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On August 10th the Today Show crew showed up at Forrest’s home in Santa Fe and taped an interview with him. This was before Forrest announced that he was going to give his computer a rest. NBC also chased Cynthia Meachum up the Pecos to one of her fav places to look for Forrest’s chest.
Here is what Forrest says:
Can you announce that the Weekend Today Show will air a segment about the chase on Saturday next (Saturday, September 17th). I was recorded sitting by my pond and Cynthia and her dog Molly went searching in some beautiful country.  She wouldn’t tell me where for fear I would discover her secret fishing spot.

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  1. Sounds good Dal. How’s the trip going? Please stop teasing us about all the good food you’re chowin’ on, that’s just not fair!

    Will be watching Sat morn…

  2. Thank you Mr. Fenn for letting us know you will be interviewed on The Today Show, September 17th.
    I can’t even express my gratitude for that information! I am seriously your number ” 1 ” student and Fan, Mr
    Fenn, ” like so many others!”
    Dal Neitzel thank you for Posting this information for I enjoy your website and the effort you put in on Mr
    Fenn’s behalf.
    May God Bless AMERICA!!!
    ” Happy Days Are Here Again”, I just love that tune.
    Best regards, Martha Jo

  3. Cynthia,

    As always you are a great representative of the New Mexico searchers! Look forward to seeing this tomorrow. Also look forward to hearing about Mindy’s adventures here as well.


    • Jake, I would if I could, but I don’t know what’s going on as far as Mr. Fenn interview with the weekend Today Show .
      I don’t watch the Today Show but I know it’s on Monday-Friday, I scan the programing this morning and recorded what entertainment news programs that were on
      But no Mr.Fenn, I don’t know what to think? I hope you are well and having a wonderful time if your in Montana. I hope you have a dog with you, not to be caught off guard by grizzlies bear’s or any predator. I hope you find the chest and if you do could you disclose the 20,000 word memoir to me? Martha

  4. I just tuned in. I sure hope I haven’t missed the segment. I will be spending the day in Santa Fe. I will be attending an REI sponsored Wilderness First Aid with NOLS certification. I want to be able to help those in need while out on the trail if I can. I just heard that the segment on the Today Show is coming up! Time for all of you to tune in!

  5. Nice segment with Cynthia and Mr. Fenn. As we all feel who search; it’s real and it’s out there. Enjoyed seeing the beautiful area Cynthia and Molly traveled. Nice to see Mr. Fenn, too.

  6. Mr Fenn looks great. He makes 86 look so easy. Cynthia, you and Molly look like you were having a great time also. Cynthia you are becoming quite the celebrity yourself. No new info but always fun seeing Forrest and hearing news about the chase even if it’s nothing new. Be safe everyone. I KNOW it’s not a hoax. Never has been, never will be.

  7. Ok well, Forrest you still are looking alive and well. Really, 500 years from now people still searching. Omg. This can’t be.
    Your pond area is beautiful. 🙂

  8. That was a very nice interview. And as Ramona said above, you look great! I look forward to meeting you one day, when I return the turquoise bracelet.

  9. I think the tv piece offers a tiny hint of information. Which is: the time of year of the broadcast. Vernal equinox. If you are ‘wise’ — if you know what time it is — and found the ‘blaze’ — sunlight laid through a notch in a geologic formation … on one day a year, when the Sun’s changing angle lays just right.

    Others here have talked about this.

    I think a person could figure out, while being on location looking at rock formations, could figure out what time of year (or time of day in other situations) the Sun angle would splay through a notch or a hole in the rock there, and could figure out by sight line where the ‘spot’light is going to project and the surface where it lands. I am trying to say you would not have to be there on a single day and time in the year. You could figure it out any time of year. Times when you are out, exploring, you could watch for that type of feature in the landscape — formations that make a light notch or light hole — and scope out where the ‘blaze’ of lightbeam would fall. But it would surely be wonderful to be standing there seeing it.

    Mark the spot in your memory, quickly, tarry scant, because the Sun is moving and the shaft of light is moving to other landings.

    Sun angle is a familiar primary element in designing orientation of buildings and structures across the sunny Southwest, (or Northwest, from Mexico City’s p.o.v.) ‘Orient yourself,’ btw, means look east.

    Thinking about structures aligned with the Sun one day a year . . . sort of leads to thinking about a hiker a hundred years from now seeing the same thing. Thinking about how time moves, but doesn’t change. And rocks don’t change. Much. Quick.
    So Forrest leads into his tangent about someone finding the spot a hundred, a thousand years from now, or in the past when the treasure chest wasn’t there. The blaze will be, and was then.

    In TTOTC, the Laos lay down, he banked around to be “coming out of the Sun” (from the west in the p.m.), as seen from the target location.

    Putting himself on tv this time of year might be a hint that this is the fruitful time of year to think about (solving?) his mystery poem.

    Maybe the ‘blaze’ is aspen trees in a grove changing color. This is the same best time of year to look for that in scanning the landscape.

    It’s a slim idea but the time this year he got on tv could be a hint very simple.

    • Wendi, maybe you are correct with some of your ideas, but I can guarantee there is no hint or clue with when the TODAY show aired this piece. It was supposed to air several times and got postponed repeatedly due to other more worthy news, one was when the hurricane hit the east coast and I can’t remember the other ones.

    • Wendi,

      This topic of sun alignment has been always interesting to me.
      Is the blaze a single object? in a word yes.
      Is the blaze found in the poem or only in the field? fenn took 30 minutes to decline answering.
      The RM’s are still moving, It will be more difficult in 3009 to find the chest.
      These are just some [ paraphrasing ] Q&A’s about the blaze… add in the Wise part of having found the blaze, with Tarry scant to possibly mean to actually linger for a short amount of time { and not run so a searcher won’t get caught with the chest } What I see here is a sight alignment to guide [gaze] one to the exact location of the place the chest lays in wait.

      But with all you mentioned, I like to add this thought… are we looking at a single point, such as your examples of a notch or hole, or maybe something more to what fenn may hold with “respect” or “high regards”? Something that might be well known yet not truly understood as time piece.
      Question posted 6/26/2014:
      Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky
      Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.f

      So I’m back to the Q&A fenn took 30 mins. not to answer. The odd part about that answer was, fenn 15 mins intervals to tells us he took, just to not say anything…
      while it may not be a hint, it might be a thought that time is critical to solving the poem in one form or another. Is this the certainty “beforehand” ~ pre-determined or only determined ~ fenn is suggesting?

  10. Since Seeker does not like me addressing him, I will address his quote.

    The quote said, “Question posted 6/26/2014:
    Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem or can it only be determined at the search area?- becky
    Becky, you are a rascal to ask that question and I have been sitting here for about fifteen minutes trying to decide what to say. Well, it has been thirty minutes now and I think I’ll pass on the question. Sorry.”f

    “Can the blaze be pre-determined by the poem…?” If Forrest had answered – “No it can not” – then people would be up in arms since he has said that all you need is the poem, his book and a good map. – “No it can not” would then be implying that it is NOT in the poem, so it must be in the book, or on a map….neither of which Forrest wanted to point to.

    If he said, “Yes it can.” Then everyone would be pulling their hair out trying to figure out just where in the poem the blaze is described….and an actual definition may not exist, but only hints of where or what the blaze is.

    It is a “NO win” situation for Forrest, so he declines.

    Or, “Can it only be determined at the search area?” For my solve, I took a couple of “Hints” from the books, and determined what MY blaze was, before seeing it on the ground or on Google Earth. “Can it only be determined at the search area?” – Well no, not if it can be found on a map or on GE – but that was not the question. The question coupled it with the poem, NOT GE or a map…again Forrest is in a no win situation, so he refuses to answer. Probably a good choice.

    This is just my opinion, and I hope to back it up next week. Only time will tell. JDA

    • JDA- I was about to respond to Seeker above but scrolled down to read some more posts and found that you had already hit most of what I would have said to some extent.

      Becky’s question is one of the better questions posed to f IMO. The either or nature of it, not yes or no, was good, but the qualification of “in the poem” as part of the predetermined question is the kicker. f answering the Q is either the poem tells us what the blaze is or the blaze must be found once you are there. Seems straightforward and simple for him to have answered, why 30 minutes of thinking about how to answer it?

      I suspect f’s difficulty in responding was that his answer may have been neither, which I believe is why he declined to answer it, but still gave a response to get those who have the capacity of deep thinking and analysis to think.

      The one option Becky’s Q didn’t allow for, which f has repeatedly told us, is that there are hints in the book which will help you solve the clues in the poem. For f to have said that one can predetermine what the blaze is, but only with the help of the hints in the book, would have been to completely kill the philosophy of “all you need is the poem”. If what I am reasoning is correct, then f would have shut down a methodology that many pursue in trying to find the chest, and given a big clue and confirmation for how to solve the clues in the poem. Could you imagine the tantrums and offense that would come from such a revelation? I can envision the cries of deception and misleading on f’s part.

      I suspect f prefers to let people go in whatever direction they are going rather than jump out and point people in the correct direction, and I think that is what he did with his answer. Of course I may likely be very wrong on my assumptions here and people should just continue right along their path, as there is actually nothing to see or consider here.

      • JCM,

        The logic you present is good to a point. But why answer the question at all, if the answer was neither?
        So you bring up the book again… and while I agree the book has been said to be helpful, if there is information that is only found in the book, doesn’t that make it a necessity?

        I like to ask Dal or goofy, if they can, to move this conversation to the blaze topic or where they feel it is better served so we can continue this conversation. Which started out as a line of sight or sun alignment for the blaze. But again I can see your point on that Q&A from Beck… I just think it’s odd to have answered it at all if the book was the intent here by saying how much time he spent on not answering.

        And should the book be needed to finalize Becky’s question… we have come full circle to the oldest question from the very start of the chase… is the book “necessary” to solve the poem? or just helpful? Because like you said; fenn has repeated that the book will help with the clues ~ yet ~ for everyone one of those comments i can come up with just as many comment that say the poem has all the information to locate the chest, or you don’t need to read the book you need to decipher the poem, the book will help or he keep telling us to “go back” to the poem or yes there are clues in the book because the poem is in the book… etc.

        Anyways… what do you think about the alignment idea?

        • Forrest has said, “Here is what I would do. Read my book in a normal manner. Then read the poem over and over and over, slowly – thinking. Then read my book again, this time looking for subtle hints that will help solve the clues.” f.

        • Seeker- as for the light alignment at a certain time idea, I think it is a fun idea, but too Indiana Jones idealesque for f to copy and incorporate into finding the chest. I think it might be too predictable and considering this is f’s own creation, imagination, and wit we are up against, I don’t see him using a Hollywood glamorized trick for finding his chest.

          There are some things f has said along the way that I think go against the idea as well. Just one thought I will throw out is when he has said something along the lines (not an exact quote) that someone could find it next week or not for a thousand years. Maybe f was serious, and when he said it, the date was within a week that one needed to be at the spot. But I doubt it, he said it too flippantly.

          If I were to make an argument for it, I would have to say that tarry scant could be June 21st, the longest day / shortest night. I might say noon as the marvel gaze time or whatever the middle of the sunlight hours are on that day. It is at that point that shadows are at their smallest and require the look quickly down to see your own shadow/any shadow. But this is just fitting first thoughts that pop into my head to the lines of the poem, which I don’t think is wise to do.

          So those are my thoughts, something like someone trying to sell me an old Yugo when I am looking to buy a new Corvette: a very hard sale to make.

        • Seeker- in the half asleep state I am now in, I went back to my collection of f statements and did a count (allow for a margin of error given my nodding off tendency right now): 13 statements with the book has hints that will help and 4 statements where one can argue only the poem is needed. Granted that I think most of the 4 also have book hints mentioned to some extent in them and those are also in my 13 count.

          I have looked at this age old conundrum from both sides and could just as well argue either side. I lean to the side that one should plan to use the book to solve the poem as it is the only way I can reasonably reconcile all of f’s statements and not have them come across contradictory.

          Forom my perspective right now, I see “all the information” as essentially being the nine clues, nothing more. I know you and others will probably argue otherwise.

          My straightforward, in-the-box, not so magical approach:

          Nine clues that will take you precisely to the chest are in the poem and need to be solved.

          You have to think the right things to solve the nine clues.

          The hints in the book will help you solve the nine clues.

          The book is what helps you to think the right things.

          A word that is key is the icing on the confidence cake.

          And with that…

          I have not found the chest, but I have enough confidence to keep pushing on, ever so slowly as I have the time.

  11. One thing I would mention is that Mr. Fenn could have simply not posted the question at all. I’m sure there are several questions that have been asked but never answered in the past. The fact he posted the question and answered as he did may be a hint in itself. Why take the time to post a question you don’t intend to answer? What I mean is his answer may not be an attempt to duck the question.

  12. Imo: How is it possible for one to move with confidence, if wall you can figure out is the first 2 cluses????????????

    5Q) Your treasure hunt has inspired people worldwide to discover history, culture and nature, but many people, (even in the US) might be deterred because they don’t live near the Rockies or can’t afford to travel. Should they be deterred? Can a little girl in India, who speaks good English, but only has your poem and a map of the US Rocky Mountains, work out where the treasure is? And would she be confident as she solves each clue, or only confident when she has solved them all?

    I wish I had another treasure to hide in the Appalachians. The little girl in India cannot get closer than the first two clues. There are many disabled people who are deeply into maps and geography, and they are having a lot of fun.

    • Who said you can only figure out the first two clues? Certainly NOT Forrest. Saying that “The little girl in India cannot get closer than the first two clues.” is not saying only the first two clues can be solved. Read it carefully!

      Just my opinion – JDA

      • Sure the they can be solved. But to me it seem like what he is saying is only the first 2 cluses are solve able with a map and the poem. But the others will not be known unit you physical start the journey.

        So with that, how will one start the journey with confidence and nothing about it will be coincidence.

        • Jonathan- consider the level of detail that a map of all the US Rocky Mountains contain as compared to a map of a very specific area of the Rocky Mountains.

          While this should not be considered the definitive answer, the level of detail on an expansive map may get you the first two clues, but probably lacks the detail necessary to confidently identify any of the remaining seven clues.

  13. all – I am going to give you something to think about – begin it where warm waters halt and take it in the canyon down – to me it says take it in the lower canyon – key word being down – not far but to far to walk – to me it says that from santa fe where it all started -wwwh its not far but to far to walk key word being not far imo

  14. Mr. F, you look super! It actually looks like you are fitter and younger than the last time I saw you! Or are you a Milagro?
    I love the ‘egos’ advice.
    Read the poem, live the poem, dream the poem.
    Play nice, be safe.
    ¥Peace ¥

  15. Dal, at around 80 years old,hiding a treasure in one day,do you think the treasure is hidden only in new mexico.why would mr. forrest put Montana,,Wyoming,colorado ,on the list.that would take time to get to those states.I don’t think he would pilot at age 80.the reason I’m asking is I know we all are having fun and seeing stuff,pictures from people who have been places hunting.I’ve been here alittle in the mountains here in Colorado.I’m one of those people too who need the money,so am I wasting my time trying to find the chest.cause maybe it was to far to go anyplace else but new mexico for mr. forest.I love seeing what I am seeing here in the mountains,been a real eye opener for me.thats for sure.amazing beauty of that part is pleasing,peaceful to me,so that was part of mr. forrest goal,get people out of the house,do things together as a family.we are all treasures looking at treasures in the mountains. but as far as the real hidden chest of treasures,I can’t find it because its in new mexico.if mr. forrest was to say well,its only hidden in new mexico.he would only be getting a few people out in nature,as with with 4 states he’s getting a lot of people out in nature.I guess I’m just getting weary, trying to figure this out,cause I really want to find that chest ,just like everyone else.but ,I’m tired of hoping,wishing,dreaming and thinking,is anyone else out there that feels like I do,it just seems so hopeless,I feel like giving up on this,but then I don’t want to give up,does this make any since.

    • Virginia,

      We have all come back empty handed , but i would rather spend my time and money in the mountains and along the rivers any day over spending it standing in line on a Lottery ticket that’s run by the Government. Sure we all feel the same when we come back empty handed but look at the big picture, i would have never got to see what i have seen so far without TTOTC, It wont be easy Fenn made sure of that, but don’t get discouraged life is short and you never know you may find what your looking for someday, and when you do you will say im glad i kept pushing on.

      Dont give up!

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