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What is the best thing about the chase from your point of view?

Answer this question in 50 words or less. The person with the best answer will win.



  1. One submission per person.
  2. The word limit is 50 words.



  1. Submit your entry as a comment on this page.
  2. Make sure your entry is sent by the contest closing date/time.



The last date to submit your entry will be September 30th, 2016.
After midnight (Santa Fe time) on September 30th we will no longer accept entries.



A prize will be awarded for the best submission as determined by the judges.
The prize is a beautifully detailed, full color, 30×24 map of the search area suitable for wall hanging. This special map is a limited edition, Fennboree III Map that came out this year. In addition to the four state search area it also contains the poem and a photo of the chest. It is numbered and has been personally signed by Forrest. These maps originally sold for $100ea but are no longer for sale.



The judges will be listed here once they are selected and approved by the International Brotherhood of Judges and Highly Opinionated Persons (IBJHOP) 🙂

Goofy and Dal will serve as judges for this contest.

Judging will take place over the 24hrs following the close of the contest.

Judges will be looking for an answer that is 50 words or less and is both inspiring and original.



Please direct any questions about the contest to dal and good luck!!!!!
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151 thoughts on “New Contest…

  1. The Chase has brought my husband and I closer and opened up a realm for discussions and new discoveries. Thank you FF for opening my brain and my eyes to all the wonders our world has to offer.

  2. The best thing about the chase are the dreams.
    The dreams of being “the one”.
    The dreams of proving yourself.
    The dreams of making your life easier.
    The dreams of pulling up handfuls of gold, gems, and artifacts and saying to yourself “I did it!”
    But most of all, the dreams of being one of those people who gets out there and gives it a good go.

  3. The challenge of figuring out the correct solve.
    Seeing the beauty of the Rocky Mountains.
    Reading the stories from Forrest
    Reading all the solves from searchers.
    Gaining Wisdom.
    Learning to have faith, hope, patience, and believing.

    And to never give up.
    And I really want that map.

  4. From my viewpoint, the best part of the chase is the viewpoints of others. Many minds trying to decipher the thought path of Forrest Fenn. To think, feel, envision through his eyes trying to attain the same goal. The path becomes our own and the treasure becomes the chase.

  5. Four years and people still ask me “What do you do for a living?” I proudly respond, “I am a treasure hunter!”. They get a huge smile on their face because deep down everyone has a desire to look for a chest full of gold, and I am doing it!

  6. Giving a piece of my existant to the Thrill of the Chase I follow clues into the depths within my riddled soul. Lo and behold this promised treasure told by the creator of creations new and old I hold my own salvation that came from within a Forrest Fenn poem.

  7. The moments…Right now going on a search with my beautiful love that I found through the Chase. We even saw a scary, flying corn cob in the airport. Ahhhh, can’t wait for more beautiful moments.

  8. the best thing is experiencing what Forrest experienced, looking for his sanctuary, the place he is at peace with the world and with God, searching for that vale.

  9. Besides meeting James, my mind continually replays my life-changing trip to Colorado with my son, Joe.

    Bumping into a hidden moose in the brush, beholding the “deadly bells” and communing with the wilderness and my son was the optimal blend of nurture and nature.

    I’ll never forget.

  10. I found:
    courage to be selfish
    freedom to be spontaneous
    the “wonders” of wanderlust
    the power of history
    the whispers of old souls.

    Best of all, I found “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside and enigma”–Forrest Fenn!

  11. I have found deeper meaning in the word “Family” as I, my children, and step-children, and their children have found a treasure greater than what we might find in a bronze chest.

    I have discovered a wealth of friends on Dal’s Blog, and have found the “THRILL” of the chase.

  12. I’ve learned so many things on varied subjects, and about myself.I’ve met some interesting, and very intelligent people , and I’ve found some real treasures of my own along the way.The chase has been a beautiful experience for me, and I’m grateful to have taken part in it.

  13. The Chase saved my sanity. I had been home bound for months. It kept my mind occupied trying to solve the puzzle within the poem while in bed. I traveled via my IPad to the Rockies and imagined being there until I was well enough – then I actually went!

  14. Choose your words wisely, making certain those words are exactly what you wish to convey to others. Another’s perception of those words will either lift them up , or bring them down.

  15. Nature’s wonders I have seen and traveled with family and the thrill of knowledge, challenge, camaraderie, and learning of oneself along the way. The best for me was my family and I meeting Mr. Fenn last year. A real treasure worth more than gold, and a time I won’t forget.

  16. The BEST thing about the “chase” is that Forrest Fenn hid it so well that even the very very super-fastidious searchers STILL cannot find his treasure — I can almost hear Forrest chuckling at each post thinking, “this person is WAY off the trail.” What a brilliant poem! I understand he spent eight years working on it.

  17. The Chase has brought back all of those wild childhood memories and lessons learned long ago and forgotten along the way. I have a wonderful and very full life that now has grown into a whole other dimension, thanks to Forrest Fenn !

  18. I like it, and it likes me. And that my friends is how the Chase became my bestie. Now go dream a dream like no one can, and find your own treasures somewhere on that map!

  19. The magic to live a real adventure with my son. I’ve worked away most of his life. The thrill of this chase has led us to discover a relationship we never had. The thrill of this chase has prompted an incredible, positive change in our lives that will last forever.

  20. Forrest has rekindled our unbridled spirit. Takes us away from the mundane 9 to 5. Has put exploration into our hearts. To the veterans like JD and Specialklr to motivate, rise up and challenge once again. They don’t need no rockin chair. To show Jeremy P from the Appalachians what real mountains look like. For all to come together and remember people like Randy and Mark. It has allowed us all to witness the truly wonderful heart of pdenver. Most of all has allowed our children to stand tall side by side their parent and challenge the journey and imagination that Forrest has sparked in our atoms of our nucleus.
    And for me to break the rules.
    Thanks Dal


  21. The best thing about the Chase for me is opportunity to connect with my brothers that live in other states, we are the Alaskan trio who connect regularly now instead of every few years now every few months. Winters spent planning together and Summer’s spent searching you have given us something to look forward to

  22. The chase is a magical thing amongst the harshness of everyday life. I can do this and I don’t have to be a Goonie or Indiana Jones’ sidekick or sailing the high seas with a pirate. Instant nostalgia, the wonder of it all….oh, so very magical!

  23. The challenge of the poem, beauty of the mountains, kid’s with no cell signal. Thrill of the Chase itself, encompasses many best’s. My personal “BEST” was before all of that. It was the mirror. The mirror of my childhood,reflected in the story’s.Thank’s F.F., for bring back lost memory’s.

  24. What is the best thing about the chase from your point of view?

    The opportunity to rekindle with my 13 year old mirror image once more.

  25. The beauty of the Chase is the wonders abound,

    Beholding mountains majesty as I wander around,

    Serendipity and hope of what soon may be found,

    The rush of optimism as my boots hit the ground,

    The memories I’ve made and those I still will,

    Chasing Indulgence is the penultimate thrill.

  26. We’re all Mother Nature’s students in a vast classroom brim full of discovery, dreams, opportunity and wonder. Shared experiences from Forrest Fenn have proven that she doesn’t play favorites ~

  27. The Thrill Of The Chase has brought me 1100 miles from my couch to Yellowstone. I hope that I will be wise enough but even if I don’t find the blaze, I will leave here enlighted.

  28. The Chase has brought me back to my childhood dreaming about finding a treasure chest left by Pirates. It has re-energized me and I thank Forrest for that!

  29. Truth. If no treasure then there would be no journeys, no discoveries, no beautiful views, no dreams had, no relationships forged, no lives changed, no deaths so the best thing is a million dollars or more In gold and jewels lying in a peaceful place.

  30. The Chase uncovers something long lost, that imaginative 13 year old who remains hidden in us all, a sense of wonder and desire for discovery that can only be quenched by getting outdoors and in the sunshine. These times spent alone or with family are more valuable than any treasure.

  31. We were fish lost at sea, Now learning to discover the rivers of past, that lead to the streams of future.

    Thank you and God bless,

  32. The chase has inspired countless people to participate in, rather than dream of, a magnificent lifetime adventure; to create limitless memories; to explore the imagination of their inner child; and to wonder what may lie hidden beyond that next rise. “C’mon guys, we can do this! Load up! Let’s go!”

  33. Becoming friends with Forrest Fenn…the man who re-awakened the Tom Sawyer or Indiana Jones in all of us dreamers who grew up thinking we were different…weird, less smart, less athletic, less attractive, but with a sense of adventure that surpassed the norm…the reason to pop out of bed each morning smiling from ear to ear! And we are mothers, fathers, grand parents, seniors, old-farts…playing this game into our twilight years! Life doesn’t get any better than the thrill of Fenn’s chase, and I’ll promote this until the day the chest is found, or I die, hoping that everyone on planet earth has heard of this and can partake if they so desire. (I already have a map so don’t need to be in the running to win this contest but I think it is a doozy. Lots of awesome submissions.) And since I’m already over 50 words, I’d like to add the next best thing are the friendships made over the course of the last 3.5 years.

  34. The best part? Forrest and the HOPE he continues to spring….like the smell of fresh baked cookies or snow days. 🙂 Whether it’s the next rock to lift, next page we turn, or lesson we learn….we look forward to it. F reminds us of what it’s like to anticipate.

  35. From seeking the treasure
    Or making new friends
    Researching the poem
    Returning empty handed again
    Each has it’s merits
    Some more and some less
    The good part is thinking
    Finding one’s heart is a test
    Enjoying one’s gifts
    Needing to take a long rest
    Nearing completion and opening the chest.

  36. The best thing about the chase is that people are beginning to trade their artificial experience for the real. This means talking to real people about real issues on a regular basis. There is hope. “In our thoughts and prayers”.

    • My comment did not post. retrying:

      The best thing about the chase from my point of view : It is still on. I can still look forward to solving the puzzle.

  37. The moment I read it, the solution was clear.
    I gassed up my jeep, loaded my gear…
    Water, Canyon, Brown’s Home, the Creek….
    I found them, I searched them, Fenn’s treasure to seek.
    Anticipation! Laughter! The joyous memories I hold….have now proved more precious to me than the gold!

  38. For 2 weeks around FF’s 86th, my 49y/o son & I had a great bonding time hiking after Indulgence in NM. Some nights one of us would wake from a dream & say, “I know where it is!” & the next day we’d search there. Thanks for the Forrest Fun!

  39. The best thing about the chase is the “Thrill” of the chase.

    Every nuance of it, whether it be the research, interacting with others, or just turning over a log.

    Every facet of the chase has the Thrill!!! Combined, it is pleasantly overwhelming!

    Good Luck to Everybody!! 🙂

  40. A compelling reminder that life is a mysterious journey made up of many awesome people, places and adventures. Chart your own path, thought-by-thought, step-by-step to chase your own dreams and discover your own special place. And don’t be too shy or apologetic about it!

  41. That feeling I get,the one that makes me want to run out the door,jump in my car and go where it takes me.
    I have found contentment under the big blue sky,doing things I might have never thought to have done in my lifetime again.

  42. Knowing Forrest Fenn really hid the chest,
    And Believing my chances are as good as all the rest.
    Feeling the fantasy come to life from within,
    While venturing to wondrous places I’ve never been.
    Finding my inner child still
    And seeing how dreaming big changes lives.

  43. Being part of something bigger than ourselves. Something that hasn’t been purposely done before which evokes and epitomizes the human psyche to propel people in life, and it intrigues me to see how Mr. Fenn’s new ball of gathered strings unravel the poem. Thanks to all for the inspiration.

  44. My best is witnessing the excitement and interest in REAL History never to be learned in a school. The chase has afforded opportunities for hands on learning all about our beautiful Rocky Mountains. We’re actually LIVING THE THRILL OF THE CHASE. Anxiously searching for that final surprise find! My thanks.

  45. I like it! I like the fresh mountain air. I like the poem that dares. I like a For®est that speaks. I like indulgence that I seek. I like the intrigue of the Dal’s blog. I like turning over a log. Surely, I like The Thrill of the Chase.


  46. The Chase has lured me in with a challenge that I can find it.

    After researching and searching, I found my knowledge has increased, the importance of being outdoors and feeling/awareness of the environment. I love sharing this with family & friends.

    Treasure can be found everywhere–just look.

  47. By means of the poem, the chase has inspired me to look beyond the obvious, to experience another person’s way of expressing himself, and thus to think in new ways. This process transfers to all areas of my life, well beyond the confines of the poem itself.

    Ken (in Texas) 🙂

  48. Seeing my 78 y/o father and best friend get so excited about the chase- then actually being able to travel with him and stay in NM for two weeks in a place we would never have been if not for FF’s indulgence. Found our Marvel Gaze, truly priceless! Thanks FF!

  49. I think pitting my mind against one of the most interesting (and deceptively brilliant) persons of our time has been a magnificent challenge. Using only 166 words, Forrest has sent my brain and body on more convoluted searches than I could ever imagine. And it’s still thrilling.

  50. From my point of view the best thing about the chase is that the treasure is real, out there somewhere, waiting to be found.

  51. I researched ALOT of stuff and now have endless amounts of useless knowledge. I ate a Trout an liked it. I finally realized it was about me. I AM the character formed by living vicariously as we are with others in whatever their dream and travels may be….

  52. The magic of the chase came bearing many gifts.
    The discovery of a true unsung hero flying over my Dad
    while he was going in on the third wave at Iwo Jima,
    was so moving, awe-inspiring and the best.
    All of it will live in my heart forever.

  53. The best thing about the chase is when you return from a trip swearing that’ll you never be so foolish as to go out into the wilderness again, only to immediately start planning your next trip.

  54. First, it was all about the money. Then it was all about beating the smart guy. Then it became personal ,way to many places fit the pome. Now I will turne over my two years of research just for anyone to get the gold. However as last resort, I pray no one in my lifetime will find Mr. Fenn’s bones as that just seems wrong.

  55. The best part about the chase for me was knowing even tho I dropped out of school in 9th grade because my mind always drifted to being outside in the woods where my imagination played I just might have a chance What’s even more funny now that I’m
    Older and been in the chase for 4 years I have done more research and studying than those 9 years in school. I’ve learned things I never knew. Like the dove is called a rain dove and the moon a bow . RAINBOW. I feel smarter thanks ole coot

  56. There are so many positive aspects of this chase that it’s hard to focus on a top pick. After some thought, it all boils down to relationship. So many new and great relationships have been formed among the searchers and the creator of the chase. Many thanks Forrest and friends!

  57. Before The Today,
    In April of 13′,
    I read scantly,
    Merrily Learning,
    I was not,

    Now I earn,
    to Learn,
    Science, history, Adventures Galore!

    No chest in sight,
    But still a delight,
    Next to learn is Poetry,
    cause’ This poem is woefully!

  58. Treasure Hunter, O’Treasure Hunter
    What have you found?
    Canyons, quests and rivers taken down
    Dared you once and dare you again
    Challenge the Soul is Legend of Fenn

    Nature, O’Nature
    You come in disguise
    Past civilizations quite the surprise
    Captured by moment, filled with glee
    Discovered through, I found thee.

  59. Challenge

  60. Don’t pick this. I just wanted to comment.

    It should read “the best thing about the chase [so far]”, because the chest is still out there, and we all have a chance of finding it.

    Of course, there’s no single thing. There’s so much that the Chase has to offer that it covers this great spectrum of positive (“the best of”) human experience. Maybe the best thing is that a guy took it upon himself to craft the whole thing, with a challenge to everyone to go and find it. Everything else follows from that.

    Since it says “your point of view”, I’ll add the first personal image that comes to mind:

    Driving across the plains of America and seeing the wall of mountains as a thin sliver on the distant horizon, slowing growing to encompass my entire field of view through the dusty windshield of a little compact car.

    Whenever I think of the Chase, I just see those mountains out there stretching to eternity.

  61. “Opportunity of a Lifetime” is what’s best! This chase experience is awesome. To not only search for indulgence in magnificent, special places but having been fortunate enough to actually correspond and shake the hand of the genius who ingeniously created this unbelievable adventure. Excitement +++ THANKS Forrest!

  62. If ff said, ‘I hid the chest in a chocolate-filled meadow‘, would I search in a celery-filled meadow? No, I’d only look in meadows filled with chocolate . . . So, I’m looking for a place that’s special. Everywhere I search is special, beautiful, and magical. Everywhere!

  63. Here’s my entry Dal

    There’s no doubt , the best thing is,

    Forrest’s big heart, willing to give.

    Giving hopes & dreams , to everyone,

    Giving to generations , yet to come.

    Giving adventure, to family & friends,

    Given the chance he’d do it again.

    Dreams he’s given, to our human race,

    Giving us , ” The Thrill Of The Chase “.

  64. The moment you realize, no matter how long it takes, it’s your own Tale you’ve been chasing all along.

    As I have gone alone to Angel Fire
    Watching, listening, weeping–
    For the dead I cry; to Life I aspire!

    On Mountain peak, caves deep,
    Ice tube, and lava keep
    mysteries of cold and fire

    I’ve found golden Sun, bronze river bed
    And visions of wonder fill my head.

  66. It has somehow changed me. I thought I was content with who I was. Uneducated, not outspoken and shy. I now openly question things and speak out for what I believe in. I myself and others are amazed at the intelligent things that come from my mouth. Educated confidence. g

    P.S. IMO all it took was to not be judged and a push from the bear. I love this chase community.

  67. If you think about it, the treasure isn’t why we do it. It isn’t why we dream. It isn’t why we go out on our adventures. The treasure is a way of escaping our normal mundane life to explore the unkown and to try new things. The real treasure is that when we our old we will look back on our lives and see what we all really our. We are all dreamers. That is why we must chase the thrill of dreams, we must grasp it in our hands, even when the world is so hopeless. Thank you Forrest Fenn, you taught many people how to dream, hope, and live.

  68. The Hunt, Thrill, Chase, the Maze
    is what I like …

    Forrest you are wise as you twist your poem …

    As I plan my next expedition from home;

    I find myself being a kid with the excitement
    of finding treasure – Which gives me much pleasure.

    Thank you again, Mr. Fenn

  69. The charitable offering of Indulgence to those that may not otherwise have ever had a chance at such a valuable prize in their lifetime all offered freely to those that have proved themselves to be above average in mind and spirit like the successful grantor that has shared his wealth .

  70. Taking my 11 year-old daughter to explore a very special place of unique and breathtaking vistas. Then enjoying a bicycle ride, of which Forrest was envious, encountering a large buffalo, and my daughter asking, “Dad, does your bear-spray work on buffalo too?” Priceless memories of the chase!

  71. Family,
    Smell of Sunshine,

    Fun, Friends, Food,
    Nostalgia, Nature,
    New Mexico,

    Truth, Trying,
    Hope, Happiness,
    Remembering, Rainbows,
    Literature, Legacy,
    Love, Laughter,

    Open-mindedness, Options,
    Forever, Faith,

    History, Healing,

    Culture, Contentment, Chances,
    Anticipation, Awareness, Ancestors,
    Songs, Sacred,
    Elders, Endeavoring

  72. My daughter is attending college in Colorado; I’m in Texas. I was diagnosed with cancer and went through chemotherapy. Across the miles, we talked clues, searched maps, and talked about where we would search together when it was all over and I kicked cancers butt. I can’t wait!

  73. The best thing for me is remembering there is a little kid inside all of us . It’s ok to let that kid out to play and forget about anything else but the moment when you see something amazing like a flutterbye , frog , beaver or bear…

  74. Where your Treasure is, there will your heart be also. Forrest’s heart is in the mountains. So many stories of families bonding during The Chase. Many adults reminiscing about their childhood. The best thing about The Chase. It’s all about the heart.

  75. Stalking a rancher and biking across town to ask permission to cross land
    Asking complete strangers if I could rent their 4×4
    Facing warnings of rattlesnakes and a grizzly bear
    Being tracked by a cougar.
    A sense of joining with others instead of separation.
    Ok, Maybe not with the cougar.

  76. Due to physical limitations, a BOTG search is very unlikely.

    The chase to me is a puzzle to solve.

    It was a thrill to meet Mr. Fenn, have him sign my books at Fennboree, the chance to thank a hero for his service to our country, & to meet fellow Fenners.

  77. Cross-ferti-travelization. People research the Chase here and elsewhere and learn about places, history and each other, and are inspired to go see and do things and meet people they otherwise wouldn’t. A delightful mass broadening of experiences, friends and knowledge. The kind of wealth that lasts.

  78. Keep those memories of youth nearest to heart and you will always stay young. Remember to live a little like your grandparents and you will always live well. Don’t get old too soon and smart too late. Being kind is free, so don’t be cheap. Finally, get out and live!

  79. It is one of the ‘next Best Ultimate Games to play’; But to have the Chase and to have met Forrest Fenn I feel I have already discovered pieces of hidden treasure; nonetheless the Game continues on and is afoot! Thank You Forrest!

    BELOW IS NOT PART OF MY ANSWER- (because then it would be over 50)- Just a reference to the Ultimate Game.

    (On my website there is quote by Francis Bacon-“The glory of God is to conceal a thing, but the glory of the king is to find it out”; as if, according to the innocent play of children, the Divine Majesty took delight to hide his works, to the end to have them found out; and as if kings could not obtain a greater honour than to be God’s play-fellows in that game.”—Francis Bacon, The Advancement of Learning (1605))

  80. For my experience it is the pounding heartbeat I get when I get to the mountains. Wondering if it’s the excitement of searching for ” Indulgence” or the not knowing what I will find around every turn. Maybe this is why Forrest calls it The “Thrill” of The Chase. Bur

  81. Fresh Smell of Nature With Pinion Nut Sweetness,
    Wind Rustling Thru the Trees,
    A Rushing Stream,
    Gentle Rain,
    Warming Sun,
    Chipmunks Running,
    Birds Against a Blue Sky,
    A Buck in Velvet,
    Majestic Junipers,
    Aspens on Fire,
    Quiet Snow,
    Tranquil Forest,
    At Peace with Myself in a World to Fast.

  82. For me, the best thing about the chase is it gives me an escape from everyday life, where I can dream of adventure, mystery, and intrigue. The chase ignites my middle-aged thrill-seeking self to explore and discover, and experience life to the fullest!

  83. The story of adventure you can tell when someone asks you about the book on your shelf or the map on your wall. The best part of “The Chase” is the twinkle in your eye when you take someone by the hand and say “Let me tell you a story..”.

  84. The best part about the chase is that I rediscovered my inner girl detective. My mom died when I was 15 and I haven’t felt so young as I do now since starting the chase. At age 58 I hope never to lose this feeling again. Thanks Forrest!!

  85. A wonderful distraction during some of the most difficult times in my life thus far. A family vacation that none of us will ever forget. Discovering Montana, where my wife and I will end up retiring. Appreciating that while God is forgiving, Mother Nature is not.

  86. Best things about the chase is meeting Forrest, discussing the chase with my family, seeing Yellowstone and all the animals and sites, making new friends and having tons of adventures with my family. Thanks Forrest!

  87. A great philosopher once said that if you don’t have a game to play, then you need to invent one, because play is one of the greatest benefits of life. “ff” made life better for all of us by including us in his game!

  88. Visiting places I’ve only dreamed of as a child. Now I am actually able to get them off my bucket list as I share the excitement and adventure with my son. What a journey. Thanks FF. Time with family is more valuable than money.

  89. My (slightly) More Than Fifty Word Submission.

    I travelled over sea so vast
    with brother by my side
    to search in lands too bold to grasp
    her landscape set so wide

    through rocky slopes to prairies long
    we drove to our amaze
    and loved those sights and peoples who
    did fall within our gaze

    with sturdy boots and joy abound
    we set off into wilds
    to seek a treasure seldom found
    since I was just a child

    so answering your question Dal
    in one way or another
    the best thing of this quest for me
    was time spent with my brother.

    (hope you are still well Focused – this one’s for you)

  90. At 14 I became an agoraphobic. The Chase gave me the motivation to go “too far to walk”, it gave me the courage to go “alone in there”, I’ve become tired(many times)…and I’m probably still meek….but it has pushed me to fight my fears. *Grateful*

    Thank you <—-lol I had two extra words left…oops, don't count these.

  91. In the past 2 years, I have put boots on the ground (5x).
    Physically came up empty each time, but spiritually and mental energized.
    For me, the best thing is the challenge.
    The bonus is, as Mr. Fenn inspired with the challenge, I got of the couch and in the mountains.
    Thank you Mr. Fenn !!!

  92. Yes, September ….. This is my favorite month; the headwaters are lower at this time of year making forging them to the blaze a safe walk outside the park. The thrill is to sit on the blaze and wonder…. Who

  93. My son died in a car accident in 2012. Grief, that made me not want to take another breath, because the pain was unbearable. I came across a story about the treasure and the search began. What did it give me my first new breath. Forever grateful, Truly Laura

  94. The Chase has given myself and others from what I hear, the hope to live again. Either by our own adventures, or vicariously through the stories we read and love written by Forrest or those he inspires. All the while knowing deep down we are all chasing the same treasure.

  95. chase gave me healing, I rarely looked at nature ,as now,its beauty fills my soul and gives me husband and I now go in the mountains ,take pictures of whatever fits our fancy ,I see beauty in a weed,love to see the wind blow the grasses.

  96. The personalities of the Rockies and how they parallel life. Some brutally cold and deceptive, others peaceful and serene. My daughters smile on a class V rapid. A newborn lamb and loving Mother, a young boy fishing with Dad. The mental and physical challenges of perseverance, time and peace reborn.

  97. Challenge is one of the traits of successfull people. I love a challenge and to problem solve. Forest challenged himself to write the chase poem and in other ways as he tells in TTOTC stories. He is content = successl. The MASTER, Forrest, has set the bar high.

  98. The best thing about the chase is that there are treasures in the outdoors…healing, wisdom, magic, beauty, peace, and yes even a hidden treasure. Old ways, in some ways, were better than the new ways. Go outside, experience nature, find contentment. Thank you, Forrest Fenn, for renewing our sense of adventure and gratitude for the planet we all share.

  99. The best thing about the chase in my point of view…

    A quiet morning with a cup of coffee to work on my crazy ideas from the night before… It’s quite thrilling and exciting… until it’s not 🙂 Now if I could just find a job where I have this much fun 🙂

  100. The best thing about The Thrill Of The Chase from my point of view is it has motivated me to get off my texting machine and go experience the great outdoors…

  101. Traipsing about wild places, catching glimpses of those who have gone before me. An ancient lineage. Lingering as long as possible in wilderness that beckons always, my greatest teacher. Finally, a campfire beneath the stars – I go alone in there, with a few eXceptions. You know who you are:)

  102. Chance.
    As in cult film:
    LLOYD What are my chances?
    MARY Not good.
    L. You mean not good, like one out of a hundred?
    M. I’d say more like one out of a million.
    L. So you’re telling me there’s a chance?

  103. Along with all the magic of roaming through nature on a quest for a treasure chest in magnificent places I’d likely never see without the Chase, my perspective includes daydreaming about the possibility of finding the chest and making special days for the special people I saw along the way.

  104. Knowing much more than before,
    So very grateful for the nudge.
    Many grand solves to explore,
    Right or wrong, who am I, a judge?

    Knowing I may never get my turn,
    I can make sure that all my heirs
    Preserve this knowlege and learn.
    Then my spot becomes all theirs!

  105. Fun! Fun! Fun! The chase has aroused my intellectual curiosity for having fun, planning trips with purpose, like to Yellowstone (3 times), and to other places I wouldn’t have gone, like no place for the meek. The adrenaline rush is unexplainable when I am on my way to THE spot.

  106. The best thing is the stories that have emerged from people known and unknown, as they contribute to the burgeoning community of Merry Fennsters.

    The chase is secondary to the writings and opinions of so many people from all over the world who now have an audience via these forums.

  107. The Chase is an investment in my future.

    For BOTG, I walk daily.

    Research increases my vocabulary and reading comprehension.

    My brain cells, forever in the “poem ready” status “lose it or use it.”

    Gaining mental strength to step outside my small comfort zone.

    Memories, for a lifetime of dreams.

  108. The thrill of the Chase is the search for information and the knowledge it creates for me and the community. It has made me want to go places I have never been and never would have gone otherwise. It really is an inspiring way of leaving a foot print on history – that people have to know who you were and what inspired you and drove you. Not only because of the value of the treasure itself but also because of the thrill of finding it and knowing that your solve was correct.

  109. From my P.O.V./perspective, the best thing about The Chase is:
    In one word… Forrest
    In two words… Forrest Fenn
    In three words… Seeing Forrest Fenn
    I know these look like simple words, but I tell you, I worked on this thing…
    And Would Absolutely LOVE To Win That Map!

  110. While unable to finish high school with 2 lovely daughters I subsequenty received my GED and somehow got a job with the airlines in Denver. Retired after 37years I now have a new found love of poetry, etymology, geology,, geography, all animals and wisdom from many including forrest fenn

  111. The best thing about the Chase — that it’s free for everyone who will go searching in those beautiful Rocky Mountains where Forest Spirits want to enliven our senses in the nicest of ways; then, too, provide the searcher one last burst of joy at being — Right Place, Right Time!

  112. TTOTC in a nutshelll…
    Living the Dream…

    A dreamer
    A quitter
    He grieves
    And so, tells his tales of woe.
    But he who
    What his dreaming
    Has no limit to where he may go.

    Long live the legend that is Forrest Fenn

  113. Each time we go on a Chase and return home, we become more aware of nature and how it thrives. We see procreation at it’s best, how it survives and flourishes year after year. The Chase has drawn us into the wood where we too, flourish on the inside.

  114. Hhhmmm…..the best thing about the chase is…that moment when you discover it’s a soul awaking journey into nature that encourages the bridge between all things living and the phenomenon of the past.

  115. Got my attention, “WHY would he do it?”
    Lured me because he truly DID it!
    Grabbed me promising I could actually HAVE it.
    Tricked into thinking I really FOUND it.
    Determined to DISCOVER more about it.
    EXPLORED the land – caused me to LOVE it.
    ALL because, He craftily CREATED it!

  116. Looked for Daulton treasure forty years.
    Finally found Forrest and Love the real deal~
    So much time researching… I feel like an information overloaded stalker.
    Love the breathtaking beauty and the excitement of the Chase.
    Always thinking of treasure.
    I Chill…Planning until next time I hunt for the Thrill~

  117. From my point of view the best thing about the chase is how it has positively changed the lives of thousands of people. It has them going into the mountains, experiencing adventures, sharing their stories, and dreaming about the many ways finding the treasure can change their lives.

  118. The vision of a man with the means and the wisdom to inspire and excite

    thousands of people to be motivated enough to make positive changes in their

    lives. Through a book containing a poem having nine ,as yet unsolved clues, we

    share a common desire for the prize.

  119. It only takes one man to create a vision that inspires the public to achieve a dream of precious hope. A dream that is righteous. As an American I feel Mr. Fenn’s example of what America has always stood for. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness! God Bless America!

  120. Imagining the blaze in my brain,
    Looking for knowlege to explain,
    Where the chest of inspiration does lie,
    Always ending with the question why?
    I may not have been wise nor brave,
    For the thrilling chase I so crave.
    Though Epic travels I have made.
    Confirmation bias! Will be played!

  121. Imagination is the key,
    Each twist and turn a mystery.
    Soaring clouds on eagles’ wings,
    Ancient footprints through mountain streams.
    Beyond the vale our resting place,
    Where memories etch time and space.
    Secrets of the universe whisper in the wind,
    Life’s journey holds your destiny, beginning and the end.

  122. It’s hard to pick the best thing about the chase because there are so many great things about it…from learning about artists like Eric Sloane & George Dabich to learning about Forrest’ s adventure-filled life. But from a personal standpoint, it’s the search itself, learning about places, seeing breathtaking views, looking for wildlife at every turn, and making memories to last a lifetime.

    P.S. I do have the poster & I know I’m over the word limit. There are so many great responses. I just wanted to share as well. Good Luck to everyone.

  123. The chase is a legacy. Whoever finds the treasure will have pieces from Fenns life that will live on. Forest story will forever be told because of what he created. When the chest is found, I hope they will continue Fenns “Chase” with hidden treasures of their own

  124. What is the best thing about the chase from your point of view?

    Oh, Gee, must be the part that at first my family mistook a personal challenge vs. obsession, except for my 85 yr. old father who said after my only trip, “how would you know if you didn’t go see for yourself”? Stretch the immagination and go stretch yours legs. Imagine opportunities!


  125. The only discernible sound, a light wind, unencumbered by the tribulations of modern man, embodying a journey of self-discovery, in pursuit of the Thrill of the Chase.

  126. Life: busy, chaotic. After 45 years chasing paychecks, cars, houses and concrete vacations, changes were needed and searching was the catalyst. My kids have climbed mountains and swam under waterfalls. I’ve reconnected with my father. Found some needed humility that allowed me to see the boy in the mirror again.

  127. Two things are certain “Life and Death”. Get busy living or get busy dying. The thrill is gone is dying ” The Chase is Living”. Of my twenty four words it is the last 4 words the Chase has given me. Thank You Forrest! Steven

  128. So high it is that I must go
    To seek that trove lost long,
    The answers I but hope to know,
    I’ve done tried hard, and now I’m strong.

    So common sense can quickly cease.
    I’ll chase until I rest.
    Puzzled dreams like this release
    My heart inside my chest.

  129. In a remote place in the Rocky Mountains I found
    a theatrical mass of stone molded by the heavenly
    hands of wind, water and time. Within reach were
    primal stands of ponderosa pine in abundance.

    If not for the fate of the moment I wouldn’t have
    found my miracle play.

  130. Forrest Fenn’s memoir, “The Thrill of The Chase”, is a ray of light in an age of chaos and flickerdull teleVision.

    Where else can one find Indian culture and folklore, Native American and ancient history, geology, geography, topography, National Parks, nature, chemistry, treasure and Peace displayed in one brilliant poem?

  131. Power back on.
    Funny how we take things for granted.
    Brought me back to hiking at Taylor where there are no wires to tangle you.
    No wireless either.
    Just you and the place you came from.
    The wilderness is the best, without all the annoying cumbersome modern tech.
    Power off….

  132. I am no longer a passer by in life.
    I now choose to do everything better, just ask my wife.
    Our days are numbered, this I know for shore.
    Learn to enjoy your time, or the devil will always be at your door.

  133. For me, the Chase is like curling up in front of a cozy, warm fireplace with a bone-chilling, gut-wrenching mystery novel. I awaken to find myself the main character in the tangled-up Twilight Zone of treasure hunting,,,on the edge of reality, totally consumed and forever searching!

  134. For myself it’s the life stories of a treasure I found.

    The sharing of wanderlust with fellow treasure hunters.

    With tired old hands, a house on a hill, a bed made of books
    and this adventure I took.

    Singing a hero song like the life of, Forrest Fenn.

  135. We’re not in Kansas anymore!
    Bears,Lions and wildlife oh my!
    Forests and Forrest Fenn.Oh how I loved meeting him!
    Gorgeous breathtaking beauty,waterfalls,healing hot springs are some of my favorite things~
    Exhilaration and purification of my soul…exhaustion also~
    Love the Chase… Planning again for the Thrill!

  136. We are working on selecting the winner. This is not easy. So many of the entries are both inspiring and original. Really nice work!!!

  137. 148 entries.It took us extra days to decide….BUT
    We have a winner. Look for the link at the very top of this page.
    And thanks to everyone.

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