The Case for Hyde Park…


MAY 2016
by dal…


I call it Hyde Park for short but its proper name is Hyde Memorial State Park

Many searchers feel that Forrest must have hidden Indulgence in New Mexico. There are more than a few logical reasons why this could be true. The number one argument for New Mexico appears to be that it is the State where Forrest lives, and if he were to head out from home to hide his box of goodies,  not having to travel far would make it easier for him to escape and return unnoticed. He would probably not raise a single eyebrow among those in his immediate family if he were only gone for a few hours, many advocates of the New Mexico dogma point out.


Although I was once a follower of the “New Mexico creed”, I have since moved on. But ever since Cynthia announced that Fennboree 2016 would be held in Hyde Memorial State Park, Just about 8.2 miles northeast of Santa Fe I started thinking how clever it would be for Forrest to hide his treasure in a place called Hyde Park. So, I spent a little time looking into this place.

First of all, Hyde Park is in the Sangre de Cristo range of the southeastern most extension of the Rocky Mountains. I am not the only person who believes this. The United States Geological Survey states this on their Rocky Mountain geographical description website. As does just about every other reliable organization that talks about the southern Rocky Mountains. In fact, Hyde Memorial State Park is just about 25 miles north of the absolute southern limit of the Rockies.


The park is situated on 340 acres between 8,400ft and 9,440ft elevation.

I believe that calling Hyde State Park NORTH of Santa Fe is a stretch. It’s more East than anything…but none-the-less, when I draw an east/west line on a map through Santa Fe…Hyde Park falls well north of that line.

Okay…so we’ve got a place on public land, not far from Forrest’s home, in the Rocky Mountains, potentially north of Santa Fe and in the possible elevation range with an interesting name that could be associated with a clever hiding place…What else ya got?

I got B. T B. Hyde…


The park is named after Benjamin Talbot Babbitt Hyde, known as “Uncle Bennie” or “B.T.” or B. T. Hyde”. It turns out that Bennie was passionate about making sure kids had an opportunity to learn about and explore the outdoors…sound familiar?

Bennie was an original thinker and amassed a fortune by taking an ordinary product and thinking differently about how to market it…sound familiar?


Bennie’s product was soap…bar soap. He was the first to manufacture and market soap in individual bars. Babbitt’s Best Soap was a colossal hit. He was the first manufacturer to give public tours of his factories so families could appreciate the cleanliness of his plant and the pureness of his product. He was also one of the first to give away free samples. He was willing to take chances with marketing his products and it almost always paid off. His soap became such a household staple that Babbitt was touted as a marketing genius…sound familiar?


Babbitt often told this story at speaking engagements:
“I met a young shoeshine boy with the name B. T. Babbitt. When I told the boy my name was also B. T. Babbitt, the surprised boy said, ‘Lawd mister, did your momma get your name off a soap box too?'”

Benjamin Talbot Babbitt Hyde and his brother Frederick E. Hyde, Jr. were amateur anthropologists…sound familiar?


They financed an expedition in the winter of 1893-1894 to excavate the cliff dwelling civilization in Pueblo Bonito. In addition to the cliff dwellers, evidence of an earlier “Basketmaking” civilization was discovered beneath the canyon floor. The finds were substantial, including thousands of cylindrical pottery vases unique to this site, turquoise, flutes, baskets, and human remains…sound familiar?

There is also an intriguing connection between the Hyde brothers and Richard Weatherill’s work at Mesa Verde.

Uncle Bennie was always interested in educating children about the outdoors and when he retired in 1927 he moved to Santa Fe and started The Children’s Nature Foundation on a large ranch near Tesuque. He often lectured on snakes, poisonous and non-poisonous which he usually brought with him in a suitcase. He argued that, in fact, snakes were man’s best friend, not dogs.

Since then, the foundation has purchased and set aside hundreds of mountainside acres for public use. The 350 acre Hyde Park property was donated to the State in 1934 for the sole purpose of creating New Mexico’s first State Park. Which finally happened in 1938.


Well…okay, but is there a blaze?

Depends… One possible blaze is a waterfall in the park on the Little Tesuque Creek that runs thru the park. But the creek is intermittent at that point and derives its flow from snowmelt. The waterfall is often missing any water to fall. But that would not be the only blaze possibility.

What about Brown and meek and etc. etc…

Well…actually, I have found some curious places in and around the park…that are very interesting…and, of course the park itself is not far, but too far to walk from an exciting location where warm waters halt.


I am not saying that this is the place…I’m only thinking out loud that it’s a REMOTE possibility…but I’ll be snooping around and you might just want to do a little research before you show up for Fennboree 2016….

Just my opinion…of course…
No one else would have this opinion but me…


91 thoughts on “The Case for Hyde Park…

    • I’m wondering if Forrest will make an announcement at Hyde park based on what he sees or doesn’t see . I have a feeling he is gonna make an announcement to the loyal and disloyal followers alike . It is a great place to do so with all the connections dal found and didn’t . I have a real good reason to suspect this .

  1. I will add that to my list that I have explored. What divides me is the way it all fits.

  2. Hello Dal. You’ve done excellent research. May I also remind you and others of the few times Mr. Fenn talks about getting off his soapbox. I believe there will be many who will scour the countryside of Hyde Park during Fennboree. The end of the Chase may be ever drawing nigh.

      • JeremyP.

        I saw the Soapbox of Hyde Park in person several years ago, Not that remarkable, yet it has a great story behind it!

    • when are two going to be there? Maybe i will try to get out there to meet you two. Are either one or both making the Fennboree?
      Dal, I liked the idea. I am planning on stopping into the Fennboree right after I find the TC. LOLOLOLOLOL……IMHO
      Dal, when will you and Cynthia be at the Fennboree?

      • I will be camping in Hyde Park starting Thursday at the latest and leaving Monday morning. I won’t know what site until I get there…look for my sign.

        • Thanks Cynthia. See you there I hope. We are getting in Sunday on Am Trak around 12. Finding a rental car is becoming a problem since N.M. pretty much shuts down on Sunday???? LOL

        • See Above. Hope to catch up with you guys and meet some of the searchers here.

  3. Not far enough north, but Forrest has been known to stretch the truth, so….

  4. I liked this from the Wikipedia article:

    Babbitt became known as a genius of advertising. He rivaled his friend P. T. Barnum in originality and success, becoming a household name throughout the U.S.

    “Babbitt met a young shoeshine boy with the name B. T. Babbitt. When he told the boy his name was also B. T. Babbitt, the surprised boy said, ‘Lawd mister, did your momma get your name off a soap box too?'”

    • “Sorry Alison, I’m off my soap box now.” – f

      Hmmm… I think I’m on to something 🙂

  5. I remember an interesting solution someone had in this area way back in the beginning. It had something to do with the impact crater. Whether you think this is a good area or not there’s some really interesting geology in the area. The best known exposures of impact altered rocks is at Nun’s Curve on the way to the park.

    Here’s more information on the crater if you are interested:

    • Thanks for that link, Goofy. I often wished I’d studied geology. I took pictures along that highway last September just because the rock was so fascinating.

      (And now Dal is onto the 8.25 mile north of Santa Fe. Darn. )

  6. Here are just a couple of connections to soap and forrest from TFTW. Page xi: “One was about helping my parents make soap over an open fire in our back yard in the 1930’s.” Page 21: “I never used soap there because I was afraid it was bad for my karma to pollute the pristine river.” Maybe you are on to something Dal. I have traveled down the soap hole before, but not to deep.

    Fred Y.

    • Hello, 23, funny that you mentioned Agua Piedra …I was there yesterday. The old ski run was a lush verdant meadow and the Agua Piedra (rocky water) river was running full. No treasure chest found….but I didn’t actually look for it, this time.

      • Cynthia,

        Don’t you love the Spring run off?

        Cheers my friend,

  7. Dal, What is your exciting wwwh that you mentioned above? I used the Santa Fe Ski Basin as my WWWH once; others have used Ten Thousand Waves which is on the same road but closer to SF. This is a really good post. Looking forward to picking your brain around the campfire…what kind of liquor or beer, or wine do you drink? Or is red licorice enough to get you to spill your guts? I’ll add that my Fennboree grocery list.

  8. One more thing. Since people are reading this who might be camping for Fennboree, I suggest each person bring a roll of toilet paper. I have found that after a holiday weekend, the toilets are not always restocked as soon as needed. This applies to Black Canyon as well as Hyde Park.

  9. Thanks for the share Dal. Hope everyone enjiys the get-to-gether. I learn something I check in.

  10. Well FF did have a scrapbook where heposted pictures of his dog Tesuque in a creek. One where Tesuque was little, and one where Tesuque was big. Wasn’t that a hint of big tesuque and little tesuque creeks near Hyde Park?
    Then the Big Tesuque picnic area is just beyond 8.5 miles from the Santa Fe city limits. Maybe if you go down the creek you may find a special place to sit.
    THAT’S IT!!!

    The only way to find out is to come to Fennboree. See Ya.

    BTW, this is not the blaze, so don’t look under the boulders and logs beneath it

    • Personality galore, very funny IG, I see you captured Mr. Fenns humorous side to a Tee. Hidden in there somewhere is a notion that no one has thought of before. Nice work.

    • Thank you everyone! Trying to make one a day for a month. Glad you like them. thanks Dal, it’s nice to know others get to enjoy them.

      • Keep it up Illinois ghost. I visited your site 3 times today LMBO at “Parental warning”

        Because we typically see Forrest in his cowboy hat, it was particularly comical to see him dressed to rap. Although with his natural ability for storytelling in rhyme, I’ll bet he’s a great rapper!

    • Illinois Ghost gave me lots of smiles tonight. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing this.

  11. Nice write up Dal. Searchers will be out in droves combing over Hyde Park. It would be nice to see it found this year.

  12. I gather this thread is mostly just an excuse to discuss the upcoming Fennboree. So I won’t spend any time here pointing out major problems with Hyde Park as a suggested location for the treasure chest.

    But Dal’s write-up is interesting, in that it’s not Yellowstone.

    Ken 🙂

  13. All you Lucky Fennborees!

    I really wanted to be there to meet all of you that I met at the last book signing.
    Too many pressing issues here in Michigan. I think of you guys often
    and wish I could be at Hyde Park for those “Inspiring Treasure Talks”
    Perhaps a miracle and I will still make it.

    My energies are still anticipating a June hunt and it won’t be at Hyde Park.
    Snow is melting right now from my favorite area and my interpretation of the “X” so elaborately illustrated in the TTOTC will be visible. Wait a minute you say. There is no X marks the spot. Yeah your right I just saw it in a dream.

    That Forrest sure is clever.

    Love all you guys!


  14. I would love to point out that Forrest is the one who suggested Hyde as one of the potential locations for Fennboree.

    But, seriously, don’t get caught digging up the forest. We will never be allowed back into the park for Fennboree again if we do.

    Anyone else as excited as I am?

    • Yes, I am pumped! My 30 year old BMW “Bills Mechanical Wonder” is running again and I am leaving this Friday so I dont have to race there this trip (#6) in 2 years from Seattle. Now, as for it being IN HydePark ? Sacha is correct. Don’t go digging in a State or National Park…(or a graveyard…” right Ted ?”) . Anyway, it should be quite the weekend, I look forward to meeting all . Ah I can smell the food cooking now , the Buttery Skin with Marvelous Glaze…..mmmmm! Don’ forget to leave your bones!

  15. Hate to burst everyone’s bubbles but Ill go ahead and quote Mr Fenn…

    ” The treasure is hidden more than 8.25 miles NORTH of the NORTHERN limits of Santa Fe, New Mexico”

    By my calculations that way north of Hyde Park.

    On top of that I tried to debate what “north” could be because my solve was by Bandelier but everyone and their brother said north is north. But when Dal says it could be in Hyde Park everyone jumps on board.

    • Yeastwood, bursting bubbles on a southern exposure will leave you dauntless with composure. IMO

  16. Hi Dal, Thinking about My war for me, and how Mr. Fenn said his plane exploded into a fireball when it hit the mountain, and the noise and flashes of the b-52 strikes, it made me think of a meteor crater. The center of the Santa Fe crater is just South of Tesuque, and runs up the mountain toward Hyde Park, they find evidence in the road cuts.

  17. He does mention “Bennie” in his Too Far To Walk Book… When he was stationed overseas during the Cold War… They all liked Bennie and he was a madman for readiness… I don’t have the book with me right now, but you’ll see it or already know what I am talking about..

    Happy Trails and Searching!

  18. All the clues match but what about brown? Ok while I’m there I’ll look a bit more. I am still betting on the Philmont Boy Scout camp myself. I may do one more Chase.

  19. If someone were to ask f, “Is Hyde Park far enough north to be included in the search area?” his answer would be, “That’s up to you to figure out.”

    • or would he say “is it at least 8.25 miles north of the northern city limits of Santa Fe” as he did in his Fundamental Guidelines?

    • Nah Mike,
      Forrest would look at you with that deer in the head light look and say, well Mike “Hyde Park is not to far, but is it far enough” IMHO
      good luck on your searches & be safe

    • Hello Mike. I enjoy reading your comment, along with others. I giggle because I think he would keep silent and let us go crazy like we are now. If he communicated, it would be by his big smile only. 🙂

  20. There is a lodge in the park. The definition of a lodge is home or house on an estate or property. The lodge has brown wood in the structure.

  21. Adding more fuel to the upcoming blaze at Hyde Park:
    While doing a bit of New Mexico history reading and research I discovered that earth/stone was quarried from Hyde Park for the National Park Service historic Adobe in Santa Fe. The same building was also generously funded by Elizableth White – whom Forrest mentioned in his last post at MW. Interestingly, two beautiful paintings grace the halls of the NPS building… One of the Madison River in Yellowstone, and one of Glacier Park in Montana.

    I can’t attend Fennboree, but hope one of you lucky Fenntastic campers finds THE treasure (fenn’s chest of gold) at Hyde Park.

    • Hello 42. Thank you for adding more fuel to the upcoming blaze at Hyde Park. I’ve enjoyed reading this very much. Gosh, how I wish I could attend, but made camping and fishing plans with the family in Leadville. Have to make reservations very early if you want a spot. 🙂

    • Hello SL. I do remember you posting this before. You’re quite the intellectual. Since your post, have you gone searching?

  22. pdenver,

    I hope that you and yours are appreciating this special weekend!

    Dear, dear! I appreciate the kind compliment, however…. an “Intellectual” I am not!! Books and research have held my fascination since childhood; although implementing a lot of proper punctuation certainly hasn’t been complimentary in the way of any writing skills, lol

    You’ve asked about my having gone “searching?” Most definitely! It is with my eyes that i search. (There will be no ‘physical’ treasure chest waiting for me, pdenver.)

    Insofar as a continued interest in the photo of the Flyer standing in front of the animal hide on the wall? Can’t seem to let that one… go. In the mean time I continue to be..



    • Hello SL. Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it. My family and I have our flag flying for this special weekend.

      Perhaps you may not feel you’re an intellectual, but your thoughts have caught my eye and they’ve impressed me.

      There are many different kinds of treasures in this world. May yours overflow.

      It is a nice photo of Mr. Fenn. The connection to the hide and Hyde Memorial State Park may be interesting. If there is any meanings to the photo, this may be one of them.

      Keep the thrill alive, SL!

  23. Mr. Hyde also had two daughters….strange coincidences like everything in this hunt

  24. Hey Dal, this is a great post about Hyde Park.
    . How funny would it be if Forrest were to Hide the Chest there. Everyone keep your eyes open during Fennboree… 🙂

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