A Real Trout-Mount…



I dubbed this hill to be “TROUT-MOUNT” (see below) for my own usage / terminology. It scales to be an approximately 1,200′ W x5,900′ L x160′ High hill (not a mountain), which is seemingly “MOUNTed” right next to the Madison River, and also unquestionably resembles a huge “Brown TROUT” as shown. ALL but a portion of the tail lies in the Montana portion of YNP. I consider it to be the “HOME of Brown (trout)” and to be located in “No-Man’s-Land”. SEE: http://billingsgazette.com/news/state-and-regional/wyoming/yellowstone-no-man-s-land-leaves-jurisdiction- question/article_f4caad4c-fd01-5e78-b2d9-1a0cf37b4855.html


“NOT implausible”

(Note: arrow = mouth below eye- see map below also)

Barnes Hole “Looks FISHY to me?” This FISH is entirely uncanny!

Note: arrow = mouth below eye ~400′ per scale) < < – – – ~2.38 miles ( “No-Man’s-Land”-MT.) – – – > > | Fenn’s (our) 2.086 acres = ~301’sq.


My initial thinking was to climb to the “EYE”, look quickly down to the “MOUTH” area, and expect to see a “BLAZE” of some sort. Maybe deeper into the stomach area!? But, After doing a Google Earth count (approx.), I calculated I would have to climb over about 100 trees per 1,000′ of uphill climb due to the 1988 forest fire. NOT for ME or FENN, even though I’m 74 yo, have beaten a heart attack, bladder cancer, 3 previous trips from CA. to MT. and am finishing up 3 cords of firewood (cut, split & stacked) I’ve done it tired in the last few weeks. Getting over this “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE” 4th trip, hasn’t been accomplished yet. Since I’m NOT a gluten for punishment, I’M DONE NOW! — (SEARCH WAS ON 5/25/16 — Not a quitter, just going quieter) HA! — On gmap4, you can select google aerial also.
I can handle it up to a point, then I lose the point and the handle. (My actual photo of “T-M” area)

image[10](Below Photo) Left Center is my vehicle at Barnes Hole #1. I Island Hopped 3 times to the right, then crossed Mad. R. (off-photo) at far right. This minimized the depth and velocity for me as it increased the incremental width..Easier on me. Photo is taken from atop (~50′ plateau above Mad. R.) in front of “T-M” @ expected Blaze / TC. (see next)

image[13] Some of these images / info are copied or scanned pages from my workbook and are therefore “partial” with an item missing or out of place as well as suffering visual clarity. — I aborted my “initial” thinking and opted for something more “realistic”. (ALL IMHO) Just inside a “tree-line-inlet”, hidden from the across-river parking spot at Barns Hole, I found and speculated the below item at the 3 arrows / cross-hairs.

image[39]The below G.E, overhead shot and the sketch at left were my “homework” and can be compared to the actual “fieldwork” photos further below. As I suspected, the “false-shadow” (wrong direction) is NOT a tree, but rather an opening / split amid the suspected rock pile. “G.E. doesn’t focus close enough …”!

image[42]My “Thrill of the chase” has included “Earthquake Lake”, 2 trips to “Beaver Creek” and this 4th one to “T-M”.
Thanks to Forrest Fenn and ALL whose input we have enjoyed over the past few years.
Eureka! Forrest has succeeded in pushing me until I FOUND MY WITS END! HA! I DON’T KNOW WHERE HIS IS! I salute you for your many accomplishments. A fellow VET. — SincerLEE —

This was “MY” ideal spot for “Forrest’s Spirit” to rest and watch over HIS Madison River “domain” from about 50′ above, viewing the river, the valley, the town ((behind the trees) and every “PEEK-TO-PEAK” from “T-M”. (blue lines) — https://www.google.com/maps/@44.6613628,-111.0651102,2383m/data=!3m1!1e3

image[45]MY MAP to T-M / T-C — Just start at the RH “Line # 5 / Clue # 1 (IMHO) and follow it down to the map location.
”IT SHOULD’A’ BEEN THERE” (is that an echo?). Who can deny, it’s NOT “nigh”! YOUR TURN, as mine is DONE!




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  1. Wow ! Really great imagination and overall search worthy solve melee…Seems like you have put a lot of effort into it. Thanks for sharing and good luck in the future…

    • Thanks Ken, I imagined it all to be around 100% except that “Google Earth doesn’t zoom close enough” as FF said. I had to be there to “see” if this was a (Split-Rock) Cairn for Forrest’s Spirit to pass back and forth from the “Underworld” to the present to oversee his realm. (?)
      As for the “Worth”, all my effort left me in the cold just like all the rest of us have been left. LOL! — Poorer, but richer! —

  2. Great solve, Melee. Amazing how so many of us have walked in each other’s footsteps, but for completely different reasons.

    • Thanks Melanie
      Yes, MAYBE same footsteps from different shoes — and probably, any “SIGHS” fits all! —
      (meLee — aka — seel814u)

  3. This ‘special’ place where the Fenn family would return each Summer to find their belongings from last time…. still there.


    • Is that a statement or a question SL? If a statement then you think you know where it is ?

      • James,

        One memory in particular that Forrest shared in TTOTC, has lingered in mine as well:

        “a special fishing spot on the Madison River that no one ‘alive’….. knows about but me”.

        Forrest is the “only” living member of the family that he grew up with.


    • This is so weird. I know I’ve read that somewhere (the part about the family leaving their belongings to find it when they returned).

      Was that in the TTOTC or on a blog somewhere? I’ve searched the book and can’t find it. Can you help me out?

        • Tommy, Fred, SL…

          Like many searchers I’ve wondered where the stash place is. Couldn’t be too far from West Yellowstone since they would have dropped off the gear and then returned to the cabin to pack their car for the return journey to Texas.

          The more interesting question for me is which routes the Fenn family traveled to and from YNP. Did the parents interests in archaeology, historical routes, gas stations govern the journey and stops or simply the quickest route to/from.

          In the years they spent summers in the tent camps adjacent Fishing bridge, I believe they would have entered through Wyoming’s south entrance. However, during “Moms cabin in West Yellowstone” years I would guess they passed north through Idaho.

          • Hello Anna. I don’t recall if Fishing Bridge ever had a tent camp, but I may be wrong. From what I recall from stories my husband told me when his family always went, it was hard-sided trailers because the area was very active with bears. It still is. Perhaps things changed from the time the Fenn family stayed there to the times my husband’s family stayed. They went in the 60’s-70’s.
            Entering the south entrance would be easier on the vehicle, although the east entrance is much closer to Bridge Bay, but the drive up is much steeper.

          • Anna, sounds logical to me. Also, I found it intriguing that if they drove about 110 miles N. of Temple, TX and took US 287, they would go down Main St. of Longmont, CO (where my wife & I married) and also Main St. of W. Yellowstone, MT., then over to “Missouri Flats” which also exists just a few miles from us in CA. — Small world it seems.

      • Later the family moved from the Fishing Bridge to a campsite in West Yellowstone, which has its own special resonance for treasure seekers. In “Ramblings and Rumblings,” Fenn describes “a secret location” where the family gear was stashed during the off-season. “We just drove the car out into the forest about half a mile, and unloaded everything,” Fenn writes—and it was always there when they returned.

        “Ramblings and Rumblings” – Forrest Fenn quote.

        Thanks for your help.

        • Hello SL. Certainly seems like it would be a good place to hide the treasure chest. The camping equipment was always there when they returned. Was it because this place is hidden so well that no one else knew about it? Or, people were honest not to touch other’s belongings? I would love to know where this place is, just because of the story that it holds. To say, “Oh, that’s where they stored their stuff. Nice!” I wonder if anyone has come across this spot and have done the same since the time the Fenn family were there.

    • SL, IMHO, yes. It seems to ALL still be there and in tact. I think he would like to continue returning here somehow, in all summers to come.

    • SL, IMHO, I think Forrest would like some way of returning here throughout all future summers to come. How could that be done?
      Things that make you go HMMMM —

  4. That’s a nice solve. I’ve still trying to figure out where to go after finding WWWH.

  5. Good solves…thanks for sharing. Does this mean you are never going out searching for Fenn’s treasure again, or just not to this same location?

  6. Good solve MeLee. I had the same question of Cynthia. I hope you are not quitting. Just go back to the drawing board. Just quit for a month or two and then go back to it with a clear mind.

    • Cynthia, Carolyn, & Amy —
      I thought I had “hung it up” after my third trip. The towel wasn’t even dry yet from that trip, but when things seem to fit ALL LINES so well it doesn’t seem to matter which are the 9 clues, you get pretty compelled to “GO” for proof. About the only thing that would pull me from CA to MT again, would be a REAL specific spot in the same general area. It fits too well IMHO.
      Good luck Amy and ALL. Forrest has to be having an absolute “BALL” laughing about all the “imaginative, clever, resourceful, etc” statements followed by “Empty Handed” whimpering admissions leaving him with the “Upper Hand” all along. It make me grin too — If he goes on a 1.000 yrs = OK!

  7. You seem very clever. Great job.
    Yes at some point we have to throw the towel in. Forrest created a magnificent poem. A poem that the directions are extremely difficult. This year I will most definitely post my solve. I’m waiting for Slurbs to search first, then it’s my turn.
    It will be called Amy’s final search. Lol ha ha. 🙂 😉

    • Ramona, you, and all, are more than welcome. I have sufficient info that I could do and “addendum”, but don’t know that I will.

  8. Brilliant solve. You could still be right. There are more than 43,560 possible hiding places in each acre. I hope you weren’t just 16 feet away.

    • Whut?, except to say “You’re right, but the treasure was left, in some cubic foot of some acre that has left me aching!” I walked that animal path & swept 8′ each side for fact! Everyone gets within 2 feet of it, if they are out there looking with their own 2 feet! LOL — Whut? —

    • Thanks Alopes & Arca & other Subs,
      I have to cut back on the “hard” work, & try to work “smarter”!
      It’s hard to do that, and it hurts when I try — No pain, no gain, feels good —

  9. Hello Pdenver, in the 1930’s a very large tent encampment existed during summer months at Fishing bridge. The FB museum has a photo and one exists online (I just don’t have time to re-locate it today).
    Caption reads that Grizzleys were a problem, photo shows a couple hundred tents.

    Link to museum: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fishing_Bridge_Museum

    • Hello Anna. Thank you for the information. I tried browsing the link, but I haven’t come across the photo yet. The only time I saw tents at Fishing Bridge, they belonged to the hotshot crew for the fires. I’ll be looking in the area trying to find something that means a lot to my husband…a childhood memory spot. Have to watch out for the bears.

    • Hello SL. It’s really interesting. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. It’s greatly appreciated. Do you believe the tents Anna saw on her link(s) are the same tents as these?

  10. MeLee: I am super interested in your solve, and I have some questions for you and would like to speak directly with you. I think you were very close. Any chance you would reach out? thanks!

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