Announcing: Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest

Break out your instamatics, polaroids, holgas and flip cameras. Load up your tri-x, fujicolor and agfachrome. Grab your flashbulbs and light meters and bring everything else you’ll need to capture the essence of Fennboree with your favorite camera.

This is a photo contest that everyone who attends Fennboree can participate in.  All you have to do is take a picture that captures the essence of Fennboree. It might be a photo of Forrest wearing a raccoon hat and cleaning up at marbles, or of Desertphile riding in on his favorite pony, “Old Scout” or Sacha wearing all her Fennboree gear at once or Cynthia sipping Mai Tais by the golden light of the evening campfire. It might be a moody morning mist over a field of tidy turquoise tents or a foodscape of the greatest smore ever made. Maybe it will be a selfie of Goofy arm wrestling a bear for the last bowl of lime jello.

Whatever moment it is, grab a photo of that precise point in time and enter it in this contest because that’s what it’s all about. It can be a photo from your phone or the 8×10 digital back on your Sinar camera.

Submit your photo in the week after Fennboree. Give it a short caption and our razor sharp team of judges will choose three winners..

We’ll post them up for everyone to appreciate..

More content for this contest will be added, including:
Photo Categories
How to Enter


For more about Fennboree 2016 go to the top of this page, the row directly under the header photo and look for “Fennboree 2016”

24 thoughts on “Announcing: Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest

  1. Hey Cynthia!

    I can’t stand it any more!
    I am coming to see you and the rest of the gang at the Fennboree. The last book signing was really fun meeting you and Forrest and so many others. I do so miss New Mexico.
    Of course I am gearing up for the next hunt and I need a good warm up exercise and inspiration with the rest of the T hunters. I also hope to see Forrest, Dal and finally meet Desertphile and so many others with that kindred spirit. There should be some good “yarn spinning” going around.
    If I can be of any help let me know.


  2. Looks like fenboree is going to be a blast this year. I wish I could make it but the dates are not good for me….take lots of pictures for those of us who can’t make it.
    Enjoy the campfires, food, and good company…somebody tell Forrest hi for me….I’ll be waiting on pics…..have fun my friends…..until next time….see ya

  3. I too wish that I could make it, but alas, I will have to wait until next year I guess.

    I recently learned that Hyde Park is above 8,000′, and my poor old heart is not known as a “High Flyer”. Anything above about 7,500 and it objects.

    Hope everyone has a blast. Know that I will be thinking of you all.

    Take LOTS of pictures PLEASE!

    Good luck to ALL searchers and STAY SAFE>


    • It’s not in Hyde park JD, so give your heart a rest on that note. But on a “different” note…..we are going to find a LOT of gold there! 😀

      • From the looks of the pictures, yes, there was a LOT of gold found – in the hearts of all attendees.

        Maybe by next year’s event, I can bring a LOT of gold there. We all can hope, can’t we?

        Good luck to all searchers, and STAY SAFE.


  4. I drove back to Detroit with a smile on my face all the way. Confident Bill and I will be out next year and camp one night

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