Happy 86 Forrest…


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From Ramona

From Ramona

Happy Birthday from 23kachinas

Happy Birthday from 23kachinas

Mr Fenn, Wishing you blue bird skies for your birthday and everyday. And may all things in your focus be harmonious. KG

Mr Fenn,
Wishing you blue bird skies for your birthday and everyday.
And may all things in your focus be harmonious.

From PDenver

From PDenver


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From JDiggins

From JDiggins

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From WiseOne

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From BW

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161 thoughts on “Happy 86 Forrest…

  1. Happy Birthday from both of us! Thank you for the thrill my 78 y/o Dad are on right now in NM. Our first driving trip here from FL. We are absolutely enjoying the Marvel Gaze by day and night and enjoyed a beautiful full moonrise the other night.

  2. Happy birthday ,mr. forrest,I don’t know how to put pictures on things like blogs,etc. but I hope you have a wonderful day .and many more.hope you got what you wanted for your birthday.

  3. Happy Roasting Day Forrest! Watch out for those 87 Watt Bulbs. Safe Landings ..


  4. HAPPY 86th BIRTHDAY BUBBA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! give tesuque some cake too….. See ya my friend……..

  5. Happy Birthday Forrest!
    Close your eyes and make a great big wish!
    May you have a wonderful day filled with love and family.

  6. Got a wish? Well then, blow them allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll out. Happy Day Forrest, and many more.

  7. Happy Birthday Forrest! Have a rich, very enjoyable year!!! Hoped for a new word from you, and we got one. Thanks for the advice about trying to fit the poem into your spot. Very sound. Wow 86 years! Incredible! May you live many, man more!

  8. Happy Birthday, Forrest! May you enjoy many more happy birthday celebrations. And thank you for encouraging all of us to get out into nature!

  9. Thanks gang, for all of the good wishes. Nature has taken charge of my body, but it can’t see my mind, which is still 13. Besides, my mirror lies. I know that because all my friends all tell me I don’t look 59. The up side is that at age 86 I can use senility as an escuse.

  10. Happy Birthday Mr Fenn, your gang, your funny, no escuses. 13 candles? Ah you must be blowing smoke:)

  11. Most sincere and best wishes for the year ahead, Monsieur Fenn. May you continue to walk this earthly moss in health and happiness. Thank you for having left a path for more to travel.

  12. Happy Birthday Fenn.

    It has been scientifically proven that having birthdays are good for you. The more you have the longer you live. πŸ™‚

  13. when full corn moon
    is high in sky
    look Norwest
    I’ll be driving by
    If my Platarado
    just has nado
    I’ll return post haste
    to Colirado
    But if it’s full of
    I’ll with a
    grinning high

  14. Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday Dear Forrest
    Happy Birthday to you !!!!!!!

    Wise one, your card looks familiar to me….

  15. Happy Birthday Forrest!

    The candles from your cake can’t shine as bright as the light you have sparked in so many people.


  16. You sir are such an exceptional person. I just found out about your treasure and the book a few weeks ago. I ordered the book which was sent right away and is a treasure in itself. I have spent many hours getting to know you and Peggy through your memoir. Just really the best you are!


    Love and hugs,


  17. Forrest,

    Hope you’ve had a great day of celebration – all your Fennatics have!
    We’re all thankful for the day of your birth. Best Wishes!

    ~ Wisconsin Mike & Christine


    Bestest wishes on your very own Birthday, m.

  19. Hope you had a great Birthday! Now I know why I like you so much, you very nearly have the same birthday of two of my most favorite people ever, my Dad and my sweet Aunt! Here’s to many more!

  20. Forrest,

    The wife and I would like to wish you a “Happy Birthday” and the invitation is still offered, when the cold weather starts to set in and your in need of a warm weather road trip come on down here to Florida and we’ll save you a place at the beach under our umbrella. Health and good wishes to you. Bur

  21. Happy 13th Forrest! I hope to hear about how you spent your day! Have fun and enjoy some cake and ice cream.

  22. “It’s not the years. It’s the mileage.” – Indiana Jones

    A year is how long it takes Earth to make one revolution around the sun. Earth travels 585.6 million miles along this journey. As a passenger on this planet, you have traveled 509,472,000,000 miles in your life so far (talk about too far to walk!). You once mentioned that you would have have hopped on the rocket to the moon had Buzz Aldrin called. Consider this: The edge of the solar system is a mere 9 billion miles from Earth. You blew past that mark when you were a teenager! You’re in deep space now, my friend.

    Live longer and prosper, fellow traveler.

    Happy Birthday!

    • Oops, 50,361,600,000 miles, rather. I redid the math and thought… wait, he’s not THAT old!

      Consider the extra 784 years my birthday gift πŸ™‚

  23. Happy Birthday Mr. Fenn, and many more! I hope that you and your family, are doing well! 13 years young at mind, 68 on the backwards bicycle, and 86 years wiser! πŸ˜€

  24. Happy Birthday FF.
    May you inspire more great adventures… and thanks for starting one for me I am going to start on my Quest…..hmm πŸ˜‰ …. this Friday

  25. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Forrest, happy birthday to you. Love Kedar’s Mom and Deb

  26. Happy Birthday “My Friend” – I hope I can call you that, you have become such a part of my life. You have taken me on the Road Less Traveled, and given me Thrills I would never have imagined. I hope that you get a very special Birthday gift this year. Happy 13th., and as I always say TRY to STAY SAFE – a FENN-atic — JDA

  27. They will be talking about Forrest Fenn a hundred years from now.
    Happy Birthday!
    I can’t wait for the treasure finder to publish your biography.

  28. Happy birthday Forrest!

    Are ya 1? Are ya 2? Are ya 3? Are ya 4? Are ya 5? Are ya 6? Are ya 7? Are ya 8? Are ya 9? Are ya 10? Are ya 11? Are ya 12? Are ya 13? Are ya 14?
    Are ya 15? Are ya 16? Are ya 17? Are ya 18? Are ya 19? Are ya 20? Are ya 21? Are ya 22? Are ya 23? Are ya 24? Are ya 25? Are ya 26? Are ya 27? Are ya 28? Are ya 29? Are ya 30? Are ya 31? Are ya 32? Are ya 33? Are ya 34? Are ya 35? Are ya 36? Are ya 37? Are ya 38? Are ya 39? Are ya 40? Are ya 41? Are ya 42? Are ya 43? Are ya 44? Are ya 45? Are ya 46? Are ya 47? Are ya 48? Are ya 49? Are ya 50? Are ya 51? Are ya 52? Are ya 53? Are ya 54? Are ya 55? Are ya 56? Are ya 57? Are ya 58? Are ya 59? Are ya 60? Are ya 61? Are ya 62? Are ya 63? Are ya 64? Are ya 65? Are ya 66? Are ya 67? Are ya 68? Are ya 69? Are ya 70? Are ya 71? Are ya 72? Are ya 73? Are ya 74? Are ya 75? Are ya 76? Are ya 77? Are ya 78? Are ya 79? Are ya 80? Are ya 81? Are ya 82? Are ya 83? Are ya 84? Are ya 85? Are ya 86?


  29. Happy Birthday, Forrest!! Have a great day and wishing you the very best in the year ahead! Can’t thank you enough for the adventure you’ve invited us all to be part of. You’ve encouraged us to not let life pass us by, and spurred on more learning about art, geography, geology, history of the west, etc than you may have even imagined! You’re a fine educator…you’ve made learning fun!

    Wishing you many more birthdays to celebrate!

  30. Happy Birthday Forrest!

    I left a card at CBW for you this morning with something special inside. Cheers πŸ™‚


  31. Thanks again to all the HOD gang. This day has been a long time coming. I’m a little slow so it took me 86 years to get here. f

  32. Forrest, you may be 86 years old today but remember, you are way younger than what you ever will be. Cheers to you and many wishes for always staying young at heart.

  33. Well, for the bean counters among us – There have been 90 separate Birthday Wishes sent out to Forrest – I bet that we break 100 before the day is done. JDA

  34. A B. D . Poem~~~ Contentment and satisfaction to you / well wishes and joy are sent out too/ thanks for giving so much to few // How about a birthday clue! Happy BIRTHDAY Mr. Forrest Fenn

  35. Wishing a Happy Birthday to an incredible man on your 86th . year young !Thank you for showing me how to enjoy life again !!!! You rock !!!!!

  36. Congratulations on another trip around the sun…happy birthday and best wishes for a beautiful celebration.

  37. Happy birthday from me and the biddies below
    86 candles is not far but too many to blow
    You put adventure in our hearts even the ones week
    We accept all your challenges
    and concur our meek
    So I lift a toast to you from the colorful mountain tops in the sky
    My hat off to you as well and with a left wink of the eye
    But best to kick off this shindig from abound
    Don’t be greedy and pass that glorious peace pipe you have found
    Let us all marvel at your accomplishments at this ball
    Thanks for everything you’ve done for our country and all

    Happy birthday FF


  38. Happy birthday, Forrest!!! I hope you get out into the mountains and enjoy the day. Kick over a log and watch’em run. I think your still a kid a heart…..Enjoy.

  39. Wishing you a day filled with love, joy, happiness. I hope you are surrounded by all your family and know that we surround with our love too. Hugs, moonshadow

  40. That’s from comanche to comanche thanks for 5 of my best years on this quest what a great thing you have done for us all.you have truly changed alot of lives thanks again and have a very happy birthday

  41. Forrest, look at all these Birthday wishes. πŸ™‚ I hope your day was beautiful.
    You were much younger when I first met you, my how the years fly. πŸ™‚

  42. Dear Forrest,
    It takes a special person to give hope, wipe tears, and keep faith alive.
    You gave me a little ray of sunshine during a time of trouble.
    You were there for me, as I said “goodbye” to my Mom, and I can never thank you enough.
    Milagros DO bring comfort.
    You will always be my Milagro.
    Hope your birthday was as special as you are, my friend.
    With Loving respect,

  43. Happy Birthday Forrest ! I guess if you could see your mind, you’d only be chasing your thoughts. Have a great 86th!

  44. escuse – es cuse – Cuse is slang for Syracuse. (Another New York reference?) Syracuse is named for Syrakousa, Sicily. Syrakousa is known for Cyane or Kyane, the nympth of the spring. Or another meaning for daughter of the river god Anapos.

      • pdenver, I’ve never been to N.Y. but my daughter keeps talking about moving to NYC, so maybe one day…Anyway, according to my Google search for definition of ‘cuse’ that’s what came up…lol. I don’t really have any objective when I search. I just flow with whatever floats downstream.

    • I used to live there, andwear an old gold coin/pin for good luck to this day when I need it. There’s biga chariot on the front and her and Zeus are behind it. At least it oddly appears that way..just random knowledge, don’t know the history behind it. I sent Dal a pic awhile back and I think he said it was a Dodrakem or a Tetradrackem or something like that I forget. (sure I’m butchering the word)

  45. Ovid, Metamorphoses of Persephone …”Cyane, the most renowned of all the Nympae Sicilide who gave her pool its name. Out of her waters midst she rose waist high…” don’t force the poem…hmmm.

      • The author of this article used Hopi words when referring to everything except the Ancients — the correct term for Hopi Ancestors is Hisatsinom not Anazazi .. the Hopi and the Tewa and the Zuni and all other Pueblo Nations in the Southwest despise the use of Anazazi when referring to the Ancients .. you might want to remember that if you ever visit a non-Navajo anywhere near the Four Corners ..

  46. A Recipe gift for “New Mexico Treasures Pimiento Cheese Sandwiches”
    I started off with shredded sharp cheddar cheese, added hatch green chilis, then red pimientos, mayo, and piΓ±on nuts, you can vary the amounts, serve it on Indian Fry Bread, 12 grain bread or toast. Delicious for an afternoon of treasure burying or hunting! Don’t forget the flashlight!

  47. Tucson – Deming – Santa Fe – Drive past Forrest ‘s Birthday ‘Hey!’ – Still Points North, same as Yesterday

  48. I am more than a little late, so I shall tip my hat, poor you a cup of tea, and wish you a very happy un-birthday to you.

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