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The chase certainly has inspired some great poetry…

Here is page III for poetry about the chase, Forrest or any other Thrill of the Chase related topic. I am hoping poets will create new poetry and place it on this page.

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235 thoughts on “Poetry Page VII…

    • So on I trudge
      With the tiniest nudge
      Poco a poco
      Still going quite loco
      Wanting to search
      In the monsoon sludge

      But all I can muster
      Like the last stand of Custer
      Is to thrillingly look
      In the blogs and his book
      For the bronze chest
      And the treasure with luster

      First Poem?

      Thanks Dal,,,Hi Forrest!!!

  1. Subgenres of “Dramatic” poetry include comedy and tragedy… “Epic” poetry and “Lyric” poetry are the other two major genres…

    • Good evening Spallies.

      the tragedy…
      we all trudge
      Word by word
      As if…
      the poem is sludge.
      The joy of it,
      Is a necessary nudge.

      The comedy…
      We trip over
      Words rolling
      From Forrest’s lips.
      Fall on our faces
      On our search trips.

      Snap an E-pic
      Of a marvel gaze
      With Eyes ablaze
      From those texting
      Devices attached
      to our hip.

      I must sing that
      At another time
      When I’ve thought
      Deeply about the rhyme.

  2. And fyi, in case any wonder,
    My moniker change is due to blunder.
    I locked myself out of jdiggins you see,
    I have a terrible time with technology!
    (But I’ll always be jdiggins)! πŸ™‚

  3. See it used to be
    I was really free
    Then I discovered
    Forrest”s poem
    Before you could say
    Jack Kerouac
    You turn you back
    Man,I’ll be gone
    I’m going where
    The warm waters halt
    It’s no ones fault
    But my own Part 2 coming

  4. Revised
    See it used to be I was really free
    Then I discovered Forrest’s Poem
    Before you could say Jack Kerouac
    You turn your back man,I”ll be gone
    They say two can’t keep a secret
    So I’m heading out alone.
    I’m going where the warm waters halt
    It’s no ones fault but curiously my own!
    Brain Storming Part 2

  5. As I walk along the riverbed,
    Peaceful thoughts fill my head.
    I trace my toes through the sand,
    Then strain a bit through my hand.

    A gentle breeze fills the air,
    Teasing and flirting with my hair.
    There’s birds chirping in the trees,
    Or maybe just a chipmunk sneeze.

    I tilt back my head, face to the skies,
    Breath in deep and close my eyes.
    I stretch my armsout, open wide,
    Stand still or spin, I can’t decide.

    The warming sun upon my face,
    Brings me back to time and place.
    I can’t believe how lucky I am,
    To had had this moment in time again.

  6. Part 2
    Well,When I finally got to this place
    I wasn’t sure how I was feelin
    I thought those Warm Water’s
    Might provide a miraculous healin
    Then I remembered Forrest”s orders
    Take it in the canyon down
    So I mounted up with courage
    Below that Mystical home of Brown
    As I entered into a Meekless place
    I tried to show no fear
    I thought this a good place as any
    To crack open a Canadian Beer
    Then I decided to have a talk with myself
    While my brain cells are evolving
    I’m going to spend less time on the Rhymes
    And more on the solving!
    Thanks for reading

  7. ” My Warm Necklace ”

    The sky is partly cloudy, white clouds just hanging there,

    Slowly drifting to the east, as if to get somewhere.

    Me I sit upon a log, I’ve been hiking all day long,

    Listening to the symphony , of natures lovely song.

    I’m looking at a mighty Cliff, the rocks rise in the sky,

    The water was free falling, as if it tried to fly.

    Splashing at the bottom, the mist filled natures air,

    In awe I sit and stared at it, so thankful I was there.

    I had to get a closer look, I rose up to my feet,

    Walked over to the waterfall, the mist it fell on me.

    That is when it happened, the mist began to part,

    Me I felt a warmness, deep feelings in my heart.

    Then an ancient Indian girl, showed her face to me,

    She was smiling in her spirit, happy as can be.

    She told me that they lived, right there along that creek,

    In sounds of a rushing waterfall, I clearly heard her speak.

    She tells me of a winter, so very long ago,

    And how a blizzard trapped them, in the blinding snow.

    For weeks the snow fell on them, no one could see the sun,

    Her tribe began just dying off, one by precious one.

    She tells me of a necklace, in which she proudly wore,

    She placed it in a crevice, along this rocky shore.

    Then her spirit drifted, slowly down the bank,

    Then pointed at a crevice, and said I owe no thanks.

    I looked into the crevice, I seen it laying there,

    Just like she had placed it, in her winter of despair.

    Then her spirit disappeared, just faded in the mist,

    I held her stunning necklace, gently in my fist.

    I look up to the heavens, I thanked her for her gift,

    Thanked her for her time, there at that mighty Cliff.

    The warmness in my heart, it never went away,

    Since I touched the necklace, in the rocks that day.

    I know my ancient friend, will forever be with me,

    When I close my eyes, her face I clearly see.

    White clouds above are drifting, and I start heading back,

    With a warmness in my heart, and her necklace around my neck………

    By: Focused

    Until next time….. See ya my friends ……

      • Thanks JD, I’m glad you could see the picture…..
        Laying in a hospital bed right now JD, I have plenty of time to think… Lol
        I’m glad you enjoy my words, until next time….. See ya my friend

      • Thanks for the kind words spallies…. I’ll be ok … A lot of test today, trying to figure out what’s going on ….. Rather boring..lol thanks again….. See ya my friend…

    • Hello Focused. Absolutely beautiful poem. I could see and feel everything. You’re a great artist of words. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. I’ll say a prayer for you.

      • Thanks jdiggins I’m really glad you enjoyed my words….thanks for the prayer my friend…. Have a great day jdiggins..see ya

    • I have to tell you Focused, I was never much into poetry, but yours always seems to stir emotions unlike anything I’ve ever read. You are so gifted. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

      • Thanks eaglesabound, before the chase I wasn’t into poetry either, I have never written a poem before I got involved in the chase. As of now I have about 175 poems under my belt…. I’m glad you enjoy reading my words…..good luck in your chase, and have a great day….. See ya my friend

        • Wow Focused , that’s so hard to believe.
          Forrest must be proud that he has inspired so many in so many different ways. Please keep being inspired by the Chase!
          Take care.

      • R–B, headed home from the hospital now… thanks for the prayers everyone… been a long 3 days… still no answers but headed home…. see ya R–B

        • Geeze Focused…that is a huge relief that you are home again. If you had to stop writing poetry there is no telling what we would be forced to endure here on the poetry pages…

          You are a great inspiration and a wonderful and generous contributor on the blog and the place would feel empty without your contributions…

          So take care of yourself…if for no other reason than just do it so that I will not have to torture people with my attempts at poetry writing…

          Glad you’re back…

          • Thanks dal, coming from you that is a great compliment….. i want to thank you for the blog and the poetry page, everyone here is great, in the beginning (page 1) when it was tougher on me everyone including you spoke softly and encouraged me. Thank you dal and everyone else for that.
            Maybe someday dal we could meet for lunch ( i’ll buy ). It would be nice to thank you in person…
            Hey, your poetry is not torture, i can think of only one poem that is close….yep, you guessed it… πŸ™‚
            Take care my friend…..see ya on the trails….

      • Thanks Spoon…. since the hospital I’ve been feeling good… with my implant heart moniter my doc has set my next appt 6 months away…things are looking much better…thanks for your concerns and kind words …good luck in your chase… see ya

    • Your welcome strawshadow…… And your always there with your kind words…thank you for that.. See ya my friend…. πŸ™‚

  8. Focused…Your poem “My Warm Necklace” brought a vision complete with simultaneous tears and chills. Your words went Right to the essence of the encounter.

    My thoughts are with you…Please take care.

    • Thanks for the kind comment… Ellen … Each person reads my words in their own way, I’m glad you could feel my words as you seen my picture…

      I hope you have a good day, again, thank you for your kind words Ellen…. Until next time, see ya my friend…..

  9. I’m sorry to hear you are in the hospital Focused. They’d better take good care of you.

    What an excellent poem. It feels like I was right beside you watching as you held that necklace gently in your hand and gave thanks to the ancient girl.

    So speedy recovery,,,and hopes for the best possible outcome friend.

    • Im home now cindym, three days of testing and still no answers…. at least im home… im glad you felt like you was there in my poem, that vision is what i was trying to get across to readers.. im glad you liked it my friend…take care and may good health rest upon you and your family cindym…..until next time…see ya

  10. I wish I was a glow worm
    a glow worm’s never glum
    ’cause how could you be grumpy when
    the sun shines out your bum?!

    – Anon

    • I wish I were a firefly,

      Floating in night air.

      Just like you a glow worm,

      With my well lit dari-air…….

      Just messing with ya curious hobbit… thanks for the smiles…. until next time. See ya


      • Focused

        your poem’s really funny
        and ‘derriere’ I like,
        keep up that sense o’ humour and
        you’ll soon be ‘on ya bike’.

        Get well soon mate

    • I wish I were a flutterby
      No need for a tail light
      For after floating all day long
      I’ll be sleeping through the night.

      Thanks for the smiles curious hobbit and Focused.

      @Focused, you sound like you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

  11. Written long before I joined the chase, but I thought perhaps this audience would appreciate the sentiment, and perhaps some of you have felt the same way about places you have found. I came to know the desert southwest over years as a raft guide, and this was penned from a perch on a well-loved stretch of the Colorado with my 18 month napping in the tent.

    “Desert Romantic”

    Why do I go back to the places I’ve been?
    To the places I have already snapped
    in well-behaved memories photographic?

    Why return when I can say β€˜yes’
    to β€˜Have you ever?’

    I know which trail ends on a cliff
    where the swallows dive and beckon,
    and that after the deep-shade cottonwoods,
    the river will bend south.

    I have already seen the night sky here, both clear and cloudy,
    watched stars fall and planets rise.

    I have walked many times on the ebbing sand, still damp,
    and the rocks shimmering;
    I have skipped over them lizard quick.

    I have seen the prickly pear shout in yellow and pink,
    and the claret cup in molten red,
    and watched gray dusk hush them all.

    around smoking fires, and in the windy dark,
    I have heard stories and told them.

    I remember when tumbling clouds
    once poured over the sandstone spires,
    startled lightening into rain, and burst with
    cooler nights and flash floods.

    I will go back, again,
    I have been there before.

    • Thanks Lindsay D , I enjoyed reading those words…. makes me long for the desert… keep up the good work….. until next time …see ya

    • Lindsey D, Very Nice, you are so right certain places keep calling your name, why? Just because. Sounds like you had a peaceful 18 month nap. Good luck to you.

  12. A Teardrop And A Smile

    Been waiting on this special day, now birthing her first child,

    She wears within a babies cry, a teardrop and a smile.

    For years we’ve been apart, divided by the miles,

    I lay my eyes upon you, And shed, a teardrop and a smile.

    I know your life is over, you’ve struggled for a while,

    Knowing your in heaven , I wear, a teardrop and a smile.

    Words spoke in a foster home, by an orphan child,

    Are you my Dad ? Was asked, I wore a teardrop and a smile.

    I knew my life was over, out in the desert wild,

    Then with a humble heart I wore , a teardrop and a smile.

    Please go into the world, and help a needy child,

    Then you can be the one to wear, a teardrop and a smile………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- reach out to someone in need and help make a difference.
    You can give to them their ” Teardrop And A Smile”….
    Until next time….see ya my friends.

  13. ” Pueblo Dreamer ”

    Many many years ago, out in the desert sand,

    There lived a tribe of Navajo, it was their home back then.

    They carried water from a creek, at least two miles away,

    So they could mix the mud, to make their pots of clay.

    There was a special Navajo, which lived within this clan,

    With visions in his mind, to help his fellow man.

    He was a distant dreamer, his thoughts ahead of Time,

    Others often looked at him, didn’t pay him any mind.

    For days he carried water, and placed the pots just right,

    And then one day he started, at the early morning light.

    He’d dig a hole within the ground, and pour some water in,

    With his hands he’d mix the mud, until it suited him.

    Others the just watched him, they thought he lost his mind,

    They stared as he erected, one thick wall at a time.

    With four walls proudly standing, he left so they could dry,

    He went and built a ladder, so he could climb inside.

    When the mud had dried , with his ladder on the wall,

    He did not go unnoticed , now being watched by all.

    He grabbed his deer skin bed, and then he climbed inside,

    Safe from desert dangers, he lays upon his hide.

    He hears the others talking, he gently cracks a smile,

    While others carried water, in pots mile after mile.

    The rooms they grew in numbers, everyone built their own,

    He was very pleased, with the seed that he had sown.

    The word it quickly spread, to others across the sand,

    About a distant dreamer, who lived within their land.

    For centuries they would build, their homes made out of clay,

    Because of one great vision, a Navajo had one day.

    So if you have a vision, or you have a distant dream,

    And others look down on you, and treat you kinda mean.

    Remember that one Navajo, out in the desert sand,

    Chase your dreams and visions, and show your fellow man………

    By: Focused

    P.s.- chase your dreams my friends…… See ya

  14. A Poem For You :-)l

    There is a searcher on this blog
    She’s as witty as can be
    Some raise two children of their own
    She raised those two times three

    (Not for the faint, she must be a saint! )

    A fashion maven would love to know her
    For sans product she may be appalling
    Relieved to hear the doorbell ring
    If this searcher should come a’calling πŸ™‚

    (Yes, it’s true, I’d use it too)

    • CindyM…just found your poem. Not sure I totally get it…but it made me smile. Made me think of…

      …”Cheaper by the Dozen” book and film
      …Mother Goose…There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
      …Mz Fashion Maven in Forrest’s “I never go shopping…” SB
      …”The Postman Always Rings Twice”…novel and film

      There once was a maven from Manhattan
      She dressed down in jeans…not in Satin

      All her children…they grew
      Till too many squeezed in that shoe

      (Guess I’ll stop now and go shopping…)

      • Glad you got a smile,,,I love sharing them πŸ™‚

        Nice poem Ellen,,,
        I hate shoes that are too small,,,
        wide open spaces for me, where I can roam free and don’t fence me in πŸ™‚

  15. The creditors are calling.
    I know I owe ’em
    How I wish I could solve
    This gosh darn poem. (cuss words withheld for the sake of the readers).

  16. Hang in there Joe Sparrow… let your answering machine handle them for now.
    Just begin it where warm waters halt…
    Good luck to ya… see ya

  17. CHANCE

    If you are lucky enough,
    To get the chance,
    Appreciate what you have,
    And don’t look back.

    – 23kachinas

  18. This hoax story got me to thinking
    of what forrest thinks about all this,
    so I wrote a quickie poem

    The Treasure has hid for years,
    you may have to walk a few miles,
    It’s not a hoax,
    I’m telling you folks,
    as forrest sits by his fire and smiles.


    everyone on this poetry blog has a awesome gift
    the gift of equanimity.

  19. Just checking in with all the talented folks here on the Poetry Page who put words together like magic. Keep up the good work and I apologize for not replying to individual posts. Your words are magic mine are not. But I do read all the posts and love them all.

  20. SIGATOKA complex

    Someday you won’t be able to grab any bananas,
    But don’t fret about the fungi my friends,
    I’ve got good news for you before 10.

    Try grabbing vegetables or something low glycemic!

    – 23kachinas

    • Haha,,,nice, I’m giving up on bananas in favor of cucumbers. They’ll both put a smile on your face if you take them whole πŸ™‚

    • Well heck…. there goes bananna pudding….. I better eat some while I can
      … thanks 23Kachinas.. gotta go….see ya

      • Focused, Hippocrates was right when he said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

        Even Hummingbirds have to watch their sugar intake. True story.

  21. Heres Another, for a Sister πŸ™‚

    Spritual messengers
    One shy of two dozen
    Flying around around the universal nation
    Her message is clear
    Until sugar is near
    Then she’s known to lack concentration

    Many pictures has she
    Of the tiniest wings
    That she shares with bloggers aware
    And in a moment of fate
    Forrest helped her create
    A bronze wordless bird with great flair

  22. Focused, wrote this for you mate (re: beginning my search)

    In a briefest moment
    I stumbled on reality
    entwined to its infinity
    with solemn cordiality

    With compass set on Northerly
    I waded into fantasy
    expecting the impossible
    discovering no fallacy

    I shook my head of mystery
    and cast my eyes to clarity
    in search of its locality
    from words within his prose

    I found within, a purity
    a logical mentality
    sincerely spent morality
    a truth within a poem

    It built in me a confidence
    escaping from conformity
    to dance with creativity
    to find my way back home.

    (..admittedly bad poetry, but I blame the cheap alcohol)
    Hope you are doing well mate.

    • Thank you curoius hobbit..im honored you wrote that for me… i liked reading your words,..im doing better now. As for you ? Let your search begin… πŸ™‚ good luck to you courious hobbit…. until next time, see ya my friend

      • no worries Focused, hope this makes up for my earlier cheekiness.

        Glad to hear you’re doing better mate

        • btw mate, in reference to ‘on ya bike’, I meant that in context ‘happily away from your current situation’.

          def not what uncle google offers as a first search explanation (I just realised – oops)

          ..just so you know

    • I think it is wonderful poetry ch,,,kind of reminds me of The Logical Song by Supertramp.

  23. ” Bluebirds Serenade ”

    Upon a gentle mountain breeze, a bluebird sails along,

    Looking for a place to perch, to sing his lovely song.

    Over the hidden tree tops, covered with light snow,

    He passes by a window, the window to my soul.

    He sees my windows open, he gently fly’s within,

    To land upon my branches, to sing his lovely hymn.

    I listen to the music, a bluebirds serenade,

    That Echoes through my soul, while playing on my stage.

    When his song was over, and he took to flight again,

    Leaving me with memories, of a bluebirds heavenly hymn.

    Back through the window of my soul, the bluebird he retreats,

    Back into the mountains, to float upon the breeze.

    My Windows always open, for birds that come along,

    So they can perch and rest, and chirp their favorite song.

    The little things among us, don’t miss them as you go,

    Go and open your window, the window to your soul.

    Then as a bluebirds passing, and sees your windows high,

    Maybe he’ll stop and sing for you, as he’s passing by.

    You’ll enjoy his music, a bluebirds melody.

    I know because I’ve heard it, he stopped and sang for me……..

    By: Focused

    P.s.- this one is for you JDA (JD)……you said you was waiting on my next one
    Well here it is….. I hope you like it… Until next time, see ya my friend….

    • Beautiful, beautiful Focused. Thanks so much – I cried.

      YOU have such a beautiful soul – any bird would be happy to alight within. Please keep listening to the beautiful songs that reside in your soul.

      THANKS so much for sharing, and for the dedication.

      A friend in passing;


    • Its for all CindyM ….JDA was just waiting on my next poem….im glad you liked it….see ya my friend

  24. And I’ll contribute my 3rd Who’s Who,,,

    Her home was made famous
    By the Sir Douglas Quintet
    In a forest she resides
    To find her penning poetry is a sure bet
    Then reality gets pushed aside

    As it does for us all πŸ™‚

    Although she’s the other half of a bill
    She’s definitely not a clone
    Each day she decides by sheer force of will
    Whether to be or not be,,,alone

  25. Enjoyed catching up with all the above prose and comments…


    Two young sisters…holding tiny porcelain cups
    From a far away Grandma…and so long ago
    They pursed their small lips…with laughs and a smile
    It’s a “pretend” Tea Party…because it’s their show
    ***Would you like a ‘Spot of Tea?***

    Two little daughters…they now hold those cups
    From their Great Grandma…oh, so long ago
    They sing and they move…like that “Little Teapot”
    And ‘tip and pour’…’cause’ now it’s their show
    ***Let’s ‘tip and pour’ a ‘Spot of Tea’***

    Two smiling granddaughters…they spin ’round and round’
    Laughing as they ride…Disney’s pastel Mad Teacups
    And Grandma smiles while she is whirling around
    Just hoping she did think first to buckle up
    ***Join us ‘in’ a ‘Spot of Tea’!***

    Feeble hands now reach and hold that small cup
    Carefully taking it down from her special shelf
    She purses her lips…then she laughs and she smiles
    Remembering…pretending…all by herself
    ***Won’t you share a ‘Spot of Tea’ with me?***

    But…in Fairytale Dreams…she goes down a hole
    She sees Alice…At the March Hare’s table
    Silly ‘Hare’ just keeps dipping his watch in his Tea
    Why can’t time stay fixed…not just in a fable?
    ***Alice…more Tea?***

    Awake…Yes, she knows…she’ll always be strong…
    Her life…it’s her show…and she still has a choice
    For all of her lifetime…she’s loved Peter Pan
    Holding that cup…pretending…she now hears his voice

    “Would you like an adventure now, or shall we have our tea first?”

    ***I’ll have a spot of BOTH please!***

  26. Random Cow Poem from Thomas D’Urfrey’s Wit and Mirth….maybe some will enjoy a little little bit.
    If not I’m sure the sky won’t fall anyhow.

    In the Fields in Frost and Snows,
    Watching late and early;
    There I keep my Father’s Cows,
    There I Milk ’em Yearly:
    Booing here, Booing there,
    Here a Boo, there a Boo, every where a Boo,
    We defy all Care and Strife,
    In a Charming Country-Life.

    • Fun poem Jonsey,,,I always enjoy a good cow poem,,, and my version,,,

      Oh my pasture’s filled with brush;
      Its dotted with mesquite.
      There I keep my heard of cows
      Cuz to see them’s quite a feat.
      Squinting here and squinting there,
      Here a squint, there a squint,
      Everywhere a squint.
      If I could spot them, I could round them
      And my ranching would be complete!

      • Thanks for the smile CindyM. Indeed a merry song I wondered if I sang alone. Your words are boo-tiful warm to hear here in my ears πŸ™‚
        Cheers to you, what a blessing in disguise that was!

    • Great jonsey1.. i love my charming country life…. thank you for your words…see ya my friend..

  27. Please tell me you didn’t just write that on a lark?!? Thanks for the smile CindyM. A merry song I wondered if rang in these here ears alone. Cheers to your words. Absolutely Boo-tiful πŸ™‚

    • Oops- forgive my retyping it said error no connection the first time. It double appreciation never hurt anyone that I’m aware of. You can save the repeat for later. Lol.

  28. K here’s my version….

    Sitting on my front porch, in my rocking chair,

    Looking for my one cow, I know she’s there somewhere.

    My eyes they sweep my pasture, just one acre wide,

    How can a cow that big, find a place to hide ?

    Then I finally see my cow, across my neighbors fence,

    She must have found the hole, that I didn’t mend.

    I guess I’ll go and get my cow, and bring her back to home,

    And put her on my acre ranch, so she can graze and roam……..

    By: Focused

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