Scrapbook One Hundred Fifty Six…




For health reason’s Forrest is cutting back in his involvement in the chase. Less attention to email, fewer interviews and blog appearances will be his new MO. Here is what he wrote:

“I’m cutting back on my activities, which means going to lunch, seeing people, and time on my computer. f”

Jenny has a supply of Weekly Words from Forrest to last awhile and also wrote on her blog about Forrest’s intentions:

77 thoughts on “Scrapbook One Hundred Fifty Six…

  1. Oh Forrest, we understand. Please take good care of yourself, that is what you need to do and that is what we want you to do. We all have a special love for you Forrest and we only want and wish the best for you.
    Semper Fi Sir
    Timothy A

  2. All,

    I need to cut back on lunches and time on computer as well, my mid section is suffering! More time outside in the sunshine is the best prescription for us all.


  3. Forrest, don’t forget, “imagination is better than knowledge,” so sit back and think about whatever makes you happy. That’s what I do these days, it’s not bad. Wishing you all the best.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear that Forrest isn’t feeling well. I hope it’s not anything major. Prayers for a speedy recovery and smiles once again.
    Take care and God speed.
    I suddenly feel helpless 🙁

  5. Just came across this magnificent story just a couple days ago and I have been enlightened by it. For me, it is in the very title of his book that explains it all. I just have to say if I ever get the chance I will go to Lake McDonald in Montana. I do have my doubts that the treasure is there but in my efforts of solving a riddle I figured out my own. Which is the pursuit of happiness. Mr Fenn in a way lead me there and that will be where a new adventure begins. I plan to marry my fiance next year and and our honeymoon will be a trip out West and I don’t know if I’ll ever go back to my home of Cleveland, OH. Mr. Fenn take care your story will be in my thoughts and of those around me.

  6. My friend even wit escapes me right now. Peace and the love of life you have taught me. And now my thoughts are on both your well beings. God Bless you and the love you share… get well and we will see you at the Fennbouree!

  7. It sucks when the body fights the mind. Don’t let it win. Fight Forrest,fight like the fighter pilot you are. Stand tall !! Think young!!
    Long Live, Forrest.

  8. Enjoy your days and dreams, and be not anxious for that kid named Forrest Fenn; he left brave blaze and will always be.

    My secret fantasy is that he will attempt one more adventure, and arrange for the book & one more good clue to be put into a time-capsule somewhere in the Rockies, perhaps in a museum or a new building’s cornerstone, to be opened in a hundred plus years.

    Thanks for sharing your gifts Forrest.

  9. Forrest, my family and I wish you well and thank you for this unique thrill of the chase. Keep writing down your memories, including your most recent ones. The chase has been a real education, and most of all, it gets one out to experience all that nature has to offer. Thank you! The best to you and your family.

  10. Forrest,

    A hearty bowl of soup with some cheese on toast, and you’ll be back out there unearthing arrowheads in no time.

    Chin up, mate.

  11. God speed Forrest on whatever new adventure awaits,my hopes prayers and dreams have spun around you these past five years and I know without any doubt there have made me who I am today. Love ya always

  12. We wish you the best Forrest. For most 86 year old people “cutting back on my activities” would mean not getting up in the morning. Your mind is so clear and active at your age that it’s actually amazing. Your poem is incredible and so are you. Take good care!

  13. No! No! No! I doth protest !

    Isn’t it a bit unnerving that doctors call what they do “practice”?

    To the best teacher in the world – I love you Forrest.

  14. Forrest,

    Upon reading this two words came to mind…..

    ” Thank You ! ”

    By : Focused

    Until next time, see ya my friend…….

  15. Mr. Fenn, Get feeling better !!!!!!! That’s an order !!!!!! Your Wooly Worms will catch you many more trout.

    • Hey Mc Hendrickson,
      Have you ever driven highway 522 between Costilla & Questa after dark? Dang man, we saw a lot of ‘animal’ warning signs during our trip to Colorado & NM, but that stretch of 2 lane blacktop has Clydesdales along the road….NO the creatures we saw a couple of weeks ago weren’t scrawny little ponies.

      Needless to say we slowed down quite a bit until we reached the Colorado border.

      • 9CLUES –

        I remember making that trip years ago in the dark – there where so many elk – larger than our truck – we too had to slow way down – and go so slow – we thought we would never make the CO boarder. Quite an amazing experiance and one I shall never forget.

        • Yeah, my buddy and I have made 2 trips to those southern parts, and so far we’ve been lucky none of the large critters have bolted across the road.

          Seems like the smaller animals panic, run in every direction, but none of the deer, elk, cows or horses, so far have jumped in front of the car.

          On our first trip I know I plowed over 2 jackrabbits separately. Fortunately this trip we only hit something small like a roadrunner just outside of Colorado.

          We are driving down this Kansas 2 lane road, and little bunches of birds run out of the grass, some tried to fly away, but most ran across the road.

          Sadly one of them crashed just to the right of where a hood ornament would have been, that is if Honda placed hood ornaments on their 2006 Pilots.

          As much as I would love to live closer to the Rockies, I could picture myself expiring in a collision with some big 4 legged beast

      • I’ve driven there a few times but only in the day. I usually take 285 to and from Colorado. I don’t see many animals. I did see a classic metallic style flying saucer hovering over the road. I pointed it out to my father, and then it zipped away. It’s not as interesting as a clydsdale or a herd of elk. But it was something different.

      • Missed an elk in the dark by inches. He appeared to be running full speed and all I saw was a bright flash as my headlights crossed his body. Totally amazed I didn’t hit him.

        It’s a free range for horses. They are generally not by the road by at night but it’s risky to run the speed limit unless it’s daylight and you can see well.

  16. We have been in the Chase for a year now, and have seen and enjoyed places we would of never experience had it not been for Mr. Forrest Fenn. God Bless you Sir.

  17. Forrest, hope you are feeling better soon! Spend some time relaxing by your beautiful pond…you’ve earned it. We’ll be pulling for you.

  18. Forrest, thank you for getting me back into our national parks and nature that serves us all as a repose. Naturs is our resting places from a apprehensive & congested world. Wishing you and your family peace, health & happiness!
    God speed…..Forrest.

  19. My dear Forrest,
    Your encouraging words have kept my quest fueled the past several years, and I thank you for reconnecting my soul to nature.
    Peggy is now your final chapter. Enfold her in your arms, whisper sweet nothings and tell her she’s your rainbow.
    I understand about slowing down, taking that extra minute to enjoy the sunrise and sunset. I’m glad you made that decision.
    Take time to chew a stalk of grass, feed your ducks and wet a hook.
    Your footprint will remain on earth a long time!
    Isn’t it amazing how one person changed so many lives for the better?
    Rest, my friend, rest.
    Love, Donna
    ¥Peace ¥

  20. Forrest, it has been a great chase. 🙂
    Thank u for all of your stories, and involvement. May God bless and protect you. 🙂

  21. The latest news on Forrest makes me sad but I realize how much time and energy Forrest devoted to this chase. Sending positive thoughts and prayers to him and his family.

  22. I just read about ff not being as active in the “Thrill” and knowing how much he loves the “Chase” I doubt he will be able to keep away from the it, “forever is a long time” he is only going on a long needed sabbatical, since it has been 6 long years since he stashed Indulgence, somewhere near the place where cold water live and the wild bees swarm, that kind reminds me of a song he should sing for Peggy, and heck all the women who admire him:

    Tom Terrific, as in enthusiastic about the TTOC.

    Thanks for the memories Forrest!

  23. Take Care Forrest! Go sit and feed that large big-mouth or is it big large-mouth bass and relax!

    Thanks for TTOTC!

  24. Mr Fenn,

    Wishing you good health.
    You’re not getting old, just living a long time.

    We searchers will take it from here.

    Ease back on the throttle sir,
    engage auto-pilot,

    Best Regards
    David here

  25. Thanks for the thrills, FF. May God bless you with many more!
    Just throw out a couple of more clues, like longitude and latitude and it will take a big load off your shoulders!
    Loving the chase 🙂

  26. Forrest, Hope that you can relax, spend some time enjoying the family and allowing them to enjoy you. After all, look at all the fuss you caused after taking that little walk you took (twice). I am sure that you are just a little tired… I saw something that was a little tired, too. Save up some energy for one last trout fishing trip, please. Better yet – may my “first” trout fishing trip happen, soon, and your “last” one be a good, long decade+ away.

    • Yes
      Sounds like a trout fishing trip would do you some good.
      Maybe you could enjoy your new friendships company.
      And yes you can take your dog.

  27. Mr. Fenn,
    My brother and I took our first ‘hunt’ together back in early June and enjoyed our adventure. While out, (and since we were looking in northern NM) we were literally passing through Santa Fe anyway, so we drove past your home and former gallery. While we would have loved to meet and talk with you, we were certainly not expecting to be received nor would we have dropped-in.

    Sadly, meeting you may not now be possible, unless we are the ‘lucky ones’ within the next few years. So, we both say our enormous admiration and respect for you and huge thanks for the excellent adventure you have given us
    and the world. We also hope good health restores to you and continues to hold – and that 13-year-old brain remains as bright as ever.

    PS: A belated Happy 73rd Anniversary of your 13th birthday!

    Wishing you always the best…
    LabRat (Tim)…and brother (Jim), from Alabama.

  28. Hi Forrest. You surely don’t remember me (altho you offered my husband $12.50 for me at Fennboree ‘-) ), but you have become an indelible figure in my world because of the audacity you had to leave such a “thrill” to be discovered. Seriously? I mean, who does that? These days?

    I can certainly appreciate and understand the desire to step back a bit from the madding crowd and just enjoy the silence while watching from a safe distance. I’d recommend some nice quiet evenings by the pinon fire playing a round of Canasta.

    ~ ~ ~

    On a personal note…..
    I’ve been spending a lot of time with my mom lately. She’s your age and was a poet laureate back in the day. I first shared your poem with her in 2012 because, as a poet, I thought it would interest her and it be a fun “project” for us to work on together (plus, I needed help after 2 failed solves). Since then, dementia has kicked in and she is becoming a child again…and her imagination has blossomed. She knows your poem by heart, can focus on it and come up with the most amazing insights….it’s incredible. Yes – show it to a child! Its a new reality that we share and enjoy, for the moment at least. Thank you for that, Mr. Fenn.

    Blue skies & tail winds – be well & safe.

  29. That which we surround ourselves with,becomes the museum of our soul,and the archive of our experiences. To you and your amazing treasures. Be well, Mr Fenn

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