Fennboree 2016 Wrap-up

Fennboree 2016 was a giant success by any measure. Kudo’s to it’s tireless organizers, Cynthia and Sacha as well as Tom and Coreda for coming all the way from Pennsylvania to help get things set-up and tirelessly cleaning up when things were done. Tom and Iron Will for their great grilling and cooking efforts….

Entering the Saturday Fennboree area

Entering the Friday Fennboree Area

We had one area for Friday’s activities and a separate, larger area for Saturday’s activities. Folks attending came from as far away as Tasmania and as close as Santa Fe.

I wish it could have lasted longer but if that were the case we would have had to give Cynthia a one way ticket to the loony bin. Her efforts, both before the event and during, were relentless and greatly appreciated.


Friday night campfire

We figure there were about 80 folks there for the Friday night campfire and about 200 for the Saturday afternoon trivia game, schmoozing and evening campfire.

Friday event at Hyde Park

Friday event at Hyde Park

Forrest showed up at the Friday evening campfire and again on Saturday afternoon. He said the crowd was terrific and he told me afterword that he had a great time.


Forrest and Boomer Girl


Forrest greeting a couple of the kids who were in attendance

When Forrest arrived on Friday evening the crowd broke out in spontaneous applause and Forrest graciously removed his hat and waved it in the air in acknowledgement. As far as I know he didn’t hand out any clues but he greeted and talked with folks individually and in groups for hours. ( I did notice that Strawshadow took off early after chatting with Forrest and did not return on Saturday…did he learn something new??? )


Karen and Missouri Jim

There were a handful of children and plenty of us old geezers in attendance soaking up the New Mexico pine and oak landscape at about 9,000 feet. The altitude affected a couple folks and unfortunately spoiled their weekend but the grand majority operated fine in the mountains north of Santa Fe.

On Saturday Sacha had a Trivia game for the adults and a treasure hunt for the kids…


There were a few brand new faces like Don from Colorado and many regulars including WiseOne, Old Drum, Tim Nobody, Spallies, Strawshadow, Frank, Keri, Julie and Brandon, JDiggins, Timberwolf, Golden Retrievers, DaisyMae, SarahTulsa, Cynthia, Sacha, Bill, Canyon Down, Sandra, Carolyn, Hunch, Slurbs, Karen, Jeff, Wisconsin Mike and Christine, Amy, Renee, Katya, Melanie, Boomer Girl, Iron Will, Brooke, Seattle Sullivan, Ellen, Ming, William, Jeremy, Michael, Desertphile and many, many more. ( listing names is always dangerous because I have a horrible memory and I end up hurting people’s feelings whose names I left out )

Folks broke into small groups and couples to chat about all things Fenn as well as conversations about the best way to make smores; good hiking shoes, where to get the best maps and “family” stops while out searching.



The great Iron Will and Spallies  cook-off was a tummy filling success for me personally. I sampled plenty of Spallies Pineapple pies and more than my fair share of Iron Will’s Apple Butter pies. Who cares if there was a winner. It’s sort of like choosing which superhero is best. The important thing is that both pies were scrurmpdeleicious and if you didn’t get a chance to try both I feel very sorry for you.

Tom took 1,700 pictures while there and when he gets home he will edit that number down some and post the final selection for us. So plenty more photos are coming and I hope some personal accounts in the comments below….

Don’t forget the Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest. It is open now. You can find out more about it HERE. I have the prizes and as soon as I get home I will post them as well as a closing date for the contest.

Those who missed the Fennboree this year…Remember Fennboree 2017 is not that far away..

A good time was had by all…!!!!!!!



Here are links to Tom’s photos-

The first is setting up and the small campfire at the site occupied by Coreda, Ming and I.
The second is the Friday night campfire.
The third is the Pot Luck Lunch on Saturday.
And the last one is the Pancake Breakfast on Sunday.


154 thoughts on “Fennboree 2016 Wrap-up

  1. Dal, what a great time it was!
    Cynthia, Coreda and I are sitting in Cindy’s kitchen and discussing the event .
    All the hard work was more than worth it!
    What a great group of people and now new friends.

  2. As I gaze at the sage green walls surrounding me at the loony bin, I’d like to thank all the attendees who participated from near and afar. Dal, I think your participation was second to Forrest’s in popularity. Well, let’s bump you to third because Desertphile had the ladies swooning. But, your help and conversations were greatly appreciated. Thanks for calming me in time of need. There are a few folks who I met for the first time who I hope will continue to be friends. IronWill, thank you so much for all your help, conversation, and all the camping supplies you bought at Walmart and then gave to me. And your apple butter pies!!!!!!!!!

    The nurses here in the loony bin said I should be released shortly. Tom and Coreda and I will begin planning next year’s Fennboree, unless someone else or another team would like to host Fennboree 2017. We are thinking same weekend (first weekend after Memorial Day) and same locale (Hyde Memorial State Park) with all the events taking place at group shelter #1 instead of shelter #2. The park service guys at Hyde were so awesome and helpful and suggested GS #1 for next year’s event because we can group camp there. Ladies, if you can convince Desertphile to attend, think of the possibilities…

    We have learned from this year’s camping experience…It sucks not having internet and cell phone service but it is still doable. There are awesome showers at Ft Marcy Park only 7 miles away that only cost $2. If we group camp, I will insist everyone use them, at least every other day!

    Thanks again to all of you…The energy and time invested this past week was totally worth it. See you next year!

    PS: I have seen ThomasD’s 1700 pictures…totally awesome. He is working on them now.

    • Lol, I saw somewhere else that Desertphile had the ladies swooning. Can someone post of pic so the rest of us can see? @ : )

    • Thank you Cynthia, I had an incredible time. The only thing that could top it was if Forrest was there Sunday night at the group shelter fire, telling stories.

      I think you ate the most pies, with Forrest and Dal competing for 2nd

      I awoke Monday morning in my tent slightly depressed, knowing it was over and I had to head home soon. … But I can assure you it was an event I won’t forget.

    • Cynthia, always remember committees. It helps to have many hands working on a project. From what I hear you and Sasha did a wonderful job, but next time ask for help. People are good at lending a hand if they know what needs to be done.

      I am sorry I couldn’t be there but am so happy that you made it so successful and fun. Woohoo , you rock!

  3. Wish I could have been there! Family activities took priority for me for the weekend. Cynthia and Sasha are awesome!

  4. Sorry we left early. Next year I won’t drag my city slicken kids thru the woods for a week and a half before Fennborree, maybe after. Lol!

  5. Hopefully next year I can bring the clan out there. It looked like fun! The kids love camping.

  6. Why didn’t I get but 4 of Spallies’ pineapple pies and 5 of Iron will’s apple butter pies? Cynthia, I think it’s your fault. It was great meeting all the gang. If desertphile attends next year I’ll be sure to wear my dark glasses. f

      • I saw that too, JP. Hmmmmm…. Or should I say mmmmmm? Pie: a total or whole that can be divided.

    • Eye get it, Sir!!! Nice pic, you never cease to amaze me in your past or present endeavors! It looks as if it was a great time for all who attended. I like your hat, as well!

    • I would’ve given you twenty Forrest, but I was worried it could put you into a sweet cholesterol coma!

      • I ate the five pies for breakfast Sunday morning and now my grand kids are not speaking to me. f

        • Hello Mr. Fenn. That doesn’t sound good. Perhaps when Iron Will posts his recipe, you can make them some. I can lend you my apron I got 35 years ago that says, “Eat at your own risk.” 🙂

        • Sorry I missed meeting everyone, but I was chasing down my final clues.

          Mr. Fenn, please take a look at my emails. Looking forward to meeting you some time in the near future and telling you about the adventure.

        • I ate half a pan of yummie chocolate fudge brownies (12 squares) for dinner Saturday, then held my bloated gut with both arms and suffered for an hour. But it was worth it!

        • … minus 5 pies = 4 pies = 4 * 3.14159265359 = 12.5663706144

          Desertphile eats 12 squares leaving .5663706144 squared = 0.32077567285

          Carry the decimal…

          I’m lost somewhere near the Texas border 🙂

    • Forrest,

      Based on the characters you met this past weekend, you may have enough for a Fennboree Scrapbook article!


      Thank you for sharing a large portion of your weekend with us.


    • Forrest,

      My wife and I… and Suzy Q… had a great time meeting with you.

      Thank you for the clue you passed on to us! Oh, and we will be sure to visit that special place you suggested to visit! ;^)


      • Timberwolf,

        Christine says “HI!” to your wife and Suzy Q

        ~ Wisconsin Mike

        • Wisconsin Mike,

          Louise and Suzy Q say Hi! back to Christine. You have a real treasure there… but you already know that!


    • Forrest,

      Thank you so much for coming out and greeting all of us. My daughter had a great and memorable time. (She’s told all her girlfriends already!)

      ~Wisconsin Mike

  7. Looks like you all had a great time. Wish I could have made it. Maybe next year. The wife is due at almost any time now. She would have been miserable up in the hills. Glad to see all you crazy folks coming together for a good time.

    • Hello Hammertime. Congratulations to you and your wife. May your soon-to-be bundle of joy give you both much happiness. Treasure the time. It goes by quickly.

    • Good decision, Hammertime:

      I think there’s going to be even more adventures and treasures waiting for you and your family in the coming years.

  8. Thank you Cynthia, Tom and Coreda for putting on and cleaning up a great event. Thank you Sasha for everything that you did as well. Hope to see you all again and looking forward to seeing all of Tom’s pictures. Home sweet home!!

  9. I wanted to give a shout out to a new face there, Amy . Not only is she an attractive gal with an upbeat personality, like Good Will Hunting…. She is wicked smart!

    I noticed her carrying on at least 6 different conversations, each on a different skilled subject matter. In each one, she exchanged thoughts as if it were her career. Literally amazing to see a walking Wikipedia! 🙂

    Also special thanks to everyone I met this weekend. Know that you all left a huge impression with me as I sadly wait for my flight home today 🙁

    And thanks to Sacha for dinner Thursday night and holding the apple butter for me. 🙂

    • @IronWill: “I wanted to give a shout out to a new face there, Amy . Not only is she an attractive gal with an upbeat personality, like Good Will Hunting…. She is wicked smart!”

      The word is “tenacious.” It took *TWO NIGHTS* for her to hear about my gray sweater’s first bath.

  10. I forgot to mention that $150 was donated to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in memory of Randy Bilyeu at the Saturday Pot Luck. They are the ones who took care of Randy’s dog Leo. I will take them a check for that amount later this week. Thank you to everyone who donated.

    • @Cynthia: “I forgot to mention that $150 was donated to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter in memory of Randy Bilyeu at the Saturday Pot Luck.”

      Woo hoo! You people rock!

  11. Thank u for sharing this special occasion.
    It would have been awesome if I were able to attend. Looks like it was fun. 🙂 🙂

    Maybe Fennboree 2017. 🙂

  12. Hi all!
    We rolled in last night about 11:45 pm pdt. Our adventure was eight days of fun! On our way out, we drove through yosemite. I’ve lived in Cali most of my life and never experienced it. Absolutely stunning!
    The following day we went to Vegas. Let’s just say that not only does what happens in Vegas, stays…but whatever you pull from your wallet too! Nonetheless, another first, and last…
    Day three we “rockhounded” using my “Gemtrails” books and found some gorgeous pies es of petrified wood, along with jasper and agates, etc.
    We rolled in to Hyde Park late Thursday eve, set camp then visited shortly with the “Thursday night group”.
    The events on Friday evening and Saturday were a memory now I will cherish always. It was wonderful to see my “la fonda” friends, and to meet so many more of you!
    I enjoyed sitting by Forrest, and it was clear he enjoyed all the ladies surrounding him like bees on honey!
    I listened as he told Spallies an interesting piece of information about a turquoise in her bracelet, and how it polished to its beautiful color and sheen from the oils off the skin of one who had worn it close…
    Forrest, what was the name of that turquoise?
    I’m sad to hear I missed the Sunday fun, but we had more searching to do and a dog waiting at home…
    During our Fennboree 2016, we found many treasures. New friends, great rocks, wonderful memories, and if I were any smarter I coulda sol my necklace to forrest for 35k!
    But that’s okay, he showed me where the treasure was…
    Ain’ that right desertphile?!
    I found that I can eat more than most…wait…I knew that already!
    Sacha and Cynthia did an amazing job, and there isn’t thanks enough for the efforts and contribution of so many more! And forrest….you rock! Thanks for giving this to so many. The smiles on the children’s faces makes the gold pale in comparison! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • Plan Ω it is Jdiggins.
      Forrest wouldn’t fall for that anyway.
      Is there any way I can get the bracelet back that I sent you?
      Hey, the bracelet looks like Ω…..

        • I sent it to the PO box you gave me???
          P.O. Box 8174
          Santa Fe, NM 87504

          No worries, I had it insured for the value of the chest anyway.

          • You’re a riot jake faulker!
            Now, how am I gonna check that box…hmmmm….
            Guess I’m in deep …. ….

          • WOW Jdiggins,
            I just found out who’s PO box that is.
            He is really quite clever & the only way I’m going to get that bracelet back is to find the real one & trade for the one I had made.
            Well, you can’t win em all.

  13. I had an awesome time. I loved meeting everyone, and making some great new friends.

    JDiggins – Next time you are in my neighborhood, you better stop by and say hello.

    Seattle Sullivan – You are a crazy and interesting guy. If you ever want lunch, you find me.

    DaisyMae – It was SO GREAT to see you again. You have the best smile!

    Any everyone else, this was such a memorable occasion. I hope you all got to take some wonderful memories home.

    Until next time…..

    • Sacha, I had a great time. Remember to hold on to that little container better next time, that rolling stone almost got away….which reminds me, “do you have my lighter?” . Now, as far as crazy…..Cynthia is my cell mate ! Anyone seen Tom? See you next year…..The trivia contest will be mine! Good job Ken, the trivia winner, well done.

  14. This past weekend was a wonderful time. It was filled with a great group of people that you don’t get the pleasure of truly getting to know from the blogs and getting to know those that don’t blog. I don’t think I could have had a more perfect ending either. Plus I actually have a screen name now 🙂 My husband, nearindianajones, wasn’t able to be there, but he loved his poster everyone signed for him.
    I may be one of those swooning over Desertfile lol. How can I not when he let me shoot a YouTube video with him Saturday afternoon? You’re pretty easy to like Desertphile. Thanks for that. Frank, thanks for sharing some of your wine. The next time you go to a vineyard I may have to sneak in your suitcase. Sandy, thanks for the great conversations. I love my new hat. I thank Forrest for hooking me up with Cynthia, Tom, and Coreda. They made me feel right at home. I may have been a little lost without you guys 🙂 And Dal, I think someone needs to be interviewing you instead of you behind the camera all the time:) If you want anymore oils I’m happy to send some to you.

  15. Looks and sounds like a lotta fun was had by everyone who attended. Happy hunting all!!! Very kind to have donated to SFAS for Randy…

  16. So glad everyone had a good time,wish,I could of gone,but had to work.I’d love to see mr. forrest again,glad all of you got to see him and talk to him,he’s a fine gentleman.looking forward to more pictures in future.

  17. Dal, goofy…
    I haven’t gotten a notification since 12:49 today. Can u ck it out? Thx!

  18. A big shout out and thanks to Sacha and Cynthia! Y’all did an excellent job! Everything went very smoothly and I think everyone had a great time. My wife and I… and Suzy Q… really enjoyed meeting everyone who attended. I finally got to put a face with the names… and y’all are a great bunch of folks! Tim Nobody really was somebody… and a real hoot to boot! We will definitely attend again next year… GBW.


  19. Holy SNAP!!!! My flight got screwed up and I had to get re routed. But get this….. Aqua Talib is sitting in front of me in first class! Cornerback for the Denver Broncos. 🙂

    • Hello Iron Will. Wow! He might have a limp. Got shot in the leg the other day. Heading back to talk to the coaching staff to let them know exactly what happened. Darn good player.

      • Oops sorry Aqib Talib, and thanks for the heads up on the injury. Sorry off topic

  20. I brought my mother and her great grandson, 4 year old Jayden, on Saturday for the potluck. As soon as Jayden got out of the car he walked over to Sasha on the stage and found a treasure chest. I should bring him to search with me. I got to sit with FF for a couple of minutes and chat with him about my mothers life in Montana. I told him that she has more stories than he does. He said that he is just about out of stories. I don’t believe that at all. My Mother said it was a great picnic and had a good time. I should bring her on more searches with me too. It was good to see all of you there. It was fun meeting everybody.
    Jayden with the treasure

  21. My husband and I had a wonderful time. It was great meeting everyone. Sasha, Cynthia, Tom, and Corida: thanks so much for all you did. You made Fenboree a great experience. I am looking forward to seeing everyone’s adventures this next year. It was such a pleasure meeting and talking to Forrest. I feel a part of this community.

  22. So much fun, seeing the pictures and reading the comments. I wish i could have been there to meet every one, next year for sure.

  23. I am glad everyone had a nice time and sorry I missed it. I was thinking about Fennboree all weekend and wish I was there. I’ll be in NM next month for a week and looking forward to it.

  24. Fennboree looks like an awesome time! Forrest must be so pleased that his chase sparked friendships and camping trips
    Hope I can be at 2017.

  25. Thanks to the young girls for transforming microwave popcorn into campfire popcorn. The boys for hauling the water and the watermelon. I wish I could have stayed the rest of the weekend but heading back to Detroit required me to start out in daylight. Thank you all for a great time, good food and wonderful documentary. I have never realized how vulnerable we all feel when we come up short with no treasure and praised the journey. Check off one spot and move on to the next search. I love the it references to the telephone poles. What a novel idea.

    Thank you Dal and Mr. Fenn for not laughing at our odd ideas and for your kindnesses and true American West hospitality and gentle manners.

    I was proud to be a part of this experience and I will bring my Bill and actually camp next year. Thank you for inspiring the masses to return to the outdoors.
    I have learned new history facts, followed up with research into the people, parks and events in New Mexico. All leading to a pride in the American spirit and hard work that makes us all stand a little taller.

    love to you all
    Karen the Crazy teacher from Detroit

  26. What a great time! Thank you to Cynthia, Tom T., Dal and Sacha for your hard work and dedication! Great to meet so many of the fellow bloggers, (especially Amy 😉 My daughter had a wonderful time meeting everyone and making some new friends. Thank you to everyone who participated in my survey and after I get caught up on the 300+ emails waiting for me, I will be able to post the results.

    Best Wishes to everyone in the Search!

    ~ Wisconsin Mike

  27. Below is the correspondence between myself and the lady from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter regarding the $150 donation from some of the generous attendees at the Fennboree on Saturday:

    Thank you for the thank you. I want you to know this money was collected over the weekend at the Fennboree 2016 event held at Hyde Memorial State Park Saturday and Sunday. There were a lot of generous folks in the group who donated. Some of us had met Randy and Leo at a Fenn book signing last September. I was part of some of the search teams who looked for him along the river. I think of him often, as do many others. We dog lovers are so appreciative of your animal shelter and the caring folks who work there who took such good care of Leo. On behalf of all of them, thank you so much.

    Cynthia Meachum
    Fennboree 2016

    On Jun 8, 2016, at 1:19 PM, Maya Rae Elsner wrote:

    June 6, 2016

    Dear Cynthia,
    I want to thank you personally for your generous donation in memory of Randy Bilyeu to the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. Your receipt for the donation is listed below. By supporting our work with homeless animals, you help save lives and ensure that healthy, happy animals find loving homes. You are a beacon for us and for them — without you, we simply can’t do it; with you, we can do just about anything!

    Please visit our website, sfhumanesociety.org, or follow us on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/sfhumanesociety, to learn about all the great things happening at your Shelter. Feel free to call me at any time at 505-470-8940, or email mmartin@sfhumanesociety.org. Thank you for being a part of our family.


  28. @Cynthia: “Below is the correspondence between myself and the lady from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter regarding the $150 donation from some of the generous attendees at the Fennboree on Saturday:”

    Thank you 100,000 times for thinking of this, and doing this.

    • Desertphile – Just a quick question for fun. Did Isaac Newton Corns attend the Fennboree this year? I’ve seen your videos and find them amusing.

  29. I Know A Place to be

    As I have gone alone in there,
    And with my apple butter bold.
    I can let go of Life’s every care,
    At 23 … I shouted, “This site is SOLD!”

    Tom, Jdiggins, and a couple from Australia,
    I had neighbors with conversations galore.
    Some of those with questionable paraphernalia,
    I joyfully embraced them all and more.

    During my time in this carefree world,
    I had great moments; made friendships anew.
    Solutions and emotions became unfurled,
    yet a sadness was coming…that I knew.

    Before it arrived, Dal tapped my shoulder with a clue,
    and I turned facing him in this ‘Meet and Greet’ abound.
    He said, “Will… Come here, Forrest wants to meet you.”
    I jokingly replied, “Isn’t it the other way around!?”

    We hugged and I said, “How is your health old friend?”
    Secretly somehow guessing his answer to be.
    Fenn simply replied with something he’d penned,
    “My health is great….it’s my age that’s killing me!”

    During three days I made friends and many new ties,
    Got very little sleep and spent a whole lot of money.
    But to the person who understands flutterbys,
    I say, “OK! A forth enters funny”

    I left New Mexico with sadness in my heart,
    But looking forward, I know a place to be.
    A few have guessed it, if they are really that smart,
    The place I speak of… is next year’s Fennboree.

    ……as promised….. my Apple Butter Pie recipe:

    Fried Apple Butter Pies

    Ingredients(in order to make 24 pies):

    1 qt Apple Butter, 1/4 tsp nutmeg, 1 tsp pwdr cinnamon,
    1/2 stick of non-salted sweet butter, 2 tblespn flour (to thicken it),
    confectioners sugar, 3 8pk cans of Pilsbury butter flake crescents,
    1 egg white with 1/2 ounce water (to glue pastry together)


    Mix Apple Butter with nutmeg, cinnamon, 1/2 stick butter, flour…heat on 3/10 and mix occasionally as butter melts. While this occurs take out packs of crescents, break open and roll each one into balls then roll out into 7″ pastry circles using flour as you would for rolling biscuits. When apple butter is ready, take a basting brush and wipe egg white onto the lower half edges of the pastry circles. Place hefty tablespoon of apple butter onto lower side of each pastry, then fold over and seal edges together. Use a metal fork to crimp the edges shut.

    Take the prepared pies and fry them on 4/10 heat in a mix of butter and olive oil until golden brown on each side(change out burned refuse in pan as needed). Take completed pies and let them soak into paper towels for a few minutes on each side, then powder entire pie with a thin layer of confectioners sugar and wrap individually in plastic wrap or Press N Seal. It’s that easy.

    Ok…..maybe 80 wasn’t that easy 😯

    • Hello Iron Will. You penned beautifully. I believe most, if not all, have left the way you did…leaving sadly, but brought home treasures of friendship. Thank you for the recipe. It sounds delicious.

    • Hi Iron Will, thanks for the recipe, I wish I had been at Fennboree to meet you and try one of your pies, I think I have a crush on you! Sounds like everyone had fun and now you have lots of memories, lucky you! You wrote a nice poem, too.

      • Thank you Jeannie. I’m flattered about the crush, but this heart is broken and NAPA hasn’t carried the part I need to fix it for decades 🙁 You’re right though…we all had lots of fun, most especially the Sunday night campfire with Thomas, Corida, Cynthia, myself, Amy, and Dal. It was a very friendship bonding moment, even if an angry camper came up at midnight and asked us to “keep it down” 🙂

        • Hi Will,
          Sunday night was very special.
          We are still on the road and should be home late Friday evening.
          I hope to get my photos on the site by the end of the weekend.
          It was a pleasure meeting everyone!
          Tom, Coreda and Ming

          • Please tell me you got the “angry camper” to take y’alls picture. 🙂

            Also, I forgot to thank JDiggins for the best souvenir ever!!! The fur hat!!!

    • Will, that was an awesome poem and I too felt sad it was over, but I made new friends and the fun continues. Keep in touch and on to the next adventure.

      • You’re welcome…don’t eat more than 2 at a time, or you’ll go into a cholesterol induced coma 😉

    • What a wonderful poem Iron Will! I can’t wait to try the applebutter pie recipe. If forrest can eat five, that’s all the motivation I need.

      Leaving sadly is way better than sadly not arriving in the first place. I was so looking forward to meeting the gang. Perhaps next year. Looks like a fun time for all involved 🙂

    • Nice poem, Iron Will, and thanks for sharing this recipe.We get some really good apple butter from the amish that I love.I’ve never made a pie with it, never even thought about it, so this is awesome.I’m definitely going to try this one out.

    • yeah I regret not taking pictures of video 🙁 I was just so caught up in talking to everyone…that and my phone was at 4% charge half the weekend lol

      Thanks O.D. for the pics so I could save some with me in it.

      • Anybody who wants the picture(s) w/ you in it/them can PM/email me & I’ll email to you.

    • What a lovely group of pictures. Not a sad face among the 180+ pictures. YEA!

      Glad all had fun.


    • Wonderful, wonderful pictures. Thank you for posting them.
      Old Drum wrote:
      “You can read of our experience there at our 2014 Trip story. After that experience, we’d had enough of tent camping,”

      The joys and adventures of tenting. You haven’t really been camping until the wind blows your tent away or the hail comes crashing through. (hehehehe)


  30. Can everyone do me a favor and stop looking for treasure until spring time? I really want this chase to last another year so I can attend next year.
    Thank you for not looking : )

  31. Nicely said Will… I don’t know what to say except everyone was so amazing and it was so great to finally meet EVERYONE!! Sorry it went by so fast… 🙁 On a happier note odds are the chest will not be found this year and we can do it again next year 🙂

      • Me? I say that because I hope we get to have another Fennboree 🙂 It very well could be found sooner and then maybe we can have a celebration then too!!!! Unless the finder keeps it a secret… 🙂

        • Spallies, lol, ya you. Wish we could have been at Fennboree. : )
          Yes, a big party when it’s found would be great! Vegas? : )

        • Spallies wrote … “I say that because I hope we get to have another Fennboree”.

          Oh there’s an easy solution to that dilemma. Just have a Fennboree once every month.

          Ken 🙂

  32. I wish to thank everyone for adding their stories and photos of Fennboree. It makes those of us who could not attend, feel like we were there.

    • Cynthia and Sacha, you’ve done an excellent job putting this together. You deserve a round of applause. Thank you for your hard work.

  33. My wife and I enjoyed our first Fennboree. It was awesome. Looking forward to next year already.

    Special thanks to Mr. Fenn, Cynthia, Sacha, the folks doing the cooking, and all of those who helped organize and work to make it happen.

    Kudos to Spallies, you are one tough trivia competitor.


    Windy City

    • Yes, Special Special Thanks to Cynthia, Sacha, Tom, Coreda and Ming!!! You all did so much work so the rest of us could jabber the whole time 🙂

      Windy City I have made a mental note to never play trivial pursuit with you!!! Your mind appears to be a steel trap 🙂

  34. What a great weekend! Thank you so much Cynthia and Tom , I’m stuffed from all that food….a fair trade for my best kept secrets. Dal, It was awesome meeting you. Its nice to be able to link the face with a name….like that post office poster on the wall. Sacha , Daisy Mae, Spallies, jdiggins and Boomer. You are all awesome…..and to you know who, that smooch caught me off guard. Sorry David, it musty be our white beards. Boomer, thanks for your offer. I am SERIOUSLY thinking on it. And Forrest……thank you for being so gracious to me and my friend Steve. After handing off my ruff copy of “Well Knit Wit” to you, I kinda felt like I might of overstepped not asking formally. I kinda thought now or never, I know hustle is an important word to you. I guess I just went for it. I hope you enjoy “or understand ” it. I am sending you a return envelope with postage.
    I wish I had known about the $2 showers. My plan was to hit the Arroyo Hondo Hot Springs to clean up but the Rio Grande was raging and the springs were covered. No money in my budget for motels. It was a long hot drive from Seattle. Bills Mechanical Wonder got my friend and I there and back. Stopped at Mesa Verde “Dal you have to make that turn one day !!!” It was crazy awesome!
    All in all, what a wonderful group that attended. Well behaved, considerate and respectful . The average IQ level must of been off the charts.
    The pies were awesome….Y pies “wipe eyes”. You all brought tears to my eyes. Thank you all.

  35. James and I had a great time as well. Thanks to Sacha and Cynthia for organizing the fantastic event. Now we are seriously thinking of moving to New Mexico. We had a blast!

    Iron Will, Spallies, JDiggins, WiseOne, Dal, Amy, Boomergirl, Cynthia, Sacha, Seattle Sullivan and many others I met for the first time…it was awesome, and the memories will last my lifetime and will hopefully be passed down through the generations. 🙂

  36. It was amazing for Mindy and I to go to our first Fennboree. It was the greatest event I’ve ever been to. What a treat to meet all the unique searchers that we’ve grown to love. The Chase is a beautiful thing to be apart of and to witness it come alive at ‘boree is a dream come true. Thank you for all the work put in by the Cynthia and Sacha and all the searchers pitching in…you all rock. 🙂

  37. Something I’d like to share with the Fennboree participants and those who may attend next year: The final gathering Sunday night at the group shelter involved 10 of us stragglers who didn’t want to leave. IronWill cooked up an awesome supper with all his leftover food and shared it with us 10. Coreda and I set a table with plates, utensils, cups, bottled water. Coreda created the centerpiece…the aspen log given to me by Forrest to use in the fire (But I saved it since it has a carving that looks like a map…hmmm). Coreda wrapped her string of lights around it, and lit it using the battery pack. It was beautiful!

    After the food was consumed and we finished cleaning up, 4 of the 10 folks had to leave. That left 6 of us to gather in front of the fireplace (it had gotten quite chilly) and talk about the weekend. All of a sudden I remembered the dowsing rods (used to find water by water witches, etc) I had brought. Coreda is experienced using these from a past experience “talking” to spirits in Tombstone, AZ, so I gave her the rods. She stood at the end of our little group, where we began to ask questions that had to have yes or no answers. I asked “is Fenn’s treasure chest hidden in NM?” The rods stayed perfectly straight and didn’t budge even the slightest. Then I asked “Is Fenn’s treasure chest hidden in Montana?” They immediately crossed which indicates NO. Then Amy took over. She was new to this but wanted to give it a try. It took awhile for the rods to “settle down” and stop twitching so we could ask it a question. Next I asked “Is Fenn’s treasure chest hidden in Wyoming?” they moved outward and swung around, indicating YES. Dal immediately packed up and left and started driving “Home!” Wait, I am kidding about Dal leaving…he stayed until the very end.

    A few days later, I relayed this story to Forrest in person. He asked why we didn’t ask the dowsing rods these questions while standing over the map. Holy moly folks! This will now take place at next year’s Fennboree. I think we should move the picnic tables to the edges of the shelter so the entire length of the floor is available from one end of the shelter to the other end. We need an artist who can draw a replica of ff’s original map with the highlighted area. (I will bring chalk.) Then Coreda (or anyone else who wants to give it a try) can walk over the map and “witch” using the dowsing rods to see where they cross to find Fenn’s treasure chest. Any ideas? What do you all think?


      • That’s an interesting article about the Ideomotor phenomenon DesertPhile. I don’t know why people believe in such things as dowsing rods.

        Dang you could be right about Kansas; I just asked my Dee Lux Wee Gee Board Mouse Pad. It told me:

        Kansas State Motto: Ad Astra Per Aspera (To the Stars Through Difficulty).
        Kansas State Animal: American Buffalo
        Kansas State Bird: Western Meadowlark
        Kansas comes from the Sioux Indian word for “south wind people.”
        John Brown commanded forces at the Battle of Black Jack and the Battle of Osawatomie.

        Everything fits perfectly. Fire up the truck, I’m heading to Topeka.

        • Goof, lol
          can @ss KANSAS could actually apply to the poem! You’d laugh your butt off at portions of my solutions.
          But, then my brain is having fun trying to tie in every Redford big picture and the Fords he rode or drove in each. He actually drove a red Ford Mustang (I must go) in the last movie I watched which was filmed in Florida and Pennsylvania. Gotta love that!
          The missing fords could be all the ponies. “There’ll be-no”
          Milagro bean field wars in NM.
          River Runs Through it – treasure state. Horse Whisperer – treasure state
          Legends of the Fall (filmed Alberta Canada) but about the treasure state.
          Jeremiah Johnson (my all time fav) mountain men, Wyoming & treasure state.
          I’m starting to believe ff & rr & tt are all close friends who had fun planning this together but allowed ff to finalize the spot.

      • I ran across a dowser while doing reconnaissance for a groundwater study. I was standing near a flowing creek in the middle of a dry summer. That means the water table is above the creek, so groundwater is all around, flowing toward the creek.

        Shortly, the dowser proclaim he had found the spot. He was sure there was water within 10 ft of the ground surface. He was right, of course. Water was in 10 ft of the surface pretty much everywhere nearby.

        I congratulated him.

    • If you want, my daughter would be glad to draw a replic of the map. This daughter, Laura, was very disappointed that she couldn’t attend Fennboree this year, since her summer job wouldn’t give her that weekend off work. Laura would love to attend Fennboree in 2017, and draw the replic of the map. Laura is an artist who has experience drawing large murals; and Laura just completed her first year of college at the New Hampshire Institute of Art.

      • LOL! We’ll talk in August when you come to Santa Fe. Buy me a margarita or two and I’m sure I’ll spill my guts.
        Or knot.

          • Hi Sacha,
            I am taking care of the photos from the Fennboree.
            Coreda and I just got home last evening from our 6000 mile camping extravaganza and I am working on them now. Dal should have them sometime tomorrow to post.
            It’s been a long but enjoyable three weeks!

  38. I was thinking…A piece of apple pie could help put F. in the mood to talk but it might just be his story telling mood.

  39. Spallies, you are most welcome. You wear it well! 🙂

    Great poem will! Will makes great eggs too… 🙂

    Nice pix everyone, can’t wait for more!

    Such a fun, fun time!

    And Amy, hugs to you… ;

  40. You guys are a hoot! Yes many thanks to all who busted it out to put on a great event. Didn’t get a chance to meet everyone hopefully will on the trail:) you old searchers, I will be sending personal messages and you new ones too. A fine trove of characters if I may say so myself. Let’s do it again and thanks again:)

  41. Oh the post Fennboree blues. But seriously folks, after Forrest left on Sunday, did anyone bother to look quickly down by where he was sitting ? I did. I don’t know if Forrest left it, or someone else, but there laying on the ground was a shoelace with a Y knot . Funny as I’m the Y guy…whyTaos, white house, so…..why not Y knot? After all , Y is it ! But WH is key.

  42. Hi all,
    Just read a nice little wrap up of Fennboree 2016, by David “Boo Coo” Haas. It’s in the Nov/Dec issue of Gold Prospectors magazine.

    Boo Coo is a veteran also…
    Thank you To ALL WHO HAVE FOUGHT AND SERVED, for our freedom. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

    • JDiggin-
      Hmmm…for those of us unprepared to spend $85 for a membership to read the article…perhaps you could give us a review or summary..

    • Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know David “Boo Coo” Haas passed away on Saturday while out dancing. He was a truly unique spirit and he will be missed by all who knew him.

      Treasure everyone and the special time we spend with each other.

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