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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page III for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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    • I second that,
      GEYDELKON on May 27, 2016 at 10:33 pm said:
      What am I looking at, painter or the treasure?
      Perhaps a place to heal?
      Where do I draw the line?
      Can I really help them find there way?
      Let the people voice your sight?
      Standing behind I can see her far for a dollar?
      Welcome, come and see me when you go home?
      Can I see the trail from up here?
      It is what I draw and I hold?


      Would this be considered a poem? If so I have never seen a poem with so many? But I like it, it goes down as a poem in my book.

          • Thank you… I see you are new to the chase. How did you hear about it and can you share some of your thoughts? If you had 1 word to describe the Poem what would it be?
            Anyway, my poem has a meaning the ? are placed there for a reason. Perhaps to remind me how many times I question my question.

  1. The Unwanted Surprise Party

    Family and friends have gathered around,
    hidden around the corner.
    Waiting for the honored guest;
    not making any sound.

    Months of planning for this party.
    The very best to offer.
    Excitement is arising.
    Where is the guest? Is he tardy?

    A knock on the door. Could it be true?
    The honored guest arrived?
    She opens the door to see,
    an unknown man in military blue.

    Words exchanged; a face looking gravely.
    An opened letter falls to the floor.
    Sorrowfully, the words read,
    “Your loving son died bravely.”

    This Memorial Day, please remember.

  2. Wow. Great words already.
    And page v, I’ve been busy and have not said my compliments to all of you. Beautiful words, focused, pdenver, 23, lia, 42, cindym, if I were able to comment each I would, but I’m in the forest…haha!

    God Bless our heros.

    5 days to Fennboree…yippee!!! πŸ™‚

  3. ” Widow Of A Hero ”

    Please let me have my time, I’ll do it all alone,

    Take a wreath of memory, to my soldier who is gone.

    A hero fell for all, my hero to be exact,

    Moment lost in time, never to come back.

    In a giant cemetery , with thousands of white stones,

    Silence in my ears, as I walk alone.

    To the row of 36 , the plot of 104,

    Honor in my heart, I miss you even more.

    Our lives continue on, without you standing here,

    Fallen you may be, your voice I often here.

    Soldiers of a country, because of you I’m free,

    Thanks my special hero, for your life you’ve given me………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word of every sentence it says ……
    ” Please Take A Moment In Silence To Honor Our Fallen Soldiers, Thanks ”
    Have a great Memorial Day my friends…… See ya

    • Focussed,
      What an honorable way to remember. I’ll do just that and forward your poem to others who will appreciate your sentiments.

      • Thank you Anna , I hope they like it too…. Have a great day…… A lot can be heard in silence, just gotta take the time to listen……see ya my friend

        • Way to go jdiggins!

          I truly enjoy this page. I hope someday we might get folks on this page together for a poetry camping weekend. Imagine the campfire poetry that would flow!

  4. Sorry about the spelling…. Hear …not here… I need to proofread more….lol see ya

  5. Calling all poets
    PLease check your notes
    As you may have already found
    That elusive mound
    It could be bold
    I t could be new or old
    For sure has not been told
    Just how close and just how cold
    So listen to Forrest with attentive ears
    No doubt he will perk some and even cause tears
    The man has a knack
    A real good tack
    To keep his words aligned
    For his followers mind
    Going to and fro
    We all have to know
    Someday the Phantom must bestow .

    • Nicely done Ya-Sha-Wa. Ah yes the Phantom. Somehow that rings a bell. Perhaps not in this ink well. None the less it makes my head swell. Hidden somewhere in a memories quell. Thanks.

      • Thank you strawshadow ! That elusive Phantom has a meaning for sure . The Phantom hides in the Shadows and is not the Shadow itself . The chest is seen by the Phantom which is hidden in the Shadow . So Fenn and the Phantom has knowledge of the Shadow . A Shadow is a form of Reflection . So the Phantom has first hand knowledge of the Reflection . A Phantom is an Anomaly or an Aberration . And for those that read the Phantom Of The Opera :
        “Erik allows them to escape, though not before making Christine promise that she will visit him once on his death day, and return the gold ring he gave her. He also makes her promise that afterwards she will go to the newspaper and report his death. Indeed, some time later Christine returns to Erik’s lair, buries him and returns the gold ring. Afterwards, a local newspaper runs the simple note: “Erik is dead”.”

  6. Wait! With urgency I cry
    When the ideas of a few
    Cause so many to die

    Take a minute, take a few
    Ask yourself what you willing to do
    To create understanding and diminish fear
    To bring our soilders home in this very year

    Stop! Why can’t anyone hear
    The deafening silence of the final tear
    Reach beyond what you know today
    Create a world for peace to stay
    That is my wish on memorial day.

    By: Twingem

    • Wow….. great job twingem….I agree the the world needs more peace… and that is an excellent wish you have…..keep up your penning..I like it, thank you…until next time….see ya

    • A beautiful wish indeed Twingem. And the wish of many today. Thank You

    • Go in (pie)ce
      Proto Indo European or PIE β€”> go is a cow.

      Put in below the home of Brown

      Brown would equal pie or below the butt. Anyone find an imaginary cow blaze.

      I’ll be relaxing sipping lemonade and eating bbq this memorial weekend. Enjoy the thrill!

  7. Sorry to liven the mood here,

    But, alas, as is my job in life, to smile…
    I do as I hit….submit…:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I haven’t gone alone in there
    I’m really not that bold!
    My friend and I went as a pair
    Searching treasures new and old.

    We begin where warm waters halt,
    We take it in the canyon down.
    We drive cause it’s too far to walk.
    And ? ? ? the home of Brown.

    From there this place can make you freak
    Make you think the end is nigh.
    But once you’re further up the creek,
    The heavy loads dont seem so high.

    It’s hard to figure out the blaze,
    To look quickly down, then to cease.
    Do not tarry, scant are the days.
    To take the chest? To go in peace?

    So why is it he must go
    And leave his trove for us to seek?
    The antsirs, they already know,
    We’ve done it tired; it makes you weak!

    We’ve listened to all, best we could.
    And our efforts have been worth the cold.
    I’ve been braver than ever thought I could,
    And that to me, weighs more than gold!

  8. Dal knows,,, the treasure you find may not be in a box,, but worth more than gold. Thanks a-Forrest

  9. “Remember”

    Remember our fallen soldiers, that fell throughout the years,

    Remember the lonely families, who shed a million tears.

    Remember the special hearts, that beat red ,white, and blue,

    Remember those brave soldiers, that died for me and you.

    Remember WWl , in tanks they fought with pride,

    Remember WWII, on D-Day how they died.

    Remember in Pearl Harbor, when the planes came soaring in,

    Remember in Korea , they stopped the north again.

    Remember Vietnam, in the jungles mighty thick,

    Remember our brave soldiers, agent orange made them sick.

    Remember those who fought, and died over in Kuwait,

    Remember Iraq and Afghanistan , when our soldiers met their fate.

    Remember the other skirmishes, all around this earth,

    Remember our brave soldiers, who proudly showed their worth.

    Remember the pride within them, how they died for you and me,

    Remember the song that says , ” from sea to shining sea “.

    Remember today is for them, our soldiers that paid the price,

    Remember to pause and thank them, for the freedom in your lives.

    Remember in your prayers, those they left behind,

    Remember freedoms cost, please keep it in your mind.

    Remember as I salute you , from Generals to Cadets,

    Forever I’ll remember, I promise I’ll never forget………..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- if you read down the first word in every sentence my message is
    ” Remember Forever ” ……..until next time…. See ya

    • Hello Focused. Beautiful poem. With some of the wars you mentioned, I could hear the loud sounds and I felt like ducking. Shadows…too many shadows.

      • Thank you pdenver. Yes I agree there are to many shadows in the past, but in every shadow there were proud Americans who paid the ultimate price for me and you….time has a way of turning the past into grey memories….I salute all soldiers…Past to present… Sorry to make you duck my friend….. :-). See ya

      • Your welcome twingem….. Im glad you liked my words. I like hearing your gift too… πŸ™‚ Thank you for your words here in the poetry palace…… See ya my friend

    • Aware people never forget sacrifice, it’s just too easy to put yourself in someone else’s shoes when it comes to war and seeking freedom and peace.

      Thank you Focused, the poem was a fine reminder this week and always.

      • Thank you specialklr I’m glad you liked it….take care my friend…..see ya

  10. Hangar Queen

    You learn a lot when you go home,
    For example fixing a pool motor I learned the term “Hangar Queen.”

    Smart people keep you guessing at every turn, or should I say term?
    My older brother and Dad teach me a lot.

    Thankful for family,
    I almost forgot that box full of yellow rocks.


    • Thanks 23Kachinas. ..I get hung up on terms all the t ime….and yes I’m thankful for family too…..good luck in your chase….. until next time…see ya

  11. As always, Focused, you were able to paint a picture perfect in clarity and “soul”. How gifted you are.

    I salute you my friend.


    • Thank you JD. ..I’m glad you could see the picture…now turn about face and give your salute to the fallen soldiers….they are the true hero’s. ..
      Again , thank you my friend… until next time …see ya JD. .

  12. A silly little boy who liked collecting silly little things,
    Like soda pop bottles, arrowheads and little bits of strings,
    Grew up to become a man of very large note,
    A war hero, a gallery owner, and of course there were a few things he wrote.

    He never stopped collecting, he just bought a bigger place,
    He collected things of value and he never slowed his pace.
    He built his fame and fortune, becoming quite comfortable in his own skin,
    And through the years the folks of old Santa Fe all became his friends.

    At a low point in his life he fell a little ill,
    Was told his days were numbered, but it turned out that wasn’t quite God’s will.
    But it sparked in him a big idea, a long term kind of plan,
    A blazing kind of fire that he would surely fan.

    So he secreted his treasures in a special hiding place,
    And thrilled all of us seekers, inviting us into the chase.
    The book, the poem, the chase; the gauntlet he threw down,
    Now I just hope I’m putting in below the home of the right Brown.

    And if you like me have become obsessed with finding his chest first,
    Be wise, be brave, and of course it will help to be extremely well-versed.
    Perhaps our paths will someday cross in this game we play,
    Somewhere in those mountains north of Santa Fe.

  13. ” Roy ”

    Sitting by my campfire, just staring at the coals,

    Ambers quickly rising, flashing as they go.

    A blanket across my shoulders, a chill is in the air,

    My mind is free to roam, all I can do is stare.

    My mind it drifts away, to a time so long ago,

    Like me a man is sitting, in a gentle mountain snow.

    Staring at his campfire, it seems so strange you see,

    I feel as if he’s looking, just staring back at me.

    Then he speaks into the fire, his voice I clearly hear,

    He says his wife is pregnant , the time is very near.

    The elder women of his village, they go into his teepee,

    Into the fire he talks, he hears but he can’t see me.

    He says that this will be, the first for each of them,

    Nervousness in his voice, I give a subtle grin.

    Then through the fire I hear his wife, I know the time is here,

    I hear the happy voices, of the elders as they cheer.

    While his baby’s crying, he speaks into the blaze,

    And thanked me for my time, to help him through that day.

    He said the time has come, to name his newborn boy,

    He asked me what my name was, I said that it was Roy .

    He pauses for a moment, then into the blaze he speaks,

    ” What kinda name is Roy ? “, ” what does it really mean?”.

    Then says it doesn’t matter, it’s fitting for his boy,

    Proudly he will bear it, a Cherokee we call Roy.

    As I stared into the fire, my friend he said goodbye,

    I said how proud I was, but he seen it in my eyes.

    As the fire dies down, the coals now softly glow,

    I’m thinking about lil Roy , a Cherokee from long ago…………

    By: Focused

  14. Focused –

    During Memorial Day flower placements on graves we found the cement name F.M. Parker which was my great Uncle who died 12-8-23 at age 8 of a pain in the head after being sick. Later the family buried a premature baby of my Grandparents with Frankie M but he was ever given a name.

    My Aunt who lives and works at a place that engraves headstones asked us to pick a name for my Uncle that died in childbirth. She wanted to give him a proper headstone. I picked Forrest because both my Grandparents were outdoors people, the actually honeymooned up on a lookout for a fire season while they built an airport. He was struck by lightning once when making a call into report a fire from the tower.

    My mom was happy with the name and so was sister. So that is the story of how we named my Uncle who was never named ..Grandma was 1/8 Cherokee. Loved the poem.

    • 23Kachinas, thank you for your story. You and your aunt should be very proud along with the rest of your family. You have done a great thing for your unnamed uncle. Now he is somebody… I think Forrest is a great name for him…..like my poem, if you could talk to him through a fire he would tell you how proud he is of you….my grandma was 1/8 Cherokee too…. looks like we have something in common..lol
      Good luck in your chase , I’m glad you enjoyed my words. Until next time….see ya my friend πŸ™‚

    • Hello 23kachinas. Your story took my breath away. Thank you for sharing. Gosh, what an honor it must be for your family and your uncle being named after a great man.

  15. “I’ve wrestled with alligators.
    I’ve tussled with a whale.
    I done handcuffed lightning,
    and throw thunder in jail.
    You know I’m bad.
    Just last week, I murdered a rock,
    injured a stone, hospitalized a brick.
    I’m so mean, I make medicine sick.”

    —Muhammed Ali

    • He is a great…..thanks for sharing those words Michael Hendrickson…..I enjoyed that..see ya

    • Hello Michael. Thank you for the words of Muhammed Ali and paying tribute to a great man.

      ‘Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.’

  16. ” My Hero ”

    Kentucky is a special place, it’s where his life began,

    In 1942, was born a special man.

    Kentucky’s full of horses, champions of all kinds,

    But none can match the strength, of a boxer on my mind.

    For 32 years he fought, his longest fight in life,

    Parkinson’s couldn’t win, no matter how it tried.

    He was the greatest man, to enter through the ropes,

    Many tried to beat him, they left with diminished hopes.

    He’ll always be my hero, he was a man of faith,

    I close my eyes, and I can see, gold around his waist.

    He danced around the ring, with a light as feather bounce,

    Just waiting for the bell, so he could go and pounce.

    Now his days are over, he left us with our dreams,

    He was the greatest fighter, this world has ever seen.

    Now he’s up in heaven, gathering with old friends,

    Though his days are over, his eternity just began.

    Muhammad we will miss you, you’ve much enriched our lives,

    Now it’s you and God, to float throughout the skies.

    Someday I will join you, up in that mighty place,

    Someday I will thank you, I’ll do it face to face.

    A phrase you’ve always said, throughout the many years,

    Forever it will ring , in our thankful ears.

    “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee,”

    This worlds gonna miss you, Muhammad Ali …………..

    By: Focused

    • Hello Focused. A beautiful poem, giving tribute to a great man. I think I can see his fancy footwork, dancing around in Heaven.

    • Yes , a Great poem for a Great man, a peaceful man but a very good and perhaps the best boxer ever. I always enjoyed his bouts, back when you didn’t have to pay to watch the fights.

    • Thanks Focused, He was a h3ll of a boxer and showman. Loved his antics, and he backed them up. Cassius Clay to Mohammad Ali, float like a flutterby and sting like a bee.

  17. Thanks pdenver…..Muhammad Ali was the greatest….. He will be missed….see ya my friend…

  18. Sleepyhead

    In the still of the night,
    a little girl begins to weep.
    Lost her cuddly teddy bear,
    and cannot fall asleep.

    Head of curls, gown of white,
    she falls upon her knees.
    Softly she whispers,
    “I need my teddy, please.”

    Gentle touch of an angel;
    quietly tucks her into bed.
    Placing the cuddly teddy,
    beside her Sleepyhead.

  19. Wiseone, did you follow me? Are you here where we are allowed to run wildly off topic?

    Ok then let’s horse around.

    Horses are uncomfortable in the middle and dangerous at both ends. ~Attributed to Christopher Stone

    It’s a lot like nuts and bolts – if the rider’s nuts, the horse bolts! ~Nicholas Evans
    (we know Forrest is sane. Lightening didn’t bolt! Lol)

    And a personal favorite of we Wild Wyoming gals…

    A woman needs two animals. The horse of her dreams and a jackass to pay for it Just kicking it up a notch for fun.

    • LOL. Yep. you’re probably right. But I’m a city gal. No horses in my neck of the woods. At least that I’ve found… πŸ™‚

      • Hello pdenver! Glad I was able to raise a laugh out of two people – you and me. All meant for entertainment value only.

        Have to run – like the wild ponies (not like a leaky bladder)
        My ponies run wild under the hood – like my old “boy catcher car” mustang. Hated trading that in on a responsible mama mobile.

        Enjoy your evening.

        • That’s great J.Jarret! and true, unless it’s dal – his wife knows apple pie is the way to his heart.

          what if
          I carry
          fly rods
          In my pickup
          and a guy favors spinners
          When angling
          for his sup?
          Then what?
          Is it a lark?
          Or are we fishing in the dark?

          Reminds me of a great ok tune

          • lia, even if you’re in Sublette
            a combo rod you can get
            spin in front,
            fly in back I’m quite sure
            you will get the knack
            Abercombie please forget
            cut offs will be your besr bet
            from Granite do warm waters
            to small falls just down below
            and if On The Green
            we do Meet
            stabeled at the the Rivera
            there will be a white Sierra

        • @straw – your poem casts a much prettier sunset at the end of day than that cat looking over my fence. Wink;) nice job!

          Grandparents had a paint named Apache in the late 60’s and neighbor girl had a sorrel named Daisy. Which meant I got to ride but didn’t have to shovel out the barn. Only pony I could call my own was a red Mustang from 1984-89.

    • Lia, no pony is needed,
      nor a bronze chest,
      if it is guys you want,
      a pickup
      with fihin poles
      works best


    Oh, I love these bugs
    I give them all big hugs
    I wish I had more bugs. I wish
    Cause every bug I hug goes squish

    LMN (1969)

      • lia, even if you’re in Sublette,
        a combo rod
        you can get,
        and Abercombie please forget
        cut offs will be best bet
        From Granite,
        do warm waters flow
        and small falls are down
        and if On The Green,
        we do Meet,
        there will be a white Sierra
        stabeled at the Rivera

  21. Scrapbook 155 IMO- G*d bless the F for remembering the Stop. Lol.

    by Edward, 17th Earl of Oxford De Vere

    The lively lark stretched forth her wing,
    The messenger of morning bright,
    And with her cheerful voice did sing
    The day’s approach, discharging night,
    When that Aurora, blushing red,
    Descried the guilt of Thetis’ bed.

    I went abroad to take the air,
    And in the meads I met a knight,
    Clad in carnation colour fair.
    I did salute this gentle wight;
    Of him I did his name enquire.
    He sighed, and said β€˜I am Desire’.

    Desire I did desire to stay;
    A while with him I craved to talk.
    The courteous knight said me no nay,
    But hand in hand with me did walk.
    Then of Desire I asked again
    What thing did please, and what did pain.

    He smiled, and thus he answered then:
    β€˜Desire can have no greater pain
    Than for to see another man
    That he desireth, to obtain;
    Nor greater joy can be than this,
    Than to enjoy that others miss’.

    *a trip is strictly the difference between a pass and a catch.

    So thankful for all the trips he has shown us all. Rock on f!

    • You may have many problems Jamie but a B ain’t one of them:) Heart felt poem I ndeed. My take on 155 was different, yours understood.

  22. By me,

    Summer quest

    While searching for some summer fun,
    For the kids and we to adventure with,
    I stumbled upon a quest undone,
    And the direction all hinted in myth.

    A maverick placed his treasure keep,
    Full of dreams and precious jewels,
    In the mountains high but not the peek,
    And taunted us to solve the clues.

    He spoke of water, Browns, and creeks
    And on the forums they all contested
    About which one of those he speaks,
    Where he planned his bones rested.

    The kids and we took up the chase,
    Deciphering out the cryptic clues,
    Found our spot and went out post haste!
    But to our discovery, we blazed the blues.

    found water, trees, bones, rocks, and grass
    Beam of metal, a wall, a grate
    And several pieces of volcanic glass.
    No blaze in sight
    not around
    nor straight.

    The adventure a gain I do commend,
    The mavericks quest well founded.
    For we here now, with full recommend,
    Still will search and seek till we halt.


    Thanks for the quest Mr. Fenn!

      • Well thank you for the compliment!

        Yes, we enjoyed the trip. We had the littles wore out at the end and they got fussy, but that’s normal for them. Mostly smiles and adventure.

        • You’re welcome, JasonD. Keep the adventures going. The memories you’re making will be treasured gifts for everyone.

          • That’s the plan, we’re just hoping to find the treasure to fund more adventures. πŸ™‚

  23. Sometimes the “treasures” we find aren’t what we’re expecting. Sometimes we find them in the most unexpected places.

    When I first joined the Chase, I had gold fever. But something changed along the way over these past 3+ years. I feel I’ve grown in a deeper sense. I’ve grown closer to humanity and less attached to material things. In some ways I attribute this to Forrest and to the Chase.

    I’d like to share a poem I’ve come across through a project called Real Global Poets. I’ve posted more about it on my site if you’re interested. http://www.readandseek.com

    I know it’s not a poem directly about the treasure or the Chase, but I feel like the Chase has led me to this point, like the butterfly effect.

    Where I’m from
    by Ojullu Opiew

    I’m from the dry crops,
    from the piles of animals’ hides,
    and the croaking frogs in the ponds by night.
    I’m from the women who walked fifty miles to fetch water.
    I’m from the herbalist,
    from the place where the average population can’t afford living costs,
    where higher education is hidden in the abysmal well.
    I’m from suasion,
    where you have to grease the wheel
    to achieve what you want!
    I’m from the girls who are married off to the old men,
    from those ladies viewed as objects of wealth,
    where educating a girl is a waste of money.
    I’m from the place where girls are sought for partners by their maternal fathers,
    only because the stepbrothers had married.
    I’m from false accusation,
    where youth from an entire town are termed thugs,
    where everybody is a suspect of banditry.
    I’m from disdain, and denial from my birthright.

    That’s about my place, what about your place?
    Do you hear such words as maltreatment and bribery?
    Do you move freely without the sound of antiquing racism tapping its feet on your back?
    Tell me if you sleep peacefully without expecting, bang bang around your hut.
    I want to know if there are such jokes as inferior and superior ethnics in your place.

    I told you I’m from laboring,
    where my grandfather is forced to work on coffee farms,
    in unfavorable weather without wages,
    where my father cuts down the trees on the roadside as part of his personal hygiene.

    I’m from the place where my grandparents live as refugees on my ancestral soil.
    I’m from my history and my culture,
    I’m from my kinfolk who marry with dignity.
    I’m from the drumbeats in your chest,
    from the beads that dangle on your necks.
    I’m from a search for my lost identity.
    I’m from the payment of dowry,
    from the kingship and hierarchy.
    I’m from his majesty, Ochudho!
    So who is your king?

  24. ” The Bath ”

    The year was 1640, in what we call Yellowstone ,

    There lived an Indian boy, he called that place his home.

    One day he went out walking, with his spear in hand,

    Along a steaming Creek , in that magical land.

    He followed the heated creek, winding through the trees,

    Going to his special place, he knew that it would please.

    He popped out of the wood line , a river in front of him,

    Steam rising in the distant, he gave a subtle grin.

    He walked down to the rivers edge, where the small creek ends,

    On the rocks he laid his spear, then slowly waded in.

    The water it was warm, it was steaming just a bit,

    With his arms spread out, to hold him where he sits.

    He laid his head back on a rock, and stared up to the sky,

    The sky above was blue, he heard an Eagles cry.

    Lost within the solitude, of that magical place,

    His mind could drift away, to any time in space.

    When his dreams have ended, it was time for him to go,

    Dripping wet and warm, a steady south wind blows.

    With his spear in hand, back up the creek he walked,

    His soul had been replenished, bare feet upon the rocks.

    He turns around for one more look, steam rising in the sky,

    Thankful for this place, you could see it in his eyes.

    When he got back home, he sat upon a log,

    In his mind he knew, he just took a walk with God …………

    By: Focused

      • Your welcome strawshadow. I’m glad you enjoyed reading my words….good luck to you in your chase…until next time…see ya

    • Beautiful, focused. As are those I have not yet commented on. Fennboree set me back on reading, but I’m getting caught up. Missed you there. πŸ™‚

      • Thank you jdiggins. .. I hear everyone had a great time at fennboree..yeah I wish I could have been there, but the date was not good for me..I plan on going to Santa fe later this summer though…good to hear from ya my friend…..take care…until next time….see ya πŸ™‚

      • Focused missed you at the Fennborre!!! Hope to get to meet you some day! You and all the other great “Fenn Penners” truly inspire me… I still can’t write poetry but I really enjoy reading everone else’s πŸ™‚

        • I wish I could have been there to meet you too spallies…thank you…see ya my friend…

  25. The year is now 2016
    in a valley called Yosemite.
    Roaring waters rush between
    Massive towers at Ahwanee.

    Within that majestic land
    Just beyond museum doors
    Kindly speaks a Miwok Brave
    Of his people’s ancient lore.

    They dwelled within Yosemite
    For as long as 8000 years;
    Grinding acorn seeds and
    hunting with obsidian spears.

    The lifeways of the Awahnee
    Were woven throughout time
    Sewn in peace and basketry
    Until the gold rush of ’49.

    The peace of their sacred valley
    Shattered by the lure of gold
    Battalions moved in quickly
    Taking all from the Awahnee.

    Note: Yosemite is a national treasure and I’m grateful that Naturalist John Muir understood the importance of preserving Yosemite. He also loved the indigenous people who lived in the valley.

    Unfortunately, the California gold rush of 1849 brought thousands of non-Indian miners to the Sierra Nevadas. Many were ruthless in their search for gold and thousand of Miwok or Awahnee people were killed, starved, or moved against their will from their home in Yosemite National Park to a flat, dry reservation without mountains or rivers.

    The Miwok/Awahnee volunteer answering our questions in the museum was one of the most humble and kind people I’ve been privileged to meet. He was not bitter as he told us that because his people did not sign a treaty when they were forced from their homeland they have no land to call their own. Today, they continue their appeal with the US government to set aside any land they can call home in California.

    • Thank you 42 I really enjoyed your words on Yosemite. Inspiration sometimes can come from the strangest of places and feel good knowing that my words have inspired you. Good luck to you 42 while you chase your dreams……. stay safe ….. until next time.. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

  26. KRIME

    We were the ones that dared to find a place to be ourselves,
    Our goal isn’t to make history, but we do.
    Love is a scandal, intimacy a krime.

    It enrages those who do not feel it but have it to see it.
    Looks foreign, wrong and to be dealt with by the insecure.
    All because inner hatred of self, yes that’s where is starts.
    It brews, it bubbles and unchecked it boils over.

    Think of a time when you heart was truly soft for something.
    Maybe even broken when you gave it away freely and lost?
    This is how we feel most of the time.
    We did the tiring work to face our broken selves.

    And we kept kissing because people don’t anymore.


    • Very nice 23Kachinas. …..

      I think this world needs more love…… great job….see ya my friend…

    • 23kachinas –

      Very nice – what the world needs now is more kissing. Less judgments, not even of self, and a new fresh outlook on the way things could be.

      Hugs to you…….

      • Hi & hi to all,, the chase seems bring forth a connectivity that greater than us all and even greater than the chase itself.

  27. RARE

    A cougar swims across a lake,
    Men take a video to prove it and the share the moment.
    We all gasp at how rare this must be…


    Rare things capture our imagination,
    Change our viewpoints of what is possible.
    How do we know we found something special?

    You just know. There are no words.


  28. I believe I may have been about twelve years old when I wrote this:

    One of His

    He is a small man,
    Yet very nice to me;
    He gives me happiness,
    Because I am one of his.

    He is a small man,
    That gives me help;
    And shares my life,
    Because I am one of his.

    He is a small man,
    Working hard as it is;
    And stands tall when called,
    Because I am one of his.

    Does anyone know who he is?
    Only I really know;
    Because he is my father,
    And I am one of his.

    Wishing all the fathers and fathers-in-heart an early Happy Father’s Day.

    • Great job my friend….sorry for the slow response…I’m in Pennsylvania right now on a vacation…..I wish I was out west….lol very busy…I’ll pen something soon m yself….see ya my friend… πŸ™‚

      • Hello Focused. Thank you for the compliment. I greatly appreciate it. Hmmm…aren’t you enjoying vacation in Pennsylvania? Or, is that the reason you wish you were out west? You could always get yourself a hobby horse and wear a cowboy hat and run up and down the sidewalk with it. A little touch of the west. πŸ˜‰ πŸ™‚

        • Hey I tried that and it didn’t help much…lol im going to Santa fe later this summer…I’m so ready for that…thanks for the laugh my friend….until next time…..see ya

          • Hello Focused. Glad I could make you laugh, my friend. I’m happy to hear you’re heading to Santa Fe later this summer. How long do you plan to stay?

          • Don’t know yet…. going to Austin Texas first…. again on vacation…lol I really need to slow down.. πŸ™‚ I plan on staying in santa fe as long as I can..lol have a great evening…..see ya

  29. The essence of the TTOTC would be a picture of Forrest’s first arrowhead IMO.

    Wonder what that Little Elm Creek gem looks like? We may never know…

  30. Wishing all fathers a happy fathers day,
    I miss my father so much.
    and think of him every day,

    • Hello Zenden. Before my mother passed, she had told me that when I would miss her, to wrap my arms around myself and squeeze. It would be her hug for me. Think of your father and give it a try.

    • @zenden, ditto – me too. Sorry for your loss but sure he hears your father’s day wish.

  31. ” The Package ”

    I was an inner city kid, just past the age of ten,

    A package I was given, to deliver just for them.

    Not knowing what it was, I took it anyway,

    To the place they wanted, to a man called ” crazy 8 “.

    As I walked up to him, my fear I couldn’t erase,

    Below his eye a teardrop, tattooed upon his face.

    Crazy 8 just stared at me, his hand beneath his shirt,

    I laid the package on the ground, I thought it wouldn’t hurt.

    Then I turned to walk away, not a word was said,

    Then all at once the bullets, whistled above my head.

    In fear I took off running, not caring where I went,

    I knew then I was used, for a deadly errand sent.

    Then all at once I felt it, a burning in my side,

    A bullet chased and found me, there in that street I died.

    You ask me why I’m telling this, I’ll tell the reason why,

    Because many kids are living, their inner city lives.

    To them I want to say, the choice belongs to you,

    You have your life before you, and know what you should do.

    The package it’s not cool, they really do not care,

    Please don’t be the next one, to stop bullets through the air.

    Someday when your old, and living far away,

    Your thoughts of me will visit, you’ll thank me on that day.

    And take your faith along, it’ll help you on your path,

    Don’t give in and fall, to drugs bloody wrath.

    I have a package for you, please hold it close and tight,

    Then proudly make a drop for me, spread Gods love tonight.

    You’ll feel it in your heart, just knowing that you could,

    Your life will be a long one, while in your faith you stood…………….

    By: Focused

    P.s. – I dedicate this poem to anyone who has ever been put in a bad situation…..
    God bless…….until next time…see ya my friend….

    • Focused,
      An insightful piece that seems inspired by both heart and common sense. The overall concept behind your words, IMO, are solidly grounded in critical thinking and cause/effect. This type of thinking seems lost to much of humanity…

      One comment regarding your postscript:
      “P.s. – I dedicate this poem to anyone who has ever been put in a bad situation…..”

      If a person believes choice is ALWAYS part of the equation, “been put” may be better served by “put her/himself” – just a thought.

      I’ve written a poem (sort of) over the last several years that embodies The Chase for me. This is an excerpt relevant to your poem:

      My simple life, defined by choice;
      Each choice becomes my voice.
      A tale begins and time will tell;
      ‘Tis water in my well.
      For what I take from episodes:
      Each life event, Forebodes
      My true life-path and where it flows;
      I reap what each choice sows.

      (Stay thirsty, but never drink the Kool-aid)

  32. Thanks Joe … I liked your excerpt . You seem to put a lot more thought into it than me…. I usually think a ” simple ” concept…. Lol. have a great day my friend….until next time….see ya

  33. Looking back some…then forward
    It’s been forty-two years
    I have learned just…to listen
    No need…even for tears

    He was, you see…My Dad
    Handsome, kind, witty and smart
    But then…In just an instant
    We were separated…forever apart

    So…As I have grown older
    I “feel” him…and “listen”
    Quiet moments.. together
    Watching stars as they glisten

    He taught me so much
    Things to be felt with my heart
    Living life as he saw it…
    As he played…his bit part

    Happy Father’s Day!

    • Hello Ellen. What an absolutely heartfelt poem about your father. He must have been an amazing man. Keep feeling his love and listen to him whisper to you.

      • Thank you pdenver…he was amazing!

        A quick and simple story…My Dad was in his 40’s when he owned his first home…on a small 1/4 acre. He molded that 1/4 acre into a beautiful piece of heaven, as he was happiest when he could have his hands in the dirt.

        I was 23 when I owned my first home…and immediately he drove 2 plus hours each way to plant some of his “seedlings” in my yard. When I moved into my present home in 1988….one of those now grown bush seedlings came with me.

        This variety of “Burning Bush” turns a vivid red color each Fall and of course will always showcase my Dad’s presence.

        But, even more importantly…seedlings from this “bush” are now growing in each of my daughter’s yards, my sister’s yard, etc…branching out to many states.

        I smile as I write this…

    • Beautiful ellen…..I know your father is smiling down upon you from heaven, very proud of his girl…. πŸ™‚

      ” The Bush ”

      Through a bush of burning red,

      A father smiles from overhead.

      He knows he shapes a subtle grin,

      Just waiting till you meet again.

      The Bush it stands, new seasons start,

      It drops it’s seeds, to warm your heart…..

      By: Focused

      Until next time…see ya anna

  34. pdenver…thank you

    Focused…what a beautiful poem and tribute…so much appreciated and enjoyed.

  35. Ellen, focused, pdenver – I enjoyed your poetry this evening. Hope you had a relaxed memorable day.

    • Hello Anna. I’m glad you’re enjoying the poetry everyone has penned. Thank you for reading mine. I greatly appreciate it. I was happy to see the fathers in my life were happy. Made my father some homemade flies, but he had to work for them. I’m known to wrap up gifts heavily with tape, to make it difficult to open. I know my father will get even with me in September. It’s something special my father and I do. One year he used duct tape and covered my entire gift. πŸ™‚

  36. Strawberry Moon

    Today is June Solstice with a Full Moon

    The strawberry moon received its name from Native American Algonquin tribes, which knew it as the signal to collect ripe fruit, according to the Old Farmer’s Almanac.

    The last strawberry moon occurring on the solstice occurred on June 22 1967. If you miss Monday’s you’ll have to wait another 46 years before you can see the full moon on the summer solstice with the rare event not happening again until June 21, 2062.

  37. The String…

    In my dreams…I find a string
    I wonder where it goes?
    Be Brave I say…Go pull that string
    To it’s ending place…who knows?

    It’s course seems short…but still obscure
    I step up to the plate.
    I pull through dirt and stones…it goes
    No end appears…and so, I wait.

    My hope is that I dream tonight…
    Now…perhaps the time is right!
    As somewhere here along this path
    Perhaps my dreams…take flight!

      • I hope this goes through…
        ELLEN, excellent! May all your dreams make you soar high!

    • Ellen, that is so beautiful. I love this and all the wonderful poems put forth by all the talented searchers!!!! Thank you πŸ™‚

    • Beautiful ellen….

      Lay your head upon your pillow, and dream a dream of dreamers,

      Ellen on your slumber flight, you trail your wishful

      Before you wake just look around, while dreaming in your bed.

      Look and listen ellen, to what your heart has said…..

      Just messing with you Ellen. … I enjoyed your words…until next time..see ya my friend…

  38. anna, Jdiggins, CindyM and strawshadow…

    A sincere thank you…and “Sweet Dreams”!!!

  39. ” Ancient Happiness ”

    Crimson in a darkened sky, dark hues above the trees,

    Night it rests upon me, and calms the gentle breeze.

    In the stillness of the night, the sounds to me are great,

    A hoot owl’s lonely call, just searching for his mate.

    Occasionally the sound, of a distant whippoorwill ,

    Echoes in the night, and breaks the nighttime still.

    I’m sitting on the ground, leaning against a tree,

    The sounds of night around me, although I can not see.

    Sitting in the darkness, my mind it drifts away,

    To another time and place, of a long past distant way.

    The Indians of New Mexico, who lived within that place,

    Their strong will you could see, in the wrinkles on their face.

    From getting their daily food, the hunters traveled wide,

    And Preparing blankets for winter, scraping buffalo hides.

    Wood was carried on their backs, then tossed into a pile,

    The children also helped, because it usually took a while.

    Life out in the desert, was harsh and also hot,

    But they did not complain, they were happy for what they got.

    The New Mexico desert Indians, were a very special breed,

    Maybe we should listen, to what their telling you and me.

    Even though it’s tough at times, it’s not the final end,

    Be strong just like our natives, who roamed this land back then.

    I know you have it in you, just look and you will find,

    Your inner strength inside you, and let your happiness shine.

    The Crimson in the darkened sky, now has turned to black,

    It’s time for me to stand, and start slowly heading back.

    Your life is what you make it, don’t waste your only one,

    For when you find your happiness, your life has just begun……….

    By: Focused

      • Thank you Ramona , I’m glad you liked my words…….have a great day and be happy. πŸ™‚ see ya

    • Your talent runs deep,
      When ever you peep.
      Thanks Focused

      This time of old,
      All struck in gold.
      Has cast my poor soul here,
      Perhaps with cold forever near.
      One with peace my silence hears,
      Today has gone and shed her years.
      To know that when my time to fold,
      Alas has left me standing bold.
      Lastly past a shadow goes,
      Forever comes why no one knows.

        • pd and CindyM, Thank you it was late at night and I should have waited till morning. My thoughts are so much more composed when the morning chill meets the whipoorwill. CindyM at times you have posted some brilliant prose:)

          • Hello strawshadow. You’re welcome. Remember, sometimes the best words and imagination comes late at night. Think of those who came before you in candlelight with quill in hand.

    • Hello Focused. Once more, I could visualize your story. This is a great poem and I really like it a lot. Good job, my friend.

  40. Your welcome strawshadow. Great penning yourself, I enjoyed that……keep it up. πŸ™‚ good luck to you in your chase and have a great day…..until next time….see ya my friend…..

  41. Nice Focused…AH think I’ll find a tree to sit under a tree this weekend.

  42. Thanks 23kachinas ……. Try it….. You’ll like it and you’ll be in good company….see ya my friend

  43. “Quietly, all night long,
    The frail fish in the garden pool
    Flash in the moon-flecked water.

    The cool night wind,
    Lifting a scented bough,
    Sends one slow petal falling

    And fragile leaves,
    Trembling on the trees,
    Whisper to themselves

    As the slow breeze,
    An old calligrapher,
    Writes with the shadows.

    The soft sigh of pen-strokes
    One the low table,
    Is only another branch

    Weaving,like the wind,
    Its slow words to tell
    Things that cannot be said”


    One of my all time favorites, been on my mind lately. Hope others may enjoy it the same πŸ™‚

    • Nice poem. It may be that he’s found another name for Innate Intelligence.

    • Finally,, yes they do have a long way to go. to catch up & understand. I always tell special people to see more than what their eyes see.β™“

    • PS. The researchers may not ever understand that, what many TOTC folks already do’:: that the 6th sense is just the first rung on the ladder

      • Or the sixth spoke of the Medicine Wheel, in Fennspeak. Interesting that science is finally formulating methods of verification.

  44. The quality of mercy is not strain’d,
    It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven
    Upon the place beneath: it is twice blest;
    It blesseth him that gives and him that takes:
    ‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest: it becomes
    The throned monarch better than his crown;
    His sceptre shows the force of temporal power,
    The attribute to awe and majesty,
    Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings;
    But mercy is above this sceptred sway;
    It is enthroned in the hearts of kings,
    It is an attribute to God himself;
    And earthly power doth then show likest God’s
    When mercy seasons justice. Therefore, Jew,
    Though justice be thy plea, consider this,
    That, in the course of justice, none of us
    Should see salvation: we do pray for mercy;
    And that same prayer doth teach us all to render
    The deeds of mercy. I have spoke thus much
    To mitigate the justice of thy plea;
    Which if thou follow, this strict court of Venice
    Must needs give sentence ‘gainst the merchant there.

    Shakespeare The Merchant of Venice, Act 4, Scene 1

    Thanks to whomever first introduced me to this poem. It’s a favorite of mine now. Also love the Rose of Kelvingrove.

    • Very nice Anna! Thanks for sharing. As an English Lit major – Shakespeare was and is among my favorites! Thanks for sharing this to bring it to my surface once again.

      • You’re welcome Twingem. It’s a gem. As for me, if I’m going to believe in the Great Creator, I choose to believe He is completely merciful, loves me because He created me; and is quick to forgive me if I say, “I’m sorry.” Otherwise, why believe in God?

        • Great Anna , I loved it…..thank you for sharing…with God …your never alone..see ya my friend..

  45. “Rewards”

    The time we spend, upon this earth,

    Reward us every day.

    Is there more than daily worth,

    Not nurtured on our way ?

    In your very family tree,

    The branches tend to grow.

    Fruit I know , you surely see,

    You cherish them as you go.

    Reap the fruit of children,

    It’s in your very reach.

    In your harvest let them shine,

    The children have a speech.

    Seeds will keep on dropping,

    You become a older branch,

    Sow your seeds while stopping,

    See ya, children deserve a chance……..

    By : Focused

    If you read down the first word of every sentence it says….
    ” The reward is not in the fruit you reap, it’s in the seeds you sow… See ya “

  46. If you plants seeds won’t you need a deed first?
    I wonder if J.B. knows the answer?

    My Uncle JB explained to me why are rich men in the movies often called “J.B”
    I drank a Red Buffalo at BJ’s Restaurant to absorb the information further.

    * Google says “using either J.P. or J.B. in naming a rich character is an allusion to J.P. Morgan who wore a black top hat”


    • 23kachinas, I believe ole J.B knows….he just ran off to green grass Montana , with a box of blue midge fly’s …. Gotta go…..see ya

      • At least ole J.B knows.

        I only hear a very small percentage of what people are saying these days.

        Did you say he flew a Blue Dodge?

        • No 23kachinas…..he dodged a blue fly, while he flew to green grass, ol JB hears ya.. See ya πŸ™‚

          • Oh…blue-green is turquoise, cyan (aqua), teal, cerulean, Bondi blue, Ming and Pacific blue.

  47. ” Holy Child ”

    The day was kinda gloomy, the sky was over cast,

    I was walking through a pueblo, of the distant past.

    At the ground I looked, as I slowly strolled alone,

    Looking for some arrowheads, that I can call my own.

    I went into the kiva, the walls were perfect round,

    That is where I found it, just laying on the ground.

    A perfect little cross, it was so slightly stained,

    As I gently rubbed it, engraved I seen a name.

    ” Ashkii Dighin ” was the name, upon the tiny cross,

    It once belonged to him, for centuries it’s been lost.

    I reached into my pocket, pulled out my new cell phone,

    To find out what the name meant, before I headed home.

    All at once the clouds, they parted in the sky,

    The sun rays shined upon me, glaring in my eyes.

    Then I heard his voice, speaking from the glare,

    Ashkii Dighin spoke to me, all I could do was stare.

    He said his name meant “holy child” , and he was a Navajo ,

    This place was once his home, many, many years ago.

    He said the cross was blessed, by elders in the past,

    Smudged by smoke and holy dirt, forever it would last.

    He said to take it home with me, and keep it close at heart,

    Believe in what your holding, it’ll take you very far.

    Then the clouds rejoined, the sky again was grey,

    I felt that I found solitude, on the ground that day.

    Forever I will cherish, I’ll share my cross with smiles,

    Stained from years ago, by a gracious holy child.

    Before I left the kiva, I knelt upon my knees,

    I thanked Ashkii Dighin , for the cross he’s given me.

    As I walked back to my truck, the sky still overcast,

    The cross clamped tightly in my fist, my gift from ancient past.

    I could barely wait, to drive back into town,

    So I could share with all, the precious cross That I have found……….

    By: Focused

      • Thanks pdenver, there’s a lot of talent here on the poetry page, you included….. Thank you for your contribution here as well… See ya my friend…..

      • Good to hear from ya CindyM , I love, love love, your kind words…. πŸ™‚ ( sorry I couldn’t resist ) ….. Your welcome my friend. Good luck to you CindyM while you chase your dreams……until next time…see ya

        • Focused, wow. You are truly talented. Thank you for sharing your gift.

          Also, if I may ask what does focused mean to you?

          • DPT,

            Thank you for your kind words, and your welcome…. and yes you may ask.. your question is ” what does Focused mean to me ?”

            I’ll try to keep this short. when I first learned about Forrest Fenn and the thrill of the chase, I decided to give it a shot, because I believed Forrest hid the treasure chest and it is there for anyone who can find it. So, I told myself that If I took on this challenge then I would commit myself and give 100 % of my effort and thinking into finding the chest and not a bit less.
            As to date, I have made 22 trips into the rocky mountains, in three different states. Before I got involved in the chase I never written a poem before, it has opened my imagination ( which is more important than knowledge ) . so I will continue until you find the chest or I find it.
            I made a promise to myself to stay ” Focused” at all times, and never lose sight of the facts , and to not get mixed up in misinformation. Not only is Focused my screen name it is a constant reminder to myself to stay focused and on track.
            So there you have it DPT, I hope I answered your question… good luck to you in your chase and until next time…. see ya


  48. Focused, since life is designed as a series of unknowns I find comfort in your poems.

    • 23kachinas, Well , kick back in your easy chair and get comfy… more to come.. see ya my friend

  49. America’s sport and apple pie
    Fireworks exploding in the sky
    Patriotic music fills the air
    Barbecue, dogs and burgers, the usual fare

    Red, white and blue are worn with pride
    And as families travel far and wide
    I give thanks to those who keep us safe

    Happy 4th weekend to Forrest, Dal, and all of you searchers out there. Be safe and have fun.

    • Hello CindyM. Thank you for kicking off the Red, White, and Blue with a great poem! I like it! Happy 4th of July to you with all the fare. Have fun!

      • You’re welcome pdenver,,,, and because I am so rusty and dorky, here is the last line to my poem,,,

        “In the land of the free and the home of the brave”


    • Great job CindyM ..happy fourth of July to all my poetry friends….be safe..see ya

      • Focused, your poems have gone without comment from myself, and only due to my lack of ability to post easily on dals site. I just wanted to say your words are a treasure to me. πŸ™‚

        And all other poets here, cindym, 23, strawshadow, pdenver. Rllen, everyone here is talented! πŸ™‚

        • Thank you jdiggins….good to hear from ya. I hope you and your family have a great 4th. Until next time…. see ya my friend πŸ™‚

          ” may your dreams jdiggins , take off and fly,

          Like beautiful rockets, on the 4th of July “

    • Wow… just beautiful anna..thank you for that video…. happy 4th to you and your family…

      ” the mighty bell of freedom rings.

      Anna, enjoy our great God of kings”

      See ya my friend… πŸ™‚

      • Thanks focused. No time lately to feed my soul but God understands when we must serve others. Blessings to you and your family. Thank you for sharing your poetry. It’s always enjoyable and surprising to read.


    I know a place,
    it’s easy to find.
    The way to get there,
    through thoughts of your mind.
    An insane place,
    if you will.
    It’s where all lost time
    is taken to kill.
    It’s kind of scary,
    and thrilling at once.
    One should wary,
    the minds’ way,
    of pulling off such unbelievable stunts.
    Some have never been,
    some will never go.
    Such harsh reality
    some will never know.
    This place, only this,
    just a place,
    where folks find themselves going
    when their thoughts start flowing.
    Now if I could get back my pen,
    I’d go again!
    No fee,
    just a membership – of sorts.
    Just another of the minds’
    crazy resorts.

  51. ” Bedtime Hero ”

    Through the door of darkness shines, a light to show the way,

    The beams emit before me, turning black to grey.

    A single step before me, I know that I must take,

    Across this blackened threshold , afraid and wide awake.

    I feel that there are things that hide, in the darkness I can’t see,

    With illuminating eyes , that are focused right on me.

    The world is in some trouble, on me it now depends,

    I’ll go into the darkness, no matter how it ends.

    I hear the thunders rumble, like feet upon the stairs,

    With a dash I bolted, to save the world who cares.

    The thunder it gets closer, I covered up my head,

    That’s when Mom just spoke to me, she saw me jump in bed.

    Her words were soft and gentle, in moms own caring way,

    I’ll save the world another time, within the light of day.

    Then she took my sword, and my favorite batman cape,

    Tucked me in and left me , in my darkened little space.

    Now I lay me down to sleep, I say all to myself,

    With my flashlight shining at, my sword upon the shelf.

    Morning when I wake, I’ll fight villains who are mean,

    While planning how I’d do it, I drift into my dreams……………..

    By : Focused

    • Hello Focused. I love it! Being a mom of six, four of which are sons, I can truly relate to your poem. I just keep saying, ‘Awe!’ This is really a cute poem. Thank you for placing a smile on my face. πŸ™‚

    • Very nice poem Focused, it captured my imagination as well,,,

      Before you drifted off to sleep,
      O hero of bedtime
      While scheming how to fight those villains
      I’ll bet you put your plans in rhyme πŸ™‚

  52. Love it focused!

    I found the X, it’s in the wood…
    On Ed Sheeran’s guitar. I wonder if Ed knows?

    Because Forrest is a collector of photographs and memories this beautiful song seems fitting.


    • Thanks anna… I enjoyed the song and I’m glad you liked my words…take care……until next time…see ya

    • Thanks for the link pdenver…. happy 4th of July to you and your family..see ya my friend

  53. Hey guys, sorry about the break, I’m traveling right now, I’m in Dallas Texas on my way to Austin ….I guess I could stop by 1413 main street in temple tx and sit on the monumental front porch of the childhood Forrest….and see what words come to mind… πŸ™‚ oh BTW I hear the lot is for sale…. hummmmm until next time..seek ya my friends

    • Can’t wait for what inspires your lovely mind!
      Safe travels, my friend!

    • Hi Focused,,,stay safe on the road. Will be good to hear your next poem or that you’ve bought a lot πŸ™‚

      • Not work related…pdenver .. I’m going to visit family, just like my Pennsylvania trip was… but my next trip is to Santa fe, no family there, I guess we’ll call it “fun related” take care…. see ya my friend

        • Hello Focused. That’s great news! Hope family spoils you rotten while there. Santa Fe vacation…gosh, that sounds great, especially since it’s “fun related”. πŸ™‚

    • I love your idea of sitting quietly on the SAME porch our dear FF played on as a child! My plan (if no one finds the TC before then!) is to do a road trip in summer 2017 retracing the Fenn family road trips they took from Temple to West Yellowstone using only roads available in 1935-1945! Road trips prior to Interstate Hiways are probably very different than today’s road trips. aka Blue Hiways. VERY interesting that the lot is for sale. Hmmmm.

      • Ms.elaine, I did stop in temple and sit on Forrest’s childhood porch.. a small lot but wasn’t a for sale sign though… that must have been a older post online I seen. Anyways, it was there…. see ya

        • Hello Focused. I’m happy to hear you got to sit on the porch. It may have been a small lot, but certainly held a lot of love and memories.

  54. Focused, Hope you are enjoying your trip to Texas. If you pass thru dfw on your way to Santa Fe please give me a shout here on Dal’s blog. It would be nice to meet you – lunch is on me.

  55. Focused…sounds like a new journey begins each day. Enjoy.


    In the corner of an eye
    A journey begins…a small tear
    Down a cheek…across smooth skin
    Releasing something from in “here”

    A gentle breeze comes across an ear
    A glance…but no one’s there
    Just a soft white feather gliding down
    It’s path to follow…thru the air

    Deep down…the soul now understands
    The small tear and the white feather
    In that moment…a healing begins
    As two small things…now come together

    *This morning, my husband’s brother, a gifted and brilliant man of only 81…died from the slow progressing, insidious disease…Alzheimer’s.

    All morning…the words from the 1969 song (The Who)…”See Me, Feel Me…”
    resonate in my head and it makes me wonder…

    “See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me…Heal Me”

    • Hello Ellen. My deepest sympathy to you and your family. Sending you a warm hug. Absolutely beautiful poem you’ve penned. Just as CindyM, I love it, too.

    • Ellen,
      your words touch my heart. Absolutely stunning. Thank you, and prayers for you and your family for strength. πŸ™‚

    • @Ellen, my deepest thoughts will be with you and yours for health, healing, and clarity. When my dad passed from Alzheimer’s, my young son looked at me with the most compassionate eyes and said “I know you are sad mom, but papa has all his memories back now, so I am happy for him.” Somehow that started my healing. Hope perhaps it helps you.

    • Please know that we searchers, “See you as a loving person, feel your pain, reach out to touch you and embrace you, and knowing this, hopefully you begin to heal yourself from within.”

      God Speed


    • Ellen, sending the best your way. It’s a nice thought to keep that they get their memory back when they pass from the Infinite Dimensional gates of their eyes.

  56. To all…thank you again for your thoughts.

    Twingem…my Mom struggled with this disease and died in 1999. It is hard to understand that the person who gave you birth…no longer knows who you are. Somehow though…I do wonder about a single “thread” that perhaps was still there.

  57. It’s good that love isn’t just a memory. It survives within the heart and soul; a feeling that doesn’t require a voice.

  58. Ellen, my heartfelt condolences.

    SL’s beautiful thoughts are a comfort to me as well. Love survives within the heart and soul; a feeling that doesn’t require a voice.

  59. ” Bubba’s Porch ”

    In The “Chase” I feel I’m “Focused”, I live it deep within,

    And I just had to take a trip, to see where it began.

    As I arrived in Temple, passed the city limits sign,

    The sky above was clear, the sun it brightly shined.

    Construction it was hectic, But I didn’t fall in defeat,

    Determined I continued on, right on down Main Street .

    As I drove the final block, the lot was just ahead,

    Quotes of Forrest entered, and bounced within my head.

    Then on my right I seen it, proudly standing tall,

    The old front porch of Forrest Fenn’s, I listened as it called.

    I parked along the roadside, not caring who was near,

    I followed the sounds now calling, that whispered in my ear.

    Then I sat upon the porch, and gently closed my eyes,

    Who knew when it was poured , It would touch so many lives.

    Finally I was sitting, at the place it all began,

    The childhood home , of one great man, we know as Forrest Fenn.

    Then all at once it happened, I couldn’t believe my eyes,

    When I slowly opened them, a vision to my surprise.

    The year was 1935 , the house it stood alone,

    An old black car in the drive, I knew someone was home.

    Then the screen door slowly opened, and ” Bubba ” he walked out,

    A toy in each hand, with a slightly little pout.

    He sat upon the top step, just looking right at me,

    His vision was so real, I felt as if he see’s.

    Bubba he just sat there, but I could see it in his eyes,

    He would do great things, to change some people’s lives.

    After just a little bit, his mama she spoke out,

    “Bubba come and eat”, I heard her softly shout.

    Then bubba he got up, and headed for the door,

    Then he turned and paused, and looked at me once more.

    The screen door slammed behind him, his vision just faded away.

    I’m thankful to have seen , Bubba come outside to play.

    I raised up to my feet, with one final look around,

    Got into my car, and left his old hometown.

    If you go to see the place , where the “chase ” began,

    And sit upon the porch, of childhood Forrest Fenn.

    I hope you too have visions, I wish you all the best,

    Maybe our trails will merge , while seeking Bubba’s chest.

    If that never happens, I just want to say,

    I’ll never forget my time with Bubba, sitting on his porch to play………..

    By: Focused

    • Focused, I’m happy you got to see one of the Main Street Cowboys while you were there in Temple, TX.

      • 23Kachinas, it was nice to see the concrete porch that remains. Knowing that so many memories of Forrest’s were right there was nice. The neighbor had a yellow sign on his fence that said ” Old fisherman xing”.. that sign just seemed to fit the moment..have a good evening 23Kachinas until next time..see ya my friend

      • Thank you Ramona….I’m glad you like my words…it was nice to sit on his old porch…..my trip was good… have a good evening….see ya my friend..

    • Very nice poem Focused, I too can see young Forrest’s pout πŸ™‚ And I admire your navigational skills and determination. I grew up thinking the construction crane was our state bird πŸ˜‰

      • Thanks CindyM …. I’m glad you could see him… πŸ™‚ I’m back home now…… ( feels good ) lol…. Hey, look at the bright side, at least you grew up thinking….. πŸ™‚ see ya my friend, have a good evening

        • You’re most welcome sir. You have proven yourself to be sharply Focused πŸ™‚

          Glad you made it safely my friend,,,there’s no place like home πŸ™‚

  60. Cute poem Focused.

    Were Forrest’s toys rusty or new?
    Was the little toe head wearing shoes?
    Did his eyes sparkle blue or green?
    Was Kippy anywhere to be seen?

      • T.Y. Pdenver. Short and sweet as I imagine Forrest was at age 4. Now perhaps he’s tall and wise with the same twinkling eyes. Wish I could have met him at fennboree but family plans took precedence.

        Always enjoy chatting with you pd. enjoy your evening:-)

        • You’re welcome, Anna. A little boy always curious. A gentleman who found his answers. Yes, the twinkling eyes are the same.

          It’s a joy speaking with you, too, Anna. Have a good evening. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks anna…

      Toys new,

      No shoes,

      Eyes green,

      Skippy not seen……

      Until next time… see ya anna

      • Thanks for letting me enjoy your reverie, focused.
        Now back to my project, I’ m rough drafting a room on paper without the necessary skill. Hopefully, my architect can make sense of my sketches.

  61. Friends please say a prayer for my husband bill. He was just rushed to the hospital. I’m in the waiting room now. I thank you. πŸ™‚

  62. Iron, spallies, twingem, thanks so much. They are doing a CT scan now. Something in his abdomen. I’ll keep u posted, and again everyone, thanks, it means a lot!

    • Thank you all so much, your support is felt strongly and brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much!
      The cat scan nor any other tests have indicated anything yet. Now we just are on watch. I’m to bring him home and If the pain worsens (I don’t know how it could), then return.
      Oh boy. What a night.
      Thanks again everyone for your kind words, support, prayers, and dal for the pacing!
      I feel blessed you are all part of our lives. Have a good night.

  63. Prayers for you jdiggins – I have successfully used castor oil packs on the abdomen for things such as this. Look them up they are cheap and they heal almost everything. If it’s a stone they dissolve them. Keeping bill and you in my prayers as well.

  64. Wow you guys! I feel so blessed. It’s times like this and friends like all of you that make me proud to be human.
    Bill is resting, off and on. Still unable to retain any intake at all, still in pain, though not any worse… but I am by his side, and you are all by mine. And I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Now, get back to the fun stuff, we’ll be fine. πŸ™‚

    • Hello Jdiggins. Does Bill’s pain seem to occur when he’s trying to eat or shortly after he’s eaten? Pain radiates near his abdomen (maybe slightly to his right) and goes to his back?

  65. Hi pdenver. Yes, it started in lower right back, which he thought was the issue, his crushed discs. But then he relaxed, we ate, and it got worse from there. The pain radiated to the lower right front, and back and forth between front and back. He says it feels better after he “purges”, but only briefly.
    It sounds as if you have a little knowledge?

    • Hello Jdiggins. If it’s the same as I experienced, it sounds like it may be his gallbladder. Within 20-30 minutes after eating, I had sharp/stabbing pain around my stomach area, just slightly to my right, which radiated to my back. The first time I was seen, the doctor didn’t find it. The second time I went in, an ultrasound was ordered and that’s when it was found. The pain was sudden and it doubled me over. It took my breath away. My gallbladder was removed. The surgeon said I was lucky to have had it removed when I did. You may want to have him been seen again.

      • Absolutely, pdenver. Thx!

        And cindym, thx again.

        And dal for allowing the stray thread.

        Everyone, thx again! πŸ™‚

        I’m still working on our upcoming trip, I have faith…

        • Jdiggins – All of these prayers,…including mine,…are very powerful stuff. My priest did a study at Stanford Hospital about prayer and healing,…and I saw the results of prayer circles. My faith is strong also. πŸ™‚

          • πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
            U 2 pd…

            As I wait for this 2 in page to load, it’s as it focused’ poems are Nascar lines…seen from afar and so perfectly constructed…

  66. ” Indian Rain ”

    While laying on my deer skin bed , the rain outside it falls,

    It’s tapping on my teepee roof, it’s Heard by me and all.

    With interlocking fingers , placed behind my head,

    My thoughts are free to roam, while laying here in bed.

    My mind it slowly drifts away, to a time not long ago,

    Before these springtime rains, the mountains still had snow.

    My family they were hungry, our food was running out,

    Time to do some hunting, that’s what our life’s about.

    I tried and tried to find some food, but nothing day by day,

    Walking Farther from my village, I hunted as I strayed,

    I couldn’t ignore my hunger, my family they need fed,

    Where are all the animals, kept dancing in my head.

    At an open meadow, I knelt down on one knee,

    With my bow in hand, I was ready as can be,

    Then I seen some movement, there on the other side,

    The meadow I then skirted, with quietness in my stride.

    When I reached the other side, a lone wapiti stood,

    I drew my bow to try, to take him if I could.

    I killed the lone wapiti, I’m so thankful I have meat,

    Enough to feed my family, for many many weeks.

    I know my prayers were answered, my family feels the same,

    Right then I knew we’d make it, to see these springtime rains.

    As I’m listening to the rain, it fades away and stops,

    Nothing now but silence, looking at my teepee top.

    I think the rain is over now, I think I’ll peek outside,

    Then I grabbed my teepee door, made of mule deer hide.

    I noticed how the sunshine, gives my home a glow,

    Outside against a darkened sky, I see a huge rainbow……

    By : Focused

    • I truly, truly love your work, focused. Truly beautiful. You inspire me.

      • Thank you for your kind words jdiggins. … as far as the inspiration, it goes both ways…. I hope Bill gets better, see ya my friend……

        • Thank you, focused. You are so kind. πŸ™‚
          Bill is feeling a bit better as the days go by.
          Thanks again! πŸ™‚

          • @Jdiggins
            I saw today on here about bill
            and am glad to read that he is doing better
            I will call and have the monastery light a candel for him.
            ( a new beginning)


    • Beautiful Focused! Each new poem becomes my favorite,,,they are all so amazing.

      • Thanks CindyM. … I’m really glad you like them….. I’ve always told myself, that if only one person enjoyed my words, then it would be worth the time… and you make it worth the time…. always kind. Thank you…… until next time…see ya my friend πŸ™‚

      • Your welcome specialklr, I’m glad you enjoy reading them… see ya my friend

  67. Quick Link

    Hey Guys, are you awake?
    Us poets need a quick link to our page.
    We write our feelings and thoughts in rhyme,
    We find strength here in our high and low tides.
    If you grant our quick link request,
    then every one can see our best!


  68. 23-

    It’s there!
    Under “Searchers Discussions”
    Same as all the other quicklinks to the discussion pages

  69. Cannons over at MW yesterday said β€œIn a life properly lived, you’re like a river. In the flow. In the stories. Laughing and full of love.” Pretty true I would hope… For me I think often when things get crazy I feel like a fishing Bobber floating down a river… (You know the red and white round things )… So I came up with this…

    My Bobber life πŸ™‚

    Cast upon a calm still stream

    Bobbling in the peaceful current

    Trees whispering songs to my dreams

    Truly blissful, happy and content

    Then in the distance I hear a roar

    I quickly pick up speed

    Staying afloat becomes a chore

    Strong rapids to which I cede

    But as hope I lose, I feel a strong pull

    From my friend up on the shore

    He spins and spins β€˜til his reel is full

    Then casts me back in for more πŸ™‚

  70. Riley shared the poem at the end of our hike while looking at a baby oak tree. I’d never heard it before so wanted to share with the poets here.

    Nature’s first green is gold,
    Her hardest hue to hold.
    Her early leafs a flower;
    But only so an hour.
    Then leaf subsides to leaf.
    So Eden sank to grief,
    So dawn goes down to day.
    Nothing gold can stay.

    – Robert Frost

  71. ” The Brown ”

    The morning it came quickly, my alarm just woke me up,

    Time to grab my fishing gear, and head out to the truck.

    I drive down to the rivers edge , while others lay in bed,

    With thoughts of landing trophies, dancing in my head.

    I park my truck , and walk around, to let my tailgate down,

    I hear the flowing river, in twilight making sounds.

    The fog is kinda thick, and the air it has a chill,

    I’m slipping on my waders, ready to show my skill.

    I grab my lucky vest, that was passed down from my dad,

    I grabbed my net and fly rod, and the favorite flies I had.

    When I reached the waters edge, I knelt down on one knee,

    I sent a prayer of thanks, for special days like these.

    The sky is getting brighter, I slowly wade on in,

    Then I worked my line out, my fishing just began.

    As I cast into the fog, and gently place my fly,

    I try to reach a boulders edge, there near the other side.

    Then I finally placed my fly, a tiny bit upstream,

    Disappearing as I twitched it, my line began to sing.

    With my fly rod bending down, my arms were in the air,

    I knew I had a big one, my biggest one I swear.

    After a mighty battle, I finally wore him down,

    As he rolled up by me, I seen he was a Brown.

    Yes he is a trophy, I grab him with both hands,

    I look up to the sky, and I thank God once again.

    With both hands in the water, I hold this mighty fish,

    From his mouth I take my fly, to tired to even splash.

    As I gently hold him, and move him back and forth,

    Slowly he revives, through his gills the waters forced.

    I look into his weary eyes, I feel as if he knows,

    Slowly I release him, then up the river he goes,

    As I watch him swim away, I know I done him right,

    Next time when we meet, I know he’ll give a fight……..

    By: Focused

    P.s. – Take a child fishing and teach them that there is
    More to it than just catching fish……..see ya

    • Focused, you are truly a tough act to follow but I will offer up a haiku πŸ™‚

      Morning fly fishing
      Working gracefully upsteam
      Wooly worm, Fish on!

      • Good job CindyM, that was good. Let’s go fishing..lol until next time… see ya

      And if,you have the chance
      to teach, then
      ascendancy is. ,assured

      • I agree Joe Jarrett ……. The pleasure is not always in the catch, the release is also rewarding……. Until next time…see ya Joe

  72. What wonderful, wise words always work their way onto this page from your mindful thoughts Focused,,,what talent, thank you for sharing,,,,always.

  73. In scrapbook 127.1 ( Forrest’s fly challenge) I tied my first flies ever. I know you guys remember that πŸ™‚ . Well I’m going to put them to the test soon on a trout fishing trip. I don’t know if they’ll catch a fish or not, but if they do I’ll send some pics to Dal. I think my first one might scare them off but I may have a chance on the other four….. wish me luck. Thanks for all your kind comments on my poetry…. everyone have a great day… see ya

  74. Focused,,,Wonderful news,,,have fun and I’ll be waiting to hear about your trip πŸ™‚

  75. If you have a dream,
    Live it.
    If you’ve lived a dream,
    Give it.
    If you’ve lost a dream,
    Forgive it.
    So find a dream,
    And live it!

  76. ” Souls Window ”

    Through the window of my soul, a dream goes drifting by,

    I raise the pane to grasp for it, while it’s on the fly.

    While hanging from souls window, I grab it with both hands,

    I’ll fly where it shall take me, off to dreamers land.

    I ride a dream of dreamers, past valleys in my mind,

    Over the highest mountains, not measured by the time.

    Please open up your window, your soul it has the means,

    Release your inner self, and fly off with your dreams……….

    By: Focused

    P.s. This one is for you jdiggins, short but sweet. Thanks for the inspiration my friend….until next time…see ya

    • Very very nice! Your so quick! πŸ™‚ I’m in the presence of great ones here…

        • What are friends for? πŸ˜‰
          Thx focused…
          Until next week…er…I mean, next time…
          See ya! πŸ˜‰

  77. Pick Ur Battles

    If I made a left,
    When I shoulda took a right,
    It’s simply because,
    I choose not to fight.
    I choose not to let anger
    Keep me up all night.
    Of the time and space
    That fill my dreams,
    None can replace,
    What’s ripped at the seems.
    And, if you sew what you reap,
    And reap what you sew,
    Your dreams you can keep,
    Just don’t let em go…

  78. ” Choices ”

    This world is full of battles, chosen by many men,

    If they would choose them wisely, we’d have our peace again.

    This world can live together, with our weapons down,

    In this world in harmony, never wearing frowns.

    But if the battles chosen, takes the life of men,

    Then they should make another choice, in peace we’d all be friends………..

    By: Focused

    Another shorty jdiggins…see ya

    • A battle of wits, with nits,
      I cannot.
      A challanging of bits,
      I like that,
      A lot! πŸ™‚

      • Just messing around with ya in words jdiggins…. It’s been fun my friend…

        ” step back and just look at us, the words they fly again,

        I wouldn’t trade it for nothing, a friendly battle with my friend. ”

        Until next time….see ya

  79. Searcher stories is not enough,

    we all know Forrest’s quest is tuff,

    it’s the poetry, the searchers song,

    and those who pen it ever so long.

    Is the beloved candy of our eye,

    and keeps us reading by and by.

    With anticipation of childlike glee,

    see the musings of one esteem,

    Focused, is his name of choice,

    read his work and you will rejoice.

    With 23kachinas, lia, jddiggins,

    and so many other…biggins πŸ™‚

    If the fox has you chasing your tail,

    don’t hesitate write your tale,

    and tell the world you are a poet,

    who didn’t know it!

    • Thank you nearindianajones for your kind words …… Also, you done a great job on that one….. I’m glad to hear that someone waits with anticipation for my words upon this page… Thanks again and good luck to you in your chase, until next time….. See ya my friend. πŸ™‚

  80. ” Moonlit Drums ”

    In the year of 1540, near a mountain meadows side,

    A grazing deer just stops, and holds his head up high.

    He sees the other deer, they quickly turn and run,

    In the glowing moonlight, he hears a distant drum.

    The deer it slowly paces, one short step at a time,

    Towards the sound of drums, as if he wants to find.

    He left the moonlit meadow, guided by his ears,

    The sound of drums grew louder, not showing any fear.

    Then he reached a bluff line, the deer he had to stop,

    Below the fires they flickered, as he stood there on the top.

    The sound of drums just rumbled, just below his stance,

    Around the fire in circles, the Indians quickly danced.

    The deer just stood there staring, amazed at what he saw,

    In the sound of native drums, he hears the Indians call.

    Then he sees a shooting star, race across the sky,

    As he turns to leave, with reflections in his eyes.

    The deer just walks away, through the aspens dark,

    As the natives fire below, into the sky threw sparks.

    Then he reached the meadow, and grazing once again,

    In the sound of moonlit drums, missed by all his friends………

    By: Focused

    P.s. – This one is for you nearindianajones…….. I hope you like it….see ya my friend

      • I’m glad you liked it nearindianajones….. Have a great day my friend …. See ya

    • Fcused ;

      You tell such beautiful stories. What a pleasure it would be to wander for a few hours or days within your mind – what a beautiful place it would be.

      Good luck in finding all you seek, and TRY to STAY SAFE


      • JD- How did your searching go this past weekend? I believe I am looking in the same place and would love to discuss more.

      • Thank you JD for your kind comment… I’ll send you a brochure for your trip….. see ya my friend…..

    • What a wonderful story Focused, you keep getting better and better. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent.

      • Your welcome my friend… I’m glad you enjoyed my words…good luck to you cindyM while you chase your dreams…. see ya

      • Cindy, for you:
        poco y poco,
        so ya don’t go plum loco.
        age does play, ya can’t buck so much hay.
        keep a stout staff, but cut,your search radius’sin half
        to keep distances true,
        take off one shoe..

        • Thank you JOE ,,, finally a poem for me πŸ™‚ I love it! Thank you sir.

          Too late though about the Loco I’m afraid!

  81. KIDS

    Time to go to school soon,
    I can hardly wait.
    But first I’ve got to do a few things,
    Before it’s too late.

    Some kids are nice, and yes a few are mean.
    But most kids are just doing their best,
    You’ll see what I mean.

    Everything starts at home,
    Parents are the root,
    So when a kid is mean to you.
    Just put yourself in his boots.

    In school I am everyone’s friend,
    At least for a little while.
    But I only keep the ones close,
    That know how to make me smile.

    I just heard a bell, gotta go!


    • Hello 23kachinas. Nice poem and message. The sounds of school bells will ring once more. Sure hope everyone is enjoying their lazy days of summer.

    • Great words 23Kachinas. … I love the message too. ” only surround yourself with those who make you smile ” loved it…great job my friend….see ya

  82. Nearindy, I couldn’t agree more! And thank you. πŸ™‚
    Pdenver, I will, thx!
    23kachinas, cute, I loved it!
    SL, short and sweet and yummy! πŸ™‚
    And focused, you have a way with words that is to be envied. Thank you all for being here! This page is full of good folks! And Dal, thanks for making it happen for us! πŸ™‚

  83. ” The Little Things ”

    ” Look at all the little things, not noticed in your lives lives,

    That is where your treasure lies, just listen with your eyes ”

    By: Focused

    P.s.- Enjoy the little things in life my friends……….see ya

  84. WONDER

    Always wake up in wonder,
    No matter where you are.
    If your are lost that’s ok,
    Just find your nearest Star.

    How do you do this you say?
    Each and every day?
    Think like a kid once in a while.
    Yes, like one at play.

    Please don’t grow old.
    That’s no fun.
    Instead find your stride and groove.
    Then everyone will cheer you on from the neighborhood.


    • @ 23kachins

      loved your poem
      wake up in wonder, so true
      makes me think
      like every day you wake up, is like a new little life.


    • Loved it 23kachinas……stay young my friend…… I’ll cheer you on from the poetry neighborhood.. πŸ™‚ have a good night 23Kachinas.. see ya

  85. Searching within the wood
    Seeking an elusive blaze

    Stumbled upon a neighborhood
    Sublime thoughts to marvel gaze

    Thank you everyone for the poetry neighborhood πŸ™‚

  86. ” Never Alone ”

    No matter what your doing, I’m always at your side,

    But under a cover of darkness, I always run and hide.

    I’ve been you lifelong friend, since you were just a child,

    I’ve seen you in your teenage years, acting kinda wild.

    I’ll never forget the sunny day, I heard you say ” I do “,

    Or the smile upon your face, when he said it back to you.

    People have came into your life, then slowly fade away,

    I promise to be here with you, until your final day.

    When your days are gloomy, in thunderstorms of life,

    Though you cannot see me, I’m right there be your side.

    I wish that I could talk to you, and give you friends advice,

    But I can only look at you , when sunny days are bright.

    I know all of your secrets, I’ve been there through it all,

    But they are safe with me, even though they’re small.

    We hike throughout the meadows, and over mountains high,

    I’m proud to be your ” Shadow “, I’ll be here till we die……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- I just wanted to say that if you are going through your
    “Thunderstorms of life”……just remember that your never alone…
    God Bless…… See ya my friends

    • Focused
      words well spoken,no one will be alone any longer
      I enjoy everyone on this poetry page, I read them when I can.
      your poem reminded me of one my son wrote 20 years ago when he was in third grade, when we went to town for about 30 minutes.
      it was the first time he was alone in the house.
      and this is what he wrote.

      Im here at home,
      Im not alone,
      with me, myself, and I.

      it was simple and to the point
      that lingered in me for a long time.
      and I still have the poem.


      • Zenden, those twelve words are priceless, thank you for sharing that. I enjoyed reading them..and thank you…. Until next time…see ya

        • Focused
          your welcome
          I will tell james you said they were priceless
          knowing one more person in this world knows
          him in his own way
          he has aspergers,
          that means alot to me,

          • Zenden, tell James that simple words spoken can change difficult lives….

            Also, it’s not how you say it, it’s what’s you say that matters…

            Me, I write simple so that “everyone” can read and enjoy my words…

            Have a great evening Zenden, until next time.. See ya my friend…

      • Strawshadow,

        ” When your feeling shaded, and your days not going right.

        Walk into a meadow, where the shade is out of sight.

        As your standing there, look, your shadows there again.

        Together you’ll feel better, trust me, I’m your friend. ”

        See ya my friend,


        • Thanks again Focused. Sorry for holding my tongue, someday soon the meadow will call my name again. It’s just that lately, my eraser keeps wearing out my pen.

    • Focused…I really enjoyed “Never Alone”.

      I was lucky to grow up with Robert Louis Stevenson’s “My Shadow” (loved my Golden Books) and of course, Peter Pan.

      Sometimes…it is our “Shadow” that helps one through heavy burdens that they have to bear…

      Thank you for both the message and the memories…

      • Your welcome Ellen, I’m glad I could spark some fond memories for you…see ya my friend…

  87. A Saturday Afternoon Picnic

    A Saturday afternoon picnic,
    under a shady pine.
    Sandwich, salad, and brownie;
    sitting, as I dine.

    Enjoying every tasty bite,
    followed with iced tea.
    A striped, chubby critter,
    jumped up to join me.

    Sniffing all around;
    saw a morsel treat.
    Tilted up my plate,
    to offer it my sweet.

    Stayed to eat, my company did;
    inches away from me.
    Filling up its chubby cheeks.
    An adorable sight to see.

    Delightful was the moment,
    in sharing it with you.
    Come again my little friend.
    We’ll share a morsel or two.

    • Great pdenver !!! I felt like I was having a picnic with you under the pine… Gotta love the furry critters….lol thank you for the vision, I enjoyed your words… Have a great evening my friend… See ya

      • Hello Focused. Thank you for your kind words. I greatly appreciate them. Hope you have a great evening, too, my friend.

    • Very nice pdenver, I love picnics πŸ™‚

      I spread my cloth upon the ground
      And wildlife came from all around

      A bushy squirrel from nearby tree
      Came to share some bread with me

      A lonely duck, he waddled up
      To take a drink from my cup

      And soon the place, they heard my cries
      To shoo away those awful flies

      Upon my feet I start to dance
      As I rid my legs of fire ants

      And now as soon as I am able
      I’ll move my picnic to a table

      • Loved it CindyM …lol nothing like a picnic with friends….. πŸ™‚ see ya my friend

      • Hello CindyM. I love it! You do a great job penning. The picnic really did happen on Saturday. Sitting at the picnic table eating and the critter jumped on the table in front of me and scared the wits out of me, as I did it. A few minutes later, it jumped on the table from an angle and I saw it. Came sniffing at the food, came to my plate, I tilted it and shared my German Chocolate brownie with the ground squirrel. Never moved from its spot. Tried offering it more and it waited for me to cut another piece until a vehicle drove by and it scared it away. I love nature’s wild animals. πŸ™‚

  88. Synchronized Swimming

    I remembered as I rise,
    Esther Williams was very wise.


    Soon Olympic athletes will take the stage in Rio and we will see incredible sights. My favorite event is synchronized swimming because they dance in duet and in teams in the water to music. What is more beautiful than that?

    • Luv it 23 –

      In the US they remember
      Gymnast Mary Lou,
      The discus thrower Oerter, and
      All-rounder, Jim Thorpe too.

      They won’t forget the great swimmers
      Like Phelps, Lochte, and Spitz,
      Or the runners: Lewis, Moses, Johnson,
      They love them all to bits.

      Yes, there’ve been many superstars
      At the Olympic Games,
      And now, many years later, we
      Can still recall their names

      Michael Phelps is going to carry the American Flag into the opening ceremonies.

  89. Two white horses in a line carrying me to my burying
    Ground some need diamonds some need love some need
    Cards some need luck
    Some need dollar bills lining their clothes
    All I need is all I need is two white horses in a line taking
    Me for my farewell ride some may say this might be
    Your last farewell ride
    I don’t see the face of
    Kindness I don’t hear the
    Mission bells I don’t smell
    The morning roses all I see
    Is all I see is
    Two white horses in a line
    Carrying me to my burying ground
    Some may say this might be
    Your last farewell ride

    Cheers F

  90. ( the above is an amazing exercise in adding punctuation and alternate meanings changing an entire poem until you see it- just fun to play with)

  91. “Old Santa Fe”

    I’m packing up my bags today, to head for Santa Fe,

    Heading for the mountains, where I can roam and play.

    Forrest gave his challenge, in which I proudly took,

    Maybe I can get his pen, upon my favorite book.

    The desert it is calling, I hear the mountains too,

    Listen very closely, they’re also calling you.

    Though my drive is long, I’ll cherish every mile,

    When I reach old Santa Fe, I know I’ll softly smile.

    It’s filled with ancient spirits, that lived there long ago,

    Me I want to talk to them, to find out what they know.

    Maybe they will whisper, of how it was back then,

    Maybe I’ll have visions, and see my ancient friends.

    My confidence is high, and my face now has a glow,

    It’s time for me to leave now, time for me to go.

    Maybe out in Santa Fe, I’ll see you on the trail,

    I know that I’ll find treasures, even if I fail.

    I doubt that you will read this, but Forrest if you do,

    I’m living my adventure, all because of you.

    I know I speak for all, we wish you all the best,

    But most of all we thank you, for your mighty quest……

    By: Focused

    See ya on the trails my friends, until next time….. See ya

  92. Focused, to do what you do has to have had the clutter removed from your mind. Also you have to have an abundance of peace. Guess that’s why I don’t attempt to write poetry, just enjoy reading it. Once again, thank you!

  93. Specialklr, what i do just flows, i write what im thinking, sometimes my imagination takes off, but hey, thats not bad..lol and yes i have an abundance of peace, each day is a gift….. as far as the clutter, the chase has my mind very cluttered…lol thanks for your kind words see ya my friend..

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