Help MW and Jenny Win Big…

I received this note from Jenny. This is great…I hope everyone will cast a vote for her site before September 30th and help her win. Jenny runs an extraordinary site that has been a great help to all of us…as well as a great deal of fun!!!!

Mysterious Writings has been nominated for Best Blog of the Year Award for NEPA area- (NorthEast Pennyslvania) in the Special Interest/Hobby/Activity Category.

I am so honored to have it nominated…… But now the voting begins to narrow it down to the winner!

I really must say I feel it is ALL OF OUR’s BLOG.  (I just try my best to manage and offer things of interest on it…….. )

I have met so many beautiful people, and although I don’t always get time to comment as much as I would like, I appreciate and love the community we have become.  Thank you for being part.  I love exploring, and finding treasures…..and those who visit I feel are part of the treasures I have found.

Would you please cast a vote for Mysterious Writings in the hobby/activity/special interest category?

Treasure Hunting, Adventure and Mystery is THE BEST ‘Special Activity’-
Let’s show them who and what we are!!!

Thanks Truly.    ~Jenny


VOTING ENDS SEPT. 30th…..and winners will be announced October 15th

LINK straight to cast vote

Link to cast vote with introduction

78 thoughts on “Help MW and Jenny Win Big…

  1. Jenny … you will have my vote if an only if you email me one answer I seek.

    Why did you post a picture of the Pawn in your September 9th weekly words? I’m sure you vote count can stand the inclusion of one person, but can your honor hold true?

    • Jenny, you’ve got my vote.

      @ Iron Will , what a strange thing to say. Why would Jenny’s honor be in question? Would it be a stretch for me to assume that the collateral inference would be to question the honor and integrity of Mr. Fenn also?

      Would you mind clarifying your statement?

      • Well ROLL TIDE…. and let me state that I love your inclusion in the Chase…. you’ve added good thought process within all that you write.

        But, getting back to your question. It is a response I should not have to make. Because if people were honorable in this world….they’ “own up” to what comes next.

        I wrote a poem about me being the pawn on the fringe of being born a knight….at the beginning of the Chase. Then a mere FOUR days before this week’s words( on Monday), I sent Forrest an email saying that I assumed I ahd no chance at solveing the poem (depression) and that I had sent all my information to DAL in hopes he could find what I could not. That maybe I was not worthy of ever being great. I signed that email…. “the Pawn”.

        Then her weekly words come out and the picture of the pawn in front of the other white pieces are shown. THAT ….is not coincidence. Now you know my reasoning, and why I’m tired of being played with.


        • Well Iron, if you think you are not worthy of being great you are absolutely right. So you want a star for participating or something.

          Matching wits with Fenn is part of the fun, it’s also a losing proposition. If in fact the pawn picture has anything to do with you perhaps he was giving you a helpful hint not playing with you if you could get past feeling sorry for yourself.

          If you think I could not have put it there, you are probably right.

          • You know…A person on this blog asked me the context of my answer. So I did that. What it did not do, is authorize you to “chastize” me with impunity. Learn your place Goofy. This is not YOUR website, it is Dal’s. If you have a personal problem with me…I’m sure we can meet somewhere and work this out like to men.

          • Perhaps you may be correct in what you say. May I also suggest a bit of reverse psychology. When one gets angry, one has the attitude of “I’ll show you!” You were ready to quit, weren’t you? Still want to?

          • My my, that’s mighty bold talk for a one-eyed fat man Iron. I better to go hide in my safe space.

            You didn’t have a problem attacking Jenny, but you’re special right. You probably think you have a right to express your opinion about Jenny, but I can’t express my opinion about you.

            Be careful you’re going to hurt my feelings.

        • Iron Will ,

          Thanks for your reply. It pleases me to know you enjoy what I post.

          I’d like to comment on your explanation concerning the pawn . . .

          If I felt that the pawn was a subtle reference to anything that pertained to my solve, then I could look at that scenario on the chess board from two different perspectives.

          At first glance, someone who is unskilled in such a masterful game such as chess would see the pawn as a sitting duck.

          On the other hand, someone who is very adept in the game, such as myself, would see the placement of the pawn as a stroke of genius.

          I can’t predict the outcome of that game, even remotely, without seeing the entire board, the big picture.

          To a highly-skilled chess player, pawns are foot-soldiers. They are the front-line incursion that go forth and kick azz and take names.

          They are the ones who are advancing with the sole determination of taking the opposition from the playing field.

          I’ve been known to obliterate my opponent with a regiment of highly-skilled pawns.

    • LOL!!

      Jenny, I just voted for you three times ( I have 3 computers). I did so without attaching any conditions and/or stipulations to my doing so. I have no doubt that you are a very honorable person.

      Thanks again, to you and dal, for the greeaaatt sites!! 🙂

    • You’ve got my vote Jenny…thank you for your blog , I go there alot… and thank you for sparking the imaginations of many people. In my book your a winner Jenny reguardless of the outcome of voting… have a great day….until next time….see ya my friend 🙂

  2. I voted. Now I would like my “I Voted” sticker please. Just kidding. So happy to vote for Jenny and MW. I love that site and visit often.

  3. A vote for Mysterious Writings is a vote for Jenny. In this election year I finally found someone I feel really good about voting for. Count me in.

      • Iron will, I’m not sure what to say…. other than there are many coincidences in this world, and the posting of the pawn image is truly one of them in relation to you….

        I hope you can trust in that…..because it is the truth….

        I’m sorry, and please know I wish you the best of luck… ~j

        • You know what is funny? You post…then Forrest posts less than 30 minutes later. Then you post in response to my REPLY to Forrest in less than 20 minutes. THREE different people across a nation connected that closely.

          You want to know what is not funny? You posting a Pawn image just 4 days after I signed an email to Forrest “the Pawn”, and there is no Correlation to a pawn in the subject of your weekly words.

          I wish you the best on your website, but I know when I’m being played. I cannot vote for you. Because doing so would betray everything I hold dear in this world.


          • Iron, Since I met you at Fennboree and really liked you, I’d like to give you my 2 cents which is probably meaningless but nevertheless I will try. I’ve been accused a time or two of “conspiring” with ff because of “coincidences”. It NEVER happened. As far as people replying to each other within minutes of posting a blog comment or writing an email to Forrest, if you go to ChaseChat for instance to see how many searchers/bloggers are online at the same time, it is not coincidental for an immediate reply because many searchers are all reading the comments simultaneously. I think you should re-think your thoughts regarding Jenny. There are dubious bloggers, searchers, commenters, etc but I think Jenny is as trustworthy as it gets. IMO.

          • No she’s not Cynthia….but you are. I’ve met you. You’re somewhat partisan, and you like to listen to people’s approaches, but this is the third time I’ve caught her embellishing a post. I dont’ understand WHY, but the how is simple.

            Please understand I would not make these assertions unless I were emotionally invested.


          • Hi Iron Will, I know I don’t comment a lot here but I’ve been around the Chase for a few years and I bet you are not the only one who feels like a pawn and maybe has even written to FF as a pawn. I know it’s easy to see “signs” in everything. I think a lot of us have experienced that. Guard yourself against becoming overly invested whether physically, mentally, or emotionally. Could be time to take a step back and reevaluate and refresh your thoughts. Even some of us in the background of the chase value you and your contributions. Hang in there.

        • Jenny….despite your lack of answers to me in Featured Questions….it seems that Forrest has completely covered for you, stating (TWICE) that it was sheer coincidence (but also stating he would not have believed it if in my shoes).

          So upon what I hold dear in this world (the truth), I have no other recourse, than to believe what you, (and Forrest), say.

          You have my vote once again.


          • IronWill.
            Your oversized ego disgust me personally… you make unfounded accusations simply because you have failed in your quest and attempted to accuse other(s) of some kind of conspiracy.

            Then in another breathe you do a 180 and this is supposed to make your comment , Jenny is not an honest person? To be OK?

            Your way out of line and imo should removed.

            This crap is pure BS…

          • Thank you Iron Will. I, for one, was sincerely hoping you would reconsider.

            Now, a little bird told me f was seen here this morning . . .

            If you see him, be sure to tell ‘im that I’m coming, and Indulgence is comin’ with me . . . !

            ( couldn’t help myself, who didn’t love that movie ! )

          • Pdenver, he was talking about Tombstone with Kurt Russel (his quote).

            Ponies, Forrest privately told me one has nothing to do with the other, so I trust his word. I’ve just been “stewing” on that pawn picture for 2 weeks now, and the pressure cooker finally blew 😛

            Ramona and Cynthia thanks for the kind words. Jenny sorry bout the blow up. It’s been bothering me for 2 weeks as I said. Strangest coincidence I’ve ever seen in this Chase.

            and seeker, you really need to step back and look at what you just did. In my opinion, your inflammatory remarks toward me are just as bad as anything I said above, yet you feel you have the “right” to open your mouth, yet I do not? Where’s a mirror when you need one? The issue is done, I’ve emailed Jenny an apology along with the one here. Whether or not you get over it is of no concern to me.

      • pdenver ,

        They say third time’s the charm. First two didn’t post.


        ( I took the liberty of replacing “h_ _ l” with ” Indulgence “. just a humorous attempt to lighten things up a bit.)

    • Good to hear from ya Forrest . I too think Jenny would give Trump and Hillary a run for their money…lol , Have a great day my friend…. see ya 🙂

  4. I appreciate all your kind remarks guys… really are the reason I love doing Mysterious Writings, and you help make it what it is. Just like Dal’s site here…. A great place to enjoy the Chase, but also each other…..

    Thanks again!

    • I’m not one for popularity contests, so I took a peak at the other contestants. Yours really is the best, so I voted for you 🙂

      The others are OK, but they’re kind of common. I’d read MW even if it didn’t have FF stuff on it.

    • Yikes… I just realized I have 10 devices that I can vote on ???? Reminds me of a day when I walked into my office and heard “cheep cheap”… I had just gotten a new work laptop and a new tablet and I wasn’t sure which device was cheeping at me and what it was telling me. As I started to investigate I heard it again… Then I looked up and saw it was a bird outside my window…:) I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry.

  5. Jenny! I love MW. Nice and calm, thoughtful and exciting, and NO drama! I voted 4 times at home and 8 times at the library! Hope you win!

  6. Hi all, tomorrow is the last day to vote, but I just want to send a huge heartfelt and truly sincere thank you to all those who voted for MW. We won’t know a winner until mid october; but I feel MW is such a winner already because you all make it so special and we have a wonderful community enjoying the CHASE: not only Forrest’s chase, but the Chase of life. Thanks all! So warming…. jenny You all are treasures!

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