Fennboree 2016 Photos


Tom took a train load of photos and posted them up for us.

Thursday Evening is HERE

Friday Evening is HERE

Saturday is HERE

Sunday Breakfast is HERE


Old Drum also kindly posted his photos HERE


16 thoughts on “Fennboree 2016 Photos

  1. We need headers for those pics… Thursday evening pic # 35… Dal showing all of us how big the Blaze is.

  2. I was so excited that so many of my bucket list items were checked off that I forgot to take selfies with my new buddies. My only regret was that I had to leave and drive towards Detroit on Saturday. Thank you ! Karen

  3. Oh those pics are making me hungry. They’re also making me want to go to New Mexico.

    The average age of the crowd seemed to me to be a little older than what I would have expected. I guess us under 40’s were not too well represented.

    Thanks much for the photos. They really put the stamp of reality on all this abstract thinking about the poem.

    Ken 🙂

    • Ken,

      The under 40’s were out searching… us older folk take the time to ponder a bit before chasing our geese. Fennboree was time to ponder and sip a little… ponder a bit more… sip a bit more. Awww hell, them geese ain’t goin’ nowhere anytime soon… might as well ponder further and sip some more….


      • Well said, TW. Fennboree was great. I think tonight I will sip and ponder a while. Godspeed, Windy City

  4. It was truly great to meet a lot of the fellow Fennatics. A good time was had by all. Wish I could have stayed for the whole weekend, and look forward to the next Fennboree…

  5. Fennboree 2016 certainly exceeded all of my expectation! All of the hard work was worth every bit of it.
    There sure were a lot of happy people to hang out with! I can’t wait till we can all meet again.


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