Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest


This is a photo contest that everyone who attended Fennboree can participate in.  All you have to do is submit a picture that captures the essence of Fennboree. It might be a photo of Tim Nobody wearing his floating hat, or of Desertphile dancing on the hilltop, Sacha orchestrating the World Famous Forrest Fenn Trivia Contest, Ming showing off her booties or Cynthia sipping a mimosa by the golden light of the evening campfire. It might be a moody morning mist over a field of tidy porta-pottys or a foodscape of the greatest pies ever made.

Whatever moment it was, I hope you snapped it and will enter it in this contest because that’s what it’s all about. It can be a photo from your phone or the 8×10 digital back on your Sinar camera.

Submit your photo. Give it a short caption and a by-line and our razor sharp team of judges will choose three winners..

We’ll post them up for everyone to appreciate as they come in. So the Entry Page will be updated daily.



  1. One submission per person. You can only submit one photo so pick your best one.
  2. You had to attend Fennboree2016 and take the photo while there. No fair submitting a photo you didn’t take on June 3rd, 4th or 5th 2016.
  3. The photo you enter should be at least 1000 pixels wide so that it’s big enough for us to appreciate in all its glorious detail.
  4. No digital trickery please. You can crop your photo if you’d like, but other than that please don’t tamper with it. Other than cropping it should be the way your camera recorded it. This contest is about capturing the essence of the event and is not about anyone’s photoshopping abilities.
  5. If a photo is not suitable for all eyes or appears to be an invasion of someone’s privacy it will not be posted or entered.



  1. Send your photo as an attachment in an email to dalatlummifilmdotcom as a .jpg file
  2. Subject line of your email should be Photo Contest Entry
  3. Make sure you include a 10 word or less caption for your photo and a by-line. (for instance: “Forrest Eating Pie” by Tesuque. This caption has three words. The by-line is not counted as part of the caption.)
  4. Make sure your entry is sent by the contest closing date/time



The last date to submit your photo entry will be June 26th, 2016. After midnight (Santa Fe time) on June 26th we will no longer accept entries.



There are three prizes. A prize will be awarded to each of the top three winners as determined by the judges. The prizes are three large, wall mount type maps of the search area. One is from the Too Far To Walk book and two are the Fennboree III Maps that came out this year. Each map has been signed by Forrest and each map has an original doodle created by Forrest. Each doodle is different and depicts a scene of searchers discovering Indulgence. These are unique maps and will make wonderful collectables. The maps without the doodles sold for $100ea…what are they worth with the doodles???





There are three judges; ThomasD, Pest and Goofy.

Judging will take place over the 24hrs following the close of the contest.

Judges will be looking for the top three photos that best represent the Essence of Fennboree. Two of the judges attended Fennboree 2016 and one judge did not. They each bring their own unique perspective as to what determines the Essence of Fennboree. Their decision will be final and no bribe could possibly be large enough to sway their decision. However you are welcome to try.

Remember, this contest is about the photo but a great caption will certainly help.



Dal will post entries as soon as possible after receiving them. They will be made available for all to see on this blog


Please direct any questions about the contest to me and good luck!!!!!



Photo Entries Page One

Photo Entries Page Two

Photo Entries Page Three


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  2. Those treasure chests look like boxes of fire, almost too hot to touch. I’m taking it that Forrest didn’t have a gold marker.

    • From the bad advice contest:

      Forrest, would a color blind person be at a disadvantage when searching for the chest?
      “I can’t answer your question but if you find an old treasure chest full of tomatoes take it home because that’s the gold.” f

      Maybe it’s a chest of tomatoes?

  3. Wow! These are unbelievabley awesome prizes…I really wanted to be at , Fennboree.I was there in spirit.You guys probably felt my presence, (i was that gassey odor).Would that qualify me to submit a photoshopped photo? 😉

  4. Thomas thanks for the excellent photos! U r awesome! I especially admire the profile pic of my husband meeting forrest! And the one with wiseone, forrest fire, jdiggins, and spallies!!! 😉

  5. Just a REMINDER:
    This is the last weekend for entries to the Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest. The contest closes on Sunday at midnight and the judging begins. Those maps are worth a hundred bucks apiece and as far as I know there won’t be any more sold since Sacha is nearly, if not completely sold out. Plus these have value added. They are truly “unique” since Forrest made original doodles on each one.
    You can find links to all the entries here:

  6. The Essence of Fennboree Photo Contest is closed and the judges have selected three winners and an Honorable Mention..
    Kudos to James, PesoPincher, Wisconsin Mike and Timberwolf.

    You can see the winning photos on the entry pages. I added the awards in the winning photo’s captions…

    I’ll be in touch with the place holders so I can send your prizes!!!!

    Thanks everyone….

  7. Fennboree was a total hoot and the pix capture the real essence of the event – congrats to the winners. I really enjoyed meeting/mixing with all y’all.

    Forrest, you’re a rare bird to have set such a thing in motion. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part.

  8. Congratulation to the winners. What a great bunch of photos.

    I have an idea for a new photo contest: “The Strangest Animal/Living Creature You Have Found While Searching for the Treasure”. We have a photo of a really strange creature we found on a search; so I thought this might be a fun contest. (No Photoshopping!)

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