Forrest Gets Mail – 10


Forrest answering questions in email from a journalist in Arizona. You may have heard some or all of these Q/A before…but worth repeating.


Why did you hide a treasure? You need to read my Thrill of the Chase book wherein that question is answered in some detail

What’s in this treasure box? That question is also answered in my book, but the quick answer is: 265 gold coins, mostly American double eagles and eagles. Hundreds of gold nuggets, two the size of hen eggs, hundreds of rubies, 8 emeralds, 2 Ceylon sapphires, many diamonds, 2 ancient Chinese jade carvings, a 2,000 year old Sinu and Tairona necklace, Pre-Columbian gold bracelets and fetishes, and more.

Do you believe the treasure it still buried or have any of the people who claim to have found it actually found it? I have never said it was buried. I said it was hidden. Many have claimed to have found it, but none could provide evidence. It is still hidden.

Of course, he (my editor) has no idea that no one — besides you, I guess — knows where the treasure is. It is not that easy. It is not easy, but it is not impossible.

Having said that, if you were me — an enterprising reporter interested in following a trail to your treasure — where would you suggest I go? I suggest you go to my poem in the book and read it a few times. All of the necessary clues are there.

Is this hidden spot near your home? I don’t know how close near is. To an ant a mud puddle can be an ocean.

Is it in New Mexico, even? Not talking about that.

Is it dangerous for a hiker to set out looking for the treasure alone? A hiker should never go into the mountains or the wilderness alone. It is not in a treacherous place.



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  1. Nice questions…I’m sure glad you don’t post some of my questions I’ve emailed him! whew! 🙂

  2. Of the eight questions and answers, I find the last one the most intriguing:

    “Is it dangerous for a hiker to set out looking for the treasure alone? A hiker should never go into the mountains or the wilderness alone. It is not in a treacherous place”

    “…mountains or wilderness” and “It is NOT in a treacherous place” This speaks volumes to me. Probably the clearest definition of where the treasure lies that I have ever read. I am sure that this description puts a damper on many-a-searchers solve.

    Fortunately for me, it validates the place that I think that the TC lies.

    Only time will tell. Is it the 22nd yet?

    Good luck to all searchers and STAY SAFE


    • Hey JD
      After some of the blogs that were going around here the other day with Seeker I was under the understanding that you have thought about a new place. But yet you are saying that this is somewhat validating your spot that you have been going to and have managed to get it down to a 20 x 20 area. Can you say what part of this was helping you out by validating your spot?

      • Sorry if you misunderstood something. I am VERY happy with my solve. I am looking in Wyoming – NOT in YNP – I have NOT changed my general area in over three/four month, and have been tweaking until I am down to a pretty small area.

        Sorry, I am not willing to say what words validated my spot – sorry.

        Good luck in your search and STAY SAFE


    • JD, my sentiments exactly. It’s an exciting place, surprising place, why didn’t I think of that place…sure isn’t placed on a mountain side. Somewhere in the Rocky Mountains doesn’t mean on a mountain. There are casinos, schools, airports, whole cities in the mountains. F wants us to think mountains, get out in nature…the treasure is in nature once it was placed outside!
      In the woods, by yourself, treacherous…hum. seems the answer contridicted the question. Hidden in trees, but everything is in trees if you go far enough out… several things are just funky to me, always has been. And a sedan is a cursing car, not made for dirt roads or 4 wheeling. HOB is off a paved road!
      This mail has confirmed alot for me! Thanks Forrest! Good luck JD!

  3. This is a “Forrest Gets Mail” where people ask for clues, which is good for new searchers.
    I would like to read more “Forrest Gets Mail” about people telling where they are going, where they have been, what they think about their search.

    My personal comments along those lines are in the Searchers Discussions,
    searching New Mexico. But I would like to read the stories that were sent to Forrest.

    • Hello Michael Hendrickson. I believe I understand what you are saying. I do have a thought in regards to this though. Let’s say I’ve sent Mr. Fenn an email or letter stating where I was going and where I truly have been, but I hadn’t found the treasure, but do intend to return. I’m not sure if I would want or feel comfortable about Mr. Fenn posting this information for others to read. I believe if I wanted to, I would post them as I do with my post now.

  4. A lot of ways to use the word “it” … Where’s my decoder ring? I left it at home.

    • You can borrow my decoder 23 kachinas. It has a nice ring to it, and the patina on painted plastic is lovely. Almost as handsome as my mood ring. LOL – just kidding

  5. 1.”Treacherous” carries interesting meanings which are different than dangerous.

    2.May be important to stop at Red letters and numbers in both TTOTC and TFTW and determine why they are red.

    3.Red has some lesser known interesting DEFINITIONS:

    put on order; to make tidy; also, to free from entanglement or embarrassement;

    highest part of the primary rainbow.

    A book containing the names of all the persons in the service of the state.

    A dialectal form of rid.
    To put in order; tidy: often with up: as, to red up a house or one’s self.

    To disentangle; clear; adjust

    n. The nest of a fish; a trench dug by a fish in which to spawn.

    n. In archery: The second and next to the innermost circle of the target, which is colored red. near bullseye.

  6. Fenn sounds kind of annoyed. Be funny if he edited out a word or 2 from the end of his first answer without the “.”.

  7. The postmarks indicate FF has been following the very recent comments/observations by inthechaseto…how very curious.

    • Hello SandyB. Good observation. I was thinking it may have been something else, but you may be correct. I believe there will be a lot of people looking at them now. I hope inthechaseto can search soon. She definitely seemed quite sure of her solve.

      • Hi Sandy B… Are you talking about the image above the questions with the Dec 12th postmarks? This image is used in a lot of other “Forrest Gets Mail” posts…

        • You are absolutely correct…I was talking about the image above the questions. Thank you for pointing out that the postmarks are used in other Forrest Gets Mail posts. It seemed striking to me that almost immediately following a significant amount of discussion on another thread about postmarks over the last several days that now postmarks appear again on another thread. I believe there was a comment by inthechaseto regarding her interest in the #039…this postmark seems to end in #939. I wonder if this is a clarification of some sort since the information presented in this FGM post was basically repeated from information presented previously. Any thoughts?

          • Chad on May 6, 2015 at 12:12 pm said:
            @ Dal Did Forrest supply the photo of the stamps?
            My curiosity is acting up.

            Reply ↓

            on May 6, 2015 at 12:16 pm said:
            No..I grabbed it from the web somewhere.

      • pdenver…were you curious about the fact that “mud” was brought up/mentioned again? I think that is twice in 2 weeks between here and Jenny Kile. Is that your “something else”? Just for fun, check out the Urban Dictionary definition for MUD…hilarious and I have to say that I do wonder….particularly given the tone of the blog recently. Perhaps FF is hinting that he wants us to get back to basics (the poem) instead of speculating endlessly about trivia and getting in online spats with one another. IMO.

        • Hello SandyB. Mud has been brought up in recent days. Mud pertaining to the disagreements on the blogs? Maybe. Depending upon who chose to put Mr. Fenn’s response in red, it might be if we put a connection between the two, we have “red mud”.

          • pdenver….sorry Pdenver( I think anyone’s name should be capitalized for importance), but just wait if my featured question goes through. You’ll get your RED answer.

          • Hello Iron Will. I hope your question gets answered. I’m looking forward to it. This is getting interesting. 🙂

            P.S. Thank you for capitalizing my “P.” Yet, if you saw my height, you’d give me back my “little p.” 😉

          • Hello Iron Will. Now I’m thinking about “red mud.” We have possible connections to adobes and bricklayers.

          • Well, lets just say my question is a “LOADED” baked potato question 😀

          • Hello Iron Will. I haven’t had breakfast, yet. The loaded baked potato sounds delicious! Oh, how I hope Mr. Fenn will chose to answer your question. Mr. Fenn is a very intelligent gentleman. Don’t be surprised how he answers you, if he does. 🙂 By the answers I’ve read, I’m going to end up becoming bald from scratching my head so much, followed by my one-word response…”What???” 🙂

          • Pdenver, I’ve tried to think of everything in my question, as Forrest would do. I only hope age hasn’t taken a toll on his intelligence, that he may see the message under the message. The “rib tickling” under the skin. I may be too late for this week, but have faith for next week. 😀

          • Hello Iron Will. I can only hope I can understand his answer to you. I’ve read some of your replies and you’ve had me baffled more times than not. 🙂

          • Hello Iron Will. Good for you! I hope you don’t get an answer as he did to the question above, “Is it in New Mexico, even?” 🙂 In thought, he would have answered your question. I can only giggle when I try to think of how many people try to outsmart Mr. Fenn. I’ll bet if he’s reading this, he might be chuckling. 🙂

    • Forrest,
      I know we don’t need the book to find it but I can’t help to think that you put a road map of sorts in it, as nothing in the book is just there for the hell of it. Like the colophon you used.
      Then there’s them little stamps you made with days that don’t match the years. I have put a lot of time into trying to understand them.
      Question for yea, what did you do first? Hide the trove or write the book and how long did it take to do the book? And why in the hell did you make all them little stamps? Lastly, this Obsession is not good for a relationship, I hope I’m on to somethen , cause if not I’m gonna need a room.


      Forrest responds-

      You are not the first to figure the postmarks into some kind of equation. What difference does it make which one came first, the book or the hiding? You are an individual thinker and the kind who might find the treasure. But remember, if you follow yourself around a circle sooner or later you’ll be behind yourself. Happy hunting. f


      Sandy ~ “The postmarks indicate FF has been following the very recent comments/observations by inthechaseto…how very curious.”

      Why would you assume that this interview response is of any searchers “recent” comments? Many searchers for years, almost weekly, have been suggesting the exact same things via, blogs, Q&A’s, e-mails… As for the pic… a Spallis pointed out… Dal pick most of the pics. This one “I believed” has been used prior. If i’m incorrect, I’m sure Dal will correct me.

      • Indeed, you will find the picture has been used before…my point exactly. For your benefit, I should have worded my comment as the “postmarks perhaps indicate”…apologies for muddying the waters!

      • P.S. Seeker….I’m not in the postmark camp. Too “out of the box” for my taste – but I certainly respect others’ views on possible connections between postmarks and location of Indulgence. And this search is all about “connections”, isn’t it? It seemed more than curious to me given recent comments/debates elsewhere and the fact that none of the information posted in the Q&A was new. So why throw out the same old stuff if it isn’t to make us look at something else (that we have also seen before)? I thought inthechaseto would be stoked but it seems otherwise..or perhaps she is keeping her cards closer now.

        • Sandy – it’s really nice that you think that……..

          but, I’ve been down this road before. It doesn’t phase me much – until I have the TC in my hands. I’ve been thru too many of the ups and downs and now just at least try to stay centered.

          I’m really not keeping my cards close – these questions have been asked before and answered and they really don’t mean much to me.

          Ya know when I sent a part of my solve to Forrest he answered me with two words – Welcome Aboard. Has this happened to anyone else?

  8. Holy cow inthechaseto…I was hoping you would show up! What is your take on all of this?

  9. All,

    Is it dangerous for a hiker to set out looking for the treasure alone? A hiker should never go into the mountains or the wilderness alone. It is not in a treacherous place.

    Key word here is “hiker”, we know Forrest didn’t go far (less than a few miles total) in the two trips from his car to his secret spot so he does not consider himself a “hiker”

    verb (used without object), hiked, hiking.
    to walk or march a great distance, especially through rural areas, for pleasure, exercise, military training, or the like.


  10. “— an enterprising reporter interested in

    following a trail to your treasure

    — where would you suggest I go?

    I suggest you go to my poem… All of the necessary clues are there.”

    “Read… the poem like you were going to put an X on a map.”

    “Is it dangerous for a hiker to set out looking for the treasure alone?
    A hiker should never go into the mountains or the wilderness alone. It is not in a treacherous place.”

    “As I have gone ALONE in there…”

    My take… Follow a trail defined by all the necessary clues in the poem; you shouldn’t go alone into the mountains and wilderness, yet f had no problems going to this non-treacherous place by himself. How many places could be eliminated where searchers are otherwise looking if they would just listen?

    Knowledge truly is NOT understanding! 🙂

    • JCM,

      “The treasure is not in close proximity to a man made trail” f

      A “hiker” generally follows a trail into the woods.

      Hmm makes sense to me.


  11. Forrest made the statement that many people have been within 500 feet. Vertically this could be treacherous, but horizontally it’s not in a treacherous place. In the poem f say’s “From there its no place for the meek,” Is it treacherous? Not if you don’t forget your waders.

    • Hello WoolyBugger. Hmmm, Mr. Fenn carrying his heavy backpack and a pair of waders. Gosh, I’m having a hard time seeing this, unless where he pulled off and hid the treasure chest is near to each other.

      Why do I now hear his words, ‘I don’t know how close near is. To an ant a mud puddle can be an ocean.’? 🙂

  12. IMO… Old, I’d say knar. Pretty, I’d say definitely. Pretty old, 50/50. Sounds a bit contradictory to myself…
    Not TREACHEROUS, If you are BRAVE and in the wood. Hikers shouldn’t go alone, As I have gone alone. So, must one go alone to be brave? Is there in the path an area where two cannot fit side by side and therefore, must go alone, one at a time (kind of like the depiction of Teachers With Ropes).
    This weekend I watched the movie Central Intelligence starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Chris Tucker. If I were to cross Dwayne, would that be brave? At what cost? Could I afford it after it was all said and done. Maybe it would be best to have someone help me if I needed it. After all, he does have that knickname. If there are any questions, you know what to do.
    Subterfuge? I wonder what that smells like. Hmmm…

  13. Hmmm, so the only red lettering in ttotc is the “do not touch” which FF says he did the exact opposite of by posting signs that said something like “please touch” and let kids touch GW painting. For the last question above, do we go alone? Is then the treasure actually in a treacherous place? Which opposite to take?

    • twingem,
      The wording in the question might give some pause to what you ask…”Is it dangerous for a HIKER to set out looking for the treasure alone? A hiker should never go into the mountains or the wilderness alone. It is not in a treacherous place”

      It seems to me that fenn may have used the interviewer’s own words to make a point. Saying hiking in the mountains or wilderness area one should use common sense and buddy up.
      IMO he could have said the same thing for walking down an alleyway late at night.

      Then adds, It’s not in a treacherous place… “It” implying the chest.
      Just my opinion of what I read this Q&A to be. There are other Q&A’s that seem to imply the same when asked if the treasure was in a dangerous place… I can’t search for the other Q&As … seems MW’s changed the format of the blog and I can’t find the search inquiry section at this moment.

      However fenn keeps repeating the chest is not in a dangerous spot, and now he seems to add treacherous, to add to his original and many comments.

  14. To an ant a mud puddle can be treacherous. My two cents says the blue print contains red type. An how can anyone ever be alone in the Rockies? Add that up and you have the 6 cents. IMSO.

    • Yep Bajaau,
      I’ll add four more cents to make it an even dime;
      Fundamental Guides…

      Never search alone or in the winter when nighttime temperatures are low.

      If you can’t make two trips from your car to your solve in several hours, then don’t go.

      • Speaking of dimes…. well … that is very important to the solution of the Chase…. IMO 🙂

        • That’s great… doesn’t say much though.
          March of dime, month we need to search?
          10 cent return for soda asphalt art cans?
          1847 when the first 10 cent stamp was issued?
          Sept. 69 10 cent stamp issued for, man walk on the moon?
          September fall searching? Fall equinox?
          His quote; It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something?

          I kinda agree with the last one…

        • I’m seeing more pennies and nickels in my solve. How do you get dimes, Iron Will?

    • @bajaau.
      When I / we hike in the Colorado Rockies we hike to see nature and not other people…
      Almost all of our hiking has avoided other people.

      • I knew I’ve seen you before Mountainman, just when I thought I was alone:)

        Iron Will, a Dime will get you a dozen, old bakers Add a deuce, a fourteener by a Phin, alas makes nine a simple mud hen. An ending to a poem can be seen amongst that crowd. A twisted way above the fray, this exe amongst the Frey.
        Just playin around:)

      • Short hikes are best with no more than two, especially when fatigued, like I feel now.

    • Hi JD –

      The questions are all short and to the point – not embellished. There is a question mark at the end of each. What do you see?

      • Sorry Keder’s Mom, That was a WordPress mistake I didn’t notice. I will adjust my errant behavior. The post shall remain confusing however, lol. That mistake kinda makes me look treacherous, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  15. I am not sure that I see anything, that is why I asked.

    In some, I highlight the question, in others the answer… whichever I felt the emphasis was on – Just my opinion

    Q1 – Why did you hide the TC – “So why is it that I must go…etc”
    Q2 – What’s in the treasure BOX? – Why BOX not chest?
    Q3 – Is it still hidden? YES it is still hidden – keep searching.
    Q4 – It is not easy, but not impossible – Don’t give up
    Q5 – All of the necessary clues are in the poem.
    Q6 – – Are you making it too hard? Making an ocean out of a mud puddle?
    Q7 – I’m not telling (talking)
    Q8 – Not in a treacherous place.

    Pattern? I am not sure, but an interesting mix of older posts along with questions I have not seen posed before.

    Just a few thoughts and questions.

    Good luck to all searchers and STAY SAFE


    • Q1 – Forrest tells up to go back to the book – TTOTC – read
      “Gold and More” – There is a beautiful paragraph that states EXACTLY why Forrest hid the treasure. I think that Forrest wanted to remind us the HE had FUN collecting all of his treasures, and implies that WE need to have FUN finding them. He ends his paragraph with these words. “It was a perfect match of mind and moment”…The right actions coupled with the right thoughts. NICE THOUGHT!

      Just my opinion.


  16. JD, “It was a perfect match of mind and moment” ….its little things like that that make me want to reread the book again and again. Every time I read it I see something entirely new. Thank you for bring that to my attention.

    • You are most welcome Strawshadow. I agree, and this time we can thank Forrest for directing our reading.

      Thanks Forrest.


      • I think your right JD, Thanks Mr.Fenn. I’m still stuck on the upside down question and besides that I’m right in the middle of learning the F chord. JD I always wondered why Cadis was missing a d?

    • “It was a perfect match of mind and moment” is pretty Profound. I hadn’t really thought about that way. I’ll make sure in the future that I can put it into context because right now I’m at a loss for words. If a plane is the poem then I guess I’m Tattoo. I’ve just been pointing to the sky and winging it. Pretty hectic work schedule this time of year with constant deadlines and a wife, just back from vacation to boot. But I know in the future, if I can find a quiet, quaint novelty store, by myself, I’ll find the time to read it, completely into context.

  17. Q-2 “What’s in this treasure box? That answer is also answered in my book…” Because he referenced the book again, I again went to “Gold and more”. Here I found an interesting quote – “Indecision is the key to flexibility.” – When you are not sure where to search or go next, this is actually a chance to be flexible. I like that!

    I am still curious about the word “box”. In Friday’s post he talked about “getting back in the box”, and here again he uses box…just like he mentioned MUD last week, and mentions it again this week. Coincidence?
    I think not, but I do not know why he has used these two words twice in the last two weeks. INTERESTING!

    Just something to ponder.

    Good luck to all and STAY SAFE.


    • Hi JD… OK..IMO there are two very distinct flavors or paths in the poem with the poem being the common thread. If you combine those two threads it gets muddy aka the Poem. Try to separate those paths and the poem starts to open up a little more. In my solution so far, if you pull on the correct thread the two paths start to separate.

      • Very interesting. Not sure I understand, but that is OK…as long as you do. I will “Put it in the box” and let it stew a bit, and then the threads may become clearer.

        Thanks for sharing.

        Good luck and STAY SAFE


        • OK – I will provide a much clearer picture for everyone. Think of the poem as a coin where Fenn is flipping between the physical and spiritual treasures associated with the poem. This constant view change is what makes the poem “muddy”, separate these two views and identify the edge/common poem thread line. Doing this allows the poem unfold like a flower into a much bigger and more beautiful picture. I am in constant awe at how he has managed to structure so many views and say so many things with only six stanza’s.

          This is all in my opinion of course 🙂

    • On page 125 of TTOTC Forrest used the word BOX in the following quote, ““And when my tackle box is closed at last and the cadis hatch is gone, I will rest through all of time and space, pillowed down and scented in, with a smile that comes with remembering the special things that brought me to that final place…”

      I wonder if there is a connection?

      Just a thought.


  18. Searchers, I like your discussion on red. I was just reading your comments.

    I just ran across this the last two days and would like searchers opinions.

    Mud puppy have distinctive Red feathers . Mud puppy is a salamander or also called an axolotl. An axolotl is known as the Walking fish.

    Now stay with me here. The axolotl root word means twin or double . It also originated from a Hopi. The word means also Doll and Xolotl which is from Aztec and means underworld .
    It is like the teachings of the Hopi dolls that are made of the root of a cottonwood tree.
    A lot of the vignettes talk about the underworld Gods and how they help thru reincarnation.

    On the map page 99. The tree flipped upside down looks like a lake or pond. In it are two dolls, a salamander and a gig fork, a hat and an Axolotl or frog face.
    Is this axolotl lake?

    Axolotl lakes is part of a group of lakes next to old baldy on the gravelly range in Madison valley next to the Madison river. In this lake system is axolotl lake and is connected to Blue lake by a small stream. And also interesting is when looking down upon them from google earth you can see a hand in the land form made from what looks like terraces or hills. In war for me Forrest says he had a helping hand and he would talk more about that later. I could not find in the book TTOTC where he talks about it again?

    I just started researching all this and it seems very interesting!

    Look up axolotl and root words, also Mud puppy. Also the Moran creek runs out of axolotl lake.

    WWH could be Axolotl lakes. LakeS are like waterS. Think boundary waterS. Also the group of lakes are like pots or kettle holes made from old glaciers.

    Has anyone searched here. It all seems very familiar to what Forrest is saying???

    What do you think???

    • I think you scare me, DPT.

      Btw, the holes are also called teacups in some places. 🙂

      • Jdiggins, teacups ? I did not know that . Interesting. Sorry , I scare you. I think I am a normal Joe. I see a lot of myself in Forrest. Grew up exploring the river bottoms and Native American sites of the Midwest. Ex military and now hard workin family man who LOVES to fish and hunt.

    • @DPT – I totally want to hang out with you. I am in Colorado. From where do you hail? If you are ever in Colorado, please let me know!

      Excellent thoughts imo. Need time to think about them – and that I like.

      • Twingem, I’m in. When I get back to Colorado I will look you up. Colorado has my favorite place to ski. A basin and Keystone backcountry!

    • DPT, I searched there a couple years ago. There are a few clues that jump out at you in that area but I couldn’t make it all fit without putting the clues into a nine line bind.

      There are many other high mountain lakes formed by glaciers in the Rockies. At one time I really liked the Wind Rivers and their named glaciers and disappearing rivers. But alas I couldn’t make it work there either.

      • Exactly goofy. I can’t seem to get the clues to line up there either, but could be missing on one of the clues.

        The thing that bothers me the most and tells me it could be in the area is the small tree in map 99. When you flip it upside down the second guy is walking towards it. It looks like a pond or lake and has doll faces in it. And what looks like an axolotl head or frog head.

        That and it is next to blue lake. Forrest loves blue. Blueprint, wears blue all the time and his favorite song is blue heaven, talks about that in a scrapbook.

        Does anyone know if Forrest ever explains the helping hand in TTOTC?? He mentions in war for me then I can’t find again??

        Ps- thanks goofy and any other insight you have on the area is appreciated.

        • DPT, I’ve searched all over that area. I’ve done quite a bit of work there over the years. There’s a fish hatchery between the lakes and the Madison. Like I said, I can make a few clues fit perfectly but then it falls apart without stretching the clues beyond recompilation.

          I don’t subscribe to the clues being hidden in upside down pictures or the tiles in his bathroom or his kids birthmarks…….But that’s just my opinion.

          Good hunting.

          • Thanks goofy, yeah that confirms my thoughts that axolotl lakes at mt baldy is not it. Just too many inconsistencies. I may look at the other axolotl lake.

        • DPT

          You say, “The thing that bothers me the most and tells me it could be in the area is the small tree in map 99. ”

          One of the most fascinating things about this search is how 1,000 people can look at one thing, and no two of them will see the same thing.

          This illustration plays a critical part in my solve, but I keep the drawing as is – not up-side-down.

          The arrow on the left is critical, as are the missiles, and where they are pointing.

          A map? Using GE I made a print-out. I was able to match up about 10 “lines” of the illustration with “lines” on the GE…the “maps” matched. WOW

          Just a couple of observations

          Good luck to all and STAY SAFE


          • WOW! JD, I see 2 arrows on the left. IMO..Which one do you refer to?
            I also see Mr. I on the right hand side.
            Do you see the hand everyone is talking about?

          • Thanks JD for your observations. I appreciate it. The drawing is very important in my opinion. Once you see it, there is no mistaking.
            You should flip it JD your arrow down becomes an arrow up. Arrow up or riser next to the guy WAVING. Think water high:-)

            Also eagles bound the hand is on google earth at axolotl lakes by Cameron Montana.

          • Thanks DPT… I was going crazy trying to see the hand in the picture on page 99.

          • The white arrow pointing down is “mine” The black arrow pointing to the right is one of my “lines” that matches my GE printout.

            Thanks for the questions.


          • Thanks JD. I’m assuming you were answering me. I appreciate your answer.

      • Goofy, I would luv to know where you searched there. I would like to see if you are 200-500 feet within the spots I think are very interesting.

        Forrest has also said the chest is where my heart is. Interesting again is that heart lake is there next to axolotl lake as well?-hmmmm??

    • Hello DPT. You’ve put a lot of research into this and I’ve enjoyed reading what you had to say. I’ve tried viewing the sketch upside down and my eyes could only see the hat at the moment. I am curious whether or not anyone has searched this area. I don’t recall anyone posting that they have. Keep reading and you may find the missing answer/clue you are looking for.

        • Look closely at that pond or lake that is upside down tree. A lot to see in there. Use magnifying glass or just take picture with phone the blow up. See the 3 pronged rake to left, salamander on prong like a gig. Then frog or axolotl face going left to right. Then doll face above axolotl face. The hat on right side. The tree branches now look like a root man or figure. Also another doll face next to inner tree. See it all? It’s there.

          I always thought that was a frog face, but after finding out about a mud puppy and axolotl the last two days it has me rethinking???

          • Hello DPT. I don’t have a cell phone, so I’ve been trying to use my magnifying glass. I asked my husband what he could see from what you listed and he could see everything but the frog/axolotl face and the doll faces. I still couldn’t find the hand you mentioned. Where is that located?

          • Hi Pdenver, the hand is in the land form right next to axolotl lake and blue lake. If you are looking east from my baldy you can see the wrist then palm then fingers. It’s pretty freaky.

            Keep looking at that drawing you will see the dolls face and frog head. I will try to post pics

          • Hello DPT. I spotted the hand on Google Earth. I thought the hand was in the sketch. I’ll keep trying to see if I can see the other images in the sketches.

          • Hello DPT. Are you associating the propelled objects in the sketch for Twin Lakes in Montana? Each time I look at them, they remind me of the Playtex nursers/baby bottles. Since there are “two bottles” there would seem to be “twins”. Twins are mentioned in TTOTC.

      • Yeah, totally freaky huh. Do you think Forrest saw that when flying over?? And is it just on google maps?? Does it look like that in real life when flying over?

        I am not sure, but totally wierd!

        • I don’t see why it wouldn’t, there seems to be allot of things FF talks about in this area. It even has a sphinx, I have been to Ennis and its a neat little old west type of town. They have a big bronze fisherman statue there, beautiful area, but I’ve never noticed the hand before, and now It just jumps at me. Could the hand be the blaze? But I’m having a hard time making it all fit and its way to late my eyes hurt. see what you did LOL. I will dream on it for sure. Maybe worth a BOTG. If my solve fails this area looks promising for sure. I believe I read somewhere FF’s mother died around here also if I’m not mistaken.

          • Silently, I can’t seem to fit it all together either, but it sure is interesting. I hope it helps in your search.

      • @pdenver I’ve always thought the exact same thing about those “Playtex bottles”. Show it to a kid…..

      • Hello MJ. Thank you for your response. I greatly appreciate it. I’m truly glad to know I’m not the only one who thought that’s what the propelled objects look like.

        • So the burning question is then, “why”? Why do you think Fenn used platex bottles pdenver? I’ve honestly got no clue.

          • Hello MJ. Perhaps it might have something to do with “twins” since there are two in the sketch? He’s mentioned twins in his book. I’ll have to think about other possibilities.

      • Hi Pdenver, where do you see the “X”??

        I have studied that map extensively. I see a lot of stuff in there , just hard to interpret. The lake or pond tree is towards the end. The watering can is way to the left before the first guy. I believe watering can represents WWH. And that’s the thing. It represents something , but what is it in geology or geography???

        • Hello DPT. Look at the sketch right side up. See the small shrub…first plant from the series of shrubs and trees and the left side? Now look just to the right of it. You’ll see the “x” just before the next plant.

          • Oh, yes. I see the X you are referring to.
            Now flip it.
            The X is the sword or dagger that looks like a thunderbird. Just above that see the Tepee? And left of tepee is letter M.

            The big black blob sitting on the sword is a vulture. Look close, see it all ?
            Yes, this is where the chest is. It is next to that pond with hat in. The X marks the spot, but which spot? You have to flip the map to figure out each thing. Like the guns turn into telescopes the X is next to the tepee. Tepee means dwelling or forever home.

          • It took me a long time to see these things. Keep at it. I think others give up to soon. Keep at it like Forrests says.

            It will help. He did this for a reason. It will help interpret the clues. Match it all up. The trouble comes in the interpretation. Like what does TEX mean in the bomb on the plane when flipped?

            What is WY where WWH at the start of the map next to the watering can. Is it Wyoming? West Yellowstone?

          • Hi inthechase to, I have always thought the T is part of the bar connecting the bomb to the plane next to the E. Looked like TEX. But looks more like EX. Not sure if EX or TEX means anything. I could never connect it to a solve.

          • DPT –

            Thanks – I would have never seen that had it not been for you. It’s really pretty exciting for me.

            I think I know where they are and now will think on the placement of them in that drawing – which at this point makes no sense to me.

        • Hello DPT. Still not giving up trying to locate some of the things you’ve listed. I’ve seen some, but not all. Trying to locate the watering can so that I can see where the other things are located near it. It’s amazing what you’re seeing. Did you find the “WY” in the small shrub?

          • Hi pdenver,
            I see the word “wood” in that little WY bush, do you?

          • Hello eaglesbound. I’m trying to look at it now and I haven’t found it yet. I think I see a “w” and a “d,” but I’m not confirming it yet until I see the other letters.

  19. Would love to see if Mr. Fenn would be willing to give an update on the “proximity (500′ – 200′) question” and provide hope to thousands of Fenn adventurers. “As of this date, has anyone shared details that indicate they were near enough to spot a clue within 50 ft. of your amazing TC?”

    • No comments on this question? I am sure that -everyone- would like to know and I believe that he would answer “Yes (in his typical Fennish way).” Or has he already done so?

      inthechaseto what is your opinion??? Thanks in advance!

  20. Just one comment regarding all of the “Hidden” items in the drawing on page 99. If Forrest did not draw the illustration himself, and he has said that he did not deliberately place hints in the book, how did Forrest explain all of this to the illustrator? The book was intended as a memoir, and not a Treasure Chase book. Telling the illustrator you wanted an “arrow” on the
    left side, and that you wanted the “Guided Missiles” pointing at a spot on the right seems plausible. Telling the illustrator that you wanted the trees and foliage to contain a LOT of of “hidden” items – when viewed up-side-down seems a little beyond logical to me.

    Some will say that Forrest himself may have drawn the illustration because of the “JF” – “Just Forrest” inscription at the bottom. Possible, but what proof do we have that Forrest possesses these talents?

    Interesting questions, not sure I have any answers.



    • JD,

      IMO (and to use a hint a friend shared) the page 99 illustration depicts Forrest dropping off 2 heavy loads into a hidden bunker.


    • JD, Forrest asked the question…what if no one finds (or sees) my artwork? Sorry, I don’t have the reference handy. IMO it’s plausible Forrest is a pretty good artist and may have drawn or retouched many of the illustrations in TTOTC and TFTW.

      • Hello Lia. TTOTC, page 139:

        ‘So now I have to wonder about myself dong all of those things that others must think are so foolish. Is there any wisdom in trying to cause momentary excitement in some future millennium? I’m not sure I can even define history in those terms. And what if no one ever discovers my art? Will my time have been wasted? …’

        • Hello JD. I agree with you. I often ask myself, “What can’t he do?” Then I have to remind myself that he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “can’t”. 🙂

      • Hi lia,
        I’m thinking the art he spoke of is perhaps the finished product of his 22 year devotion to architecture; The Thrill of the Chase, as a whole unit, is ABSOLUTELY a true work of art by an artist of unmatched talents galore!

        In other words,
        “What if nobody figures it out?

        Another book is pending…
        IMO! 😉

        • Hi Jdiggins, wow a 22 year devotion to architecture yields beauty. Thinking of Fenn Gallery and the beautiful home f helped his friend Mike Kammerer design/build. Forrest strikes me as an artist and artisan who is able to conceive, design, and assist craftsman. Someday, when I DO solve his poem, I sure hope to meet him. LOL. Just continuing to dream when I have time.

          I hope another book by ff is pending. I admire him greatly for being relevant and continuing to bless others with his gifts.

    • Well JD, he is an art dealer, I would hope he can somewhat draw. Remember that awesome rendering of a man running on his tree? There you go, Picaso.

      I could show a lot of pics with X’s and hidden “ooo wows” but it’s just all in good fun. Back to the poem all…

      • F said he didn’t draw this picture but he didn’t say he didn’t add to it. Maybe J is the first initial of the person who drew this and the F is Forrest. So J and F drew this picture. I’m more curious about the the helicoper blades above the initials.

        • Why are you curious about what COULD be helicopter blades? Don’t ALL helicopters have either four or six blades? They have to have an equal number for balance don’t they? Even if you had to omit one for the JF, if it were there, the drawn blades are not in balance. Why only three, if in fact they are helicopter blades?

          Just a thought.


          • I’m sorry JD, I didn’t know what else to call it. Somehow I knew someone would bring that up, so what shall we call it?

          • The “JF” Looks like a cattle brand…since the upper part is bent a little on the edges we call that “quarter circle JF” on a brand.

          • Somehow I knew someone would bring that up, so what shall we call it?

            You could call it a Fenn Fan… 🙂

          • The three shapes above the JF are asymmetric, only one looks like it could pass for a triangle…

          • IF a helo, you must be above it, JD.
            I believe it’s called wash.
            He’s a pilot, case ya didn’t know… 😉
            Just razz in ya in good fun, JD, I think you are smart!:-)

  21. There are others drawings of interest, and this is NOT imo. It is fact.
    Look at TFTW,
    Treasures Galore, I Wish I Hadnt, Sosoku is here, and MORE…
    TTOTC has at least one more page with map hidden in it, and so, so much more….frosty…bessie…

    “You see, Alice? I told you they were gonna catch on!
    To the moon!”

    • Jdiggins, you have seen the others as well? Great eyes! Frosty , Bessie? Very good eyes!

      Are you also referring to the other map on page 50 and 51 in the machine with the finger in it and the fan blades on top? That’s a map too, get out your magnifying glasses searchers. I use these maps. Why not, especially if it helps.

      Look at picture with Forrest in his shop. He has a magnifying lamp like a dentist uses and very fine instruments. He is well versed in this art. If you want to know Forrest more , we should too.

      • “Look at picture with Forrest in his shop. He has a magnifying lamp like a dentist uses and very fine instruments. He is well versed in this art” Well, I had not seen that picture, but the description of it does not surprise me. Fits with my belief about the solve. He has used the word “FOCUS”. “tight focus with a word that is key”. I believe my focus is correct and would love to find someone else with the same focus.

        • Puzzled, that picture is on the Internet. Just google Forrest Fenn pics or images. Lots of good pics to study by the way.

          Puzzle, I too believe focus is very important. I am not sure my focus is right or correct though. Can you help me? I will try to help you.

          • Jdiggins, I told Puzzled above that my focus is RIGHT. Forrest called our attention to page 14 to see the difference between right and correct.

            Forrest RIGHTED the tombstone or headstone in war for me. He did it again with Mary’s in TFTW and has a picture and description of Mary’s.

            Righted means-“PUT IN or restore to an upright position”.
            -“To PUT IN order or set right :correct”
            -“To make amends for :redress.”
            -“In a JUST or proper manner: Just, Justly”.

  22. DPT, DPT, DPT! RAH!Sorry, the bleachers…Anyway, I really do not have good eyes, as a matter of fact I’ve changed lenses 3 times in the last 2 years. But, if you wanna talk imagination…Now THAT I see everywhere! ;

  23. Plus I I don’t ever give up. I may have to step back and breathe, but this will not end until the.. Ahem..lady sings! 🙂

  24. Jdig, JD, Charlie, et al…
    Regarding brands I found this explanation from Texas brand registration helpful.
    So, if JF is a brand, it may not be a quarter circle but rather a “hanging” JF since it’s connected. Also the J could be a fishing hook next to the F. Hanging hook F perhaps.

    • So, shall we start calling Forrest “Fish Hook Forrest” or
      “Fish Hook Fenn”? Am not sure he would take kindly to either. Are the three “propellers” “Spinners” to go along with t he fish hook?

      This could get interesting – MAY shed new light on who drew the illustrations????

      Just something to ponder – while fishing for hints and clues.

      TRY to STAY SAFE


      • JD, please don’t insert your opinion into my statement that a fish hook next to an F is somehow derogatory or that Forrest wouldn’t approve. I meant quite the opposite; most fishing guides would be proud of the association.

        • You misunderstood my post. I was saying IF we started calling Forrest “Fish Hook Forrest” or “Fish Hook Fenn” He might not like us calling him that. I was trying to be funny. …On the Other Hand, who knows? He might LIKE the new monikers.

          Certainly nothing derogatory was meant to you or Forrest.


      • JD, thanks for pointing out Quickly to me yesterday. As in look Quickly down. Quickly is a very interesting word. Also means rapid, flash and lightning. I also thought of flashlight while researching it.

        What I see interesting with the JF is the Umbrella across the top. Like a para chute. Like the first guy in the map wears sunshades and sombrero type hat. They are shield from the sun, para. Umbrella also stands for Burnt Umber which is Brown.

        • DPT you are welcome – I always hope my posts can help someone in some small way.

          Others sometimes feel my posts are too quick – too much of a pungent arome – They stink!


          • Buckeye Bob, it’s a terrific movie. I actually based some of my solutions to the poem on that movie. Gotta love that Matthew Quigley shot a Shiloh Sharps rifle made in Montana. If you research the gun site used, it’s interesting as well. I actually think at one point I went down under in the second half of the poem flipping it upside down. I know, I know, don’t mess with Fenn’s poem.

      • 23kachinas –

        I like the idea of it being a brand. Just wondering why you are looking at brands in Texas – and not the actual spot. Maybe for an example?

        • Hello Inthechase,

          I’ve researched brands in the past. This was simply an example. Each state has different laws. In Texas you register by county for livestock. A brand could be repeated in a different county. Montana’s search engine was split between historic brands and applications for new brands. Almost as difficult as researching mineral rights. Two years ago I finally gave up that chase.

          • Hi Anna,

            Yes, I remember back when we researched the Lincoln County Wars…and Billy the Kid. What I did this time – was look if the letters matched any ranch brands in my area. Yes, they did. It could be a stretch to think about – but I like the history of the old west – and I think FF does too.

        • Hello Inthechase, I’m sure that you’re correct about a Billy the Kid connection being of import to Forrest given the large photo of June on the goat aptly named Billy the Kidd. I’ve yet to find the correct geographical tie in and may never figure that one out.

          It would not surprise me if Forrest possesses the last of 3 remaining photos of McCarty/Kid.
          His photograph collection is something he rarely speaks about and must be spectacular. This photo and the lucky provenance is a fun read.

          • Anna –

            Thanks for showing me that web site – I enjoyed it. It wouldn’t surprise me either if Forrest did have some very special photos …………………

            I think there are tie-ins other than geographical…………maybe why you cant find it that way. In TTOTC it’s referenced on pg 36.

        • Inthechase, by geographical I meant that i had looked at properties trying to link Kid, Mccarty, Bonney, Pat Garrett, etc to ownership. after that the kid in me thought about Toatgoat scooters, and how it may only be a reference to double entendre. Then I thought how June went for rides with Billy Kid, Silver, and Donnie Heath. Then I returned to Gardner, Captain Kidd, private property. In the end I thought Forrest may have called Skippy captain Kidd or kipp. If Kidd matters I’m lost. (Coming down with the flu, over and out.)

  25. The pictures in the book are all in good fun. Forrest’s fun. Of course some are photoshopped. This is an old topic. If you want to say things are there, fine and all, but don’t expect anything to pop out and say, “the chest is here”.
    With that said, if you want to play with the pictures, mirror the TFTW map, and Eric’s picture to him. (not the original, the one f shows). Your energy will be spent in a more positive way.

    If, you do not have a paint program that can mirror, layer, etc… A good FREE one is Zoner. Believe me, the book pics are fun, and maybe a slight hint will come of it, I’ve done everything from making paper airplanes to folding them certain ways, I’m just trying to save you the headache.

    If you insist to try to find something from the book pics, then Flywater, all the fish pic, Skippy holding a rock pic, my Spanish toy factory, kids playing marbels pic, and there is one more but I forget at the moment, (I think it was a war for me pic somewhere). I guess if you are to walk in his shoes, then playing with the pics may give some insite. Back to the poem…

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