Saying Goodbye to Randy…

July 26th, 2016

Now that the police have officially declared the human remains found north of Cochiti Lake  in New Mexico to be those of Randy Bilyeu I wanted to post some abbreviated material that Randy sent to be shared with other searchers. Randy sent this note in September of 2015, shortly after we had met up with Randy and Leo at Forrest’s Gaspard book signing in Santa Fe.

Think of this as a tribute to Randy…and his best pal Leo


Hey Dal and Goofy:
With the passing of another Labor Day… I wanted to send you guys some
photo’s of my 14 “labor’s of love” adventures with my dog, Leo. Please feel
free to post any of these pictures on your blog if you think other searchers
will enjoy a laugh and maybe benefit from them. I am keeping my current and
favorite search a secret between me, Forrest and my dog.
This is my first entry to any of the Fenn blogs because I was afraid of accidently giving out some clues.
Happy hunting everybody and I really hope that someone soon finds Forrest’s  chest of Gold… but everyone knows that the real treasure is the journey of life itself and enjoying nature.
P.S. Forrest’s dog Tesuque has some real competition this year. Lol
Randy and Leo Bilyeu
WhiteBeard and SpongDog
Leos Rocky Mtn. Adventure 026 Leos Rocky Mtn. Adventure 070 Leos Rocky Mtn. Adventure 064 Leos Rocky Mtn. Adventure 061 Leos Rocky Mtn. Adventure 059Leos Rocky Mtn. Adventure 078 Leos Rocky Mtn. Adventure 079 20140606_182655 20140604_102252
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20141006_092308 IMAG0778 IMAG0788 IMAG0914 IMAG0918
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65 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Randy…

  1. So sad to hear this, but now the family can have some closure. My thoughts and prayers go out to friends and family. We treasure hunters are being deemed as a “cult type following”, but we have good intentions towards everyone. I wish Mr. Fenn had been correct about Randy ” sitting on a beach with his girlfriend, drinking a cold beer”. My Sincere condolences, Kenny!

    • RIP Randy….when my time comes I hope it is when I am chasing something I am passionate about like you.

  2. Oh my goodness.
    Randy lived it large in pursuit of his dream.
    May he, his family and little Leo finally find some peace.
    And, may everyone else that follows their dream be safe.

  3. Randy, I hope your spirit soars and eventually your little dog will join you in heaven to be by your side again.

  4. Thank you Dal and Goofy . It helps to know that Randy lived happily doing what he wanted to do.

    May he rest in peace , and his family find closure.

  5. i am glad to have met them both. Will keep them in my prayers and their family as well.

  6. The reminder that life is a treasure is powerfully overwhelming some times like now, Randy. Cheers to yours.

  7. Heart Breaking. So sorry, for everyone. RIP Randy and regards to his family.

  8. Rest in peace , Randy. Hats off to you for going for what you wanted. God bless you, your family, and friends. You will always be remembered as a TTOTC searcher treasure.

  9. Terrible news. He was braver than I will ever be. Heartfelt compassion for his family.

  10. ” you chased your dreams, from here to there,

    You showed us all, how much you cared.

    Now rest in peace, up in the air,

    Someday too, we’ll join you there…..”

    Randy, until next time…… see ya my friend….


  11. If only I had been a little brighter, or imaginative, or brave… then Randy’s January never would’ve happened. I failed him in that respect.

    • Iron Will – I feel that way too. 🙁

      Rest in peace, Randy. And I am sorry that I couldn’t get to Santa Fe for the Gaspard event to meet you and Leo there. I can see the joy of The Chase on your face in that picture Dal posted.

  12. Thank you so much for putting this on the blog Dal! Even though it brings tears, it also brings smiles. Leo was quite the model and he has an adorable smile and it’s nice to remember them like this, both with smiles and living the good life.

  13. I did not know you personally but I could see in your adventures you were a man who followed your dreams. Godspeed Randy and prayers to your family. Bur

  14. R.I.P. Randy,
    Even though we never met, you are the reason I am on the chase, and I thank you for that!

  15. I hope this new finding gives closure to all but never forget.
    We all use poor judgements at times & pay the price.
    Some pay the ultimate price & it affects so many others.
    I know when I am avoiding better judgment I put myself at risk & have done so many times & will probably always take chances on the things I love to do as he & many others as well.
    Finally found the treasure in the form of a free spirit as we all will someday.

  16. Randy – You had an adventurous heart, and a companion who truly followed you to the ends of the earth. How lucky you were to have had the adventures and a loving companion like Leo. May you rest in peace


  17. My thanks to all of those who spent so much of their time looking for Randy earlier this year. My prayers for the family, may you have peace knowing that Randy passed on to a better place doing what he loved. My this heartbreaking news be a reminder to all, please be careful where ever you search. In all the beauty and grandeur of the great outdoors lurks many kinds of dangers. God bless Randy’s family with comfort and peace during theses hard times

  18. Well Randy, I am glad that your family can now say good bye. I wish I had time to go searching with you because of your determination and how you cared for other people in your life. You will be and are missed by all of the searcher’s. You didn’t find FF’s Treasure Chest but you have found the Greatest Treasure of all in Heaven. My you rest peacefully for eternity with-in-the-Gates of Gods house. Till we met at that special hidey spot in the sky , Peace…
    PS Thank you for the pictures, they tell a story that is with in your’s and Leo’s eyes.

  19. I saw the news release and came here to catch up. Thank you Dal and Goofy for all you do. My condolences to Randy’s family and friends as well.

    Reading between the lines, it sounds like he was found in the area where most of the searching was done. Again, a big thank-you to all who helped out earlier this year in those efforts. This is a great group of folks with very big hearts of gold – the real kind, not the shiny metal found in a bronze box.

  20. I am a late subscriber to this blog so I did not get to meet Randy. His spirit is the epitome of a true seeker’s quest. I can’t say he was safe or unsafe but he was a dream chaser! And I can tell you his mind state was that he was “truly free”. My deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

  21. I apologize for the slowness of the site. We are really getting hammered. All the news agencies have picked up Randy’s story. We’ve never had this amount of traffic.

  22. Dal,

    thanks for posting this thread and Randy’s pictures with Leo. I have tears in my eyes, not for Randy but for Leo. Poor Leo can’t understand where his dad went, nor is he likely getting to go on any more treasure hunts. I hope Randy felt like I do. If I perish while treasure hunting or in a car crash going to or from a treasure search, I don’t want people to be sad for me because I died…I want people to be happy for me because I lived!

    • Cynthia, Yes – my thoughts too. I just came back from a trip and before I left I told my family that if something happened to me that they should know I was doing what I wanted to have fun. If Randy felt as I do each time I go out on the hunt, he was happy and having another great adventure!! But, my heart goes out to his family.

  23. Randy, I really like all the photos of you and Leo on your travels. I can’t help but notice the sparkle in your eyes that was probably put there by the chase. I wish I had the pleasure of meeting you, rest in peace.

  24. I did not know Randy…but yet…I did. Simply from looking at his posted pictures it is evident that “God (really did) bless Randy” and he spoke through those pics proving that he now has inherited eternal life. Very difficult for loved ones to see past their loss and pain, yet know that he -lives- in heaven now, pain free, happy and waiting for others to join him as promised in John 3:16.

  25. My condolences to Randy’s family and friends.

    There are worse ways to die than living life to it’s fullest pursing a dream with your best friend. I wonder how many people will die today from obesity sitting on their fat butts eating twinkies and watching TV. I’ve chided several searchers over the years for not knowing their limitations, going out into the wilderness with no experience or equipment, and not knowing how to use the equipment they do have by citing my favorite saying, “If you’re going to be stupid you’ve got to be tough”.

    But Randy had scouted the area thoroughly and had a plan. Some would say (including me) that trying to raft a river alone in a pool toy is probably not a smart thing to do. Those same folks would probably say that staying in the fight after your canopy is shot off is also not a smart thing to do. Some guys are just hard headed.

    I salute Randy for pursing his dream and living life to its fullest with his best friend Leo.

  26. Although I never met Randy, I can tell by the wonderful pictures he took of his travels and of his loving companion, Leo, that I would have liked him and his adventurous spirit. And it appears from all that has been said that Randy was liked by all who did have the privilege of meeting him. Even though it was probably expected that this would be the outcome, it is nevertheless sad to finally hear the news.

    Heartfelt condolences to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

  27. My wife and I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Randy at one of the Santa Fe book signings. Little Leo was there as well.
    Rest in peace Randy and I sure hope Leo is being well cared for.

  28. I never did get to meet Randy, however I do feel a connection to him. A newspaper article that was written after he went missing is what led me to learn about the chase. It’s sad that Randy is not here to continue the search and pursue his passions yet at the same time he didn’t sit around letting life pass by. I know his exit has left hurting hearts and I pray that those hearts will be comforted in time.

  29. Having discovered the ‘Chase’ only this year, I didn’t have the pleasure, as they say… But I wish to join with the chorus in wishing the eternal soul of Randy Bilyeu a peaceful rest, and comfort to his relations and friends.

    As JD always closes his posts, to “BE SAFE” and “STAY SAFE”; if only one of us is caused to take greater care and thought for safety in our searching, and his/her life is spared in that process — then perhaps Randy’s passing will not have been in vain…

  30. Rest in peace, Randy and my sincere condolences to his family and friends .To all the many other adventurous treasure hunters stay safe stay sound and always stay in touch .

  31. I’m so sorry. Thanks for sharing his pictures. May u Rest in Peace Randy.

  32. May our Father in Heaven bless you Randy and comfort your family . We ask you Abba (father) loving in your son’s holy name Yashua (his hebrew name) ; Jesus Amen .

    From Mike and Heather

  33. My condolences to his family and friends,
    Having met Randy once, my regret is not getting to know him better. I believe his pictures tell the story of a kind man who wasn’t going to let life pass him by. He never folded, he raised and went all in. For that I respect him. Some where beyond the present I would be honored to join him for another round. I know in my heart he is resting peacefully.

  34. His name and lil dog will remain in our thoughts forever our thoughts and prayers to all his family loved all Randy’s pictures

  35. Time’s like this that I’m sure are so hard for Forrest. I believe Forrest must have magical binoculars that showed him exactly where Randy was….on a beach with a girlfriend enjoying the sunshine. His romantic whimsy proved right all along.

  36. Thank you for sharing Randy’s comments and pictures. He clearly loved the chase and all the places and people it took him to. May God be with him and all of us.

  37. Randy himself said it best “..everyone knows that the real treasure is the journey of life itself and enjoying nature.”

    When Leo joins you once again, may your journeys together continue.

  38. My mom sent me the news article and suggested that there’s a curse on treasure. There may be curses on some treasure, but on this treasure is the blessing to spend time in nature with family and friends. So don’t go alone. It is too dangerous to trek in the forest or raft in the river alone. We truly do have a searchers’ family here, there are many on here. For the adventure and for the thrill of the chase who will gladly go with you, and enjoy the chase and the time spent hiking in the woods. The wisest man that ever lived said “two are better than one, for if one falls, the other may pick him up”. Call one of us, or email us, don’t go alone, anymore. I don’t think Randy would be dead if someone was there to help get him back on his feet. Sending peace, joy and love, and all the blessings of this chase to everyone,

  39. The local New Mexico News has reported that the investigation to Randy’s death is officially closed. R.I.P. Randy Bilyeu

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