No Contest Contest About ME……


JULY 2016

Treasure hunters are a diverse group and they come from all backgrounds and locations. Fennboree was fun because we got to meet and make new friends. I think everyone would like to know more about those with whom they compete to find the treasure. If you are inclined, please comment and tell us where you live, what you do, what you like, and one of your favorite dislikes. I asked Forrest to start it off and this is his reply:

“My name is Forrest Fire and I live in Santa Fe because it’s the best place in the world in which to do that. I like to walk up the side of a hill and look back down. My favorite dislike is a dry tamale.”

Okay, your turn. Short and sweet can’t be beat…


438 thoughts on “No Contest Contest About ME……

  1. My name is dal and I live on a tide washed rock in the Salish Sea because I like rain and quiet. I enjoy photographing wildflowers and being observed by wildlife. My favorite dislike is the weight I’ve accumulated from eating red licorice.

    • I am FF’s neighbor yet he does not know;
      When the load is too heavy, I take it to the hill
      gaze a straight line and let it roll.
      Like dice on a crap table.
      The best tamales are in Oaxaca.

    • I live in Los Angeles county in a historic house made entirely from stone. My favorite life event happened in Ghana flying as a mentor for student ultra light pilot rangers. I was an interpreter for deaf students for the first part of my working life. I like to garden in my yard and volunteer for the garden at my hang gliding club landing area . I am soon retiring from a job at a CA native nursery . I dislike folks with a mean spirit and dirt in my socks and gloves. In two weeks i will join my hang gliding pals at Villa Grove Co. for some flying. I plan to make two stops to check out a notion I have about where that little box is and then I hope to see Mr Fenns kind face smiling at ME saying congratulations in some humorous way. My favorite recent books are Song of the Sky by Murchie and House of Rain by Childs .James Thurber is a hoot of an author.I just ordered Thrill of the Chase and am looking forward to be swept away by Mr. Fenns antics and trials.

  2. My name is Joseph and I live in a charming little harbor off the Salish Sea because I can. We love to kayak out to the lighthouse for picnics. I dislike rocks in my shoes.

  3. Hi, I’m Ken. I live in Southern Arizona. We don’t have to shovel our weather. Mexican food is the greatest. Hunting, fishing, gold prospecting and treasure hunting abound. My “favorite” dislike is medicine, especially the ones that the side effects are worse than the cure. πŸ™‚

  4. My name is Kenny, and I live in the best place to catch brown, rainbow, brook, salmon and steelhead trout. They were first introduced into the Baldwin River in 1899. I dislike confined spaces and cold water, except when it is hot. πŸ™‚

    • Hey Kenny – I was born in Michigan and my family loved it there. We moved to Illinois when i was just 2, but we would usually take family vacations in Michigan, often at Big Star Lake in Baldwin. It seemed like my father was never around that week, as he was always trout fishing in the Pere Marquette. My brother still makes the trek up to that area to fish for steelhead. Thanks for bringing back good memories.

  5. I live on the beautiful gulf coast of Texas as I love being near water. In the past, I lived in the Colorful State of Colorado as I enjoy trout fishing and tying my own flies. The thing I dislike the most is being in moderation here at Dal’s.

  6. I’m JJ and I live on Top of Texas to be close to family. I enjoy yaking shorelines for fish. I don’t mind a dry tamale, I just throw sauce on it but the heart burn is well received.

  7. My name is MartinS. I live in Michigan because that’s where some of my ancestors ended up. I like trying to cease my quest. My favorite dislike is an empty backpack.

  8. My name is Elizabeth (Moon Shadow) and I live in the same place as Forrest, the most beautiful place in the world – Santa Fe. I love being a mom to three amazing kids, watching butterflies, looking for rainbows, and I love this crazy thing called life. Dislike: blisters on my feet.

  9. Hi; My name id JD and I live in Pocatello, Idaho. Moved here chasing kids and grand-kids. I love to sculpt in stone, and to solve puzzles of any kind. I am a retired Marine (20 years), a retired IBMer (17 years) and now a retired stone sculptor (about 20 years) My favorite dis-like is …can’t think of anything.


  10. My name is Jamie Jones and I live under various head coverings on the ‘burning’ cuyahoga river near Mary Coyles cave. I don’t know why I live here, but I do. My favorite dislike is wet bandanas.

    • Drat. Did I say Mary Coyles cave? That’s the nearby parlor I like to gorge myself on. So old fashioned they don’t even have sprinkles. Mary CAMPBELLS cave is in the Gorge metropark I live in. They do have soup at the ice cream parlor, but it is homemade and not related to the girl. Spaghetti also.w with meatballs on top and covered in cheese.

  11. I live in Calgary Alberta, Canada where we enjoy the moderate spectrum of all 4 seasons and the most sunny days in all of Canada. My favorite dislike is Procrastination- I’ll do it when I feel right in doing it and at the same time I would like do everything now .

  12. My name be Jon, and from Wisconsin. I’m an apprentice lexicographer by trade. I enjoy movies, the outdoors, camping, fishing, and family. My biggest dislike is being without a cold Sundrop!

  13. You all know me !!!!!!! πŸ˜‰

    I like a Hot Shower, and hate a Cold one.
    I enjoy adventure, but I don’t like hills. πŸ˜‰

    I live in the Lone Star State ⭐️
    I’m a massage therapist of 10 years and it’s time for me to quit. πŸ˜‰

    Just opened a new business, well for my daughter to work. Embroidery
    Ini✝Ially Yours ( making it personal)
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I’m sugar and spice and everything that’s nice.

  14. My name is Mindy, and I’m pretty much nobody.
    I live in New Smyrna Beach, FL, because it’s sorta cool to live in the shark bite capital of the world. I love adventure and surfing and laughing. My favorite dislike is vegetables. And fruit.

  15. My name is Michael and I live in, well…Idaho. I like the neat equipment I accumulated for the Chase. My dislike is when people laugh and say the Treasure doesn’t exist.

  16. My name in Jplphoto and I live in the Green Mtn. state, where the mountains are pretty and green.

    I like to hike up mountains and lookout and down good.

    My favorite dislike is living too far from the Fenn treasure site and the place I KNOW where it is hidden.

  17. My name is Pat and I live near Thornton, Colorado. I’m a mother of six and have sold Avon for thirty years. I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, different arts and crafts, singing and dancing. With much gratitude to Mr. Fenn, I now enjoy hiking. My favorite dislike is fear.

  18. Hello, my name is Michael

    For over five years I have been hiding in a basement in beautiful Spokane, WA. I help take care of my wife, dad, and keep the household running. I like taking off into the woods on my bike, and riding to anywhere I can take in the views of the surrounding mountains and forests. I dislike fake foods; processed food that does not rot or spoil.

  19. I’m Jason, I work as a Designer, am a Husband, Friend, Father, Grandfather, Brother, Son, guy, person, wait… no, “I am a meat popsicle”. Like keeping my mind confused, eating tacos, pizza, and cheeseburgers. Dislike cooked carrots.

  20. Hello,
    My name is Ron and I live in the heart of Texas, Fort Worth area. I like just about anything dealing with the outdoors, including searching for all kind of treasures. The one thing that I dislike the most is rude people. You don’t have to like me, just don’t be rude doing it !!!

  21. my name is Diana,I live in The Dallas/Fort worth metroplex. I wave been on one hunt for the treasure with another trip booked. Favorite thing to do is walk in woods. Dislike is people that look at the ground when you pass them walking!

  22. My Name is Donna ,I’ve been searching for five years and having a grand old time ! Recently moved from New Mexico to Oklahoma to be closer to my boys and their families ,, I enjoy everything here but the tornados ,,I do miss the mountains and Hatch green chilies ! I named my Cane Corso , BlueRidge The Thrill Of The Chase and her call name is Fenn ,we will be back out searching August first . Nice to meet all of you !!

  23. Hi my name is William, I live in probably the most diversified state of Tampa, Florida. To dreams do come true at Disney to battling Tarpon off of Johns Pass and spend the evening on the beach with a fire and beer πŸ™‚
    I dislike nothing cause I’m happy to be here today πŸ™‚

  24. My name is Rose and Ilive in Pasadena, California. I’m a grandmother of four grandkids. I’ve been searching for a while and enjoy my new perspective on life and I’m thankful that Forrest Fenn and Dal has brought us together. The Thrill of The Chase is a wonderful journey.

    • Rose –

      I was born in Pasadena and lived there thirty five years……perhaps we know each other. Went to Webster, Marshall and PHS. I did thirty five Rose Parades front row. Pasadena is home to Cal Tec – and FF’s friend Murray Gell-Mann knows it well.

      • Hi inthechase, I love Pasadena. Been there a few years now. I live and work there. But, today, I’m in NM for the week searching. Had a fabulous day looking for the chest and met a very special lady whom I am thankful for her time. But, no luck so far. I feel like I am so close, but can’t find it. Ugh!

  25. Hi, I’m James from the Jet City (Seattle) soon to be New Smyrna Beach . I’m the greatest prospector (a tetartagonist) from the north, otherwise known as the Ice Pick Licker. My favorite dislike is having a picture taken of me without holding a candy cane.

  26. Hello…. My name is Jerry and I live in Tucson. I’m spending the summer in Indiana teaching kids golf in The First Tee program, I am also a fly fisherman, a pilot, and I like a long distance ride on a motorcycle. The one thing I dislike the most is beets. Wooly Bugger

  27. My name is Michael. I live a mile high in Loveland, Colorado. I love spending days with the family at our mountain cabin. I dislike big cities. Peace!

  28. Hi all. My name is Sandy, and I live in Durango CO – the heart of the beautiful San Juan mountains. It’s hard to beat this place if you like to ski, climb mountains, backpack, run, explore Ancient Puebloan ruins and flyfish…passions all! I am a Registered Nurse by profession. What don’t I like? It makes me sad when people treat their temple (body) like a trash dump rather than the sacred vessel that it is. But it’s job security.

  29. Hi, my name is Fake & live on the Treasure Coast.
    Got the feel of an AA meeting?
    I like to think that I like whatever comes to mind at the time.
    My favorite dislikes are ignorant sheeple & how fast the world around us changes.

    • Hello my name is Martha, I live in the hills, I like your point of view Jake the Fake,
      I also dislike ignorant, lovers of self, lovers of money, disobedience to parents, unthankful, unholy, without self control, traitors, I could just go on about the STEEPLE!

      Jake the world is changing at such and alarming rate, the STEEPLE will be chipped before they know it!
      Remember the wonderful saying, ” I’d rather be dead than of RED!”.
      I like the TRUTH! I loved the TRUTH, but it’s such a precious commodity it’s hard to find!
      Reminds me of Mr. Fenn’s chest!
      I’ve got the need to approach my Father, because I am also guilty!

      • Hi Martha,
        I believe honesty is the best policy even when it hurts.
        Yes we can throw a pinch of sugar on it to make it more palatable but it is what it is.
        The steeple has been leaning & may go back to where it came from, down below, if people don’t wake up out of there coma.
        We are all guilty at one time or another.

        • Hello Jake, I’m on your side, I feel so discouraged when it comes to current Sheeple. I am absolutely disgusted, and angry but I know nothing is new under the sun! It is what it is, I however know all things are well, because the Light of world, has nothing to do with darkness!

    • Jake, I can’t believe you were only 100′ from that mama grizzly, I know seeing that video she was Hugh! Maybe 1,500-2,000 pounds, Scarry! I am sure you maintain your cool when you saw her, my reactions would have been hysteria, but maybe not. I liked the video, beautiful place. If Mr.Fenn, brown is grizzly, I think your in the right place.
      I fill like declaring a fuel emergency. I am so off on my solve, no one is seeing what I am seeing! Thanks Jake

  30. I’m the 1 from Home of the bear me and montana man the same city we share.cornfields and rain
    and thas all I habe to say bout that

  31. Hi my name is Karl Huntington N. I live & work in Watertown Massachusetts❣ I enjoy art, history and motorcycles. I work outdoors and wouldn’t want it any other way. As for dislikes, I second Ron’s answer, rude people. You don’t have to like me just don’t be rude in the process

  32. Hi, my name is Tom and I live in the tiny hamlet of Rockhill Furnace, PA. pop 371. I can’t think of any place that I would rather call home.
    I am a retired welder, foundry man and production supervisor. The special treasures in my life are my family, close friends (you know who you are)
    and the love of our dog Ming. I like to spend my time hiking, biking, camping, traveling and taking photographs.
    As for dislikes, I don’t have many. My main one would have to be animal cruelty!
    Politics is running a close second!

  33. Ken and Live in SF Bay Area, CA
    I like fried food
    I enjoy retirement and my twin 4 year old grandsons
    I gag on zucchini.

  34. I am ken…I live in the Northeast. I restore old barns and period homes. The outdoors gets me amped. I don’t like politics…and dead batteries in my metal detector.

  35. Hi,
    My name is Bob and I live in Michigan. I”m looking forward to living elsewhere as I have spent a career in the Caribbean and grew up in Texas. The winter here is horrible. When people ask why I left the Virgin Islands for Michigan, I just tell them…”witness protection program”. It isn’t true but make a much better story than how I actually came to being here. As an armchair treasure hunter I enjoy all the post. I really dislike Parkinson’s but find it’s a lot easier to play the tambourine.

  36. My name is Mike. I currently live in a Kansas City suburb, on the Kansas side. I work in the industry of Information Technology. I like modeling generosity and inspiration with the hope that generosity and inspiration propagates forward. My favorite dislike is obfuscation.

    • So far I’m the only knucklehead claiming to use the E.C. Waters moniker. I’ve ruined it for anyone else.

        • Nicenidaho – yeah, that’s why so few bloggits are here. We aren’t competing. But it’s good that you’re thinking.

  37. Hello, my handle is Signholder and I reside in the Llano Estacado region of West Texas. Where the elavation change described by Wikipedia: “sloping almost uniformly at about 10 feet per mile”.
    What I do: Work for a living
    What I like: A challenge ( that’s why I here πŸ™‚ )
    What I dislike: Empty bag of M&M’s ( of any kind πŸ™ )

  38. Hello, I’m Cholly or Charles, never Charlie. I pleaded ‘no contest once’ it will have been ten years in August, looking forward to my car insurance coming down! I live in Northern California, already posted under ‘all about me,’ Favorite dislike is when the lettuce / garnish is served on top of the patty, prefer the lettuce under the patty, also don’t like the sound of a vacuum cleaner, hurts me ears.

  39. “My name is Iron and I live in Earth next to Bronze…no not that bronze (he never said it’s buried). My job is crucial to the survival of all life. My best like is that I so tope! (even though it makes me 88% unstable). My biggest dislike is being forced onto a horse’s hoof ( you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve stepped in ).

  40. Hi, my name is Chad, I live in the suburbs of a great salty lake, on the Jordan. My favorite thing to do might be putting my boat on the water at Powell or the Gorge and not knowing where I end up, I have an extra large fuel tank and fuel injection, so 150-200 miles and a week or so on the water is doable. I like making things, doing stuff with my hands, building and flying RC planes. I fix cars at my own shop, wife is a nurse. My dislikes are forgetting things, strong winds, drought, losing my hair.

  41. I’m Brad. Fire is good but only if you have water. I’m outside Fort Worth cause that’s where I moved. But I grew up in Tucson and there’s no mountains and no desert and no Nature out here so I spend most of my time hiking the Hill Country or Big Bend or New Mexico or Utah or Colorado or Wyoming or Arizona -’cause that’s where I feel most at home and can wander alone and find harmony with what’s left of the rocks and animals and plants ..


  42. Hello, my name is Nance. I live in MT. I always root for the underdog and dislike mean people.

  43. Hi, my name is Paul. I live outside of Chi-town and wish I lived near warmer waters. I have 3 great, beautiful kids. I was in the military. I love to hunt, fish, hike and explore. My special spot in the world is in the quiet hills near my hometown where a wellspring emerges from the earth. So tranquil.
    I dislike snakes, both human and reptilian.

  44. Yo! I be Fred. Currently squat about 40 miles from the geographic center of TEXAS. Don’t mean to be rude, but have never been accused of being PC. Love anything challenging. Would have loved living in the Rockies, but Dame Fortune never spun her wheel!! After working for Verizon for 30 years, most of it traveling, I hate fast food and most restaurant food. Never do anything mundane today that you can put off until tamale.

    (???some notables absent here! Seeker, JCM, Goofy….where ya’ll hidin’???) πŸ™‚

    • So loco, Your more than 211,200 links from the center of TX… Did I do the math correct?. Maybe I should stick with counting fence posts.
      If ya want to know about me… buy my book, as soon as I get the @!#$% book cover done.

      Dislikes; Computers programs.

  45. I am Sam, a survivor of the ’60’s, a Tennessean by the grace of God and live atop a mountain between the Tennessee and Sequatchie Valleys. Retired IBEW electrician and USAF veteran, an artist(mostly oils) and sometimes poet. I enjoy making my wife smile, children, and life on God’s green earth. OH, and chocolate! I truly despise political correctness and cold coffee(YECH! Gag me with a spoon!).

  46. I am Mark. I live in Carmel, Indiana because while I grew up on a farm, my wife grew up in a city of 10 million and Carmel is the closest I have managed to get her to the country (still trying). I like being outdoors and exposing my wife and almost 4 year old son to all things country (they have both petted most animals now and have ridden horses). I dislike the pain from my youthful indiscretions that age has been revealing.

  47. My name is Diana. I live in the beautiful Keystone state, along a small river where eagles abound. I’m surrounded by 17 acres of whitetail deer, red tail hawks, and rainbow trout. I enjoy gardening, golfing, and of course the ever challenging TOTC.
    What I dislike the most is the deer eating my newly planted flowers, bugs, the dreaded 3 putt, and not living closer to the treasure.
    I cast my vote for another chest to be hidden in the Appalachian. Just in case Forrest is reading this.


    “My name is Diggin Gypsy and my excitement casts a long shadow across the exact spot where the treasure is hidden. I am sure of it. This was taken at my most recent search location. Winter set in before I had the chance to unhide the chest. Come spring, I’ll be one treasure chest richer. My camera doesn’t consider parallax so you should know that my body has been compared with that of Suzanne Somer’s. Eat your heart out Paris Hilton. Bet none of your bloggers can match my shadow for Playboy worthiness.”

  49. My name is John. I live in Pittsburgh, Pa. I think I have solved the poem. Oh I forgot I cant say that. What I mean is, I think I have a possible solution to the poem, I just havent found “it” yet. My hobbies include driving 1500 miles each way from Pittsburgh to the Rockies and back.

  50. P.s. — F, about those tamales… if you need to moisten your masa a 15 minute steam isn’t the way to turn the recipe around. Trust me- I’m from Cleveland, we know our steamers.

  51. Who ever the lady is on here saying she is the real diggin gypsy ummmmmm don’t think so. Yes your pic was on the shadow contest under the story for me It was by mistake and we have already told you this many times your shadow my story πŸ™‚ so get it right

    • I wondered. The linguistic pattern signatures were distinctly different. It is rare (not impossible, but extremely rare) that someone would unintentionally or intentionally post so much content with this level of signature difference.

    • OTHER Diggin Gypsy – Then why do I have the “story” saved on a text sent by ff immediately in response to the shadow photo text I sent to his email????

      And no one has ever told me ANYTHING to correct that post. Really. They haven’t. πŸ™‚

      • To let you know your shadow was mistakenly used But we kept it on there So your pic my story that’s all It was to late to remove the photo so I told dal just to leave who’s ever it was

      • OTHER Diggin Gypsy – And for the record,…I said, “That would be a NO”,…when ff asked me if he could use my photo for the contest (because the parallax DID make me look fat!). Which is why maybe he and Dal created what seems to be an elaborate ruse,…your name with the text he sent to me (which I never said “yes” to either) and my photo.

        Personally,…I thought the Ladies Only Shadow Contest was demeaning to women,…but if you “ladies” want to have another one,…be my guest! IMO,…of course. πŸ™‚

        • I guess a lot of miss communication that happened a lot in the beginning Maybe he used your pic with my story for a reason ever think of that πŸ™‚ wasn’t your pose kinda like the girl on his bronze jars

          • O.D.G – As I said,…ff immediately replied to my Shadow Photo with a text just like the one below my picture in the contest,…the text and picture together above. Forrest wrote that text,…you did not. He conceived the contest,…you did not.

          • Yes Forrest wrote me told me to take pics of me and my shadow he wanted to do a story about me for a shadow contest I still have all the emails Forrest needs to come forward and tell you or else dal I find all this wierd myself now

          • Now that I’m
            Thinking about all this was you sending pics to Forrest way before he ever made the shadow contest maybe you gave him the idea because how was it he already had your pics before the story posted hmmmmmmm I gotta go back and look at your pic

          • Diggin Gypsy – Yes,…ff said in his reply (when I said “NO”),…that they really didn’t want to have to go create another picture,…but I thought they would. When they didn’t,…and I saw it used on the blog,…I was upset.

          • D.G. I am clear on how this happened now. Thank you for your explanation. I just was offended when you wrote this post:


            Who ever the lady is on here saying she is the real diggin gypsy ummmmmm don’t think so. Yes your pic was on the shadow contest under the story for me It was by mistake and we have already told you this many times your shadow my story so get it right.

          • I’m
            Sorry I offended you all I heard was someone told me you were claiming to be diggin gypsy Everything just got out of whack

          • D.G. – And I am sorry. I thought the first time that “Diggin Gypsy” name was ever used was below my picture on the Ladies Only Shadow Contest. I had never seen anyone post with that name prior to my shadow photo being posted. I thought ff or Dal coined the name to protect my identity (especially since I said “NO” to using my photo).

          • I can see where u got confused there were scrapbooks Forrest wrote about me before that contest I thought that pic that was of you was dals wife. Seems that’s what Forrest had told me way back then hahahha. Maybe that day everyone had one to many margaritas No one knew who was what πŸ™‚

          • D.G. – The first post on the Ladies Only contest was October 20, 2013. And here is the first Forrest’s Scrapbook I remembered with you in it,…posted November 2013:


            He didn’t name you as Diggin Gypsy in that scrapbook,…but I was you post below it. Was there one before that???

            And personally,…I don’t drink and blog. πŸ™‚

          • I don’t know what dates they were there was 2 he wrote on me I don’t remember of they were before this shadow contest or not

          • Well then that would totally make since why you thought all of this I would have too if my pic was on there You have proven your point πŸ™‚ I hate everything got screwed up .

          • D.G. – Thank you very much! And as Gilda Radner used to say,…Nevermind!!!! πŸ™‚

            What I REALLY want to ask you,…is,…do you have a crystal ball just like MINE??? πŸ™‚

          • D.G. – And just for the record,…I wonder WHICH “Diggin Gypsy” ff was betting on,…since we share a general search area?:


            “Kreis goes by the name β€œDiggin’ Gypsy” on Dal Nietzel’s blog and says that she’s the one Fenn bet on to find the treasure.”

            I’m just sayin…

            I have really enjoyed your search stories and posts here at Dal’s. πŸ™‚

          • The story was wrote about me not you My name has been diggin gypsy way before I ever met Forrest fenn I really don’t know why you can’t drop all this nonsense

        • OTHER Diggin Gypsy – And I took that photo on the highway North of town here,…when I was taking another gorgeous fall photo of the river and trees to text to ff. I noticed my shadow on the ground and attempted to capture it with my cheap flip phone. Then I realized that the cover of TFTW may have been created that way,…which I later found out it was.

  52. I’m the real Diggin gypsy and have been way before the chase me and my sisters have been treasure hunters for years I’m from blue ridge ga and love to travel and be different than any one else hahaha and I love Tabasco on all my food :-)……. The end

  53. Hi. I’m Derrick. I live in Iowa. I am married with 3 kids. I enjoy playing video games, so my wife was excited that this treasure hunt got me out of the house into nature. I dislike knowing where the treasure is, but not being able to find it…lol.

    • From a 47 yr old life long gamer… your wife comment made me laugh πŸ™‚

        • King’s Quest was one of my first games in the Heroes of Might and Magic series. I actually hold one of the highest scores in the world in Might and Magic II, and the highest stat score on Gretchin (goblin champion) ever attained in a league match… 65 Att 61 Def 50 Pwr 49 Knwldge — total 226. So yes I know that game πŸ™‚

  54. My name is Jack. I am from Alaska and I am surrounded by mountains, but I might be moving closer to the hidey spot. I like traveling,books,movies,fried chicken,mammoths,writing, and searching for Indulgence which I started doing in 2013, forgot about, and then started again last winter. I HATE mushrooms but my favorite dislike is the picture of the TC photo shopped onto dirt because I find it funny.

  55. Hi ,my name is Marillen
    I was born in Eugene,Oregon 1950 and had a great childhood on a organic farm next to the coburg hills.
    and now live northwest of Eugene Or. in the coastal mountains.
    I went into the navy and became a troubleshooter for F4J
    fighter jets early 1970’s. got married that became a wonderful family with three kids. went to college studying philosophy of religion and later in my life was ordained as a lay Buddhist monk ( soto zen )
    I worked with people with special needs and retired a few years ago.
    I enjoy reading all the blogs about the chase on here,
    and love to garden, hike, and keep up on my ancestry on
    I enjoy listening to people who think they know everything
    (minus there arrogance)
    I do not have dislikes, but one ,,All the killings that is going on in our world,
    that really bothers me.
    maybe will go botg soon.


  56. Hi I’m BW! My greatest passion has always been horses. So, I will describe myself to you in horse vernacular. πŸ™‚

    As a young strawberry roan filly, I could swish my tail with the best of them.

    I whinnied up to a young stallion and became a broodmare.

    The years flew by and I became a nag and was put to pasture.

    As I roam the fields under the Magnolia trees, I feel the wind through my mane as I gallop across the land kicking up my heels enjoying the freedom.

  57. Hello, my name is Michael Hendrickson. I am a broke-ass middle aged gap toothed gimp. I live in Albuquerque, NM, where the living is easy…after all things being considered. Today I ate a couple of gas station hot dogs for breakfast.
    For the last few years I’ve run happily amok in the mountains, spending money, sitting in hot springs, and futilely hunting treasure.

  58. Hi,

    My name is Ken. My wife and I are both retired . We live in suburban Saint Louis. I was born and raised in Chicago. I learned of the Chase last July and have enjoyed it ever since. Fennboree 2016 was awesome. I like big parties with lots of food and drink together with a crowd of good folks. My favorite folks are our dedicated first responders and our awesome military. I dislike: beer, gin, any kind of whiskey & seeing the Bears, Bulls, White Sox, Blackhawks, and The Fighting Irish lose. Good luck to all in your searches. Remember, safety first.


    Windy City

    • I agree with all of your dislikes but my dads from the North Side so its just too bad that you like the White Sox.

    • The timing is most likely just a couple of years off (my dad would have been a couple of years old), but it was nice talking to you.

  59. My name is Crow. I live wherever I can find peace and more animals and birds than people. I spent too much time in education (health, business, literature, journalism). I succeeded in teaching middle school – ah yes, I did attitude! Four university degrees later, I realize I should have instead spent time fishing (which stops the life clock). I have a wonderful husband. My dislike is the delusional superiority of others and impatient treatment of those with disabilities.

  60. You all know who will win this “contest,” right? Just like our pets didn’t stand a chance against Tesuque (who won the blue ribbon), we don’t stand a chance against Forrest Fire. Lol. πŸ™‚

  61. My name is Jeremy. I think I’ve seen one or two others running around here, but I’m the one with the P. I live in the Horse Capital of the World, Lexington, Kentucky. We’re also known for our bourbon and the UK basketball team.

    I work as a software developer for the NGB of equestrian sports (we’re the ones that send the equestrian team to the Olympics — so be sure to cheer for Team USA!) It’s not the Rockies, but it does have its perks. This is where I get to work:

    I like art, philosophy, writing, and too many nerdy things to list.

    My infrequently updated site:

    I’m just hanging out and watching the show. You all are great and I wish you the best of luck in all your adventures!

    • Oops, I failed to add a dislike. I guess I’m stuck with “my inability to follow instructions” πŸ™‚

    • Jeremy-That has to be the best ‘Welcome Page’ for a website ever.I bookmarked it.

    • I would like to add (related to horses) one old-but-true maxim that I feel everyone should keep in mind when reading other people’s comments and ideas:

      “A camel is a horse designed by committee.”

      Don’t be afraid to blaze your own trail. There’s only two people who ever have needed to be in the place you’re looking at, you and Fenn.

    • Another small note: Forrest’s buddy, Ralph Lauren, designs Team USA’s opening ceremony uniforms (NBC, Friday Aug 5).

      I think there’s a weird six degrees of separation in the Universe with Forrest Fenn at the center. I’ve never met Ralph Lauren personally, but I can count with the index, middle, and ring fingers the degrees of separation there, and it’s nice to be on the periphery.

      • JeremyP – Isn’t it odd? I found out recently that my parents met FF about 20 years ago at an archeology conference in Santa Fe called “Peopling of the Americas”…and they visited San Lazaro Pueblo as part of a field trip sponsored by FF etc. Turns out my dad’s best friend from Philmont days (near your search area!) is friends with FF. So for me, that might only be 2 or 3 degrees of separation. But still a world away.

        • That’s interesting Sandy!

          I always enjoyed the Kevin Bacon six-degrees game. Everyone who has met Forrest, you are three degrees separated from Kevin Bacon via Forrest, who met Michael Douglas, who produced Flatliners, which starred Kevin Bacon.

      • How right you are Jeremy. Forrest at the center of the universe, right where he wants to rest for all eternity.

      • Jeremy, “Don’t be afraid to blaze your own trail” For anybody new, heed this advice. Life is like a game of poker, keep your hand to yourselves. The level of deception is deeper than a scandalous presidential election. Who you trust the most is who you should fear the most. Alone is what it means, alone. And if I sound a bit paranoid it’s only because I didn’t listen good.

        • I should also add that Mr. Fenn is the one to trust and Jeremy if my tarot cards are accurate, be safe.

          • You have the wrong idea, I’m not going anywhere. I’m office bound for the foreseeable future.

          • Oh, haha. OK, I can see how what I posted might be hinting at a trip. No, I’m not part of the team that actually goes to Rio, and I’m pretty much stuck at my desk this summer because of it. Good luck, sir!

    • Doing pretty well so far. We have two bronze medals (Forrest might like that!) and a few more days of jumping horses.

  62. I am NearIndianaJones, and I live
    on a Homestead right off the Trail near Indiana. I turn a wrench, but it’s building with my hands, exploring something new, and not setting on the bench, that is what I would chose to do.
    Doing a dull repetition, is something I would petition.

  63. My names Jeff Brite and I live inside arm pit of America, Oklahoma. A place you can see a tornado throw softbal sizedl hail, an earth quake, and cook an egg off the street all in the same day. Oklahoma is also known for its hidden treasure and great bass fishing which I indulge in both.

  64. My name is DeCall from Las Vegas. I’m grateful for my lovely wife Ana and our 11 kids (long story) CEO of the family welding business. World record 12 eagle scout brothers. Love non-fiction, computers and the internet, fine food, and solving treasure poems. The sophisticated caveman is my avatar, and I love my A/C. Dislike… can’t decide.

  65. My name is Jeremy. I live in KS surrounded by fields of wheat, corn, milo, and soybeans. I like to hunt for treasure among other things. One of my favorite dislikes is snow.

  66. My name is 23kachinas and I live in Shangri-La. I like that I can fly between the stars and earth I and dislike too much sugar makes my brain lose direction.

  67. My name is Tim. I live in Elyria, Oh… 20 miles west of Cleveland. I love being in the outdoors camping, fishing and hiking. I’ve searched from my recliner for years and hope to soon get boots on the ground. I love a good puzzle. I hate low back pain… and I hate and love my job as a 911 dispatcher.

    • TimM – I was in your neck of the woods last August. I had a meeting at the Sawmill Resort and took a day trip to Put in Bay island. Lots of wonderful scenery that I had never seen before coming from the plains of KS.

  68. Hello, my name is Donna. I live in a divided city of hope and despair. I have 2 grandkids, 3 and 1, that keep me hopping. My career spans a decade in the police dept., 6 yrs in the Air Force, and 25 yrs of custom home security.
    My red hair, freckles and (I’ve been told) “impish” grin, have opened alot of doors and stories from the locals during my searches. The #85 searches under my belt, have rocked my world…thank you, Forrest. My mind constantly analyzes while i breath in logic and exhale imagination. I love dragons, and fly fishing. I detest people who tell me, “you’re wrong”, when their hands lack Indulgence too. I don’t believe in “if”, but “when”!
    Β₯Peace Β₯

  69. Hi I’m Wayne.
    Born in New Guinea and raised in Australia.
    I come from a family of pilots although I am not one. Bats and balls are my thing where I spend my days ducking them as a Tennis Pro. I enjoy time in the mountains at our cabin cooking marshmallows over an open fire with our kids and fishing in the Howqua River. October is my favourite month while following my Cherokee ancestry in a focused manner and where that may lead is my greatest passion. Melbourne is rated β€œworlds’ most liveable city”, so have to disagree with Forrest Fire there.
    What do I dislike? I give everyone a chance and have decided to never jump out of a plane and stick to looking out the window.

  70. Nice to meet everyone, I’m Tammy. I am an elementary teacher of kids with special needs in the great state that is 50th in the nation in teacher salary. You guessed it, Oklahoma! My job keeps me young at heart. I have a strong aversion to bullying. My chase career is short (6 months). Still green and learning from the ‘Old Timers’. Be gentle.

  71. Hello, My name is Cynthia and I’m a Fennaholic…wait, you all already know that. Lived in Rio Rancho on the outskirts of Albuquerque over 20 years. Love New Mexico, obviously! I like, I mean I really like, some of the wonderful folks I’ve met through FF’s Thrill of the Chase. Desertphile, today was absolutely wonderful! Dislike tamales soaking wet or drier than a popcorn fart. I hate tamales, but love everything else Mexican/New Mexican.

  72. My name is Kathy and this is my first post on here. I have been following for a while now, but have not had much to say yet. just trying to take everything in and learn. I live in beautiful Colorado in Englewood, which is a suburb of Denver. I am a paralegal as well as a life coach. I love being outside here in Colorado and enjoying all it has to offer, although I do need to get out more. πŸ™‚ I dislike rude, insensitive people.

  73. My name is Brooke and I love my God and I love everyone else’s God, I am very spiritual. I can’t stand shoes that give me blisters, which are just about all shoes except flip flops. I live in humid (love the humidity as well) south Texas area across the street from a lake. I’m Pisces and I need water!

  74. My name is Tim Walker from San Diego.
    Have y’all read

  75. Me.. I am blue when rose is mad but a pair we always will be. I live on an island surrounded by warms waters,under a mountain that always weeps. I work in a place where we try harder to please the likes of people like you and me. As for dislikes,I don’t know of anything edible I don’t like,but a really bad attitude can leave a bad taste in my mouth. πŸ™‚

  76. My name is deb , I live where they transplant people to from witness protection (Rio Rancho ) I love my state, kids , animals, flowers , funny people and ART. My favorite dislike is roosters crowing at 3 am.

    • deb – Great to see you here! I like funny people also. πŸ™‚

      p.s. Where’s BOB???!!!

        • deb – I miss Bob,…HEY,..BOB,…c’mon over here! Dal is very nice. I am SURE he will let you back on his fine blog. I mean,…you made it to Fennboree,…right???!! πŸ™‚

          I vote for Bob to be let back here on Dal’s blog. Could you join in with me and deb here, A-Team?:

          The Wolf? GEYDELKON? anna? inthechaseto? decall? bur?…

          WE WANT BOB! WE WANT BOB!….

          Deb – Can you let them know over there that I got the same “forbidden” messages etc. that Bob and bur got? It was due to the volume on the server,…and was not personal. I emailed the same messages I got to Dal to let him know,…as soon as it happened to me.

          Thank you. πŸ™‚

  77. My name is Ramona. I live in Las Vegas. I love working on the chase, solving puzzles, arts and crafts, and tons of other stuff. No favorite dislike but there are a few things I dislke.

  78. Hello my name is Stan. Been in the Chase a long time. Had 2 strokes back to back so I took 2 years to recover. Doing good now so I’m ready to get back to Montana. I’m from the South Texas coast where I love to fish and enjoy the beach. I seriously dislike peas.

  79. I am Joe, and Joe I am. I live west of the Rockies, but only barely. Don’t get me wrong, I’m more alive and aware than ever of my surroundings and the happenings within. My only regret is not “awakening” myself decades earlier. Much of my time is spent experiencing Nature and human nature – more of an observer than in any other capacity. It’s never been more poignant how much I prefer one over the other.

    I like to gaze at the night sky, awed by its enormity and its incomprehensible timelessness. During daylight hours, I enjoy finding a quiet spot away from manufactured environments to sit and just watch Nature happen. My strongest dislike is excessively proud and/or greedy people, for their arrogant efforts and subsequent effects dwarf all other causes of pain and suffering inflicted on the vast majority of humanity (this statement has nothing to do with The Chase; it’s context is relative to the broadest spectrum of all societies). If I understand the concept of “favorite dislike”, I would have to say mine is putting my next search on hold to wait out the summer heat for the cooler and more enjoyable weather of fall. Oh, the anticipation…!!!
    Be informed, be prepared, and stay safe.

  80. My name is old coctaw I live in Oklahoma I like fishing and hunting and at my age my dislike would be trusting a fart

  81. My name is Bill, but to you guys, I’m Seattle Sullivan. I live in different locations in Washington, mostly in a tent. I like wit , writing, and 70s rock and roll. I cant stand texting drivers and what heroin is doing to our youth.

    • Howdy Seattle Sullivan! Your brain is awesome; we were talking about your brain yesterday. Dude, you need to be cloned a few million times, for the good of humanity.

  82. My name is Chris, and live in Moore Oklahoma. We live here, because my grandfather retired here from AF years ago. I enjoy my family, sports, movies, collecting, and probably just about anything else I can think of. I love learning about new things. I’m a quiet person at heart, but somehow I am always the loud one in the room.

  83. OK, here goes. My name is Mike B. and I live here in the Mile High City! I enjoy long walks (sometimes short ones) and just chilling. I think I’m somewhat indecisive at times, but not really sure. I’ve been told that I’m a deep thinker, and an old soul. To relax, I will often sit for hours, just thinking. Occasionally I will enjoy a nice cup of tea. On vacation, I love to go to the beach and just gaze out over the ocean. Sometimes I’ll even toss something in. I’ve been in the Chase for over four years now and still loving every minute of it! Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Enjoy the rest of your Summer everyone!

  84. Hi everyone! I’m Carolyn. With me, what you see is what you get; nothing more, nothing less. I have a wonderful husband who is my search partner. I have 2 great kids and a bunch of wonderful grandkids. I have a Mustang, Quarter Horse, 2 German Sherpherds, 1 cat, 5 chickens. I have a flower garden and rock garden. I love rocks, animals and the grandkids are a blast. I work as an Executive Secretary for a cancer doctor in Houston, TX who Suzanne Somers also knows, but unfortunately I have to drive an hour to work. Considering a job change. I have worked for Continental Airlines and Continental Express Airlines in their Technical Publications Department because I love planes. I worked at the Houston Zoo also. I am also a friend of Bill W’s. I love being outside and nature. I love Costa Rica, Wyoming and Texas. I have a lot of things I like and dislike. I dislike death the most. Nice to meet you all and thank you Forrest for the opportunity of the chase!

  85. Hello all,

    My name is Scott and I’m from Round Rock, Texas. That’s just a little south of Temple.

    I used to be a regular here but I’ve been absent for the last couple months to spend some quality time with my family and away from work and distractions. But I’ve followed the blogs here from time to time.

    I’ve had boots on the ground and seen some amazing sites. To this day, the best place on Earth has been the Valles Caldera. I wasn’t really searching there, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to place a fly or two in San Antonio Creek; I thank Forrest for leading me there. My family and I also stayed in a cozy cabin right on the Pecos River with a 1/2 mile private fishing right. It was awesome and one of the best Father’s Day I have ever had. I will never forget it.

    I’ve put the chase on hold for a year as I was recently diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. Today was day 3 of 23 for radiation treatment. After that I get some radioactive implants. The good news is I have about a 90% chance for a 10 year survival. I’m feeling pretty good about those odds, especially since I find hope in finding a very small box hidden somewhere north of Santa Fe. (humor)

    I have a really great solve now. In fact, I’m so confident with my solve that I don’t even research anymore. I just have to get there. I planned to arrive this July, but circumstances put that off until next year. In case you are wondering – I’m not looking in NM any more.

    Make no mistake, I will be out there looking again with boots on the ground as soon as it warms up next summer. – – – Maybe a little sooner….

    Future cancer survivor,

    Scott W.

    • Best of luck to you in your recovery. I lost my father to prostate cancer and my brother to lung cancer.

      Thoughts and prayers are you and your recovery.


      Windy City

      • Very much appreciated. I have the right attitude, I have the right plan, and I WILL win.

        I’ve been on this blog for a very long time. I decided to post tonight to let people know where I went and why. This thread seemed like the right one to do that.

        Thanks again for the well wishes.

        Scott W.

        • @q1werty2 Scott,

          Good to hear from you, you’ve been missed! Sounds like you have a great chance of beating this with many years to spare. Heck in a few more years we’ll all be getting cloned!


          Cholly Q

    • You are Brave and hopefully will be in the right wood. God Bless and keep having fun. Lou Lee

    • I love your attitude scott…..that is what it takes to beat the dreaded disease….good to hear from ya again…. God bless… my prayers are with you…until next time…see ya on the trails my friend…

    • Scott, I do hope you find Mr. Fenn’s chest and just wanted to say, I am so glad you had the best Father’s Day ever this year! I think Father’s Day should be the most important Holiday of the year!
      I hope you recover from your cancer and live to be a 100, may God bless you and remember that LOVE never fails, ” NEVER”, Martha

    • Scott W,

      I too am a cancer survivor. I also survived 2 heart attacks (knock wood).

      They used the Cyberknife on my cancer… 5 massive doses in 10 days. So far, so good (knocks wood again).

      I also love the VC. Got to see it before it burned.


      • I so wish I was there before it burned. However, it is still a magnificent site to behold. It has recovered tremendously and the fish have started to return. The elk are out and about as well.

        I am worried what the national parks department will do to it now that it has passed to their hands. Will it remain a relatively unknown treasure with minimal human impact, or be turned into another Yosemite or Yellowstone?

        BTW – thanks to all for the kind words and well-wishes. I’m going to totally beat this crap that dwells inside me. I am not a quitter and I will not lose. period.

        Luckily, I live near one of the best treatment facilities in the world. I have a great team of experts who are doing everything they can to make sure I am around for many years to come. My family has been there every day and it is great to see their faces when I walk out of the treatment room.

        I forgot to mention in my initial post that was supposed to be all about “me me me me” – I was just accepted to the Texas Master Naturalists program. Bad timing, but I will find a way to complete the courses to get my pin. I consider that a great honor.

        Scott W

        • Hello Scott W. Congratulations in your acceptance to Texas Master Naturalist program. Go get that pin that’s waiting for you!

        • So glad to see you here again Scott,

          Congrats on your acceptance to the Texas Master Naturalists program.

          Your such an inspiration with your great attitude.
          Get healed quickly and go get that treasure…….

    • NEVER GIVE UP NEVER SURRENDER ! 10yrs is a lifetime, then you start on the next 10. Never look back, and never ask why me? Treatment is nasty. Best of luck

  86. In addition to Windy City (above), we have a boatload of posters named “Ken”.

    There are no fewer than 4 posters whose screen name is “Ken” and another whose screen name is “ken”. Maybe I’ll try to differentiate myself, by signing Ken (in Texas), or some such.

    I live in west Texas. Enjoy hiking and camping in Big Bend, and wild caving in southeast New Mexico. Been around this blog about a year. The treasure chest gives a good focus for hikers; just wish Forrest had hid the thing further south, would’ve made it easier for us Texas rednecks. I ain’t gonna drive to Montana, Forrest. πŸ™‚

    Major dislikes include those nasty little things called Brussel sprouts (spell checker doesn’t like my spelling of “Brussel”; I don’t care. But I can’t get enough Tex-Mex (yum yum).

    Enjoy reading posters’ comments. Been on one search so far; others planned … though none in Montana.

    Ken (in Texas)

  87. Hello all, I’m likely not the first Mike Jones of whom you have heard. I am a single, mid 40’s searcher living in Turnersville, NJ. Despite my distance and a (former) reluctance to fly a lot, I have flown 9 times to the Rockies searching. I suppose I have a few dozen full day search excursions total. Lots of truly thrilling late nights at the computer, too. Forrest’s Thrill of the Chase is what finally gave me the nudge to see the Rockies for the first time (better than the imagination!) My search area is amazing and I have tons of great memories already. I have posted a couple times to this blog under my poker handle “MickVictory” (yes I’m Irish from my Grandmother Alice O Keefe). Like many of you, I have a great appreciation for all the other treasures while in the magic of nature. I like hiking, biking, kayaking and panning for gold where it’s not likely I will find gold (the east coast).
    I suppose a favorite dislike of mine is when people roll their eyes when I tell them that skating around the kitchen floor with paper towels under your feet often works just as good as a mop!
    While I’m really trying to find the chest, I don’t like the idea of ending the chase…it does so much good and creates so much real magic!
    I am always seriously toying (hmmm?) with the idea of putting something worthy of searching back in the hidey spot. Lots of ideas! Many of you are very cool people so if I find the chest maybe the chase could evolve a bit to continue beyond that day!
    Yes, I know, I’m way ahead of myself!
    Great Luck to all!

  88. My name is Lou Lee Belle, it’s a name a circle of friends gave me over 30 years ago. I live in Whoville, no really central, Idaho. I haved lived all over the west. I have two girls 21 and 22. Am proud of them. I lost a son. I have owned my own business and galleries for 35 years. I am a rock hound. I also prospect. I have been on the chase along time and here on dals. I have been to Wyoming and Montana searching several times. Two years ago, I was a empty nester and searching and I made a decision that would change my life. I have a twin sister who is handicapped. She was not doing well and fading fast, I decided to take her in my home and take care of her 24-7. It has been a big change. But I saved her life. Needless to say. I am not out hunting, but am still looking!. And planning a search on Colorado soon. I love fishing and rocking hunting the most. Things I don’t like………….fake people, trust funders and slackers. Motto: go out and do something useful!

    • I’m
      A rock hound to πŸ™‚ are u on Facebook Lou lee love to see your gallery I love Idaho I got my best old wagon wheels from there πŸ™‚

    • YEA for you. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Again, YEA for you Lou Lee Belle!

      Good luck in your upcoming searches and TRY to STAY SAFE


    • P.S. If you are ever in Pocatello, drop me an email and we can have a cup of something together.


      • I would Love that. Post contact here. I am reluctant to do it myself. Because a strange person here on dals…..I would Love to meet you. I have friend too in that neck of woods.

  89. I was born in West Texas and even though I didn’t grow up there, I still claim it as my home. I really prefer my Spyote49 id. My family always drove through Santa Fe as we went to Chama, Jemez Springs, and places like Pagosa Springs and Wolf Creek Pass in Colorado on our summer vacations. Kids didn’t believe me about how beautiful it was. Echo Canyon was a favorite too.

    • Forgot my likes and dislikes/ Likes: desert and desert brush country, Davis Mountains, far off vistas. Dislikes: Arrogant people who think they know better and some family members who are very self-righteous about everything.

  90. My name is James. Living in SC but was born and raised in Austin Texas and will always be TEXAN. Grew up spending my summers in the “hill country and all the lakes”. There wasn’t much wouldn’t do or anywhere we wouldn’t go or back in the late 60’s – 80’s… when life was simpler and living easier. And, Liver & Onions are the worse.

  91. My name is simple and I live here too. I am cast with a shadow and a lot like you. If the truth be told a clue could blow cold. And the photo of Zoro would point to the oro.

  92. howdy y’all…
    my name is david, but the man in the mirror has another name that appears in my intoduction. My home is Idaho. Caldwell to be exact. Heaven to me is fishing forever. A perfect day is actually catching a fish. Everyone on this blog probably has seen a post or two of mine. Lately treasure hunting has been my obsession. Do you know who i am? i am stuck in montana for the forseeable future, drooling over a solve so deviously blatantly obvious i cannot shake the feeling it must be there somewhere. i dislike judgemental control freaks, naysayers, hypocritical “experts”, and temperatures above 87 degrees f.

    • David, I have only been following the chase on this blog since February and don’t remember seeing any posts from you under the name of David. I do have a solve in MT that has merit and wondered if you might be so bold as to indicate the general area you are searching.

    • David,
      Nice to be stuck in Montana until the undesirable weather comes in a few months.
      I stayed at Cinnamon Lodge for a week near Taylor Fork & was a beautiful place to be.
      You mention “a solve”, is it your solve?
      I searched around Taylor Creek & tributaries.
      Where are you searching?

      • Dear Jake,
        I visited Taylor Fork via goggle. A beautiful area, I also learned that there have been several grizzly attacks in that area. Do you know that during the Lewis and Clark era, 50,000 grizzly bears roam the Rockies so heads up looking for Mr. Fenn’s chest. Grizzly bear’s are highly intelligent and surprisingly fast.
        Jim Bridger has my total respect what a man!
        Jake where are you looking for Mr.fenns chest, if I might boldly ask, forgive my nosey nose, hee, hee.

        • Hi Martha,
          This area has the highest Grizzly concentration in the lower 48.
          There are some very interesting areas, history & features to this special place.
          When me & my brother James went there last month, the moma Griz & her 2 cubs ran from us at very high speed to our relief.
          I did not have time to get a close up but got the distant shot when decided they were far enough away to scope us out as we were doing.

          Taylor Creek is my creek & has a lot to offer in more ways than I can think & will be going back there again. Don’t worry, I’m not one of those paranoid secretive people that won’t even give out the name of the forest or state they’re searching. I am not sure the treasure is there & they don’t either. I love to share where I am going & where I have been.

          Where are you searching Martha?

          • Mr. Jake,
            What an interesting story you just shared with me. I am so glad the grizzly bears were running away from you and James.
            I am educated now concerning the population of grizzly bear’s in that area. I think grizzly bears are beautiful animals, in fact while I was visiting my brother in Alaska we went flying and saw a grizzly with 2 cub’s it was a very amazing site.
            Jake, I’m looking for Mr. Fenn’s chest in Wyoming and Colorado. I thought at one time it was in Montana but changed mind. I have changed my mind so many times, I ‘ve declared myself mentally disturbed! Mr. Fenn, knows all about physiological warfare. Mr.Fenn, is having the Time of his life, and I really admire that about him because he continues to think young. If only my mother had just 10% of his attitude and she’s only six years older than him.
            I don’t know what it is about Wyoming but I feel spiritually lead to that state and Colorado.
            Jake I hope you find the chest and if you do will you please publish the 20,000 word memoir!
            Happy hunting and God bless you always!

          • Jake – Could you PLEASE walk along the creek,…near where the Forest Service Road meets the trail #200,…over across Sandy’s property (staying below the water line on the creek),…and check out my Wisdom-is-in-the-Heart blaze? You said you were going back to Taylor Creek. Can’t you just park on that Forest Service Road and walk from there?

            I just NEED to know! πŸ™‚

          • E*,
            There is only one small space I am willing to hike on Taylor Creek.
            It is near the clearing & cemetery there but I will not stray from the marked trail on private property.
            I respect owners rights & don’t think Forrest would hide the treasure there.
            If you give me Lat & Lon where you would like me to search, I would be happy to do so as long as it is not on PP.
            I will be heading there in Sept & try to hook up with Dal. He said he may pop over there in Sept. Either way, I will be going there alone or with all the people in my head. It’s pretty crowded in there & they have been telling me to get out more often.

          • I saw the grizzly, and that’s as close as I would want to get! I have read some terrifying stories of veteran hunters being attacked by them.

          • Martha,
            When I saw the griz, they were only 100′ away when I noticed mama poke her head out of the tall grass. She immediately started running the other way & her cubs followed. I am still surprised how big they are & how fast they changed direction & run.
            I had little time to get my HD camera out & catch the sprint. Only caught them when they were hundreds of feet away checking us out.
            I hope the next encounter ends this way…..

          • Jake, how long have you been searching for Mr. Fenn’s chest? I posted a response about your earliest comment. It is somewhere on this site. Jake how many times have you been to Montana? Martha

          • Martha,
            Only been searching for a year. 2 trips to Montana & one in Wyoming. I have another trip planned for Sept. Did a a lot of studying for NM & CO, & could not get a comfortable solve in those states.

          • Jake – I posted that Montana stream law link previously,…that creek on Sandy’s property IS “your creek”,…as long as you stay below the water line and don’t leave the stream bed,…which you probably will be able to do in September (= public property):

            You park on the fire road right by Sandy’s property (which IS part of trail #200),…you follow trail #200 South a short ways,…where you encounter the creek,…then you walk along it (below the water line) until you reach the Wisdom-is-in-the-Heart Blaze. It’s PERFECTLY legal. Fly fishermen access creeks and rivers this way all the time.

            If you check out the map I posted with that blaze,…and change it to satellite view with labels,…I think you’ll see what I mean.

            But you’re right,…it’s an unlikely place for ff to hide the bronze chest. Too close to a “human trail”. He hadn’t said that when I chose that spot in April 2013. Nevermind! πŸ™‚

          • E*,
            Lightning creek is not my creek.
            There was another blogger here & commented a while back about how an 80 yr old could not make it up there & I agree.
            Just not doable…….

          • Jake – And just for the record,…when I wrote “your creek” I meant ff’s words in The Poem (not YOUR Taylor Creek),…and that MAY signify that an island in the creek (like a sand bar) would then be “your creek” = public property (per Montana’s Stream laws).

            Just my interpretation for The Poem. πŸ™‚

  93. My name is Eddie. I live in the Austin Texas area, about 40 miles from where Forrest was raised. I am 67 and have been a fly fisherman from the age of six. I still have my first fly rod that my dad gave for my 6th birthday. I have mbeen involved in the search for about four years, and have been to my solve
    area nine times. I retired after selling three retail stores I owned in Austin.
    My first day home I saw Forrest on the Today Show. I ordered the book that day, and have been totally obsessed. I feel pretty sure I’m the one that will find the gold. If not I hope it is you!

  94. My name is Rick and I live in southern Illinois and I wouldn’t recommend it if your a searcher. I hate driving so I try to look for ways to keep my mileage down. That’s not working to well for me though…

  95. Well, I haven’t been posting long as David. I used to go by another name but there were too many negative nellies

  96. My name is Jon from the Show Me State of Missouri. Although I am no Indiana Jones and there seem to be a couple of Jon’s out there, I will use the name Missouri Jon, MJ (Eeee..hee..hee) no that was taken, or MOJO! Ha! I’m a renal patient so I look forward to reading the blogs while I do my treatments. No pity, I am number one on the kidney transplant list and my spirit is as strong as ever! I will have one upt Forrest Fenn as he has “gone alone in there” with one kidney, I will have “gone alone in there” with no kidneys. Ha! This has been a very good puzzle for me and I have enjoyed every minute of it! To all the seekers, good luck!

    To Forrest…I have heard all of the whispers as you have and I have LISTENED as well….

    • Look forward to seeing you on here john Good luck with your treatments happy trails πŸ™‚

    • Yes Best Wishes with your treatment! And welcome. The chase has helped Alot of us here. Looking at maps and reading about geography, really takes your mind off of the pain and suffering of all kinds. I know it has helped Alot of us. I wonder if Forrest ever thought about how much this hunt would help so many. Thanks Forrest!

  97. My name is JohnR, and live in Mass. I am a CAD designer. I like to breathe in a cool breeze and wonder if it was only for me. My favorite dislike is the rain.

  98. Hello All. My name is Melanie. 15 years ago, my husband and I left our DC careers in favor of a change of scenery and a fresh perspective on life. We landed Β½ way up the backside of a mountain just north of SFe in the foothills of Tesuque, NM and have called this aerie home ever since. I love the surrounding trails, 50-mile views and glorious sunsets this perch provides every day. Watching a thunderstorm approach from 30 miles off is a special treat. I also LOVE Chesapeake blue crabs and NewMex food (not together, tho). The drawback to living up a private mountain road is it doesn’t get plowed in the winter….I hate navigating it with more than 12” of snow. I also HATE oysters.

    • When u find the treasure u can get it paved πŸ™‚ in the mean time get pack mules for the winter time πŸ™‚

    • Melanie, I was in the Rio de Medio village yesterday planning to hike the trail to Little Chasm Falls near there. Are you near here? Lots of nice looking places up private mountain roads. I don’t have a mule but Molly tows me uphill sometimes when she’s on a leash. Cynthia

      • Hi Cynthia! After the 1st 2 miles, that’s a very pretty trail up there….12 waterfalls before hooking up with the Winsor. My fav is the Slot Chute.

        Yes, I’m up near En Medio but before Pacheco Canyon in Hippie Hollow (alas, not in one of those “nice” houses ‘-) Next time you’re in the ‘hood, please let me know. I’m pretty intimate with the trails around here. A beer at the Market is on me.

    • virginia – And you like arrowheads, right?:

      “i got three arrowheads,i wish I knew about.”

      That’s from ff’s blog. Didn’t you mention that you found some on the creek in your backyard?

      • Dear E,my brother in Florida collects arrowheads.he can find them so easy because he knows what to look for.the only one i have is the one mr. Forrest gave me.yes,i loved my brothers arrowheads and parts of gray pottery shards.makes me think of the people back then.and mr.forrest really made me get fasinated with all that stuff.i don’t have a creek in my backyard. I live in a subdivision. Where you can see what your neighbor is doing. A small yard.wish i did live in the country and smell the good air and see nature at its finest. I was born and raised in Florida. Good luck to you in your search.

        • virginia – Weren’t you posting at ff’s about looking for arrowheads on a creek in Colorado???

          • virginia – You posted this at ff’s,…and I gave you some suggestions from the research I did in your area, right?:

            “I want to go arrowhead hunting,but don’t know where to go here in the metro area of Denver,”

  99. My name is Kay. The Golden Retrievers include me & anyone I can drag with me into the mountains. This includes: my friend who introduced me to this treasure hunt; and my dear, understanding husband (we’ve been married 26 years). And my step-sister & her sweetheart, my brother, my nephews, my daughter & her sweetheart. I live just West of Denver. I like reading & horseback riding. I don’t like mean people.

    • I love the name of your search group, very clever. Best of luck, hope your path leads to the end of f’s rainbow . . . just after I have been there and made my own golden retrieval, of course.

  100. “I like to walk up the side of a hill and look back down.”

    I’m super sad I’m the only person commenting that the Hill family is the former owner of Seven Falls. But that’s just me, forever outside the box.

  101. My name is jdiggins and I live in the Mendocino National Forest because it’s the best place in the world in which to do that. I like to be alone. My favorite dislike is being alone.

  102. Attempt #3:

    My name is perhaps Desertphile: one who loves the desert. I am the person who will find Forrest Fenn’s fabulous treasure, so you all can just give up now.

    Some people believe that I live and work on a cattle ranch in an isolated, remote, and beautiful canyon tucked deep inside the mysterious and rugged canyon lands and mesas of Northern New Mexico; at times I suspect they are correct. I do not kill people for a living, so please stop sending to me names and faded photographs of “potential business partners you should very briefly meet some night because they deserve it” and large sums of money, because I don’t do that kind of work any more and besides I don’t need the money.

    My favorite things are chili rellenos (red sauce); horses; women who sing; women who do not sing; women who try to sing but cannot; song birds; Edward Abbey; Henry David Thoreau; books; writing; rain hammering a tin roof; sleeping at 11,000+ feet elevation under a tarp; singing Disney movie songs (“Let it go!”); opiates and oipoids with my morning coffee; my hat.

    My pet peeves: poor grammar; people who correct other people’s poor grammar; the military industrialized society; cities; towns; human-caused climate change; a woman named Kathryn; automobiles; 99.99% of human laws.

    At present I am writing a western novel called TEN HORSES FOR SNOW HARE, even though westerns represent about 1.9% of the market. I have written a book called DESERTPHILE that should have been released already, but there have been delays not in my control, dang them.

    • Desert, You are truly a connoisseur of the finer things life has to offer. And it is very apparent that your lavish lifestyle has not gone to yore head!!

      Happy Trails, compadre.

  103. My name is really not joad505, but we will go with this. I no longer wish to lurk in the shadows. Searcher for 2 plus years with BOTG. I once offered Dal to partner on a solve, he refused, he truly wants to solve this himself (gotta respect that), I work criminal investigations in (Shark bite capital/Hi Mindy!). I respect All of the “seasoned” vets on the blog,,,I do not like tamales dry or wet, but a nice Dos Equis XX with lime, my friend let’s talk…. Those on a parallel solve as mine…Mindy…Amy and Inthechase,,,sorry JD…

    • Glad to not be on the list of parallel solves. I might have had to move up my next search date/. Just kidding. Good
      luck in your search and please TRY to STAY SAFE


  104. Hello . . . my name is Andrew. I live in Northern California. I “lurked”
    for about 9 or 10 months before my first post earlier in this month.

    It’s been interesting and a pleasure being “introduced” to so many
    great folks on Dal’s forum (and occasionally, other forums about
    the search for the Fenn treasure). Reading about the lives (health
    issues, etc.) of others has brought me some much-appreciated

    I like being creative (inventing, writing — screenplays/short stories/
    songs –), telling jokes, and quite often thinking out-of-the-box.
    Sometimes I think so far out-of-the-box, it surprises me . . . and I
    don’t think I’m very easily surprised.

    My preferred solve has been evolving for a long time. Forrest’s
    posting at the top of this section lends even MORE support for my
    solve. I plan to make my next search trip this month (August), and
    will be moving with the confidence that Forrest has mentioned.

    I don’t have many major dislikes, and won’t bore you with any of
    them now. One favorite minor one, however, is cold french fries.
    That’s why I always eat my fries before I eat the hamburger.

  105. Im jmbguidry from the cheese head state. Correction – I live here. Born in Illinois, lived in Montana, Utah, New Zealand and Colorado. Dislike being stuck anywhere for too long. How long is too long – depends.

  106. My name is Chuck and I live in Arizona. I have been on the chase for over 3 years with 20 Trips to a single area. I really dont write on the blogs because I am more of a doer and not much of a talker. Since I think Forrest throws out hints in scrapbooks and in replies to questions , I like trying to figure out what those hints are. My favorite dislikes are medical problems.

  107. I’m Dana from Colorado Springs. Been reading lots of the blogs and about half way through the book.

    Hope to be getting out pretty soon to do some searching!

  108. Hi. I am not my husband.
    His name is Bill.
    He lives with me.
    HE likes when I lose signal.
    His favorite dislike is missing that left in Salt Lake.

  109. I am Connie Clouds, and I like to circle above the mountain tops where all my solves have been located (except for 2 at the beginning). My greatest dislike is sleeping in the cold. I’m really a counselor in Humble, TX and met Forrest accidentally in Oklahoma in 2013.

        • No, not yet Connie, in September. I will call you when we get back and we can meet up and discuss and of course I will write it up for Dal for everyone else. I loved it OK story, it was awesome! Thanks for sharing it!

    • Connie, I would Love to hear about you running into Forrest!. In OK!. Please share!. This is the best and most interesting thing on this blog. And it’s being over looked! But not by me.

  110. Thanks, Lou Lee Belle for asking. How I first met Forrest Fenn: my mother is 88 years old and decided to take up oil painting. She began classes at the Mohawk Lodge in Clinton Oklahoma. My whole family got together on April 25th 2013. Mom said we should all go look at the owners collection of art and artifacts at the Mohawk Lodge. 17 of us got into a 12 seat van to go see this collection. When we got there the door was locked but a sign said ” if locked, come around to the back”. The rest of my family went left and I went around to the right, almost bumping into a white-headed gentleman whom I now know was Forrest Fenn. He said “how did you find me?” I said ” I followed the sign on the door” he tilted his head at me and looked funny, then I tilted my head and looked funny. Then he asked “you weren’t looking for me?” And I answered “I thought I was” and we tilted our heads and looked at each other funny again. I introduced myself as my mother’s daughter who was coming to look at the artifacts and art in Mohawk Lodge. Forrest introduced himself as the person who had just been on The Today Show telling about his hidden treasure and thought that I was looking for him. We went inside and I met the owner of Mohawk Lodge, a very fascinating woman who had an incredible collection. She told us not to touch anything! Forrest laughed and told us if we were at his collection we could touch everything. He told us about Peggy his wife, and that he often came to Indian gatherings and sold bundles of blessing grass. He told me one of his favorite sayings and gave me a piece of blessing grass. He encouraged me to buy his book and go hunt for the treasure, but when I asked what the clues were and he told me that it was in the Rocky Mountains; I laughed and said a lottery ticket would give me better chances. It was months later when I looked up the poem on the internet, and then I bought the book, and then I traveled to New Mexico, enchanted by its beauty, and became obsessed with solving the clues and the thrill of the chase. I’ve been back about 4 times.

  111. Hi all πŸ™‚ My name is Cindy. I live just south of San Antonio and have been searching in whitecro’s spot for over three years.

    I love my family and friends, am fond of all creatures great and small and have a healthy respect for nature.

    Because I like to take time to smell the roses, I am often found bringing up the rear or at the end of a line which I don’t mind because there are usually interesting folks to talk to and things to watch.

    Some of my many interests include traveling and sightseeing, fishing, swimming, cooking, reading, ranching and working with animals. I dislike finding hair in my food and food in my hair.

    • Wow CindyM! I don’t even remember meeting you. How is it that you believe you are searching in the same spot as me?

      • Likely I’m not in your spot whitecro, maybe you’re in mine. Only kidding πŸ™‚

        Your story just stood out to me and was one of the last I read before I wrote my own. And I love Arizona, esp the Marble Canyon area near the Navajo Bridges.

  112. My name if Patrick Miley. I am from Port Orange, Florida (just south of Daytona Beach). I work as an executive for a non-profit behavioral health organization covering four counties in Florida. I love to fish and be outdoors, especially with my Dad. My dislikes are pickles.

      • Hey DG! This guy lives pretty much on my neighborhood! I don’t like pickles, either. Maybe it’s a FL thing, like grits! πŸ™‚

    • Whoa, Patrick…I live very close to the Pioneer Trail dividing line between Port Orange and New Smyrna Beach! Nice to have a local searcher around!

      • We’ve been in NM for 11 days now, my Dad and I, on our first hunt. Great place! Spent so much time hunting, we didn’t get to go fishing or other fun things. Next time! Leaving NM today, unfortunately. No gold in these hands! Maybe next year! Had a great memorable father/son trip though! Good luck with your search!

        • Thats what it all about patrick…. you found some treasures (memories)…be careful driving home… until next time..see ya

  113. You can call me Flutterby because I love butterflies and enjoy Forest Fenn’s observation that they are a flutterby. I live near Yosemite and love it as much as Forest Fenn loves Yellowstone. I love hiking and kayaking with my family. When I have time to myself, I grab my kayak and go in search of eagles and osprey to photograph.. iI’m lucky enough to have an eagle’s nest with eaglets on our property and I love to photograph them. I don’t like running out of daylight before I’ve had enough photography time.

    • Flutterby- now that’s what I call taking the chest and going in peace!
      love it!

    • How WONDERFUL Flutterby. We all have these treasures – some closer than others – Please enjoy their beauty for us, who are not so lucky – JDA

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