Human Remains Found…

July 20th, 2016



Here is the news story from KOB-TV in Albuquerque about human remains found in the area where Randy Bilyeau disappeared last winter.

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    • I hope Randy found the treasure, faked his own death to avoid the media, and is on a beach enjoying that ice cold beer.

      • @tomwhat, “I hope Randy found the treasure, faked his own death to avoid the media, and is on a beach enjoying that ice cold beer.”

        A fine thought, that. Thought Leo would be with him.

  1. Hmmm…I guess I’d like to say that my comment to KOB and Kasia were not used in the broadcast because I’m the only one who will publicly say I do think the remains are possibly Randy’s because they were removed from the river in an area he likely was in. But until the remains are identified, we won’t know for certain.

    • Been my feeling as well. There are a lot of mountain lions in NM. Had a horrifying experience with one myself in 2015 and I think I am lucky to be alive. Because of that, I always feared he met one as well. Agree with you, IW as well.

  2. It seems unlikely that it is Randy, considering the location the remains were found, but it is possible if Randy walked down-river then went north. If he had gone down-river, he would have come to a golf course and hotel— he would not have then headed north.

  3. Okay, I looked at the map again. It could be Randy. “North” of the lake need not mean “north:” it could mean “north-north-east.”

  4. Looks like the copter footage is over Ancho Rapid which is north where the raft was found.
    I hope your right Forrest & he’s enjoying a cold beer on a beach, but my inner senses tell me that his spirit is better off than some of us now.
    They may be able to use dental records or DNA to identify.

    • The copter footage from last night’s news was the same footage taken in January when ff and Roger and I were up in the chopper looking for Randy. So nothing new here as far as the video of the helicopter search…it is old footage, I’m pretty sure. If you listen Kasia says the “remains have been recovered from the Rio Grande a few miles north of Cochiti Lake.” I definitely think this is the right area to find Randy’s remains. However, it doesn’t mean it is him…until the remains have been identified.

      • Thank you cynthia,
        I come to the conclusion there are 2 copters.
        Obviously, the one above is filming the one below at Ancho Rapid.
        Yes, I know what she said, but what is a few miles?
        I would agree that his remains would be located between Frijoles & Cochiti Lake if not in the lake itself.

        Thanks for all the red tape education David,
        You have a great knowledge of legalities involving such matters & would hope it would be simpler than that.
        Looks like it’s going to be a while before anything conclusive materializes.

    • “{…} They may be able to use dental records or DNA to identify.”

      The paperwork involved before that point is staggering. The county’s coroner must first state the human remains are actually dead, even if it’s just one bone (the lawyers insist). If a county does not have a coroner, a Justice of the Peace will do that job. The remains then become a ward of the state, and the state is charged with “caring” for the remains. The cite where the remains are found is then treated as a possible crime scene, and evidence gathered. The police detective and the coroner then agree the remains may be transported, and agree on how and where. If found on tribal land, tribal police and the FBI also agree on when, how, and where the remains are transported. Potential interested parties (such as the coroner or Randy’s family) then petition the state to have the remains identified. The state then agrees to the specific proposed means by which the remains might be identified. A hearing is also held to determine if the death might have been caused by human agencies or acts other than those caused by the victim. If DNA is tested, samples from family members are required.

      • That sounds complicated. My husband is a dentist and is occasionally called upon to identify remains. It usually gets done in 48 hrs or so. And yes, this involves criminal cases unfortunately. But maybe the process is more complicated in other states.

        I wonder if there might be evidence that needs investigation.

    • I’m sure we will be seeing Randy later. He is probably in heaven laughing at all of us Roam about Gods earth looking for the gold.

  5. Sorry to all that believe that he may be on a beach. Sounds like fun, but I don’t think he would have left his best friend and constant companion Leo alone to die by the raft. May God give peace and comfort to the family members regardless of the outcome. And my thanks to all of the countless people that have spent many hours looking and praying for Randy.

      • Excuse me, but do you realize how horrible what you just said sounds?

        I don’t know you or Randy, and I have never commented on a stupid statement before, but yours goes beyond acceptable.

        Sorry Dal.

        • I am of the shared empathy of your being. This is now more so than anything else about what it means for his family. I send them love and light!

          • I agree also, but I would also like to send Randy’s family Prayers for healing. I can not believe someone would say something like that for any other reason than being Ungodly. This family deserves all of our respect and I personally given them mine.
            God Bless Randy, in time, in place and in Heaven…

        • Of course I am aware. I hiked that canyon looking for him. It is a possibility.

    • That’s right. He would never of left his dog. So sad. We all mean well. When we imagine a different outcome. God speed.

    • My thoughts exactly. To even think that he would do such a thing is questionable integrity of the heart. No amount of money and riches justifies that consciousness of being to that which is of the hope stated. Whomever that body is , it was no thrill of a chase for them. This is the reason I will not go and look for this treasure- too dangerous. So many people say they saw bears or had run-ins with them . Everywhere in he Rocky’s in North America there is Grizzlies, Black Bears, Wolves, Coyote, Cougars, Mountain lions. Thee is nothing thrilling about being chased by them! I guess I am just to logically meek.

      • I feel sorry for you Shane. Not to experience life to its fullest. About Randy and his family, my thoughts and prayers for them. If something were to happen to me while out looking for the Fenn treasure, I would hope my family would understand that accidents happen and that I went doing what I loved. All our times will come to an end some day. For me doing something I loved to do would be a peaceful way to end this phase of life.

        • To Strawshadow: Thanks for the notion but it is notwithstanding. I live life most greatly in joy and happiness. I live very close to the Rockies here in Alberta Canada plus this is one of the greatest places of nature all over here. I even have chased away black bears in an area I was protecting people..I am not ruled by fear but fear is a great protective mechanism non the less! Was I afraid when chasing the black bears away from people?- most certainly! I was protecting a family. My point that I meant said earlier is I know the dangers of going off the beaten path in the wilderness. Therefore, it is not a risk worth taking for me.

          Stay safe!

          • Hello E*: My gosh , there is rarely a revenants when attacked by a Grizzly. They are the largest land predator in the WORLD. I love and respect them so much but wisely fear them all the same. Unfortunate for this person in the article. That’s why I won’t go search. Here in Alberta, BC and Montana even in a park area trails with lots of people they come around depending on forest fires , available vegetation and drought causing lack of berries. Too dangerous for my liking. Which is too bad that where Fenn hid the treasure is in this animals home turf.

          • Shane – You wrote:

            “Which is too bad that where Fenn hid the treasure is in this animals home turf.”

            Correction: …MAY be in this animal’s home turf (some people are looking for the bronze chest in New Mexico and Colorado,…where there used to be Grizzes:


            I would never want My Grizz in Montana to be hurt because of my “effort” to find treasure.

          • To E*- yes exactly. If a Grizzly, or any bear for that matter, threatens a human, attacks a human, or worse kills a human that bear is hunted down and killed. A sow protecting her cubs gets killed. We should just be more respectful of them.

          • Shane – A new back country gadget for facing My Grizz,…and an Alberta success story:


            “As they backed away down the trail, picking up other hikers in their retreat, the grizzly followed, coming to within 10 to 15 yards before they set off a bear-banger, a flare with a loud bang. With that, the bear retreated.”


          • Thanks for the story E*. Yes, I know of bear bangers, they work extremely well!. I have worked up north here in Alberta in the oil and gas industry- no Grizzlies but lots of black bears, I mean lots and lots of black bears. We have bear bangers, bear horns, bear spray and bear dogs! These are a must! Everyone that is searching for this treasure, it is advisable to take a Bear Awareness Instruction course. We all had to as part of our orientation training. One thing I feel to share here that is never mentioned even in the bear awareness but is very very practical advice. Women that are in their 28 day cycle of 4 days should not be in bear country proximity! A woman was mauled to death by a huge Black Bear at a Suncor work site for this very reason 3 years ago. One can google search this news story. They concluded this was the reason. This knowledge could save a life!

          • Shane – The flare feature looked like a good thing to have in case you get lost or injured also. Thanks for that info.

    • @Carolyn: “That’s not North of Santa Fe unless it’s quite a bit north of Cochiti Lake.”

      Randy’s confirmation bias caused him to look for the treasure in an area Forrest Fenn said it is not located. Randy thought “Brown” was pinto beans; he thought “home of Brown” was Frijoles Canyon; he thought “the blaze” was Corral Hill (the Zia sun symbol he marked on his map). None of this is in the mountains north of Santa Fe, and none of this is readily accessible to a person around 80 years old.

      A strong, limber person can climb up Frijoles Canyon (a gorge, actually) if willing to risk injury. A few dozen meters west of Frijoles Canyon there is a horrifying and dangerous route that a human can take from the river gorge up to the visitor’s center on the rim— if a person is desperate enough. I suspect Randy got less than a mile from the river, in that area; but Forrest searched that area via helicopter.

  6. i really think the bulk of this conversation goes nowhere and hope the family is not reading these comments. Do me a favor and don’t post updates or stories like this if anything ever happens to me. i would never want my family reading speculative comments like the ones posted on this thread. SMH. IMO, of course.

    • pl289 LOL,
      “Do me a favor and don’t post updates or stories like this if anything ever happens to me.”

      There are some things you don’t have any control over pl289.
      There’s no such thing as nowhere, because you are always somewhere, no matter where you are.

    • I am of the shared empathy of your being. This is now more so than anything else about what it means for his family. I send them love and light!

    • Yep seems disrespectful. I hope and continue to pray that Randy returns soon. This loss has been very sad and important to our chase family. Best Wishes everyone.

  7. After the first few searches for Randy l was of the opinion that his body was in the river. After more than two dozen ground searches I am still of that opinion. I believe there’s a strong probability the recently discovered remains are Randy’s. If not, l am certain his remains will be found in the search area.

    • Michael, FF made a statement soon after Randy disappeared that Randy definitely did not find the treasure in that area.

      • @cynthia: “Michael, FF made a statement soon after Randy disappeared that Randy definitely did not find the treasure in that area.”

        The White Rock area is indeed “north of Santa Fe” (west by north-west), but not in the mountains and specifically not in the Rocky Mountains. Randy used a Parks Service schematic map (which was not to scale) instead of a Mercator projection map. If Randy had listened to what Forrest has said about where the treasure chest is, he and Leo would be finishing breakfast right now.

  8. I do not know what has or hasn’t happened to Randy. To say that his best friend Leo, might always grieve his loss, their adventureous travels, experiences and simple lives together?


      • I am sure there will be more information soon.

        Eugene Telles- Colorado Springs

        “An Indian Scout and A Saint”

      • So sad to hear the news, but realize the family can finally get closure.
        Thoughts and prayers to his family and friends.
        Peace be with Randy.

    • Oh What can you say? Hurting for everyone. RIP Randy. Sorry for your loss.

      • as alsolooking for randy and enjoying the chase ijeffburch had a stroke and i can say this quest saved my life some of my brain died but my thinking before the stroke saved me i truly believe this helped my brain thank you Forrest fFenn and searchers sorry for the loss of a brother treasure hunter be safe out there alwaysjeffburch and titan

  9. I am thinking of Forrest. I know he must have a heavy heart. You know when I think of Randy I feel for his little dog. That makes me cry the most. And than I feel for Forrest. I know he cares so much. God Bless.

    • Hello Lou Lee Belle. I do believe Mr. Fenn has a caring heart and certainly wished there was a better outcome. Sending a warm hug to you, Lou Lee Belle.

      • Thank you Pdenver. Thinking of poor Randy too. I will be waiting to hear how this happened. May we all learn. On this lonely planet. Lou Lee, thinking of Randy.

  10. I didn’t know Randy, but I feel I kind of understand Randy’s excitement, and Randy’s dreams about maybe finding the treasure. I feel I kind of understand Randy’s adventurous nature. I am so sad that we have lost Randy. And I’m so sad for the many people who loved Randy.

  11. We will all have our time and place, we just don’t know when nor where. More and more each day I understand why Mr. Fenn chooses not to die in a hospital bed.

    Condolences to Randy’s family and friends. To those who searched, you must be feeling a loss as well. Wishing all of you peace.

  12. My sincere prayers and thoughts go out to Randy’s family and friends. I also wish to say to all our brave searchers here.. who endlessly looked for Randy – how sorry I am that the outcome was not different. It’s nice to know that we always have each others backs.

  13. Peace to Randy and his loved ones. Closure to difficultly can also be a rare treasure.

  14. Prayers for peace in the hearts of family and friends of Randy and for Leo too. I hope Leo is with family and feeling safe and loved.

  15. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who knew and loved Randy. Comfort be with you. Rest in peace Randy, may your spirit rise above the stars. We will all miss you in our own special way- especially Leo.

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