I Think The Chest is Here…Part Two


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Many searchers have decided the chest is in a general area…maybe even a specific area of the known universe of the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe. So this is the place where we can talk about where we, as individuals, think the chest is at…Don’t give away too much though… 🙂


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  1. I think it’s in northern New Mexico. For one Fenn mentioned once that in the spot he could smell sage and pinion pine, which is only prevalent in New Mexico that I know of.

    • Michelle,

      “The person that finds it, is going to be a person who thinks and plans and has an analytical mind and uses logic, not someone who has a hunch.” 

      “I think the problem that searchers make is that they don’t dwell long enough on the first clue.”

      To use that comment as a guess that fenn meant NM is where the chest lays in wait… doesn’t that also force one to think the first clue must be there as well? Or at the very least, put doubt that the first clue could be in another state. Fenn keeps repeating the importance of the first clue. All I’m suggesting here is attempting to guess at what state, might lead you to conclude a wrong thought of the first clue.

      • NM Makes sense if you think logically that he KNOWS it’s still there…and also he CHOSE to live in NM…..so we already know that was one choice he actually made. If the spot never changed….then didn’t he already make that choice once?

        Does he wake up at 2am and go across the street to the bronze wagon to check on it? I was just trying to figure out the name of that statue and read that it’s supposed to be the largest bronze in the world? How can that be? *surprised*….ok not 8.25 miles north of SF….so not likely, but just thinking logic that he knows it’s still there.

        • If that’s the logic as to why it is in NM, why would he ever need a rental car? Why was he so concerned with rental records he mentions in the Collected Bookstore book signing video?

          • I don’t believe he ever said he actually rented a car. I think he’s also said things like he was afraid someone would notice his car. Does that mean it was HIS jeep that people would recognize? Also, if I remember correctly he said he didn’t want to rent a car when talking about the rental records, but I’m not certain on that…maybe the whole rental car chatter was to throw people off. I mean would he really give that away that he had to? Maybe reverse psychology says that he only said it because it’s IN NM.

          • (34:00) Was the car, you walked back to after hiding the treasure rented?
            “That’s the 1st time I’ve been asked that Q, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought about that. That’s why I told people I buried the treasure, that I hid the treasure when I was either 79 or 80 years old because I don’t want the exact date to be known because I’m afraid somebody will go check the rental car records & mileage”

          • What does one have to do in order to gain access to rental car records?

        • I do not think he needs to check on it at all to know that it is there. IMO I believe there is logic involved in his being able to know it is there.

          • Fenn is too smart to give away the location of New Mexico with a hint that he knows it’s still there. If it was close enough for him to be checking on it in New Mexico near his house, he would realize someone might suspect that from a comment that he knows it’s still there. IMO- he would not have given that comment if he thought it would give away the location. He is too smart for a little slip-up like that. I don’t know how he knows it is still there, but I believe him.

          • I would like to note that Fenn went to Radar School in the Air Force. And while he did not seem to care too much for it, he definitely knows what an RFID device is. Using RFID can help him find out where the chest is without ever having to go out to check on it.

            Also for him to expand on the question of whether it was rented, he could have simply said no if it was not rented. If it was yes and wanted to hide that fact then it was to his advantage to ‘beat around the bush’ so to speak.

            Still sticking with around Yellowstone area.

        • Stephanie – In TFTW, River Bathing is Best, Forrest said that he was in Yellowstone with his family a few years before so he could have possibly hidden the chest on that trip. I can imagine Forrest packing the car and hiding the chest in the trunk and covering it with a lot of other things. Then one afternoon on the trip he takes a drive by himself and hides the chest. Just a thought. It is amazing that after 6-7 years, searchers still can’t have a consensus on what state the chest is hidden in.

      • I also agree with the New Mexico theory. To me the biggest clue is actually in the book.
        “..in the mountains north of Sante Fe.”
        It wasn’t “…in the Rocky Mountains North of Sante Fe”

        He didnt add the Rocky Mountains (ie. NM to Canada) until after the story became popular.

        It will take longer to find if your 50,000 searchers are searching 4 states as opposed to 1.

        And the word GOLD on the Taos mountains in the story “Tea with Olga” is very interesting too.

        • Sorry Mark, could you please tell me where you see the word” Gold ” in Tea with Olga?

      • Hey fivestring Jeff! I have a photo of the photo that is your thumbnail–the making of that FF selfie at Fennboree—almost used it for my photo entry since it does kinda capture the essence of Fennboree!

  2. He later retracted that and said smell pine trees, and I think that there are 7
    states with pinion, but I like the convergence of the Red River and the Rio grande as my favorite spot.

    • Connie, well Josh Gates [host of Expedition Unknown] did the raft trip with a woman searcher. In the last segment they went up in a copter, looked down in the gorge. This lady was pretty caught-up in the Thrill, she moved to Taos 2 yrs ago from Hawaii, just to look for the chest.

      In my mind there is just not enough there, where are the woods? So maybe the gorge is a canyon, but are mesas really mountains?

      • 9 Clues,

        I personally have been up the Red River from the confluence of it and the Grande, as well as up creeks near Cebola Mesa and Garapata Canyon and trust me there are woods.


        • Go North West out of Taos to the Colorado Border. Chama falls.
          There are a few woods there, and huge falls.

    • Awesome! My favorite spot too! Great campsites with views looking out over the mesa. Love the monsoon season there. Watching the thunder storms roll by . Just remember that clay turns to caliche’ or mud after it rains. I picked a 5 gallon bucket of opinions around Questa. Hard to shell but delicious.

  3. I’d say Wyoming … Maybe cause I just like visiting Jackson Hole…Million Dollar Cowboy for a steak and a brew…who is in?

        • “He’s said North of Santa Fe, NM… but is only 8.25 miles north of another Santa Fe that’s a little more North?”

          I suspect that isn’t much of a clue. 🙂

      • “The best guess ever. I just love it.”

        Thank you; it came to me in a dream. An angel came down from On High and said “It’s in the mountains north of Cowgirl Barbecue Grill and Smokehouse! Vote for Bernie Sanders!” Or maybe it was Forrest pretending to be an angel, which we all know is an absurd pretense.

  4. I know about the pinion tree comment and that it only grows in NM and CO but I still believe the clues are strongest toward where he was born and spent time as kid: Yellowstone. Could the pinoin tree comment be something he said as “it would smell LIKE pinoin trees”?

      • His Birth Certificate states TX. However his family traveled to Yellowstone while fenn was just a twinkle in his mother’s eyes. Could fenn have been born there, and the recording of the birth done when the family returned home to TX? His birthday is August I believe, and in 1930 record keeping was not exact as today. Who knows, it may have been a requirement to record birth record in the town / city/county they lived in even if born outside that area… during this age in time.

        Just a thought …

        • Seeker- I am a professional family history researcher. There was no state law that I am aware of that would have required a birth be recorded in the state where the family lived. I don’t have a copy of the birth certificate. However; if you do, you may be able to see if the date that the birth was recorded was within a short time of the birthdate. If the birth was recorded more than a week after the birthdate, then likely there is little chance of proving one way or the other where the birth took place. Sometimes a birth would be recorded/announced in a local paper. But, that would depend upon the size of the town and the size of the local newspaper as well as how prominant the family was in the area. Lots of factors. Many early newspapers are now online. So you might try that avenue. However, if the birth was recorded within just a few days of the event, then it is most likely he was actually born in Texas where the record was recorded. If the birth was recorded much later, the date of recording would not help to prove one way or the other. In the early 1900s there was little requirement to actually record the birth at all. Laws may have required it, but there was little chance the law would be enforced. So if you can see a date that the certificate was recorded, it might help you narrow down if the birth location is accurate, but it wouldn’t prove it one way or the other. I personally see no reason to suspect that the birth location was incorrect. There would have been no motivation to do so. Its not like being born in one state verses another would have offered benefits one way or the other. Also; if there was a baptism or christening within a short time (a week or so) of the birth, that would have been recorded in church records. Of course, if your church is in the mountains, or “where dreams and fantasies alike go”, it would not have been recorded there. 😉

          • Puzzled,
            I was referring to a possible law of record for a birth outside the state… involving census records. I don’t believe fenn’s actual records of birth/place is wrong. However, I did give it some thought when I read the poem along the line of birth.
            Example; A definition of waters is embryonic fluid… as strange at it may sound… begin it where warm “waters” halt and take it in the canyon down to mean giving birth [ some imagination is needed ]. NFBTFTW ~ obvious. Put in below the hoB… in this case, the alternative birth place possibly WYS cabin.

            I hold no real thought to this, but it did lead me to another thought that the poem could be about a birth of sorts… a creation that happened over time. [ you know what I mean from prior conversations ]. But with birth or creation, death or demise follows, which I can read the poem as the same. So my thoughts then went to how does this connect to the poem as physical places, geographical locations? Well, with a few more reading of the poem, something seemed to take shape out of those silly interpretations.

            I see the poem could be read as the birth/creation of the RM’s themselves. How time, water, climate, and geological events brought on a possible meaning to the poem… Fenn’s church… his playground if you will. This change the interpretation of the poem to mean; the “Waters” take it in the canyon down. If you look at the range itself, waters plays a big part of the big picture… and so on.

            Does this theory hold water? well, I have a location… a small location and the only way to prove it is to go there. But then again I have had two other small locations… The comment there are many wwwh is the Rockies, killed one of them. The other actual is an X on a map… not the ink type, but a natural unique spot.

            I’m in no hurry to jump on my 300 horse buggy to see if I’m on the right track… I need to dissect the theories to my satisfaction before diving head first into something I simply feel good about.

            I bet this post has a few head shaking… lol… Welcome to My World… From the mind of an abstract thinker.

        • There is a chance the birth record was documented years later. My mom was born in 1940 in Kansas she did not have a cert until she was married.

          • TImW,
            While I highly doubt there is a controversy about the birth records… one simple answer to my suggestion above would be… the family simply didn’t go know his Mom would be close to giving birth.

            I know from personal experience, My birth record show my birth county as the county of residence however, I was not born in that county.

            Again, Just rambling and rumbling.

          • The date a birth record was filed is listed on the record. I don’t think it matters where FF was born. There is no reason to think his birth record is incorrect.

    • @Søren, “I know about the pinion tree comment and that it only grows in NM and CO ”

      Also Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, parts of Mexico, and elsewhere if the altitude and environment is adequate. Much of the USA Southwest’s pinyon pine forests were cut down and turned in to charcoal for the iron and copper mines.


      • The Pinions go all the way up to the northern top Colorado state line, as I told one person…trees don’t follow state lines…so sporadic clusters of pinions could stand around FF’s site…

    • Maybe he put some sage and pinion twigs in the chest, so it always smells on it. Ha, ha.

  5. Did ya’ll read weekly words on Jenny Kile’s site? Forrest said he hide the chest and used a Sedan!!!! Someone asked him and he answered!! Just a thought. One of is is getting a little closer every day and soon it will all be revealed…. Good Luck!!!!

    • Soon – shortly, presently, in the near future, before long, in a little while, in a minute, in a moment, in an instant, in a bit, in the twinkling of an eye, in no time, before you know it, any minute (now), any day (now), by and by

      Can’t be soon enough!! I haven’t even been able to get out for a search yet this summer. Working too much!

    • MS Girl;

      Sorry, I do not get the connection. How does Forrest saying that he drove to the “Hidey Spot” in a Sedan equate to “One of is (us) getting a little closer every day and soon it will all be revealed.”???? I just do not see the connection.

      Or..Someone asked him and he answered!! – how does this equate to someone being close?

      Just a couple of questions…

      STAY SAFE and GOOD LUCK to all


      • Just look up the word Sedan and he did not use a pick up to go way out somewhere off the beaten path with 4 wheel drive to get back and forth he would get stuck with just a Sedan so look to hidden meanings with sedan and also if he just took a sedan he had to park and walk not too far cause he could not go way out in a road vehicle way back somewhere. There are lots of clues With Sedan just think….Good luck to all!!! MS Girl

        • I agree with all of your thoughts re no 4-WD vehicle required, but how does this make finding the treasure soon equate. I still do not see the connection.

          I posted before that I can drive a “Sedan” – or any “normal” car to my parking spot, and I then have only a 1/2 mile hike to “My Spot” – does this mean that “I” am the one who is about to find the TC??? I sure hope so!!!

          Just a thought.


        • Also, Sedan means saloon so look things up and use your imagination. We all have had some off the wall spots but put them together and see what happens. You Never Know…..

        • It a hint to someone. Perhaps that they can take the easy way to the treasure and not the hard way.

          • ZOWIE!! I’m a Tarot card readert…..and never have thought about using them to see what kind of information I can garner. OOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!

            *begins to shuffle the deck*

            Now if I can just think up the exact question to ask…..*smiles*…..

            *begins to lay his Celtic Cross spread*

            Thanks KM! Good suggestion!

          • zosorocks1,

            Tarot anyone or anything, but not me ….lol. Now I’m curious…did you ask them anything about the chase?

  6. My hat is in Montana at the moment. But that could change. It’s my current solve. I would have liked it to be in Wyoming as it’s my home state(not were I live now, but where I grew up), so I will keep hoping it’s there.

  7. IMO: “FATE” plays a key role in the story and the Poem. Every stanza has more then “1” meaning. 1 stanza has a key also…
    The 1st stanza : is Mr.Fenn being inside the searchers mind.
    2nd stanza: tells the searcher exactly where to start and end and start again.
    3rd stanza: is Mr. Fenn talking to himself about his impending passing. It also is giving direction to the “blaze”.
    4th stanza: this one has the key and more. The key unlocks a door in another stanza. This stanza also is the location of the TC.
    5th stanza: this stanza I will not comment on at this time.
    6th stanza: this one had me stumped for the longest time. In the 4th stanza we “the searcher” already have the chest, so why did Mr. Fenn say this at the end of the Poem ? It is the searcher speaking “Hear me all and listen good”. The remaining part of the stanza is Mr. Fenn telling us that are effort to tell the world of our solve by way of typing it and sending it out so all can hear will give you title to the gold
    I will say that everything I’ve said here is in a short version of my complete solve. It is very complicated and to explain in depth would take up way to much space. One last thing : It is my wish for Mr. Fenn ( and film crew ) to accompany me to the “spot” . I will of course give the exact location before hand and lead the whole way. After all what better way to bring this amazing story to the World then have the one that put it there be with the one that takes it out.

    • I forgot to add the double omega sign and the names and history of the area play a very important role to the “spot”. As does “flashlight and sandwich”.

        • Well I’m not discounting that teachers with ropes and schoolchildren would lead you to the spot, also remember that it is highly recommended like George Washington, to practice “Leave no trace.”

          • Specifically I believe that he is implying a recovery might be difficult and it may take several tries at searching the area, so one should practice not being followed. (And that may be why some have trouble comprehending a few of the things I am saying as being on topic, though they are strictly, not to be suspecting of anything, plausibly deniable.)

          • What I mean specifically vaguely is that if you read his interview he talks about how it was raining that morning that Paul Bunyan went out, if you remember. It’s in the Santa Fe interviews. If you look on page 146 there is a picture of a man wielding an axe and all that is left is tree stumps. Now notice that we’re talking about teachers with strings, and how his father’s name is William Marvin Fenn, William meaning literally protector, and as to teachers with string the painting of George Washington was inspected and plausibly unmarred. He then speaks of a cloud his father he imagines is upon, watching down, followed by an epitaph which is bowed as in the form of a rainbow speaking to signify the end of the journey, and also mentioning that he would have liked to go out beating the cancer, like his father did. That is to go out before the cancer killed him, in some other way so it did not win.

    • Jas,
      “One last thing : It is my wish for Mr. Fenn ( and film crew ) to accompany me to the “spot” . I will of course give the exact location before hand and lead the whole way. After all what better way to bring this amazing story to the World then have the one that put it there be with the one that takes it out.”

      This is a nice sentiment, But you don’t really expect fenn to read your solve [ or you tell him ] and he jumps in the truck with you and a film crew and heads out, do you?
      He ain’t goin… you will need proof of the find… imo… before fenn even considers himself being filmed on location.

      Might I make a alternative suggestion? Bring fenn the bracelet or even the entire chest… ask for the story behind each piece and why that piece. Then add those stories to your story and the bio… You’ll never have to sell a piece of the contents or the chest. Well, Until the lady in your life wants to go clothes shopping.

      • It was a thought Seeker, yes you are probably rite. This is just such an amazing story that I was trying to cap it off with something special. Thank you for your input

        • IMO, if you notice the first word I used “FATE”. It was “FATE” that guided Mr. Fenn through his life and create this amazing journey we are all on. It was “FATE” that brought me to my solve.

      • Funny I plan on doing the opposite. I actually want to go shoot a hike somewhere else and say that’s the place that lead me to find the treasure. Out of respect for Mr. Fenn still wishing to be interred yet possibly, so to speak, I would rather find it better that the location be discreet.

        As well I find it best that I should maybe split up between myself and the other person I am bringing with me as to lead them to go in another direction about the treasure nearby and not to film the specific location, while I yell over to them that I found it, seeing how it is someone I trust enough not to kill me over it.

    • I do not believe that the searcher has the TC at the end of stanza 4. My daughter is a gymnast. When we go to her meets, we often give her a hug and say, “Take the Gold (gold medal). This does not mean she can reach out and pick up the gold medal. It means that the Gold is there for the taking, but she must work for it. At that time, she knows what must be done. There is effort that must be put forth. Note the following; ” your effort will be worth the cold”. This is suggesting that there is effort still that must be put forth before you can “take the chest” (gold). It is not until you get to the last sentence, “give you title to the gold” that you can claim the chest and the “gold ” Fenn speaks of. I can’t help wondering if perhaps somebody has had a good solve, but because they expected to “take the chest” in stanza 4, they didn’t go far enough. I feel certain that you can’t actually take the chest and the gold until you finish the clues or hints in stanzas 5 & 6.

      • Puzzled, I with you on this…

        “I mean, there’s people driving down the street looking for a blaze, because that’s one of the clues, but you can’t start in the middle of the poem and find the treasure, I don’t think, I mean, it would be a miracle if someone did.”

        • Well I think that’s been said and if you “Find the Blaze you’ve found the treasure” Well I haven’t been to the blaze but I do believe it is there and you can find it even with google maps.

          • In fact Forrest has even said you may be able to see the blaze with google maps but you can’t see the treasure. Now should I find the blaze on google maps why would I share it before retrieving the treasure? There would be 20,000 people looking for it and I would be out the treasure. The problem I have then would be that I know where it is and how to find it and I’d rather not go beyond where to start.

            as anyone looked up near The Narrows in Hebgen Lake and up in that area well enough in the mountains? It sounds like nigh to me, west yellowstone, also narrow, nigh.

          • IMO – I can only agree to that a portion of the “blaze” can be seen using Google Earth. Why? “Canyons”, “too far to walk”, “put in below”, etc…..are all directions and probably include some sort of distance. If these are the roads or cities or landmarks that we need to follow the poem, then the “blaze” is not only the poem, but a specific trail – marked by landmarks, cities, rivers, creeks, etc.

            Can you see all these using google maps…..but what if FF marked the trail with a trail marker? You won’t find that part of the “blaze” using GE……but you can use GE to see the “blaze” and how it arrives at your spot.

            Best of luck to you!

          • You say,”In fact Forrest has even said you may be able to see the blaze with google maps ”

            Can you please show me where you got this info? I do not believe that Forrest ever made such a statement. Please prove me wrong.


            Good Luck, and SSTAY SAFE


          • Now, we all know Forrest really loves his wife and two daughters, and he even attributes them to saving him from cancer. So as you can read in his poem “An Ode To Peggy Jean” he writes “Today I looked up in the sky” and we know that he seemed to like to go to Hebgen Lake as well, and probably often enough with Peggy and Kelly and Zoe. He has specifically noted their “warm comfort” and so we have Hebgen Lake, which is water, it’s standing water, and we have warm comfort of family, and all in one place he seems to be noting “nigh” as well as The Narrows in Hebgen Lake.

          • Kevin, You said;
            Well I think that’s been said and if you “Find the Blaze you’ve found the treasure” … In fact Forrest has even said you may be able to see the blaze with google maps but you can’t see the treasure.

            In fact? I would like to know where that in fact comment about the blaze being seen from GM came from. Mind sharing?

          • JD I would love to prove you wrong however I don’t remember which comment in which scrapbook it was discussed. If you would like to go through all of them be my guest..

          • I believe it was a discussion on the Stanza specifically:

            If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,
            Look quickly down, your quest to cease,
            But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
            Just take the chest and go in peace.

            It may also be on the Illinois Ghost site but I believe I saw the discussion on here in among one of the scrapbooks as well, there has been a lot of discussion about the blaze.

            Reminds me of a book called “Player 1 Start”

          • Hey Kevin,
            Not a great answer… If ya want to make a quote of fenn’s comment, ya gonna need to have information to back it up. I haven’t heard this supposed comment, and it seems JD has not as well. Maybe you could retract your foot steps and find it as your the one who posted it.

            Just a bit of friendly advice…

          • kevin, I most certainly agree with JD and seeker.

            I have never seen the “fact” you posted and attributed to Forrest. It would be nice if you could provide a link to your “fact”.

            Your excitement about the Chase is understandable and your presence here is most welcome. Maybe in your haste to announce your findings, you didn’t have time to read the RULES, above. Most notably:

            1. Don’t spread rumors about Forrest or the chest. Others may think they are fact.

            2.Support your quotes. When quoting individuals, including Forrest…make certain your quote is accurate and try to cite the place where the quote came from…..

            Looking forward to you supplying the link.

            @GOOFY – – You on vacation???? 🙂

        • Please take no offence but we were dumb enough to go on that drive ourselves. I am not surprised Mr. F drove there in a car and then walking in twice then went home all in one afternoon. he has said many of us are over thinking the poem. he is crafty like a fox. we played at writing clues to a secret place near our home and it is not hard to confuse someone with facts even close to home. close proximity BTW way is over a mile. so if he parked his car & went into canyon a mile he is no longer in “close prosimity to a trail”

          • I don’t believe F said anything about going home after hiding the TC.
            IMO of course

  8. IMO – it is Montana…..north of WYP. There are just too many nice places up that way to not include it. I also think that this location had been found by FF, and is only known to him.

    If I were a gambling man, and I am….I think whomever can figure out his “secret fishing hole”, then you may be very close to the chest.

    Why I link these two together, because they both fit FF’s explanation of the place he wants to be his final resting place. Why not be able to witness a gorgeous sky and scenery for the rest of your life, and have enough food to do that.
    – if you really look close at that particular photo, you will clearly see that where or when ever this was taken – it shows a shallow river or creek or spawning pond FULL of fish swimming.
    – you can’t really make out the type of fish – but the fin placement, really doesn’t look like brown trout or cutthroat trout.
    – You can tell that they are all pretty much moving in the same direction, so that would either indicate a spawning ground or a creek.
    – To any fisherman, this would be considered “Heaven” and could put you in a mindset to make this your final resting place.

    Just more speculation that does fit in with this search.

    Good luck to all.

    • I had once found a photo very similar to the one you mention. The fish were called groupers. At that time I was researching Grebe Lake in YNP. The story about FF and his friend Concy relates one of his trips to that lake. There are lots of little man sized holes just off the trail to Grebe Lake.
      …. all IMO as it was just a computer search.

        • Hey Mike…..NICELY DONE!!

          You know, if you Google Images this fish, it does look like the one in TToTC.

          Could this be the missing piece of the puzzle everyone has been looking for?

          It could be!

          Now….do you use this information to find his fishing hole? I think so!!

          Good luck and thanks for posting!


      • The photo in TToTC is the only one in the book without a description of where it is located at. It also looks very much like spawning time as well, because there is so many.
        “Your effort will be worth the cold”

        IMO – alludes to a specific season or time of season.

        “worth the cold”
        – the time between winter and spring
        – the time between fall and winter
        – in the northern states of the RMs – it will be “cold” at night during the late summer beginning around mid-August
        – NM – begins to get “cold” late September (fall)
        – CO – begins to get “cold” early to mid-September
        – WY – begins to get “cold” late August to mid-September
        – MT – begins to get “cold” late August

        But…if you are “in the wood” – where bears do reside, safety dictates that FF probably would have located the chest with a reflection upon the season and his limited or possible limited interaction with bears.
        – We know he would have included avoiding Mama Bear and her cubs – which would normally be seen around late Spring to early Summer – so this may be something that we also take into consideration when planning an adventure.

        Granted you will be prepared with bear spray, but also think that “the cold” could be a direction FF has given us, in order to be safe and you may just not need bear spray after all.

        Remember – FF never mentioned “bear spray” in his interviews, so it could very well mean that where the chest is located, it can be found while they are hibernating.
        – late Winter / early Spring – snow is melting and may be a better view in some parts without all the foliage to hinder the view.
        – late Fall / early Winter – snow may have not started yet, but foliage is again limited on the branches so this may also be helpful.

        Overall – be safe and very aware of your surroundings.

        Cheers and good luck!

        • I think the that photo is/was Forrest being quite funny – looks like the fish hatchery.

    • I think I know the answer to that quote Jas. There is a slight hint in TTOTC. Hint isn’t essential if you understand the poem, but it does confirm the poem (Imo). Don’t have my book in front of me, but it’s the story about Fenn’s teenage job of dishwasher and grandma “giving” him the pie. Interesting things in that chapter Imo. But most folks are looking for answers instead of hints and won’t recognize the hints because they don’t understand the poem Imo. I believe that the poem contains all you need. The hints are only confirmation. I think if the hint leads you somewhere before you understand the poem, you are quite possibly going the wrong direction. Listen to the poem and only the poem and use hints only as confirmation. Don’t let hints lead you. Imo

      • That is very interesting Puzzled! it always amazes me how many different things one can come up with when looking at something? I also like to think that when Mr. Fenn set out on this amazing journey his intend was that he will be passing soon. Therefore he knew the one that found the TC would not be able to keep it a secret. Or something along those lines

      • I was curious as to why he changed the names in the book from his westyellowstonenews.com post.

        • JasonD, I was watching my dog one day and she circled and circled in the same spot and then lied down. It dawned on me that she was finding her “spot”.

      • Well Puzzled, that interpretation sure leaves me scratching my head. And Jas, your “ergo” makes me scratch even harder, or something along those lines…..

        Good luck to you both.

    • It could allude to the possibility that others whom have passed, knew the place where the chest is.

      • Yes it very well could mean that too. is it not wonderful how this “chase” encourages ones mind to expand into the unknown!?

      • My first post! I’m quite new and still trying to get my bearings and listen good and learn but I thought I read somewhere or heard in a video (info overload) that Forrest said that his Dad would know exactly where he put the treasure. It brings an interesting interpretation to his oft repeated line, “2 people can keep a secret if one of them is dead” (I think that one is actually IN TTOTC AND he seems to repeat it in interviews as somewhat of a mantra). I’m getting a little antsy, though w/all this information collecting because I am drawn to this search by the THRILL of CAMPING!! I don’t know how much more CANASTA I can stand! I’ll go back to my materials to try to find the page # and/or links to videos where FF can be quoted thusly.

        • @Ms.Elaine.E(Randi Pantera) re: the dad would know thing…that was another searcher on here who said that. He had said a film crew who was filming him (the searcher) told him ff told them (the crew) that statement. There is no truth to this, no video or written statement and this searcher sort of retracted his mentioning of that so best to just forget about trying to find any reference to that. Right Tom T? I think he got the nuk threat for evening mentioning this! IMO. Welcome and take good notes on those videos/interviews. Good luck!

          • I agree that we should really focus on what FF says, to develop a similar thinking.

            BUT…and there is always a but…..what if FF – if said this – was actually meaning, that his father would have also know where the chest is, because he had also been to that area.

            Maybe FF and his father’s fishing trips were more special than what has been let on, and indeed FF father would know of this location.

            IMO – one could use this angle to devise a location based upon frequency and knowledge of the area by FF father taking him to the location previously.

            So in truth – no one really knows if FF father actually knows, but it could be possible – just basing it upon the many fishing trips that were done by both FF and his father.

            One of the reason’s why I have contemplated the “secret fishing hole” as the resting place….his father would also know of this place.

            Good luck.

          • Thanks, Cholly. I am a super newbie so really needed that clarification. I had thought I heard FF actually say that-“my Dad would know the place”. I shall put it out of my head. Funny, the stories we can get going on in our heads and then think are true! Back to Canasta, for me!
            I think as far as this thread goes I am still in the 1/4 NM, 1/4 MT, 1/4 WY and 1/4 CO.

  9. imo – i give you title to the gold – if – if – you’ve been wise and found the blaze just take the chest and go in peace – this is what I think it says – but what do I know – its just my opinion

    • Frank;

      With all due respect, it almost seems as though you have taken the poem, cut it in strips, put it in a cloths dryer, and then pulled them out, in no particular order and pasted them back onto a sheet, and then you call this a revelation.

      Sorry, I just don’t get it.

      Re-spouting individual lines of the poem in a different order is NOT a “solve”

      Of course, this is just my opinion.


      • JD you my be right with what I did with the poem – but can you explain one thing to me – why I take the chest first and then – why is it that I must leave my trove – and then go in the wood it just doesn’t sound right to me – maybe im missing something – help if you can thanks for your reply all this is just my opinion

        • In stanza #4, you find the treasure, and “Just take the chest and go in peace.”

          In stanza #5, Forrest is asking the question…”So why is it that I (Forrtest) must go and leave my (his) trove for all to seek?”

          Forrest is asking you (the searcher) why YOU feel that he (Forrest) left his TC for you to find – thus creating the “Thrill of the Chase”. In the next two lines, Forrest states that HE knows the answers already, but it is important that we, the searchers, understand why he did it.

          The last stanza puts a bow on the package.

          By understanding the architecture of the poem, you will see that this stanza ties in with stanza #1, in a circular fashion. This circular architecture does not change the order of the stanza’s – it just ties them all together. This process takes the searcher from a global view of where the TC is hidden, to an EXACT description of where it lies…and I hope to prove all of the above on July 23rd.

          So for now, this is all just my opinion.

          Hope that this helps you and others.

          Good Luck to ALL searchers, and STAY SAFE>


          • Well I better get out there before you do 🙂

            You’re right though, there is an exact spot it is hidden.

            You said ‘In stanza #5, Forrest is asking the question…”So why is it that I (Forrtest) must go and leave my (his) trove for all to seek?”

            I think it’s in order to cover up Philadelphia with a thumb.

          • I’m rooting for you JD ! However, Imo, FF is not the only one asking “why is it that I must go, and leave my trove for all to seek”. “I” is also asking Imo. Remember I have mentioned before that I believe “I” has a double meaning. So I believe that in order to find the answer, we must understand “I”. And in understanding, we learn more about where the TC is placed. IMO of course.

      • Forrest has specifically said that he didn’t want people cutting up his poem and messing with it. I think that is good advice and if it can’t be solved with the arrangement intact it is not a solve.

        • Kevin-
          No…Forrest did not say specifically that…all he specifically said was “Don’t mess with my poem.” Please don’t substitute opinion for fact.

  10. All,

    It just cracks me up when Dal starts a new part of an old thread and it becomes popular like the flavor of the day or week.


  11. I’ve used “my backyard” as an example so often, while explaining how the clues alone can point virtually anywhere, that I have come very close to believing that it may, perhaps, actually be in my backyard.

  12. At the moment I decide to cease in my quest, I shall, at the same time, decide to forge on.

  13. If there were two treasures I’d maybe tell you where one was after I found the other. 😉

    I thought about it though I’d like to make more money with it I have some pretty expensive (and fruitful) ideas and taste and live on practically nothing. So if I make back 10 times what it’s worth I don’t mind adding another treasure in lue.

  14. all – if you go to vignettes and click on reliquary- what the signs say and its just my opinion – it sounds just like the poem

    1- ladder- go up
    2-knife – cut
    3- arrow – straight
    4 cross -across
    5 robe – road
    6 vase – that’s the place
    7 dices – where the treasure lies
    8 theres the omega
    9 theres the bird bath waters high

    so to me it reads

    go up cut straight across the road that’s the place where the treasure lies
    at the omega below waters high – this is what I think it says and its just an opinion

    • IMO, this is how the poem works. Each sentence / stanza resolves to a word or phase or location. I believe these answers feed the next sentence (clue). At the end you use all the 9 sentence clue answers to give you something…. maybe the starting point which would give you the “correct” WWWH.

      • “maybe the starting point which would give you the “correct” WWWH.”

        Hi Arca….i like this thinking…..and I think others also use this as well. I’m in this camp…..all clues lead to the spot marked “X”, but in the same essence, each clue is a representative of the location.

        Using the clues in the poem, and then utilizing them for the next clue…..has been very helpful for me. Here is one example….

        “Put in below the home of Brown” tells us a location.

        And the next clue….”from there it’s no place for the meek.”

        What I have extracted is that the “home of Brown”, is a lead in to a place that is meek. So yes, the previous clue will help.

        One could extrapolate that the “home of Brown” is a region of Grizzly Bear habitats. Okay, I can understand this, and if you go to the next clue, “place that is meek”….I would vouch for anyone that a grizzly bear region is a place for the meek.

        So the clues could be combined, in order to help us figure them out.

        Is this the angle I’ve taken, it is involved.

        To go one more step…..after you’ve found the “meek place”, the poem directs you that “the end is drawing nigh”….why not look for the next clue at this time as well – “a creek”. So one should look for a creek after the “meek” area has been found.

        You see what I mean.

        FF was thorough.

        • You put the following in quotation marks – “the end is drawing nigh”

          The correct quote is, “The end is ever drawing nigh;”

          Not much of a difference, but a subtle one.

          Ever = more than once, so an end, a terminus or boundary MAY be drawing near more than once.

          Just when you think you have come to the END, you may have to re-think, and seek a second END or boundary.

          Just something to think about.

          Good luck in your search and STAY SAFE


          • Thanks JD…just paraphrasing the verse…..the word was not intentionally missed, but I was just using the line as a reference and figured others knew what I meant.

            But I do understand your thinking on the word “end”. I just didn’t want to go into some long drawn out explanation of my theories of the word.


          • IMO “the end is ever drawing nigh” indicates that the searcher can never reach the end, FF will never reach the end and neither will “I” IMO

          • End, to me, is an important word, especially if you use boundary as its definition.

            EVER, to me, is even more important though because of its definition of more than once.

            Just a thought.


          • JD –

            You said “Ever = more than once, so an end, a terminus or boundary MAY be drawing near more than once.

            Just when you think you have come to the END, you may have to re-think, and seek a second END or boundary.”


            Try nine times…………..OK? Just when you think you are done………imo….you are not.

    • Hi Frank. Re-reading some past posts today and found yours intriguing. Sunday School was not my forte, so I’m curious as to how you’ve attached those meanings to signs 5, 6 & 7 ? Also, I believe 8 symbolizes the Crown of Thorns. If so, how does that relate to the double Omegas….I could see it relating to an alpha & omega, as in “I am the Alpha and the Omega…”, but a double omega/end? As for sign 9, I’m guessing it might the cock perched on the vessel of myrrh, but I’m not sure.

  15. I think the answer to the blaze gives it away. We have a good idea where
    It might be!

  16. I put together a quick tally of which people are searching in which states, mostly based on what has been posted recently under this topic. Would like to expand the statistics with more data points, but here’s the breakdown so far:

    WY: JD, JMiles, Zenden, Jas, Arca, and 1/2 of Kevin
    MT: Dal, Woody, JasonD, Zosorocks1, Jake Faulker, Dys, Zaphod73491
    CO: 1/2 of Kevin
    NM: Michelle, Stephanie, Thomas Conrad, Dulcinea

    (Kevin has mentioned both WY and CO, so not knowing which one he favors I split his vote between them.) If I have any of you in the wrong state, please let me know and I’ll update accordingly, but the percentages for these 17 searchers (rounded to the nearest percent) are WY: 41%, MT: 32%, CO: 3%, NM: 24%. Of course, if any of you are like me, you have a ~current~ favorite state, but you haven’t completely ruled out the others. For instance, Colorado was my favorite choice up until about a week ago.

    • Zaphod :
      I do think it is in Wyoming
      in the Shoshone National Forest
      on page 200 in TFTW he mentions
      I’ll happily share my National forests with you


      • Hi zenden…..good reference to that….as IMO – it is a confirmation that the chest is located on BLM land.

        Here is an excerpt from a FAQ on “the wilderness” and “national forests”:


        Which agencies are responsible for wilderness management?
        Wilderness is managed by four Federal agencies: the Bureau of Land Management, the Fish and Wildlife Service, the Forest Service, and the National Park Service.

        FYI – if the chest is located on BLM land, this eliminates many legal issues…..not to say all of them, but most will not be applicable.
        – If you were wondering….”a trove” is considered personal property, and according to the legal side of finding a trove on BLM land, one is required to return it to the owner. In this case it would be FF.
        – Well, we already know that FF has stated that “I give you the title to the gold”, thus covering the base that it needs NOT to be returned to FF.
        – Is there any other legal issues with BLM that can be a problem?
        + none that I have come across, thus allowing me, as a seeker, to know these important facts about the location of the chest:

        a. It is not on private land
        b. It is not on protected or state owned property
        c. It is legal for me to pick up the chest and leave with it.
        d. I do not have to report this find to anyone.
        e. It is not on Indian land
        f. For government issues – They will be the one that will have to prove I found it on Federal land, because I will state this to them…..
        – Can you prove where I found it?
        + Clearly this is a fair play pushed back at them, because if they want to acquire any funds from me, they will have to provide enough evidence to me to show where I had located it. I think I will win this one…..hehehe…..


        • Zosorocks
          I hope you will not be holding the chest in your hands when talking to the government.


          • LOL

            Why not? They can’t take it from me. I found it on the ground.


            They need a warrant. Even then, it’s owner is FF and I am returning it to its rightful owner, whom in turn will shake my hand and say something wise to me, and we will visit his home, and he will give me atour, and I will still have the treasure, because title was given t the seeker.

            They have to prove their side before they can get the treasure.

            I really think FF talked with a lawyer before doing this act….just to cover some of legal issues being the sum is in excess of $500k.

            Again…just speculation, but it seems to fit.

            I have a whole plan on place if I am the lucky finder.

            I’ve even have started planning a US tour of the chest, just so other seekers will be able to see what they searched for.

            It’ll be fun, if this comes about as I hope it will.

            ZosoRocks = 0
            Indulgence = 1



          • Tim, I don’t know about keeping it. Maybe it should stay where it is – just a quick look at the spectacular glory. Besides my RV is small and Indulgence is heavy – a weight issue for RV in tow. 🙂

          • It will be under lock and key, except for the bracelet FF wants back and a necklace. I even have a whole plan on how to notify FF I found the chest.

            My plan is foolproof, in addition to being fun for all, as well.

            Trust me, I have a plan. Just some added details to boost my “confidence”.


            Oh okay….my confidence is still yet to be built…..but I’m rolling along…..LOL


      • Zaphod

        thank you for the quick tally
        National forests to me rules out
        trible lands and BLM and private
        so this sentence on page 200
        means it is a national forest ( IMO)


    • Jas posted this:

      My hat is in Montana at the moment. But that could change. It’s my current solve. I would have liked it to be in Wyoming as it’s my home state(not were I live now, but where I grew up), so I will keep hoping it’s there.

      So looks like he should be in MT not WY


      • I believe JasonD posted that, JD, not Jas. Jas replied to Dulcinea’s question: “Yes I will Dulcinea, Wyoming”

        • I stand corrected. When I “F3’d” JAS some of JasonD’s posts came up and I did not look carefully OOPS – Sorry. I have more competition in Wyoming.


      • JD I said Wyoming . I’m putting together a better explanation of why I think it is in Wyoming . I will be posting it later today.

    • Count me in for CO the least mentioned or hinted at state! Spanish Peaks is on my list, would have been a good stopping point for the family from Temple to rest up on their way to YNP…..IMO.

    • Thanks for the tally. Isn’t it amazing that out of about 65,000 searchers, only 19 of us were willing to divulge the state that we thought the treasure was in.

      I guess that that makes us 19 fool-hearty, or extra confident. hummm

      • JD sorry to be late – NM for me for 3 years solid. Still working on it though. I know this is truly difficult but hopefully not impossible.

      • Hi JD: at least the # of respondents is growing. When I hit 30 people I send an update. 🙂

  17. I believe the chest lies under a big sky in a treasure state of mind…so to speak.

      • Hi, I missed your comments – nice to see you again. I believe it is in plane sight also, but sometimes it seems that everything looks the same. After a while it all looks like patina bronze. I hope to see the difference eventually.

        • Hi back! I agree, the color of a certain lichen, I believe, like that on the rocks around the outside of the “Opera mouth” shaped cave forrest stands in front of in his post on “prehistoric friends”…

          • Working hard. Just having difficulty seeing differences in things – I depended so much on color in the past. Now, I am having more and more of a problem with vision – Went out today and found that my reading glasses are not clear enough – had to get the strongest pair at the dollar store. Cut my adventure short – so did the weather. 🙂 Nice to see you online 🙂

  18. FF: “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”

    FF: “Searchers have come within about 200 feet. Some may have solved the first four clues, but I am not certain.”

    I have a strong location in the Gallatin Forest, but the contradiction above is really putting some apprehension in my step….

    I’m starting to suspect that one can’t find the general location of the TC without BOTG, but FF’s comment below makes me spin in circles of confusion…

    FF: “The person who finds the treasure will have studied the poem over and over, and thought, and analyzed and moved with confidence. Nothing about it will be accidental.”

    I feel like a miniature folly inside a puppet booth. Ugh.

    • Mr. Fenn’s comment that “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues” was made over 2 years ago, so consider when these comments were made.

        • Thanks spallies. I guess the point I was trying to make to the OP was that the two statements were not necessarily contradictions if they were made a year or so apart.

          • Maybe I should have used a better word than contradiction. My apologies.

            This one is from March 2013:

            “There have been some who have been within 500 feet because they have told me where they have been. Others have figured the first two clues and went right past the treasure and didn’t know it.”

            Using this quote from March 2013 and the one from Dec 2014, we should be able to presume that searchers have been within 500 feet of the treasure and only solved the 1st two clues, correct?

            Assuming WWWH & Canyon down are clues, wouldn’t the searcher had to of figured out the ‘not far, but too far to walk’ clue if he/she was within 500 feet?

            Does this potentially mean ‘not far, but too far to walk’ is not a clue? How could this line not be a clue? Seems like an obvious clue to me….
            Remember that FF stated he isn’t trying to mislead people…

          • Hi Tommy: based on your earlier comment about a general area in Montana, I would not have guessed that WWWH was ~your~ choice for the first clue from the poem.

    • Tommy-It is surprising that people and searchers have been so close and didn’t know it. It’s almost like the clues take you past the chest and then back to it. I believe that the clues in the poem are as elusive as the chest is! What I mean is that the creek is only there in spring and then mid summer it is gone and searchers can easily walk past the search area of the chest. The search area can be found without botg. If your search area isn’t precise save yourself a vacation! My first search was too early in the year and the creek kept me from searching farther. I did take a picture of a tree with markings that seemed out of place and 2 days later i connected them to the owl of minerva. Time will tell! These are IMO.

  19. I have always thought it may be in Wyoming from the start of my search
    (early 2015) because of “cody the buffalo,”
    which is on the wyoming state flag.


  20. Since we’re polling…I live in Colorado and have searched several areas in this state (Brown’s Park, Brown’s Canyon of the Arkansas, Browns’ Creek and LIttle Browns’ Creek tribs of the Arkansas), San Juan River south of Pagosa, Treasure Falls near Pagosa…but my current search area is in New Mexico. Perhaps I should take a clue from Jeremy P. and search my own back yard more thoroughly…but I’m hooked on New Mexico.

      • Love the way she says, ‘intricately carved wooden chest’! lol, where do this reporters get their information!

        • Cholly
          I also know it is in a Bronze chest,,
          but the words (wooden chest) got me to thinking.
          maybe forrest put the bronze chest in the wooden box the chest is sitting on top of,
          in the photo.


          • The wooden box as you call it zenden, I believe is the photographer’s own wooden stool used for the photos.

          • There is a wooden lining that ff had made for the chest. Last night I did some reading up on corrosion of metals and moisture to see what just might occur over time to the contents of the chest and wondered if the wooden liner would help insulate against any potential corrosion after all he ‘thought of everything’. Thinking to much!

  21. Dear Forrest, could you please confirm that you had a wooden liner made for the chest, I know I heard you say that in one of the many interviews! Thanks!

    • Funny, when I got to my spot I said the same thing. Did you take a gps or forget it like me?

    • Jake- I’m willing to say we are going to see some impressive solves coming up soon now that botg season is upon us. I had thought dys had figured out the same thing i did, when he mentioned the thing forrest had said that nobody had figured out. But when he said he had hiked 20 some miles i knew it wasn’t the same. 30 days from now i’m putting my solve up, chest found or not! I hope then to tell you where the chest is!

  22. We’ve reached 30 replies, and stats have evened out a bit. Updated tally:

    WY (6 1/2): JD, JMiles, Zenden, Jas, Arca, John Edo, and 1/2 of Kevin

    MT (11): Dal, Woody, JasonD, Zosorocks1, Jake Faulker, Dys, Zaphod73491, Dogzebra, Tommy Voltaire, Charlie, Hear Me All

    CO (5 1/2): 1/2 of Kevin, Cholly, Corin, E.C. Waters, JDiggins, Locolobo

    NM (7): Michelle, Stephanie, Thomas Conrad, Dulcinea, SandyB, Crowfeast, Whut?

    Percentages: MT=37%, NM=23%, WY=22%, CO=18%

  23. I am quite surprised. Because of YNP, I would have thought that Wyoming’s number would have been much higher. Maybe these searchers are just staying tight-liped – Who knows?

    I am sure that some of Montana’s numbers are a reflection of YNP’s influence, but then again, Who knows?

    Colorado’s numbers sure jumped.


    Good luck to all searchers – no matter your state of choice – STAY SAFE


  24. I think the flip-flop in the poll is from searcher’s original spot, then not finding it there, moved to a diff state. I originally thought NM, then WY & MT last year. Now, after extensive researching and analyzing the poem, I’ve found “my spot” in MT. It all fits…will be there 1000 yrs fom now, artifacts nearby, under his rainbow, pillowed down/scented in, a place F would love to be forever, less than a few miles hike off a trail, where the end is a beginning…I’ll shut up, I know Dal has MT in his sights!

    • Gotta love MT,
      Met a couple of searchers there & Cinnamon Lodge is a great place to stay.
      Hello Morgen!
      Will be back.
      Cameron Draw is close to nigh 😉

    • If you don’t mind saying; Is this spot where the end is a beginning, north of N 45 40′ 00″ latitude?

  25. Donna M. – You said that it is less than a few miles hike off a trail. Forrest stated that he made 2 trips from his car to the spot in one afternoon. That would be 4 times of walking back and forth. He has also said in reply to a question that he walked less than a few miles to hide the treasure. I think that mean overall distance but he could have been trying to be vague. Does your solve still work out with the distance?

  26. Updated stats, 46 votes. Distribution is getting flatter:

    WY (7): JD, JMiles, Zenden, Jas, Arca, John Edo, 1/2 of Kevin, 1/2 of Mike(MT)

    MT (14.3): Dal, Woody, JasonD, Zosorocks1, Jake Faulker, Dys, Zaphod73491, Dogzebra, Tommy Voltaire, Charlie, Hear Me All, Donna M., Bookworm, 80% of Melanie, 1/2 of Mike(MT)

    CO (9.5): 1/2 of Kevin, Cholly, Corin, E.C. Waters, JDiggins, Locolobo, Inthechaseto, Eaglesabound, Cas, SL

    NM (15.2): Michelle, Stephanie, Thomas Conrad, Dulcinea, SandyB, Crowfeast, Whut?, 505poetics, 20% of Melanie, Blazed-KS, Mr. Mike, Peter, Lugnutz, Tom Terrific, Michael Hendrickson, OS2

    Percentages: NM=33%, MT=31%, CO=21%, WY=15%

    So at least 2/3 of us are in the wrong state. 😉

      • If you’re all on the same “team” using the same solution to the clues, I think that is best expressed in the statistics by a single vote.

    • And Wyoming drops to 4th. Again, I am VERY surprised. I would have thought with all of the YNP searchers that this number would rise. I think that the YNP searchers are very tight-lipped.

      Just my opinion.


      • If you think about the traffic in YNP and the strict regulations, I highly doubt FF would place it there. Namely because anything found in YNP is their property. I think FF avoided YNP, but enticed us with his travels to get people to visit the park more often, and use the treasure hunt as a side trip.

        That is not to say that there are some great spots to be searched, it just doesn;t seem to fit in with FF adventurous and “out there in the wild alone” attitude.

        It also would seem to me that the “red tape” associated with YNP if one were to find it, is something that FF was trying to avoid, especially if a kid could find it.

        Cheers and good luck out there!

        Be prepared.

        • You are probably right Zoso. Hope you are. The fewer searchers in Wyoming, the happier I am…at least less worried that I may run into a fellow searcher at my “spot”.


          • :o)

            I hope you have been “wise” enough.

            It definitely is fun trying to find the spot marked “X”.

            Ever since I was a kid with wild imaginations of finding a buried treasure, when this came along, a check got to go onto my bucket list.

            The only problem is, it is sort of a half check mark….because the list does require me to FIND the treasure. LOL

            I guess a half of a mark is progress, huh?


            Stay safe in your journey JD!

        • @zosorocks1: ” I highly doubt FF would place it there. Namely because anything found in YNP is their property”

          That appears to be the law on BLM land, parks, monuments, and forests: property that is deliberately abandoned magically “belongs” to the government. Unclaimed stolen property, recovered by law enforcement officers, becomes the property of the police department. Property abandoned on private land belongs to the owners of the land.

          The finder of the treasure chest (which will be me, by the way) should bring it to Forrest so that he can gift it back to the finder— otherwise, the government will insist it owns it.

          • That isn’t true. BLM is public land. A “trove” also has a legal meaning. Look it up.

            Now for State parks and National parks like YNP, the regulations change and are more stricter.

            Here is another example. Let’s say I found where the treasure lies. It is in my right as an American to actually “stake a claim” on that land I think the treasure chest is.

            Okay, maybe it isn’t there, but there is gold or other valuable minerals.

            I own it. The government does not.

            One specific regulation on BLM is that a trove is to be returned to the person who left it.

            From the BLM regulation site (probably FAQ):

            “Archaeological Resource Protection Act (ARPA)
            Anything over 100 years old is considered a cultural artifact and therefore its removal or
            destruction without authorization is prohibited. No surface collection or disturbance of any
            cultural materials is allowed on public lands. This includes surface collection of arrowheads
            (under 43 CFR 8365.1-5(a)(1)). All surface collection, disturbance, excavation and/or digging for
            artifacts are prohibited.”


            NOTE: “Anything over 100 years old is considered a cultural artifact”

            FF placed the trove in 2009/2010 – which makes it quite young. I can see how he hopes it will still stay there 100 yrs to 1000 yrs, because then, like he said, it can become interesting in who will own it.

            Trust me, I’ve research this angle a lot. Maybe not as well as others, but I think any lawyer will say, it is a clean argument.


            I guess I will know when I discover the chest, huh?



          • He Desertphile….here is another viable angle to use as an argument if the treasure is found on BLM land….in which I do believe it resides on….

            “Only hobby collecting is allowed in wilderness
            and wilderness study areas and must not involve surface disturbance. ”


            Note the terminology being used.

            You and I are not making any money off of out time and troubles….no one is. Thus it is a hobby, and nothing more.

            I plan on collecting a treasure chest I found int he wilderness because of my hobby.

            The government will have a very hard time getting anything from anyone…..too many regulations lean toward the public’s use of the land.

            Good luck!

          • Another tidbit of information many may not be completely aware of….is in relationship to FF’s coment regarding…paraphrased….

            “If I were standing at the treasure I could smell…pinion,” and other things.

            Pinon….is just another name for “pine nuts” too, and all pine trees have “Pinon”…

            …meaning…FF’s use of “pinon” is not meant to describe a specific region…it is a false clue….to lead one away, from the lite am meaning.

            FF is clever.

            “Difficult…not impossible.” – FF

          • This is true, once while metal detecting a friend of mine found a buried motorcycle. It had less than 500 miles on it and less than 6 months old. We dug it up and knew it had to be stolen. It started right up and we went to the sheriffs department with it. I told them if no one claimed it we wanted it. They looked at us like we were the ones that stole it, however it hadn’t been reported stolen. I wonder why we were never contacted about it, well not really. The story is true and goes down as one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen metal detected.

          • I do read Tarot….haven’t in a while, so when whoever mentioned it, I thought….”Shoot, that can’t hurt if I try.”

            I don’t read for other people anymore….sorry.

            Good luck!

    • Still interesting that there has been a change over the years…
      Or is this a reflection of the folks writing here?

  27. I’ll be in MT and WY searching with one can of bear spray for each hand…. but he said the treasure is in a safe place? …. Are there any solves left after all of his comments are weighed in?!!!

  28. Imo i would say it would be no further north of santa fe than med colorado that is if he drove from his home and back in one day. A person cant drive any furthet than that and get back home with out getting home real late witch would make his loved ones worry about where he was. Also how many men of his age do you know that dont get up and meet friends for coffee before starting there day. If he does go to coffee every morning that would mean he would have left around mid morning and that would make his drive even shorter and that would make his hiding spot some where in new mexico. The chest imo is in n.m. but that doesn’t mean the first clues are in n.m. they could start in another state and lead you to n.m. Thats my take on where it could be.

    • Scott, FF stated that he “made two trips from his car to the hiding spot in one afternoon”. He never mentions how long it took him to get to the spot where his car was parked, of how long he was gone from the house. IMO It could well have been done on a trip to go fishing, or other reasons, which could have been to any of the 4 states.
      FF may tell the truth, but maybe not all of it. Much like when the lady asked him “Did you have to take a plane to get to the hiding spot?” He told her “No.” He later said that he didn’t HAVE to take a plane not that he DIDN’T. Its all in the way he thinks and speaks. Kinda like if its buried or not, he won’t say, He hid it, but burying it would be one way to hid it.
      You have to keep an open mind. It very well could be 10-20 minutes drive from SF., but not necessarily. All IMO

      • Not Obsessed – I concur with your reasoning. In fact Forrest even told us in TFTW that he was in YNP a few years back with Kelly’s family. If TFTW was published in 2013, then a few years back would be around 2009 or 2010 when he hid the chest. I feel strongly that he could have slipped away one afternoon by himself while on that very trip and hidden the chest. This is my opinion of course. Also I remember reading that he said that wind might affect the chest and to me that means it’s not buried. Also in a news story with one of the Santa Fe tv stations, near the end the gal doing the story is talking to her coworker and said that he told her that if you think you know where it is, you don’t have to dig or disturb anything.

        • Hear me all, Great stuff! Thx. Does anyone know how Forrest got to YNP from Santa Fe for that trip? Did he drive? Or he took a commercial flight and rented a car at the airport? Which airport!? OK. Sorry–I truly AM working on deciphering that pesky poem to get myself a solve. This weather in AZ (extreme heat advisory) is making me want to do a BOTG camping trip above 5000 feet elevation and I need a destination.

          • Although, I have never heard him actually say this, but I always am one of those people who has actually wondered if he flew a small airplane and landed it at the nearest small-plane airport that are scattered through Montana and other regions.

            I can name at least three small plane airports in Southeastern MT that could also be “WWWH”.

          • I believe that he had sold his plane and that he was no longer licensed to fly by then. Not stating fact, I am working from memory. I have a fantastic memory, its just kind of short.

          • Yes, but as I recall, he would have to hire a pilot or have his grandson, Shiloh pilot the plane. Either would compromise the security of where the chest is hidden.

            IMHO, he drove to the hiding spot.

          • …remember, he did drive to the location of the chest….from somwhere….why not an airport (WWWH)….??

          • Thanks WC…to be honest, I’ve never really looked into if he knew any other pilots who could have flew him to one of those airports…nor have I ever looked into if someone ever had an airplane license, could they keep it active if they take yearly tests and…I know this sounds crazy….but then he able to “rent a plane”?
            That would be an elite business practice, huh?

            Write it down, you heard it here first….LOL.

            Anyhow…just some thoughts that have floated around with me for a while.

          • If Forrest had a meeting that he had to attend in MT or WY, and hired a jet to take him there, and Forrest had rented a car there. There would be no exposure.

            Forrest attends his meeting, stays an extra day or two “Fishing”, then flies back. NO PROBLEM

            Just a thought

            STAY SAFE ALL and good luck


        • I believe I know exactly what year the TC was hidden. But the secret is safe with me because FF does not want us to know. He wants us to understand the poem because the chase is about more than the TC. All my opinion of course

  29. Updated stats, 53 votes. More jumping on NM bandwagon. WY folks are keeping quiet.

    WY (8): JD, JMiles, Zenden, Jas, Arca, John Edo, 1/2 of Kevin, 1/2 of Mike(MT), Morecowbell21

    MT (14.3): Dal, Woody, JasonD, Zosorocks1, Jake Faulker, Dys, Zaphod73491, Dogzebra, Tommy Voltaire, Charlie, Hear Me All, Donna M., Bookworm, 80% of Melanie, 1/2 of Mike(MT)

    CO (11.5): 1/2 of Kevin, Cholly, Corin, E.C. Waters, JDiggins, Locolobo, Inthechaseto, Eaglesabound, Cas, SL, Geydelkon, Lou Lee Belle

    NM (19.2): Michelle, Stephanie, Thomas Conrad, Dulcinea, SandyB, Crowfeast, Whut?, 505poetics, 20% of Melanie, Blazed-KS, Mr. Mike, Peter, Lugnutz, Tom Terrific, Michael Hendrickson, OS2, Scott Richards, Mindy, Ken, Desertphile

    Percentages: NM=36%, MT=27%, CO=22%, WY=15%

  30. Scrapbook 146,
    “Compensations for being quiet

    Last evening, when I had an idle moment, I walked around our pond and sat on a rock by the waterfalls. I do that whenever I can because opportunity doesn’t like to be kept waiting. The serenities of nature were all around, and they prompted me to pause and reflect.”

    Its near a waterfall IMO. They are so special to him that he had one made in his back yard. The question is which one? LOL

    “God out did himself when he made the Firehole” (river) was from his writings in the West Yellowstone paper or TTOTC I think.

    • I 100% agree, it is near a waterfall…one that might remind Forrest of the one in Viet Nam… the one discussed in “My War and Me.”

      Hopefully in July I will be able to show you a picture of this waterfall.

      Good luck to all searchers, and STAY SAFE


  31. I have a quest ion. It has to do with the quote : ” If you know the co ordinants, you can find the treasure”. I mentioned it to Dal at the Fennboree and he said Forrest had said that. When I mentioned it to Forrest, he said he never said that, but he asked me” If you know the co ordinants, how come you don’t have the chest?” My response was “because thats where you BEGIN”. So , there you have it….classic Forrest. You just can’t get a strayed answer from that guy.

  32. Hello All, Despite my attempts to keep it secret, I’ve just got to throw a possible solution out there.

    Begin it where warm waters halt: Madison Junction
    And take it in the canyon down: Head west down the canyon
    Not far but too far to walk: Drive in a car(maybe a rental? )
    Put in below the home of brown: I’m almost 100% confident the Home of Brown is the Madison River! See youtube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUgXje_Sne8
    (The first time you can go underneath the river is at 7 mile bridge, so stop and get out of your car around here. It’s also a notable location where Fenn spent a lot of time, and was possibly the starting point for his 10 mile awesome river ride down to Baker’s Hole.)
    From there it’s not place for the meek: Get in the river?
    The end is ever drawing nigh: Possible play on words with the Gneiss Creek River trail directly above the bend.
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek: Can’t paddle in Yellowstone. (Also wanted to note the flaw in this one pointed out by Dal himself. This solution would be going down the Madison and not up it. However one could either go up the river or consider the line as a hypothetical play on words.
    Just heavy Loads and Waters High: The mighty Madison.

    Any Thoughts? I plan on heading up there in October and wouldn’t mind some trekking buddies. Bears aren’t exactly my favorite thing in the world 😉

        • Nice to see you again James,
          It appears a lot of solves went poof since this morning.
          Check out Jenny’s site.
          The water is still high & we will go again when Mother Nature lets us.
          I’m gonna go plant some trees to persuade her some but it looks like late summer at best.
          Here is the video of the cascade created by the log:

          • Jake F- Thanks for the info from Jenny’site. My solves didn’t poof when I watched the video. But, it was interesting. The video just confirmed my previous thought on how to solve this poem. Nice to hear from Forrest again. Back to my solutions.

    • Sure has a lot of possibilities.

      Good luck in your search – hope you get a couple of buddies to help scare away the bears.



    • You will be interested to know that Baker’s Hole was once called Brown’s Camp a hundred years ago.

      But I don’t think it’s a clue.

    • Several thoughts on your solve. All IMO of course.

      I really feel certain that “too far to walk” literally means No Transportation at all. The “not far” should be walked but the “too far. . .” Should be experienced. Like a “walk through time”.as I am saying this (and I’ve said it before), I am realizing how FF can know the TC is still there.

      I firmly believe that “HOB” is before you “take it in the canyon down”. I think it clarifies WWWH.

      “Heavy loads and water high” is a reference to layers of rock layed down over thousands of years. Heavy loads = volcanic rock, water high = sedimentary rock. IMO

    • seabear,
      You asked for thoughts, so I’ll pass my thoughts on to you.
      It appears that the poem from your interpretation is all about the Brown trout. While I can some thing in the poem that relate to fish… one being rainbow trout, the other being home or habitation of Brown [ trout ]. The Fish is not exclusive to this area or even the state. Is this not a simple guess that the poem relates to fish because its one of the the authors enjoyments? you could say the same for archeology, flying, carving, collecting, even Yellowstone itself because of the chapter “in love with Yellowstone” { which only talks about the place in a couple lines of that one page chapter}… imo… that is a leap of faith [fish] and not so much the premise of the poem.

      But lets say you got that correct. your WWWH may just be the same… a leap of faith. What got you to this single location out of all the states involved? and I’ll add any other location for WWWH could possibly refer to. You also added: “Can’t paddle in Yellowstone.” I’m not exactly sure what you mean by this, but it did catch my attention on why you would think this… a rule I don’t know about… a blocked or no entry area… have to paddle up stream?

      As well has heavy loads and water high to mean this particular river/area. I know parts of the river in below 5000′ { not saying all just parts… and I’m not sure of the area your at }.

      I’m just pointing out what I see. That, nothing here says to be… ah ha, what took me so long?! especially when a great deal of searchers have thought almost the same, there are youtube videos of Brown trout fishing in all states… which seems to be nothing more than a guess for WWWH.

      Anyways… just a few thoughts, seeing you asked.

      • Correction: rainbow is not in the poem… but the lead into the poem, that is what I was referring to.

      • Seeker: “I know parts of the river in below 5000′ { not saying all just parts… and I’m not sure of the area your at”

        The area of the Madison River seabear stated about is well above 5000′.
        Hebgen Lake which the Madison dumps into is around 6550′.
        I believe seabear is referring to the Madison between Hebgen & Madison Junction.

        I know you said your not sure Seeker, had to help a little.
        Madison Junction is where the Firehole River & Gibbon River meet & create the Madison River.

        Very beautiful area to have a few clues sprinkled about.

        • That is correct Jake. I’m referring to the area between Madison Junction and Hebgen Lake (close to Barns Hole area)

        • Also wanted to note that Forrest has said that several (?) people have figured out the first two clues(If we assume WWWH and Take it in the canyon down) but went right past the treasure. My assumption is that many people thought the home of brown refers to Hebgen Lake itself and passed up the holes on the Madison River to get there. Just a little tidbit to add there.

          • seabear,
            Is Barnes Hole near Baker’s Hole?
            I know where Baker’s Hole area is.
            Had a few solves around the Firehole, Madison River areas with some of the no name creeks thinking your creek has no name but couldn’t quite be sure an 80 year old man could make them.
            There are quite a few more that are doable that searchers have searched & may have been within 200′.
            I think this area makes sense with the subtle hints in the books seeing he is not exactly telling you where the treasure is.

          • Hey Jake,

            Correct me if I’m wrong anyone but I believe that Barnes Hole is just inside the West Yellowstone entrance. There’s actually a couple of holes, Hole One and Hole 2, that have a trail going north if you turn left from the Entrance. It may stretch down to the Big Bend in the Madison, but not sure.

          • Not sure if you have missed some of the blogs seabear. But based on what I’ve read, I would be surprised if any part of the Madison river has not been considered.

            I’m surprised how many people are basing their ideas of where the TC is, by what Fenn said in TTOTC. I do not believe Fenn would have mentioned the hiding place in his book. I think the stories he shared are meant to give us an idea of his thought “process” and to suggest an actual location.

      • Hi Seeker….*sighs*…..dashing hopes so soon! :o)


        But I know what you are saying in subtly….be confidence in your solve…..because you probably missed something.

        But in truth, no one really knows where a solve will go, unless they have BOTG.

        IMO – I would prefer to have my own hopes dashed, than let someone else dash them before I even start.

        ….AND…..you do bring in good relationships and alternates to the solve…..thanks!

        • Zororocks, You said “But I know what you are saying in subtly….be confidence in your solve…..because you probably missed something.” Yep, you got it.
          However I wasn’t even considering an alternative here… What I don’t understand was the picking of the area simply because fenn stories tell us he frequent the area. That, and the use of Brown trout to be in that area… while that information is true… trouts are found in every state and almost every body of water. I would raise the same question if someone said it’s in NM or WY or Colorado for the same reasons.

          My comment was… is this simply a guess / hunch or a poke and hope? in the thought that area should be the area. Considering the message that fenn repeats you need to nail down the first clue, and there are many wwwh in the RM’s etc.

          With all that crap I just said… I have often ponder if the poem is completely Unrelated to FF [ at the very least what the clues may refer to]. While the book may hold subtle hints that might help with clues… is a “WhatIF” about ~ not simply the clues, but the poem itself? [ note; this is an after thought and was not meant for my last post ].

  33. Excuse the previous typo. Meant to say that I think the thoughts in TTOTC are to give us an idea of Fenn’s thought “process”, and NOT to suggest an actual TC location.

    • Hi Puzzled,
      I do understand what you are mentioning. I just believe that if he was going to hide the chest somewhere dear to him he would hide it in a place where his younger memories were at with his family and friends. The TTOTC does indeed not show an actual location and it does seem to hint on some word plays throughout the book indeed. I’m positive there are other possible solutions in the other states but the fact that some of those haven’t been mentioned leads me to believe that they may not be as important to him.

  34. I thought this would be the most appropriate forum for this particular comment.
    Where does Forrest actually state that he hid the TC in the EXACT spot that is his favorite place? Looking at the bigger picture, I believe that he may be referring to a particular part of the country or a particular state. If Wyoming is his favorite place in the world, then ANYWHERE in Wyoming would actually be a qualifying place for him to state that he hid the TC in his favorite spot. If Montana is his favorite place in the world, ANYWHERE in Montana would then qualify. Obviously, you must take into consideration the elevation requirements.
    All this is IMHO. I don’t have the TC in hand (yet). : )

    • And using that same line-of-thought, why would a beautiful, serene meadow in Gallatin National Forest qualify any better than a pile of rocks found out in the middle of Custer National Forest? IF Montana is his favorite spot in the world, wouldn’t they now both equally qualify?

      • Kevin,
        Have you read/heard where fenn described what he would see standing at the chest?
        That he knew “exactly” where he want to hide the chest… that doesn’t seem to be vague as to refer to an entire state… the clues/information in the poem might be a horse of a different color.

        The anywhere you talk of, needs more confirmation if we are to believe that the “exact” spot is capable of being found if we precisely follow the poem, if you are referring to the chest itself.

        • Kevin, here is one Q&A that refers to the Exact spot to being the same spot… when referring to the location of the chest itself. There are others… this is just one I had at the ready.

          “Is the chest hidden in the (exact) same spot that you would like your bones to be found, or is it a short distance away for reasons beyond your control? ~ Phil
          The spot is the same, but in less than two months I’ll be 84 and that means many of the things to which I once aspired are no longer available to me. I still anticipate, but I may be unable to grasp such a transient pleasure before my trail shows signs of growing too weary for the journey. To make that success would be the boldest move I ever made and to that end I just want it all the more.f”

        • Seeker,
          I’ve heard what Forrest said he would see if he were standing at the chest. I also believe he knew of this EXACT spot prior to even writing the poem. And IMHO I believe we are able to determine an EXACT coordinate by correctly interpreting the clues.
          And that still doesn’t say he CAN’T have hidden the TC under a pile of rocks.
          If that pile of rocks allowed him to view those things from standing there, then that spot still qualifies.
          Where did he say he was hiding the TC in the EXACT spot that he had planned on dying with it?
          Again, his favorite spot may be Montana or Wyoming or either of the other 2 states.
          All this is obviously IMHO.

          • You asked where fenn say he was hiding the chest the same exact spot he planned on dieing with it…

            I answered with a Q&A that fenn answered about just that… rocks aside it was to be one in the same.
            He also said, if he became ill with an incurable disease… he would throw himself on the chest. If you want to believe these comments are inaccurate that’s up to you.

          • Resubscrbe.

            Has anyone else had the issue of NOT getting notifications of new posts?

            This is one of two forums that I;ve replied in, but I’m not seeing any notifications of new posts.

            Hope with me re-subscribing will help.


          • Regarding “exact” coordinates… I believe there are broader “steering” coordinates. However, keep in mind that Lat/Long numbers [after the decimal point] will change significantly as you move even two feet. If you could mark coordinates from the center of the chest and then the corners of the chest – they will be different. And what about the title, trove, etc. Are they located at different coordinates? Gets pretty complex if you are mining out multiple coordinates, and must determine which standard format they are listed in. Imo, Forrest built in a simpler method.

          • Hi Anna — you wrote in part “… Lat/Long numbers [after the decimal point] will change significantly as you move even two feet.” Perhaps not as much as you think. For instance, if you change latitude by moving two feet north from, say, 45.0000000 N, your new latitude will be 45.0000055 N.

          • KevinP- you’very got that narrowed right down. Wyoming, Montana or one of the other two states. Bet you are right! Just teasing 🙂

        • I’ve promised myself not to say where, but this type of speak is very similar to a specific person and time. I think FF used it as a subtle clue, not a direct one.

          Good luck.

          • Don’t hold back zosorocks… I for one would like to hear something different than the norm. That is said with no disrespect to those who believe the poem is only about FF or the poem is nothing more than directional stomping to the chest… Yet this one and only thought process hasn’t been too successful since no one truly knows what the first clue represent, even if they were at the location.

            Zoso, Don’t give the farm away, but maybe hand out a corn cob or two for us to peck at.

          • Hey Seeker…..if you have read my posts, there are a lot of nuggets.

            I guess I’m just not ready to reveal my exact search area yet…..sorry……not that I wouldn’t mind having friends like you helping….*winks*…..because I would.

            I’ve actually been thinking about seeing if anyone else wants to embark on this quest with a partner or two.

            As I am one to think outside the box, and do think that more heads into one focus can solve it. I think you just need the right combination of people in order to get to that level.

            Corn cob: HoB – fish hatchery maybe?

    • Right KevinP, I agree. One of the postmarks reads “Somewhere in Montana”. Somewhere or some “place” could refer to the broader area. For instance, on maps of rural areas, some old ranches are still noted at Smith’s Place or Anderson place.

  35. WWWH may be just a few miles from where I grew up and I have visited there several times. From what I have read it seems that knowing where WWWH truly is is the key to the solve. The rest is reportedly just following the clues as they appear from that point. And the TC isn’t far from WWWH, it’s just too far to walk…so you need an alternate form of transport…which allows putting in and paddling until you can’t paddle anymore. Maybe the blaze is the waterfall.

    • I agree 90% that, “Maybe the blaze is the waterfall.” Take out the “maybe”, and I will agree 100%

      Just my opinion

      Good luck in your search and STAY SAFE


    • flying into Seattle yesterday, I saw Snoqualmie Falls (some 250 feet in height) in the evening sun, and it was a brilliant white streak easily visible from several miles away. pretty cool

  36. Some will likely argue against this, but YSP aligns well with the volcanic island arc centers on the Pac Rim (aka Rim of Fire) which is also a known ancient equator. WWWH may well also align on that great circle.

    • mensan_fennsan
      I am familiar with the Yellowstone hot spot, and the Absaroka ancient volcano supergroup.

      And the Ring of Fire to a degree. But I never read anything about the “ancient equator”. Cool. Tell me more please.

      • Joseph, the Absaroka ancient volcano contains an island of some of the oldest rock on the planet, as well as the big horn medicine wheel. The entire area 14,000+ acres is a nationally preserved site. Important to ff I would think, but not a place where he would place the chest imo

  37. Good to know Zaphod. That’s not as much as I thought. When I pin point using on-line tools, the slightest move creates completely new numbers.

  38. hello, fellow fenn-ers. long time lurker, first time poster. For now, my chase leads me to Wyoming. I’ve been an armchair searcher for about two years now, and finally putting BOTG in July.

    • Hello JCS. Welcome to the blog! Good luck to you in July. Hope to read more of your posts.

      To those who read this blog and haven’t posted:

      Come on in! The water’s fine! Would love to hear your thoughts! 🙂

    • JCS

      As a fellow Wyoming searcher – GOOD LUCK

      Glad to have you. Hope to hear more about your Wyoming ideas.



  39. I think the chest is going to be in a place very frustrating getting to unless maybe your Thor.

  40. I also think your going to be well past midnight out in the wilderness maybe till sunrise , and I think that’s what Forrest intended. So bring a flashlight and a sandwich. Also you will feel a bit cold at first but it goes away after time. And you will make two trips or more, I’ve made plenty, and your dog will forgive you, that’s what they do. I enjoy the trips to my solve it is the perfect place to sit and think and I’ve been doing plenty of that. I just wish I lived a bit closer . Not impossible just very difficult in many ways. I also like to think Forrest’s Dad is smiling down on me while I’m there. By the way Forrest you are one tough old dog, and if I can get this dog unstacked I’d like to buy you lunch.

  41. I also think Forrest has been there six times since he hid the chest once a year is what my gut says. It is written in the stones I believe.

      • I recall hearing that he has not been back to the place since he hid the TC. I don’t know where to find that statement though.

  42. “If you’ve been wise and found the chest,
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease,…” (sic)

    If you have already found the chest, why do you have to look quickly down?

    Just a thoughty.

    Good luck with your chase, and STAY SAFE


  43. Many travel to and fro looking for the elusive treasure. So if you have a chance while you are possibly driving through Colorado Springs. Drop by the Broadmoor Hotel and look at some of there art. Just saying lots of history there. I had talked to one of the clues artist last year from Lander and he told me to check it out. hmmm Oh yeah, come and see me as well.

    • I would love to make it to Colorado Springs. Been a long long time. It is beautiful.

  44. A few more have chimed in with their search state, so thought I’d update again.
    58 votes:

    WY (10): JD, JMiles, Zenden, Jas, Arca, John Edo, 1/2 of Kevin, 1/2 of Mike(MT), Morecowbell21, JCS, Seabear

    MT (14.3): Dal, Woody, JasonD, Zosorocks1, Jake Faulker, Dys, Zaphod73491, Dogzebra, Tommy Voltaire, Charlie, Hear Me All, Donna M., Bookworm, 80% of Melanie, 1/2 of Mike(MT)

    CO (11.5): 1/2 of Kevin, Cholly, Corin, E.C. Waters, JDiggins, Locolobo, Inthechaseto, Eaglesabound, Cas, SL, Geydelkon, Lou Lee Belle

    NM (22.2): Michelle, Stephanie, Thomas Conrad, Dulcinea, SandyB, Crowfeast, Whut?, 505poetics, 20% of Melanie, Blazed-KS, Mr. Mike, Peter, Lugnutz, Tom Terrific, Michael Hendrickson, OS2, Scott Richards, Mindy, Ken, Desertphile, Sally2, Mark, Cam

    Percentages: NM=38%, MT=25%, CO=20%, WY=17%

    It’s curious to me that so many searchers favor the state that represents less than 5% of the overall search area.

  45. Happy Independence Day searchers. Enjoy the holiday and be safe.


    Windy City

    • Geez, cynthia! NY TIMES! You’re famous!
      No mention of Dal at all… 🙁
      Good article…

  46. Very cool article.

    Hi everyone, call me “B”. Long time listener, first time caller. 🙂

    I am off this weekend to look for the treasure. It will be my second attempt. I believe I have the first few clues nailed down, but of course, don’t we all when we get that “aha” moment that inspires us to get our boots on the ground? I was wondering… does anyone really KNOW that WWWH is the first clue? I’ve read a lot of comments that seem pretty convinced of that, so I don’t know if that is a known fact that FF has confirmed, or if it’s just become the most popular “beginning point”.

    I have a suspicion that the first clue or two may be in the first stanza… but before I go off and commit to my particular hypothesis, I’d better make sure that I’m not basing it on an idea that isn’t valid at this point. Thanks.


    • Welcome aboard, B! Forrest has never said that WWWH is the first clue, or in fact that WWWH is a clue at all. I think most everyone does assume it is one of the early clues, but if you check out Wisconsin Mike’s informal survey taken during Fennboree, less than 1/3 of respondents believe WWWH is the first clue. Close to 70% believe the first clue is in the first stanza (as do I). So you have plenty of company if your clue #1 is somewhere in those first 4 lines.

      • Something to consider:

        If WWWH is Not the 1st clue but is a clue, then wouldn’t a searcher have to conclude that WWWH is within 500 feet of the TC?

        8 Mar 2013= FF: “There have been some who have been within 500 feet because they have told me where they have been. Others have figured the first two clues and went right past the treasure and didn’t know it.”

        30 Dec 2014= FF: “No one has given me the correct solve past the first two clues.”

        2 Nov 2015= FF: “Searchers have come within about 200 feet. Some may have solved the first four clues, but I am not certain.”

        • “How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?”

          Sorry Mr. Voltaire, there are huge holes in your deductive reasoning.

          • Hi Tommy: here’s one possible explanation among many that would be consistent with all of Fenn’s statements. Suppose WWWH isn’t the ~complete~ 2nd clue? Suppose the 2nd clue is actually “Begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down, not far, but too far to walk.” Then WWWH could be 10 or 20 miles from the chest, and if a searcher overshot the 3rd clue, they could briefly pass within 500′ of the chest unawares.

          • Aww, thank you!

            Wouldn’t that be assuming that ‘canyon down’ is either a specific smaller location other than a normal canyon or not a clue?

            I mean, if they took the canyon down, how did they not figure out that clue?

            Maybe it’s just me, but it would appear in order for this hole in my logic to exist (not saying it doesn’t), Forrest must have just assumed that the searchers were there without figuring the clues or the searchers literally told him how they arrived via clues or lack of.

            If the searchers truly went down the path that you have proposed a possibility, it seems that there wouldn’t be a whole lot of turns/changes of direction, if any.
            What I mean by this is… A clue(s) would be used to take a turn in the path of the searcher. Unless the searcher literally took all the turns/changes of direction without knowing the clues. This appears highly improbable, IMO.

            Sorry to ramble, just thinking out loud. Hopefully, this made some sense. Lol

          • Tommy asked, “Wouldn’t that be assuming that ‘canyon down’ is either a specific smaller location other than a normal canyon or not a clue?”

            Not sure I’m following you. Let’s use Dal’s working solution for the moment as an example. His WWWH is where the Firehole joins the Gibbon to form the Madison River, and his “canyon down” heads west along the Madison toward West Yellowstone. Suppose those are two pieces of the same clue: a specific starting location, and a direction to go. The third piece of the same clue would be knowing how far to go (not far, but too far to walk). Dal’s distance is quite far. (I think we can all agree that 5 miles is not far, but it’s certainly too far to walk carrying 20-lb loads … twice.)

            So in this scenario, the chest is many miles distant from WWWH. If the chest isn’t too far from that road that heads down the canyon, but you fail to “put in” at the right spot, you could pass within 500′ of the chest (along with a thousand other tourists every summer weekend). And Fenn would know it because you told him where your erroneous HoB was, and there’s no way you could have gotten there from Madison Junction w/o passing the correct HoB.

          • Hi E*,

            In response to my suggestion that 5 miles is not far, but it’s too far to walk carrying 20-lb loads, you said you disagree. You do realize what that implies: you are suggesting that Forrest walked 20 miles in an afternoon, and for half that distance he was carrying a 20-lb. load. I am a fast hiker (I’ve covered the 26-mile round-trip distance from Whitney Portal to the Mt. Whitney summit and back in twelve hours). No disrespect meant to Forrest’s abilities, but no way he covered more than 3/4 of that marathon distance in 6 hours. I’ll be very surprised if he hiked more than 2 miles one-way from where he parked (i.e. 8 miles total).

          • Whoops — distance corection: Whitney trail is only 22 miles, not 26. I confused it with my Mt. Tyndall hike which is the full marathon distance. So Fenn would have to cover about the same distance (minus the 6000 feet of elevation gain) in half the time.

          • zaphod – Yes,…I think Forrest is capable of hiking about 3.5 miles (= “less than a few miles” in ff talk per my example) carrying 20lbs along a trail that,…oh, …say,…has < 1000ft. elevation gain,…in about 1.5 hours. Then he dropped off the loot,…returned to his car (going downhill – that's faster),…got the chest and went uphill again for 1.5 hours,…ate his sandwich for .5 hours,…then returned to his car.

            I'm thinking about 6.5 hours max for 14 miles and eating lunch. That's a nice day out hiking for someone who does a lot of walking.

        • A searcher could go to the correct WWH (point A) and travel 2,000 miles home… at some point, unknowingly coming within 500/200/5 feet of the TC (point B). What logic dictates that during that 2,000 mile journey, the search passed the TC during the first few hundred feet?

    • To the best of my knowledge, Forrest has NEVER said that wwwh is the first clue.

      My personal opinion is that clue #1 = Stanza #1. Clue #2 = the first three lines of Stanza #2 and that clue #3 = the last line of Stanza #2; Nine sentences = nine clues. But that is just MY opinion.

      Good luck in your search and TRY to STAY SAFE


      • JD- Forrest has not stated where the first clue starts. However when asked to read the poem at the Moby Dickens Book Store, he started with Begin it where warm waters halt. Makes me think the first stanza might not contain any information to the location. Just a thought.

          • pdenver – Thanks for pointing that out. I do remember watching a video where he was asked to read the poem and started at Begin it, but can’t remember which one that was without doing an in depth search. JD – Sorry for the misinformation.

          • Hear me all- I haven’t’ listened to most of the interviews but I do know that in the Moby Dickens Bookstore interview, he read the poem aloud. I don’t know what line he started with but I didn’t notice something interesting about one of the lines he read.

          • pdenver – any chance you might want to team up to solve the clues? If you are heading to YNP area it might be worth your time. I don’t think it’s in the park but close by.

  47. After leaving Colorado a year ago for warmer pastures (after 25 years there, never knowing of the treasure) I am finally heading back later this month to try out my solve. I feel pretty good about the location, but who hasn’t, right? So much so, that I wonder why I have never seen it mentioned anywhere online like the “it isn’t here” threads. Could mean I am way off base, or could be a very good thing too…

    Do any of you seasoned searchers make a habit of leaving a sign or marker in areas that you have searched and come up empty (with respect for the environment of course)? It would be nice to know as I take it in the canyon down, how many – if any – have shared my thought process? (Not that it would discourage me from still having a look around, mind you)

  48. i thought i had said we think its in NM hubby and I. our son thinks it’s joke or scam. we and he don not discuss the TC much. as for the blaze we think as you are going through the canyon you come to a spot where you can see a mountain peak and that why he saids look quickly down. also he said it’s not impossible to remove the blaze it isn’t feasible to try…”
    the definition of feasible is “possible to do easily or conveniently.” a mountain peak is not feasible to move.

    • Wildbirder, do you have a specific mountain in mind? If so, I have a follow up question to aee if we think alike.

      • Yes we have a mountain in mind in N Nm however we can not reveal that at this time because of our solve we will tell you that on google earth you can click on a lot of mountains and see the canyons routes around them that helps you define your path.

        • also we have been confused how someone could drive within 500 ft of IT (what it is we don’t know) and the chest is in no close proximity of a human trail. well we checked the opening of several canyon including ours on google earth and there are a bunches that are within 500 ft of a road. is the it the canyon down?

        • Of course you shouldn’t, and since mine is in Colorado we will leave it at that. You are the only other mention of someone relating the blaze to a mountain so I got a little excited, and worried haha, to hear it. Good luck to you.

    • I got it Wildbrder,
      this could be the next big thing, video games with subliminal messages. After a few hours of game play they inexplicably feel the need to read a book, go outdoors.
      Teens and young adults waste years of their life playing these things (i know) I can’t mine interested either.

      • our son is 34 and loves the outdoors. he loves to fish. he just doesn’t think the TC is really placed somewhere for us to find. that’s ok it it not real we don’t have to leave the make believe items to him we we leave this earth. lol

  49. I have no idea as to why Mr. Fenn would hide the gold in there. Yet searchers think that they will somehow come across it intentionally,just by walking to it.The only people who have found the treasure did it unintentionally.This is my opinion, and opinion only.RC

    • RC if they FOUND IT intentionally or unintentionally – why are we still searching? You use the plural “PEOPLE” (more than one person) Why have more than one person found it, and we still do not know that they found it?

      Just Askin’


      • Sir let me give you an example. Let’s say you were looking for a home address somewhere,and you had the road name and the number. Now, on this country road there are only 3 houses but none of them have the address posted anywhere. So you go to the first house, but could not find the owners or the house number. It is the right house, but you do not find out until you talked with their neighbor in one of the other homes. Did you find the house the first time, or the second time you had to come back? Vocabulary, and definitions are relative in my opinion.RC.

        • Comparing “FINDING” the treasure and its contents to “finding” a house makes no sense. Finding the general area where the treasure is located is NOT “FINDING” the treasure – CLOSE only counts in horse shoes, hand grenades and atomic bombs.

          You can not say that someone found the treasure, either intentionally or unintentionally if they DO NOT HAVE IT IN THEIR POSSESSION! They MAY have been close, and they almost found it, but almost doesn’t count.

          Just my opinion


        • Sorry RC, I find flaw in your example. I also apologize if this has already been mentioned as I find myself catching up on my subscription e-mails. The flaw… You say that we found the right house first. That does not tell us that we found the correct house. The correct house may be located in the left (approach dependant, of course). What is the layout of the houses? How many on the left? Right? Is the correct address the first found? Second? Third?
          I’ll add IMO just in case it is necessary in anyone’s opinion.

    • Hi RC,
      I think if you are talking about the person who was closest, then they were there intentionally but didn’t know how the clues got them there. They probably just figured that area was pretty good And went to have a look. Imo

  50. I am completely new to this, but not to puzzles, ciphers, encryption etc. I have the ability to work computationally on such things… and also access to people who are genuine expert puzzle creators and solvers at a world-class level.

    In the past few weeks I have read what I think to be all of the info that Forrest has given since publishing the book. I’ve also spent a great deal of time analyzing other people’s solutions, some unusual (ie non scientific) decryptions, etc. And I’ve noticed that Forrest himself used the word ‘decrypt’ recently.

    Here is the #1 most important question that someone could ask him IMO.

    **** Is the poem internally complete such that no outside information is needed to solve? *****

    Now that’s a bigger question than you might think.

    For example: WWWH is taken by many, many people to be the starting point of the clues… and an actual place that needs to be found. If that’s the case, then the poem is not ‘internally complete’ by my definition. One would need to speculate about locations not mentioned in the poem — only inferred by the poem. And you’d need information about rivers, streams, geysers, whatever.

    The converse to that would be if the poem somehow IS internally complete and can be transformed into something precise. In this case a person who ‘solves’ the poem does not actually need to go to the spot to find the treasure before knowing they are correct. Like other puzzles, once the solution is known it becomes very obvious that the solve is correct because the information presented is so clear that the proof is obvious. This could be coordinates, instructions that are clearer, basically anything saying “it’s here” in clear enough language that you do not need to go wondering about before you know the puzzle’s logic.

    Now, personally, if that is not the case then:

    • I’m not sure why it would take so long to write. If I know where something is and give you a series of obscure directions via metaphors, similes, and such then to me it is very obviously correct but to anyone else it could be anything.

    • It is a much weaker puzzle as far as puzzles go. If the treasure is found everything will appear, in hindsight, to be obvious. “Ah, Brown meant…” But then that can fit anything. When you string together 9 of those in a row the number of potential coincidences is nearly infinite. Thinking, “well, WWWH could be this place, and the canyon could be that, and…” will produce the failure that 65,000+ people have had over the past 6 years.

    Thus, if Forrest is a serious guy (seems to be) it strikes me that his comments that people need to get ‘inside the box’ and the use of the word ‘decrypt’ are unlikely to be accidental. If so, then I think the poem is not really much of a poem at all — the words themselves likely have little literal or metaphoric meaning.

    The solve, IMO, will completely transform the poem in such a way that the solver will know instantly exactly and precisely where to go. The poem in its current state cannot do that.

    Unlearn this as a poem is the first step to solving. I’m wondering who has done a rigorous job of doing that… if anyone?

    • Well Mr. Neeson , why don’t you use your very particular set of skills — skills you’ve acquired over a very long career; skills that make you a nightmare for people like us — to solve Mr. Fenn’s poem?

      • I certainly have begun to try.

        That said, I’m wondering if anyone else has asked if *all* of the information needed is in the poem. It sounds to me like FF has said, in essence, NO… you need a map and knowledge of geography. If so, this is less of a puzzle and more of a goose chase.

        • Goose Chase ???
          If I used the information correctly listed under “Armchair Adventures”, “Treasure Hunting with ARCGIS, Conclusion” by The Goonies LLC: Corey Dennis & Preston Jutte,….
          In which they reduced the search area to 591,636 acres…
          We are only looking for “1 specific square foot” out of approximately 40+ million square feet of the Rocky Mountains.

          How dare you call this a “Goose Chase”.

        • Nick, that’s some pretty narrow restrictions to put on a solution, right out of the gate. Who said the poem must be “internally complete”, with no outside dependencies, to be a real puzzle?

          Even Kit William’s Masquerade puzzle required knowledge of local history and places of interest, in *addition* to the contents of his book. I think your “genuine expert puzzle creators and solvers” would disagree with your opening statements.

        • “CLOSEBYAMPTHILL” … ah darn. That’s a geographical location. I can’t go there. That would mean I’d need a map and, oh, I’m not even supposed to know “Ampthill Park” is a location, since it’s not in the pictures. If I go looking for treasure there, I’m saying Mr. William’s book is not a real puzzle.

          Doesn’t that sound weird to you?

          • Oh I agree with you Jeremy. I’m not saying it’s a bad puzzle if it is not a cipher — I’m just saying it is so broad as to be almost random. If TTOTC has specific, meaningful clues then it is more like Masquerade, but FF has said the poem is all you need.

            I strongly suspect that it is *both* allegorical and there is a code. Rather than analyze anagrams and such by hand I’m writing a program to test millions of transformations to see if anything meaningful can pop up. I’ll look to transform the poem, then compare the results to a dictionary with a minimum requirement of x% of ‘real words’ to come up, especially more than 4 letters long. That way both the input and output analysis will be automated. Using several known techniques to do this as I do not think FF would create his own system from scratch… it’s super hard to do.

          • @seattlesullivan… that was the solution to the Masquerade, not related to any ant hills 🙂

            @nick… best of luck! If there’s anything you’re willing to share of the code involved, I’d be interested in looking at it (C# developer, myself).

          • Hi Nick: a word of caution since you are relatively new to the chase. Fenn has basically said not to mess with the poem, which would include anagramming or other forms of more regular transposition. (I’m a cryptanalyst and so I enjoy working on unsolved puzzles that clearly involve cryptography, but I’m going to take Forrest at his word that this isn’t one of them.)

          • Hear me all: that was the solution to Kit Williams’ Masquerade puzzle. Check it out on Wikipedia.

    • I’m more or less in agreement with you, Nick. You sound like a smart person. Although if you’re saying the need to use a map or study the area where the chest is hidden makes it a bad riddle, then I would have to disagree. But that the clues lead one to an exact location, I would agree, is a requirement of a good puzzle and I think this is one. Let me restate that: I think this is a GREAT one, maybe the best ever. I have my own reasons for feeling this way.

      I don’t think that your program will do you any good, though. Forrest has said that technology will not help anyone. And if we’re all willing to believe that he did this outlandish thing, then I think we ought to have the sense to pay attention to his instructions. Not to say that you are not a world-class programmer, but others have tried such approaches and, I believe, generated very little information of value. There is no substitute for thinking, research, and solving the clues, IMO.

      A little personal story on that matter: I was very close to solving the clues in the book, “A Treasure’s Trove”. In particular, almost right away I had nearly solved the clue for the token hidden behind the park bench in Foss State Park, Oklahoma. But then I got cute and decided to devote everything to a program and it produced incoherent results. Using a high-tech approach caused me to totally skip over the fact that the author had abbreviated State Park as SP. And so it produced 3 S’s in a row (FOSS SP), and I deemed this an unworkable result. In addition, the author inserted the letter T in substitution for one of the words in the solution, so as to denote a something shaped like a T or some such thing, I don’t completely remember the details. And that also threw me off and I overlooked the solution. After all was revealed I came to the conclusion that falling back on technology was the easy way out and in the end I’d have been better off to just keep slogging away manually.

      • Hi Spoon — a bit O/T, but I was late to the party on Stadther’s first book (ATT), but got in at the ground floor on Secrets of the Alchemist Dar (speaking of anagrams) nearly a decade ago. I don’t even want to tell you how many manweeks I spent on that maddening puzzlebook, only to have the contest end prematurely (with none of the rings found) when Stadther’s company was forced into involuntary bankruptcy. It wouldn’t surprise me if our paths crossed back in the day on Tweleve.

        • Hey zaph – it’s good to hear from a fellow trover. Yes, we probably crossed paths on Tweleve at some time, but I also got started a little late and that may have cost me. I could go into lengthy “almost” stories about ATT. I also was into Alchemist, but never got anywhere on it. That whole thing was a real shame.

          Curious as to where you live and in what state you are searching, if I could be so bold.

          • Hi Spoon — live in SoCal (rather inconvenient for the purposes of BOTG Fenn searching, but otherwise pretty fabulous). I have ~casually~ looked in both Wyoming and Montana, but only as part of a larger road trip to many national parks. 99% of my searching has been of the armchair variety, and if I had a solution that was sensible I’d be out there again within weeks. As for the state, I have systematically searched topos at 8-meter resolution starting in the north and working my way south. At that resolution, you can imagine it’s rather tedious, but as a result I am becoming rather an expert on the geography of the area. I’m south of the midpoint of Colorado (getting into the “interesting” parts), and will save tiny New Mexico for last, though I have low expectations that Fenn hid the treasure there. Based on what I’ve seen so far, Montana and Colorado are the most promising, mostly because I don’t think Fenn hid the treasure in YNP.

          • Thanks for the info, zaph. I’m a CO resident and MT searcher, myself. I certainly wish I lived closer to my search area, but I’m probably one of the lucky ones. For some here I think the journey makes the task next to impossible.

      • we all generally agree it seems.

        I’m just sort of amazed that people can convince themselves that they have a vague idea of a solution to perhaps one or two words — then sell the dog and go there (metaphorically) looking randomly.

        I strongly believe that the solution will not be random. It will be very, very highly specific. It must, and not only in hindsight. If solved you should be able to walk directly to the site and find it immediately. That’s how a great puzzle maker would do it. But most people are not IMO making that assumption. Which is fine if you want to hike, but not terribly useful to finding a treasure.

        • Nick — I suspect the solution to the poem is two-stage. Stage 1 is solved at home and will get you to a precise starting point moving in a precise direction. Stage 2 requires actually being present in order to pick up the popcorn trail and follow it in the rest of the way. From what Forrest has written in the past, it sounds like a number of searchers have successfully arrived at the starting point, some deliberately, others perhaps accidentally. But they’ve all failed to varying degrees from that point forward.

          • I figured that him saying people got within 200 feet of it (or 500) means that it is likely situated somewhere people naturally will go past it by 200 feet. I can think of many such scenarios… for example, on the bank of a river where people regularly drift-boat fly fish, for example. Lots of people going by, but none would be aware of it. Still, he could say that people were within 500… no 200… feet.

            I think that the starting point will be very, very clear… as will directions. But yes, ultimately you have to be there.

          • Since I finally figured out WWWH (imo), I can see that there are a number of folks whose search locations are in this area. But these folks Interpreted WWWH differently and completely missed the clues they were standing almost on top of. I don’t have the TC and it’s a long way between figuring out WWWH and finding the chest. But the poem confirms that I’m on the right track. There are several phrases that describe WWWH, and people aren’t realizing that the poem is describing WWWH from several points of view.

          • Hi again, Nick. I agree with you about the clarity of the starting point, but not about the 200 or 500 foot markers. Generally it’s been those kind of assumptions that have doomed the programmers and brute-forcers.

        • Hi Nick. I agree that the solution will not be random BUT I also think it will require being “in-theater” to bring the final details into high-rez tight focus. Otherwise, how do you square FF’s Little India comments? Just curious….

          • “does tarry scant confirm your WWWH?” Yes it does!
            “does heavy loads and water high” apply to your WWWH? At first I didn’t realize it applied to mine, but it does.

        • I don’t want to kill your dreams of writing software that solves it for you, but I think hermeneutics is going to get you further than programming will, and I say that as a programmer.

          I’m going to suggest the obvious, that when an 85 year old says “decrypt”, he doesn’t mean it in the way that a 20, 30, or 40 year old software engineer might. Here is something I wrote up after someone tried to apply a Jefferson Cipher to the poem:


          I think you’ll find similar results when testing for anagrams.

          Seriously, though, I do hope it works for you. I think Forrest would encourage us to make up our minds about these things.

          • I saw your efforts after I wrote this — great minds and all!

            You are likely right about an 85 year old man. But what about one who served in the Air Force? What’s the typical air force ‘cipher’ from the Vietnam Era? Tap Code. Pretty simple stuff. Doesn’t yield anything but it’s super easy to try.

            I’m not looking at doing anything crazy — but brute force cannot hurt.

            I just think that if it’s 9 consecutive “interpretive” clues then it’s unlikely that I’ll bring anything to the table that can solve it as I do not have a deep knowledge of the history or geography of the Rockies.

            I do think a great puzzle has a finite solution…

          • I agree on the finite solution, or at least I hope there is. Again, best of luck and if you develop anything you don’t mind sharing let us know 🙂

          • Take it from a prior USAF vet with TS clearance in a classified field, f knew more than you think. His word usage is accurate. I can see by your given credentials that you should be able to figure out what he did in this poem.


            Don’t think programming will help, but your knowledge and background might help, if you can think right.

    • What if someone believes they have a solid partial solve… for example, think they have solved 7 of the 9 and can put you within a 1 mile radius. Would this help you solve?

      • Maybe. Do you realize how big a 1 mile radius is? Then you are looking for something that is 10″ across in something that is 126,720 inches (2 miles) wide. Two miles is a very large area in the mountains. I could go hide a 10″ by 10″ box in a section of prairie grass and it would take you weeks to find it.

      • Of course… because any sure solve of a clue can narrow the course of inquiry for the remaining two clues by a giant factor. 7 of 9 would be huge…

    • Your first premise of being internally complete is potentially false. Forest states “A comprehensive knowledge of Geography would help”. If that is true, then the poem cannot be internally complete and you need at least a little outside information. He even says what you need…”A good map”. Thus the internal completion is false.

    • Someone has Nick. What you believe must be there is there. f did find a way, albeit a play on another’s method, it is of original design.

      Go find it. Should be simple enough with the cadre of associates you must have. But it really isn’t or everyone would know where to go.

  51. Looking at the above posts, I feel very much out of my league, but then again, I DO have a solve. I used no programs, anagrams or ciphers – Just logic and a bit of imagination, GE, a TOPO, and a wee bit of research on the internet…and I looked for hints in TTOTC and TFTW – and found a couple.

    I hope that what I have developed is THE solution, but only time will tell.

    Is it the 22nd yet? D A R N ! ! !

    Good luck to you guys with all of your approaches that I couldn’t begin the understand…and TRY to STAY SAFE.


  52. BTW — sorry for leaving this here but you seem like an active bunch.

    Has anyone written about this possibility:

    Clue 9 is that you will have Title to the Gold… literally. The gold will not be in the box. That’s how he knows that you will become the owner without legal issues. He said he consulted an attorney. They wrote up the Title to the gold… literally. If it’s on public land you cannot keep it. But he says he’s not worried about that. I think ‘give you title to the gold’ is very literal. All that’s in there is the bracelet which you return to him… and he ‘pays’ you with the gold to which you have title.

    And that’s how he knows it has not yet been found. Because in order to claim it, you have to give over the title.

    • I know that this has been discussed many times before, and most agree that Forrest has stated clearly (Sorry I do not have the source) that the treasure is IN the chest and waiting for the person that can find it. No “IOU” involved.

      Can someone please provide the siurse of this statement?

      Good luck – It is out there waiting for someone – TRY to STAY SAFE ALL


      • I read and listened to those comments as well — and then went back and re-listened. I do not think it’s so clear cut. When pressed on the legal issues on a TV show he kind of gave that “well, I know it’s not an issue, I consulted with an attorney and it’s not… ” and just shrugged like… and I cannot tell you why.

        It’s also the only logical way he can *know* for sure that it hasn’t been found. He mentions that there is something in there that he hasn’t mentioned that is critical but for the finder to learn about. I believe that’s not an IOU but rather more like a Bearer Bond… which is literally a Title to the holder. You can make a Bearer Bond of just about anything. And while not literally the gold it’s just as good. And it’s the title to the Gold.

        • Finder-Keeper laws vary by state. In MT, the finder is entitled to keep property found on state land if the property has been abandoned by its owner.

          70-5-103. Duty to inform owner when known

          If a person finds money, goods, things in action, or other personal property or saves a domestic animal from drowning or starvation when the property is of a value of $10 or more and the person knows or suspects who the owner is, the person shall use reasonable diligence to inform the owner and make restitution without compensation, further than a reasonable charge for saving and taking care of the property. If the person fails to do so, the person is liable in damages to the owner and does not have a claim to any reward offered by the owner for the recovery of the thing or to any compensation for the person’s trouble or expenses.

          70-5-101. Nonapplicability to things abandoned

          The provisions of this chapter have no application to things which have been intentionally abandoned by their owners.

    • So Nick Handler, you’re an expert at solving puzzles, ciphers, encryption etc. and you jump straight to clue 9/9? All us dim-wit folk have started at the beginning where the author told us to start… glad you jumped to the head of the class.

      Exactly how do you know the last line of the poem is the final clue? Around here we don’t state something as fact until we have proof.

      • absolutely do NOT know… never said it was a fact. Pure speculation… sorry.

        Never said anyone was a dimwit.

        Just saying that in the writing everyone skips over the end.

        The puzzle is a circle. That much I believe to be true from not only a few things FF has mentioned but from an analysis of the ‘structure’ that we’ve done. So if it’s a metaphorical circle it’s likely that the journey to find the treasure is as well. Again, literally and not.

        Finally, everyone glosses over the Title to the Gold. However, I think that’s a mistake for a bunch of reasons. In fact, I think that may be the first clue, not the last. I’m nearly certain of it.

        • Hi Nick Handler. I also believe the last line is very important.

          I believe Forrest hints to Title many times. He calls searchers dear, madam and mz. Without knowing if some of the searchers are male or female.
          These are titles that Forrest is calling attention to. Also gold was used in the poem and is a major item in the chest.

        • Nick;

          I have been one of the proponents of the fact that the architecture of the poem is a circle for several months now. It is nice to have someone in agreement with me.

          To me the circular architecture takes the searcher from a global view of where the TC is secreted, to a finite view of EXACTLY where it is located.

          Good luck with your search and TRY to STAY SAFE.

          This of course, is just my unproven idea and theory.


        • Nick – at least one point you make is for certain incorrect. For certain. I’ll let you work out which one.

          • JD, Nick introduced himself as having access to the top professional puzzle solvers; the best jigsaw minds in the world. I picture him and his army of analysts sitting in a secret concrete bunker… surrounded by high powered mainframe computers… empty coffee cups litter the floor and the ashtrays overflowing with spent butts. This crackpot team has already proven they are legit — telling us which camera equipment Fenn has access to.

          • Meanwhile, a small child points to where warm waters halt. She can’t tell you where it is on the map, but she does know the answer.

  53. Target file:
    Camera: Canon PowerShot SD1300 IS
    Lens: 5 mm
    (Max aperture f/2.8) (shot wide open)
    Exposure: Auto exposure, 1/501 sec, f/2.8, ISO 125
    Flash: Off, Did not fire
    Focus: At 29cm, with a depth of field of about 9.5cm, (from about 4.0cm before the focus point to about 5.5cm after)
    Date: REDACTED 9:58:57PM (timezone not specified)
    (REDACTED 7 days, 22 hours, 27 minutes, 43 seconds ago, assuming image timezone of US Pacific)
    File: 600 × 450 JPEG
    346,470 bytes (338 kilobytes)
    Color Encoding: Embedded color profile: “sRGB”

    There’s more information laying around than you all might imagine…. not everyone is careful with their technology, nor do they know the type of info imbedded.

    Safe to say if this came from FF — then he owns a Canon Powershot SD1300 or did when he took certain pictures.

    One might not need to solve the poem to solve the riddle.

  54. Nick;

    It is obvious that you are a smart guy, and “Know a lot”. Saying that, “One might not need to solve the poem to solve the riddle.” seems to be taking one heck of a risk of alienating yourself from a group of people who might possibly be of some help to you in the future.

    The people gathered here are a great group of people who have only one thing in mind – Solving the riddle that is the poem. And helping others do the same. Implying that what some people here have been doing for years may not have been necessary, in my humble opinion, is not the way to win friends and influence people. But then again, you may not care what we think, and you may not need our help or you may not be able to learn from the vast store of experience that resides here.

    Just my private opinion.


    • I replied to this earlier with an apology and it was not posted… not sure why. But I also posted some info that I think can help and is spot on (really) — and that didn’t get posted either. Not sure if I’m banned but I hope not.

      What I meant by not solving the poem is that you can solve it in reverse a bit. For example, if you figure out where to land or why you must look quickly down from the blaze… then perhaps it’s not exactly necessary to know exactly where you started (though I know what FF says about that).

      I’ll say, there is *no way* at all I could get to anywhere without things on this website though. However, most of those have come from FF himself… very helpful man actually. I think he’s decided to move things along slowly and patiently over time.

      But the one thing that is for sure is that you need to think in 3 dimensions not 2.

  55. Updated searcher state vote statistics (now 66 votes). As always, if I’ve made a mistake, or you’ve changed your focus, or you want to be added to the stats, let me know.

    WY (12): JD, JMiles, Zenden, Jas, Arca, John Edo, 1/2 of Kevin, 1/2 of Mike(MT), Morecowbell21, JCS, Seabear, Lia, Rickinflorida

    MT (14.3): Dal, Woody, JasonD, Zosorocks1, Jake Faulker, Dys, Zaphod73491, Dogzebra, Tommy Voltaire, Charlie, Hear Me All, Donna M., Bookworm, 80% of Melanie, 1/2 of Mike(MT)

    CO (14.5): 1/2 of Kevin, Cholly, Corin, E.C. Waters, JDiggins, Locolobo, Inthechaseto, Eaglesabound, Cas, SL, Geydelkon, Lou Lee Belle, Signholder, Dreamersdomore, Amy Sweitzer

    NM (25.2): Michelle, Stephanie, Thomas Conrad, Dulcinea, SandyB, Crowfeast, Whut?, 505poetics, 20% of Melanie, Blazed-KS, Mr. Mike, Peter, Lugnutz, Tom Terrific, Michael Hendrickson, OS2, Scott Richards, Mindy, Ken, Desertphile, Sally2, Mark, Cam, Cynthia, Golden Retrievers, Deb

    Percentages: NM=38%, MT=22%, CO=22%, WY=18%

    Montana and Colorado now running neck and neck, but New Mexico maintaining front-runner status. JD happy that WY is off the radar of 82%.

  56. S’hard not to give this rabbit hole some attention…

    And I certainly can’t help but think I’ve got a fairly decent idea of where it is…m’nowhere near it, certainly can’t get to it, but the honor of nailing the thinking would be enough…

    Seems like too many folks are trying to read into things he’s said, when in fact the most important thing Fenn has stated is everything you need is in the poem…

    And if that’s the case…

    I believe he’s left the treasure along the Las Animas Creek in New Mexico. Specifically just outside of Massacre Canyon.

    The first line of the poem helps narrow down the state, Fenn uses the word “new,” that’s enough to suggest that New Mexico is where to start. While scanning a map of New Mexico and the area the treasure is thought to be in, one place caught my eye: Truth or Consequence, New Mexico. Sounds like a place Mr. Fenn would like…further more the title Thrill of the Chase – Thrill, Chase, T.C. Truth, Consequence, T.C…gave me pause to look around and do some digging…

    The blaze referenced I believe to be a particularly devastating forest fire that happened in this region – the aftermath of which will be around for a great long while. Where warm waters cease is the dried up riverbed beneath Massacre Canyon, waters have ceased there for quite sometime. Home of the brown is not only a reference to Fenn’s fly-fishing love and native species to the Las Animas The Brown Trout, but the native american tribe that once inhabited the region. The Las Animas may be a bit too shallow, hence no paddling up the creek, and it’s quite the walk, maybe too far of one to walk, and you may have to swim across it from the barely treaded dirt path leading there…which, incidentally looks to be about 10-15 miles from the main road…just the length that would take a fella of Fenn’s age to make two trips from his parked car over the length of a day.

    So there’s that. That’s my educated guess…now, iffin someone wants to toss a gold coin my way for the trouble should it actually be there, well, hell, I’d appreciate it.

    • @Dan Augustine, One big problem with your idea/locations, we know that Forrest has said to search at least 8.25 miles ‘north’ of Santa Fe.

  57. Food for thought. If you look under Most Important Information, Seeker did a recap of statements by Forrest. One searcher asked Forrest if he would want him to admire the spot where the chest is hidden. Forrest stated that admire might not be the best word but if it was bent and twisted a little it would work. That answer gave me enough pause to consider that the spot where the chest is hidden might not appear very special to us searchers but dear to Forrest for other reasons than what we might think. That makes me think that it might not be in a place where there are not waterfalls, wildflowers, and not in an area that is picture perfect. In My War for Me, he mentions that when he actually visited the waterfall it wasn’t quite what he had expected. Almost like it was a letdown of sorts. I do wonder if it might be in an area that most wouldn’t search because it just doesn’t look special enough. Thoughts anyone?

    • IF I am correct in my solve, the site is one of the most beautiful in Wyoming…and that is saying a lot. The surrounding mountains are not as magnificent as the Grand Tetons, but what mountains are?.

      The waterfall may not be as grand as some of Yellowstone National Parks waterfalls, but MY (Forrests) waterfall takes my breath away.

      There are pine groves who’s aroma is crisp and clean.

      There is wildlife that comes close to matching the herds of Bison and Elk in Yellowstone.

      For me, it is VERY easy to see why Forrest would have chosen this place as his last resting place.

      The fishing, according to experts in the area is some of the finest.

      I hope that after the 23rd, Forrest and I can share with the world this VERY special place. Many come here now to view the falls, not knowing that this is THE place. Many
      who were not searching for the treasure, and possibly a few that were, have stood and looked at this magnificent waterfall, never knowing that they were so very close to a treasure. There is a treasure here, and it is the waterfall, I hope soon to find that there is a second treasure.

      So, NO, I can not agree with your judgement that where Forrest secreted his treasure is less than perfect.

      Just my opinion and belief.

      I certainly have found “A” treasure. I hope that soon I will find “THE” treasure

      Good luck to ALL searchers, and TRY to STAY SAFE.


      • JD – Fair enough. The way he answered that question caused me to think. If I had something special to hide in a place that was special to me, the ending might not be what most expected. Meaning, the spots that are most special to me aren’t what most would consider beautiful, but the spot would be special to me because of the memories I have attached to that spot. I have been blessed to visit some very scenic places in my life but just because they take my breath away does not mean I would go back to hide something special there. You may be correct. The Chase is contagious and fun. I hope you have good news to report after the next search.

    • @Hear me all, Yes, I think about the same thought sometimes, perhaps the spot isn’t that great at all but perfect for preserving a corpse for hundreds of years, like a swampy bog at the base of a mountain, one with lots of frogs and no place for the meek and sure to be cold when you get your feet wet. IMO

      • Cholly – Strange as it may sound, my solve does not involve real water or real canyons. It is most definitely is in the Rockies but the poem to me reads much different than many other searchers see it. I’m still asking myself why can I see what I see and most others can’t. I have read TTOTC and TFTW many times, studied the poem more times than I can keep track of, and found what I think the good map is. If I’m right about the map that Forrest is referencing, it will cause many to say why didn’t I think of that? It is not a special map of any sorts but a map of the general area. In a recent answer on MW, he even said that many are trying to make the clues more complicated than they really are. It is amazing that after 7 seasons, that there is no true consensus as to which state the chest is even hidden in. I also think by the way Forrest answered a question in the past that he is somewhat surprised that with as many searchers as there are that nobody has found the chest yet. He even states the average person who will think and use logic with some imagination can find the chest.

    • special is a relative term, what’s special for some, may not be for others.

      • silentfly – You are so correct. We at this time don’t know if that special spot for Forrest is because the place is breathtaking with scenery, a place where he learned to do something like ride a bike, a place where he proposed to Peggy, a special fishing spot, a favorite place to hang out with friends, or a special place where he could just be alone to think. The possibilities are really endless. Until the chest is found we won’t know why that spot mean so much to Forrest.

          • Desertphile – Enjoy your time on Terrace Ave.. I’m at my home in KS trying to hone my solve along with doing a number of other things. Tequila sounds pretty good on a Wednesday night. Enjoy!

          • Desertphile – You aren’t having drinks with Isaac Newston Corns are you? I wondered if you were trying to pry information out of him. Love those videos!

    • His “Masquerade and Special Places” post about dressing in his best and going as a bum suggests a fondness for the unpretentious and unassuming. I believe his special place is just that.

      • nmc – I agree. It will be in spot that will obvious only after it is solved and where most will never have thought to look. I even question all the possible spots in the area I’m searching because I think it might be in plain sight but passed by because it blends in so well.

  58. My solution to F. F. Poem
    Begin it where warm waters halt (Refers to the large hot springs that supply the public pools then flow into the river at Glenwood Springs Colorado)
    And take it in the canyon down, (Go East into a very scenic Canyon on the most expensive section of highway ever built, Interstate 70) Not far, but too far to walk (Go for a mile or two and take the first exit No Name. Turn right and take road down to the dead end).
    Put in (Clearly a boat in a river reference) below the home of Brown. (Grizzly Creek is the very next exit just up river, or east on I-70 and Grizzly bears are also known as brown bears)
    There’ll be no paddle up your creek, (River is very narrow and rapid upstream from this point but downstream is not as rapid and it widens out)
    Just heavy loads (Across the river is a railroad track and trains carry heavy loads)
    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze, (Downstream about ¼ mile and across the river there is a Railroad tunnel entrance and just up from there is a blaze like feature, a huge notch, in the canyon wall from a very old rock slide)
    Look quickly down, your quest to cease, (If you’re in a boat and you look down you are looking into the water!)
    But tarry scant (Train tunnel entrance is black and tarry looking from diesel smoke) with marvel gaze, (Metaphor for canyon wall. Tar is small in perspective too…)
    NOTE: This location is above were warm water flows into the river, below the home of Brown, in a canyon, and above 5000 feet elevation. The GPS position is 39 deg. 33’ 24” N 107 deg. 18’ 30” W.
    So hear me all and listen good, (Hazard warning) your effort will be worth the cold. (The river water level is too high and murky in the summer. Only time to search is late fall winter and early spring. After the snow melts the river is low and clear)
    If you are brave and in the wood (Another reference to Glenwood Canyon)
    Every clue in the poem can be solved with this location however, the Colorado River has had many years to either conceal the treasure or wash it up onto shore. GOOD LUCK

    • I did a search near there. It’s near the Scout Trail, but the train tunnel keeps you lower on the mountain side and I stayed on the trail. I thought about walking the tracks, but it’s a very public location and you would have to go at night. I was too meek to try it.

    • Ken, When you take it in the canyon down, you are suggesting to go East into the Glenwood Canyon. Going into the Glenwood Canyon that direction is going “up” in elevation, not “down”. I have done the same thing on some of my solves (going up a canyon, instead of down), and then I have trouble justifying the words “canyon down”, to myself. How do you interpret the words “canyon down”? Thanks

      • My interpretation is as follows:
        If you think of “Begin it” as the hiding or finding start point “where warm water halt and take it in the canyon down” you would be above or upstream. I believe you begin a float trip because of the words “Put in”

    • Ken … an interesting solution.

      Just a quick note to you and other searchers. It seems we have no fewer than 3 posters named “ken”. You (Ken), me (Ken), and a third with lower case (ken).

      I have never been to Glenwood Springs. Must be beautiful country though. Good luck with your future searches.



    • Ken… which ever Ken this is. You stated:

      “My solution to F. F. Poem
      Begin it where warm waters halt (Refers to the large hot springs that supply the public pools then flow into the river at Glenwood Springs Colorado)”

      Like some who post a solve for discussion, you tend to leave out the reasoning of your conclusion… would you explain why, out of all the many wwh, you chose this place?

      • Seeker,
        I looked for a hot springs in or just below a canyon. I searched about 30 hot springs via google earth in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado before I found one that fit my perception of the poem. This spot had bonus clues for me too. Grizzly Creek named after the large brown bear killed there a hundred years ago is upstream and “in the wood” I believe references GlenWOOD Canyon. Other clues fell into place when I got there a few weeks later.

  59. I was looking for the chest here in this golden palace…


    Little did I know they locked me in! So I had to search among all the golden artifacts and puzzles to find be able to unlock the doors. Only took me 61 minutes!

    Just a lil ESCAPE game to take your mind off the other subject that is driving us insane 🙂 (works best with mouse)

    • Iron Will – The Chase can become very consuming and it is good to have balance. I came up with a solve this year and then found your posted solve later. I must say that if you are still searching MT is definitely the state where Forrest hid the chest. I don’t have proof as of yet, but all the clues and what he has shared with us leads us to that state. Keep using imagination with logic and it can prove very fruitful.

  60. I threw in the towel awhile back and haven’t been back since, I just can’t endlessly chase. This hobby costs money….no really what I finally realized was that Fenn had never been there…the ground layers were untouched. I Must have gotten the joke chase 🙁

  61. OFF TOPIC-

    Some of you have asked about the disappearance of the Odds n Ends page. It was being used by many to post comments about everything including comments that should have been left on more appropriate discussion pages. Odds n ends was intended for comments about TTOTC topics that were not covered by other discussion pages and not as a place to comment about everything.

    This blog is organized by topic so that folks looking for specific information about a topic, such as “tarry scant” or “in the wood” or “Jenny Kiles questions blog” or the Key word or what is meant by “it” in the poem could find relevant discussion about those topics.

    When commenters use one page of the blog for constant off topic conversation it makes it practically impossible for someone to find the information they are searching for.

    So please look around in the discussion pages and see where your comment best fits. Please abide by the rules of this blog.

    Goofy and I will be watching for comments not posted in the correct place. We will suggest you move them to where they belong and/or if we catch them in time we may simply remove them completely.

    Your support on this “organizational concern” will help others find the discussion they are looking for.

  62. Opening thoughts:

    I write this as I am about to go out and search for Mr. Fenn’s chest. This will be my first, and most likely last attempt at finding this chest, so I feel comfortable sharing my thoughts. Although it would be absolutely amazing to actually find the chest, I am much more interested in the chase and learning the answer to this riddle, so if I am unsuccessful, I hope something here may give someone else the nudge they need to solve this and find the chest.

    Mr. Fenn has chosen to deliver clues to his treasure using poetry; a significant insight. Many posts I have read seem to be focused on specific words used and are caught up in analyzing each of their definitions. This may be for good reason as Forrest has stated he chose his words very carefully, but remember, this is a poem. Poetry is less about the specific meanings of words or phrases and is all about the imagination. Poetry is about feelings conveyed through these words and painting a picture in order to make a connection with the reader. As such, a poem can have several layers of meaning and can be widely open to interpretation.

    The treasure is hidden somewhere with great meaning to Mr. Fenn. This is a place he knows very well and has even stated he did not need a map to write the clues.

    I believe those two statements allow us to narrow down the search area quite a bit. What type of picture is created in the imagination when you hear ‘Where warm waters halt’? For me it invokes warm feelings associated with memories from a special time in one’s life, frozen (halted) in time as you reminisce fondly. From Mr. Fenn’s stories, it seems like Childhood memories of Yellowstone is a logical choice for the answer to ‘Where warm waters halt’. Art has become a passion of Mr. Fenn in his later years; what better way to connect riches old (fond memories of Yellowstone) with riches new (his new found passion and source of his wealth) than with a poem connected to a famous painting of his favorite place.

    My first thought was to take a map and try to pinpoint 4 locations related to the clues from which to draw the ‘blaze’ (an X) on my map. If anyone would like to pursue this idea Forrest stated the chest is located in the Rockies; this does not limit the locations of the clues, only the end result. I considered Glacier Park as ‘where warm waters halt’ and the Grand Canyon as ‘the canyon down’, but that is as far as I could get with that idea.

    My second thought (which I actually think may turn out to be the correct interpretation of the clues) was to try and locate stories from The Thrill of the Chase based on the clues from the poem. I think each clue may relate to a specific story in the book. The stories may include enough information to pinpoint a specific location, and from there, draw the X on the map. I would like to go further with this idea, but I do not as of yet possess a copy of the book.

    I think the correct interpretation of the poem must come from one of these three ideas. Imagine trying to lead someone to a specific place using only a description of key locations. This would make it difficult enough to lead someone to your own house without the help of street names even when the specific town you live in is known. Now imagine trying to direct someone to a 10X10 location within the vast wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. I think this would be impossible with only nine clues even if those clues were descriptive instead of cryptic.

    This leads me to my first attempt at cracking this riddle; the painting:

    As I have gone alone in there
    And with my treasures bold,
    I can keep my secret where,
    And hint of riches new and old.

    Somewhere he has been (seen) before
    and returned with his bold treasure

    The place he has gone to alone is used to keep his secret. It also provides the clues to find his riches (new) and is itself a treasure (old)

    Begin it where warm waters halt

    ‘It’ refers to your gaze. Warm waters halt is the famous painting (riches old) by Thomas Moran of one of the most dear places to Forrest Fenn (Yellowstone Park). This painting is credited as being instrumental in the preservation (halted in time) of this area. After leaving Tower Falls, Moran stated he halted before proceeding to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone location. Perhaps this is because the view was so captivating that it halted him. Several hot springs can be seen in the painting along with waters from the falls that appear to be halted on the canvas. Forrest stated we needed the poem and a ‘good map’ (not necessarily the map he provides in the book). The map is the painting.

    Side note: Forrest has stated some have correctly identified this clue, but none have spent enough time here, as in, keep looking at the painting. He has also stated we need to focus on ‘the big picture’ as in, the painting.

    And take it in the canyon down,

    Take ‘it’ (your gaze) down the canyon from the warm waters halted above.

    Not far, but too far to walk.

    Not far in the painting, but too far for the figures in the painting to ‘walk’ any farther. Forest has stated too far is relative to perspective.

    Put in below the home of Brown.

    Fix your gaze below the Brown trout in the painting (center of the painting in the river below the horses). This lets us know to focus on the left side of the river in the painting. Also, this area of the painting is located below another famous painting of the same area by Brown.

    From there it’s no place for the meek,

    No place for the meek refers to the dark, cold forest in the painting (or possibly the Meek painting of the same area which does not include this forest).

    The end is drawing ever nigh;

    Our gaze has now come close to the area we need to look. Also draw your gaze to the left side of the painting.

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,

    We do not need to go any further up the creek, we have arrived. In the actual location, this creek is not present, so no need to paddle. The treasure is not in the creek, so do not focus your gaze in this area.

    Just heavy loads and water high.

    A reference to the left side of the painting, Heavy loads as in on the minds of the figures as they focus on what they are looking at (may also refer to the large trees in the painting). Waters high refers to the water in the area of the painting being much higher than the river below.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,

    The blaze is the shadow in the trees on the left side of the painting. Also the answer to the riddle not far but too far to walk. Your shadow is never far from you but you cannot walk to its end. ‘Wise’ is defined as: ‘become alert to or aware of something’. The tree next to this shadow appears to be marked in the way Native Americans are known to ‘blaze’ a trail.

    Look quickly down, your quest to cease

    Just below the blaze will mark the next direction to take. Side note: there appears to be a ‘C’ carved in a log below the shadow which may refer to ‘Chest’ as in X marks the spot, but in this case ‘C’.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    Keep going just a little farther, looking intently. And you will find the chest.

    So why is it that I must go
    And leave my trove for all to seek?
    The answers I already know
    I’ve done it tired, and now I’m weak

    We must solve this poem again, I already know the answers, it has taken much time so now I am tired and weak in resolve, so why do I need to solve it again?

    So hear me all and listen good,

    Hear and Listen as in Find, then seek. The first time through tells us what we are looking for, the second time through tells us how to get there; both are equally as important. Forrest has stated the one who finds the chest will have read the poem over and over as in solve it twice.

    Your effort will be worth the cold.

    Solve the poem again and it will be worth the effort and worth going into the cold dark forest.

    If you are brave and in the wood

    The second time through will help you be in the place the shadow of the brave in the wood is standing.

    I give you title to the gold.

    Once in this place, you will have the gold.

    Second Time Through: (I will simplify it a bit this time)

    Where warm waters halt:

    Gardner River. This was originally named warm spring creek due to the mixing of its cold water with the hot spring from Mammoth. Its description sounds almost exactly as Forrest’s story of ‘river bathing is best’. This area is located at the beginning of Grand Loop road in Yellowstone Park. Begin your journey at the start of Grand Loop road near the West Entrance of the Park.

    Take it in the canyon down:

    Take’it’ (Grand Loop Road) the Yellowstone Canyon.

    Not far, but too far to walk:

    Not a long drive, but definitely too far to walk.

    Put in below the home of Brown:

    Put into the canyon at Uncle Tom’s Trail. Above this trail is an old complex of buildings related to Brown.

    Side note: from a story I read on Yellowstone NP site; “Our friend Brown had been completely disgusted, during the last few days, with his whip-saw, owing to the number of times every day that he had to stop to adjust the pack in going through the woods, and now left that useful implement leaning against a tree, with the remark that “he had packed the damned thing far enough.”

    From there it’s no place for the meek,

    The sign at Uncle Tom’s trailhead basically states this trail is no place for the meek. It also includes 328 steps which just so happens to be the exact number of sorties flown by Forrest in Vietnam. Since it says NO place for the meek, don’t take this trail (maybe?), take the other trail toward artist point.

    The end is drawing ever nigh;

    The end of your search is drawing near.

    There’ll be no paddle up your creek,
    Just heavy loads and water high.

    Just down the trail toward point sublime, there is a dry creek (no paddle required) bed covered with fallen trees, the water (lilly pad lake) is above this location.

    If you’ve been wise and found the blaze,

    Just before the junction between point sublime and lilly pad lake, there is an orange trail marking (blaze) in a tree, pointed to the left just like the Brave’s Feather from the painting. This location is almost directly across from Inspiration Point (The vire Moran used to paint this picture) in the area where the shadow of the brave from the painting would be.

    But tarry scant with marvel gaze,
    Just take the chest and go in peace.

    This blaze marks an overgrown side trail, leading away from the main trail and into the wooded area behind the trail. I would follow this trail a short distance searching intently.

    • Yeti- I wish you much luck in your search. It sounds like your solution has been well thought out. I do recall though that Fenn has said everything we need is in the poem, but the book may help. Many of us have used outside sources to study the area of our search, but I wonder if we should focus ONLY on the poem and a map.

      • I agree, I think we should focus only on the poem and a map, but just to play the what if game (as Mr. Fenn also suggests), what if the map is his book, or a painting, or something else requiring a bit of imagination.

    • I wish you all the luck in the world, yeti…..you have put a lot of work into your solve….enjoy your search.

    • … another Yellowstone solution; oh my.

      “Warm waters halt is the famous painting … by Thomas Moran of one of the most dear places …”

      And how likely do you think it would be for some redneck from rural Texas to know about the Thomas Moran painting? That information is too “inside”, too specialized, and therefore would give an undue advantage to searchers who know about the painting or who live in the Yellowstone area.


  63. I believe it is in one of two places:

    1. It resides in or very close to the house of an 85 year old millionaire in New Mexico. The person whom Forrest called “911” on was within 200 feet of his house. 8.25 miles is a strange number— does FF have a second residence? Could Forrest’s house lie 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe’s original location?

    2. Montana, in a well.

    • F said it wasn’t at his home. As far as a well, well, you would need a flashlight to see in the well. F said NOT in a place that needed a flashlight in the daytime! Just sayin’!

      • Donna—- Thanks for the reply. I would just state that many times you do not need a flashlight to see many feet down into a well. You may need one if you decide to journey down further, stay a while, and eat a sandwich. lol So, a well is still a viable option. As to it being in his house, I don’t think so either—was kidding–plus, as he said himself, it is 8.25 miles north of Santa Fe or further.
        Happy hunting.

        • He also said a child could walk right up to it and it is not associated with any structure. Is a well a structure? I believe it is hidden in plain sight and it looks like it belongs there! I have always believed it was in NM but now with a few new ideas it is in Colorado and not too far for a drive and back home in one day. I am just putting some of the clues to the test and looking on maps trying to clarify. Mr. F. might just be messing with our minds and all of the clues are words that have other out there meanings. Is everyone like me just stumped and putting phrases and sentences together randomly to make what seems like sense in our heads? Good luck everyone. I truly believe we have all made it so complicated in it’s simplicity that we are overlooking what is right in front of our noses. I hope someone finds it soon and puts us all out of our misery!! I want to be able to work out the puzzle myself and will continue to pursue it until it is found, hopefully more boots on the ground for me and my crew just hope all are safe on this journey and all of our 2 in the morning searches and researching pays off and we actually get to see what is in the chest soon and it will come to an emotional breakthrough for one of us Fenner’s!!! See you in the funny papers guys still in the chase and Gung Ho Mateys, lets find that treasure……Ms. Girl

        • I’ve often wondered about a well being part of this. Let a kid read the line: “So hear me all and listen good.” Would the kid correct it and say it should say: listen well? Is this the word that is key?

    • Sparrow….. You’re on it! you just have to figure out what FF’s Well is!!!!!!

  64. The treasure chest is in Colorado, a few dozen feet from a cannabis dispensary. Let’s all meet there Tuesday, m’kay? Bring some cash….

    • Lol! Don’t know if people don’t read the info, it’s all there, or info isn’t digested, just the rainbow!

    • D’file: May I recommend 2 in Mancos? HA!

      If I wasn’t on a trial jury right now (for manslaughter, no less), I would be happy to meet you in CO on Tues. Alas, I must send my regrets. Regardless, I would sorely appreciate any alleviation from this awfulness.

      Still, it is good to be an engaged citizen in this process we call justice and I take it very seriously.

    • Right on man, just like fast times at Ridgemont high. Where’s Colorado again?

      • Oh yeah, I remember now, I’m there so I can go any direction and meet you there.

  65. Sparrow-
    You need to do some research on the 8.25 number and you will find out exactly how that number came about. It’s no secret but your unfamiliarity with it’s genesis suggests you need to do some research before you go around suggesting the treasure is in his house and your illegitimate words cause someone to illegally enter his yard or home.

  66. dal—– Thank you, You’re right, I am unfamiliar with a lot of things regarding the search. I was being “tongue in cheek” about it being at his house, but I can understand about misguiding someone with false information. My apologies for that. I really do enjoy the posts on the blog, and admit I have a lot to learn.

    Thanks dal.

  67. I have to share this because it is hilarious. I recently began looking at the poem and trying every angle on it. Today, I was on Google Earth (I don’t know a lot about how it works) and noticed the coordinates when you click on any area of a map. I saw the line in the poem “Not far, but too far to walk”. I thought “wouldn’t it be strange if each word stood for a number, and the comma is like a decimal?

    The sentence above works out to 33.33324–since there was no additional number I just added zero: 33.333240. So, I went to the states in question to see if anything matched. I had to scroll further and further down. I began to get excited when I saw that the 33.333240 number appeared to be in New Mexico.

    I kept scrolling down and clicking. I stopped at 33.333240 – 105.608031 (wasn’t sure if the second set of coordinates would be important). I excitedly zeroed in on the number. The number took me to this location:

    BILLY THE KID CASINO in Ruidoso Downs NM. The 33.333240 put me exactly in the back of a white truck that looked like a BLAZER. LOL!! I began to ask myself “Wait a minute, would Fenn trick us all and put the dang treasure in a parking lot of a casino? (I had never really thought about the possibility of Forrest doing something completey out in left field like that).

    When I backed up and realized that those coordinates were far south of Santa Fe I started laughing. What a strange coincidence that that the numbers from that line of the poem would take me to google map New Mexico? LOL.

    Check it out if you have Google Earth: 33.333240 (not far, but too far to walk)-105.608031. Billy the Kid Casino. Hilarious.

    • Joe,
      When i started this adventure about 7 months ago i spent a lot of time trying to break down the words/sentences/letters into coordinates/mores code you name it. After a month of that with not real success, i pulled back and decided to focus on the words and sentences as a “riddle” and forget about codes and that type of thing.

      After this thing is all over, i can’t wait to read up on how people have come up with coordinates.

      I wish you the best of luck.

  68. JD— you may find this interesting. Google “early Spanish artifacts in the big horn mountains”. It is from a blog in 2011. It’s interesting to see where Forrest was driving to on this blog, where he stopped etc. Us Wyoming seekers might have our interest awakened by this article. ☺

    • One of the reasons Kirwin keeps calling to me even though many searchers have left there empty chested.

      • Still could be there! Remember searchers have walked right by it. 200 feet. From someone’s search area! Never know could of been you or me! I am researching my Wyoming locations. Be safe.

      • Another Wyoming searcher – they just keep poppin’ up. Welcome. How long have you been searching?

        Good luck in your search and TRY to STAY SAFE


        • JD—-

          I have been searching about a week now. lol But I thihk Wyoming is the place.

      • Tommy;

        I did not know where Kirwin was – Noticed Brown Mountain and Wood River – easy to see why you might be drawn to the area. Good Luck


        • JD,

          I have a feeling that most searchers (myself, included) might think HOB is Amelia’s cabin (remnants), but yes, Brown Mountain is the first thing I noticed resembling HOB.

    • Hi Joe Sparrow;

      Always glad to see Wyoming hunters come out of the woodwork. YEA Wyoming.

      Thanks for the reference. Quite interesting.

      Good luck in your search – who knows, we might bump into each other somewhere in the Wilds of Wyoming.


    • Quote from this blog,
      “And if those memories are not published then surely they should be sent to the Library of Congress where they will be stored in some long forgotten alcove for a few hundred years. ”

      I will be shocked if his chest is not sitting in a alcove out of side from below and above. Maybe somewhere only a pilot of a plane flying level with the mesa would see.

      I think I’ve figured out what type of rock to look for, what color rock and maybe even the rock layering to look for. I just don’t know where to begin. 🙂

      • Arca,
        You and I are in the same camp, alcove-wise, including a suspicion about rock type and sequence.

        Luckily I have identified significant outcrops along No Paddle Creek (I made that name up, jcma). But I agree, finding the alcove, the right one, with the awesome and meaningful view, is Boot-on-the-Ground.

        Reconnaissance by flight would be super risky in the Rockys. You would need to fly low and slow in the mountains where a strong headwind could reverse on you in a heartbeat. I expect f could have pulled it off, but I do not think he discovered the hiding spot from aerial recon. (not suggesting you said that)


        when searching, I think we should all try to make a habit of a regular risk assessment– a safety check on the halt hour

        consider the “what if’s”

        =No Paddle Creek does not exist to my knowledge (another rabbit hole, for later)
        =no one that knows has said it is in an alcove
        =reconnaissance is spelled correctly, but I had to look it up, that how much y’all mean to me
        =or OCD

  69. Well, I don’t know what to think now. The poem was definitely leading me to Wyoming, but I saw Forrest being interviewed where he said he would smell “pinion” trees where the chest is hidden. Only in the extreme southwest part of Wyoming are any pinions found.

    Should I take that to mean that Wyoming is really out of the picture? Is that why Forrest said he wished he had not said something he did.

    Would a direct question to Forrest like “do pinions grow near to where the treasure is buried”? Would that clear this up? I’m a bit confused now. I know the treasure could be any where, but is Forrest excluding Wyoming with his statement? Your thoughts?

  70. dal—- thanks a lot. I haven’t been on the blog very long and just saw the interview today with Forrest. Thanks for the link–well, back to the Wyoming search.

  71. I don’t have the chest, but I believe it’s within my reach. The clues have led me directly to an “exact” spot. I may have broken an unwritten rule of the chase and made it impossible for other searchers to locate the chest should it be there. Rule or not, at this point, if it’s there, I consider it mine. I’ve been led directly to a very precise spot and need to figure out the legality of what needs done to recover it, should it be there. Alone, I’d have no qualms, but I don’t want to involve my wife and children in what could, not certainly, but possibly have a legal ramification. I want them to be there for it, should it be there, because they’ve been there from the beginning of the chase. I just don’t know how to proceed. The chest is worth a fortune but having my family with me to unveil it would be priceless and would be an experience I don’t have the heart to deprive them of. I have no worry of others finding it, should it be there, unless what I’ve undone is mysteriously corrected. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Bay,
      If it’s within your reach, you would have already got it.
      Why wait & post nonsense drama. Besides there’s no internet service for you to comment here where the chest is within reach.
      My advice to you is have a nice trip with yours & don’t be so cocky until it’s yours.

      • I was just asking for advice. I never said that I was 100% certain of it. The cocky overconfident one is you, for assuming I know nothing. I’m sorry if you can’t imagine a situation where there’s a possibility that even upon having possession of the chest you could quickly lose it. “…should it be there…” I want to make sure it cant be taken.

        • I gave you advice bay,
          Didn’t you read it?
          I will repeat it.
          Have a nice trip with yours & don’t be so cocky until it’s yours.
          This is good advice while I’m being nice.

          You said: “I want to make sure it cant be taken.”
          If you have to ask this question, then you are nowhere near where it is & that goes for your mind as well.

          • I read and comprehend just fine. I didn’t say you didn’t give me advice, nor did I indicate that I didn’t read your advice. Just want to make sure that there isn’t a knock on my door at a later date with a warrant to seize it. I’m confident that I’m very near, it’s undeniable. If I’m reading the blaze right I’ve been within inches, If I’m reading it wrong I’m still very close. If I’m cocky at all, it’s in the fact I’ve undoubtedly overcome “…water high.” Can you not imagine a situation where even within inches of the chest it may not be wise to just take it?

          • Bay: ” I’m confident that I’m very near, it’s undeniable”
            It’s undeniable?
            I think your in denial.
            Your inches away alright, not away from the chest but to what I call as overconfidence failure.
            Your plug is being pulled by your own ego.

          • I’m sorry, when you’re there, there’s just no arguing the poem. None, no arguments. It would be disrespectful, in so many ways, to say it could/should have been different. It’s perfect and I’m confident.

          • Tomorrow is just another day, where Mr. Bay doesn’t know his way.
            I can say, he is just another fray because he doesn’t know how to play.
            My hairs are getting gray.
            Hope you enjoyed your stay.

          • Bay, I’ve lost count of how many folks we’ve had here over the years that are absolutely sure beyond any doubt they know where it is.

            But there’s always some really weird reason they can’t go get it; or they did go look and it wasn’t there so Fenn never hid it or someone else got it. Same old story……no chest.

            So just go get it or say something useful and quit wasting our time.

        • Bay~ “I’m sorry, when you’re there, there’s just no arguing the poem. None, no arguments. It would be disrespectful, in so many ways, to say it could/should have been different. It’s perfect and I’m confident.”

          Mind if I have a crack at this perfect, brilliant, positive solve…? I got a few minutes to kill.

          Why would you think there will be any problems when fenn at 80 went there twice in one afternoon.
          What legal ramifications are you concerned about?
          What warrant at a later date might be served?

          What “There’s the legal aspects, that’s not the scariest part though. I’m having second thoughts about even taking family back?” Are you saying you were there with the family and forgot to pick up the chest the first time?
          What’s the “scariest part”?

          Here’s the big question… why can’t you go there and check if the chest is there? especially if you’ve been to the location prior.
          and if you feel there’s something not quite right… tell fenn “exactly ~ within 6” where he chest is at and he will tell you what you may need to know.

      • I’ve had my share in life. I’m sure another piece won’t hurt. I heard it’s good for you, maybe you should try some.

    • I’d like to know what unwritten rule did you break that will make it impossible for any other searcher to find the tc?

    • BayCity,
      What type of legal issues are at hand, specifically? It sounds like maybe it is worth consulting an attorney if you are that confident. Can you say generally where your solve is (state, county, etc)? Best wishes to you and your family!

      • There’s the legal aspects, that’s not the scariest part though. I’m having second thoughts about even taking the family back.

    • I feel certain that FF chose clues that cannot be undone. Were you able to move a mountain? Or change the course of a river? If so, it will be fascinating to see your solve.

        • Yes, I actually would like to know that as well. Only for the simple reason, that’s the first I’ve ever heard that. Is there a rule?


          • I guess when it comes to hunting treasure there are no rules. Silly of me to think this was like letterboxing, geocaching etc…. Sorry for confusing anyone with my unwritten rule statement.

    • Good grief another one. I mean really.

      Well Bay you’re not making much sense. Lets see:
      1. You have a solution leading you to an exact spot.
      2. You’ve broken some weird rule I’ve never heard of by making it impossible for anyone else to locate the chest.
      3. There will be legal ramifications and you’re worried about your family yada yada.
      4. You’ve made it impossible for anyone else to find without magic.
      So you want advice from us on what to do without telling us anything.

      Here you go: It makes as much sense as your question.

      Put the lime in the coconut
      and drink them both together
      Put the lime in the coconut
      then you feel better
      Put the lime in the coconut
      and drink them both up
      Put the lime in the coconut
      and call me in the moooorning

    • BayCity- It’s pretty safe to say that all those that have searched with BOTG think they have figured it out. After 6-7 years nobody has cracked the poem but we do know some have come close. Some without knowing and some possibly because they are figuring it out. If you really think you have figured it out, then take a trip. Forrest said it was not in a dangerous spot and I’m also inclined to believe that it’s for the taking if you can figure out the clues. That being said, I don’t think there will be many issues with ownership if you are the finder. If you are able to figure out how Forrest thinks then by all means put the chase to an end and share your solve after you find the chest. My personal opinion is that you will have a nice vacation filled with memories and stories to share but no chest. That’s been the outcome for all of us thus far. At some point there will come a time when every last inch of the Rockies has been explored and the chest will be found. If you think you have solved this, then take a chance.

      • Thank you. I’ve been thinking more and watched the what if video. after I was pointed in that direction. I don’t fear the legalities as much anymore.

  72. Bay,

    I would have to agree with Jake and Gregarious. Even if there were legal ramifications associated with the chest being on deeded lands, etc. I would imagine that if you knew where it was you would be long gone before anyone knew, I know I would.

    I would not even mention the treasure, if I were fortunate enough to find it, until I was already long gone from its resting place.

    Hope your right, we will see! Best of Luck!


    • People know it’s there…. somewhere. They’re stuck at the blaze. If I knew with certainty that I was “there” and that I could grab it without being seen/reported, or at least within the law, I would. I’d want to be anonymous as well. Thanks for the welcome and wishes. Best of luck to you as well!

      • *with certainty that it was “there” …. not; ….with certainty that I was “there”

      • Bay,

        Everyone knows its there somewhere. The question is definitively….where?

        I can’t say your right and I can’t say your wrong. But I offer some food for thought. FF made a statement that the treasure is not near a human trail.

        Hope to see you on the news……good luck!


      • Oh ya Bay,
        Lots of people know it’s there.
        I have lots of people in my head that know exactly where it is.
        If you’re worried about the law then maybe you should have them retrieve it for you considering they will have it anyway if you get caught.
        Don’t be surprised if your detained & held to find out your mental status & stability doesn’t fit with there model of who or what you should be.

      • Hey Bay City – I think some of the feedback you received is undeserved. But if you’re really looking for advice, I can offer the following: Fenn has told us that he thought of everything and if someone finds it they can have it. I’m of the opinion that we ought to believe everything he says or there is no point in believing that he hid a chest full of treasure in the first place. So if your solution presents major issues with being seen/reported or operating outside the law, then there is a very good chance that there is something wrong with your solution. Also, if Fenn thought of everything, then he wouldn’t have hidden it in such a way that someone else could screw it up and make it impossible for others to find it.

        Given all that you’ve said, I have to believe that there are problems with your solution.

        • Thank you for the critique. I feel bad second guessing Mr. Fenn. It’s, unfortunately, ingrained in my nature.

          • I don’t think you should feel badly about anything. This is a challenge that has drawn up to 100,000 capable people racking their brains on it for all or part of 6 years. It MUST be very difficult and you are not alone in second-guessing Mr. Fenn from time to time.

        • I’m sorry, “…impossible…” was a very poorly chosen word. It’s still possible, should it be there, but I’ve definitely raised the bar, if that is in fact the location.

      • LO,

        I agree, great video and have seen it. But I take from it that FF is saying that where ever the treasure is, if the person that finds it, does so and leaves with it, then whose actually to say where it was found. I know for myself only, that if I were fortunate enough to complete the solve and find it, then the only person I would speak to about what to do with it is FF. If not FF, then a very good attorney. Lol. I certainly wouldn’t be on public land putting myself in an incriminating scenario saying ….hey look at me!

        Just saying!


  73. It’s in the “water”…. In Montana…. Does anyone besides me understand why????

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