that went looking for Randy and am wishing you a speedy recovery.

  46. I don’t know jeff – but he is one of us – and I will pray for his recovery God answers prayers

    • Frank, he’s a good guy and a force to be reckoned with as a treasure hunter. He looked strong as a bull, that’s why this stroke is so shocking. If any one can make a come back from a stroke, I believe it would be Jeff. Hang in there Jeff were all pulling for you.

    • Positive thoughts and prayers to you Jeff! Hoping you have a speedy and full recovery –

  47. Hello all,
    A previous post was sent to all of you by Doesn’t Matter. You see her feelings were hurt by someone very dear to her. Many of you had reached out to her in a comforting way. I too will say thank you for your concerns to a woman hurt by a consumed man. They say that “7734 have no fury like a woman scorned”. Yes he felt the affects of that when he realized she had come here to this site to not humiliate him here but to get his attention. He was changing the way that the 2 lovebirds were accustomed to. The 2 of them other than work related spend nearly the rest of their time together hand in hand doing things together. It is a very happy marriage with many wonderful years. This man in the heat of battle stated something that he should have never stated. Open mouth and insert foot. No this man never intends to belittle his wife. Besides she has a wonderful GPA from a tough college to say otherwise(will be graduating in one more year with a major in Anthropology). For the most part they stroll hand in hand through life together very content. Then the chase came into their lives, which at first was fine. He saw an episode on TV and was introduced into Fenn’s world. See here is where the issue comes in. Although on the surface he looks like your average bear. Lower-Middle class, self-employed, take satisfaction in his work then go home to his loving wife. Underneath he is much different. His heart is huge and his analysis on everything and I do mean everthing is bigger. I know many of you here consider yourself a think tank, well this guy truly is. He takes something of worth such as this poem and the belief in Forrest Fenn and will analyze it until it makes perfect sense. Then once he is confident he will analyze it yet again. Most people would just move on his wife included. She has learned to tolerate his quirks. Now for the most part through this guys life, this hang up of analyzing this an analyzing that has been useless. Only parts of value has been the ability to perform his job with best return and minmal efforts(work smarter not harder method) and picking up a little money playing Texas Holdem(it is simple math the key is unlocking the other players strategies and utilizing it to your advantage). Trust me to pull a profit for the long haul that takes skill. Luck is for beginners.

    You SEE this guy has issues but back to the hurt wife. The poem was introduced to their lives and he came up with a solve. Broke it down then broke it down then broke it down again. He showed his wife his solve and was able to get her onboard 25%. Yes 25% He’ll take it. So that is as far as she wanted to take it. Buy some plane tickets in the future and go hicking in the wilderness of the Rock Mountains. This was not enough for him. You see for him it was reading books, watching all interviews of Forrest, and even coming to this site to see how others viewed Forrest and his enigma. For this guy it was an opportunity a real opportunity to put his thinking to the test and a possible true acceptance for the way he is wired. Sure his wife accepts him for how he is but he wants to prove that it may finally pay off(thank you Forrest from the bottom of his heart).
    Now this is where the real trouble comes in. His heart was coming into play. He was reading others posts and getting to understand Forrest and why all this anyway. At first SURE it was “you have a solve now just go get the chest”. Now he is getting caught up into other peoples world. It became important and now obsessive that he bring you along on this journey. Yes there are other things that his heart has tormented him along the way. He will not discuss the other things. Just know it was for his concern on all who have put their due diligence into this Chase. You see believe it or not it is NOT the obsession of the chest, sure he wants it like all do, but his obsession of his heart guiding him to make sure he films and brings you along. Now he can easily be in a large room with 10,000 searchers and their solves and not stand out in the crowd. So what and who cares many will say. To him it does not matter he is confident in his solve and because of his solve is why he wants to bring you along. Hopfully all will be understood when this is complete, especially to his wife. This will be his first Chase and if burned then he will dial it way back to never upset his wife on this issue again.

    Yes, if for some reason you have not guessed it, the guy I am referring to is me. I love my Doesn’t Matter very much and I am man enough to come on here and set this straight.

    Now as far as Goofy goes if he does not nuke me… hold on a minute my wife is yelling something…HEY WIFE I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU TO STAY IN THE CELLAR UNTIL I CALLLED FOR YOU…ooops busted again!


    • You sure have a heck of wind bag ace.
      If you were trying to say you love her.
      Your busted!
      3 words goes a lot longer than hundreds.
      Save the drama for Dr. Phil’s site.

      • Hey Jake be sure to not watch my video will ya. Besides a few women on this site may find it worth their time.

        • I will at least watch the end of your video & doesn’t mean I like it, knowing I can trash it.

          Oh, I sees,
          You have decided to move on.
          Sometimes, that’s what you got to do in life when there’s a fork in the road.
          Unfortunately, there are winners & losers when this happens but that’s life.

          I wish someone would find it & save me some money.

          OK ACE,
          If you post it I’ll watch it as long as you watch my boring trips.

          Just in case:

        • Video I would like to see.
          Forrest & Peggy on Dr. Phil’s show with Dal & his wife as well.
          I would pay to see that, seeing I paid much more to see places I’ve never seen before.

    • Look after her, ACE, she needs you!

      I hope you can enjoy the Chase together, but let’s all remember to keep it in perspective: there’s way more to life than this…

      • Thanks vox and to all who give positive concerns hereafter. Yes my wife and I are all good and I have dialed it way back while we are together she is my gem.

        • Ace you are a wise man and a good husband… And if you do find the chest you can give your wife the item in the chest that Forrest doesn’t want to talk about… He did say something like she will be pleased to see it…

    • You were doing good until your wife had to be the butt of your joke just so you could end it.. Man up!!! We all have issues some including me have wives and I in no way ever neglected her… She is and will always be first, #1 in my life. I am obsessed We live on retirement with this for the history and not the money. We live on retirement funds and that’s fine with us. Nothing we want, we have had everything that made us happy when we were young. Be a real man and put your wife first #1. That’s where she belongs. If she said to stop this chase for legitimate reasons then do it. That story almost made you sound like she will be #1 “again after ” you finish your chase..
      As far as telling us what state your solve is in, we all tell each other that. It,s not like we know your solve to interfere with it. It’s just we are curious with everyone on their states. All 4 states are being searched by (well now) 100,000 people in a year so I’m pretty sure people will be in your state. Don’t be so scared, nobody here wants to steal your solve< ACE.

      • Please let me say this to you. I stated that I have worked things out with my wife and my time on this search. I am only focusing g on it during our time away from one another. I was man enough to come here and humiliate myself for her. No one knew the wiser till I did this. The ending h firs not bend our relationship in any way. TRUST me my wife and I love and care for one another very much believe me when I say we are good! And as for the ending I feel it was all good support from all except one. Someone who made a blind judgement call that is why I ended it that way for him not my wife. Hope this settles all I will no longer respond to anymore comments good or bad.

  48. Love your Wife, Love your Life, and go forward, hand in hand…whatever direction that leads you. I too am a “thinker”, and I analyze the heck out of everything. What I can not analyze is why my wife puts up with my B.S.

    SHE is the treasure, and always will be, even if I DO find Forrest’s treasure.

    Go fourth in peace and charity.


    • Thank JD now let’s get back to the chase huh. Enough of all this mushy stuff.

    • Just another reason why people should leave “mother nature” alone.

      I wonder if they made buffalo burgers like they did with the one that Mr f roped……..?

  49. Okay I do not want to really discuss my solve but after yesterday I feel I owe it to all. JD ask me…quick what does “it” mean? With much deliberation I will say this… If you follow the poem precisely and its intended guidelines “it” is the same reason TLGII can’t get any further than the second clue.
    This is all IMO and IMO only.

    To n4Peace I have also considered your question when you ask which state I am searching. I am still giving that a thought but if I told you what state I will be searching it would not help you in your solve. I do have a helpful answer for you but it may not be appropriate so with much deliberation for now I still decline.

      • JD haha yes you are a thinker. I feel you understand “it”. The magical gypsies say we will meet someday and I am looking forward to it.

    • Sorry, but my simple brain isn’t comprehending what you mean by the word “it.”

    • Thank you for your consideration, so does that mean that I have to wait another two weeks for you to tell me? That is okay I was just curious as to where you thought the treasure is. I think I narrowed it down to one of 4 States.

      But your answer to JD raises a bigger question in my mind. Are you in the two clues then BOTG camp because you had given me the impression that you were further along than the first two clues?

      Reading your previous post, putting yourself out there for the world to see I realize there are a lot of parallels between your life and mine. I too am a analytical person. I get paid to solve problems for a living and I conciser myself pretty good at it. I too showed my wife and three kids my solve and only my kids believe me 100%. The Chase is only worth solving if you can share the experience with the people closest to you. I wish you luck but keep in mind it is the people in your life that are the real treasure. Finding it will not make you happy if it means losing the ones that you love. I had to learn that the hard way. You may email me if you wish at

      nd4peace32916 at gmail dot com

      • Yes to all my wife and I are great she is smart and knew posting here would get my attention. Like I said “7734 have no fury like a woman scorned”. To all I am off work and she is at work so I have a minute and just left meeting her for lunch.
        ND4 peace telling you my state does not help you we all know that and by not answering your question makes it sound like I am an a }%##€. Trust me that is not the case I may still get back to that later because what I CAN tell you may truly help your solve. I just think it is not appropriate and Forrest may get mad. So I need to leave this one alone. Do know this I am not the only one who knows what it is I am talking about and I have never seen it mentioned here on this site.

      • No. To your other statement. I am from Indiana. I refrain from telling you how far I can get, but I am at least past the 2nd clue IMO and there is at least one that I cannot until BOTG. See I feel it is Forrests intentions to allow all an opportunity at his message even TLGII. Its not too complicated just read the poem carefully and think of the little girl. But the important thing is to follow the poem precisely as intended. All IMO only.

        • ACE, you are not a }%##€. I am, and for that I am sorry. I don’t need help with my solve because IMO I have solved all nine clues. Right around the same time you did. I just wanted to see if you were tracking along the same train of thought that I was. IMO you only need BOTG to solve the ninth clue but with a little logical thought you can get a really good idea what the last clue means. IMO the last clue literally gets you to within a few feet of the chest. Of course this is only my opinion. And I know we all have our opinions. Opinions are like……OH never mind.


          • I agree ND4Peace,
            With my solve you have to put BOTG for the last clue, but have a pretty good idea what & where it is & is within a few feet of the chest.
            I’m putting BOTG for clues 6 through 9 though.

          • Hi ND4Peace, mine requires BOG for clue #3. Perhaps that is why the girl from India can only get the first 2 – you need to be physically at the beginning spot to find #3. Some of the rest of mine require BOG and some do not until #9. IMO

  50. Yes my apology letter was quite lengthy but I felt it par for the course I put myself through that considering my wife had about 20 responses.
    Jake and Buddy along with my long winded third person spill the beans literature I also put a little something in there for you as well. If you guys can stop choking on your own spit maybe you can see it. Hahaha but don’t torture yourself again.

    • Ace,
      I don’t’ see how anyone could confuse that as an apology.
      The word is not even in there & neither is sorry.
      I must be reading the wrong comment.
      Either way I’m happy you guys could work it out.
      It would be completely selfish for anyone to behave in that manner on your first go around IMO.

    • ACE If we have the same solve I caught your little something about your solve. My cryptic question to you regarding the solve is are you searching the creek, the mountain, or just the trail that leads to both?

      • What my spill the beans speech to Jake and Buddy? Going to film my journey. Hahaha. I think you would maybe have to clarify a bit. Considering yes my solve is in the mountains(Rocky Mountains) and yes no paddle up creek line in poem. Tell me where you are going and I will tell you if that is where I will be heading some time before end of August. Haha. Not sure where your message is cryptic?? Looks to me like a straight forward question.

        • There’s nothing wrong with spilling the beans ACE, as long as you still eat them.
          I have no problem with documenting ones chase.
          Where I work now only permits a few weeks a year like most.
          If the CEO would give me a longer leash, I would be able to meet & film other dogs getting the bone.
          Unfortunately at this time my leash is short & as fun as it would be still eludes me.

        • It’s A deal ACE,
          I’m going to Wyoming. I will be following the directions in the poem precisely. I don’t think anyone needs anything else other than that. Except perhaps a backpack and someone to help carry it back to the car. IF big if my solve is correct it really tells the story of how ff was planning to leave is bones. IMO The spot I identified is very lovely this time of year.

          • Wait a minute when are you leaving? I still have up to 3+ mths before the end of my said term. I do not even see how it is possible to have the same solve. Plus I will tell you I am nowhere near YNP. Another thing, it did not sound like we are on the same page about TLGII. Are you a counselor or some kind of financial advisor. Counselers have a way of getting info from their patients without them even knowing it. You are not related to will by any chance.

  51. Hey JD or anyone elses thoughts on this. Didn’t Forrest say something like gold is heavy so don’t take it all back in one trip. If so, is this directed to the person or people that find it. See in my solve there is a significant line in the poem that like the rest of the poem can take on many meanings. I will say that one of my visions on this had no weight at all and the other was 42lbs. give or take an oz. Maybe there is a 3rd as well. Hmmm… something to ponder.

    To be clear I am not talking about his 2 trips to hide it.

      • Hello Ace and thanks pdenver for looking that up. I did ponder what the heck that could mean when I saw it on MW. Because my thoughts were, sure it took Forrest 2 trips to carry it in because he went alone. But if I had a few in my search party why shouldn’t I carry it home in one trip? All I could come up with is possibly there is more to it than one trip for some reason. Or maybe something or part of it has to be left there. I don’t know just thoughts. I guess I was hoping to figure that out if I ever got that far with BOTG.

        • You’re welcome, Ramona. I had wondered the same as you. Then I tried to think like Mr. Fenn. I’m still trying to think. 🙂

          • Hey Ramona, pdenver,
            The way I looked at it is from 2 different directions. If you’d like to know just ask’

        • Yes thank you pdenver. Ramona good insight. I definitely feel there may be more to it. Forrest really keeps us on our toes. Although I feel good about my solve I feel this one is beyond what is in the poem.

    • 42 lbs give or take an ounce. Twice he has said that the chest weighs 44 lbs., and once he said 42 lbs plus.
      If the chest doesn’t weigh 42 lbs., why has he claimed that it does?

      • HUh? I am not saying it does not. I am just wonder why not take it all back at one time. There is a line of significant stop me that lime most has multiple meanings. I already had 2 for that line one the weight of the chest and two no weight at all. Forrest three a wrench into my solve with his statement giving me a possible 3 meaning. If so sounds like good news for the person who retrieves the chest.
        I have some ideas 2 actually but I am not wanting to put it out there I have been embarrassed enough in the last few days.

    • Very heav…..almost identical to tungsten.

      Gold is called a heavy metal because of its high density, which comes from the fact that each of its atoms is individually very heavy. The density of tungsten is almost identical, but tungsten is hard and brittle because its atoms are tightly linked and it is difficult to force them past each other.Jul 22, 2009

  52. Good day fellow searchers…
    I wanted to share something with all of you that MAY be of importance…or maybe not. you decide.
    In the chapter called important literature in TTOTC, Forrest briefly mentions Robert Redford…the interesting thing is, he can be tied in some way to all of the other literature mentioned in that chapter…
    He played Jay Gatsby in the 1974 film The Great Gatsby
    The 1984 film Ordinary People was based on the book Catcher in the Rye
    The 50’s TV series Naked City features Redford in a storyline that is based around the book For Whom the Bell Tolls
    Robert Redford has been on the cover of TIME magazine three times, and has been on TIME’s 100 most influential people list.
    I haven’t been able to find him in a KISMET related story yet…but I’m not giving up.
    The way Forrest brings up his name out of the blue in that chapter makes me think he may be connected to a hint in some way….still looking…
    I also find it interesting that Forrest says he tends to use some words that aren’t in the dictionary, and others that are he bends a little…yet I cannot find very many instances in the book where he does this….perhaps doller and knowledge, but I think the poem is chock full of these kinds of things… Just my opinion, and food for thought.

    • perhaps it is because he (RR) directed the movie “A River Runs Through It”… kinda like a river (or creek) runs through the poem (IMHO).

    • http://s32.postimg.org/dqu5bs2xh/Goldblum.jpg

      Robert Redford, actor in the 1992 hit comedy ‘Sneakers’…

      Sneakers, something you wear for comfort…

      Comfort, something you want to be when you’re home…

      Home, home of brown!…

      Clancy Brown, Captain Hadley in ‘The Shawshank Redemption…

      I see where you’re going with this RR theory… keep going

    • One possible connection to Ford, which makes repeated appearances as Miss Ford and Redford, would be Ford motorcars. Forrest loved playing cowboy as a youngster, he loved his horse Silver. Maybe he’s leading us with that bit to think about Ford motorcar names, which are the ponys… Mustang, Maverick, Bronco, Torino, Pinto. When you add red to horses you arrive at several shades of browns/duns. Redford and Forrest are large scale conservationists who undoubtedly are connected professionally and as friends. IMO chasers discount how important conservation/preservation is to Forrest, and perhaps in solving the poem.

      • That said, you could make a case for including Clint Eastwood with some of Forrest’s references as well.
        If you are East and in the Wood… Hmm that knocks out the Italian spaghetti westerns; so which Eastwood film lands us in the wood? My solution includes other key ‘big picture’ western stars and great lines.

        • Hmm, I’ve just decided, that Forrest kept it simple with the Eastwood reference. Keep East and you’ll end up in the wood.

      • I won’t disclose too much of my big picture solution, but my favorite is:

        Look Quickly Down = Tom Selleck in Quigley Down Under was an American Cowboy “Sharp shooter” with a beautiful Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Range Rifle replica made in Big Timber, Montana. The distance Selleck’s rifle shot was quite close to a distance equatable with ‘not far but too far to walk’

        This info won’t help you locate the spot, but I would stake a winning solution on it’s importance in solving the poem. All my opinion.

      • Timothy, my boots, tennis shoes, and waders have been on the ground for 3 years…
        2013-2015. No searching for me this summer. Not sure if my schedule this fall will permit another trip. Doubtful.

          • Awe SL, please tell me where I can send you a $20 bill and hug you for that comment. After raising sons, I’m fairly certain I will continue to “know nothing stupendously” until they reach their 30’s. Note, that I went up momentarily from 42 to 44 in your estimation LOL

  53. In my solve, there are at least two word definitions that are not in the common vernacular. These are critical to the solve. I have mentioned one of the two, but not the second. Forrest is the master at word usage. All is not what it first appears.

    Good luck to all searchers, and STAY SAFE


    • I agree JD. I believe that the poem can be read two different ways; poetically and logistally. IMO the poem is a brilliant masterpiece of direction and misdirection.

  54. I agree JD. I believe that the poem can be read two different ways; poetically and logistically. IMO the poem is a masterpiece of direction and misdirection.

  55. I’m not so sure about the misdirection in the poem, the misdirection is in the interpretation.

    • strawshadow, Very true. That is exactly my point. and which interpretation do you choose? Can you tell if you are interpenetrating logistically or poetically? IMO the mind switches back and forth too easily. Once you go off track you end up in the wrong place. The misdirection is choosing the wrong interpretation.

  56. Straw, please correctly interpret my dream that I experienced last night while deep in zzslumber (in the wood)…I dreamt that I was in the Fenn home speaking with Peggy while Forrest napped on the sofa with Tesuque. I was telling her that I knew where the chest was hidden and we were both chuckling. I led her to Forrest’s bathroom counter and opened the cupboard beneath where the wooden box of pennies rests adjacent the bathroom window. We were chuckling because it’s f’s throne room with a hob within their hob. I then told her the chest was hidden inside a cardboard box labeled “house paint” under that cupboard. Mrs. Fenn and I agreed we would keep it our secret and let Forrest have fun watching TTOTC play out a while longer. Funny, huh? I never have chase related dreams, but this one is comical.

    • Lia,
      Our dreams may be a vision from way to many visions we do not know.
      I don’t understand my dreams & I don’t believe in dreams being helpful to the chase unless it’s from someone else.

      I believe your dream is correct in proportion to the bath room.
      Turn the faucet on & see the blaze.
      Look quickly down & open the cupboard.
      Most of my dreams are nightmares.

      But the tiles in his bath room have many faces looking at him.

  57. Ok I have taken my wifes feelings to heart and now I am also going to take Forrests comment to heart. No need to stretch a tangent. So no more beating around the bush about things I am a complicated character to figure out anyway.
    IF I post on this site from this point on it will direct and to the point but of course still IMO for I too do not have the chest.

    I feel I owe all this one and if I am correct sorry JD.
    TLGII cannot get any further than the second clue, because she does not have a license. A road is involved and if you follow the poem precisely she will need assistance.
    Hopfully this will please someone I truly admire. I truly respect many of you. Good Luck and Happy Hunting!

    • ACE,

      Before you burn extra gas in that travel… you may want to read the second comment fenn said about Little Indy, or someone else from dear old dad’s stomping grounds etc. Just a thought.

      • Well seeker must be a little before my time first post in this was MW Feb 4th. I am unaware of any other comment from Forrest on this. Where or what date should I look then I may give more thoughts.

        • Found here [ this site ] in a “reply” from FF … shortly after the Q&A on MW’s

        • Ace, I think this is the comment Seeker is talking about:

          Dal, I am sure you remember that the little girl from India was the lark of Jenny Kile, who inserted it into a question she asked me. It might just as well have been a boy from Waxahatchee, where my father was born, or an Arab kid from Marrakech, a city that Winston Churchill said was the most beautiful place in the world. He was an excellent artist and I once sold his oil painting of that city. We are getting a lot of mileage from that little girl from India, doncha think?


          • Little girl, boy, kid.
            All can be considered an adult.
            Never says child, as we know under 18.
            Doesn’t matter where they’re from.
            Just matters from the person they’re coming from.
            They all have one thing in common.
            They got a map of the RM’s & the poem & they both could be viewed online in detail.

    • Nothing to be sorry for Ace. We all have our opinions. I agree that a car is very handy. For my solve, I drive the entire distance from wwwh to the “END”. I park and hike only 1/2 mile to the blaze, and then 200′ to the treasure.

      I think that what TLGFI lacks is a map with enough definition to be able to spot the hoB. A “Map of the Rockies” certainly does not offer the detail needed. GE does, but we are not told that the LLFI has access to GE.

      Unless one knows WHERE to look for hoB, GE or any TOPO map with enough detail, is totally useless. You have to know WHAT you are looking for. AND WHERE to look.

      All of this, of course is just my opinion. After this coming week-end I hope that I can make a few FACTUAL statements, and not just opinions.

      …but isn’t that what we all wish?

      Good luck Ace, in your search and ALL – STAY SAFE


      • Hi JD,

        It sounds like you’ve worked out most, if not all, of the clues. Which state are you searching? Where do you live?

        • I live in Idaho, My search area is in Wyoming, not YNP

          Yes, I feel that I have a complete solve. I have been to my site five times this year, and ice has hindered my final search. Hopefully, it will have all melted by this week-end, and I will be able to bring home the Treasure.

          Good luck to all searchers and – STAY SAFE


          • That’s cool that you live so close to both WY and MT. Are you in eastern ID? I lived in IF for a few years and loved being so close to both Jackson Hole and West Yellowstone. I’ll be in West Yellowstone this weekend if you want to buy me a beer with your newly found gold nuggets. 🙂

            Good luck and let someone you can trust know where you’re headed

          • Pandora – no reply under your post, so will post here.. I live in Pocatello. Sorry, West Yellowstone is a bit out of the way from my site. Would have loved to buy you a beer.

            Your search last week sounded like we were about to get a new definition of “Pandora’s Box” Good luck this week-end.


          • Forgot – I will have family members with me in my search – Thanks for the reminder though


          • Best of luck to you, JD. I hope it works out for you. You seem to be a real cool fella 🙂

    • IMO the reason TLGFI could not get past the first two clues is because the person asking the question to ff only gave the poor little girl the poem and a map of the US Rocky Mountains. No one can solve past the first clue not alone the first two with only the poem and a map. ff was sneaky and didn’t answer the first question asked he only chose to answer the last one. This is another case of ff making us believe in something he never said.

      Glad to get that off my chest it was driving me crazy.

      • HAHA thanks for opening up. Now breathe. If not driving then why would he offer up the next statment about disabled people. Depending on their disabilities many cannot drive. When I get that second statement from Seeker or haha pdenver I can disect it better. Could be Forrest’s second clue and mine are different.

      • Can’t “put in” from India very well that’s all he meant. He said all you need is a good map and the poem. They speak English in India. Anything you can get on web they can.

        • I’m betting that they can both speak English nearly as well as most Americans can (tech support not withstanding), they can type it better, too. (Just joshing you, Will. Check both your first and last sentences above — missing verb, missing article.)

  58. No searcher can get “closer” (to solving the Poem) than the first two clues, regardless of where the searcher is at.

    You cannot “begin” at WWH until you first know “what”, and “where” it is!!!

    Boots on the ground, or not, no one can get “closer” unless they have correctly solved the first two clues.

    Fenn strikes again!!!!…..Yeah, Forrest!!!

    oh, yeah…………….IMNSHO!! 🙂


      • 🙂 Thanks pd. Wonder if seeker figured out your post to me?? 🙂

        (but, I am serious)

        • Had to watch it a couple dozen time before I got got it…red head red tea, brunette black tea, Blonde white tea, on green tea grass stains.

          Wait… That may not be correct, I may need to do much more research on this… I’ll be back a few hours…

        • Hello locolobo. I’m curious to what seeker will say now. I went searching a few days ago and thought I figured out everything, but alas, Mr. Fenn sits comfortably in his chair wearing a smile on his face. 🙂

        • So I took some time, Alone in there, and put in a lot of extra research in to this matter, reviewed many videos, Attempted to get as close as I could to the information provided, and have come to realized… there’s another meaning to ‘The Thrill of the Chase’

          Now I can C the obsession…

      • Thanks pdenver. But I read all those. He posted in comment twice and neither were directed to TLGII. I think Seeker is saying he comment here on Odds and Ends shortly after post. I went to archives part 3 I think and only post was by someone named Dennis. I feel my analysis can still hold weight unless someone can direct me to where Seeker is speaking.

        • C’mon ACE your the research guru… I said on this “site” in a “reply” “shortly after” the “Q&A” on MW’s…

          • Nope never claimed to be a search guru. I can find it in the archives but which one. Does not matter to me either way just felt it may help others with someone who is really willing to give a straight forward answer.

    • Haha not so fast loco. If I am leaving you with my first not beating around the bush straight forward solve I need to feel it can be right or what is the point.

  59. Thank you Goofy I will now take you off of my ACE’s Most Wanted List. So this is to all read Goofy’s post to me and IMO TLGII or any other kid for that matter cannot get past the first 2 clues without a license. So Good Morning and if I don’t see you again Good Afternoon, Good Evening, and Good Night.

      • Hi pdenver. I assume you live in the Denver area? I’m in the foothills. Would you like to get together to chat about the Chase sometime?

        • Hello Spoon. I live in the Thornton area. I wish I could share my thoughts, but at the moment, I must kindly decline. My husband recently asked that I keep my thoughts to myself. Your offer is so kind and I thank you for considering me.

          • Honestly and respectfully, and hopefully without sounding dismissive of your thoughts, I wasn’t asking for them.

        • Hello Spoon. My apologies for misunderstanding. I seem to be a bit confused. How would one speak about the Chase, without speaking of their thoughts of what the poem means to them, which potentially, leads them to their solve? Would you be so kind to give an example of a question you might have asked me, please? Perhaps I may have a better understanding of your generous offer.

          • How generous my offer is may be debatable…. Didn’t want to discuss it here. If you want to chat let me know – I can guarantee that I won’t be trying to get information out of you, though.

      • Yes and of course it is still IMO. But there are my thoughts. And all are welcome. Hey pdenver don’t worry about me I was calloused over since childhood. The schoolyard bullies don’t bother me. Oh one more thing either you or Ramona is supposed to ask Timothy something. Thanks for all you do here pd.

        • Hello ACE. Thank you for reminding me about Timothy. I got a little sidetracked. I’m glad to help you and other searchers, and you’re welcome. 🙂

          • Plus funny how f said getting a lot of mileage huh. Taking time out now Happy hunting all. IMO and only IMO

          • IMO…
            the TLGII comment means that the first two clues are known world wide…Example…YNP and Old Faithful… the rest will be more local knowledge.

          • Unfortunately we don’t have any details about how old the little girl in India is.
            People call women girls at times & they may be little or shorter in our vision in relationship to the height of others.
            I just don’t like the vagueness of the Q & the A.
            As usual.

        • Didn’t Fenn say something about riding a bicycle to “water high” and throwing it in? If memory serves me correct it was about someone not believing he would be able to get there when he wanted his bones to rest with the chest.

          • The comment related to me in a way that told me he would not drive a motorized vehicle to the place where he wanted to rest his bones. Plan A.
            He could have pulled it off with a bicycle though.
            Plan B. Is what we got today
            Just imagine his vehicle being found parked by a road & running the plate.
            Bingo! I know where the treasure is within walking distance of an 80 year old man.
            The walked statements to & from the chest also tells me you will have to walk in the end even though in line 7 Not far, but too far too walk. tells you a little different story.

    • ACE,
      I just saw this post…

      Fenn’s comment [ that Goofy was kind enough to find for you ] ; ” Dal….I am sure you remember that the little girl from India was the lark of Jenny Kile…”

      In his book he used the same term for the “Little girl” who worked at Borders. Later called the same “little girl, little lady”…
      So my point was to the “lark” of the usage of Little girl from India or a boy from if fathers home town, doesn’t matter. If those ‘people’ from different places have the same problem… does age come into factor? There is no true reference to age. The more likely problem they have in common is the clues themselves, and why they can’t proceed past those clues.

      The other points of this, refers to those who indicated the first two clues and walked pass the other seven….
      I’m Just saying, have a backup scenario after you burn a tank of gas going up and back… have ya seen the gas prices lately?

      • Thank you for your post Seeker. Yes, Forrest did state that in his book. At the beginning he did not realize the girls age for one reason she was small in stature compared to the coffee cup. As she guided him straight to where he needed to go he realize her knowledge. Although she still had some growing up to do he could tell that she must have… read the last line in that paragraph.
        Not sure what to say about the other half of your comment with my solve you can trample on the 3rd clue and still walk past the rest.
        We could debate back-and-forth until we are blue in the face and still not come up with a resolve until someone retrieves the chest. Even after that there will be some skepticism on whether all steps were done properly.

      • For starters none of us really know what the clues are and in their order. If chest has not been found and I get out west and film, I will start at what should be 1st clue to satisfy the masses.

        • Hola Ace,

          I usually do not reply to comments like this, but I have to say that someone/people may know what the clues are and what they mean.
          Happy Hunting.

          • Kedar’s Mom,
            Seeing you said it… How do you come to that conclusion? “someone/people may ‘know’ what the clues are and what they mean.”

          • Hello KM, well I do have a solve as does so many. Yes Forrest knows what they are and in exact order. I feel that even if one of us retrieves the chest our interpretation of clue numbers will still vary. But that is pretty stuff once chest has been retrieved.

          • Seeker,

            It’s logical that the poem can be solved. Nobody ever wants to hear that someone may have solved all nine clues. I have said before I think I know, and went botg for a whopping 15 minutes. That sucked, overall I am just a lucky cowgirl. : )

          • Just bad timing KM.
            To spend all that time traveling there & only spend 15 mins, tells me you need to get more info before you go.
            I’m sure your hiking stick will be safe, for someone else. All things need to have a purpose & be recycled.

          • Don’t be so sure KM.
            A beaver may have already used it to help the den be surrounded by water.
            What we see as our use, has many other uses.
            So goes the poem.

          • Jake, it’s not made of wood, I highly doubt a beaver would use a metal pole for their den and there’s no beaver living by my pole. : )

          • Why would you be hiking in the wood without a wood hiking stick?
            I would use wood in the wood.
            Your loss probably wouldn’t have happened if you used your wood.

        • LMAO Jake! I do need a new one, I will look for a wood one, for when I’m in the wood. : )

          • My bro James wants to buy a hiking stick from a store in Bozeman.
            I should tell him we are not going there to boost the economy although that is a by product of Forrest’s thrill.
            I think it’s a better idea to make one where you are & leave it where you found it when your done with it.
            I have left many in the wood.
            Have never had one that wasn’t wood & never bought one.
            When your in the wood, they are all over the place.

  60. Allow me to point something out about little Indy and scrapbook 61. Little Indy may not have a lot of resources at hand but if she has a head on her shoulders she has logic. There is a possibility that not all of the clues one can use logic to solve but in scrapbook 61 it states logic can be used to determine a clue. So, does scrapbook 61 have to do with one of the of the first two clues?

  61. An odd thought about the chase:
    The name of the little community in the mountains north of Santa Fe, TRUCHAS
    means ‘trout’…Truchas means trout. If you have been there you would understand how odd that is.

    • Hello Michael. I don’t know New Mexico very well. I tried looking the information up, but not sure if I really got a good understanding. Would you be so kind to explain why it would be odd, please.

      • That community sits high on a ridge. But on second thought, it sits below Truchas mountain. There are many streams flowing down its sides with good trout waters. That must be the reason it was named trout.
        I’ll slap my forehead now.

        • Hello Michael. Thank you for your reply. I greatly appreciate it. Don’t hit yourself on the forehead too hard. 🙂

        • Maybe the HOB OR WWWH is my best friend, his name is Gary Trout. They have a brown house. WOW, here I am searching all over the Rockies and it could be right here in Illinois. LOL IMHO

        • Truchas lake, on the other side of Truchas peaks form the town of truchas, is great for trout fisjing. hard to get there though. go figure.

  62. Dal, or anyone, has Forrest ever said anything about Mark Twain books? Is he a fan?

    • I don’t recall him saying anything specifically about Mark Twain…or seeing any Mark Twain books in his library…but I certainly did not see all of his books…
      It certainly would not surprise me to find out that he has a very unique Twain book in his collection.

      • It seems to me that I read somewhere that something in his collection has Mark Twain’s original handwriting or notes or something like that on it. I just can’t remember where I saw it. Not sure if it was on this sight or Jenny Kile’s. Or I could be completely mistaken. Sorry I don’t know specifics but maybe it will help jog someone else’s memory..

        • WY girl. I don’t recall which Mark Twain manuscript ff owns, but I do recall it was a major work with Twain’s handwritten changes in the margins.

          The comment may have come from the Tony Dukopolis interview. (That interview was not one of Forrest’s favorites, but it has information that you don’t see in other interviews.)

          You may be able to locate the interview at Mysterious Writings website.

        • That’s interesting, thanks.
          I’ll do some internet searches, but I already did. I’ll just have to spend more time on it. Besides, the internet can be tricky sometimes.

  63. Cynthia added a new weekend schedule update to the Fennboree pages. Please read and make suggestions if you can…
    Go to the top of this page and look for the Fennboree 2016 tab under the header photo…hover over it with your mouse and click on the Weekend Schedule sub-menu…

  64. SB 61…. you can use logic to solve an important clue to the location of the treasure. That’s a cool bit of information. Thanks for sharing your thoughts The Count. : )

    PS Only one more day until weekly words, woo hoo!

    • FYI here’s the whole quote:

      It seems logical to me that a deep thinking treasure searcher could use logic to determine an important clue to the location of the treasure. Is someone doing that now and I don’t know it? It’s not what they say on the blogs that may be significant, it’s what they whisper. f

  65. Thanks.
    FF’s story about his youth and getting lost with his friend strikes me as a very Huckleberry Finn like piece.
    Then there’s Finn and Fenn, which might have absolutely nothin’ of everythin’ involved (see what I did there?).
    I haven’t found any connection to the poem though, other than the propensity for things named after huckleberries. It’s just something that might be an outside possibility.

    • Finn and Fenn, there was a location where I found a Finn reference locally engraved that was near an important place. I could not find the history on my computer. This also brings me back to the little girl from India thoughts. Certain information can only be gathered while on location. In my experience and in my opinion I agree with your outside possibility. A person may locate a nice location on a map for prospecting, you think there’s gold there. Not until you visit that location and dig up your first nugget will you know youv’e found gold.

      • It would probably be asking for too much to ask for more info on that. So I’m not going to ask.

        However, if you feel like sharing, I’m all ears. Or not, per your judgement. 🙂

  66. A question.
    When, where, and how did Forrest say that he wanted and or was willing to buy that silver bracelet with turquoise beads?

    My solve started with what I consider the most perfect “begin it”, based on using logic. And I was surprised to notice that this bracelet could be another clue. Not a necessary one, but a confirmation of sorts, later in the clues.

    • Hey BB
      I’m not sure which one but it was on a interview, He said that it’s probably the cheapest thing in the chest. Probably worth around $350.00. But I think who ever finds it should just give it back for no$$$$$$$….IMHO

      • I think that the bracelet is in part proof that the treasure was found. That’s why ff basically offered a reward for it’s return, in my opinion.
        The money isn’t important, I’d feel wrong to ask for money to return it when he would let me keep the rest of his treasures.
        But the idea that it’s also a clue, since it does work that way in my solve, has me wondering more at the arrangement of it’s release.
        Did ff plan to release this statement later as a hidden verification to the solve?
        That’s all assuming that my solve or another that can use the bracelet as verification is correct.

        • BB, In an obtuse way the bracelet fits into my solve as well, and if I ever put in where it fits, I would put it on the table in a game of pool. The profit doesn’t lie in monetary means, thrilling indeed. IMO.

  67. O.K. BB, Since I have absolutely no idea what your asking me I’ll go straight with a numerical answer. 99 bottles of beer on the wall, if I counted my words correctly. In my opinion I like my first opinion.

    • The Finn reference?
      I was not questioning your opinion at all, we all got one. 😉

      • OK BB without sounding too opiniated, the Finn engraving was found in a place where, if you counted my words, one might sing a song about beer bottles. It means nothing more than you can find this place with a good map and online, but you can’t find this engraving without visiting this place. IMO.

        • Well, from reading some of your other comments I do value your opinion.
          I hope I didn’t give you reason to think otherwise, and I’m very sorry if I did.

          Thanks for that explanation.
          What I was really wondering is what the inscription was. But being aware that it might be asking for too much info on your own work, I didn’t want to press it too much.

          All this still leaves me wondering at the possibility of a Mark Twain influence on all of this business. But there doesn’t seem to be any real evidence of that.

          • No apologizes necessary BB, besides my opinion is one that is ever evolving. With regards to Mark Twain, when I was a child I would get lost in his stories, as an adult I get lost in others. Influential writers always tend to captivate the emotions of a listening audience and have a lasting impact. The inscription was of local historical lore.

          • I couldn’t find anything on Huck Finn in the states involved in this search using the internet, and that’s why your comment piqued my curiosity. If there’s local lore about Huck Finn, it’s very interesting. Especially if FF used a Twain connection in his puzzle. I don’t think it would be a direct (needed) connection, more of adding confirmation to the solve. Much like my question about the bracelet. above.
            But who knows at this point?

          • The silver bracelet? That’s beyond my scope of understanding at the moment, still missing that bridge. I’ll bet new developments on the horizon may help in understanding the importance and signifience of such a find. IMPO.

  68. Speaking of fins, It may be of interest to some that the movie Milagro Beanfield wars was based loosely upon the earlier book and movie called Finians Rainbow. It’s theme and character names mirror words in ttotc poem. The modern equivalent to Finneans rainbow is Robert Redford’s movie the Milagro beanfield wars, which coincidently was filmed in northern New Mexico west of Taos in a small town named Truchas, which as Michael mentioned means trout. If you look closely at Forrest Fenn’s signature, the F’s are in the shape of an alpha or fish. There are many art galleries, into old graveyards within the Spanish land-grant at that city. It’s it’s halfway between Taos in Santa Fe.

      • DP – that’s a nice find. If you have isolated your search area down to an acre, you may wish to look for longitude or latitude numbers matching F Major frequencies. Forrest was a Major in the AF, and Fran Warren sang F’s favorite song “Sunday Kind of Love” in F Major. All opinion, and won’t assist with solving the poem, but may be of interest to someone.

  69. The Seven Sisters constellation. (Learning more about the stars and planets becomes increasingly fascinating!)

    • Was this in reply to something I missed? FYI, the Seven Sisters (i.e. the Pleiades, or Subaru if you are Japanese) is not a constellation. It’s an asterism in Taurus. (The Hyades is another asterism in Taurus.) Many people think the Big Dipper is a constellation, but it too is an asterism: it’s the brightest 7 stars of the much larger Ursa Major constellation.

  70. Forgot to mention that Milagro carries the Spanish meaning miracles. So perhaps the 1988 film about miracles in New Mexico by forrests friend Robert Redford holds special significance to Forrest – his healing was a miracle, IMO, when only given a 20% chance of living 3 years. Bless God, Forrest is still here and sharp as ever.

    • Yes Bless God. And God bless Forrest for being such a fighter. I have not seen that movie but adding it to my list right now.

    • Hello 42. Thank you for this post. I, too, am truly thankful He gave Mr. Fenn a blessing and his life back. I cannot imagine how Mr. Fenn felt being told he only had a 20% chance of living an additional 3 years. The fight he had to endure and his loving family giving him the willpower to do so. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. I wouldn’t wish that kind of prognosis to an enemy. Yes, miracles do happen and I’m truly grateful they do.

    • My only thoughts were regarding the Pinon trees.

      Is Forrest pointing searchers back to NM or Colorado?

      He did say that where the TC is, there are lots of animals, the smell of pines and sage. He once said Pinon, but retracted it.

      He mentions, “That special little place” in this weeks post.

      The place he hid the TC is “That special little place.”


      “I was quickly rejuvenated by that experience.” If I were to find “that special little place” I SURE would feel 20 years younger.

      Just some thoughts and opinions.


      • Life is like a masquerade party.
        When it’s over, the masq is left behind.
        JD, I think it was pinion nuts he retracted, not pinon.

        I think his writings will not be forgotten.

          • From what I see JD, you were the quicker to draw.
            Do you think they have the same meaning?
            I do.
            I just hope he did. That would verify the definition of the word “quickly” in the poem IMO.

            Maybe he should have said “look slowly down” as in carefully.

        • Yes, Jake, I think that they have the exact same meaning.

          In my solve, I use a very unique definition for “quickly”. No, I am not prepared to give out that definition. It took me almost two months to come across it. It CAN be found, it just takes work.

          AND it is related to our discussion of Pinon


          • JD,
            Your a trooper.
            I do respect BOTG searchers more than EOTC Eyes On The Computer.
            But, we have to start somewhere don’t we, as we did.
            There are many here that have put their solve to the test.
            Only to fail but yet get satisfaction in the thrill.
            I have seen a lot of horse’s being led to the trough, but maybe it’s just a mirage.

            No one here has tasted the water from that trough. I hope your thirst will be quenched in the right trough.

          • Blah Blah Blah Jake.

            How many times have searchers said the same thing…”Only to fail but yet get satisfaction in the thrill.”
            Yep, that was fenn’s intention to get the lard a** off the sofa and out in the wilds of nature..

            What kills me about that hypocritical statement is, how many have simple gone out with no other reason but the pure enjoyment?
            I could name a few that have… Yet most here and on other blogs may not have if it wasn’t for the lure gold.. the greed of the loot.. period.

            I don’t need an excuse to walk the lands, enjoy the sights, experience nature… the challenge is the solution to the poem. But hey, if failure to solve the poem is the only way you get out in those hills… I guess the poem did it’s job.

            You said, “I do respect BOTG searchers more than EOTC Eyes On The Computer.”

            I respect a person[s] who didn’t need the excuse to travel their backyards.

          • LOL!!! No one here knows where, or if, I have ever searched. Some tell, most don’t. Individual choice.

            “Maybe you should start BOTG?”, per Jake.

            WHy should he??…. Because “jake” suggests it??

            Jake, if you, and others, are so convinced it requires BOTG,….why feel threatened by the EOTC bunch??

            Good Luck to ALL!!!


          • locolobo,
            You have ripped my blinders off again & can see around a little better.
            I’m not suggesting that BOTG searchers are better than EOTC searchers.
            There are searchers that have disabilities not being able to physically put BOTG.
            The disabilities come in many varieties.
            I think EOTC searchers have a lot to offer & maybe more than BOTG searchers but unfortunately they cannot morph to the next level.
            I can see some BOTG searchers getting closer with some help of EOTC searchers.
            Get your PawsOTG.

      • Hey JD
        I’m not sure about f retracting that comment about the Pinion smells? I remember f saying to the interviewer that he had said something that he wished he didn’t, but even then he didn’t point out the Pinion smell. Pinions could be trees or bushes I think and I know that NM is supposed to be the place to get them, (Pinion nuts). But Wiki says that Pinions grow in NM, Colorado,Arizona, and some in lower south west Wyoming. I hope this helps and it’s all IMHO

    • I wonder if the QUICKLY in the last sentence has anything to do with “Look quickly down…?”

      Just a thought.


  71. Dear Forrest,
    Thanks for taking the time to give us weekly words, makes every Friday great! I can take you on a nice trail ride, let me know. : )

  72. I think Forrest meant his best clothes were his “birthday suit” and he went as a “bum” meaning bottom end.

  73. OMG! All you treasure hunters are in for a……an…. ummmm….thrill of the find surprise. No joke go to Google Maps and type in “Straight Creek North, Yellowstone” zoom out once and tell me what shape the water makes….I’ll give you a hint…an elephant man in boots?

    • Looks more like a 3-legged lizard with a kink in his tail about to head-butt a piñon nut.

    • … another Yellowstone solution …


      Wake me when you Yellowstone people find the chest.

      • Hey Ken, you know the first time I found my very first geocache my first thought was that it was funny that everyone was walking around it going about their day without a clue that there was a geocache right there beneath their noses. It amazed me that after several years, the worn piece of paper you sign was still intact despite the weather and the amount of people who found it and the numerous muggles nearby. Maybe Forrest feels that way too. Think of the first arrowhead he found. It was right there underneath his feet. He might feel it’s funny to hide his bronze box just a little ways away from a totally crowded place like a big Yellowstone attraction just to make that same point. Oh and there’s nothing boring about Yellowstone 🙂

        • Morn Lana
          What did you find? and who’s signature is on what paper? Geocaching is really pretty cool if you find the right stuff.

      • Ken,
        You should know that there is a difference between Yellowstone & Yellowstone National Park.
        There’s West Yellowstone which is on the West border of the park.
        There’s Greater Yellowstone Region & Ecosystem as well.
        I had my fun in the park.
        Next time I will check out the region outside the park.

  74. Good morning JD,
    Hope you enjoy your trip today with family. I see this will be your 7th time in and around your spot. I sure would love to see your vision on the poem. Please if you do not have any luck and are done with this location try to take us on your journey by sharing. Good luck sir and enjoy.

  75. Morn JD
    I agree with ACE. This will make it your 6th or 7th time checking out your spot. You sure have beat me. So I will say, YES you have our fullest attention…..IMHO
    Please tell us, please, please please.

  76. too far to walk
    The title to his second TC book.
    How can this be a subtle hint?
    Take it for what it’s worth.
    A good read with subtle hints sprinkled inside & not on the cover unless it’s the dust cover.
    Your gonna have to pony up at some point IMO.

  77. Forrest sez, “That’s why I was going to call it an unauthorized autobiography, if that’s the right word, “What do you think?”

    Does this explain anything for you, from Wikipedia.

    An autobiographical novel is a form of novel using autofiction techniques, or the merging of autobiographical and fictive elements. The literary technique is distinguished from an autobiography or memoir by the stipulation of being fiction. Because an autobiographical novel is partially fiction, the author does not ask the reader to expect the text to fulfill the “autobiographical pact”.[1] Names and locations are often changed and events are recreated to make them more dramatic but the story still bears a close resemblance to that of the author’s life. While the events of the author’s life are recounted, there is no pretense of exact truth. Events may be exaggerated or altered for artistic or thematic purposes.

    • Musstag,
      My interpretation.
      Unauthorized autobiography: an account of a person’s life written by another person without permission.
      This should explain “it”.

    • Very well stated. This is how I feel it was all written. Close proximity to truth with a little embellishment.

    • “All of the stories that mingle among these pages are as true to history as on man can average out that truth, considering the fact that one of my natural instincts is to embellish just a little.”

  78. Morn Guys and Gals,
    Didn’t sleep much last night, worked on all of my paperwork from starting over again. I have some what of a question for anyone who can take off with this idea.
    What do you think of this: ” The Thrill Of The Chase is To Far To Walk but it is obtainable.”.. “Everything in Life is as Hard as You male it to be….IMHO

    • I’m sure the feeling is mutual pdenver.
      It seems like when I untangle some of the strings, then I try to untangle more only to find the ones I just untangled are all knotted up again.
      How many times have you untangled them to realize they are still tangled?
      You are fortunate to live in the area of the map where the tangled string lies.

      I get the feeling I’m batting at home plate with 2 strikes & 2 outs & he’s getting ready to throw my way again, but I can’t see the ball.
      But I can see his motion & the trail.

      • Hello Jake Faulker. Many times I’ve found myself tangled. I have to remember when the string is unstrung, to be sure to wrap the end up and make a new ball. 🙂

        At home plate with 2 strikes and 2 outs and he’s getting ready to throw your way? Keep an eye on his eyes and smile back at him. Make him sweat. Then get ready to hit the curve ball he’s ready to pitch at you. 🙂

        • Did I mention this is the bottom of the ninth?
          The last place I want to look is into his eyes.
          The first place would be to look into his mind.
          That’s where I think you will find the answer.
          Can’t see the curve if you can’t see the ball.

          • Hello Jake Faulker. When you look into the eyes, you look into the mind. When you know what’s being thrown at you, then keep an eye on the ball and swing as hard as you can. Can you hear the applause of your homerun??? 🙂

      • Hey Jake & pdenver
        I had to untangle the electric cord and I couldn’t believe what I had done, by the time that I got all of the knots out and looked at it I was at the end but that is where I started.

    • I think you just found the guilty culprits to the mysterious disappearance of Forrest’s yarn collection.

  79. Hi All;

    Well, I am back from Wyoming. What a BEAUTIFUL state.

    Tired, thrilled, and none the richer. All of the Ice has melted, but now
    my stream is a TORRENT! Was able to eliminate one spot, but two
    other spots of interest, the water is just moving too fast. It would not
    be safe. Hate to admit it, but I will probably have to wait until mid to
    end of July before I venture out again.

    I ThiMk (Close to thinking, but a tad off) that I have it down to within 10 – to 12 feet.

    Is it July yet?

    Good luck to all searchers and STAY SAFE


    • Nice to see you back safe & sound JD.
      I was getting worried you may have been on your way to return the bracelet.
      Yes, it’s a torrent there now in spring & so is my spot, which is why I will wait, but fortunately mother nature makes the rules we try to break.
      Maybe in June we can meet in the Madison’s & share our tales of whoaaaa!
      Gravity is the weakest force but yet it still keeps us down to Earth for now.

    • Hello JD. Glad to hear you made it back safely. Having it down to within 10-12 feet is amazing. I wish you all the very best in July. 🙂

    • Wait, Wait, Wait JD,
      Forrest said he didn’t think that “any searcher” could get with in 12′ and not find the T.C. You have to be RICH NOW!!!!

      • JD
        Welcome back safe and sound. That’s the best way…
        Glad that you still enjoyed the trip. Everyone one of the trips are full of so much heart felt love because of the effort that you have put into them. A little now, a little from the passed add that to your next trip and, well I think you know the rest…
        Be safe but have fun, Best of luck in July….

        • Can someone (Timothy?) tell me where to find the Forrest comment, “didn’t think that ‘any searcher’ could get with in 12′ and not find the TC,” please. First time I have ever seen that statement.

          • I have not said that a searcher was closer than 12′ from the treasure. It is not likely that anyone would get that close and not find it.


            LMN – highly recommend you go through and read everything tha f has had posted on here. Skip the comments on all the posts unless you have nothing better to do for entertainment than read the opinions of others who have not been successful in finding the chest. 🙂

          • Thank YOU for that reply. I’m new to this and had not seen that SB. I suppose there is no reasonable way to isolate the ff posts/comments without wading through all the other dialog??? That is a sincere question. I can not imagine how to take your advice.

          • LMN – in the menu (top right hand side of each page) there is “Forrest Shares”; these are things he has given to Dal to post. These you should read. All the comments for each post you should probably skip; f sometimes will respond to someone’s comment, but I don’t think it is worth the time to try and find all of those. But if you do you want to look for comments made by f in the comments section of the posts, do a Ctrl F to search each page and search for “Forrest Fire” and a do a second search for “Forrest Fenn”; these are the names he has used when posting comments. You will find a lot of hits that you will need to wade through because so many people type in his name in their comments.

            Also look at the media page (“Important Information” menu item), listen and read all those, there is a lot of good information contained therein (as well as all the posts under important Information).

            I have been collecting f’s written statements and transcribing his public appearances for 3 years now and have collected about 40 pages worth of f’s words about finding the chest. It is a number of these comments and statements that provide fodder for the various discussions (arguments) that are in the comments sections of many of the posts.

            Welcome to the Thrill of the Chase, or maybe just welcome to the insanity! Don’t let it consume you. Don’t rush into a full blown solution and try to be out on a search in the next 3 weeks. 🙂

            Take your time and focus on figuring out what you think the first clue is, don’t worry or focus on things like the blaze or the home of Brown, those will come later once you have a first clue to start from.

          • And here are a few words from f to get you going… Good Luck!

            So I wrote a poem containing nine clues that if followed precisely, will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure:
            Introductory sentence to the poem in TTOTC

            The clues are in the poem and my book has hints that will help a person with the clues. The book won’t take you to the treasure chest, but it will help you with the clues that are in the poem.

            There are nine clues in the poem, and the clues are in consecutive order. If you want to find the treasure chest – you have my book there – I’ll tell you how to do it. Read the book just normally… the poem and the rest of the book, and then go back and read the poem 6, 8, 10 times – study every line, every word. Then after you do that, read the book again, slowly, with the idea of looking for clues, or hints, that are in the book that will help you follow the clues. You can find the chest with just the clues, but there are hints in the book that will help you with the clues. (27:06)

            I have some advice. Read the book and study the poem over and over – read it over and over – maybe even memorize it; and then go back and read the book again looking for hints that are in the book that are going to help you with clues that are in the poem. That is the best advice I can give. You have to find out… uh… you have to learn where the first clue is; they get progressively easier after you discover where the first clue is. (49:35)

            There are hints in my book that will help you with the clues, but a clue will point you toward the treasure chest and a hint will just help you with the clues, if you can understand that. (24:31)

            Q. Is any specialized knowledge required to find the treasure? For instance, something learned during your time in the military, or from a lifetime of fly fishing? Or do you really expect any ordinary average person without your background to be able to correctly interpret the clues in the poem? ~mdavis19
            A. No specialized knowledge is required mdavis19, and I have no expectations. My Thrill of the Chase book is enough to lead an average person to the treasure. f


            Start with what f has repeatedly stated over the years. A number of people on here are indifferent to TTOTC book all the way to complete antagonists to it as a help for finding the chest. They all have their opinions on it and are ready and willing to share those opinions about it, but I would recommend you ignore them starting out until you can appreciate this Q&A for yourself:

            Q. Are there subtle hints in the book?
            A. Yes, if you can recognize them.

            Then you too can find your place in how you feel about the book and your own ability to recognize those subtle hints. 🙂

          • JCM, you have made the comment of all comments with this one! That sums it up in a nutshell. Dal should place that comment in an advise to newbies page! I think that with your advise, I can find the end of infinity!

          • JCM and Timothy, How kind and thoughtful of you to reply and share so much valuable insight on your years of experience. I found it so rewarding! So many things never considered and resources that I did not even know existed, let along how to tap into them. Your patience and generosity is certain to inspire others luck enough to see what you shared. Seems like so many really fine people associated with this adventure and the two or you are among the best examples of that. Thanks, Again!

    • Bah! I’ve got a hell of a lot more real estate to work with.
      I feel that’s an advantage. 😀

      • JCM & LMN,
        1st) JCM I’d like to say Thank You for stepping up. There are not to many of us that will take the time to try and help a person just starting out. Great Info…IMHO
        LMN, JCM gave you a lot of solid advice. Great ground work to start with, to many new people want to jump right in and get a solve and go and try to retrieve the TC (Treasure Chest). That is for sure will guarantee frustration and blown money. Oddly enough none of have the money to throw away but it will happen. I would also like to add to JCM that MW (Mysterious Writings.com) has some very good stuff from Forrest Fenn (FF) in there. She (Jenny) has it broken out real well. Questions from 5 years ago to date with FF’s answers and some of FF’s favorite sayings and quotes. This is some information that for sure can help you. Be very careful on the blog, even though it sounds like a lot of fun there are people that will intentionally miss lead you so that they have a better chance of getting theTC before you do. If I where you, I wouldn’t read the blogs to much unless you have questions, then ask them but make sure of who it is you trust for the answer. Read TTOTC first, then read the poem and re read TTOTC slower and start looking for hints and clues that help you get answers. (I used a RED and BLACK grease pencil) to mark up my books). You can wipe it right with a Mr. Clean sponge.
        There’s so much to tell you, but so little time to write. Besides, it’s only fair that you start off like all of us did. I’ve been here on this poem now for almost 3 years. I actually had folder after folder piled up.at least as much as JCM and I dumped it all out and started compiling again only this time I’m very specific about what it is that I keep. I am wishing all the best and am welcoming you to the group of searchers now known as the Fenner’s.
        I hope that you have a good bag of nerves and a strong will as you will so find out that you will need them. OH, one more thing. If you have questions try to make sure that you are posting them in the right blog. There are a lot of them. Go to searchers discussions and on the left side they are all posted that are being talked about. Questions about them should go to
        “Dal Neitzel.com”. The other thing is read about Forrest Fenn on his personal blog. Old Santa Fe Trail I think.
        FF said (and remember this) ” Imagination is more important than Knowledge”
        Watch You Tube interviews with FF. “Important”
        If you ever say something on the blog always put “IMO” at the end, it means ” In My Opinion ” “In My Honest Opinion” IMHO, that’s what I use.
        Best of luck

        • JCM and Timothy, How kind and thoughtful of you to reply and share so much valuable insight on your years of experience. I found it so rewarding! So many things never considered and resources that I did not even know existed, let along how to tap into them. Your patience and generosity is certain to inspire others luck enough to see what you shared. Seems like so many really fine people associated with this adventure and the two or you are among the best examples of that. Thanks, Again!

          • Thank you LMN. If you hit a speed bump feel free to ask it here on odds & end
            Now, where to start?????
            Read, read and read some more…IMHO
            Best of Luck

    • I live close to you JD and my solve area could be the same as yours. I have been on my spot since 2013 but ture to your statement the search window is basically late summer and fall.

      • email me at SculptorJDA at aol dot com if you want to chat in private. Since 2013 – A LONG time!


        • I haven’t had many opportunities to search during the right conditions. I think I’m close tho.

          Anyway, your address didn’t work. dbig21 at gmail is my address

    • Glad you made it back safely JD. Alas another day for the chest to be found. I’ve managed two trips this year and have one last search planned before long to hopefully finish the quest IMO.

        • Thanks JD! We will be safe. This trip is a graduation gift to my son so hoping for success. We will be searching a different spot than you have but won’t know if we are correct until we walk it. I have not made many postings since I found out about the chase because once I came up with a solve that was solid I didn’t want a land rush to ensue. I can give an answer for all clues and it’s pretty awesome IMO. If I should be correct I think it will make for a great national news story. Forrest is amazing on many levels. We will be walking with confidence but after eating crow on the last two trips, I’m not boasting or bragging about anything unless it’s found. It sure is amazing at how many ways the poem can be deciphered. If we are successful I will let Forrest and Dal know so that others can plan accordingly. Every time I take a trip, I always wonder if it will be found while I’m on the road.

    • JD,
      If it makes you feel any better I’m looking in NM and have encountered the same problem. You’re right, July and lower water levels can’t come fast enough!

    • Hi JD – kudos to you for another BOTG commitment to your solution. Sorry to hear about the ice being replaced by yet another impediment: roaring rapids!

      That you mention you feel you’ve constrained your search location to within 12 feet concerns me a bit. If raging water is that close to where you believe Indulgence is hiding, aren’t you concerned that in a true flood year the chest might be *IN* those rapids (= GAME OVER)? Do you believe Forrest (who has thought of everything) would risk leaving the chest in such a place? I obviously don’t know the area you have in mind in Wyoming, so it’s possible that the torrent you spoke of merely separated/hindered you from getting where you needed to be: i.e. that you would have needed to cross it to get to where you believe the chest is secreted. If that’s the case, then you may be on the right track.

      • I know that it sounds like a dichotomy, but in reality, I think that the TC is safe where it is at, I just can not get to it. Thanks for your concern though. It could have been a very valid one.

        Good luck in YOUR search and STAY SAFE


        • “If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather”, just thought i would share.

  80. “So I wrote a poem containing nine clues, that if followed precisely will lead to the end of my rainbow and the treasure.” Any thoughts?

    • Yes, all you need is the poem. That’s it. The books TTOTC & TFTW are definitely worth having to double check your clues from the poem and they are very interesting to read a few times each… Clues are clue and hints are there to justify the clues. As f has said before ” I’m amazed that no one is working on the “KEYWORD” in the poem that could possibly be a part to the finishing of the solve” end quote. I have found that,. Did you even notice that the stanza’s are complete sentences? Punctuation in the Poem is very RELEVANT to the solve. Do not move the clues around, find one and keep checking the map..Not the one in TFTW a good map of your state that you think it’s in.
      I will give you this from f: “Some people are still looking beyond the land of enchantment. That’s it for now.
      Best of Luck on your searches and be safe when out there.

      PS >> The TC is not buried, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not all covered with stuff and by now there is a great Patina all over the brass. The TC is not glimmering in the sun light

      • Timothy,

        Here is the exact quote:

        “Many have given serious thought to the clues in the poem but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key.”

        Found this at the top of the page under searchers discussions, the key word.

  81. Keyword = PRECISELY…

    “End of my rainbow” = No water = no rainbow

    Treasure = Treasure will be found in or near water.


    • JD,
      That’s a good bet if your playing the odds because 71% of the earth is covered by water.

    • JD – I Always enjoy your input and positive comments; and most of us concur their is likely water and a real rainbow involved.

      However, there may be other ways to interpret Forrest’s statement with equal precision.

      So, just for fun…
      What if he had a favorite pony named Rainbow, and the poem takes you to the last place Forrest rode rainbow? Rainbow’s grave?

      Or, the shape of mirrored double rainbows forms a heart. Heart mountain overlooks Buffalo Bill Center for the West.

      Or, what if Forrest enjoys “bowing” with native Americans in a rain dance and the poem leads to where he enjoyed that. After all Forrest published a beautiful book called “The Beat of the Drum and the Woop of the Dance”

      The end of his Reign where he bow’s down.

      Just tonight I was thinking about Forrest’s anti-war, peace-loving philosophy…and how one could interpret “begin it where warm waters halt”

      How about: be gin it where the war-arm or war “club” waters halt. As in start the journey at the officers club where wars are planned over gin/warm waters.

      • 42 ( a good year, the year I was born)

        You state, “JD – I Always enjoy your input and positive comments; and most of us concur their is likely water and a real rainbow involved.

        However, there may be other ways to interpret Forrest’s statement with equal precision.”

        I thank you much for the compliments. T’anks

        Of course, there are MANY ways to interpret Forrest’s statements with equal precision.

        Isn’t that what the game is all about. Testing whether our interpretation of Forrest’s words matches what Forrest meant when he said them…That is part of the “Thrill” isn’t it?

        I have (I hope) never professed to know exactly what Forrest meant when he wrote the poem. I can only be confident that I have examined it closely, applied whatever logic and imagination I am capable of, and developed a “solve” that “assumes” or “forces” nothing.

        All the while, having a blast!

        Good luck to you in your search 42

        Stay Safe


        • In the above, and in the previous post I neglected to state that those were strictly “My Opinion” – my bad – sorry…and of course, this is just my opinion.


        • JD – 42 is my dob w/o year, and so fun that it fits with ff’s totc. I wish you happy hunting this search season! After 3 years of botg, unfortunately this season I’m an arm chair player. Best of luck.

          • Sorry you can not put BOTG this year.

            Happy hunting from your desk though.

            Thanks again for the nice words.


  82. 42,

    Your genuine, impressive and selfless contributions to this site continue to hold my respect.


      • OOPS – Sorry SL – I thought that your comment was directed to me and not 42.. MY BAD!


    • SL – Many thanks for your kind remarks. After 3 years on the blogs my philosophy is care & share, rather than beware of others. But I must say that I hold Forrest’s philosophy not to tell all – just in case my hair brain theories prove correct someday. I’ve learned that no lurker would say thanks, you helped me solve the poem.

      • Sorry about that, I was referring to Tim’s quotes about the keyword and the other quote regarding beyond the land of enchantment.

        • Kedar’s Mom has it right for you.

          As far as the other part it wasn’t a quote it was my opinion. So yes to all of that.

  83. Ruido,
    I will never say that FF said anything without back up. If your searching then you should have a separate file for everything that FF has quoted during these 6 years. i did a lot of digging but I found most of the old ones and I’ve been around for almost 3 years. You learn a lot in that amount of time….IMHO

    • I agree and that’s why I asked the question. FF never said the words that you had in quotes. No worries though. Good luck.

  84. @Ruido
    OK, You are correct! this is the exact “FULL QUOTE” from the page: ” Many are giving serious thought to the clues in my poem, but only a few are in tight focus with a word that is key. The Treasure may be discovered sooner than I anticipated.”
    I will tell you this as I feel that I owe it to you, The key word will prove that your solve is correct. Also, here is a new quote, for you, that f had said, very important: IMHO

    ” What surprises me a little is that nobody to my knowledge has analyzed One important possibility related to the winning solve.”


    • Timothy;

      If I am correct, you left out the word “uncertain” in your quote.

      ” What surprises me a little is that nobody to my ‘uncertain’ knowledge has analyzed One important possibility related to the winning solve.”

      Just my opinion.


      • Hey JD
        I just checked the quote and the word “uncertain” is not in it. My information came from the interview called “Forrest Fenn quotes may provide additional clues.”
        Now that’s behind us what really matters is what the meanings are. It took me awhile to get my solve and these two meanings together. After checking the solve with the books I think I might have a good solve. BOTG coming up soon, I hope…IMHO

  85. So let’s list some possibilities related to the winning solve and see if one is more important.

    1. Uh….. hmm…. Stanzas 5 and 6 are not location clues.

    • 1. I’m thinking yes to location[s]
      2…. The right kind of map. A map of the US RM’s may not be defined enough of the correct map. [ hint here may be the types of maps GE has available and not so much zoom capability ].

      • Hey Musstag & Seeker

        1) I’m going with Seeker on this. To me they are both locations..Stanza #5, FF is there. Stanza #6, FF is telling you where “there” is and giving you the gold.

        #2) I am definitely going with Seeker on GE

        • Timothy, ff has already told you to just take the chest and go in Peace. In 6 he sez take the gold, that’s , imho,not the Treasure chest. IMHO It’s the, or your life’s reward for hanging in there in life, being brave it in the real world.

          • I left out an important part that explains your reward. It is in for whom the bells toll, but not Hemingway version. Can’t remember name but it was centuries ago.

  86. Here’s and interesting Fenn quote that I wasn’t aware of.


    Who else knows where the treasure is buried?
    “I never said it was buried. I’ve avoided that word. I hid it. I don’t mean to imply that it isn’t buried. I just didn’t want to give that as a clue. It took me two trips in my car to hide the treasure. And I can tell you an 80-year-old man is not going to make a trip into a canyon, then come up and go down again. As for who else knows, I’m the only one. My wife doesn’t know.

    This statement was questioned by Melissa under the Fundamental Guidelines topic back in March and she got no responses.

    Obviously the statement that “It took me two trips IN my car to hide…” and “…I can tell you an 80-year-old man is not going to make a trip into a canyon, then come up and go down again” are the nuggets of interest.

    Typos, miss-quote? Anyone want to weigh in? Did I miss a previous discussion on this somehow? The author of the article is supposed to be Fenn’s neighbor.

    I don’t see this link in Dal’s Media Page either.

    • Hello Colokid. I don’t believe we’ll know the true answer(s) to the question(s). It does seem interesting. In my opinion, it may be a misquote. Why would it take Mr. Fenn two trips IN his car, if he’s using a car to transport the treasure chest to his destination spot/area?

      • pdenver,

        Why indeed? But the car sentence does seem to be consistent with the down and back out of the canyon statement.

        I wonder if the author was working off spotty notes and filled in some blanks with his own words? This is the kind of statement you’d really like to have on a recording.

        • Hello Colokid. I would believe we may need to take it as inconsistencies and misquoted. I think it’s possible, he made two trips “from” his car to hide the treasure chest. Point A (his car) to Point B (hiding spot) with part of the treasure, back to Point A to get the rest of the treasure, back to Point B and again, back to Point A. Two trips “from” his car. This would seem to make sense to me. Two trips IN his car??? I’m not sure how that could be. How about you?

          This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

          • pdenver & Colokid

            I agree with pdenver as this is what f has backed up in all of his interviews. I’ve never heard the 2 trips in the car thing or the canyon trips either. I really do not believe that f would be giving anyone information like that. Send the question over to MW and ask Jenny if she has anything like that in her files….IMHO

        • Technically speaking, if it were just a few miles north of Santa Fe, he could leave his house in his car, walk from his car to the hiding spot, go back home and then repeat those steps once more in an afternoon.

          That would be both two trips IN his car and FROM his car in a single afternoon.

          • Hello Jeremy P. I was going to add the possibility as you did, but then I asked myself, “If he was that close to home (or place he was staying), why make two trips to hide the treasure?” Wouldn’t that risk the possibility of being caught? He has Mrs. Fenn and the housekeeper tending their home. Maybe I’m thinking too hard and complicating things. 🙂

          • I’ve thought about why two trips and I came up with a couple of reasons.

            One, obviously, is that the distance is such that it would be easier to carry lighter loads.

            But, the exact opposite is just as likely: The distance is so short, it’s more convenient to take two trips (I often make two trips to my car to bring in groceries because the distance is short and there’s no sense in trying to carry too much).

            There’s probably a lot of variety between those two.

          • To draw an example. At Fennboree there will be at least one person who does one or the other of the following:

            A person will walk from their car to the grill carrying the charcoal bricks, and then return to the car to get the cooler.

            A person will have carried a tent to the campsite, realized they forgot to buy mosquito repellent, and make a run to the store.

          • Hello Jeremy P. Didn’t Mr. Fenn say he took two trips because of the weight of the gold and the treasure chest?

          • Would you carry 42lbs in one trip over five feet if you could carry 20lbs over 10 feet? 🙂

            There’s a range of possibilities.

          • Pd, that’s about how far you would get too. 42lbs is very heavy! I constructed a box 10x10x6 and filled it with 42 lbs of coins, just to see how heavy it really felt and I was hard pressed to go 10ft in my house. Just saying..

    • Nice find Colokid.
      Looks like Jeff Burch new about this article back in Feb.
      Hope he’s doing better.

      What we are looking at here is what it is not:
      A video.
      Would you be willing to say that it is not completely accurate considering there’s no way for us to see & hear ourselves?

      • Jake/pdenver,
        I think we have multiple instances where he said “from the car” so I’d be willing to go out on a limb and call this portion a miss-quote.

        However, the second line about an 80 year not going in and out of a canyon is new info to me too. This would seem to add additional caveats on how much effort he went to and conditions about the type of terrain he traversed. Could this be confirming that he walked a very flat path?

          • Jake,
            Randy isn’t being discussed in that question so it seems unlikely.

          • Colokid,
            What was the title of that article again?

            Author Forrest Fenn Opens Up About Missing Treasure Hunter: ‘I Don’t Feel Responsible, but I Want to Be Part of the Rescue’

            Who was the missing treasure hunter & how does the title not have anything to do with the interpretation of what Forrest really said?

          • Jake,

            Here’s the question again so that you can reread it and apply proper context.

            Who else knows where the treasure is buried?
            “I never said it was buried. I’ve avoided that word. I hid it. I don’t mean to imply that it isn’t buried. I just didn’t want to give that as a clue. It took me two trips in my car to hide the treasure. And I can tell you an 80-year-old man is not going to make a trip into a canyon, then come up and go down again. As for who else knows, I’m the only one. My wife doesn’t know. ”

            Forrest was asked a variety of questions unrelated to the title or Randy. For instance, “What is the treasure worth”. Using your assumption that Randy is integral to all of F’s responses in this article, how would you apply that in this case?

            You can’t because Randy isn’t mentioned in the question or discussed in the answer.

          • Your obviously a little green Colokid.
            If you read everything in the article you would notice that the questions by the person that wrote the article came way before the answers that are not exactly accurate.

            Here’s one of many:
            How do you think this will all end?
            Nobody is going to happen upon my treasure chest. They will have to figure out the clues and go to it. Somebody could find it this summer, or it could be a thousand years. The guy I hope finds my treasure is a redneck from Texas who’s lost his job, with a pickup truck and 12 kids and a wife to support. But nature can impact the location, you know. We can have flash floods, earthquakes, forest fires. I don’t have any control over that. I’m a bystander now.

            Don’t you find these misquotes kind of hilarious.
            I do & they are.

            I find the person that wrote this article did there homework but is not an accurate account of what Forrest actually said & some things are lumped together inaccurately & in the wrong order.

            How do you think this will all end?
            Yea, & Forrest really answered in such a long paragraph.
            No bought a doubt it!

          • Jake,

            You said: “….you would notice that the questions by the person that wrote the article came way before the answers…”

            Don’t questions usually come before answers? Since I’m “green” maybe you can spin me up on the correct order for questions and answers.

            And you said: “I find the person that wrote this article did there homework but is not an accurate account of what Forrest actually said & some things are lumped together inaccurately & in the wrong order.”

            What do you base these statements on Jake? How do you know what Forrest “actually said” during this interview? Do you suddenly have some special insight into how this interview was conducted? Fill us in on the facts since you seem to know a lot about it.

            What I find hilarious is that you think the title of the article dictates the nature of all the answers.

            Good luck with all your assumptions.

          • Colokid,
            Green as in gullible.
            Seeker summed it up pretty well: “I would be hesitant to take it word for word from any reporter.”

            The fact that a human wrote that article is all I need to know that it is not 100% accurate.

            Go ahead & believe what what you want & I will stick to the needs.

          • Colokid as green. That’s rich. How long do you have to be posting here before you are wise and “seasoned” vs. “green”? None of the “wise” posters here have the chest.

          • zaphod: “How long do you have to be posting here before you are wise and “seasoned” vs. “green”?”

            It has little to do with how long you have been posting here or anywhere for that matter.

            It has a lot to due with being a wise soul.
            The mind can see what the eyes miss.
            My friend John from Reno has been blind since birth & he knows what I’m talking about. He sees more than most, without sight.

        • Hello Colokid. Only Mr. Fenn knows for sure. I’ve heard on an audio where his grandson says he can walk circles around him. Not sure if we can rule anything out when it comes to Mr. Fenn.

          • I hope you consider that Shiloh would not say anything to make Forrest appear to be less than himself?

          • Hello Deb. Most definitely. I also believe some may not give him credit enough of what he may be capable of doing. 🙂

          • With regard to grandson comments Forrest has made… When ff said (No one else knows the treasure location. If I was going to tell someone, I would tell my grandson, but I’m not going to.) PARAPHRASED. I wonder which grandson he meant.

          • Hello Lia. Good question. I believe Mr. Fenn would still remain silent and not tell a soul. In my opinion, if he would tell a grandson, it would be Shiloh. Shiloh is an adult and would seem to keep a secret very well. Sam is a young man and I believe the temptation to slip may be a possibility. Besides, Sam was the little stinker who gave Mr. Fenn the horns in the photo in TFTW, page 245. Perhaps he knows his grandfather too well??? 😉

        • Colokid,

          As interesting as the part about the canyon is, …80-year-old man is not going to make a trip into a canyon, then come up and go down again”

          I would be hesitant to take it word for word from any reporter. The full article has some other inconstancy as well…imo.

          But lets look at the answer in-regards to the poem… All this really states is the ‘treasure’ is not in a canyon or at least a canyon that must be traveled up and down accessible only. As well as, in-regards to the poem… The same way fenn went to hide the chest is more than likely not the same avenue the poem describes. [ but that is a guess on my part as well ].

          If the report is accurate, I’d say fenn is repeating his comment about don’t go where an 79 or 80 year old man can’t.
          The interesting part is… should the poem be the same way fenn needed to travel to get to the hide, is there a “canyon” [common knowledge usage] involved with the poem?

          This is not unlike the usage of ‘home’ in the poem. A structure, dwelling, habitation, a place of birth yet not residing at, one’s Country state, city.. etc, etc.

          My point is, can ‘canyon’ be straightforwards, if the poem is read differently? and the common usage is not what it seems to be.
          I know there will be those who will argue that this report is bogus, completely unreliable, and in their solves they have a canyon they must travel down… so it can’t be true, right?

          • We know Forrest carefully chooses his words, or at a minimum is very well thought out during his interviews.

            So, why wouldn’t he have simply said don’t go anywhere an 80 year old couldn’t go? Why say an 80 year old man; and further the statement by saying that cuts out 1/2 of where people are looking?

            Where could an 80 year old man go that an 80 year old woman couldn’t go? The men’s room. I know he said it’s not in an outhouse. I’m just thinking about what a clever fox Mr. Fenn is, and letting my mind wander a bit.

          • Seeker: “I know there will be those who will argue that this report is bogus, completely unreliable, and in their solves they have a canyon they must travel down… so it can’t be true, right?”

            How deep is a canyon & how long does it have to be to be a canyon?
            Doesn’t make any sense for Forrest to exclude all canyons.
            As far as I’m concerned a canyon can be 100′ long & 30′ deep & easily accessible IMO.

          • Seeker,

            You said: “I would be hesitant to take it word for word from any reporter. The full article has some other inconstancy as well…imo.”

            I couldn’t agree more….the ” IN my car” vs “FROM my car” statement is enough to raise a red flag. But we have other verifiable instances to compare that one to.

            The main reason I brought the whole thing up is that the in-and-out of the canyon is an entirely new statement. Many people have given out solves that require traversing extensive rough terrain. Someone quoted the grandson about F running circles around him. Many people don’t want to believe that there is a limit on what F could do.

            Sure it’s a written article and there’s no way to know if it’s an accurate statement.
            To be fair to the author, I would say that it doesn’t sound excessively embellished but perhaps poorly transcribed. My question is: did the author completely make up this quote or is there something to it?

            If it is true then it flattens the trail and many will need to rethink their solve. If it is a complete fabrication then it has no effect.

            Either way it doesn’t affect my process….just thought it was an interesting topic to discuss.

          • Colokid,
            While I agree with you..one thing peaked my interest. Is part of the solve the same travel that fenn needed to take just to hide the chest?

            Two trips doesn’t bother me, from the car doesn’t concern me… Is the several miles fenn suggested we should be capable of walking the same?

          • seeker,
            IMO the path that Fenn used to hide the chest is the same as the path the searcher must take.

            IMO there is a lot of supporting evidence to indicate this. The reply to Curtis (I think) where he said “there is no other way”. The LGFI discussions that lead me to believe that the final clues must be recognized and viewed with BOG in order. It’s probably a short distance from the car with an easiest approach that doesn’t need short-cutting. The list goes on. In my mind there is an elegant chain of supporting Fenn statements that all lead to this conclusion if you are “thinking the right thoughts”.

            I think the start to finish distance (described by the clues) is consecutive, contiguous, and relatively short….not spread over large distances or across several states. That has never made sense to me. He indicated that he “put one foot down and stepped to the next foot” (paraphrase) as he worked on the clue wording. To me, there is a consistent thread in everything he’s said.

    • “Also, you’ve mentioned on multiple occasions that it took two “trips” to secret the chest and contents to a very special place. Perhaps someone has already asked this, but I’ve not found an answer yet posted or video recording that contains an answer. Forgive me if this is redundant, but were both trips made on the same day/date? Not to be anal, but that would be one spinaroo of the giant ball we call Earth that constitutes a single 24-hour day to its humble inhabitants.

      Thanks so much.
      Kind Regards,

      Joe, you make this thing so complicated. Reminds me of the reason I don’t like meetings. I hope you don’t belong to a PTA someplace. I made two trips from my car to the hiding place and it was done in one afternoon.f”


    • I wouldn’t be too quick to discount statements as miss-quotes in an article about Forrest by Richard B Stolley. It certainly appears to be written by Richard Stolley, and his journalistic credentials are as impeccable as Forrest’s military honors. Just my opinion.

      • I agree pd Mr. Fenn is quite capable. My one sentence was meant in another context. Also everything that you read on a blog is for entertainment. I’ve learned this the painful way. One thing that no one has ever talked about is the Black Widow spider. I think I know, emphasis on think, but not for certain. I think the quotes from Mr. Fenn are the ONLY ones worth reading. IMHO.

        • Hello strawshadow. I do enjoy reading others’ thoughts, but you are correct in that the only words that is most important are Mr. Fenn’s. I’m curious how your lesson became painful. That certainly doesn’t sound pleasant. As for the Black Widow spider, it would make an interesting topic. I had wondered, but after reading your post, I can see how it relates to my solve. At least, I think I do.

          • pd the painful mistakes were just judgement errors from trusting the blogs. For me they are just for entertainment and very cautious comradery. Mr. Fenn said it himself “READ THE BLOGS FOR ENTERTAINMENT”. And that might not be his exact quote.

  87. I think Forrest drove to the treasure and it is 200 feet off the road. He literally walked 200 feet, hid the box, walked 200 feet back to the car, grabbed the contents, dumped it in the box, and hid it.
    That’s why he knows people have been within 200 feet of the treasure.
    He says some people have solved the first 2 clues and gone past the other 7.
    I feel it’s because they kept driving down the correct road where warm waters halt

      • He claimed he could not hint at the Home of Brown as it would lead you right to the treasure.
        So to me, you have to choose the correct road where warm waters halt, drive a distance too far to walk down a canyon.(maybe 10 miles maybe less) stop your car.
        Walk 200 feet probably up a slope on a mountain where the Home of Brown is near a steep cliff where there is rushing whitewater.
        The Blaze if the only thing left.

    • Hi Kelly — you’re close. I think he secreted the gold FIRST (in a protective bag), then went back to his car for the chest. He would have to have trusted his hiding place more than he trusted where he parked the car, so why risk leaving the chest contents unattended while he’s off hiding a $25,000 chest (or whatever it’s worth)? That’s like an 80:1 ratio on value.

      • because he only had to walk 200 feet. Maybe he hid it the way you said but he only had to walk 200 feet to hide it

        • What kind of “road” are you referring to? The original plan was, the place, to be his final resting place… My driveway is 200 feet, there’s a creek running threw my back yards at 300′ from my home with standing cedars, oak, hickory, maple, elm, dogwood … and I can smell the spring water from my back porch.

          How do you get around the comment… the chest is not in close proximity to a human trail?

          If a road is not considered a human trail I don’t know what is.

          • I do not consider a road a trail. I guess that’s debatable.
            My understanding is he used to go down alot of forest service roads and probably had a couple of spots he really liked. “As I have gone alone in there.”
            Maybe a couple of secluded fishing spots off one of those roads. A fairly deserted road.
            That’s why you need a good map.
            But if it is not far but too far to walk, he had to have driven.
            I think if you crossed referenced forest service roads in NM, with canyons, and sagebrush, in NM you could really narrow the search area. Google sage brush map and you will see in NM it is a very small area where there is sagebrush in NM

        • I guess, if you’re taking the poem for face value and ASSUMING he is talking about distance. It is very easy to break down that line, “not far but too far to walk” any way that will fit your certain view. If you take the word “not” as an instruction, then taking out the word “far” would leave, but too to walk.
          or ” but 2 2 walk” or 4 walk. Meaning something else may have done the walking for him. Too many “if’s”.
          Plus you’re in New Mexico. You are right,IMO, about him only walking around 200 feet. Just don’t think it’s at a place you can drive to. More likely the “blaze” is 200 feet from the chest. (actually, it is, IMO.):)

          • He had to have driven somewhere as he walked back to his car.
            Maybe you cannot drive to the chest, but he drove somewhere and walked to the hiding spot.
            I do not believe he took a bike or an ATV. or something else did the walking for him.
            He parked his car, walked to the spot twice and hid it. Then walked back to his car.
            It was done in an afternoon and in my opinion, done within an hour.
            Done in one afternoon is one of those comments that may mislead the searcher as many think he walked several miles.
            His hint of don’t go somewhere a 78 year old man could not go means he did not walk several miles to me. He walked 200 feet or at least a very short distance

    • It seems that most people have figured that the 2 trips were made by splitting the chest and contents in half and going “in there” twice. But what about marking the blaze and any other markings, colored rocks, etc; for the final resting place of the chest? Seems to me that those would also have to be done in the 2 trips in one afternoon.

      • “It seems that most people have figured that the 2 trips were made by splitting the chest and contents in half and going “in there” twice…”

        We [ ‘most people’ ] didn’t figure out anything… fenn made the statement to such… contents first, then the chest…
        What we don’t know is… over the entire 20 years from the first thought of his plan to the last stage of hiding his trove, was there any other preparations / visits to the spot… he know exactly where he wanted to hide the chest.
        I need to get a hold of Sasha… how much is it for one of those Goofys’ deluxe wee gee methingies?

    • I think you’re right Kelly. I agree about the protective bag too. He loves the treasure and doesn’t want it damaged.

  88. An Odds & Ends question to ponder. I can’t find the quote, but I’m pretty sure Forrest has said at some point that his poem is solvable by anyone of average intelligence. In almost all real-world scenarios, this would suggest that a person of above average intelligence would have an advantage, and that an exceptionally gifted individual would have a significant leg-up on everyone else. Yet, the chest remains undiscovered after 5+ years. How should the average person feel about their chances when over 30,000 people brighter than them have not found Indulgence?

    • Ahh, but Zaphod, you assume that the 30,000 people are not of average intelligence…what about less-than average?

      ~ Wisconsin Mike

      • I’m assuming that 30,000 searchers are brighter than the average searcher, and that another 30,000 are dimmer (by definition). The reality is that the average person posting here is already above the overall average — they can read, they can type, they know how to use a computer and navigate the web. So if 60,000 people have been looking for Fenn’s treasure (it’s probably a lot more than that) the average poster here is certainly skewed to the right of the mean since they’ve jumped through some hoops just to navigate to Dal’s blog.

    • Taking what FF says literally, or what he writes in a poem literally, is a mistake in my opinion.

      Literal interpretation is the antithesis of imagination.

      One specific word in the poem has been interpreted literally by almost everyone, and could be the reason the chest remains hidden.


      • Shhhhhh…..Ken. Probably not the reason, but best to keep it and the word that is key under wraps. : )

        • Hi Kedars mom
          I really do not think that it would matter as everyone here interprets their own key word in their own way. If we all listed, just our key word, I would almost bet you would see at least 15 to 20 different words listed.
          Your still safe Kedars Mom “unless” you’ve been talking off of the blog?????IMHO

          • Hi Timothy,

            Maybe so, but I’m still keeping them a secret and some other chase tidbits I have learned. I don’t talk off the blog except with my treasure hunting partner. Tomorrow is weekly words…can’t wait. : )

  89. Jake,
    The only way you’re going to understand my comment is to not think linear specific. The use of canyon can be a description and not so much a place… shear sides to a lower level.
    Example; the description could reference the Ice Free corridor.

    The other possibility… you [ a searcher ] does not need to travel the canyon [ in this case it refers to the common usage/understanding ]. How deep, how long is relevant to either of those scenarios. So there is no exclusion of a canyon… simply a different reading of the poem.
    Imagination is why..imo.. fenn chose the avenue of a poem to present clues. Otherwise he could have just used the book. There is really no straightforwards in-regards to a poem Until the poem is understood the way the author had intended it to be.

    • He specifically said “That” canyon and not a canyon. I did the hike down to the Rio Grande River (around Bandalier) and back up again and I wouldn’t do it again and certainly couldn’t have done in twice in one day.

    • Seeker: “Example; the description could reference the Ice Free corridor. ”
      Canyon –

      I must be missing something because I cannot understanding anything that is not straightforward when it comes to the poem.
      If we were discussing another chase, I would consider it but that’s not the case here.

      It is possible what your suggesting, but the only evidence of these non linear thoughts is the fact that no ones got the chest yet.

      Oh crap! Look at all those searchers that failed using a straight forward approach.
      This will surly change my way of thinking.
      I don’t think so.

  90. Based solely on the poem, is everyone confident Fenn hid the physical TC in the wild? I only ask because the last sentence refers to “title to the gold.” A legal title could be a small crackerjack prize sized piece of paper.

    Also, my son believes he is talking about his own death when FF writes “take the chest and go [die] in peace.”

    Just want to make sure I know what I’m looking for.

      • pdenver, I reviewed your link and not once does FF say “treasure chest.” He mentions the word “treasure” several times… I find it odd that not once does he say “treasure chest.”

        • Hello Pandora. He has said there is a physical chest we’re searching for, not a piece of paper giving title to the gold.

          • pdenver
            I do agree with you. Pandora, I am saying yes, by all indications (that being FF) he did hide a treasure chest in the wild. I just watched a video the other day where f was telling the crowd at a book signing that he was lucky to find this chest and he paid to much for it but sometimes it is worth paying more. Then he told them that he started filling the chest up with gold and other treasures, to many to try and tell you all of them now.IMHO
            I think it was the book signing that two women brought him there. He also said that he was making up poems about the surroundings on their way up…Hope that helps..IMHO


        • Relevant quote:

          Q: Was there significance, beyond an anecdote for the book, of the Horseshoe in “Thrill of the Chase”?

          Forrest responds-

          “The treasure chest certainly is in the mountains somewhere north of Santa Fe, and that is a clue. That is not to say it is exactly 360 degrees from Santa Fe, but generally. If you start chasing horseshoes you may go crazy, but it’s the thrill of the chase, remember? Other clues I have given but are not commonly known are: It’s not in Nevada and it is more than 300 miles west of Toledo, but those won’t help you much. Good luck. f”

    • Tittle to the gold, imho, is not the treasure chest . Its the gold for whom the bells toll imo. The pAssing on of vAluable life lessons. Time prohibits me from keying it all in . And you have to read an find it for yourself to get it, imho.

      • This may e the last time I will say this, Stanza 1 sets the stage, the rest of the poem, imho, have to do with the places on that stage, location, and life lessons, imo, I just can t get those life lessons narrowed down to anyplace yet

    • Yeah could be a jar that says you’ve won HA HA. I’ve thought yes he did but now I’m 65/35. The area where I was looking I found some circumstantial evidence which I destroyed just so no one wandering into the area will be able to make sense of it. It doesn’t matter what we think it only matters that the poem takes a person to the treasure. Pam Shetron has her definition others vary, we may have to except no resolution which is what gold hunts usually turn into, things of legend.

    • Pandora–
      May I ‘whisper’ something here? In my studies of this endeavor, I have discovered that in the ‘wilds’ of at least my search area, there are considerable tracts of land that are privately held (NOT NP, SP, nor BLM). If you’re enterprising, the listing of registered owners is sometimes available by plat/township map. Get it? The title to the gold (and that is literal, btw) may very well be title to the land it hides on as well. This concept, of FF having purchased the wilderness tract in question and of passing title to the finder (even via Last Will and Testament) is perhaps the device by which he knows the TC is still there. Consider….

      • LabRat
        Your idea about a private tract of land is a rather obvious conclusion and one that’s been mentioned many times. After all these years don’t you think some enterprising searcher would have discovered where that tract is by now?

  91. Re: discussion on “not a human trail in very close proxiMATEY”

    All my opinion, but Perhaps this may help someone.

    1. The original statement from Forest was printed at MW, and the word proximity was misspelled as proxiMATEY. In my opinion, this left an out on the accuracy of the statement. Or it was an unintentional error which he and Jenny Kyle chose not to correct. Why would they do that?

    2. Human trail is different than a paved road. Definitions of human trail speak to an area of trampled grass or dirt by human feet or where something has been dragged. Doesn’t appear to include paved roads, bicycle trails, or horse trails wear something other than human feet trod the path to make a trail. Example: Forest service trails are noted differently than horse trails or Fservice roads on maps

    3. The following is only a partial list taken from WordNick on possible meanings for TRAIL when used as a noun and verb. Forest could have been referring to any of these other meanings.

    for railroad tracks, having no flange at the bottom so that a section resembles the letter T.
    See under T.
    transitive v.
    transitive v. To hunt by the track; to track.
    transitive v. to follow behind.
    transitive v. To pursue.
    transitive v. To draw or drag, as along the ground.
    transitive v. To carry, as a firearm, with the breech near the ground and the upper part inclined forward, the piece being held by the right hand near the middle.
    transitive v. To tread down, as grass, by walking through it; to lay flat.
    transitive v. To take advantage of the ignorance of; to impose upon.
    intransitive v. To be drawn out in length; to follow after.
    intransitive v. To grow to great length, especially when slender and creeping upon the ground, as a plant; to run or climb.
    n. A track left by man or beast; a track followed by the hunter; a scent on the ground by the animal pursued.
    n. A footpath or road track through a wilderness or wild region.
    n. Anything drawn out to a length
    n. Anything drawn behind in long undulations; a train.
    n. Anything drawn along, as a vehicle.
    n. A frame for trailing plants; a trellis.
    n. The entrails of a fowl, especially of game, as the woodcock, and the like; — applied also, sometimes, to the entrails of sheep.
    n. That part of the stock of a gun carriage which rests on the ground when the piece is unlimbered. See Illust. of Gun carriage, under Gun.
    n. The act of taking advantage of the ignorance of a person; an imposition.
    from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia
    n. A local term in southern England for confused deposits of glacial debris resting upon soft sands, clays, etc., which latter have been crumpled and squeezed by ice-pressure.
    n. unsorted glacial or related deposits containing human implements ana resting upon a preglacial surface in southern England called the ‘Palæolithic floor.’ See trail, 6.

    • , “and the word proximity was misspelled as proxiMATEY. In my opinion, this left an out on the accuracy of the statement.”

      If you’re going to demise close proximity as non usable because of a typo … you might as well demise all the other definitions has well. Anything drawn along, as a [[“vehicle”]]; . Anything drawn behind in long undulations; a train.Passenger train? maybe; A footpath or [[“road track”]] through a wilderness or wild region.

      In Boston Ma. old downtown was once used for cattle and farmers… later used as foot traffic and now paved roads for vehicles and sidewalks… the reason the streets turn and twist…these are not trails? Human trails. I find it funny with all the talk of straightforwards, that a human trail is not a roadway.

      Whatever works to force fit your solve is find by me. Just sayin.

  92. Lia,
    All I can say is, WOW, you’ve done some homework. Except, “Forrest” Fenn in line #3 in incorrectly spelled. Other wise, WOW!!!!IMHO

    • “Dark Things”
      Dark Things is an anthology of horror stories edited by August Derleth. It was released in 1971 by Arkham House in an edition of 3,051 copies. It was Derleth’s fourth anthology of previously unpublished stories released by Arkham House.

      10. “Omega”, by Alice R. Hill

      Ah, see, you can find anything in relation to anything.

      • Jake;

        It seems pretty straight forward to me: “maintain a positive attitude and stay focused. ” Hard to read much into this.

        Just my opinion.

        Good luck to all searchers and STAY SAFE


        • I agree JD,
          I was just trying to prove a point from what appears to be a straight forward non-treasure related statement & turn it into a hint related to the poem or books.

          My thoughts of over thinking things he has stated whether treasure related or not may put a searcher in the 10,000 year zone.
          Although you can make a case if you only use the poem you may end up in the same 10,000 year zone.

          If you use the poem, somewhat face value being straightforwards & use the hints in the books as places considering the poem appears to be directions & use the treasure related statements in the video’s & audio’s as well as other statements, I think you can get down to the under 10 year zone.
          Of coarse, you will have to get the hints right.
          That’s my zone….

      • What was the quote by Forrest that goes, “No one to my uncertain knowledge has focused….” Or something like that? HELP

  93. Don’t read too much into … People correctly identifying the first two clues.
    We met at the high school and drove to “x”. (Fred’s gas station or other destination).
    There could be the first two clues.

  94. Also, Anybody that finds it and says nothing will be leaving a lot of money on the table. Attach Forests’ name to the trove and it will have an increased value. 50% would not be out of the question.

    • And all the endorcement money. Advertising shoes, clothes, MD, flashlights, deli meat sandwiches, on and on.

  95. Lab Rat, I like how you whisper. Took me awhile to start looking at plat/township concept but became intrigued by a method shared by 42 (she is really smart) combined with the window idea by another brilliant searcher. Add your idea to the recipe and voila! Whole new world opened right up. Looking at 32 but 23 just as good. I do not discriminate in that regard.

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