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The following solution is from Zvia. She is in Israel. English is not her primary language but she does a great job with it and I am sure writing this was a great deal of effort for her. She wants to share her solution on the blog, perhaps someone will check it out for her and let her know how it works out.

For all who think the treasure is in Yellowstone

I have made many researchings of several places connecting to the FF poem . one of them was Yellowstone.

When first thought about it “YELLOW STONE” reminded me of Dorothy from the story of The wizard of Oz . she went along the yellow stones path searching for the wizard to hopefully return home . But as a Tarrot expert it also remineded me of one Arcanna card called “THE HERMIT” .


Its a picture of a monk holding a lighted lantern representing or symbolizing wisdom . king Solomon said “Happy is the man that fineth wisdom and that getteth understanding……….(prov. 3-13:15 ) ( if you have been wise and found the blaze…….?). in New testement it is associated to the great initiate of the “widow’s son of Nain” known as LAZARUS who latter institued the work of the rose cross .( i recommand you to read about all that is said here for more information ) .It is also connected to “old man of the mysteries” that represent the wanderer through the world, the virgin spirit on its pilgrimage through matters with its manifold illusions. it is also connected to prophet Elijah and John the baptist and by Kabballa he is the reincarnation of Mose . More important , Tibbet budhists monks that are called wise by Tibetians use to climeb high on the mountain on a path that is called “The yellow stones path” , they put stones one on each other to make a dolmen or a momument and through meditation they predict the future . ( If you are wise and found the blaze ?)It is the cult of the BO or HOB or HOBO ( Home of Brown ? capital B at Brown )

So i searched for the “warm waters” and found MAMMOTH springs and even found the home of brown being the LAMORE RANGER STATION , there is a canyon bellow and even ROSE river and canyon . It kept me muving on and on around the tail ( even read “THE MORNING STAR BY J.R.JONES because i thought it might be related to a sulfuric yellow stone ) and i have reach a place that combine all this description .


The place is called ” WELDED HUCKLEBERRY TUFF AT GOLDEN GATE YELLOWSTONE ( i GIVE YOU TITLE TO THE GOLD ) few kilometers from Mammoth hot spring . see picture . If you go there “look quickly down , it might be under the ciment road (it looks like a cave but its not , its just the gap between the road and the ground ) I wishing you good luck . (Ff Yellowstone in 2009 in Cody ,and it is near )

צביה בן עמי 

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  1. Sorry, but this does not sound like a plausible solution. There is too much random information drawn in for no logical reason. I read scriptures too, but there is no evidence that there is any scriptural connection here. Sorry, but you could not pay me to go check this solution out. It is a waste of time.

  2. Nice work Ziva! ~ Shalom!

    Huckleberry tuff at Golden Gate certainly sounds a lot like a translation of “if you are brave and in the wood, I give you title to the gold.”

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

  3. This is not my solve , i made a deep research and think its in Vermejo park ranch NM . Dal has my solve and he will decide if to post here . The research about Yellowstone brought in short is just for members who think its in yellowstone

    • Hello Zvia. Your research may have served you well. Vermejo in Spanish means “russet.” Russet is a reddish/brown color. With this color in mind, it may be a reminder about the stories of brown gravy, or the color going down the slide. I wish you good luck and hope you can search your area, or someone will be kind enough to look for you.

      • I would not be able cause having Ischemic heart desease , i do hope someone would check Vermajo and thank you for translating the name to spanish , i did not know that and it helps alot “putin below the home of Brown ” . Notice that the B is a capital BEE . i posted 3 links of all my research . see below . Thank you

      • If you don’t mind i would add it to my research as pdenver comment .

        • Hello Zvia. The capital “B” in Brown has most people stumped, myself included. Many interpretations and that’s the beauty of the poem. Please feel free to use anything I may suggest to help in your solve and I’m happy I could help with the Spanish translation for you.

    • OK Dal, The truth is out. When are you posting Zvia’s solve? Before or after you go and check it out. Fair is Fair, is it’s there I would share with Zvia. It’s the right thing to do… IMHO

  4. Many think the treasure is hidden in Yellowstone , i did’t think so from the beginning because :
    1- It’s a place where most Americans want to visit anyway
    2-it does not have direct contact with the clues
    3- it’s a dangerous place and FF would not send us there cause no body knows when this vulcano decide to blow up
    4- I think that FF wants tourists to come to NM
    Than FF said “what if………..”
    This gave me the final answer , what if there would be another Atom test (like was in NM ) or an erathquake or what if the yellowston volcano blow up .
    So , FF tells us its not there !
    see this article from May 12


    • Wait……………. “3- it’s a dangerous place and FF would not send us there cause no body knows when this vulcano decide to blow up” ???? Ok sure why not. It’s not like the man spent any time there wandering around Bison and rattlesnakes or riding a horse through canyons in the middle of no where. Or the Millions who travel there each and every year.

      If Yellowstone does erupt, I wonder how many would even worry about where the chest lays in wait? No matter where that is.


      • Hello Seeker. I would agree that Yellowstone shouldn’t be crossed off anyone’s list. My bags will be packed to go in July and I sure hope the volcano stays intact. If not, well, that will be the end of pdenver and the blog will be free from my chatter. 🙂

  5. C’mon, Puzzled, give Ziva a break! I have crossed that bridge many times. It is a “must pass” area to see wonderful sites in either direction! Towards Mammoth takes you to a very voodo hoodo area that is fenntastic. Many hiding places just off the road. I have seen many bison using this bridge to cross from near the waterfall to Mammoth. Now I know that is Huckleberry tuff!
    Alas, I am not a believer that it is in YNP. But Ziva, you must pass through this place someday to see all the wonders for yourself!

    • Sorry for the typo, you are Zvia. Zvia! Names of people and objects are important> < ! Look at the Vedavoo area in WY. Curt Gowdy would thank you for it.


      • hey piratejim,
        Spelling is everything, Vedauwoo. That Curt Gowdy was an adventurer now.
        I hope my correction doesn’t make you piratejim without the p. Vedauwoo is a nice place,I have been there a few times. If I wasn’t so tied up into scrapping half my solution maybe I would go take a look agian.

  6. Can anyone please provide substantiation to the “Ff in Yellowstone in 09” part?

    • FF wrote this in 2011 about his bathing spot in Yellowstone.

      “Several years ago, with my daughter Kelly’s family, my wife and I drove to the little road (It’s paved now) and walked to the river. “

  7. Zvia, I will be going to yellowstone in September. My husband and I will most likely go from west yellowstone to Hayden valley at some point, I will stop and look under the road for you if possible to satisfy your curiosity. I would want someone to do that for me if I wasn’t able to go there. Don’t get your hopes up though, I really don’t think it is there.

  8. “Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, formulas, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions. Excellent research materials are TTOTC, Google Earth, and/or a good map.f” 

    ” …bible verses… will not assist anyone to the treasure location….

    Why do we dismiss the fundamental warnings?

    • Hello Seeker. What are your thoughts about those making the connection of “no place for the meek” to “the meek shall inherit the earth”?

      • Honestly PD. In one reading I see a connection… but not in a biblical sense. More a metaphorical line of thinking, but even then, the word inherit doesn’t work to that… but Home does.

        • Hello Seeker. That is very interesting. How did you get “home” from this? I truly am interested. I do have another question if I may ask. Is a metaphorical line of thinking something we should use? I thought I read somewhere that Mr. Fenn said it wasn’t used. Can’t remember if it was said on this blog or Jenny’s. I may be wrong about this, but I keep thinking I read this somewhere. If anyone can point me to the correct answer, I truly do appreciate it.

          • pd, Listen to The Richard Eeds podcast dated September 14th at about the 9:50 mark. Forrest says “forget the metaphors.” Not sure how to take this response due to the context of the question posed to forrest though. You can decide for yourself.

          • Just because we should forget metaphors, does not neccessarily exclude the similes. A simile compares two things using ‘like’ or ‘as’. The poem does start with ‘as’. Of course, there are a couple of other things ‘as’ can represent. Something to consider

          • Hello WiseOne. Thank you so much for directing me to the podcast. I will go back and listen to it again. I greatly appreciate your help.

          • Wiseone, You might be correct… Idioms would work better than metaphors. point being word usage as more than a single understanding.

          • As defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a SIMILE is
            “a phrase that uses the words like or as to describe someone or something by comparing it with someone or something else that is similar” A metaphor is a different technique that compares two things without using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’

          • Hello Puzzled. Thank you for the clarification. So we have the same thing, without the use of “as” or “like.” Man sure knows how to complicate things trying to get their thoughts across. Which reminds me of a poem I read… 🙂

  9. Great job on the research. I actually did a search here a few years ago. It’s a difficult place to search because you need to come up from below and there’s no official hiking trail nearby. Rustic Falls is a nice little waterfall below the road (a few hundred feet past the bend in the picture). You can park there to look at the falls, but during the summer season it’s not a good place to search because of the crowds and vehicle traffic.

    FYI – I did not literally search at the bend below the road as it’s a cliff with a steep drop off.

  10. Good effort,Zvia.
    Don’t forget about what Forrest said about things that are man made and the treasure.

  11. Metaphors and Biblical verses are part of the English language and American vernacular. It’s useful to research how much we use these words, and how they are used in the bible. We do it so much that it has become subconscious.

    • Exactly, you don’t have to study bible verses to know bible verses.
      Just a few would be scapegoat, nothing but skin and bones, twinkling of an eye, the writing is on the wall, fly in the ointment, bite the dust, etc, etc.

  12. Nicely done Zvia,
    I applaud your efforts from afar. Mr. Fenn appears to have touched in many places, some half way around the globe. Yes his poem appears to have said just what it was meant to say. I look forward to your final solution. Thank you.

  13. Not far from that bridge at golden gate is Rustic falls ( in the wood and water high). Its just up the road, interesting.

  14. I also have searched this area, thoroughly, and it is not there. Nothing but a lot of people and traffic.

  15. Hello . I would like to say thank you all for all your comments and thoughts but would like to say again , i don’t think its in Yellowstone , this is not my solve , i could not say 100% that it fits the poem . My solve is iin NM . If Dal agrees , i would give all my very long solve with explanations and map . be blessed and see this : FF comment to someone……… : “…… that if you’re there to see dust coming off of “Old Faithful” …I think it’s safe to say…you’d better RUN!

    And here’s WHY:



    • You really covered all the angles of the poem in your solve, and touched on all the landscape of northern New Mexico.. Eventually you narrowed it down to Vermejo ranch, west of Raton. That is a very special place.
      Keep in mind that the New Mexico landscape is very vast and diverse with a variety of ecosystems. The area you covered in your solve is as big as all of Israel.

      • Yes , i know but i think it could be in 2 places . a byway near Merrick lake or between Wet canyon to York canyon so it narrows it .Thanks

      • sorry , after one more thinking i decided to add “the wood” , the willow trees wood .
        So : The place is Vermejo park ranch
        search 1- Find a byway arround Merrick lake
        search 2- between Wet canyon and York canyon
        search 3 – the willows trees wood

        and :
        No paddle on the creek is THE CHICO RIO CREEK ( I think i would search there too because “chico” is “little” or “small” , but no paddle )
        In the wood : Willow trees wood
        High waters : The colorado river

  16. And what is the definition of Rustic? “made of untrimmed branches or rough timber.” Rustic Falls? In the wood???

  17. Here is how i order the FF poem
    As I have gone alone in there , not far but too far to walk, and with my treasures bold, I can keep my secret where the answer I already know and hint of riches new and old
    So why is that I must go and leave my trove for all to seak ? I have done it tierd and now I am weak . The end is ever drawing nigh
    So hear me all and listen good, if you are brave and in the wood , your effort will be worth the cold , I give you title to the gold .
    Begin it where warm waters halt . put in below the home of Brown and take it in the canyon down . If you’ve been wise and found the blaze , look quickly down , your quest to cease .
    From there , it’s no place for the meek , just heavy loads and water high , there will be no paddle up your creek but tarry scant with marvel gaze .
    just take the chest and go in peace

    Begin it at Mccaully warm waters 8.2 miles north to S.F
    keep north on I-25 To Brown ranch “below” Raton (small, little rate ) to the east
    Take the canyon down to Raton and see the blaze ( a big fire occured there ) and keep driving west to Vermago
    Putin or Input reservation at Vermajo and start your search
    search at : Chico (small , little ) rio but NO paddle
    and at and around Merric lake
    search between Wet canyon to York canyon
    search willows trees , the “Wood”

    Maybe there is another blaze near one of these places

    read my research befor , maybe i forgot something


    Thanks and good luck

    • I forgot to mention something related to the Hermit . each time i find info , i must do parralel to “old and new” so when searching for the “warm waters halt” and reached Mccaully warm spring at Jamez falls i also found “Bodhi mands zen center and hot spring Jamez river in Jamez falls . This strangeth my opinion that “begin it ….” is at Mccaully ,

    • So your saying the end is a drawing or something that represents the Egyptian hieroglyph that turned into the English letter A?

    • I want to preface this post by saying that more than likely this is incorrect but something interesting to chew on. Here is why I say that. Fenn has said historical understanding is not necessary in solving the poem and that an average Joe could solve it.

      Forrest talks a lot about “she” and “her” this could be in reference to Hathor who became the (eye of Ra) and sought out the hiding places of men (alone in there)

      As (eye) have gone alone in t (her) e

      Who is she? The eye of RA

      The word secret could also be linked to Ra who had a secret name that no one could get UNTIL a serpent bite made him tell.

      Recently someone posted an item Fenn is said to have been bringing to Fennboree “iced tea”
      See TFTW Joseph Sunhawk chapter. Notice the word bite is used. Everywhere bite is used the word “she” is also used.

      Se)cret Se)rpent.

      Dusty Rose Treasury wink 😉

      Ra was the Egyptian sun god who was also often referred to as Re-Horakhty, meaning Ra (is) Horus of the Horizon, referring to the god’s character. The early Egyptians believed that he created the world, and the rising sun was, for them, the symbol of creation. The daily cycle, as the sun rose, then set only to rise again the next morning, symbolized renewal and so Ra was seen as the paramount force of creation and master of life. His closest ally is Ma’at, the embodiment of order and truth.

      Another myth tells of how Isis created a magical serpent out of dust and Ra’s spittle. She placed the serpent on the path that the sun god usually took when he was traveling by day, and the serpent bit him. Ra had power over all things, and so he ordered the poison to leave his body. However, as the serpent had been made from Ra’s own spittle he was unable to cure himself. He called on Isis (who was already a great magician and healer). She told him that she could only heal him if she knew his secret name. Ra tried to fob her off with some of his lesser names, but eventually he relented and told her his true name. Isis immediately cured Ra, but he could not take back the power that he had granted her by telling her his true name and from that point on Isis was equal even to the sun god in power.

      In the poem the word gaze is

      Powers: According to ancient Egyptian Mythology he was believed to have supernatural powers Apep (a serpent) and was able to use a magical gaze to hypnotize Ra and his companion gods.

      Are there any objects placed in the Bronze Chest that are connected, or have meaning to the place the chest is hidden? ~ Mike

      No Mike, everything in the chest is straight forward and visual, except my autobiography, which some might find dull. Oops, I forgot, there is one thing in the chest that I have not talked about except to say I don’t want to talk about it. It is something saved especially for the person who solves the clues. I think that person will be pleased when she sees it. f

      Mr. Fenn, Should the chest, for example, be found today, would you be able to tell searchers that the chest has been found in the same day? ~Johnny Q

      Well Mr. Q, you present a question that’s hard to answer. There is so much talk on the blogs that whoever finds the treasure may be driven underground and not say anything to anyone.

      If I am convinced it has been found then I will announce it immediately to Dal and three major media outlets. It seems logical, that if someone solves the clues, they will retrieve the treasure immediately. Until they do, no announcement can have (teeth). With snow coming on the situation, this changes of course; in which case, if I were the (serpent sounds like) searcher, I’d stay very quiet until spring.f

  18. Here is more of my research that combines FF drawing in his book with his poem . please forgive me , i have english mistakes . i devide my post to 2


    “Where warm waters halt”=”Donde las aguas calidas detienen ”
    How does FF drawing reflexes the azimuth or coosdinations of the treasure hidden place ?
    It’s a map , a map of Israel
    I have received a copy of the drawing and I immediately recognized the map of Israel all over the page . but what does it have to do with ff treasure hunt ?
    To begin with , print the drawing with my remarks to better understand what is written here, you will have to muve the drawing up and down and to the right and left to better see the drawings .
    I describe my findings and then will connect it to ff treasure, so be patience .This is what I see , you don’t have to agree , just take a good look at the Numbers .
    On top from left side :
    – The No 13×2 =26
    “Braha ” – A Hebrew word for “blessing ” ברכה-
    An arrow pointing to the west –
    On the top middle of the drawing :
    -A tree that looks like a sad or crying face , looking down at 2 figures of man and woman , The banishing of Adam and Eve from paradise. We are all sons and daughters of Adam and Eve , this is what FF try to say , he wants us to live in peace and harmony , to connect with each other , this we can do with a click on the small rate of the internet , through “facebook” , even enemies can connect , no need diplomacy .

    .On the top right drawing :
    An Egyptian petroglyph of a man sitting above another figure and it looks as if there is an iron chain below. The man is drawling among sea bushes . We all know what God made to the Egyptian army , to it horses and chariots and how he overwhelmed them with the waters of the red sea .
    Above the head within the branches there are Hebrew letters of the wors “Briah” –meaning : creation .
    The middle of the drawing :
    The erea of Jerusalem ( the blue circle)
    Shchem city , or Nablus . in this erea : Jerico and Beit-el

    The middle of the drawing to the right :
    2 trumpets that are also 2 keys and they look like the Hebrew letter vav that represent wisdom and brain . In the white rider tarrot we can see it represents the high hierophant. You can see the 2 keys crossing each other below his feet.
    The form of the head of the left key is in the shape of 2 Hebrew letters kaf and het combine together and create the word “koah” , meaning : strength or force or power . it Numerologics is 28
    The trumpets are combined with a carage or a wagon with horses and a driver , below Adam and Eve . The head of the second key from the right shapes the No 13 again and can be also No 31 , but it also in the shapes of No 32 or 23 .
    The right side of the drawing below the trumpets :
    A ladder
    Now I will combine all clues
    No 13 in Gimatric means : One , and refers to 1 God. It is also the No of the word : Love . God is Love . God has 1 love to all creation and creatures . the word “Braha” = blessing . There is a mountain in Samaria area called “Har-Braha” , mountain of blessing which is Grizim mountain in Samaria . see book of Deuteronomy 11:29 ( the English translation is not exact as the Hebrew verse that say ” when God Almighty brings you to the land you are about to inharit will give you the blessing on mount Grizim and the curse on mount Ebal “)
    God created the world for humans but he had to banish Adam and Eve from paradise because of their sin . They left paradise and God was left to take care of animals only in paradise .
    The tree is the tree of life that has 32 paths of wisdom and 10 Sephirot ( you are invited to google about it , it’s Jewish Kaballa and I will not enter it now ) . a person who wants to climb the spiritual ladder walks on these paths be in each Sephira till being ONE with God . The tree or the face ( of God ) looks crying (see the eyes) . In Hebrew, there is only 1 tree which is called “the crying tree” ( Arava bochyia ) , it’s the willow
    Tree . ( Vermejo park ranch was previously called “willow springs)
    There is also a “willow creek” in north NM and a lake called “snow lake” (cold ?) near Glenwood NM (” …and in the wood “)
    Jerusalem was for ever and ever the capital city of Israel . it was built by king David (that bought the land with full money from the Yevusy ) . His son , king Solomon completed the work and built the first temple .he was the wise of all wise people in the world , a man of peace . the meaning of the word “Jerusalem” is : “yeru-shalem” , meaning : “will see it is whole “- “shalem” , or : “will see peace” : “shalom”.The Hebrew name of king Solomon is “shlomo” cointaining the name of God as “hashem” and the word “shalom” as peace . he was wise and peaceful. Jerusalem is north west to the dead sea . Azimuth of Jerusalem is : N 31 46 58 , E 351310
    Jerusalem was not the first worship place for Hebrews or Jewish people . First was Beit-el and then came Shchem . King Solomon worship God in Shchem while building the temple in Jerusalem . Beit-el was the second station for Abraham , it had an alter and the Ark was there . Jacob called the place Beit-el after his dream about the ladder and his fight with the angel , this is why we see the ladder in ff drawing . Azimuth of Beit el is : N 31 56 31 , E 35 13 13 ( 2 times the no 13 as at ff drawing )
    Shchem was called “Shalem” too and “Mabatha” =the passage . the city is located in a narrow valley with a lot of springs between mount Ebal and mount Grizim . was rebuilt by king Solomon . Today it is called “Nablus” by Arab muslims .
    Nablus was the principal trade and manufacturing center in Ottoman Syria empire , it strategic position is a junction between 2 anciant commercial roads . Jpseph tomb is in Shchem and Jacob well .
    Joseph was the father of Jesus ( Yeshua), he lived in Nazaret ( twin city to Shchem )
    Azimuth of Shchem is : N 32 13 13 ( see that the No 42 , and double 13 apears again ) , E 35 16 44
    042il :
    IL= Israel = Jacob (The ladder )
    Jacob’s name was changed to Israel after the fight with the angel .
    Another worship place was Beit-Lehem where King David was born and Jesus Christ too . Beit-lehem coord. In Israel are 314211 N , 351144E ( personally , I don’t think that Jesus was born in this Beit-Lehem cause it was established only in in the 4th centuary , there is another Beit-lehem in Gallilee ( beit-lehem ha-glilit, established 100 BC ) and its more reasonable that Josef and Maria walked 6 hours from Nazareth to beit lehem ha glilit than walk 6 hours till Jerusalem area ). I searched for Beit-Lehem in NM , The city is now called BALEN but it is south to Albuq. So we can not search there even though the name of the county is “Las-Lunas” which means “the moons” ( connected to Jerico, read below) , not rocky mountains.
    The No 42 – The story of Elisha the prophet and the killing of the 42 ( 40+2) children (kings 2 chapter 2) . Elisha was the disciple of Elyahu the prophet that drove a chariot ( a wagon ) of fire on his way back to God . Elisha received the prophecy from Elyahu and was on his way from Jerico to Beit-el . ( the meaning of Jerico is “yeriho” =moon , there was a moon worship there . Jerico is also from the Hebrew word “Re-ach ” , meaning : smell . (good smell . there were trees and bushes that had good smell ,parfum smell ( like sage maybe ? ). Jerico is north to Jerusalem . it Azimuth is : N 31 51 20 , E 35 27 44 .
    Read also Psalms 42.
    God has 42 names ( there are 12, 42, and 72 names but will not enter this now , it’s Kaballa )
    The trumpets
    Yehoshua , the leader of sons of Israel after Moses , conquest the land with trumpets , without fighting . He was a man of peace ( not like moses . By Judaizem you rich peace only after war ) . There is a beautiful wall mosaic drawing in Hisham palace in Jerico of the tree of life and deers below the tree .
    The 2 keys
    As you can see the heads of the 2 keys are pointing down . The Kaballa call them a key and a locker . The light and knowledge and wisdom enter through these 2 keys , the letter vav (6) and the letter yod (10)
    I know you are confusede , maybe don’t understand what I am doing here with all this information and Numbers , I promise the end would be brighter .
    I have learned from ff drawing that I need to find the key words of the treasure hunt inorder to find the treasure . I also need to be wise cause I need to chose the right path with so much elements crossing each other’s way . so : 2 ways or 2 roads because of 2 stories about the chariots or wagons , a passage maybe . ( “my way” by Frank Sinatra)
    God was sad when banishing Adam and Eve . they left him take care of animals only in paradise , so I need to find a place that would be pristine as paradise , beautiful as paradise , a place that takes care of animals ,a place of peace and love , I need to pay attention to the No. of the azimuths , a blessed place situated between mountains and springs , an untouched place , etc. Adam and Eve left and will never come back to paradise ! so we understand that FF wants to go back to paradise on earth and when hidden the treasure , he was alone “As I went alone in there ….”
    When I thought about this place , paradise , I remember that the band “Guns and roses” sang about paradise city , : “Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty “. they also have a song called “move to the city” and it hit me right away , FF said “and take the canyon down ” and this means “TAKE ME HOME ” ! Now we need to know which home , the one in Temple Texas ? Santa fe ? or this paradise place ? If we take the canyon down from S.F we reach Albuquerque . on the other hand , FF said its his wish to be beried in this place so it has to do with death . Jerusalem is north west to the dead sea
    Now lets go back to ff poem .
    He asks us to begin it “where warm waters halt ” . at the beginning I have search for hot springs in NM and there are many , than realized that the correct word is “warm” so started to search for it and found 1 place that is mentioned as “warm” and not hot . this was Mccaully warm spring at Jamez falls , 8.2 miles from Santa fe on the i-25 road that continues till the north border with Colorado .
    I kept looking for info about the Jacob’s ladder and found that there is a ladder canyon in Mecca hills, southeast to Palm springs California , that there is also a “death valley there but I don’t think if it reaches NM, maybe the train from S.F crossed this area but the area do looks like the shape of the dead sea in Israel !

    maybe one of the old trails crossed it .i am not so good in reading maps . There is also a dead –end canyon in NM ( the ends is …….) south to S.f . And at Bandelier national park monument inside Frijoles canyon at James mountains NM ( near Mccaully warm spring : “where warm waters halt ” ( the second warm waters )I saw a picture of a ladder . the article about it suggest keeping walking the main looped trail and take half a mile down to the Alcove house . you will need to ascend 4 wooden leaders to reach the reconstructed Kiva built into the floor of a huge Petroglyph covered cave .
    I was amazed cause the N degree Number 35 was as E . Jerusalem azimuth and the No. 042 apears as 402 !
    ff said that he talks about “riches new and old ” so I needed to find 2 places that warm waters halt , maybe by using 2 languages like in spanish and English . and I have found it , the ” where warm waters halt” in Spanish is : DONDE LAS AGUAS CALIDAS DETIENEN ” , Than I saw that there is a canyon called “AGUA CALIENTE CANYON” . I followed the canyon down and to my surprise it reached Santa fe . so why did ff said to take the canyon down just to bring us back to where we started ? following the canyon I saw that it goes down but it also gos east and north , passes Taos , Sloman spring ( soloman ? solomon ? salmon ?), bull spring and Moreno valley . MORENO in Spanish is BROWN . after Moreno valley you reach AGUA FRIA , COLD WATERS . I kept driving (on 4×4 Lol ) on this road till WILLOW CREEK . ff said “NO PADDLE” so I kept driving and reached Colfax county to RATON . I could keep driving and pass the border to Colorado but ff said “below the home of Brown ” and the Brown ranch is to the east south of Raton and near Johnson mesa , so I reached Raton city , Raton is my cross road , from Raton we need to drive to west like the arrow in FF drawing so we reach “willow springs or today’s name : Vermejo park ranch .
    RATON coordinates are : N 36 53 49, W104 26 24
    Now I know I cant stay at Raton cause its not on the right longitude , I need to drive west .
    now we need to find more important roads
    The historic Santa fe trail from Santa fe to Colorado , it’s on i-25
    On our way we reach Mccaully Warm SPRING AT Jamez falls , than WAGON moud , then SPRINGER then Raton and Raton pass . I don’t know if this is the old road there were lots of changes so we need to know where exactly was the junction point between the Agua caliente road and the Santa fe historic road .
    Eduard Fitzgerald Beale road
    Lieutenant Eduard Beale was appointed by president Bushnan to survey and built a more than 1000 mile wagon road from Santa fe new mexico to California . He used Camels to packing HEAVY LOADS ( ” just heavy loads and ……..”) across the dry rocky landscape. The camels cleared 10 foot wide truck and pushed the rocks to the side allow wagons to travel on the track. After ending the work , Beals said “it is the shorter route from our western frontier by 300 miles ” ( 300 miles from Toledo……..)
    So , The BLAZE IS THE TRAIL ! (?)
    If we want to move on this trail , we need to drive down from Santa fe to Albuquerque ( “Take the canyon down ” ?), this is south west to S.f , and then drive north almost in straight line ,it would take us to Arizona . but if FF wants to go home it means he wants to go home to Temple Texas through i-40 but I don’t think Temple Texas can be called “paradise ” so to my opinion we need to drive on the old Beals wagon road .
    As much as I can see , the Beals trail crosses Vermejo park ranch west to Raton ( Vermejo is the red-brown color , home to wild nature well preserved ) . As much as I see on maps , these 2 trails do contact so you need to find an old map or a map that represent the 2 trail and see where they gather together . from S.f to Albuquerque is road i-40 , if we take direct line from Albuquerque . from there to Paradise Hills , located in northern Bernalillo County on high ground rising to the west of the valley of the rio Grande. The unincorporated CDP is entirely surrounded by the city of Albuquerque. Paradise Hills is bordered to the east by the Desert Greens Golf Course, formerly known as Paradise Hills Golf Course. , From there , it reached above the cimarron and enters Vermejo , if we take west to raton road it also leads to Vermejo . this is something that need to be checked again .i also could not find coordinations of the Beals trail . Beals was a friend to Kit Carson , Buffalo bill cody and Ulyssess Grant . Grant visited Jerusalem , see : http://www.shapell.org/manuscript/president-grant-to-traverse-the-globe
    so maybe “put in” is “in-put” , take a lodge so that you can relax and start your searching from there . The Plaza hotel in LasVegas NM was one the lodgings of Billy the kid and Jassy James , you can also stay at St, Kames hotel in the Cimarron where Buffalo Bill cody and outlaw Black Jack Ketchum bullet holes can be seen in the saloon’s ceiling of the hotel .
    and more : If we take the first letters of “the home of brown” we get THOB ” or maybe ” BOTH” , meaning : input both new and old”
    Now lets go back to Jesus , 3 sages from the east followed the star and came to Jerusalem and then to Beit-lehem ( sage say…….) so we need to take all 3 roads and triangle them where they unite .
    My conclusion : find the contact point between Historic S.F trail that’s parallel to i-25 , find Calidas canyon trail and find Beals trail , USE OLD MAPS . I think they unite somewhere in Colfax county , vermejo park ranch . when googled Mevrrik lake in Vermejo I saw a shape of a ladder amoung the bushes so we need to check this point too .
    I know there is a lot of info but in total I think that FF picked a place where all 3 trails unite and conclude NM history .
    Please read about all these places mentiond here and you are welcome to read all my posts at the fenn group .
    Read also https://books.google.co.il/books?id=HjMozd3dBjoC&pg=PA60&lpg=PA60&dq=dead+valley+road+in+santa+fe+new+mexico&source=bl&ots=1Hc5A_kJME&sig=ul2ZVamrL1SJbvkTyDZrEyozPIs&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiq4YDTmZ_NAhUEwBQKHd7uAGMQ6AEIMDAD#v=onepage&q=dead%20valley%20road%20in%20santa%20fe%20new%20mexico&f=false
    And : http://www.hiking-in-ps.com/mecca-hills-painted-canyon-ladder-canyon-hike
    And : https://www.google.co.il/search?q=dead+sea+map+israel&espv=2&biw=1920&bih=975&tbm=isch&imgil=MKQ8wg3DqYWpIM%253A%253BAoaQIEbQq79-yM%253Bhttp%25253A%25252F%25252Fwww.einbokek.com%25252Fdrori%25252Fmap.htm&source=iu&pf=m&fir=MKQ8wg3DqYWpIM%253A%252CAoaQIEbQq79-yM%252C_&usg=__vDOD9P2C9HrZrnG-dH1tFwn3LQA%3D&dpr=1&ved=0ahUKEwim1o-rtZ_NAhWKuxQKHaNcAmQQyjcIKw&ei=HblbV-bTJIr3UqO5iaAG#imgrc=MKQ8wg3DqYWpIM%3A
    And : There is a film about Jerusalem plat in MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY IN ALBUQUERQUE , So maybe you should see it to find more clues , maybe it contact Jerusalem history with NM history . maybe “new Jerusalem in Mexico is somehow connected , “The end is ……..” Armageddon ” ? maybe “new heaven” or heaven valley in NM is connected , read revelation 21:1 , 22:3

    • @Zvia – landed here because of your research on Geronimo.

      Braba is a former name of the Taos Pueblo, and according to research by Robert Hixson Julyan, it is likely a corruption of the Spanish word “brava”, or in English, “brave”. A church was dedicated at the pueblo, named “San Geronimo de los Taos”.

      • Thank you E.C for the info. I am not realy sure that Taos is within the Rockies, if you pay attention to what FF said he began by saying the location is 8.25 north to S.F and than i read “8.25 north to the northern limits of S.F and this changes the game cause the beginning of the Rockies is in SANGRE DE CHRISTO, north to Taos. but on the other hand : The oldest statu of Maria in all USA , made of wood , is in S.F. Sangre de christo and now “San Geronimo” church do connect because :
        As i have gone ALONE in there …………..
        I search definition of “Alone : = Isolated, Solo, Lone, Incomparable, Unique, Exclusive
        Not much right ?
        Wrong !
        The word “ALONE” is first known or used in the 13th century
        So i googled “13 miles trails in NM ”
        The only thing that poped out was : 13 miles in the spectacular SANGRE DE CRISTO
        Sangre de cristo is the beginning of rocky mountains
        The 13 miles trail is : COLUMBINE CANYON TRAIL” east to Questa, between Questa and Red river.
        13 in Judaisem = ONE ( EHAD) =ONE GOD
        13 is also =LOVE ( AHAVA)
        13+13=26=The No of the holy of all holy names (YEHEVA י.ה.ו.ה)
        I strongly advice you to try searching there, find a byway to isolated and gorgeouse place so you wont feel alone or lonely. To my oppinion , one should do azimuths and triangelized the info maybe the hidden place is located on 351313N or 351326N and maybe because of the word “wise” ( there are 80 wise people at any generation and the high spiritual comcoll is made of 80 so it mighit be 358013N , just need tp play with the No and see where it leads to.

  19. PART 2

    To my opinion FF is giving us the borders of his paradise place .maybe you will find concretic details that would help you terrirory the exact location . in total , I think it’s the area that all 3 trails unite and I think its south-west to Raton , in Vermejo

    When reading about the American history i came across info about Geronimo . He met president Teddy rusvelt and the grand grand father of George w. Bush was somehow involved with the remains of Geronimo .I did not know how Geronimo is connected but this fact and some more connections to Buffalo bill and etc .
    After i wrote the article about “Donde las aguas calidas detienen ” – “where warm waters halt” i was not tottaly satisfied that i researched everything , this is me , i don’t sleep when having a truble in my head , i did not have a solution about Geronimo so i placed it aside and came back to it this morning and kept reading about him .
    I have found out that there is a ranch called “Geronimo ranch” in NM with a guesthouse called “Happy place” , that there is a trail called “Geronimo trail” and that it is located within the Gilla national park. the ranch is connected to “Riverbend hot spring” on the bank of Rio Grande” .
    In Hebrew , Gilla is HAPPY ! and the temperature of the water is between 98-108 F . that is 36.6-37 C , surely not hot waters, its body temperature , warm .
    Americans calle Bear toy “TEDDY” . (Read about Geronimo ranch wildlife )

    Now i returned to my article . i was talking about finding the spot where all 3 trails unite . the SF trail , The Beals trail and the Agua calidas trail . only 2 crosses the Gilla but one can reach it even when taking I-25 and driving west – south .
    The rio Grande is source for waters for Vermejo park ranch
    Ted ( Teddy) terner was meried to Nancy sinatra daughter to Frank Sinatra that sang “My way” . Frank say “……..the end is near (the end is ever drawing nigh )……….i traveled each and every highway ( all 3 historical trails and i-25 )………I planed each charted course ( on a map )………along the byway ( Geronimo trail byway ? or maybe the enchanted circle scenic byway along the sangre de cristo whre the Vietnam Veterans memorial is ?

    Now lets go back to FF drawing . the uper left side : an arrow pointing to west . If looking at Israel map it located on north israel pointing west .If we take this arrow and place it at NM map : North NM pointing left , west . west to raton or left to Raton pass .If we take the canyon down , we reach Vermejo but we also unite with Beals trail and the agua calidas trail .
    Now i know the geographical area , but its too wide , we can not reach a 10×10 box in such a huge place . i made some reaserching within vermejo and suggested 2-3 places .

    Today i took a second look and read about Geronimo ranch , only when saw the map i better understood FF drawing ! when saw the shape of Elephant butte . Its just like the shape of the dead see and the Mecca ladder canyon ! So , FF is talking about Jerusalem, Shchem, Beit-el and Jerico . all these towns are located west to the Dead sea ! and of course , all these places reffer to the worship of God and the First temple in Jerusalem ( if you are wise ( like Solomon). I also explained that the name ” Jerico” has 2 meanings : 1- the moon 2- smell.
    The dead sea mud and minerals has bad smell of Sulfur ves. riverbend hot spring that has PH 7 that has no smell . BUT , The arrow on top of FF drawing that point to the west is located at the north east of Israel at GOLAN HIGHTS (once belonged to Syria )and within the Golan there is a place called “HAMAT GADER” . Hamat id “HAM” =”HOT” , and “GADER” means BORDER and also means a “Fence” . Hamat Gader is located on the Syrian border as it is todays . i have been there many many times cause i used to live in Akko (small historical town on west israel by the mediteranian sea )and the temperature of the water is about 40 degree celcius so its not so hot , i can say its more of “warm” waters .
    Frank Sinatra sang “FLY ME TO THE MOON ” =Jerico
    I dont know if he sang that for a woman or for God ( i ask myself again , is FF masonary ? )
    In one of his books he described what happend to him when he was 8 years old : ” When I was in the 8th grade our English teacher gave the class an assignment to write a story with these rules. It should be as short as possible, and include religion, sex, and be a mystery.
    After about 8 seconds I turned in my novel in. It said: my God, I’m pregnant, I wonder ” who did it.” So it looks as he does not belive Maria was pregnant from the holy spirit or it might have connections to Joseph and Maria in Nazareth ( that is a twin city to Shchem ) or maybe to Jose Maria who traded along the SF trail and the California trail ( Beals trail )
    And maybe it connect to VIRGINIA MARIA a art collector that used to live in SF .
    all this said , i circled the place at Geronimo ranch map just west to Elephant butte and i also circled the Geronimo trail BYWAY .

    More options about FF drawing : looking at the drawing as a map, we can see that the map was taking for above , from air .FF was a pilot .

    Hamat gader in south Golan Hights ( used to be a border with Syria ) was also a place of worship , it has a beautiful mosaic wall and ancient buildings . The word “gader” means : a fence or a border , we build a fence around our home so I think that ff “fences” the territory of the hidden treasure and means that the treasure is somewhere along the northern border ( he said “north to s/f ) .

    The word “hamat” in Hebrew is “ham” , hot or warm waters but we also use the word as a biblical word to describe a leather sak . another use we do with the word “hamat” is to say the word “Hamat-halilim ” which is : A bagpipe that has double reed and developed in Irland and Scotland . it’s a melody instrument . I think that ff uses songs to describe his feelings and thoughts . reed maybe a small lake , a place where air is drawn upwards past metal to produce tones ( like accordion ).
    The arrow shown at the drawing point to the left , to the east meaning : from right to central and left .
    From here :
    We have to search along the north central border
    We need to search a place with a fence or a preserved place, a place where we are under it law because it belongs to someone, its his borders .
    We have to search for a pipe
    We have to search for a small lake
    We need to search north central N.M. The road that takes us from S.F north is i-25 passing Wagon moud, Springer and Raton .

    The drawing of the bull above “hamat gader ” , The sons of Israel worshiped the bull in the desert , and it also could be a bull elephant .

    The trumpets :may hint to the trumpeter swan . they are called trumpeter because their cry sounding similar to a trumpet , they are very rare and preserved . their habitate is al over the rocky mountains and yellowstone . they fly in V shaped flocks.
    From here : we need to search a place where trumpeters swans are seen in NM , that’s : Vermejo park ranch and Gilla river.
    Vermejo in Spanish is the color red-brown . the “red river” passes central NM.
    So : we need to search from red river up central north, there for “home of brown ” as brown ranch south east to Raton does not include within this territory , and we should not search there , we have to muve east , to “below” the border , below the border with Colorado , Spanish for “ruddy” that in old English means “reddish” or “rosy” color . (Salmon , or Solomon trout, is reddish” ) , and also from Moreno valley .

    Now lets go back to ff drawing . we see that he drew the center of Israel with lines , no mountains , indeed it is a plain area but why he draw it from the first plan ? The lines reminded me of the Nazca lines in Peru . the first mention of Nazca linesin print was by Pedro cieza leon (1553) where he mistook them for trail marketer .
    A swiss art historian specializing in Egypt and the middle-east, linked Nazca to the production of textile that were used to wrap the Mummies . a lot of Nazca lines are figures of animals and plants but also an “owlman” . the owl is a symbol of wisdom , so it is a “wise man ” . Solomon was wise and peacefull . He brought 40 years of peace to the Israeli nation , the peace between Egypt and Israel lasted 40 years too . we can do peace only with enemies , no need to make peace with friends .So I searched for something that includes the word “peace” . of course the first thinking was Jerusalem , “yeru-shalem” or “shalom ( Hebrew word for peace ) , or about Shchem which is also called “shalem ” but I did that already so I searched the net and found that there is a place in Canada called “woodland” located in “peace river ” and “peace lake ” , northern to Alberta but in Canadian territory .This led me back to the Canadian river in north NM within the land of Vermejo park ranch .
    Nazca lines also connected to the ancian theory of the UFO’s visiting earth . Nazca can be seen from the moon . (“fly me to the moon” by Frank Sinatra , and : Jerico . Jerico as a smell : “sage say “).
    From here :
    We need to search for a peacefull place like “woodland” . ff said “if you’ve been wise and in the wood “. There is “woodland” in NM , Nestled in Red River and the Sangre de Cristo mountains, Woodlands on the River provides the perfect northern New Mexico getaway.
    We need to search a plain land ! .
    Vermejo location is from the great plains to the summit of the Sangre de cristo mountains and extend to Taos county . Vermejo is also within the Canadian river and it tributary vermejo river to the north border . a small portion of vermejo extend into Raton pass or Raton basin and Colorado state .
    From here : we have to search a plain area, not on a mountain ! ff said “don’t search where an 80 years old can not do ”
    Vermejo has a gas and oil pipe. The trans Colorado gas transmission pipe passes Narrow creek valley and woodland. This led me to some more places and articles about the S.f railroad and more but did not think they were important enough for treasure searching .

    Thinking about king Solomon and his temple ( ff lived in Temple Texas ) brought me to search for ancient people in NM too . I have found out that the “ancient ones” where the Znasazi Indians . they are also called ” the enemies of our ancient fathers ” . Christianity, Islam and Judaism have 3 fathers , Abraham , Isaac and Jacob ( we can see the Jacob ladder in ff drawing ). The Anasazi set in the area of Chaco canyon and their city was pueblo bonito .

    Now lets go back to the basic fact . FF said the treasure is atlist 8.2 miles from S.f in the Rocky mountains .In Cree language , Rocky mountains are called ” as-sin-wati ” = given as , when seen from across the prairies ” .

    Where are the rocky mountains in NM ?

    They start from north center NM . west NM not included , east NM not included so S.F is not in the rockies , we need to go north S.f wich is central NM . ( S.F county is within S.F mountains ) .
    From here : we need to search from red river and woodland up to Canadian river attached to the Colorado border and the Colorado river . “High waters” . but we also include the area of the Raton pass because its on the i-25 to Colorado . the santa fe historic trail and across the plains , not within the plains .this narrows the search for the treasure .
    Rocky mountains in cree language is : AS-SIN-WATI The word sin maybe connected to sin city in NM but I have not seen any attached places that could be parallel tp FF clues so I was thinking of the biblical sin city which is SEDOM or SODOM. I live 25 minutes driving from Sodom mountains that decents to the dead sea area , there is no city there but there is a place that was found in 2005 in Jordan , named TALL-EL-HAMMAM situated on the east side of the dead sea . Archaelogycs say it is the biblical Sodom . what more interesting is that the director and head archaeology of this excavation project is Dr. Steven Collins that also serves as the dean of the college of Archaeology and biblical history at trinity southeast university in Albuqerque NM !
    Tall el Hammam coord. Are : 36.51 E and 3124N

    The Rocky mountains were called “Sierra madre ” by the Spanish and “the snowies” by English speakers . “madre” is “mother , Mom , Take me home , fly me to the moon , las lunas , Jerico, etc.

    Because I think that ff uses songs for his hints , i bring you John Denver song “rocky mountains high ” . read the lyrics , its important .

    He was born in the summer of his 27th year
    Coming home to a place he’d never been before
    He left yesterday behind him, you might say he was born again
    You might say he found a key for every door
    When he first came to the mountains his life was far away
    On the road and hanging by a song
    But the string’s already broken and he doesn’t really care
    It keeps changing fast and it don’t last for long
    But the Colorado rocky mountain high
    I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
    The shadow from the starlight is softer than a lullabye
    Rocky mountain high (Colorado)1
    He climbed cathedral mountains, he saw silver clouds below
    He saw everything as far as you can see
    And they say that he got crazy once and he tried to touch the sun
    And he lost a friend but kept his memory
    Now he walks in quiet solitude the forest and the streams
    Seeking grace in every step he takes
    His sight has turned inside himself to try and understand
    The serenity of a clear blue mountain lake
    And the Colorado rocky mountain high
    I’ve seen it raining fire in the sky
    You can talk to God and listen to the casual reply
    Rocky mountain high
    Now his life is full of wonder but his heart still knows some fear
    Of a simple thing he cannot comprehend
    Why they try to tear the mountains down to bring in a couple more
    More people, more scars upon the land
    And the Colorado rocky mountain high
    I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
    I know he’d be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly
    Rocky mountain high
    It’s Colorado rocky mountain high
    I’ve seen it rainin’ fire in the sky
    Friends around the campfire and everybody’s high
    Rocky mountain high.
    Now read “country roads ” by John Denver
    Almost heaven, West Virginia,
    Blue ridge mountain, Shenandoah river,
    Life is old there, older than the trees,
    Younger than the mountains, growing like a breeze

    Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong,
    West VIRGINIA,
    Mountain mamma, take me home
    Country roads

    All my memories, gather round her
    Miner’s lady, stranger to blue water
    Dark and dusty, painted on the sky
    Misty taste of moonshine, teardrops in my eye

    Country roads, take me home
    To the place I belong,
    West VIRGINIA,
    Mountain mamma, take me home
    Country roads

    I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me
    Radio reminds me of my home far away
    Driving down the road I get a feeling
    That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

    Country roads, take me home……………

    I hear her voice in the morning hour she calls me
    Radio reaminds me of my home far away
    Driving down the road I get a feeling
    That I should have been home yesterday, yesterday

    Country roads, take me home………
    Forrest fenn lived in Temple Texas . The blaze was a radio station , there was a band called “the blaze”
    The road or the trail is the blaze.
    Our search area should be north central NM
    From Raton to the plains of Chama in the north
    From red river and Cimarron to north sangre de christo
    There are 2 places to search :
    1- The Vietnam veterans memorial state park at Colfax county in sangre de cristo mountains on the enchanted circle scenic byway . 36 26 27 N ( 2 x 13 =26 . ( 13 is the numerologic no of ONE ( Ehad ) reffering to 1 God , 26 is the No of the holy of all holys name Yeheva י ה ו ה and 27 is the age of John denver song “He was born in the summer of his 27th year ”
    2- Make a direct line to the north from Santa fe till Colorado and a line from Raton to the direct line of SF . than draw a line from red river to the direct line , make an X and search the dote that combines them .
    3- If we take all coordinates of Jerusalem area and dead see etc. from FF drawing and turn the to N instead of E we should be looking the area from S.F 35 40 2 N -36 53 49 N but FF said “below” HOB so The brown family ranch is in 34.4206236 but you don’t have to be there cause FF said “below” .
    We should be looking for a small lake in the shape of the dead-sea (Israel)
    The treasure should be near the “fence” between the Colorado border at the north , Raton in the east and sangre de christo in south west .
    I think FF misses his mother and his hometown Temple .
    P.B ( but very important )
    When all of us read “below the home of Brown” , we all thought about brown trouts or brown bears ,brown river or mountain but FF is much wiser and I always thought that he plays with us . so I have search for a fish that has some connection to a word or a place and found out that the Rio Grande Catthroat is also called VIRGINALIS , it’s a native fish ( the brown fish are not native ) and it color is yellow-gray, but dirring spring spawning it turns reddish-orange and can be found in COLD waters . Catthroat habitates are located within Turner properties , the VERMEJO ( Brown color ) park ranch and LADDER ranch located within the historic range of the rio grande and are preserved because Turner belives that this species is a KEY component of the native communities .
    See : http://www.test.org/prj-rct.html
    See the migration barrier ( wall , border, FENCE , barier )on the little vermejo creek ( “no paddle” ) and the small wood nearby ( If you’ve wise and in the wood ” ) LOOK QUICKLY DOWN . see pictures , maybe the box is where the barrier .
    It should be a place like this one:

        • Ahh, I see zvia,
          I cannot copy paste into Google translate from the format provided.
          Well it’s a children story anyway although I do think like a child at times.
          BTW, the text in the book appears to be upside down or is that me?
          I am also looking for someone to search my area even though I am thousands of miles closer.
          Good luck & the keyboard is mightier than the sword, sometimes.

        • Never mind,
          It’s me, the text is fine now that took a closer look.
          I could only make out a few words though.
          I hope everything works out fine.

        • Hey Zvia,
          My name is Timothy and I answer only to that. I have to tell you that it feels like you have been at my house and took all of my notes. You have done a spectacular job here. Will you be coming out to do your searching? If so, I would love nothing more than to meet you and shake the hand of the person thinking the same way that I have. I feel compelled to tell you one thing that I have found that has helped me bring that triangle down to a very small area now. And by small I mean less then 5′ x 5′ . But, I will not say what is that did that for me until I find out if you are a searcher as BOTG.
          As for you Jake I was under the impression that you where searching in Montana & Wyoming because of your discussions with JD. What state are you searching in Jake?
          I’ll be waiting to hear from you Zvia, if you would rather talk via e-mail I’m reachable at:
          Great job It makes me chilled inside to see us on the same journey.

  20. NOW ,1- we know FF , we know what he wants and why he hidd the treasure, right ? we know he would not take us to dangerouse places and not places that an 80 years old would not go , it should be somethin somewher that give answers to singles searchers or pair or family, some place where we can enjoy nature but be close to city or emergency health care centers and of course it must be a place with opportunity ot communicate by phone, internet and etc.
    2- “Not far but too far to walk” for me it means exactly what it say , the place is not far, but you need to drive to it, you can not WALK you have to SIT . SO, i was thinking that in order to sit you need a chair, a chair in a car or a chair in ? where ?
    3- FF talks about “water high” , i thought of the Colorado as the top limit of north NM , waters are cold , but than i remmembered seeing a documantry film about the Colorado and there is a problem, its getting dry ! so i thought of the “WHAT IFS” ff said and about that the hidden place would stay as is even in 100 or thousand years . If the Colorado is getting dry it wont last 1000 years, so maybe the RED RIVER will ?
    3- FF also said it location is above 5000ft and bellow 10.200 cause he said its not on the top of the mountains, waters high, i give you title to the gold, cold……
    When i think of extreem cold i think of the Alpins and ski why ? dont know, my country is so little that Mount Hermon where most snow is for me the Alpins (Mount Hermon connected to Jesus)
    So i searched the net about the Alpin in NM and reached the Alpin conifer neer cloudcroft NM. this is one of a few remaining habitat patches of the meadow JUMPING MOUSE .
    RATON is also a little MOUSE and if we want to connect through internet we need the “small mouse ” in our hand=connection
    100 ft from red river in the ski area we find “main chair lift” and the ALPIN LODGE so IF “where warm waters halt” is OJJO CALLENTA or evem one of the hot springs along, and we take the canyon down and up to red river we sit in a car but we can also see the CHAIR LIFT that take us up to marvelouse views.
    I bring you this for your use , you do with it what ever you want but i recommend you to visit and see cause between Raton and Jumping mouse there is a canyon called “gold canyon” in Vermejo park near Raton and in vermejo there is also brown bears teritory and below it its the red river.
    maybe we should sit in the Chair lift to better see the area according to the poem.
    Good luck

  21. The jumping mouse is also called “Woodland jumping mouse” ……”If you are wise and in the wood “?

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