Linda writes to the press…

This afternoon Forrest was contacted by Mikayla Ortega, a reporter from KOB, the ABC TV affiliate in Albuquerque. This is what her email said:


We have received this from Bilyeau’s ex-wife. Do you have a response to this?

I do not think that a treasure chest exists. Fenn was in contact with me during the month of January and shortly into February. It was at this time that he began to twist my emails into making it all about him and I cut off communication. The last time I had communication from him was when I was in NM in April and didn’t meet with him. He emailed me and asked me, why I didn’t contact him. I told him it was because when I asked you to please tell the police where the treasure might be so we could find Randy, you said, I can’t because if I tell you I will have to kill you. (Haha. Funny.) I believe Randy’s mind was manipulated to believe the treasure was where it was because there is no way he would have searched where he did if he was of sound mind. The clues that Fenn reveals come along with twists and turns that play with ones mind. I would suggest they use their best judgement and take along an abundance of common sense. Never hunt alone. Randy was a caring a person who loved his family and friends very much. I’ve heard many times that Randy died doing what he loved to do. That is false. What he loved to do was spend time with his family and friends, that was what he loved to do. Searching for a treasure chest was a hobby. Randy was seeking employment at the time of his disappearance.


This was Forrest’s reply.

The story is true and the treasure is real. It is regrettable that Randy Bilyeu was searching alone in the river west of Santa Fe in the cold of January when ice was on the water and night temperatures were well below freezing. I was 80 years old when I hid the treasure and since that time about 65,000 people, many of them children, have enjoyed wonderful experiences searching for the treasure in the Rocky Mountains north of Santa Fe where I said it was hidden. It is tragic that Randy was lost and my prayers and condolences go out to his family and friends.



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  1. I do not understand how on earth this woman can interpret Forrest’s concern and willingness to donate resources to help in the search for Randy as making it “all about him”.

    It is my understanding that she made a similar statement about the organizers of the community search groups.

    What does she stand to gain from making accusations like this?

    When Randy and I briefly spoke we never touched on his divorce from Linda but I must say, he seemed like a much more rational, understanding and benevolent person than Linda appears to be after making statements like this.

    • Alas, Dal, I don’t get it either. Around 20 people dropped everything they were doing, rushed to the area, and searched (often at great expense to themselves, such as the two people from Texas, and Forrest). They did it for Randy and his family. It was not “about Forrest.” Sheeeish.

    • There really can not be any response. A part of me understands the hurt that she must be feeling, and also feels that she did not understand the enjoyment that Randy derived from searching for the treasure. The anger and grief she feels only has one target at the moment and that is Mr. Fenn. She can not direct it at Randy because he is gone, and because of her lack of understanding about why Randy was searching only compounds the problem.

      I have to respect the restraint in Mr. Fenn’s response and hope that the Chase that we are all enjoying does not become a significant legal liability for Mr. Fenn because Randy chose to search alone.

    • Sorry randys gone,but i think she wants tells the truth. He would not steer someone to their death.thats why,if you cannot figure out the poem 100 percent . don’t go to dangerous places he plainly said its no place dangerous. But must be careful in mountains, in fact be careful wherever you go,even if its to the beach,etc.

    • I’m not saying I agree with her response, but I DO understand and I’m guessing f does too. When I lost my brother, I sought someone to blame…alas there was no one. Linda is gong thru the same thing I suspect. They may have been divorced but he was still the father of her kids. Grief has a formula, and she’s living it. This post may/will probably get moderated but oh well. When Fenn got the call that his brother was dead, I’m sure he went thru the same stages. If you haven’t been there…don’t judge.

      • Pl289, I don’t think there is judging going on, but some things are odd about what she said. I, for one, have been though losing a brother, sister and a father. My brother died while riding his motorcycle home after leaving a bar. Did I blame the bar keep? No. My brother had done it a thousand times. I was terribly upset, but that is life. Much peace to all.

  2. The loss of Randy is terrible, my condolences go out to his family….but the decisions we make are ours and no body else’s. Make good choices my friends, go prepared for the worse, hike with a friend, turn on location on smart phones, take GPS etc….. use common sense… and be safe so you can search again….. see ya my friends


  3. Looks like something we’ve seen and discussed before. 🙁
    Unfortunately” Randy “not Forrest made a big mistake and it cost him his life. My condolence,s to the family. Rest in peace, Randy.

  4. How dare she say those lies! The treasure is real and we all know it’s in Wyoming not New Mexico. Forrest has done nothing, but help us all on this hunt and has said repeatedly to not search in winter. Reporters need to stick to their job of reporting FACTS, not opinions!

    • “…reporting FACTS, not opinions!”

      Like the fact “we all know it’s [FF’s treasure] in Wyoming not New Mexico.?”

      Is there some new development I missed?

      • No, Picassobull, there is no new development you missed. I am not a reporter and that is not a fact, just my opinion. Very sorry to confuse you.

  5. He said it best himself…
    “Happy hunting everybody and I really hope that someone soon finds Forrest’s chest of Gold… but everyone knows that the real treasure is the journey of life itself and enjoying nature.”

    • What a treasure you and your family are. To never give up hope, to keep searching in spite of the odds. And yet, in your grief, just a day after this sad news, you understand and accept what drove him. I believe your father is looking down on you, so proud. I think Leo is wagging his tail.

    • Thank you Carissa for coming on the Blog and letting us know what you, Randy’s daughter, think about this tragedy.

      My heart goes out to you. We all wish you the very best.

      May your heart find the peace and happiness that we all feel your Dad has found.

      Godspeed, and STAY SAFE

    • Carissa, my deepest condolences to you and your family. This community cares about the pain you and your family are going through and send thoughts of peace and comfort.

  6. Forrest’s response is perfect, beautiful. This woman is hurting. Hurt people hurt people. Nothing will bring her husband back and it is horrible to think that he was actually doing something he loved when he died, even though it may have been an act of desperation, against all the guidelines Forrest has put forth. Condolences, dear Linda, but no need to hurt others in your pain.

  7. What an emotionally charged situation. My heart goes out to all during times like this. I hope healing begins for Randy’s family and all involved.

    As for Forrest, my impression is that he is a man of honor that is true to his word. What we each take from his words – well, that is up to each of us and not Forrest. Randy made his own decisions, as we all do everyday. Tragic that Randy’s decisions had the outcome they did, but certainly no fault of Forrest’s.

    Grief has no logic. I think. My wish is understanding and eventual healing for all. Thanks Dal and Forrest and Goofy and all.

  8. Once I find the TC, one way or another I’m going to make sure the world knows that the treasure existed, and what an awesome man “Forrest Fenn” is. Seriously I’m sure whom ever finds it will want to do the same (make it public) but be very careful, I’m afraid undeserving people will be looking to get a piece of that treasure. And I’m not just thinking Linda, they will come out of the woodwork.
    God Bless and Be Safe

  9. Er, yeah. Getting irate at Forrest Fenn for him not stating where the treasure is… well, that’s just asinine. Randy was looking in an area where FORREST SAID THE TREASURE ISN’T LOCATED.

    Randy was well prepared for the conditions he thought he would experience; he was vastly under-prepared for the conditions he met. There is a reason why Rio Grande is called Rio Bravo del Norte: it is hostile to most life forms and that includes unprepared humans. One does not float down the great river, in a Northern New Mexico river gorge, in winter on a swimming pool toy and expect to remain healthy and hardy. Many thousands of people who live in the region would have told Randy to not make the attempt, if only he had asked them.

    I have 18 years of desert survival skills; I have 14 additional years of experience living and working in the remotest of New Mexico’s isolated wilderness; I have traveled on foot the canyons, mesas, river gorges, and desolate places in the great New Mexico Canyon Lands—- and when I contemplate what Randy attempted, I blanch with anxiety and dread at the thought of me being required to do what he did. I would only float through the Rio Grande Gorge in the dead of winter if someone’s life depending on my doing so, or it someone held a pistol to my head.

    One does not wade across Rio Grande in hip boots or waders; one does not wade across Rio Grande in winter, regardless of what one is wearing; one does not enter the wilderness alone in winter; one does not float down Rio Grande in a pool toy, ever.

    The treasure did not kill Randy; the incorrect assumptions Randy made did.

    • If only there was a way to educate “searchers” about the dangers of the wilderness and the extreme need to be properly prepared (10 essentials) before venturing out….

      • Mountainman, it is called ‘don’t lure people with fame and fortune in such a way that they do stupid things to get to be the one and only to have it all’. People who adventure in secret do so because they want it all for themselves – just plain greed. They lure themselves with false hopes, misinterpreted communication, and delusional superiority. The motivation toward any or all of the seven deadly sins makes common sense and critical thinking non-existent. Honesty and openness with family, friends, and forest ranger stations is the way to be safe and get educated. It really is a personal choice on how to approach anything in life including an adventure and a puzzle. I believe we are all responsible to check in with our morals first. From there, we can conduct ourselves out in the open with honesty and receive safety. Patience is the most important element – why rush into the rapids in the middle of winter? regardless if it is north of Santa Fe or not. It was done in the ‘dark’. Condolences yes and lesson learned hopeful. I gave my entire solve and rights to any bronze box to the property owners where my solve ended November 2015. It is the honest and right thing to do. This week the owners get the updated solve. I am confident in my work and am finished this week. I have a compelling solve and proved a negative communication by proving a positive that contradicts the negative. I believe I would not have my solve if I had not shared so much with stakeholders of search areas and jurisdictions. If one is capable of ‘understanding’ a chase, then, one is capable of checking in with morals. IMO How many are willing to surrender/give up rights to the bronze box before seeing it or retrieving it? IMO that is the number who will solve the poem. IMO

  10. I have to feel for Linda, and take into consideration what she has been going through for so long, and now the “blunt of it all hitting her at once”. I feel her pain, but will never know it. Lashing out at Mr. Fenn is not the answer. He responded respectfully and as any good person would. We can’t go back and change the past, we can only hope everyone is safe in the future. He (f) has always said “don’t go where a 79 or 80 year old man couldn’t go”. He did hide a treasure chest, and let me leave you with this… This is his legacy, would he set himself up to be the “Biggest Liar” in history? Let that sink in a bit, but I do hope that her ill feelings subside over given time. Thank You for taking the time to read my thoughts. Kenny

  11. Forrest told us all to wait till spring. He told us to be safe. If I die looking for the treasure due to any number of things. I could not blame Forrest. I feel so bad for Randy too. What a sad loss. For sure. Everyone be safe. I just want to let Forrest know, he and the chase has helped me through some difficult times. Its been a saving grace, and I have learned Alot. Love, Lou Lee

  12. In contrast to others, it is unfortunate that one has lost their life…however, losing it while doing something he loved is a gift. I wish the family and ex-wife solace.

  13. It is very sad that Linda is so bitter. I hope that the passage of time will bring her to a better place. I commend Mr. Fenn for his brief, but appropriate response.

    Godspeed to all,

    Windy City

  14. Hello Dal. Thank you for the posts from both Linda and Mr. Fenn. Unbelievable. I remember her posts on your blog, as well as, her own words on her blog. Shameful accusations then, as they are now.

    Randy chose to enter the chase of his own free will. He made the decisions that he did of his own free will. He loved his family, friends, and Leo. His “hobby” also made him happy. We’ve seen this with his own photos he took.

    Let the responsibility lie where it belongs and not upon Mr. Fenn’s shoulders.

    May Randy’s family and friends find comfort. Rest in peace, Randy.

  15. Sad loss. I remember reading this blog when he went missing and remembering Forrest just said wait until spring.

    Not sure what would possess a man, who from all accounts had a healthy mind, to try things completely against all common sense.

    Just remember people, be careful out there. Many parts of the Rocky Mountains are unforgiving, and no amount of money is worth risking your life. (Which you shouldn’t have to since the treasure isnt in a dangerous place.)

    It isn’t in a dangerous place, but a place that looks dangerous that you will need courage to explore. Remember that.

  16. “He [Forrest] emailed me [Linda] and asked me, why I didn’t contact him. I told him it was because when I asked you to please tell the police where the treasure might be so we could find Randy.”

    Clearly locating Randy was a priority … second only to other … priorities.

    That said, I think I was born 49 years too late (1979). Back when the world wasn’t padded and signage wasn’t required to warn of the obvious.

    Try as I might, episodes like this make it difficult to keep my cynicism at bay.

    • @FscottF: “Clearly locating Randy was a priority … second only to other … priorities. ”

      She assumed that Randy had located the treasure, or was very close to it: a very odd assumption, given the facts.

      @FscottF: “Back when the world wasn’t padded and signage wasn’t required to warn of the obvious.”

      Unfortunately it is not obvious to many people when they place themselves in danger. Look at all of the people who fall off cliffs every year while “taking ‘selfies.'” Argh.

      • Agreed and agreed, I was being overly harsh.

        However, regardless of awareness to the hazards, I believe the problem is that desperation can override logic.

        Searchers need to be honest with themselves and on guard against the mental dangers of the chase as they can have serious, physical repercussions.

        Just look at the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Distracted and obsessed players have gone through glass doors, crashed their vehicles, walked in to walls, fallen off cliffs, and in Bosnia have even wandered into posted mine fields. All this while hunting virtual characters in “augmented reality” on their smart phones.

  17. Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the work that Dal, Goofy, Jenny, others and especially Forrest have done for us. This thing is special, the likes of it may never again be repeated in our lifetimes, and their efforts have allowed us to be a part of it. But no good deed goes unpunished. Thank goodness they all have thick skin.

  18. Linda’s statement says so much.

    If we look at the facts, poor weather conditions, poor equipment, his dog not wearing a life jacket, poor communication, no disaster recovery plan and the amount of time he spent on his past time. So many people spent time and money looking for Randy. At this time, all we can hope for is that she lets everyone heal.

    I’m out searching this week in New Mexico and I believe the treasure is real! I believe that Mr. Fenn has helped so many people connect with life through sharing experiences and learning about the Santa Fe Trail, Native Americans, old west, poetry, art and creating a community. For this, I am thankful and share my search experiences with family and friends. My husband is with me searching and I’ve been sharing my knowledge with him about NM and he’s been having a great time.

    Linda, I’m sorry for your loss and hope with time your family heals.

  19. There are stages of grief that we as humans go through when we lose someone who is important in our lives. Hurt, blame, and anger are all part of those stages. Please remember that Linda has lost someone that is important to her and she doesn’t need more hurt or anger from us. Because this is a public blog, she will be able to read everyone’s comments. Please chose to be kind. Linda, I am very sorry for your loss.

    • I see your point. I’m trying to move on and enjoy my time with my family in New Mexico this week. Driving along the Rio Grande and seeing the water was difficult for me. I spent so much time looking for Randy and away from spending time with my family. I can only imagine what they might feel. Seeing this type of statement took me back a few months. That is why I am askng that these statements stop. So we can have peace and we can heal. I look to this blog for enjoyment and community. I was getting ready to talk happily about my recent discoveries and share them.

  20. So many true comments here!! ARCA ON nailed it with his, from my past experience on a similar hunt its ironic how Gold Fever rears its ugly head and some how theres a sense of entitlement to certain hunters that came up empty! Having said that my condolences go out too all that are mourning Randy. Take your time out there and be safe, remember no one gets old by accident !!!

  21. I have no doubt that Linda truly cared for Randy’s wellbeing, and that she is experiencing profound pain at this moment. However, caring for a person is not the same as understanding a person.

    I do not know Linda, nor did I know Randy, but it is hard to trust the ex-spouse’s interpretation of the thoughts, feelings, intentions, or motivations of their ex-spouse.

    All I know is that Randy took considerable risk (naïve though it might have been), in pursuit of something he deemed worth the risk. Whether he was chasing thrill or treasure, or both, I do not know. Does it matter?

  22. The situation is very sad. I’m sorry for those who loved Randy and will miss him. For everyone else, please remember that this is a sad time for Linda and others. Keep your comments respectful.

    To Forrest, you were amazing in your efforts to help find Randy. Thank you.

  23. How many times through the years did Forrest say “the chest is not in a dangerous place”? How many times?

    Deflection of responsibility.

    Her memo tells me more about her than it does about either Randy or Forrest Fenn.

    Ken (in Texas)

  24. Carissa – sorry to here about Randy, if that had been my dad I’d be devastated too. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense and I’m sure Forrest feels the same way. My heart goes out to you!

  25. What a sad, sad time for all…Linda, Carissa (his daughter), Randy’s friends, fellow searchers and Forrest and Peggy. Each of us wish that the outcome had been different than reality. All that each of us can do is grieve in our own private way. It is so easy to point the finger of blame, but please remember that when you do – three fingers are pointing back at yourself.

    May peace and comfort enter the hearts of ALL who now grieve.

  26. I’ve kept my mouth shut during this ordeal, but I can’t bite my tongue anymore…
    People always want to put blame on anything, other than assigning blame to the actual cause.
    Ex-wife’s comment; “I believe Randy’s mind was manipulated to believe the treasure was where it was because there is no way he would have searched where he did if he was of sound mind.”
    “manipulate” another thoughts of ‘interpretation’??

    ” there is no way he would have searched where he did if he was of sound mind.”
    Yep, lets just forget that stupid is as stupid does, and try and blame some kinda of mind control. This is no longer grief stricken anything… It’s ludicrous.

    • Thank you Seeker for finally saying that. My thoughts exactly. It kind of seems like she’s the one trying to manipulate some minds with a statement like that. If she thought his mind was being manipulated why didn’t she get him some help when he could have used it. Makes no sense trying to hash out what could have happened. It happened. Best to be thankful for the days he was with us. With all due respect to Randy and his loved ones.

    • This has been said before. But maybe Randy moved all the way out to Colorado after his divorce for good reason! IMO.

      • Lou Lee, exactly! They divorced for a reason. Then, treasure was in his future, or so she thought. Her remarks on FB made me unfriend her early in the search for Randy.
        Her anger started right after he disappeared. Did she think he found it and split? Idk, but I know he wouldn’t leave Leo. She wanted confirmation where the treasure was, F said he was west and not in the area. But she wouldn’t listen. I don’t know if her grief has manipulated her mind or if she is naturally like that. Randy was so down to earth and apparently a very caring person, and my heart just cries for his kids. I’m glad he is found and closure is possible.
        As far as F…Sir, you did NOTHING to cause Randy’s demise. Don’t let his death be useless, let everyone follow his zeal for life, belief that dreams CAN come true and believe in Indulgence.
        I see Randy as a guardian angel, floating over Indulgence, waiting for one of us to open its lid. RIP Randy!

        • I really feel bad for Randy and his little dog. Its just heartbreaking. Never go alone. I am sure he was a wonderful person. I do wonder. What happened!

  27. First I send my condolences to Randy’s family. Second, Forrest needs to here Linda say what ever it is that she has to say. She needs to do this, to help her understand why Randy? This was Randy’s choice of direction, Just as we all make our own choices. I am sad for Linda and the kids but this has absolutely nothing to do with Forrest. Forrest I feel that your response was right on and I still fully respect you for who you are……
    God Bless

  28. RIP Randy, Love and Condolences to his family and friends.
    I hope they can find peace and comfort knowing that Randy is with the greatest treasure of all, in the kingdom of Heaven.
    We willing participants of this great chase have lost one of our brothers in the search family.
    No matter what is said,people will not understand unless they have some Maverick in them.
    Love and Godspeed to all for peace and healing.

  29. There is a reason this woman was the ex-wife, maybe she didn’t know Randy as well as she thinks. It’s sad that this happened at all but at least Randy went out on his terms doing what he loved to do. Prayers go out to his kids.

  30. Randy may have speculated that the chest was at the bottom of the falls trail, near the lower falls. The area was washed out and is not accessible any more, except from the river. Foot prints from a man and dog were reported to have been found there by rangers searching for Randy.
    It’s a pity that he chose to go to extremes to go there, especially in winter. A month earlier he had driven way out to the Caja del Rio at Montoso across the river from Frijoles canyon. He drove out there alone. Searchers that went to that area in their four wheel drive trucks can know what a dangerous road that is.
    In the end Randy made choices that repeatedly put himself in danger. One too many. So my condolences go to his loved ones

  31. Cigarettes can cause cancer but for “smokers” the gane outweighs the risk.From a RISK point of view this treasure chase has a pretty good danger to thrill ratio. Imo. Remember f was a Xmilitary pilot so this whole thing may not be suited for mentally challenged or unsupervised kids. Sorry; but Randy’s publicity may bring more people onto the train tracks!

  32. I have email contact with several people from this blog who are in the same situation as Randy was. We are divorced, out of work dads who want to give their families more! For safety, I take someone with me and i try to encourage people around me to come along for the journey. Some have taken to and some have not. MY EX WIFE…definitely has not taken to it and thinks i need to be committed because she sees the joy i get from it and assumes this is all i do. So I choose not to discuss it with her. I’m able to search because I have friends who work for the airlines and I fly on a discounted pass. Just returned from a failed search but i know I am in the right area…saw footprints of some other people so they are hot on the trail also…RANDY WAS IN THE WRONG AREA.. I know Forrest can’t say that and I believe the treasure is out there. The reason for Mr. Fenn doing this all makes sense in the end!

    However even in the failed attempt, i got such a rush when i thought i was close it felt good. Ten times better than a Pokemon adventure. Twenty times better than a good day during my marriage. It is a hobby I choose with good reasons and the what if’s justify that. The blog is a great daily release and the people are cool to listen to. I’m grateful to have this while going through other tribulations in my life.

    If i have learned one thing is you have to be careful how and who you share this hobby with…young nieces and nephews great…girlfriends and ex-wives, not so much because that feeling we get from this could be what was lacking in that relationship and could create prolonged issues. They see it as a waste of time! Seekers keep seeking and as JD would “stay safe” and as I would say “take it in balance on how you approach this, who you share it with, and continue to do the every day activities of necessities and feed your spirit with other good things!”

    Good luck,

    Missouri Jon

    • Sounds to me that you have your head on straight. Sorry that life is presenting you with a few challenges – but this too shall pass.

      Good luck in your searches and TRY to STAY SAFE


  33. It is ill-advised to write a dishonest poison pen letter to the press.. about a well-respected person who is a much better writer..

  34. I want to say some things….but I lack Forrest’s temperament, so I’ll just remain silent.

  35. Grieving is an individual journey and passage; it need not become an unhealthy experience. Wouldn’t that make it last longer ?

  36. My family and I wish to convey Prayers and Condolences to all effected by this loss.
    May God be with you as journey forward without Randy’s physical presences, but rest assured he is experiencing rewards far above our comprehension.

  37. Very well said Forrest. I was not involved in any of this, but I was following this blog when he disappeared. So sorry for everyone’s hurt and pain. Randy is at peace now. Time heals all wounds and love is always the answer, not blame or hate, but it is understandable how Linda is feeling. I hope someday she sees the light.

  38. Forrest’s response was appropriate and, I believe, heartfelt. It is sad that Randy died. Please be careful out there.

  39. When tragedy happens in a family the first thing people do is blame someone or find someone to pick on to make there selves feel better. I’m sure in time her thinking will change . I find this to be the case in my family atleast 🙂

      • Dal,

        With the way divorce court is these days, judges may exercise ‘discretion’ and leave many financial obligations open for an indeterminate amount of time.

        ~Wisconsin Mike

      • I would say none. Unless he included her in his will or he got a divorce in a state with alimony. But most of the time that ends when the spouse gets remarried, which she is.

        I was willing to cut her some slack in the beginning. But from what I’ve heard from some of the searchers she is not a nice person. She’s starting to sound like a drama queen that wants it to be all about her.

        In the first newspaper article about Randy when he went missing she is quoted as saying Randy is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. I thought at the time that’s kind of cold even for an ex-wife to say about her missing ex-husband. Now she is telling everyone that Randy wouldn’t have been there unless he had a good solution.

        I’m still willing to cut her some slack if she wants to apologize but right now she’s looking like a narcissistic drama queen looking for a pay off.

      • I wonder what she is up to as well Dal. Sure seems fishy for her to be saying what she is. I also agree with Goofy’s comment; it does seem like she is looking for a payoff. Why would she need to know if the chest is a concrete fact? What difference would that make even if it wasn’t a concrete fact. It’s a pointless statement anyways since we have seen pictures of it and if you have been around Forrest for a while, you would know he wouldn’t be the kind of fella to tell you a lie like that. He honestly wants the best for people and wanted everyone to have fun and be with family and nature and to enjoy some of what he enjoyed in his lifetime.

        • Carolyn\Dal and others,

          Meaning no disrespect during this time of greiving, and as I have stated before on this blog site – I am not a lawyer in any way, shape or fashion; I can see how a person might want to sue someone for “damages,” if in fact, something could be proved to exist – and in this case, Indulgence. My advice to any who might walk out of the wood with Indulgence, is to keep that fact mum until you have all your ducks in a row, as they say. I suspect many folks will want to sue the finder in as many ways as they can think of, to get in on the action.

          Good luck to all and be careful out there,

      • If he didn’t find it , how could she think she has claim to anything, and proof from FF that its real??? Real piece of work. (tried to keep this one less aggressive, test to see if I get deleted again)

    • @dal, “I wonder what would constitute ‘concrete evidence that the treasure is real’ in Linda’a mind?”

      Nothing, I suspect. Consider what FOX “News” reported her as saying: “I think that Fenn should man up and provide some concrete evidence that the chest is real.” People who say such things should be ignored.

      • Hello Desertphile. If the news article is correct in reporting what Linda said, the concrete evidence would be that she wants to see the treasure chest in person. She feels the treasure chest isn’t real and word of mouth from Mr. Fenn to prove otherwise isn’t good enough for her. This is an opinion, offered as a thought.

        • @pdenver: “If the news article is correct in reporting what Linda said, the concrete evidence would be that she wants to see the treasure chest in person”

          Of course she does not deserve that consideration; no one does. We can have high confidence that the treasure chest did at one time exist (I know two people who held it before Forrest said he hid it). We cannot have high confidence it is actually out there— but the hunt is worth taking the risk that it doesn’t exist. If someone believes she or he needs a treasure chest to be happy, then I suspect they would still not be happy if they had the treasure.

          • Hello Desertphile. I totally agree with you. I believe in Mr. Fenn when he says it’s out there. I believe everyone has their reasons for the search. I would hope everyone is enjoying the adventure and beauty while doing so.

    • This article mentioned that Randy has two daughters. I only knew about Carissa. Can anyone tell me the name of the second daughter?


    • “I wonder what would constitute “concrete evidence that the treasure is real” in Linda’a mind?”
      Good question, but don’t expect a good answer. I have my opinions on why she is pushing for this…

      However, when it come to “treasure hunting” What concrete evidence keeps the folks on Oak Island going? 6 lives lost, millions spent, decades of digging…
      What concrete evidence was there for the “City of Troy” Heinrich Schliemann found when most considered it a myth and not in the area he discovered it.

      It’s about the challenge… the discover… the thrill. I have asked in the past why would fenn think about 100, 1000, or even 10,000 years down the road. Can you imagine one of his jar, bells, or the chest found in the future? Not unlike that little arrow head fenn discovered at the age of 9.
      For me… this little challenge is for the norm of today’s populace to play archeologists that we wouldn’t normally have. Should the chest not be found until another future generation discovers it. I’m ok with that thought… It’s about the opportunity, not 15 minutes of fame and fortune The mistake here was over confident and under prepared. Others need to live with it.

      But not in the case of the Ex.

    • Sounds like she is challenging Forrest hahaha maybe this will spur the ole coot to give us more hints 🙂

  40. In my opinion, we ALL should wait and see an autopsy report. I believe everyone is assuming he drowned. May not be the case. Did they find his wallet? When a person loses someone close, their thinking is not always straight. A little slack is in order.

  41. I grew up where Randy died and spent a lot of time in the canyon. One january I waded about ten feet to a sandbar in less than knee high water. My legs below the knees were quickly and completely numbed and I stomped around the sand for several minutes on “hunks of meat”. It never crossed my mind what would happen if my whole body was submerged.

    • Man, what a terrible news article! ” one of the most desperate and dangerous treasure hunts America has seen” Not!

      Mel Fischer lost 3 family members in his endeavor and they were pros.

      This article needs to go in the round file for sure! IMO.

  42. Desert – I agree. The search is not deadly and not in a dangerous place. It does seem that some searchers want it to be that way. Forrest has been straight up with searchers and has not ever given us any indication that we should risk our lives. He has gone above and beyond to warn us and I think that speaks volumes. If one uses logic they will search in areas where it is not dangerous and where someone of his age could have hid the chest. Forrest is a Darn find dude with awesome intentions. Someday the chest will be found and he will be given the credit he deserves.

    • “Someday the chest will be found and he will be given the credit he deserves.”

      I will post images of the chest _in_situ_ and describe how dangerous it was to get to.

      • I took pictures of most of the clues back in March. If I am correct it will cause most to say why the hell didn’t I think of that?… Forrest deserves a lot of credit for many things but mainly for doing something that has touched so many lives and given hope.

    • I wonder if some people make the clues out to be like their own favorite fantasy. There’s nothing wrong with that, and could even be right, but it just seems like a limiting way to go about it.

      At first, I was doing that too.
      I needed a solid strategy that dictated to me how to read the poem, and a lot of work, to begin to find a solution that I actually have confidence in.

  43. Speaking of hoaxes, I’d like to see some of the people who said (mildest) Randy was hoaxing a disappearance for some reason, and (worst) Randy doesn’t exist at all, to come forward and admit they were complete idiots. I kept track of those names and so far I haven’t seen them say anything to that effect.

  44. I think it is very useful to keep in mind this quote from Forrest over on Jenny Kile’s site-
    “I applaud those who are staying in the search, and enjoying what nature has to offer. I will reiterate that the story is real, the chest is where I left it, and it is not in a dangerous place. At age 85 I could go back and get it. But any place can become dangerous for anyone who violates the common sense rules of the chase. Stay out of the mountains in the winter time when it is cold and snow covers the ground. f”

    • Dal,

      Yes very true, and wise words spoken by Forrest. However, If I may be so bold as to play the devil’s advocate here for just a moment.

      *If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather

      This was a weekly word that came out prior to Randy’s search, now while I do not speak for either Randy or Forrest or even advocate warning labeling our way out of personal responsibility, but it may have been a comment like this and lack of common sense that spurred him on.


      • mr. forrest did not mean it that way,beacuse if you really knew 100% where that chest was,you could go get it in any weather,because its not in a dangerous place,like where randy went.

      • *If you know precisely where it is you can probably retrieve it in any weather

        This statement alone tells you it is not in a dangerous
        place, otherwise Forrest would of never made the

    • Yes.Yes And in smmer carry much water! And stay cool! it’s in the triple digits! Search in cool of day…..lots of water!

    • If Forrest can still go back to the chest at age 85 then some searchers need to adjust there solves a bit. I know Forrest is a fit man but at age 85 he is not going to be walking through rivers or floating down them. Nor would he be hiking peaks or going down in steep canyons. The spot that he chose to hide the chest is probably not very far from where he parked his car. It’s also probably not in area that most searchers would ever think to look. I offer these thoughts up with the use of logic and in my opinion.

  45. Ohhhhhh and never get into a raging river on a cheep raft better yet don’t even get in a river raging and how bout all the dare devils that go search the cliffs at fire hole falls in yellowstone uhhhhh a 80 year old did not do that either or repel up mnts or down mnts someone should write a book on the things the ole coot most likely did not do. Ohhhhh dal we need a post for this hahaha Things the ole coot could not possibly do. Hahahaha

      • Like a post saying what all Forrest most likely didn’t do kinda give people some ideas so they won’t be such dare devils Like number one Forrest most likely did not raft down a raging river when he went to hide the treasure 2 Forrest most likely did not use any repelling gear to climb up or down a mnt hahah. Maybe that will help people to wake up 🙂 everyone can add there 2 cents

        • Diggin – Maybe that’s why ff wrote this as his epitaph (which I expect to find on a flat rock covering his hidey hole cache – which would then be “the end of my rainbow and the treasure” IMO):

          “I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to.”

          I have read that people think ff didn’t do a lot of daredevil stuff to hide the bronze chest,…and I agree (because he was 79-80 at the time),…but he HAS in his life. I saw a picture in his books of him rappelling down to cut a tree on a cliff,…a story of jumping down onto a tree while hunting a Cougar,…and then there’s his ejecting from his F-100D….

          What I REALLY think that “attributed to” means is:

          2. to consider as a quality or characteristic of the person, thing, group, etc., indicated: to attribute intelligence to one’s colleagues.

          I think the “attributed to” on his epitaph means that he wished he could have lived longer,…to do the things that his ‘attributes’,…or ‘gifts’,…would have enable him to do (the things he is/was gifted at). Like writing,…for instance. When he got well,…all that changed,…and he could hide the bronze chest,…write The Poem and TTOTC book.

          • Diggin – If ff didn’t end his epitaph with a preposition (maybe an ode to Einstein and his dislike for those preposition rules?),…it might have read:

            I wish I could have lived to do the things to which I was attributed.


            I wish I could have lived to do the things to which I was gifted at or had talents for.

            If you or anyone else has an opinion on this idea,…please respond. Thank you. 🙂

          • My interpretation is the first. Many have “SAID” that Forrest has done this or that, and he himself has said that he has a tendency to “embellish” a bit. “If I had done all that people say I have done…etc.”

            Good luck to all, and STAY SAFE


    • DG, I know you meant “old coot” with affection, but when I searched the term, it is rather unflattering. Not that f would mind, just sayin. Codger Geezer crotchety cranky

      • Joseph I meant what I meant ole coot he is just that to me in my own southern definition 🙂

      • Joseph, that is Southern speak for a “term of endearment.” Quite common in the South.

  46. In TFTW, Jungle Wisdom, Mr. Fenn says to us in plain English, that no one should ever choose ‘The Thrill of the Chase’ over family. After being shot down in the Laos jungle he had the opportunity, the physical capability and the knowledge to have the thrill of a lifetime, but he remembered his family back home.

    IMO to have made any other choice would have been selfish and that is not what his life or this chase is about.

  47. Here’s another life saving tip for all you who look in yellowstone park Forrest said you should not venture off the trails there Stay on the trails !! That’s over on Jenny’s site

  48. Dal,

    As I said before we cannot warning label out way out of personal responsibility, but I believe Diggin is right maybe we should update the fundamental guidelines a bit and add a few common sense / mountain man wisdom things to avoid and see if Forrest approves.


      • I agree Diggin gypsy. There are searchers who did not grow up in the woods or camping outdoors. They leave the big city with gold flashing in their eyes only to get a real eye opener.
        It’s called wild-erness for a reason. Respect, precaution and safety should be followed.

    • Hi LitterateOne, you obviously know Forrests call sign is Litter 81 like yours. Why do you think he uses that?

      • DPT,

        Used would be the key word. Go back to his remarks to Ms. Ford about his eyes being open just his eyelids closed. I am of the opinion he uses the same double speak in the poem and nearly every time he answers a question. I guess It’s better to be a smart ass then the alternative.


  49. All I have to say is WOW ! So show us the chest has become a reoccurring theme under ever increasing pressures .

  50. Latest report is that Randy’s “remains” were found with pieces of his new waders around his feet / ankles. This makes me very sad.

    Never cross a river in winter unless a life is at risk (your life, some one else’s life, or a non-human animal you care enough about). If you are around fire wood, and it’s getting dark, and you have the means to light a fire, your life might not actually be in danger— build a fire and wait for morning, unless you are convinced you will be at great risk staying where you are for a night. If there is enough wood, build two or three fires and stay in the middle of them.

    If you must cross a river in winter, do it naked and only wear shoes; hold your clothing above your head if possible while keeping your balance / staying on your feet. Once across, get out of the wind as soon as possible (if possible), and put your clothing on immediately— the air will be trying to kill you.

    Do not lay down to rest; do not sit; do not lean your back against a tree to rest.

    When resting, remain standing and flex your elbows, shoulders, knees, hips, and ankles. If temperature is well below freezing, walk and move slowly to avoid sweating: it can freeze inside your clothing and kill you.

    It takes 20 or 30 seconds to die from severe hypothermia; it takes 15 to 30 days for someone to die of starvation. Entering an ice-fed river in winter should be the last desperate step one takes, not the first or second.

    • Hi there, any word where his body was found? Below or above where his raft was located? Which side of the river?
      Just curious how this tragedy may have happened….

      • Dal’s web server sucks limes. Trying again:

        There was a recent report that stated Randy’s “remains” were located up-stream of the raft, on the Santa Fe side, in the area I had marked “Priority #1” on my suggested search area map:

        That does not mean I had guessed correctly at the time; the river probably moved the “remains” after that area was searched. No way of knowing how far Randy managed to get on his trip back to his car. He could have got in trouble anywhere up river, either side.

  51. I think Linda will learn “That dog won’t hunt” for anything beyond condolences.

    The more the ex-wife publicly rages, the less she lets this be about remebering Randy. Ironic really, when she says that is exactly what she us upset with Forrest about. IMO, only so much room in a spotlight, but plenty of room a mirror. I think the world would be a much better place if we’d all spend more time looking in a mirror.

  52. “an idea isn’t responsible for the people who believe in it”

    – Don Marquis

  53. I just wanted to reach out to all searchers and most of all Randy’s family. I did not know Randy in any way and did not join the group of treasure hunters until mid February. Still my thoughts and heart goes out to all that Randy has touched during his time here on earth. Although divorced I can still understand how Linda can be hurt and confused about all this. I am very sorry for your loss Linda. No one can say for sure why Randy chose that day to take his solve and risk the rapids. Unfortunately was a risky decision that got the better of him. In my solve I have taken the time to purchase a few commemorative pins. One for my mother who has recently passed away and one for Randy. My solve takes me to a beautiful place and a perfect place to rest the pins and the memories of 2 people very dear.
    I hope everyone stays safe as possible on their quests. Keep in mind Forrest wants families together and getting involved. If you feel a healthy child can do it safely then you may be on to something. My solve although little daunting on my lungs was a safe journey. I have thoroughly enjoyed it with my son and now my wife. Just like so many I feel my solve is the one. Always let patience and good judgment lead the way. In the words of a wonderful searcher here.

    JD “Try to stay safe”


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