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  1. Beautiful videos, thanks Dal and Mr. Fenn. Wonderful to see Forrest smile. Lots of things/ideas to think about.

  2. onuat-
    At the tippy-top of this page. Then to the right where all the orange and white text is located. Second item in white from the top reads “Forrest Speaks”. It is almost directly to the right of the big black and white banner that proclaims “STORIES”.

    It has 4 links in orange under it. Each link will take you to a different collection of videos.

    If you are looking at this page on a phone the layout will probably be different but for those of us with computer screens the menu system is on the right at the top.

  3. On my iPhone the menu is below the page and comments. The menu starts right after the “Leave a Comment Here”…box at the bottom of the page..
    First Item in the menu is “Forrest’s New Book”
    Second item is what you are looking for..”Forrest Speaks” with four orange links under it.

  4. There are a lot of links in the menu and if you are using a phone and have never seen the menu I think you are at a huge disadvantage in terms of what is available on this blog for research material…

  5. For me the key word is Listen.  I have listened to Forrest and to as many of the other searchers so I can better analyze the clues. I think, as many others have, that I am on the right path to the treasure because I understand that the real treasure is in the search and spending time with my family. To often we get caught up in the modern world of technology to the point that we can’t even eat a family dinner at a real table without cellphones.  My real treasure is seeing that look in my Son’s eyes when we are searching or just talking about searching, much more valuable than than gold.  That being said, I still want to find the treasure, not just for the money, but to be the one of all the thousands of searchers that solved the clues.  Good luck to everyone and take care!

  6. Thanks for posting those things dal. In the story about logging I forgot to say that when we made coffee out of pine needles sometimes we’d brush the oil off the top of that old pot and it would splash into our fire. Well, the water in that stuff would sputter a little then the oil would catch on fire and a flash of flame would shoot up. Don Peterson thought that was so funny. Once late at night he growled like a grizzly bear and I remember Al Jones almost jumped out of his skin. Don was a character.

    • LOL I’ve done that before Forrest, outside the family tent camping at Mt. Rogers in VA. I’d wait for my brother and lil sister to get settled in for the night then from outside, I’d growl as low keyed as I could and slap the side of the tent. I felt bad when I came inside, seeing my little sister crying though.

    • Forrest – Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. You have been blessed with adventures and are blessing us by sharing.

    • Hi there Forrest! Thanks for sharing your stories. Interesting……I am learning little and big things everyday. I had surgery on my leg. And when I get better, I am going to find my treasure. I will not give up. Best Wishes to all. Lou Lee Bug……chased by bears in jellystone park and lived to tell.

    • That’s like drinking turpentine. No wonder it lit up the fire and woke you up. lol

      • By the way, for anyone who doesn’t know, do NOT drink turpentine. They add poison because otherwise it would kill the sales of many o’ cheap liquor.

    • I enjoyed these videos. Campfire cooking has become a lost art these days with all the new gadgets and MRE’s; and nowadays you have to be a Philadelphia lawyer to understand all the regulations on hunting, fishing, camping, and gathering wood.

      I also really liked the Air Force videos.

    • Forrest i think your doing a great job getting people out and about.I live in the UK and have never been to the US i live a simple live doing the best i can. I come across your treasure hunt less than a week ago and have spent a good few hours looking into the clues you give out and its all good stuff .if i was the lucky person to find this treasure it would be a bit sad to take it so i would only take one item then let you hide it again to carry on with the good work your doing.I will never get to go to new mexico but i think iv got a good idea where it is im not crazy or a nutter just letting you know that.I think if I was to go and take it its better for me to crawl before i got wet…

      • sorry for putting this iv just read the rules i didnt know i had to tell you all what clues i think iv worked out i will never be able to go find it myself so will email dal.

  7. Dal – Thank you for taking the time to capture this. I wish I had videos or stories written down from my grandparents. I’m also thankful that Forrest is so willing to share his life with us. He really loves people and enjoys living life. These videos are a real treat.

  8. Dal, I’m trying to remember how many years those video’s have been in that location.

    For those who have never seen them, thank you, Dal. 🙂

  9. These new videos are great! I’m also re-watching the earlier ones because I’m not sure that I’ve seen them all.

    Here’s the challenging aspect:

    It is very difficult to watch all of them, all the way through, at a computer, without feeling a desire to get up and do something. Mr. Fenn’s storied life is a template for the life well-lived.

    He says that part of his goal was to inspire youth to get up and outdoors, but there’s plenty of material in these stories to inspire human beings of all ages to do something -more- with their time in this world, and the stimulants are so broad that anyone can find something in the material to jump start a new hobby, a new sport, a business venture, a deeper relationship with nature, or just a different way of looking at things that they hadn’t considered before.

    Lately I have been interested in epistemology, which is basically “how do we know things”. That’s important in a treasure hunt, but it’s also a valued life skill that goes way beyond looking for gold. A critical evaluation of how one’s beliefs are formed is applicable to whatever one ends up doing. It’s always been something I was interested in, but I have Mr. Fenn to thank for really, really thinking about it.

    Art history and appreciation. Fenn says that he was more interested in the art of the art business than the art itself, and yet, we find in his words a true appreciation of the artist and their work. He clearly loves art, and if not in the beginning he certainly does now. What’s more is that he’ll tell you exactly why and why you should too. If you listen to him talk about art, you’re the better for it. I’ve always been interested in art, but I feel like over the past year or so I’ve been given an insider’s view of the art world seldom seen by us mere muggles. I have Mr. Fenn to thank for that.

    Maybe these cerebral things aren’t your thing. Maybe fishing is. It’s not my thing (I feel bad for the fish), but now I know how to make one of those weird alien-looking lures that apparently fish will jump over themselves to get at.

    The point is, there’s something for everyone. I challenge you to grab it, use it, and thank Mr. Fenn for it. I suspect, in doing so, you won’t be able to get through but a few without wanting to tackle a new adventure.

    Thanks, sir!

    • I think you’re right Jeremy, I should get busy and do something. I think the videos are great and I could listen to them all day, thanks Dal and Forrest.
      I’ve never heard of cooking fish in mud and to be honest I don’t think I’ll try it. Ya never know, though, maybe we’ll get stuck in the woods without a pan and I’ll be glad to know we could cook a fish that way, it’s probably really good.

    • I didn’t mean to sidetrack the thread, just offering a review. Thanks everyone who liked it (above and below).

    • AHA!!!!! THERE IT IS! Finally, after all these years! “Writing”, the 3:00 mark.
      Thank you Forrest for providing the all-important context of that punctuation. Been driving me nutz!

      • I feel so far removed sometimes! I have to go down the mountain to watch these!!! I missed the interview also, Oy vey!
        I’m jonesing!

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    How do we know what we know. Interesting Jeremy. I like to pause and ask myself that very question and am amazed at how much I think I know but really don’t know. This may be a skill for us poem solvers to sharpen. Thanks for sharing this Jeremy P.
    The videos are a great way for folks to get to know you Forrest thank you for sharing and I believe thanks go to Dal for filming these recent videos.

  11. What an enjoyable hour I just spent listening to Forrest – THANKS Dal.

    No clues or hints, but a wee bit of light shown on the soul of a treasure.

    Thanks Forrest and Dal


  12. Jeremy P.

    Your contributions are genuinely…..welcomed. – Humility, humor and wisdom become even more appreciated, IMO; when intellect can be skillfully combined with the wonder that is….. imagination!

    I thank you.


  13. Dal,

    Great job on the videos!

    Watching the video’s I learned a new phrase. One I don’t believe I have ever heard, but I think I like it.

    “Good to get slapped up on the bank on occasion!” That must be a phrase known only to fishermen. My dad would have said “that person needs some sense knocked into him.” Just for the record, my father never ever struck another human being.

  14. Great videos Dal and Forrest. I love hearing Forrest tell his stories, he makes people feel warm and happy hearing about the days gone by and some of the ways they did things to get by with what they had.
    Loved seeing his smile while he was talking, he seems to be looking younger and refreshed, i believe he has found the fountain of youth.
    Thanks again Dal and Forrest for keeping us all feeling younger.

  15. Thanks for posting Dal. Do you have any SUBMARINE videos?

    Just kidding,

    Windy City

  16. Thank you Forrest and Dal . I enjoy seeing Forrests smile . The pine needle coffee had me laughing out loud. Funny thoughts. I think back to Euelle Gibbons and his , “All parts of a pine tree are edible.”. Just because you can doesn’t always mean you should?

  17. Great videos Dal and Forrest. What a pleasant surprise this week to hear some new stories!

  18. I just got done reading TTOTC, and after watching these videos have a serious case of deja vu! Regarding the “logging” video, did that not seem to reiterate many clues? He talks about the animals he sees, he says “heavy load” as well when referring to hauling the logs. Hmm…

    • Mister79,
      I found that very interesting as well “heavy load”, referring to driving logs across Hebgen lake.
      Do you think he gave a hint as to what it means in the poem?
      My search area was an old logging area back in the day, but then again there were logging areas all over the place.

    • Mister79 – I liked the logging video and the Yellowstone video the best.

      In the logging video,…Forrest doesn’t just talk about the animals he SEES,…he talks frequently about animals and fish he EATS! How could anyone eat a LEAST CHIPMUNK!!!:

      I really liked the passion he expressed about fly fishing in both videos in particular,…especially when he talked about the 20″ Brown trout he caught in the hole in the middle of the weeds on Hebgen Lake. I had always wondered why the fish laying down in a circle below his Dad wearing his special fishing hat (@ 5:12 in the Yellowstone video) were a bit small. Now I know that the trout,…even in Hebgen Lake,…were smaller back then.

      Thank you very much, Dal,…for filming and producing such great videos. I think they are a valuable resource for The Chase.

  19. Hello Dal and Mr. Fenn. I’ve enjoyed these videos tremendously. Amazing stories and great to see you smile, Mr. Fenn. I can smile now with memory of traveling on Denny Creek Road. West Yellowstone and Hebgen Lake is more beautiful than I imagined. To return, will seem like an eternity. Thank you for sharing your memories, Mr. Fenn.

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