Finding Forrest Fenn…

by Jeremy G


Firstly, I’d like to make it clear that I’m not a writer-in fact I despise writing, typing, and reading- although I’m not a nazi either. The only reason that I’m doing this is to help others save their time, effort, and maybe a little of their hard earned money on their own hunt! A little about myself…My name is Jeremy G. I’m 38 years old, I was born and raised in Texas and I currently reside in Burleson, Tx. I guess I could be considered a redneck from Texas. I joined and served in the U.S. Army with an MOS of 13F, fire support specialist or forward observer, from 2000-2006. I was stationed in Germany, where I met my beautiful wife, for three and a half years and deployed to Iraq for fifteen months of that from May 2003-July 2004 then I was then assigned to Fort Bragg, North Carolina for the last year and a half of my enlistment. I then found employment with the union pacific railroad as a train crewman which is where I currently am employed.

In May 2015 I found a post from an old high school friend on Facebook about Forrest Fenn and his hidden treasure. I looked into it and thought to myself I can do this and I’d have a better chance of finding this treasure than winning the lottery! So I searched read and studied everything I could find on Fenn and his elusive treasure trove.

It didn’t take long, (maybe a week), for me to come up with my first solve which landed me searching in Angel-fire, New Mexico. I used the Vietnam veterans memorial there as the blaze and the overlook as the place to look quickly down from which the top of the blaze, I thought would align on the exact place on the mountain where I’d hoped I would find the chest hiding. That half assed solve only took me about a week to come up with but it sounded good enough for me to go check out though…(I’ve always loved the mountains) so we (my wife and 2 year old son and I) loaded up and went. It was kind of funny when I followed google earth in the direction from the lookout across the blaze and not too far in line with that I found a small pond with an interesting square shaped object below it that I had to check out! So we went there and there was a gate that was open so we drove on in and parked in some thick foliage in order to camouflage us from onlookers and nearby houses.

I walked alone down there to the pond and searched the area. What I’d found gave me chills! Just below the pond was an out flow box which was concrete surround with a wooden lid/cover that had a fish carved in it-I thought to my self that this was the home of Brown and another blaze and that if I looked quickly down I would find the treasure! image-1

No joy there and I searched the entire immediate area as well to no avail. It was a fun and quick trip though for all of us to break up the monotony of everyday life and just load up to go see the mountains…and for all of us this was a first time experience as treasure hunters and explorers!

It didn’t take long until I became consumed with the thrill of the chase and everything Forrest Fenn as I still am possessed with this hunt and don’t see any way to deliver myself from it until it is found…I then started searching google earth for a possible “home of Brown” in all four states in the search area. I then searched the nearby areas for other possible clues. I found Molly Brown’s museum in Denver, Colorado and followed it down the road to the nearby stream with waterfalls- I decided that couldn’t be it because Fenn said it could be there a 100 years from now or even a 1000 years from now so I started focusing on natural geological places instead which lead me to Brown’s lake near Glen, Montana along rock creek road(no paddle up your creek). the more I looked into it the better it fit! Now this is getting complicated because I’m gonna add pics and screenshots to help explain what got me focused on to this whole area!

This is one of the first things that I found in the area-it’s a trail(blaze) with hint of riches new and old (artifacts) wildlife and spectacular views(marvel gaze) its trailhead begins at Browns lake rock creek road(no paddle up your creek) and is too far to walk to the end at mono(alone) creek campground where only small campers are allowed and an added bonus is mention of the wise river!image-2image-3
Another of the first things that stood out to me in the poem was Hear me all and listen good and I’ve done it tired and now I’m weak which led me to Chief Joseph of the Nez Perces famous speech


I visited the big hole battlefield and museum and noticed something else that fit with Fenn’s hidden treasure. In the museum they have a touch table with ancient artifacts that you are encouraged to touch and handle and I’ve personally never read Fenn’s book but have read into these other hints like this which come from his book and are discussed on the blogs.


My second treasure hunting trip! First time to Montana! This trip I flew in and rented a 4×4 pickup and explored a large area for any botg leads! My 1st-4th trips to southwest Montana were all searches based on the same solve using Browns lake as the HOB and all incurred from May-August 2015.


My marvel gaze the first morning at Browns lake


Browns lake has it all- *no paddle up your creek=rock creek road and uphill creek trail *heavy loads=rock quarry * water high=lake agnes *wood=Birch, willow, branch *even rainbow lake=the end of his rainbow! Forrest even said he once walked 92 miles in TFTW so if TFTW=92 miles then I noticed that this home of Brown was exactly 92 miles from the Idaho-Montana state line along I-15 to exit 85 (Glen) then left(nigh) 7 miles to Browns lake for a total of 92 miles! I thought that this was enough to confirm that i had the right HOB! But theres even more in the nearby area to build my confidence such as-Bell mountain, Maverick mountain, ten mile road, ten mile lake, Kidd Montana, wise river, etc.


image-9 Looks like a good clue to me!

image-10image-11 9 clues to solve this puzzle!
Another thing the poem lead me to was the Journals of Lewis and Clark a lot of the wording used in the poem are also used in these Journals plus Fenn said in a radio interview that Andrew Briggs was a bright fellow and had most of it all figured out…uh, maybe. I think the part he had most figured out was that it had a lot to do with Lewis and Clarks Corps of Discovery Expedition and Sacagawea and the Nez Perce and all of their history in that era. for example this is from the Journals of Lewis and Clark and has- look quickly down, marvel gaze and a waterfall as a blaze!


My first trip I drove mostly around the entire area of interest looking for clues to narrow down my search area, pictured is the area where I drove, mostly around the beaverhead-deerlodge national forrest area.


My second trip; I hiked to lake of the woods


6 miles each way after not making it all the way to it on my first trip due to exhaustion and


knee deep snow, which afterward, I knew I was in trouble and drove myself to the hospital in Dillon, Mt. to take on some much needed rest and a few bags of fluids- that’s another long story…I also thoroughly searched all over, in, around, above and below Browns lake because of the “from there the end is ever drawing nigh” line of the poem.

Later on, after my second trip, on my drive home, I was thinking to myself that you can’t pinpoint a hidden 10x10x5 chest just by searching random areas or places that kinda fit or line up with the words and clues in Fenn’s poem or even places that look peculiar from google earth…something was missing (besides the $2 million treasure). Then I was about 4 hours into my return trip and suddenly it hit me HOB is a large area including “Browns” lake, bridge, gulch, etc. and to put in below it or south of it…Well, below (south of) that area if you follow rock creek road (from there) along side railroad tracks and a bold creek (heavy loads and water high) it leads directly to lovers leap road (no place for the meek)(a place to throw himself or fling himself onto the chest) ,where, at that intersection atop a small hill just over 5000 ft lies the missing link! Clarks lookout state park in Dillon, Mt. A thrilling location nonetheless!


notice the missing stop sign for southbound traffic!


It’s a compass (blazoned) with 3 directions and 2 distances from where William Clark stood back in 1805. Clark also speaks of a “bold running stream 7 yards wide on the lard side just below a high point of limestone rocks” Bold as in (treasures bold)? Could this be Fenn’s treasured bold running stream to fish in? Lard side as in (Nigh or left)?




I have found the blaze! I was overwhelmed with excitement! If I looked quickly down at the blaze with this information I could come up with an exact coordinates (precise location) projected out from the known point (compass=blaze). Now I just had to do some figuring and plotting not forgetting to convert these coordinates from magnetic to grid from 1805 when these coordinates were taken to get the proper declination as depicted on FF’s map in red letters with a picture of a compass!


I did just that and have visited and searched this entire area thoroughly (including all places plotted to the corresponding times new and old) to no avail…and I promised my wife that I would not search there anymore after my fifth time to the search area so here it is for all to see my straightforward, apparently, not so perfect solve! The north direction that points towards browns lake has no distance, although, I did search the browns lake area along that azimuth. The beaverhead Rock coordinates was so promising because of FF’s comment “plan on a warm place to retreat to” or Sacagawea’s people’s summer retreat!


And because a beavers head is brave and in the wood! But this plotted below 5000 feet in elevation,

Places that I found where warm water halts nearby this area:

1. Warm springs, Mt. just north of Glen also mention of Brown trout fishing nearby!


2. continental divide,
3. this sign very near Clarks reservoir dam which leads to Clarks canyon and is higher in elevation (perfect for canyon down) but south of the blaze(Clarks lookout compass)!
4. Another place where warm water halts in many places in the Rockies is above the tree line where it stays frozen (permafrost) below ground year round due to the freezing temperatures at such high elevation. Also, I believe your effort will be worth the cold means that it’s hidden at a higher elevation with a marvel gaze or grand view…Fenn did say to dress warm too!


This is just one of my searches/solves in the area I still have many more stories to tell and places to search in the rockies, but, like I mentioned earlier I don’t care much for writing/typing so this may be my first and last reveal!


I know that it’s wet! Also cold and water high!

Below depicts heavy loads, bold, water high, cold, no place for the meek, tired and weak


This solve is my crown jewel where I’ve spent the most time and money on and I have many more screenshots and photos to back this route. I also have a few more ideas that are just as simple and straight forward to lead me to the end of Fenn’s rainbow one of which I’ve already searched and few others I’m still working on!

 Jeremy G.-

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  1. Sounds as if you really enjoyed your experiences. Sorry you struck out so many times. Better luck next time, if the missus allows it…lol…I know how that goes.

    I will be honest however. I think you’re overworking it. Just my opinion.

  2. Jeremy: Thanks for sharing ur wonderful stories. I live in the Rockies in Colorado Springs. I have a few ideas myself as to where to look. I cannot however , as I am disabled. If u find urself up this way, let me know and I will share my ideas with u. U never know. Two heads is better than one. At least I have always found this to be true. Best of luck to u and God Bless u and urs! Post here if u would like a phone number or e-mail.

    • Funny, my last return trip from Montana somethings in your area caught my eye, and I’ve begun searching there in your area can’t wait to get back that way but it’ll probably be next summer before I can…

  3. Jeremy, thanks for sharing with us . . . it must have been a lot of tedious work
    to do this, for a non-writer type. FF has emphasized that a searcher should
    start at the beginning. In other words, looking for the blaze before starting
    where warm waters halt makes little sense to him (and to me as well). The
    approach I used was to consider where warm waters halt, and to LIST these
    tentative places. Then, considering them, one at a time, and looking for a
    (at least sorta) nearby canyon — or something that could be referred to by
    that word. One clue at a time, my friend. Good luck with your search.
    Please make safety a HUGE priority, okay?

    The above is just my opinion. Yours may differ.

  4. Interesting solutions, Jeremy. I especially enjoyed reading your back story. That helps put a searcher’s approach to the quest in perspective. You may not like to write, but you did a fine job here, as your experience was easy to read and absorb.

    Just a few suggestions. First, dispense with Google Earth. Relying on GE ties you to an internet solution. What about searchers who, for whatever reason, do not have access to the internet? What you need is the poem, possibly TTOTC, and a good map (and as you must surely know with your military background, there are tons of hard copy maps and some are quite detailed).

    Second, as mentioned upthread, next time you might want to begin with WWWH. Not until near the end do you mention WWWH. The clues are in consecutive order, and it seems like your first clue was HOB (or maybe the blaze), which I would seriously question.

    Third, if the solution was as straightforward as some searchers seem to think, the treasure chest probably would have already been found. It’s been, what, six years since this thing began? And still, no chest. A more serpentine route, or obtuse rendering of the clues does not mean that the poem is overly complex. It just means the clues are a tad more … subtle.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

    Ken (in Texas) … a bit farther south and west than the southern suburbs of Fort Worth 🙂

  5. Your imagination really works overtime. Great research on all of your points of interest.
    Your first solve at Angel Fire was not so half baked. It was just a little poorly executed. The Home of Brown there is the Moreno Valley where Angel Fire and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial is. Your choice of going out to Agua Fria lake and Middle lake was solid, and is part of other peoples solves. Below the Moreno Valley is Cimmaron Canyon. Which many believe is the canyon down. Beyond there is many points of interest. Ute Park, Philmont Boy Scout Ranch, UU Bar Ranch, Cimarron, and Chase Ranch. It’s proven to be too much territory for us to narrow down. But it is still worth visiting and searching. Don’t be shy about giving New Mexico another try!

    • You and another Jeremy think it’s Cimarron. I and others prefer the valley that the Angel Fire airport and the Aqua Fria are in. Insert smiley face

  6. Hey Jeremy
    It sounds like you did a lot, if not to much in one time. I like how your are willing to push yourself but you have to learn to pull back a little. You are supposed to enjoy the time and the mountains, especially when you have a wife and family. Yes, it would be nice to find the TC but not at the loss of time with the family.
    Thanks for showing us your solve and your expedition. Enjoy the poem but first of all enjoy your wife and family, that is what Forrest wants from everyone…

    • I do enjoy, every second spent, searching in the mountains. I enjoy pushing myself too! Now if I could just find that treasure, then I could afford to take my family along on every adventure with me!

    • Bigfoot have the magical power to make any photo taken of them come out blurry. It’s uncanny.

      • Tracks come out clear. As a kid in Humbolt , I saw some pretty weird stuff. Also took some pics of weird tracks more recently in Hayfork area. Scared the devil out of my husband. Put a couple mil on proof, I’d have a higher success rate.

      • A while back folks that just posted sub or subscribe to a new post were criticized for not being more creative. One example was a person who said SUBMARINE in lieu of sub or subscribe. Since then I use SUBMARINE whenever I subscribe to a new post.

        • I believe that’s incorrect Windy. They were criticized for not contributing anything to the post…not for their creativity. You don’t contribute anything when you use the word submarine or sub to subscribe. In effect you are a freeloader (and I mean that in the nicest way!) …wanting to get info but not willing to contribute anything useful…

  7. Jeremy,

    I think you are in the correct location, but going the wrong direction


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